The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 6, 1933 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
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Friday, January 6, 1933
Page 2
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h r J .1' *? -• - H K I K- ' & 1 « IT" '-". t ' v. K , r v- •I '- •K * \-\ •. ^P^ ^^^P ^^f ^^^ ^^I^I^B^F ^^^^^^^^f ^^I^I^B^' ^^V ^^^P^B^Pr ^^^^^^^^~ ^^^^^^^^^— ^^^P ^^^^P^r IN TO ATTEND COOLIDGE RITES i ri » I President, Chief Justice Hughes Among Those to Pay Tribute (Associated Press Leased Wire) '• ASHINGTON, Jan. 6.—In sorrow at tho death of Calvin Coolldge, tho capital suspended many of its activities today and national leaders arranged to pay the former president a last tribute by attending his funeral at Northampton. President Hoover and a large party go north on a special train tonight for the last rites. The Senate, over which Mr. Cool- Idgo presided as vice-president, adjourned almost Immediately upon meeting to hold no more sessions until Monday. ( Speaker Garner announced that there would bo no session of the House tomorrow, as a mark of respect during the funeral. 1 Chief Justice Hughes, secretary of State In the Coqlldtfo cabinet, and Jus- tica Stone, his attorney-general, will attend the funeral—going on tho train f#om here. •-•Before Senate adjournment, the Rev. ZeBarney T. Phillips, Its chaplain, paid tribute to tho former president, Walih Resolution ( , Then Vice-President Curtis recog- nised Senator "Walsh of' Massachusetts to present a resolution expressing profound sorrow. ' ' The message President Hoover sent to the Capitol .yesterday announcing the 1 death formally to Congress, and which was read only In the House, was. presented to the Senate. ^Senator TVa'tson of Indiana, the Republican leader, said tho committee of Senators and Representatives would 'leave "Washington on the presidential Special at 1:30 a. m. and arrive In Xorthampton at 9 a., m; tomorrow, t Original plans for Accompanying tho funefal party to tho burial ground at Plymouth, Vt, by automobile, Watson gald, had been abandoned and -the Congressional committee will return to Washington on the President's train. i Senate Committee ft Twenty-five senators wero named in tho committee, as follows: , -' Watson, Republican, Indiana; Robin- (United Press Leased Wire) son, Democrat, Arkansas; Hale, Re-s < SACRAMENTO, Jan. 6.—Thirty-ono publican. Maine; .Swanson, Democrat, -more pardons to Wright act violators j Serious Split Among G. 0. P. Brightens Hope for Farm Allotment nt-tlme' oMld frort hei* Press L08 AMQ SaokvHla stoner prodigy, w«t ai third huabfthd, eirl ftlnMon .Mir-; rlion, In Ltt VepM, l*«v.» IMt Julir 26. the dlsoloeed today.; * Miss 8toh«r, who;,*t:the.iifl« of 12, had .written 17 ,t>o t okMnd mij - t«red 17 lanou*aei, Wii flrrt mar- Vied, to Count phlMlppe, Clinton de Bi*uche/ That jrtarrlati* <*«• art- nulled In 1929. Her second hU*i- bane! was Louie Hymart, Niw.York broker.; In Auguit, 1931, »heeldp«d with MarrUon to Yumai AH*. -Thay separated 11 months later. V Fighting fifetweert Chiiie&e ™^*^ • I ^* L M~ < • . <e* j j j , .\ - - Japanese Extensive Area \ I'*. d > St. Valley Rcsi Flic* 68,000 Acres-Arc Inundated Leased SHANGHAI, Jan.. 6.—TWO days of qtiiet on «the Shanbalkwrin battteffoht was broken today ;wlth a renewal/of hostilities between Chinese and Jap-* anese forces, i , , ' ; -, Rifle fire broke out on the battle line extending from orte mile west of Shanhalkwan to near the limits, of th* city of Chlnwangtdo; the seaport which la several miles southwest :of - Shah- halkwan. The opposing armies faced each other from opposite banks of the Tashih river. , ; ; x t)rlven from the walled city ,of Snanhalkwan, China's northern railway exit, the Chinese were reported* bringing up reinforcements from Tientsin on the railroad which passes through Chlngwangtao. Japanese warships were gathering In the Cniftf- wnngtao harbor and today additional* Japanese troops and ammunition were reported 'brought into Shahhalkwan from Manchuria. . ' • Further operations., on the scale of the terrific three-day bombardment and street battles for possession of Shanhalkwan early this week were believed Indicated by the troop coticen- NURSERY PESTS DRY LAW Vlrglnla; Moses, Republican, New Hampshire; Ashurst, Democrat, Arizona ; McNary, Republican, Oregon; Keyes, Republican, New Hampshire; Plttman, Democrat, Nevada; Reed, Republican, Pennsylvania", Fess, Republican, Ohio; Walsh, Democrat, Montana; Dale, Republican, Vermont; Ola SB, Democrat, Virginia; Blngham, Republican, .Connecticut; Copeland, Democrat, Ne'w York; Metcalf, Republican, Rhode Island; Walsh, Democrat, Massachusetts; Hobert, Republican, Rhode Island; Barkley, Democrat, Kentucky; Davis, Republican, Pennsy Ivan la; Coolldgo, Democrat, Massachusetts; White, Republican, Maine; Austin, Republican, Vermont and Sirioot, Republican.'Utah. .; The congressional representation of IB was completed by the House members whom Speaker Garner appointed yesterday. ' With the capital mourning already launched, military, orders. f went out to army and navy posts and snipe to observe the funeral tomorrow with the solemn tribute due a president or ex- president. :,,The diplomatic corps took part in the mourning. Acting as. dean of the corps, Paul Claud el, ambassador of France, called on the President to ex• press the condolences of his colleagues. A wreath will be sent by them to the funeral ceremonies.; '' * .*. A- i^ '. • Man's Face Must were issued by Governor Rolph today, bringing the total to more than 200. The new pardons were granted to: "Los Angeles county Jail—- Rolley "Rex" Scantlln, Thomas Russell, Lee Howell. / Los Angeles city Jail—Paul W. Paulsen, Fred Parker, Qillrad Mitchell, Allan BowerH, James Mortln, Joe Butler, 1 Robert Rogers, Glenn H. Lewis. John B. Powers, Howard Webb, Patrick O'Connor, Albert Wise, Anthony Wnl- Arthur Mclnwrath, Fernando Ruiz, d Nagel, Joe Carnus, John Cook, James McCoy, Lea B. Tompklns, Cashion Beauchanfp, Joe Lopez, John Borrlg. Augustus B. Pratt, Pete A. Bush, Robert Kurtze, John Johnson, Tom Connors. ' Orange county jail—Kenneth Willlam Johnson. F V Have Been Bit Red '}.'... (Associated Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 6.—This man's face must have been slightly red. Six policemen shot at him, four times each. i He was chased down three alleys and through half a dozen backyards. • A police sergeant started tho shooting when he saw the man duck down an alley and nun. - In the final stretch the fugitive shed three empty purses—and yet no one (Associated Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 6.—Tho Swedish firm of Kreuger & Toll Is to be Investigated by a Scnnto committee. "We are trying to find out to what extent tho American investor has been played for a sucker by European- promoters, with tho help of American bankers and. the Stock Exchange," Chairman Norbeck of the banking committee, said Inst night. The inquiry will be started next Wednesday, and marks tho resumption of the committee's stock market investigation. Analyzes Lad Who Scorns Gentle Sex By WILLIAM F. KERBY (United Press Leased Wire) W ASHINGTON, Jan. 6.—A serious split in Republican ranks today substantially increased prospects for favorable House action on the $1,000,000,000 domestic allotment plan of farm relief. Democratic ranks were solidified at the same timo when President-elect Roosevelt assured party loaders In their Now Tork conference that tho measure was entirely satisfactory to him. Two prominent Republicans flouted reported White House opposition and endorsed the measure. They were as- S I ^1 • t\ n i i< £XVt 11 f\ 11 f^fl f^ I ^kQ tu rfU* IV i 1^ n ft (^d 1* IflLtllll X\t3£J U U Ul'tVJl L J_>t3clUCI 4IJ. H-»IlU*ld j Michigan, and Representative Hau- geti, Iowa, ranking party member on the agriculture committee. Neither embraced it with particular enthusiasm, but their adherence cheered Democratic loaders who have been plagued with a small and wavering majority. Mfchener, to the Intense And vocal disgust of his Republican colleagues, expressed the opinion , that as long as the bill was a "Roosevelt measure" and .would "undoubtedly" be passed at an extra session, It would be well to send It on Its way At the present time. Haugen favors virtually any type of farm relief to bring a modicum of prosperity to distressed agriculture. _i ^ Tho disaffection of the two prominent Republican leaders was regarded by advocates of the measure as a most hopeful sign. They expect the magic of Roosevelt's name to hold most Democrats In lino and If assured of the aid of "farm bloc" RQ- Stories of heroism, terror, hyiterla and death followed In the wake of San Francisco's most disastrous fire of recent years "when flames trapped secret of ptrioni In the Macbeth apartment house, shown Above. Four were burned'to death, a dozen critically Injured and burned, and many others hurt lesa seriously; The Interior of the budding was .practically destroyed. Firemen and polio* rescued dozens by way of ladders erected in front and back. * Shown : fie're Is a trio that leaped Into a safety net to escape the blaze. They are E. B. Shepherd, Billy Meti with his dog, Sklppy, and Paul Shepherd. . - • 'V (Associated Press Leased Wire) >IEMPHIS, Tenm, Jan, fi.r^Valley dwellers where the St. Francis driver separates northeastern Arkansas from 11 rat Ions, southeastern - Missouri, scurried for •higher ground today as* flood waters poured through five levee breaks and gushed over some" 68,000 acres of lowlands. The river, was falling in tho vicinity of Kennett, Mo., as the breaches relieved pressure from upstream, but dowh at. Big Luke, near Blythevllle, Ark., a crew of 150 worked to sandbag barriers against rises there. Meanwhile, through the Mississippi delta and elsewhere that swollen JJ4 QQQ DecidUOUS TrCCS Atf streams have caused concern, tension T slackened as anticipated heavy rains failed to materialize. Waters Rising Slowly The Tallahatchie river and Cassldy bayou .still bothered the delta communities of Sumher, Glendora, Webb Rejected Due to Crown Gall Infestation Heavy work In-the control and eradication of insect pests here during the and Swan Lake, but the waters were|i afl t month, occasioned to some extent rising more slowly. Swan Lake and h, y Christmas shipments of-fruits and Webb were cut off from highway com- plants U detailed In the report of C. S. ENGLAND CONDOLENCE (Associated Press Leased Wire) passing Idge was the outstanding Item ,<bf lljie front pages of today's LonTlon newspapers, which printed The Dally Mail said: "Never faced with the necessity of making heroic decisions, His task was to keep tho ship of state on an even JIGG-SAf' PUZZLE (Associated Press Leased Wire) CARMEL, Jan. 6.—That their wives r might return to their "normal' 1 oc- mun lea tlon. West Tennessee streams, swelled by back waters from the rising Mississippi, have'covered some 100,000 acres of lowlands and evicted numerous lowlanders. The Ohio, Forked Deer and Hatchle all were out of their banks. Mississippi Swollen River men expressed fear that the swollen Mississippi would back additional floods Into )ts delta tributaries. The big river went up a foot here in the last 24 hours to 28.8 and flood stage of 35 feet was forecast for Jan- lengthy 6bituurlea while several also keel and admirably he accomplished uary 11. Observers expressed the cupations of dishwashing, bed-making | opinion that territory protected by the Morley, to Lewis A. Burtch, agricultural commissioner, Mr. Morley's report to his chief Is as follows. "During the past month this d«f- partment has been checking the eradication of pests found In the nurseries during the annual nursery Inspection. A number of infestations of black, greedy and-cottony cushion scale were found, as' well as infestations of Baker and' Mexican mealybug. We have found that the only natlsfdctory eradication was obtained by fiimlgar tion with hydrocyanic acid gas. i "We rejected about 14,000 deciduous editorialized. it. History will credit .him/with all the fruit trees, upon, the finding of a very and doorbell answering, a group of|maln levees, however,'would be un- (high percentage of crown gal).'Jnfeata* -• *•*•'' • 1 A . * * * ' his personal character «terling virtues of u good New Ens- .Carmel husbands, had today appealed * I 4 . • _ — •• • n . _• LA. — A V_ _ t— •*.__» — __ .» _ A-A __ • • ^ «_ 1__ *_. __A J • — __. __ ___.._. affected. wero abundant. Views were also expressed that ho had not displayed or had not the opportunity to display great political capacity. Tho London Times editorially remarked that "singular good fortune" made him president In a period of unprecedented prosperity. - It continued: "He owed it more to .His luck than to his wisdom that he had .not occupied the White House in the succeeding years of misery and ruin. . . . This lonely, inarticulate, simple, shrewd man was not of today but had the fine qualities of the best type of American plain citizen of the past." The News Chronicle said; "It is impossible the people on this side of the Atlantic underestimated the real shrewdness which underlay his habitual taciturnity. An entire mediocrity does not make* the Impression Coalldge did on his countrymen. lander." , The Daily Express said:' 1 "He was not a great president, but brought to the administration a rigid Puritanism and an unspectacular honesty. His reward for service to his countrymen Is a too early death.". The Manchester Guardian editorially '.. •' ' 4» -• - ' said; • r . . "The death of Coolldge seems like the death of a ghost, so completely had he passed from the forefront of the American scene and with him, the whole era over which he presided. As his critics used to say, 'Cal is no fool.' It Is something to -have been president of the United States for 'six years and to have escaped w\th that title from one's critics." One of the best things Mr. Coolldge did was to appoint Dwlght Borrow as ambassador to Mexico, the Guardian said. "To the American mind of that ;• high; up on the Chtckaaaw safe. Still, the river dwell- to the tlty council to ban Jig-saw M ff puzzles and. picture cutouts by law era ae watching , the gau'ges for the _..., harmony to Carmel low ianders htive to- figure on what and restore homes. would happen if .upstream floods ran AIi , 4 . . .. . . .. .Into floods lower down. River stages .tltlon .hat. their wives were "con- ate fiffured , from a zero poj nt baae ci on strained In unhealthy positions"' The husbands charged In their pe- «*, working the puzzles and were. neglect- Ing their household duties. The signers'of the petition, more than a dozen In number, included Charles Austin lowe water averages. tlon In the planting. "There was considerable Increase In ^quarantine rejections dutln^.ihi holiday season as many shlpmenU of fruits sent AS gifts from many parts of the . United States were found either to be Infested or in violation of some quarantine regulation. Among HO me of the .violations were found Zero at Memphis means/a 60-foot I shipments containing seed cotton front depth. Thus, now that a stage of-28.A areas known to be Infested;with cotf «__*. *_ . _t •. _ .. _. . • 4 t * — ___^_. i *_ _ 1 _ • .^ .A • *. . * 4 • ^. t- . '_ Rey- Lincoln Steffens, writer; Roberts Aldrlch, scientist; James,* sculptor; Stephen • A. nolds, writer, and Hal Oarrott. Mayor John Catlln said he would refer the matter to the city attorney for an 1 opinion. feet has been recorded,. It means the big river Is 88.8 feet deep. ^ " ^ I DOLLAR 'publicans, they see little to bar speedy It Is almost certain, however, that decade, Mexico bulked almost as large ' * * I _ - _ ~ A A • « A ^ A A a I ^^B -- It A«-^. A. — - __ A_a. &__^ H «K A. ^H ^ta ^B fM ^ «1 House passage. they overestimated his qualities." as Europe," the newspaper added. ESTABLISH MATRON FOUND DEAD U. S. Sets Killing Pace for Presidents, Says Doctor Press Leased NEW YORK, Jan. G.—The lad who Bcorns'tho laHalos nnd poo-poohs Cu- complained to police today they pld mny really be covering up—down had been robbed. • \ ^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^F^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H • , FREE "PRINCE" ON BOND deep ho mny bo worried because ho thinks ho hns no HCX appeal. So Indicates Professor Goodwin Watson, i i »* it » * « YORK. Jan 0. (U P.)-Harry whorun. u conn,, t«tlon center for (United Press Leased Wire) SACRAMENTO, Jan. 6.—Identity of a woman found dend from exposure In a lonely shack on the Woodland highway last Monday was established today as Mrs. Marie Snyder Ramsny. 40, according to announcement of W. C. NcNary, Yolo county coroner. Description of the woman furnished her mother, Mrs. Dora Snyder, of Kansas City, Mo., in letters to Sacramento police resulted In* the Identl- (United Press Leased Wire) O ffi cer s In st alle d by Masonic Lodges TAFT, Jan. 6.—Newly elected officers of Taft Ijodge, No. G16, and Midway Lodge, No. 426, Masons, were installed last nlgHl In a joint ceremony In Masonic temple with Senior Warden William A. Sltton of Sacramento as Installing officer, and speaker of the evening. James Monroe was master of ceremonies and Mrs. M. E. Kinnebrew, organist The program included music by the ton boll weevil, and one shipment of apples from an area under quarantine frdm oriental fruit moth, which • .was also actually infested with live • San Jose scale. '. "Several Monterey 'cyprens hedges have been found to be infested with woolly aphis this fall. Oil emulsion and black leaf • 10; spray have •. given very good control.' This pest seems to center on only a few plants at a time. Their presence Is easily noticed by the Infested plants turning I>row6 new Gerguson, alias "Prince Michael Rom- ten off," will bo released within 24 hours under $5000 bond, pending a decision on his attempt to gain entry to the United States, Representative Samuel Dlcksteln, chairman of the House immigration committee, announced today. emotional maladjustments at Teachers' College. He said: "Wo have many. cases of men who feel they have no personality, or thut they can't attract tho opposite sex. Then the man makes believe he Isn't Interested—that he Is above being silly." Jan. 6.—A campaign against the killing America sets for Its presidents began In Washington today. The sudden death of Calvin Coolidgo revived the medical profession's demands that the President of the United States be shielded from the buffeting he gets during his every waking hour. Colonel James F. Coupnl, heartbroken •over Mr. Coolldge's death, led the „._ criticism on. the present system. Cou- flcatlon, authorities said. Her daugh- pal wan Mr! Coolldge's personal phy- ter had disappeared several weeks sician during the tatter's six. years In ago while employed as n housekeeper I the White House, for Ambrose Anders, Davis rancher, Mrs. Snyder said. Letters she received from Anders stated her daughter had $250 in cur- | have prime ministers or dictators or rency with her at the time she van- "No nation.In '". the world puts such a burden on Its ruler ns America does," 'lie said. "All other nations •.» •'Tho president can withstand the Hornblower Moves Fugitive Convict Is r. .4 The "BLUE BL ADE" is without question the t sharpest blade we have ever manufactured. No p«ck«fc con- l«l«f genuine "BLUE BLADES'' unUii H c*ri«i the porireH •f Kltif C. GlHeHe. This fact is proved by an ingenious device Gillett e s exclusive 1 photo- tester. other officials to take the buffeting ished, Mrs. Snyder Informed police |- a nd the hard blows of criticism dl- here. No money was found on the reeled toward the executive, body. . ."America puts, one-man against it Anders wan said to be employed at|' a nd It is a man-klUlrig present on a ranch near Wallows. Glenn county authorities said he would bo questioned In connection with the Investigation Into tho woman's appearance. Superstition Foes Suffer Misfortune I^^NB"^""""*^^*™* » (Associated Press Leased Wire) CHICAGO, Jan. C.—Two officers of tho Anti-Superstition Society, organized to prove that evil omens don't mean anything, are suffering misfortune. Kidney Btrotx, president, broke his automobile while Herman T. Powers, secretary, Is in bed wlth-the "flu." "But," snid Strotz, ''It wasn't bad luck. I smashed my automobile because I wits a bad driver and Mr. Powers probably didn't wear his rubbers." Members of tho group will go right on walking undor ladders, .lighting three cigarettes on a match and breaking looking glasses until January 18 when their experiment ends, THESSALY SHAKEN ATHENS. Jan, 6. (U. P.)—Strong earth shocks in the region of Volo, In Thessaly on the Qulf of Yolo In east* phy.leal.rl.or. of hi. position, if he Sclote'orchestm vocal selections by keeps'in good condition, takes proper exercise and watches his diet. But seldom can the president withstand the mental poison Invariably caused by the many and constant bitter attacks upon him, "Thia criticism dltl not nffeot Mr. Coolldge so much because he didn't take himself too seriously." Coupnl said he understood Mr, Cool- Idge'H easy regime since he retired from public life had an adverse effect upon health. 'He quit taking his proper exercise and he cut out his diet," said the colonel. "He absolutely needed them." • Coupal's discussion of the rigorous life of a president led "White House attaches to observe that President Hoover appeared In sound, robust health despite his strenuous term of the Maricopa High School male quar tet under the direction of Mrs. Lauretta Prenter, vocal selection by the men's chorus, selectlo-ns of' the Taft Union High School str ing ensemble and a piano solo by Miss Adell Johnson. A G;30 o'clock dinner preceded the Installation. _ * Harmonica Numbers (United Press Leased Wire) SAN RAFAEL, Jan. 6.-i-|leports. . t . . . that the Robert Dollar mansion here l* nd apparently dying. has been guarded for the past few weeks because of extortionist threats led to the disclosure today.that private detectives end police have attempted to trap the plotters here and in San Francisco. Kotos have been received by Mrs. Robert Dollar, widow of the late shipping magnate, demanding money. They have Included' threats; of, death or kidnaping for her four grandchildren If sHe did'not pay. One suspect -was arrested after a woman, disguised as Mrs/Dollar, left a package of. bogus money at a point designated by the "blackhanders." Hours of rigorous, grilling failed to. connect tjie suspect with the Incident, police said. The grounds of the Dollar mansion are brilliantly Illuminated at night, and private detectives are constantly on guard. A T* x Tfc» x» -*! "8HININQ" UP AUTO8 at Kotary Meeting I DULUTH, Minn., j an . 6 ( A. Tho sheriff's force knows how to save money. They are using confiscated TAFT, Jan. 6.—Harmonica aolos and duets formed the program moonshine to keep their radiators care of himself. It was said. for Legalized Wine (Associated Press Leased Wire) SACRAMTONTO, Jan. 0.—Assemblyman William Hornblower, San Francisco, Introduced a resolution in the Legislature today, urging Congress be memorialized to change the Volstead uct to permit sale.of light wines, Hornblower said hlH proposal waff similar to n bill Introduced In Con- office. Mr. Hoover has engaged in sinter by -Harvey Westgate of Taft, regular exercise and .taken excellent presented tho ( .program. Mr. Everett - ' - and Mr. Weptgate have been friends for years, and-have played in vaudeville and over the radio, Mr, Everett Is considering -moving to Taft within a few months provided he can interest school authorities in starting a harmonica band here. Wednesday noon at the regular week- | from freezing during the cold snap*. R. F. C, LENDS $3,07S,5I3 WASHINGTON, Jan. 0.—The reconstruction Finance Corporation today announced relief loans totaling$3,078,698 to Alabama, Arizona, North ly meeting of the TaTt Rotany Club In the Shamrock banquet rooms. Musical Mack. .Everett of Los Angeles, who is a teacher of harmonicas, a«- Carolina and West Virginia, 4 Sued for Claim Trade Ruined I * •! !• V ' ' . '(United Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES. Jan. C.—The Chevrolet Motor. Company of California, General Motors Corporation of Delftware, and Martin E. P<illard, Inc t , wove charged with restraint of tratle In a 9143,614.02 damage sijtt filed today by the Scurlock Chevrolet Comi- pany of Van Nuys.. ; The plaintiff claimed his business was ruined, by insistence on malritcr rqanco of a certain price level for used cars the defendant concerns. . i - f n 4 L DeValera Wars Upon Oath of Allegiance f I ^k4M^^BB^^A^V^^^B (United Press Leased Wire) DUBLIN, Jan. 6.—President Eamoa de Valera pledged removal of the oath of allegiance to the British crown whoii be opened his election campaign lastt night before a^crowd of 20,000 ,p€rHon». "After our re'turn to power, the bill to remove the oath Will become It^v, In spite of the Senate, and the oath will go forever," the Republican leador said. • - J 1 ' 1 L Eager to Get Back (Associated Press Leased Wire) JOLIET, ill., Jan. ft—Folkc* outside tho penitentiary are so rough that Kmll Nuss, SO, rattled the iron gate and asked If ho couldn't please come back-.where a man may bo-safe. •„ Nass disappeared while aervtng as a trusty guard. Yesterday'he returned, with *;,story that two narcotic peddlere hlni." He said they held him prisoner -here tfiey and oven gross by Representative Clarence Lea, Santa Rosa, to change the Volstead . , r . .. ftM ... ,, not so wines resulting from '-'natural &i?i-¥'?^^ • P^^* fermentation of fruit Juices" would be I totted him very roughly legal. He would, remove the present limitation on alcoholic content of naturally fermented juices. Martin, Boyd Lead Taft Bridge Event .. • • *, . ^ • : - • - ^ ^ ^^^•^^^•^^^•^•^••^^^(^•^^^^^•{••^H TAFT, 1 Jan.- 6.— The men's bridge tournament got under,way last night at the Petroleum Club with nine tables In play. The tournament will continue for five consecutive Wednesday nights, with. 1 the winners to be the club champions. On the unal- Wednesday night, February 2, a roast pig barbecue will the WATER CONSUMERS: NOTICE! but they ass ^-m iIC6 Price $395 to $475 n TOLEDO, Ohio, Jan, 8.—With a to $475, the new 1933 JVllIys 77 was announced today. Alonar with the 77, a nix-cylinder car with nn 80-horsepower engine at Adverse Currents Delaying Liner Tow Fred Martin and Jerry Boyd were high in the firm nlffht of play, with 2691 points, with W. ti Adklsspn and M. P. Imton second, with 2676 pointa, Third place went to C. Wlnans and Charles'Duhlfr, with 2000 points. O rn Greece, caused the cracVmg or a price mnge of from $596 to $696 j collapNO. of many liouaen today population was panic-stricken. First report* did not osUniuto tho number of placed on .the market. This is available with the Willys-Knight HleevA valvu onglno ttt an additional cost of ?iOO. CHERBOURG, France, , Jan. 0.— Eight tugs towing-the wreck of the Atlantlaue,toward QUerbourg en- ;ered; fttronr ftdv$rf*Q aurrenta which retarded' their' progress today* They should reach here tomorrow. Two of tho men engaged in tho salvage operations, were Injured, ono of them an officer rescued from the At- lantlque when **h* burned In thq English 'Channel 6u AVednowJtty.- Soothes tht throat FrMh* the mouth 25* f ? ^^—^^—^^—^^—^^^^^—^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^j^^—^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—^^^^^^m ^^^p^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^v^^^^^^^^'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^p^^^^^^^^i^^^i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^pQ^^^^^^p^^^^i^^^^^^^^^^mA^^^^^^^^^v^p'^^^^^^^^^^^^^ OVERCOMES BAD BREATH Water users living in districts given below will be without water from 8 a. m. to 11 a. m. Sunday morning, January 8, due to closing gate valves while making necessary repairs/ The water company suggests that'a supply of household water be drawn prior to 8 a. m. on above date. Districts affected are as follows: • ; North side of Sixteenth street and south side of Truxtun in 1600 block. North side of Truxtun and south side of Seventeenth in 1500 and 1600 blocks. East and west side of H street in 1600,1700 and 1800 blocks. North side of Seventeenth and south side of Eighteenth in 1700,1800,1900, 2000, 2100 and 2200 blocks.* South side of Seventeenth street in 1900 and 2 blocks. * North side of Sixteenth and south side of Truxtun in 2000 block. . , East side of D street and west side of E street in IGOOblock. CALIFORNIA WATER SERVICE COMPANY. II -V I ' "* * 1 . t I ' 1 .

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