Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 19, 1955 · Page 5
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 5

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1955
Page 5
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.Dial :PA-2 : 4600 for • WANT AD Taker EVENING r TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19,1955 FIVE Jacob? i V, **? '• KI On Bridge Six-Card Suit Is Too Short By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service Yesterday we saw how import ant it iJ to protect your trump .suit. .This may still be important evcD if your trump suit looks big end strong enough to take care of itself You couldn't ask for a better or stronger trump suit than the spades in today's hand Never theless.. this'.suit isn't quite . as strong as. it looks. ; NORTH *2 It , »<SJT 4KQ9SSZ WEST EAST AS743 *85 VQJ10S ^A9843 • « 3 2 » -A 6 5 *104 *AJB SOUTH (D) *AKQJ10> V7 i 4>K10»4 *87 East- West vul. Snlk WMt rNwth tut 1 * P»ss I N T Pas* 2A Piss 2NT Pass 4 A Pass Pass Fats . Opening lead— V Q .'Play the hand, in-slapdash .style 'ind .see, what happens: to' you. West opened: the ,.queen of hearts, -.and the":suit is continued. .You ruff, the second, heart very-.wisely; .You certainly 'can't afford : td-'Iet : the .'.enemy .take two heart- tricks when you must sooner or later give up a club and a diamond Now, in slapdash sUlc, jou begin ^ to draw trumps You find that four rounds of trumps are necessary/"and this process .leaves ; you with-.only one trump; What ; next? .You lead .a : . club, andi. East .takes .the ace-of clubs and leads a third heart forcing .out. your, last ..trump. You. must now tackle the .diamonds,.:but this allows East to take the ace of diamonds' and • defeat you with the rest- of the hearts.:. Your magnificent, six-card. trump suit-/didn't last.long.enough! ;....' . . The solution, to the problem is to make proper use of dummy's miserable little' singleton deuce .of trumps.. This little fellow is.just as powerful as your' six high trumps. . You win the second trick - by ruffing a heart, but .you do not draw trumps, instead, you lead diamonds until somebody takes the ace. A heart is returned, and you' must ruff again. Now you lend a club to force, out the ace of thai-suit.' ' : •••' •••'<--•• When' "East" lakes 'the ace of clubs he cannot lead a fourth heart. - Dummy's trump is still there to stop the .heart suit. If anything else, is : returned, South easily draws trumps; and if hearts are- returned, .dummy ruffs, and South is in no danger. o—The bidding h» b«n: Nwtli Eut SMth.. Wf*t 1 Heart Pass ISpad* .'-Fais- 1N.T. • Pass -?. You, South, hold: 4AKJI V74 «KJ»l *<J32 ^Tiat do you do? . A—Bid thrtt no-lnB*. Twi hivt 14 poInU uit >tr«n(th In ill UK »nWd »IU. Von ctn well »'- ttH l« >•»» t« r«nte. ...... TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding is the same as in the question Juet answered. You, South, hold: -. ' 4AK7I VQI «KJtt 4'3J What do you do? | Aatwcr TtoMrmr 8,894 U. S. Citizens Registered In Japan TOKYO in .— There are more Americans in Japan than any other single foreign nationality .except Koreans, the 'Justice Ministry- reports.- -- ' ..-.'••• ,..."••There are 8,894 Americans registered with ' the. .ministry. This does not include' military personnel, estimated at more than 180, COO. There are' 570,486 Koreans. Paul - Revere was America's foremost silversmith. Japtist Groii Western Baptist Association's ilh annual two day session open: crs. morrow ^t First Baptist Church Ith election of officers scheduled from Wh.ppany, N J, Vnll deliver of Western Baptist Association will r Friday; The election and installation o: •ficcfs will be conducted at I m, Tnday and will be illowed by a report of Baptisi ork in Europe by Di C C Thorn general secretary of the.Mary nd State Mission Board of Balti ore. Present associational officers are ev W Randolph Keefe, pastor of race Baptist Church, moderator, essc H Judy, vice moderator ogan H Carpenter, clerk treas er^Joseph K Trenton, chorister ohn":D. . Colemah;'siiperintendehl Western,. Sunday School - ; 'Associa on and Mrs James Kirkratnck jpenntendent of Western Worn us Mission^Union All delegates and visitors are ;cd to register at the opening ssion of the concla\e at 7 30 p Thursday 1 uncheon and sup ir will be served by .the liosi hiirch on Friday .and .overnigh ccdmmodations will .be. prb'videc p Plans! Two-Day Session In City; To Elect Officers Friday for out-of-town guests and speak' Mrs Leslie Watson, missionary Friday night the program will conclude' with i 7 30 meeting ' The Woman's Missionary Union [he principal addresses during the Thursday evening meeting and the morning, af lei noon and evening programs; on Friday. Other guest speakers besides Dr Thomas > and Mrs; -Watson will • be Hev. L: J. Newton, secretary .ofII Sunday schools:and training unionsj[ of Maryland Miss Josephine Norwood, " executive' secretary, .Mary- j land -Woman's -Missionary'Union; and Mrs. Virgie'Hoffa," executive!! secretary, -Baptist .Children's Aid[[ Society, all of Baltimore Friday's 'session -will get. underll way at 9:45 a. m. and conclude at j| noon, reopening again at 2 p. .n. and continuing through 5. p." m. hold Its ^meeting Thursday after to* the association's convention. session also. Election and installa- tion of officers will be held about 4 p. m. Mrs Harry P Clause, state president of the group, will de- Rev. Kecfe indicated yesterday that all members of the Woman's Missionary^Unton desiring to stay over for the association's conclave noon, beginning at 2 p m, prior Miss Eileen Qaskin, secretary of box lunches youth 'for. the state of : Maryland, Mrs. Watson will speak at this will.install newly-elected officers of the women's mission. liver the principal address and Thursday evening should bring !The Western Baptist Association counties and Is one of six associations of the Southern Baptisi Convention. M Maryland. North Carolina Stale College,experts 'Say.the average' worker in that state had to work 21 minutes is composed of all Baptist for a quart of milk in 1939'but only churches- in Allcgahy;ah'd'Garretl 12 minutes in 1954. ' It * ' V AlMstFmticfrNi on summit First application* of Zemo—• doctor's soothing nntiseptlt — relieve itch of surf act skin aid scalp Irritations. Zemo e'tojt zemo scratching arid to aids healing. YOU CAN STORE UP-MORE SAVINGS NOW! RELIE for Headache ASPIRIH <^r^^ ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT Why The Best Carpet Cleaner Is Blue Lustre The original colors spring back to'life after applying this miracle concentrated foam. The pile is left open, lofty and fluffy ;.. ho oily residue or other pbjectibnal particles .remain . to cause rapid reselling .. .-spots or traffic lanes can be removed with- .out cleaning entire carpet.''. '. it's easy to use- with long handled brush '.' ; . one-half. gallon of aBlue Lustre-concentrate for $2.59 cleansrthree 9x12 rug's. 46 Baltimore St. CUMBERLAND and KEYSER.W.Va psenbaum's HOUSEWAXES : — FOURTH FLOOR Come to HILL'S For Your HALLOWEEN COSTUMES Wlgi . 39e ro 1.98 Masks ... 3eto98c Makeup Kits . 10e Horni . ."., . 'Se up Childrin,,t79Hp Adults..... 5.98 Gorrillai,, Fairies, Tigers, Momren, • Davy Crockett, Rabbits, Frogs Halloween Paper Plates, Cups, Napkins, Table Cloths, Party Favors 45 N. Centre St. and Rt. 40 SAVE '44 . . . ALL SEVEN P.ECESi Maple Livingroom by day! Bedroom by night! A beautiful grouping . i.. the sofa makes a lovely, comfortable bed for two. The ; . extra pieces compl your room. A actual $188 value. Suite • 2-pc. Maple • 2 Maple End • 1 Maple Coffee Table , • 2 Table Lamps Tables Big, White Enamel $C QQ UTILITY CABINET U.OO GARAGE I SALIS . 205 N, Meehenlc St. Cumberland, Md. SHVICI i ', ' / " , , / 21 N. Ce«r|« St. Ptrfect for kitchen utility . . , yet, practical for every itorage need "Range or link height . . .'o full 36"'hlah ond 18" wide Made of Navy reinforced steel with lustrous boked-on white enomel flnlih. " ' < GIANT, 11" OVEN-PROOF SPAGHETTI BOWL Resplendent with brilliant hand.painted'colors. Use it to serve a heaping bowl of spaghetti as a vegetable or stew service for salads, etc Plastic Top Cabinet Base 18.95 Value 12' Formica fop base that is 36 inches high, 16 Inches deep, 20 inches wide Features large cutlery drawer ^ano two large storage shelves 1.00 DOWN DELIVERS 1

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