The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on September 20, 1939 · Page 7
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 7

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1939
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 20,1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON. MICHIGAN. PAGE SEVEtf "Bustle Back" Coats, Full Draped Fronts Set Dual Style Trend PREMIUM WINNERS (Continued from Page 1) mins; third, Mrs. John Wilson. Sunshine cake (unfrosted): First, Mrs. Herbert Washatka; second, Mrs. Gus VonGlahn; third, Mrs. Anna Peterson. Devils food cake (baked in loaf and i "Dressmaker Furs" Da " PT - AW ™ * Adopt Soft Styling I • • It 'V The program has been arrang- three numbers; Hyde school,,onfc . ,' ed by the township health! and Bennett school another. n Skilled workmanship tri- frosted with white boiled ic-1 umphs in new Fall furs, with ing): First, Mrs. John Wilson; i pelts as soft as fabrics worked second, Mrs. Victor Miller. Spice ' in intricate designs that mould cake: First, Mrs. Ernest!the figure sleekly, or swing Schwass. Jelly roll: First, Mrs. I gracefully out in back in the F. E. Cummins. Applesauce cake: First, Mrs. Max Rahn; second, Mrs. Alfred Chinnery; third, Mrs. Gertrude Lyons. i Layer cake: First, Mrs. Max j Rahn; second, Mrs. Ernest Schwass; third, Mrs. F. E. Gum- new Empire Swagger silhouette. Mink and sable colorings in lynx, as well as trim little mod- j els in warm brown nutria, Per- : sian, caracul kid, or others. I • I Fitted Jackets News ! For evening, as_ well as for dressy daytime wear, the new "little jackets" are fitted into DARR regular Parent-Teacher a sedation meeting of Darr district will be held Friday evening, Sept. 22. i chairman, Mrs. Albert Surrarrer, land will be presented at 8 o'- I clock. firstj Tne program stresses health and is to be featured by motion pictures on teeth presented by Music will be by the Tylef brothers .and Walter Savich.- * i home ±1. LJ. JJair nome Dr. E. J. Andersen of Manistce. 1 J»ay enroute to the Upper Pen- Darr school puoils will present insula for a . vacation trip. many new pffpn^ pmnha tiny waistlines, with «tay ninety the trerid for plpffanre sleeves nr ful1 bel1 shapes giv- SDecial beautv tofiirs in5: addl «onal emphasis to thc special oeauty to ™rs , trim fl[Tl]ro ]ines B aum-mar- ten, sable-dyed furs, snuirrnl, i of the squirrel, fitch, caracul, kolinsky and other flat types. maior silhouettes " "ire P ers , ian ' beaver and a] l the i COOKIES snown 5 ?U the fltted a S|» £" ft™ f, re shown in i Cookies-Plate of six rrisni slim box y- Swingback models | these new .1 ackets sugar cookies First Mrs Martin are sh °wn in sportsy shorter Front fullness, t>acx swing Schwas? second Mrs' Avde ' J ackets - or in "costume" furs lines, and other extreme styles Warm /third Mrs pvnVrf :worn with 5 P ecial ensembles. j a re noted occasionally, tout only Schwass PlatPnf sivsnnr7r-Pnml The sllm Banging, straight line in coats for special wear. The MOklSf' First Mrs Gus Vor?-i^ at ' is sfcm considered most | dressmaker .technique so dra- Claim; second,' Mr Anna Peter son; third, Mrs. F. E. Cummins. ar T n, ,}ria ,£,1 ' ..Plate of six molasses cookies: ? a ?'J? tu j ;na '«», s H flat pelts. Shorter coats with Mrs Jacob LundGPlRtP Wann. thi ' matic in this year's furs is possible because of the new workings of the skins, which cives them softer draping qualities. Collars on almost" all fur ' every available fur coats shown are small, or non... ... . .from the stubby skunk furs in existent. But necklines hug | A* 4 rea i new brown colorings, to the I "P closely for warmth and , (luscious blue fox and fox-dyed comfort. Sleeves are simnle. ; \~^ , I or gracefullv flared and fitted Brilliant Paris Copies 4 At A New Low Cost! Pulse-quickening fashion-value for you! WoirJe'ful to wear as their French originals—these hour-glass frocks take to jewelled and embroidered trims for added sparkle—mo:e chic! SPECIAL Doughnuts—Plate of six bak-JGus VonGlahn; third, Mrs. Al- into the wrists, with shoulders squared or slightly shirred for ing powder or sour milk and j bert Peterson. ' Jar of canned softness. A few fitted models i soda fried cakes: First, Mrs.'strawberries: First Mrs Ray- " Vi ""' fv ^ Anna Peterson; second, Mrs. I mond Center; second' Mrs Martin Schwass; third, Mrs. Gus ]Mary E. Kokx. Jar of canned show the Gibson Girl raised in Gay Ninetv fssTon. Bell i ,> _. / , -. . . --r- -/• -T- — — — ,-"""-" • sleeves, hanging gracefully with .ann Plate of six raised j rhubarb: First, Mrs. toward (full bottom. are orefnrred yeast doughnuts: First, Mrs. Gus I Schwass; second, Mrs. Julia'however The new' "Bishop I VonGlahn; second, Mrs. J. Ba- Carter; third, Mrs. Mary E. I sleeve" i.s seen on a few fitted i shaw Pies—Apple pie: First, Kokx. coats, with cuffrd wrist and' i * Mrs. Marie Brown; second, Mrs. i Alfred Chinnery. Pumpkin pie: Second, Mrs. Victor Miller. Jar of canned cherries (sour fullness fibovp. The saddle or pitted): First, Mrs. Raymond ,raglan shoulder, in which the, -. [Center; second, Mrs. J. Bash- \ sleeve is set farther into the Cherry pie: First, Mrs. Marie, aw; third, Mrs. Herbert Wash-i body of the coat is also norm- ! Brown; second, Mrs. F. E. Cum-'atka. Jar of canned peaches' ilar mins. Soft filled pies (all in one 'First, Mrs. Albert Peterson; Slim and ladylike in their Schiaparelli's famous reefer class): First, Mrs. F. E. Cum-(second, Mrs. Mary E. Kokx; hourglass lines, the new Fall I coats, as slim as a .pencil, Imins; second, Mrs. Gertrude Ly- i third, Mrs. Wesley S. Hawley. coats adopt the less bulky silhouette gracefully flaring in soft fullness toward the front, subtly detailed with stitchings ens; third, Mrs. J. Bashaw. and insets of the smart new Jar of canned plums: First, i CANNED VEGETABLES ! M _i"s. 9 a . rl J ; _ Christensen;..sec- j I -— »- ^s*»* 1 A^ *_JJL^ » «J VJI JL4 M. 4 JLJUUUU , , __ -" --» •**•— ** woolen v/eaves. Pointed col-. Canned vegetables—Jar of: 01 ™- Mrs - J°hn Butz; third, or swinging out in rippled lines ]lars and sometimes yokes add (canned corn: First Mrs. Mary E. I Mrs - Wesley S. Hawley. Jar of I 111 tlin Vio/»b- A »-r\/A^1 trinr11vita»«nc.-f ' vr _i *_i •« «•_.* f _ i*_ — • -PH IT Y\ pH noa TV 1 TTi^of TVTur. IITnr, in the back. modified , interest. Kokx; second, Mrs. John Butz; canned .pears: First, Mrs. Wesley s. Hawley; second, Mrs. Albert Peterson; third, Mrs. Gus VonGlahn. Jar of canned apples: First, Mrs. Mary E. Kokx. Preserves Preserves — Jar strawberry: "bustle" line is achieved by I "Empire Swaggers" with a third, Mrs Alfred Chinnery Jar placing the back fullness in I deep double fold rippling out In | 0 f canned string beans- First gathers or soft unpressed 1 folds ' back and swinging 1 from the I Mrs Albert Peterson- second or ripples, below the sleek j shoulder blades, distinguish the i Mrs Victor Miller- third Linus basque bodice. jnew Fall swaggers. Richly col- ; Kok'x. J ar of canned ' beets'- Bruyere, Vionnet and other lared in lynx or fox, these are of [First, Mrs. John Butz; second, Paris houses retain the soft .thickly nubbed tweed, plaids or Mrs. Victor Miller; third, Mrs. front, fullness derived from the'S'ripes in beautiful colorings. ;j u li a Carter. Jar of canned "Dutch Boy" silhouette. Un- i Untnmmedmodels, hanging iln ; pc as: First, Mrs M. F. Huddle- ,,, „ ,„,.--pressed folds or godets inset in - sllm straight front lines also| 5tun; second, Mrs. John Butz: !f£"- Howard Schwass. Jar of front give this .soft rippling «* »g gracefully out in back, third. Mrs. Victor Miller Jar of «> mato - First, Mrs. Raymond fullness at the front of coats. B1eltcd models frequently adopt j canned cauliflower- First, Linus and Dutch Boy pockets are [he Dutch Boy fullness across j Ko kx. Jar of canned carrots: often inset under the folds. tn ^ iront, with jaunty pockets j First| M rs. John Butz; second, Panels of fur may be used, or . ancl faring skirt. ; Linus Kokx; third, Mrs. Victor Kodets of inset fur to achieve ! Black leads in dressy coats, Miller. this .same effect. And a slim brown and colorful tweeds in First, Linus Kokx. Jar peach: Mrs. M. F. Huddlestun; second, Mrs. Alfred Chinnery; third, back lino sives a youthful look ! sports coats. High fashion in second, Mrs. M. F Huddlestun; third, Mrs. Bashaw. Jar watermelon: First, Mrs. Alfred Chinnery; second, Mrs. Raymond Genter. Jar pear: First, Mrs. Howard to the figure. " ] dressy coats are the new Hun:- ; Mrs Weslev s "Corselet Coats" New .; er greens, grape and plum_tones, | Mrs ; Vlctor Miiie^JaTof Matnbocher's front fullness 1 new^fookhLZlanri i.S ^SCK. tO - 1 ' *"T'<M*'' r *t "-limittM inn t-^ . . ^T **^C*^?**^ Jar of canned tomatoes: First, |Schwass; second Mrs Rav- ,-c na,., T r.v,Hef«,«e». ,on™rf mond Genter Conserves, mar- I Mrs. Carl J. Christensen; second, giving the young girdle line so furs popular in America. A draped j bust and jutting peg pockets j Of are other feaures of these I coat^i. Shirred folds on each i malades, jams and butters . . J(Jar raspberries: First Linus asparagus: First, Mrs. Raymond Kokx; second, Mrs. . Gus Von Center; -"second, • Mrs. Carl '"J'.*"XjfTahnr""th'ird '"Mrs" "" Christensen; third, Mrs. Herbert ~ ' Washatka. Jar of canned vege- AfttTnoon dresses that "light you up" — make you more fascinating! Captivating with suave high necklines, wasp- waists, sleek rounded hiplines —-provocative backswept skirts! Sparkling with "gold" necklaces, clips, pins, hows! Dramatically feminine dresses— perfect for afternoons that go on to dinner-dancing. Rayon crepes, failles, metal lies. BK'ck, new col- ,. „,„,.„ tv . Q ,, ... nnn table soup: First, Mrs. Julia Car- moic man 14.000 t nr . vnr , nnr ^ A,T,. C Tr.v,,, i3,,f^- ,. T T 1^ j ot t i - , Mrs. John Butz; thc , Un !r, cd ^ t ? tes ', °£ ]y third. Mrs. Albert Peterson Jar smart new silhouette. Draped hiplines are sponsor- : cd by Balenciaga, linked with a young fashionables cling to classification of any state. side of the .panel front and 6 > 338 belo "K t° the Federal Re : ' of canncd sp inach: First, Mrs. slim straight back lines give * ei \ v , c system. But outside banks Carl j Christensen; second, still another version of this ; h , old onl >' about 17 Percent of Linus Kokx; third, Mrs Victor the total deposits. I Miller. Jar of canned beet I greens: First, Linus Kokx. Jar New York's estate lax collec- of canned- swiss chard: ' First, graceful back-d'ip suggesting tions of $33,650,000 in 1937 were Mrs. Carl J. Christensen; second, the punier line. But many | the largest collections in that Mrs. Albert Peterson; third, Mrs. - - - - - iMary E. Kokx. Jar of canned I Lima beans: First, Linus-Kokx; second, Mrs. M. F. Huddlestun. Canned Fruit Canncd Fruit—Jar of canned blackberries: First, Mrs. Howard Schwass; second, Mrs. Gus VonGlahn: third, Mrs. Victor Miller. Jar of canned blueberries: First, Mrs. Mary E. Kokx; second, Mrs. Carl J. Christensen; third, Mrs. Julia Carter. Jar of canned raspberries (tame): First, Mrs. Central Shoe Presents New Fall Modes Featuring Comfort and Smart Styling WOMEN'S Air Steps $6.OO Odette-Personality Styles $2.95 Up MEN'S Roblee Shoes $5 and $6.50 Jolly Strides <PO««Ft) up BUSTER BROWN AMD ROBIN HOOD SHOES FOR CHILDREN $1.95 t . $3.45 Central Shoe Store ,,SHOES ,=404 West LudlnffU>n".'Aveiuw>ix/:v^M^-. _«»£,.. ^ ^ .i, m .»rv<L ,1 it il'Lgil- '*L Phone 83 . Schwass. Jar L-J Howard strawberries: First, Mrs. Gus VonGlahnj second. Mrs. Herbert Washatka' third, Mrs. Victor Miller! Jar plum: First, Mrs. Howard Schwass; second, Mrs. M F Huddlestun; third, Mrs. Raymond Genter. Jar apple: First, Mrs. M. F. Huddlestun; second, Mrs. John Butz; third, Mrs. Albert Peterson. Jar peach 1 First, Mrs. Alfred Chinnery; second, Mrs. Gus VonGlahn; third, Mrs. Howard Schwass. Jar grape: First, Mrs. Howard Schwass; second, Mrs. Raymond Genter. Jar rhubarb: First, Mrs. Howard Schwass; second, Mrs. Raymond Genter. Jar of blackberry: First, Mrs. Albert Peterson; second, Linus Kokx; third, Mrs. Howard Schwass. • A quarter-acre of wheat, three-quarters acre of corn and one-eighth acre of cotton is raised by farmers for every city FOLKS LIKE YOU You II like the other guests at the Bismarck. They, too, enjoy and appreciate sood food, unobtrusive service and restful rooms. NEWEST MILLINERY $1.88 to $5.88 Emil Eitel Karl Eitel Roy Sleffen Oiher Dessesfrom $2.95 to $19.85 Exclusive But Not Expensive" Howard Schwass; second, Mrs. dweller in the United States. READY FOR ANY WEATHER IN A PRINTZESS $ 29 .85 • Champion for the changeable weather to come. This Zip-Topper is a versatile coat... ex- ,. cellently tailored in fine r tweed with a plaid lin- / ing that can be zipped /I out when the weather / 1 changes. Smartly styled L^ . .'. your ideal fall-into- winter coat! Misses' and Junior siies. Printxosa Fashions Exclusive with The MARVEL SHOP "Exclusive But Not Expensive" ! Is the Time to Buy Prices are going sky high! We Guarantee Tremendous pavings in thc most magnificent collection of fur coats we've ever presented! Rich, lustrous, furs—xlesigned swagger, filled and jacket styles. SEE THESE BARGAINS! BUDG.ET PLAN AVAILABLE Windsor Seal - Siberian Seal : Gold Bond Seal - $79.50 - $99.50 $109.50 Mink Dyed Muskrat - $129.50 Genuine Persian Lamb $245.00 Persian Paw f - - $189.50 > Blrck Caracul.. - - - $8.9.50 Genuine Marmink - - $149.50 RACCOON TAIL You Save $20 CHUBBY Add a note of luxury to your wardrobe with a Martin jacket. Beautifully made of long silky haired, full skins. Others up to $99.50 THE MARVEL SHOP ' "Exclusive But Not' Expensive"

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