Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 9, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1927
Page 6
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PAGE SIX SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON AJi AJf.CUBIi'i' . scr KI/S MY8. 1«»V TO E. tfl^t Hebrew ^ptUag, Ker. { ; - Hfi AssfriM InttMoii -UlJThae; •logics I49M •» Usii^a. • (By miliiim Tl Bills): A squu-c tiUb.Of'iiiiicHtoiie in (tie ' Codstaotlnople MuRfjum inakcs a i good titarfUig t>olnl wr thin testiou i_ , ; Ou HI is-the oldest llfbrew Initerip- ..' • «oii'cstdinL . It was «<rtiiiUly^cut during tbB[ dread days'Wheu '..••'ThBiAssyrian'cam* down llko H ... wolf on tbo fold. Ills coborts all glcamius with silver and gold." l.lcre Is a cqntcjoporary docuuieiit A pealing Tifltli the events ot tills present 'lesson: and It is one of : ' the most precious .treasures of ' - archaepiogy, Wbii:h e |Very visitor .to Constantluoplc siioulid examine, as 1 have repeatedly done. • ^ For this .stone ii called "The Siloam Inscription," and it records . j now the twi> partie^ of worknken . who were frenzied ^digging Heze- kiab 's tunnel met underneath the 1 rOck. thus jcotupletiiig tlie conduit that was-to save tWe, city's water .supply" from capture- by Senna­ cherib. (II Kings 20:20.) So jubilant were the workmen over the .successful eompletioh of their task that they iiiplsed thd storyj of their fortunate inreeting idto the side of • thej tunnel. ' Th» flpsini lines. Irahslated, are:— j- "Anil on the day ot the piercing jtbrough. -the djggers .struck on 4 over pick against pick. _ ^ ... ' agaln-st the other, and: there ^ . Hebrew history with, the crossing / - flowied the Watejr from the. souiice of the' ijiool. twelve hundred cubits r^and one hundred cubits was Che height of the r6ck over the heads of the diggers." 'A ,Mr »t «i7 of Ancle It Engineering . B.ick of ttai.s stinc. inscribed twenty-seven bundled years ago. lies a story that Increases our . sense of the reality of this lesson."and our respect fo> the skill of tie servants of I King Hezekiali. It [all arose from th« fact that old Jerusalem, like the presc'nt city, hafl only one living spring of wutcr within lis Iwrdcrs, and that really was outside of the bid wall, OS it Is out- Hide of the new. I is now callo ^l the fc'otjiitain of ihii Virgin, and,It Kprlngs from the bise of tlje rock that rises upVrom the Valley of •J<edron, nt tho soi illicasierii corner of the city. If the AssyrlunK besicgrd Jcrii- 'Halom. and capturctt Uiu <inly wiilcr . supply, of course II 0 fate of Hczt- kiah and his people was t-calcd. At .the "news of'the avpn .>ach of Scn- naclierili. HcKekiall flrdcrcrt toii- obalment of the fojrinlain and l.lto . >wift building ot i tunnel, from the spring to what is now called the Pool of iiiloam ou the s'puth- . -west of the. city. T ic dlslanco was eighteen hundred feet. Ihrnugh. solid limestone rock. TI16; conduit • had lo h« graded so that t.lic water would, flow, an<l tl had to be CK. cavate<t one hiindrell and fifty fcpt beneath Ihp surfaccj of the rock. 7 That would be a| feat for engi- • neers today: starting from both ends of tho tunnel, but here cnl«^rs an uncxhisincd mystery. The shaft y>ras not driven in k .straight line. .'. For .some uuknown! reason—|)ossi- • biy to avoid.the tonil>s of the Ttings --the tunnel, whlchjis iiix feet high • •was excavated in jthe form of a letter S. Neverthteless. the two >.lirtlcs of workmen met in the mid- fdle. las the Siloam Inscription. rcc» .-lords. Small wonder that "they cut ; the story of their f^at on the wail . of the excavation. Add to Ibis day : ihe water is fldwilig through llezckiah's tunnel from the Foun. tain of tho Virgin to the Pool of Kiioam: Any \isitor to Jerusalepi who docs »not mind wet feet may - himself go through! tlie tunnel, to learn a lesson in sicred hiitorv. n bttf tto KpHde JHas Proved*. This amazjn^ testimony to the Hwuracy of the ScHpture racord.s jis not the>.only conttmporary docn- meut ooucerning jthe Palestine • amiwlgii of SOTiiBcherib. That T dread invasion, wltich laid waste tiip land, and was baffled only at the wallM of;Jerusalem by the re- fioiirc *rulneBs.- and; ifaHh of Hoze- klah. and by "a mysterious luier.- position of Providorice. is related in several .As .s .jTlah (iuneiforiii oyl- '. ludcrs, preserved !n the British • Miiftcum. We thus have .Sennacherib 's own version of the. story—though, like : all the ancient mo4archs who left bbaslful record* of their reigns, ire kept .silence cont-erning his defeats. Not until 1884 did arctaae- " oijogy discover confA-mation. in the - cuiieiforfti tabloU. of ,the Bible 's fcrord of the asaassination of ^nnacherib by his town son. Still Wore wonderful witnesses to the truth of the Bible I story ihay be ^xpe'cted. for arcnaeblogy -was never so active ain^ skillful in Bible Lands :as 1 today! I would recommend to interested readers.' as the best popular book on this subject. Prof. Ira ;At: Pricd's. ""The . Monuments and tlie Old Testament," published by the Judson Pffess. t As w*fead these Old testament - records of the affaiis,of Judah and - ; Israel they seem i remote and unreal. Preachers and teachers often. .present them only j for the moral ^and spiritual !essbna which they contali)^. Yet inore than we need .h6mlllcs. we need facts. Boys and , girls, men'and women, should bo made to understand that Bible history Is real history: Indeed, the : best authenticated jancient history thftt bas conte xloWii to u^. Bible .characters .were rtol human beings., Bible placeB ^ere real places, to which anybitdy who' .ctires to taice the tnMsblejmay go today. As readers of these leSsona know, I myself havevOoVered the entire .area «t the Blbke, and have writ- ieh a book upon mff travels, •|BlbIe Laaas Tbiilar.*' Tie niBw.:>Clirl8- t lain a >ja16g«tic for this ,-.er4'111»"In- m=Tea Im^or Blbllca^ A rra^ng Itin A«J4»t FacU. AVhen tbe proud Assyrian cuii- yiicror attai^ked JetrUsalem, be boasltuily dpflcd Jcbto^ih. as well as Iho Jews'. The relatttbtiship between th^ two wa« closer than the iirrugant pagaii knew. As the niessagd of tlie Lord Which Isaiah returned to tlin Invader expressed if. "Wluini hast- lliou defied and blasphemed? Aiid against whom hath thou ctaltcil thy volte; and lifted up thine e>es on high? Kvcn agalnsi the Holy .One of Israel." As Scnnaclicrib was to learn. It is an awesome thiug^to fight against (Jod. Ilczcklab . was a shrewd ^statos- man. and a>sklllful warrior; aud| a genuine reformer; but he was-also a praying man, of sincere religious faith, who laid his troubles btiforc liie Ix)rd. And bis chief counsel­ lor wiis the Prophet Isaiah, who liosseseed that' spiritual discernment which is tbe highest tortu ot wisdom. Happy is tbe statesinan Who has a true man of God for his counsellor. ' Xo timid trimmer was Isaiah, no fearsome abd abject fawner upon the great. Faith Is unafraid. Hot and scornful was the taunting reply .that this prophet of God returned to the conquleror of tbe world, even at that hour encamped outside of the waMs Of Jerusalem: Becaiise of thy ra^ng against me . . . iherefore .will I put my. hook in thy nose; and my bridle In thy lips, and I > will tiiru thee back by the way by which thou earnest." ; Startling, sensational, m.vster- lous. overwhelming was the fate of Assyria encamped ngalnft >Jeru- salcn»->a deliverance ranking in THE TOLA DAILY flEGISr -R. mj MEWS EVENTS Hamni ItelBms l» iioute-lD California. LjTciun V/(ut>e UnvH Ui»4 Nttmbe/Uat l *o «r llaiKe., of the ,Red Sea.:-"And the angel ftf Jehovah went forth, and smote in the camp of the Assyrians - a hundred and fpuracore and five Ihon.sand: and When men arose early In the morning, behold, these were ail dead ibodies." As Byron's "familiar lines tell It: — "The ai^gel of death spread his wings, on the blast. And breathed on the face of the foe as he passed: And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and cblll. And their hearts but once heaved, and forever were still." .,SKVKX .SKNTK.M-K .SKRMONS. . PraiHe undeserved Is Satire lii (lisgulBC.—Anon. • • • ; \V« (lu not love pcopli; so tnliih for llie gwid they haw done us. as for the good wo have dono tlieni.— .Tolstoy. c ••»»•, Speak to Mini, tlii-ii. for III- liear- cth. , ' And spirit _^witli spirit may meet— ' - • CloKor is lie. than breathing. And iiearvr tlian liaud.s and feet. —Tcnnj-soti. '* * .*. . Knowledge, whtn wisdom i:< t«jo weak to guide her. Is like ^ headstrong horse, that • throws his rider—Robert Robinson (u. l.-.SW). • * * They havo sown the wind, and llicy shall reap the whirlwind.— Ilosca .S:7. • * * A Salibath well spent brings a week of win tent,. And healtli for the toils of the nior- row; Hut ii Sabbath profaned. w;lmtso- cvcr may bo gained. Is a certain forerunner of sorrow, i -rSir MHtthcw Hale. • • • • Kithcr civilization must destroy war. or war will destroy civilization.—Justice Clark of the United States Supreme Court. (Francia Culver.» iIU.MBOLDT. Kanis.. Uec. TJ. 4 The third DUintier of tlie Humboldt Lyceum course, presented by Hubert H. Manlove, character delliicutin-. was given at the liigh SCIKMII niidi- torlum last evening. The .;iudi- ence WBH fairly'large and the An- (erulnment wnk cwlleni.: The term, "man of many faces" is well applieil to Maiilovi'. Ills nnuurnus (haracler sketches were well defined. - accurate, .^tnd true to life. His delineations of different r.uiul and national charactera was es- pcclally Interesting. .Manlovc's ••ii- Icrtainmeut was not merely ini- pei^nation. it was truly artistic character delineation. The Humbioldt chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star held its aniiual election of officers last night. Initiation of'candidates was also performcdJ Tho new officers of the chapter are: .Sirs. Grace Adams, worthy matron: .Mr. GcbrRe Moon, worthy patron: .Mrs.-Grace Culver, associate matron; .Mrs. 4 \u- drey Holloway. conductress: Mrs. K. W. Porter, associate eonduc-; Mrs. Minnie Wakefield, secretary: Mrs.. Caroline Reynolds, treasurer. .Mr.n. tJraio Ciiristiau- son wa^j initiated into ihu rh .ipt'-r at this meeting. ; ' .Mrs. I*. K. lipiisou. of Piirsoiis, is here this week visiting her mother. Mrs. S. a. Sinklcr. Dr. and .Mrs..(;. U',, Horn enter-! tallied the leacbers and the mem-' bcp.s of the executive .board of the Presbyterian Sun.Iay ' sthool at th<?lr home .Monday evening. This is the first of a series of monthly mcotliig.s to IH ' held liy ilii.s group. John C. Hanini of Ixi.s .-VngeU 's. Calif.-, left lif -rc .vestcrday. after a. brief visit with hi.* I )rother, '(i. \V. Uamni. .!.(.'. Ilainin was fornuT-: l.y a Humboldt resident and is well known by the older citizens. HUMBOLDT. Dei-. 8.—HumboU!'. Is seeing the ChrlKinins spirit re.. floLted in a new way this season. In front of all the business houses in town arc'small Christmas trees illuminated with muUI-colored. lights. The trees were lighted for the first time this evening^ effect Is quite attractivei '.Mrs. Jack Sage was hostess to AMERICA'S D 4 Y[ BygtoG. DECEMBER' 9.1927 llfro'.-: the bp.-:t beef in the I' i^ivp.stocii Kxposition in t'hicagi^ crossbred Shorthorn and .\ngii« .steer. IZ months old expert of Dalbeattie. Kcoi.tland, who < ante to Chicago jp. a lO .'i.". —))ound Walter. Biggar. to "act as Jnflge. ;ind Chose California Siamp. U holding the animal. NEWS NOTES FROM COLONY (•n^pel Team frow Haker t'ondarls Snnday Elenlng" Serilec at i .M. V. (iiurrb. , iMrK. W. E. Pnylniil COLONV. Da. .O.-Kcith Inference Is w<irking in lluinbnldl at present. 1 .Mrs. Cbas. Kruincr was horn from Oklahoma Clti* to :>ttend the funk eral of her b'rotber-lti-law. Freil Kramer, of lola. and lia.4 visited at the home of her brotiier. P; C. llol- zapfel here. . LiUlo .Miss.E»llth l.udle Serene was here from Welda tbe first -if the week visiting her grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Less Wille.v. C: H. Johnson Is making a visit at the home of his sou. W. T. Johnson nt Lawrence. •Jlrs. JV. S. Twileliell hiis been very 111 this week. Mrs. M. S. Swonglcy. eanie tin- first of tbe week from Kansas City for a short visit with Colony friends. The Colony Athletic as.sociatioii is getting baskt tball teams organ- I Izeil for the sea.son and has ordered j fine new suits for both the young i men and women; It expects; to j have a full schedule of games. The men's team. Is getting practice with ' the".different lilgh school classes; •who are working out tor a class I tournament. Mrs. Ruth Rasmusseii.. who _now :• vesiili'jf In Fort Scott. >s« Iicre the lirotUw. Howard Piigh. Ui\ busiii>;;a. first of the week -rin'business. was made happy Thursday by .the Airs. ;M. .M. Brown rettirni>d.honic ajfriva! ofiB fair young lady f'jl'" Thiirsday evening v t\-6m Kansas ft^lhols'and tiJey were married T*""City where she had h^cii to help saiini aflernwin; the ceremony tak^ care for hrciittle graiinHon. John irig> pla(?c nt the home of Mr. and .Mi ?lviu Rasnett. .Mrs. Howard Pugb. Tlie date of tJie City CInli Fed- Xnxt Sunday evening one of ilio oration .nicetiiii; lias liceii post- ;r()Kpi>l teams from Bakerr univer- pnnecl from Deceinlifr-II to '.JS. Too sitv will c'lnduct the evening":scrv- mticli pre-Cbrisfnias viork mid Po- tec at the .Methodist churqh. lial affairs made It linpo.sslbIe'to 'r Keop to; the dale first set. 'I'uberculosis kills, jilore WorklMK .-Herbert Pu!?b. who; came hert^ mcu nnd w<imen than anj^ oJjit'r rei'enlly to be associated with his disease. -.-L BACHED BY LESSTHAM PEItiAKlMO: PPUBLK ACTINO ' 'MAKCft '' Dorsett Produce Co. 1*08 East Street, Iol» Phone 70S Ca.«!h for Poultry and Egf • TTe will' eonie after ponltry. Call ••any Ufiie. Calumet is an old reliable standard of generations of thrifty house[wives. Nearly half a century of experience . is back of every can you buy. No expe- : rimenting in its manufacture, no mistakes, failures or regrets, ip itsuse.Try it. You'll ' see a. decided improvement in your bakings—yes, and you'll taste it, too. CHERRY GROVE Dec. 8.—.Mr. and .Mrs. i:v( n-tt Wrestler and tamily .-^pciit Sui uay nt .Nelson ArUett's near I.e;iiiii|a. -Mr. and .Mfs. Clyde .Mos« liHid famllv and Mr. and Mrs. Clias. ^nir nnd family visited at J. .\1. Ciioj er's Sunday. -Mr. and Mrs. Clias. Sjiencer. Netr riioi'tii? and f!ny spent I'ucsday ••vc liiig with Mr. and .Mrs. Oiaii .\(laii s. 1 and ... .Mr. and .Mrs. Chun. K .May the members of the Bethany alass! children of; lola vi.sitcd ai J of the Presbyterian church this evening at hor home <)ii hiasi (>-n- trnl avenue. This affair was tli'- annual ChilstmaH party of the Bethany clas.s. JciiH- Va'nNlce is in Aniarliio. Texas, this week called iiy the illness oT his little; daughter. The child is reported to^ hv somewhat belter now. . The interior, and the exterior of the Citizeris' State bank' have liecn newly decorated and rcnovatejii'. The exterior has liecn finished for sometime, hilt the interior has just been completed. • Tho epprarance of the bank'is greatly improved. The battle hetwecn . lor the interdass basketball chainpioii- ship of Humboldt hisli .sclioid (inn-, • tinned last nicht when jiiiiiors m.-. iVItit. Mr. and Mrr.. .1. \\, Adams freshmen and seniors met s.iplio-1 and Miss Mabb- i?air very p mores in two ca.sily won .canics. In the first Raiiie the juniors wim 'ivor tbe freshmen, by a score ot Jn-.l. In the secnnil the scnitirs lead liy a 21 to 7 tally.! Tomorrow nlslit the. final game liytween the juniors i and seniors will]h(% plilycrl. and th?-' sophomores and freshmen will meet;. Slopped Almost Jnslnnlly for the con.solation game. 1 Very frequently adillts and _ dreh.- cs ;i ('c-ial!y children. •:• •> •:• • •:• • •:• •:• <• • * «>:• •:• <• spciis of night cpughing, duel Adams'.s TliiirHday i:vcniiig. .Mr; and Mr.s.; Cecil Bl(iyli;(l< anil children were : Sunday vifiiton ai Andi-few I>ath|-om*«. .Mrs. FJ-aiik Carrey called In the altcrii'ioii . .Mac Clxendcr visited .Mrs. f^niti Adams Wednesday afternoon. .Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Adams aiifl .Mr. and LMrs. Gleiiu Adams vcro Siniday. dinner ciiests ,.ol .Mr. | ami Mrs. Fred Bo wen. Mr. iiiiH Mrs. .\. I>. Itr.xvr^ of Chaiiutp vi:.ited ;U Lcwi.s Ilartn Friday iifteruoon Uevvcy Smith, at" dinner al <)ra!i .Vdanis's Tiicsilay. .Mr. and Mrs. Alva C;ilioii. Klva a!id Howard Cation. Mr. and tMr.s.. I.yle Mill k and Clad.vs, Mr. jiiid &lr^. Willis Pcltil. .Mr. and Mrs. (Jcijrgo Annoying Night Coughs eas- lOLA DAILY AB.STKACT Issued from office of lola Abstract Company ^•bronchial irritations or while •> • fcring from to\iU. , These co ipb- iug spells, if not quick 1.V chetjked. are very Injurious to the health. A lunioiis ph.vsicians prcs< rip•:••;••>•:••>•••••<• I lion called Tlio'xine. much better I December S. I!i2' The Home Owners UnlldinK and PRAIRIE CHAPEL (L. D. Mattocks.) Dec. 7,—Fred Head. L. W. How-j i.ots 11-12. Block T. low.. <ii .,a-ior m ell and wife. Arthur Boyd and fam-hiarpe. except a tract ,in th- SK j ,-,.ionn. dop- • or . other hj.- corner of said Lot 11. bcginnln!? at' ,inigs. I'li;i.'';iiil tustins and GRENNAN'S MARKET Coraer East Monroe Hnd Elm Sts. \^ lOLA, KANSAS We; Want Your Poultry, Eggs , , i and Hide8. occasion was Mr. .Adam.s's hirth- A.\D Ol'R PIIO>K M'MBEU .IS 376 aiitly surprised .Mif. and -Mrs. Glenn ;1tdunis last Thursday e.venliiR. Th<^ ; Cherry (<rove will have a pro- grntn and pie supper Dtcenibor D. lolji's Prudiire IfouHe Since 1911. :('. 0. tOUIirLL, .Vanager. CALUMET THE WOHl^DS GREATJEST BAKING POWDER SAL^^ TlVtFS TMOSF Or.AAJV (VfHEH BHANi) See the •hW- iavc to suC- Ily were dinner guests- at tbe James Boyd home Thanksgiving day. T. R. Hall helped Gus Smith head kafir corn Tuesday. Mr; and Mrs. T.' E. Davis and family. .Mr. and" Mrs. L. D. .Mattocks and Dale spent Sunday evening ht C. F. .Maxwell's. Tiro Prairie Chapel Snnda.v school voted Sunday to have : a ChrWmas tree. The Prairie Chapel Ijadles'. Aid went to LaTIarpe laiit Tuesday and quilted a quIU for M^s. Jim Robb. "Tho ladles who went were: .Mrs. J. A. i.Mattock.s. Mrs. Wm. .McFarland. .Mrs. Vara Rogers. ^Irs. W. F. Smith. .Mrs. Alice Bacon and clUl- dreti and -Mi^s. Harold Robb and children.: Mrs. Minnie LMiller and her fafher. Wm. Davis (Jns Thompson Is luilding an arcli cave. . | Phyllis Jeaii Boy<l spent Saturday night and Sunday with her grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Howell. Ilarlcy Robb helped J. F. Har- dlerode ishuckjcorn the first of t"his weete. i Mr. and Mrs. James Boyd called at L. W; Howell's Friday afternoon. • [ : Arthur Boyd, wife and daughter. Maxlne and Mf. Fred Head spent Sunday with Mr. Boyd's parents. Mr. and Mrs. James Boyd. than patent medicines and c( ugd syrnpK. acts on a different pruci- ple, relieves the Irritation anjl Investment .Co. to Edgan, A. Brown. I s'oii.-^th..- cough witliin IT. iniii|nt( in <if I.a-lor IIKIIICV Imck. ('(iiitains no < !iU nUi af ::.".c. (iiic. and Jl .DH. .\.sk for Tho.xl Inc. Sold by tlic Kvalis Siorc SK corner of said lot. tliiiice W HI feet, north IS feet, south K. feet to beg. $1 .0(1. Edgar A. Brown to Rd Roberts. Lots 11-12. Block 7. town of La- Harpe.-except tract in SR corner of said Lot 11.. beg. at SK cor of said lot. thence W 1« ft.. .\ ir> ftC. R It; ft.. S 15 n.. to .b.'B. $1.00. C AtARRH or hMd «r tlmat ia anany ' beaefiiMlhr OaMpMer- VAPQRU» -\T .11. . • •- S!li!2L2E PQPHAM^S —In one day, Cascsra^Brdmide-Qui- nine tablets knOck a ; cold. Leave TOO fMing fine. LalotefarreAboix. MB . ABdnniats. Leuon ffo. 12 • Qaesfion: Why Tshould young childrea receive eimd- tided cod-Uoer oil regulariy? Answer: Wlule .milk is the child 's best indhndual fo6d» it is defident in ridcets^pie* Tenting vitamin. That is why so many young diildrm ciptil^ :||fi6d Cdd4ivef oil fl|s in Rol Pepper Rnh taUd* ihi- M ulif' from »iirc, slilT. aching' j>/iiit<. U cannot hurt j-oii, auii it, V(>it. iiilv slopn flist old "rhcuniatism toi tu<.- nf oner. M'lien yon are sulTcriii;,' ».:> yoi'r en. bardlTget around, just try Red Pepper Rub and .voii will l;ave ih" quickest rilief known. Nothing ban HU^ 'concentrated, penetrating beat as red peppers, jhisi as «oon a'* you .apply Red Pepper Rub you wilt; feel the tingling beat. In three raiiiutp' it warms the sore spot through j and through. ^ Pain and soreness arc gone. Adc any good druggist for a jar of Sowles Red Pepper Rub. Be ^ure to get the genuine, with the name Rowles on cadi padcage. j FOLEYS HONEY'-rAR COMPOUND Safe and lUUable Children like it. Mothers i endorse it. All users recpin- theiid it. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11th -9 A. to MIDNIGHT MONDAY, DECEMBER 12th 7 A. M. to 0:^0 P. M. : Beautiftil New Lo%iy Body IJnes Choiceof Four Color? 55 to 65 Miles an Hour Remarkable Acceleratipti 40-Horsepower Engine Four-wheel Brakes \ Standard, Selective Gear Shift • • ' ' . ' /' ' ' '. Hydraulic Shock Absorbers 20 to 30 Miles per Gallon of Gasoline Theft''p;^bof Coincidental Li Typical Ford Econom; Fordson Y IOLA-KANS. r

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