The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on September 20, 1939 · Page 8
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 8

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1939
Page 8
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THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 20, 1939. Web Blues, Clan Plaids Brighten School Fashions MARKETS AND FINANCE (Additional Mansers on rape 3) Stock Averages, Sept. 20 (Compiled By The Associated Press) 30 15 15 GO Incliist Rails Utll Storks China Blues and clean fresh $>utch Blues, rich grape-wine shades and gay clan plaids brighten the new Back-to- School fashions. Swinging skirts and tiny nipped in jackets with bustle pepluius .standing out in perky lines, arc popular in nmu- blnatlons of tweeds and velve- teens. Dutch Boy IrocKs and COatc, with front plr-als and swagger pockets, arc also popular. Borrowing from grown-up fashions, little girls will wear amusing bows and .'..oft ,sa.sho.s in back to suggest the "busUe.s" of the new lady-like fashions. But best of all,?, the "uniform" in every school'and college will be the classic sweaters and .skirts. New looking with swing gore or •pleated skirts, young looking With shorter sweaters and "baby" cardigans, they are shown in •matched or "mixed" colorings. (Princess frocks of velveteens, daintily collared in lace, or sim- 8 1y made with buttons down heir fitted fronts, will be seen in black or dark rich colors at every party. Stiff silks, taffetas and failles, standing out in wide skirts and puffy back sashes or bows, will dance their way through college and high school proms. "Date" frocks for special afternoon and Sunday occasions arc in velveteens or soft colorful crepes. Bracelet length slccve.s. new heart-shaped necklines, and soft bodice shirrings, give these grownup details, but their graceful swinging skirts and sashes make them young and pretty as "WASP WAIST" NEW CORSET Net change • 'i n>i:iy Previous day Mr n Hi at;o .. Year ago .... .1 new 1032 ins:; IP'.!) lOL'Y Low Low High tiOW Movement LOW JTIi.h A.r, 75.(i 75.11 MA 70.3 77.0 58.H V P. 5 •W.2 A.r, 22.3 21.7 IG.r. 18.0 23.3 15.7 23.5 12.1 in Ftcrent 17.5 fi.7 I'in.o 1.1:1.!) 95.3 Ulich 38.7 38.7 37.3 :n.n • 33.7 37.8 24 .n Years 230 1IM.3 01.3 THE MARKETS A.'I 52.8 52..1 •15.5 •17.3 5 3.'I • 5-1.7 33.7 llv!) 157.7 01.8 t,l£ht red Kirliiry bran;; $:V7.'t Purl; red kldne> beans $3.00 Park cranberry beans $:?.50 Iclght cranberry ben UK *2.50 j White pi-a brans .... - - $;> 00 >' Yclloweyr beans $2.75 : Poultry j Leghorn Urns, 3 Ibs. anrl up llr j 1 Iravy hens l.1c i riviuouih rsock .'.prlncei's, i under •! Ihs 17r ! Plymouth Rock rprlngers. , Colored springers 15c \ 4 Ibs. and up 17c I Grain ! *>helled corn, cwt Sl.ns ' n ye, cwt 85c ' Oats, cwt $1.00 i Wheat, cwt jl.OO • Plot! lice Eggs 19o Hides Beef .4c Detroit produce (CJun'.illous in Dollars ami Cents) Slat's Pf part nicnt of Agriculture J (.irripr--.: Mich. Concords. -!-qt. climax !•'••• kp'.s best, mr.stlv. !•!'•.-]•',; 12-(|t. ,.x basket*, mostly. 24-2S. jplcs: Mich. hu. baskets and eastern crates Wenltliys, <in-60: Wolf Rivers, checks, 13. 35-50; Mclntosh, 75-L.OO; Northwestern Orcenings. 75: Delicious. 1.25. Celery: Mich, bunches dozens, extra large, 35. Onions: 50 Ib. sacks. U. S. No. 1— Mich, yellow. GO-OS; sweet Spanish, 80- I 85. ' reaches: Mich, bushel baskets El• bcrtas. 2 in. mln.. 1.10-1.40. i Pears: Mich. l)u. baskets Bartlctts. 2 1 in. mln.. 1.35. Potatoes: 1(10 Ib. sacks, U. S. No. 1— Idaho Uiissct,s, 1.85-2.10. mostly around, :M10: Maine I'lilppewas. 1.75-1.85. Mich. K'.itmd Whiten, unwashed. 1.35-150. fi w wiishcd, 1.7.1. NLW Jersey Cobblers, 1.80-1.85. Hi'lroil.l.ivestocU (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) railHOIT. Si'pt. 20.—id'i- -Cattle. 500; rlnw: I'.iKid t'i rholee yearlings. 0.7511.50; fair to rood ycarlmns. 8.50-D.50; |::.od t.i choie.- heavy steers, fl.50-10.50; lair In ;.'.ood hca\y s'rcrs. fi.50-9.25: common butcher cattle. 5.50-ti.50: canuer and cutter «iws. -\.r.c\-rt.M: best butch- i r and 'icavv bologna bulls. 7.25-8.00; milkers and springers. 511.00-75.00. Cnlv(s. 300: 50 ci nts higher; best, 13.50; fair t<i good. 11.OH-Kl.'lO; seconds.. 10.00-11.00; culls and common. 5.00-0.50. j Jrluip and lambs. 1.500; 10 cents higher; best lambs. !).50-75: heavy fat sheep. 2.00-50: culls and common. 1.50- Hor.s. 700; prospects 10 cents lower. Previous o.25 lor :.r-()-:>:>n Ib. hogs clown- I ward to ti.75 lor roughs. Chicago Potatoes (Quotations In Dollars and Cents) /CHICAGO, Sept. 20.---(/P)—(United States Department of Agriculture.)— Potatoes, 78, on track. 274. total U. S. shipments, 427; supplies moderate, for fcood quality stock all sections demand moderate, market firm; for fair qaullty, small sue stock, all sections demand slow, market slightly weaker. Idaho Russet Burbanks. U. S. No. 1, washed, under ventilation, mostly. 1.55-60. oar. benvy to I.II-RC slzr. 1.80, unwashed, small in medium si/.c. 1.40-50; Idaho HUSK Triumphs. U. S. No. 1, washed, tinder vrnt.llat.lon, car. 2.10: Oregon Russet Burhanks. U. S. No. 1. under ventilation, car. 1.75; Colorado Bliss Triumphs. U. S. No. 1. washed, car. 1.70: Colorado Red McClurcs, U. .S. No. 1, Into Tuesday, washed, car, 1.75, un- v,ashed, car. 1.50; Minnesota Holleiidale section Cobblers. U. S3. No. 1, few pales, 1.15; North Dakota Red River Valley section Cobblers. U. S. No. 1. 1.25; Bliss Triumphs. 30 percent, or better, U. S. No. 1. quality, few salts. 1.25-30, some fair quality stock showing dirty, no sales reported; Wisconsin Cobblers, U. S. No. 1, 1.15-30. Chicago Dairy (Quotations in Cents) CHICAGO, Sept. 20.— (fPt— Butter. 734.996, firmer; creamery—92 score, 28; 91, 26%; 90 centralized carlots, 27. Other prices unchanged. Eggs, 4,194, steady; current receipts, 16U. Other prices unchanged. Chicago Poultry (Quotations Jn Cents) CHICAGO, Sept. 20.— (/P)— Poultry, live. 1 cnr, 44 trucks, steady; hens under 414 Ibs.. 14'b; leghorn hens. 12'i; ducks, 4'j Ibs. up. colored, 13, small white, 13; geese, young, 14. Other prices unchanged. Harriet Beecher Stowc began her famous book, "Uncle Tom's Cabin," by first writing a description of the death of Uncle Tom. Services, Dinner Enjoyed at Church PELTON CORNERS Many members and friends of St. John's Lutheran church at Pelton Corners enjoyed the unusual services and chicken dinner on Sunday celebrating the 28th anniversary church dedicatory services. The day was also the birthday anniversary of the pastor, Rev. L. E. Jones, and "Happy Birthday" was sung during the dinner hour and presentation of a gift. German services were conducted in the morning. The English afternoon service was given by Rev. A. W. Born of Reed City, wno based his sermon on the 19th chapter of St. Luke. He said the blessings of life come to us only in trust that it may be seen how we will use them and enlarge upon them. He also explained the synod's new plan of stewardship committees which arc subsidiary to the financial committees. Among those from outside points attending were Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Greve, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hoffmcister and daughter and Mesdaincs Truax and Redmond, all of Manistee. Pelton pupils and their teach- • er, John"Reinochl. closed school Friday to attend West Michigan fair. Petroit Poultry (Quotations in Cents) DETROIT. Sept. 20.—i/lV-Poultry. steady: hens. 5 Ibs. up. 17; under 5 Ibs.. 15; lee.horn bens. 3 Ibs. up, 13; cocks. Hi; leghorn cccks. g; Rock springers. 4'j Ibs. up. 17; under I 1 .. Ibs.. 16; leghorn springers. 14; youm; hen turkeys. 10 Ibs. up, 21; young toni turkeys. 15 Ibs. up, 21; ducks, while, 3 Ihs. up. 12; rabbits, S. Detroit Hairy (Quotations in Cents) DETROIT. -Sept.. 20. . 1,1-1 •-Huttcr. I cst creamery in tubs. 2ri'j-27'a. Eggs, current receipts, 16',: "dirties. 14; SILHOUETTE Laced in tiny waist sections. the new corsets give to the modern lady of fashion the same "wasp waist" boasted by her grandmother. Back laces! .side or short front lacings, nip in the waist section and give the lovely rounded hipHnes that look .so new to us this Fall. Foundation garments sirens the long flat diaphragm, while lifting the bustline in youthful contours. Delicately shaped panels and insets .streamline the figure, by following the muscle lines of the body itself. New scientific methods of designing have thus caught the perfect foody contours, accenting their grace and bringing out their curving lines. can be desired. Bonnets and off-face continue mast popular for girlo. usually trimmed in bow.s and ribbons. Classic felts for .swagger coats and campus costumc.s, have wide bright feather quills stuck in at a jaunty angle. Fur pom-poms trim -some new hats, matching the furred collars of coats. 7th Annual Chicken Dinner Planned by St. Mary's Church OUSTER.— Over 200 young springers will lose their hcnds next Saturday to provide Ihe meat for St. Mary's church seventh annual dinner. Plans are complete for the chicken dinner to be held at Dodge's Long Lake Resort, located one mile east of Walhalla on US-10, on Sunday. Sept. 24. Serving will begin at 12 noon and will continue until 3 p. m. This dinner will be served in a large cottage on the shores of beautiful Long lake in Branch township. Picnic and recreational facilities will be provided for all. Fourteen rowboats will be at the disposal of all who care to go, boating or 1'ishin?. , .Games and entertainment will be provided after the dinner. Dinner musk- will be furnished by the Kiskunas Sisters' orchestra of Hoxyville. Mrs. Waller Locke is the head of the committee for the preparing and the dispensing of the food; the chickens will be roasted under the supervision of Jack Rogers of Scottvillc; Mrs. Boyd Dodge will be in charge of the waitresses and serving of the food; Mrs. Herman Wilson lias been appointed to arrange and .set the tables and to decorate the dining rooms; Mrs. John Rigcl and Mrs. Charles Donnora have ch.-irge of the sale of the tickets and Mrs. Howard Win?' is head of the committee for advertising. Ouster Lodge No. IJ85 will hold its regular ineetinu at the I.O.O.F. hall Thursday evening, Sept. 20. All members arc urged to attend ^ . 0 • I It's A Fall Fashion (hat saves you Money If you are the hostess, it isn't necessary to spend a great deal of money to have fine refreshments — you can purchase your ice cream from Gibbs Market and Ret quality at a low cost. VAMLI,,\. CHOCOLATE and TROPICAL FRUIT, only ..... \\ e also have 1.1 other flavors for you to choose from. \Ve deliver at any time von wish. GIBBS' MARKET MONTGOMERY WARD r WARDS bring you the Lovely Lingerie Every Woman Wants at Truly Sensational Savings! SM^to, Just for this Event I So Don't Delay! •"""•"•••"•'"•"«"°"'="'=*»""*»°»'-"»'«'.".."a'<.'. r »V.".",.-.-.^"«"»- u " l .- 1I -.".".« • Throa bonded gort »h>p-'« __ Medium high L "' •''• AH the new "Modern Mi^ shoes are smart irom f " """" "go". Heretsoneofrhe buhtanding patterns. ^ A lovely* practical/ * "easy to wear" shoe. L HEAT Burns Clean Priced 77° The only way to get slips like these to sell for 77c is to have them made! And that's what we did ! We bargained for the hems of 2 inch wide lace. We fought for the bows and the lace-trimmed bodice I And carefully specified the embroidered slip with the 3 length hem and tailored slips, too! They're better rayon satin, bias cut to fit without a ripple! 32-44. WHILE THEY LAST! Sale! Belted Corselet Regularly 1.98 1 Lower priced than they've been in a year! Fine brocaded rayon and cotton faille with a determined inner belt to hold you in firmly! Boned back! 34-48. New, different, modern home heater. Beautifully designed table height Console Cabinet, fits Into any home and is in harmony with any furnishings. Gives more heat faster because new exclusive Norgc "L" shaped heat chamber exposes 50% more beat surface to the circulating »lr. ', DOWN-DRAFT WIHRLATOR feeds ex.ra air into heart of flame, making flame cleaner, hotter, more economical. r-rn, CON I KOI, is scientifically synchronized to control oil flow, air (low and fi*: draft assuring perfect fuel combustion • . . increasing efficiency . . . incrca(*.g economy. BEE 100 Gallons of Oil FREE SEE THE FASTEMP ON DISPLAY AT OUR STORE r AIXACE KURAS f 10 WEST LUDINGTON AVENUE 1 *.!•*,> »>, •• Phone 604^ Spectator pomp* are one of the seasons "must^jAJ^H grade, shoe you wilt en|oy wearing- Medium high "built-op" heel. 'Also carried in Black I land Port Brown with! ' low cuban heel. FOOT* E A R i We arc headquarters for ENNA JETTICK shoes. Watch our ads for them—better still, come in and try them on. We'll gladly show you a good selection of styles. Forslind dc Gavan "The Basement Store" &^^^^ Radio Broadcast! and Fashion Magazines Exploit tweeds Identical to Those In 14.98 and 19.98 Cootil The Big News in Fashion ii the Fitted Tweed Coat. Glorious mixtures of new, tangy colon in wasp-waist, wide hemline, dressmaker styles I Coats for all occasions at Ward savings. Sizes 12 to 44. All America's Choice FOR SCHOOL . .. BUSINESS . . . SPORT I /' %' Swaggers Here's the newest version of your favorite brimmed hat! Downy-soft felt —comfortable, light-weight, smart! Priced so low you can match one to each of your tailored Fall outfits! Black and new Fall colors. Smarter Than Ever Now/ All Wool Sweaters Uniurpamd Valuti »t Colors and styles to go with every skirt you have I Slipovers, of course, with nattering necklines to peek through your jackets. Short puffed sleeves. Sizes from 34 to 40. New Fall Handbags 98* Shirred-like your .newest dresses,!,. They've that v soft look that's th,e keynote of the new season! Fine simulated leathers in the smartest colors for Fall. vmmi mtifxifatfiiKwinsai' tim«™r(imaiaati?ustueamH*mmau**mmuai^**ai tK&iiiiiiiiiiwitMm 4mmmfwiff«w»w*'*iiixiiii "••*> r '™«^«»»w»™"""">«"'*^»"»~^'~"'"™"" ««m«m MONTGOMERY WARD Enjoy th« thing* you want Ibday ;.. pay >n convenient monthly Install* m*nt< on Wcrdt Payment Plcn. Any $10 purchot* op»ni on account. 3 t Buy all your needi at V/ardi. Our Catalog Ord«r S«rvlc» brlngi you thomand* of lt«m« that wo hov« not room to utock In our itoral 103-109 East. Ludington Avenue. Telephone 158.

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