Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on February 1, 1961 · Page 3
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 1, 1961
Page 3
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•day, February 1 —Young fclnss. jjy, February 2, 1:10— Sen- Issembly. Friday, February 3 — Basketball, Fayette, there; seventh, eighth and ninth, at Monona; wrestling, Cresco, there. •Saturday, February 4—Wrestling, junior high at Dubuque; supervised play in gym, afternoon; junior high party. February G-ll—Week of District Wrestling tourneys. Monday, February 6—FFA meeting. Tuesday, February 7 — Valley, there, basketball. Wednesday, February 8 — Young Farmers class; County Educational council meeting. Friday, February 10—Bask Saturday, February 11 — Supervised play in new gym. Week of February 13-18—District Speech contests. Monday, February 13, 7:00 p. m.— Board of Education meeting; high school Jnculty meeting. Tuesday, February 14 — Basketball, Monona, there; junior high assembly 11:00. Wednesday, February 15—Conference athletic meeting at West Union: senior high sing, 2:10; Young Farmers class. Thursday, February 16 — Class room pictures taken in Darling School. ; Friday, February 17 — Decorah Elkader, here; freshmen at OsK | basketball^ • —~ "* seventh and eighth at Vallev. lectric Wiring Is Our Business ESTIMATES — POWER WIRING iSE WRING ... 1 ELECTRIC HEATING . . . ELECTRIC REPAIRS . . . INSTALL NEW SERVICES D & J ELECTRIC 24 Hour Service Day Call 86 4-3725 Night Call 86 4-7688 or 86 4-3979 State Wrestling meet. 1 Saturday. February 18 — Afternoon supervised play in gym; State wrestling meet. , Monday, February 20 — First round Bovs Sectional Tourney at Postville. ' 1 Tuesday, February 21 — Second | round Sectional Tourney, j Thursday. February 23—Semi-finals Sectional Tourney. Friday. February 24— Junior high •exploratory j>rnups change. ! .Saturday. February 25 — Finals Sectional Tourney. Monday, February 27. 7:30 p. m.— First Round District Tourney at Postville; Cresco vs. Decorah. Tuesday. February 28 —Monona vs. winner of Postville sectional tourney at Postville. Wednesday, March 1 — Young Farmers class. Thursday, March 2—Semi-finals 'RIDGE TO GOD'S WORLD The bridge, what a miracle! Tons of steel |anging in air . . . spanning miles of water supporting an unending line of cars like so pany ants. And what a boon to man! The bridge saves gntold hours and opens up new vistas of life. The bridge of prayer, what a miracle! Spanning Heaven and Earth . . . carrying the needs ind hopes of believing hearts. What a boon to |an! The bridge of prayer opens up new paths creative living and vistas into the realm of leaven. In Church you can discover prayer— the Bridge which leads to God's world. fh'iitl m, til,,,, Alx: SWIM, %lt»bmt(, V*. THE CHURCH FOR ALL . . . ALL FOR THE CHURCH Ttic Church it ihc greatest fjclor on cjrlK lor itic buildinR of character and fl .'oj irtucmhip. Il i» a ilorchome of >pir>!ujl valurs. \\ ilhoilt a strong Church, nrithcr democracy nor civilization can jinw.e. 1 here are four sound reasons why c*cry prison should attend services regularly and support the Church. They are: (I) For his own sake. (2) For his children's sake. (3) For the sake of his community and nation. (4) Fot lhe sake of tlic Church itself, which needs his rr. And support. Plan lo go lo rlumh regularly and tcad your Bible daily. Day Sunday Momiav Tu »Klay AVed'-.esdny Thursday r 'nday SnUtrdHy Book Isaiali Jeremiah Psaima 11 Corinthians Psalms ijrocab MatUirw Chapter Vcrnci 4S 10 H3 1 14 15 13 11-12 1 11-12 2 5-0 21-22 ILAMAKEE - CLAYTON 1LECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. STEN OIL CO. Standard Oil Products >K'S SHELL SERVICE restone Tires [LB MOTOR CO. Chevrolet — Buick — Olds [LL ROBERTS' & and Seed SON AE OIL CO. complete D-X Service [GRADE FOOD PRODUCTS CORPORATION ESTATE POWER CO. Postville, Iowa MER'S and Mrs. Harm Kramer LOUIS 5CHUTTE & SONS Furniture — Funeral Service V AND J CAFE and Dining Room MEYER PLUMBING AND HEATING Plumbing — Heating — Wiring OVERLAND HATCHERY Hy-Line Clucks POSTVILLE EGG CO. Buyers of Eggs POSTVILLE FEED MILL Grinding and Mixing POSTVILLE IMPLEMENT Your I-H Dealer POSTVILLE LUMBER CO. Serving the Postville Community SCHUTTA SHOE STORE Shoes for the Entire Family TURNER INSURANCE Insurance that Insures— Service that Endures pSON SINCLAIR SERVICE °tyear Tires of district tourney at Postville; Dorian Instrumental Music Festival. Saturday, March 4—Finals—District Tourney at Postville. Monday, March 6—FFA meeting. Tuesday, March 7—Merit Scholar examination. Wednesday, March 8 — County Educational Council; Young Farmers class. Thursday, March 9—Athletic banquet in all purpose room. Friday, March 10, 8:00 p. m.— Annual grade program. Saturday March 11—Letterman's Hop. March 13-18—Kindergarten registration for 1961-62. Monday, March 13 — Monthly meeting Board of Education. "Wednesday, March 15 — Young Farmers class. Thursday, March 16, 7:00 p. m.- High school faculty meeting. Friday, March 17, 8:00 p. m.- Annual junior high operetta; 12:45, assembly program, all grades; end of third nine weeks period. Saturday, March 18—State speech contest. ***** Fourth Grade. (Miss Camp) We have a new pupil in our room. Jeffery Lange moved from Luana. We are glad to have Jeffery in our room. Jeffery also has his dental card in so we have a total of 15 cards returned. In science we had an experiment which showed how an eclipse of the sun and moon occurs. Everyone has been busy taking Iowa Basic Skills tests this week. On Wednesday our class gave some poem readings and skits for the fourth, fifth and sixth grade assembly. We also did our exercise routines which we used to warm up before P. E. classes. One of our reading groups is working on "The Three Feathers" puppet show. They will present this to the other fourth grade rooms. For social studies we have been writing letters to different cities in the United States to get information on their products and why they are large cities. Fourth Grade. (Miss Paulson) Nine people got perfect papers in their final spelling test last week. They were: Ford Willman, Alan Martindale. Donna Nagel, Alice Peck, Connie Peake, Donna Hughes, Leanne Johnson, Judith Olson and Sandra Miene. We hope that the total number in our room will be higher next week. Many boys and girls have come to the conclusion that if they went to New York City, they would be lost before they went even a block. The life and activity in this metropolis is hard to imagine as it is so different from ours, but we think it would be a fascinating place to visit. We have a very interesting person in our room. We are not going to tell you her name, but see if you can guess who she is. She has short, straight light brown hair. Her eyes are dark brown and large. They seem to sparkle. She weighs about 65 pounds. She is a member of Grade Chorus and she likes to read. She is a friend of most everyone in the class. She often tells us about her family. She seems to enjoy school very much. Seven-A. In agriculture we are learning about the various types of soils. We are studying etiquette in English and we are learning better manner habits. In literature we have just begun a new unit on poetry. We are studying materials in science and learning new things about them. Latin America is the country we are studying in social studies. We are required to make a booklet on Latin America. In mathematics we have just finished a unit on graphs and we are now going into a new unit on measurements. This past week we also took Iowa Basic Skills tests. Ruth Pfeffer, reporter. Seven-B. In agriculture we are studying about soils, crops and plants. In science we have been studying about materials and their chemical and physical changes. In mathematics we have been studying about line, bar and divi- i ded bar graphs. We have been I making various kinds of graphs. I In P. E. we have been practicing | how to shoot baskets. We have been playing girls basketball on teams. In English we have been studying about manners, introductions, and telephone manners. In geography we have been studying about the countries of Latin America. We are now making booklets on Latin America. In music we have been studying jazz, and the kinds of jazz. Janet Muchow, reporter. ! Elght-A. This past week we Had Iowa Basic Skills Tests. We had a part of it each day, so we still had our regular classes. In social studies we are just finishing up the chapter about the Civil War. We are going to start ACCIDENTS CAN INCREASE WITH AGE Just about everyone forgets things, but as we grow older we do it more often. That's nothing to be ashamed of . . . just something to watch out for, because forgetfulness can cause accidents. We also get a little shaky as we get older . . . and sometimes have numb limbs because of poor circulation. And although anyone can have poor vision, it's more common with advancing age. Recognizing these changes that come as we grow older will do a lot to prevent accidents. Accidents are serious for older people.- What may be a minor accident for a young, vigorous person might be serious or even fatal for an older, more fragile person. If there are older people in your home, do what you can to keep them safe. Help them to realize their limitations, and make allowances for them. Older persons who are forgetful should not take medicine without i supervision at each dosage. If an older member of the family wants | to help around the house it may be necessary to keep an eye on gas Wednesday, February 1, 1961 POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD 3 I I WILLMAN REAL ESTATE | £>re£ Wilunan, Broker \ studying the chapter about Freedom in a Growing Nation. We just started algebra in arithmetic. It is interesting and most of the class likes it. In science we are on a unit about heat. It is interesting and fun to work with. We are doing a review in English on a chapter called Manners Plus. Vicki Schmelzer, reporter. Elght-B. For exploratory speech class we just finished with exposition speeches, and now we will begin oral reports in a few days. We will also have a test on chapters 8-17. In American history we are studying about the Civil War which will not have any Writing except under our pictures and illustrations. First period after dinner we have arithmetic. We are now learning how to find the volume of a pyramid and volume of a cone. In science we are studying how to control heat and we do experiments on controlling heat. We are at the end of chapter in English and are reviewing the chapter on manners. Betty Sanderson, reporter. EiRht-C. Ernie Heins, Walter Wilke, Gary Heckman and Karen Kohrs have ben using the electric typewriter during exploratory. We're all anxious for our turn, but won't be allowed to use this machine until we can type satisfactorily on our other machines. Science: We all have been doing experiments on heat. In social studies we have been studying on the Civil War, the Battle of Bull Run and The Emancipation Proclamation. In English we have been studying prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, antonyms iind homonyms. In reading we read a story "The Open Window." Its about a girl who tells whoppers. In arithmetic we are already done with bisecting an angle, constructing a square and constructing a perpendicular. Linda Ewing, re porter. The Forjrotten Children. The Cora B. Darling School this year, is once again joining in the annual nationwide Bundle Days Clothing Collection program of Save The Children Federation, the international non-profit, non-sec tarian organization that has been serving children around the world for the past 29 years. Students, teachers, parents and friends are being asked to empty their closets, bureau drawers and attics and contribute good, usable clothing and shoes for babies, children and adults to this Bundle Day Collection. This clothing will permit youngsters in our Southern Mountain region and in foreign lands to be warm and healthier this winter, and to attend school in dignity and comfort. The adult clothing may help a father or mother to earn support for their family. Thousands of these youngsters have no warm sweaters, coats or shoes, and are too cold and too ashamed in their tattered rags to go to school or to take their places with other children in the community. The week of February 6-10 has been set aside for the clothing drive. Children and adults are asked to bring their contributions to the elementary building. burnes and electric irons, lo be sure they're turned off after use. The forgetful person is apt to become confused in case of fire. It's important to select a room for him that's easily accessible, so he can be helped to safety in an emergency. Older persons chill easily, and many like to have room temperatures higher than normal. If an extra heating unit is used for them, be sure the older person can operate it safely. Install handrails on all stairs. For the elderly it's helpful to have grab bars next to the bathtub and shower, and handrails along hallway walls. Height of bed, chairs and couches should be low enough so that older persons can place their feet flat on the floor while sitting, yet high enough so they don't have to use leg muscles to pry themselves up. For those with failing eyesight, it's all too easy to trip or stumble into an accident. Get rid of throw rugs. Keep lamp cords, footstools and toys out of walkways. Wipe up spilled liquids and grease im mediately. Remember that even if an older person's perception and judgment remain near normal, the sheer- physical ability to react with the speed and vigor required in an emergency usually is dulled. Taking a few precautions win help keep the senior citizens in your family safe. VWWAfWVWWWVUVVVWU INSURANCE Get More — Pay Less AUTOMOBILE FARM LIABILITY FIRE and WIND RODNEY I. SMITH AGENT Winneshiek Mutual Insurance Association Phone Postville 86 4-3158 ,}.lIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIHIIIIIIItfHlllllinilllIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIUItllllllllllIlllllltlllllllllllllll1llll1HII«HMlk You Can Lessen The "BITE by keeping an up-to-date record of every deductible expense. But be sure you can back them up with good evidence such as a cancelled check. If you don't pay by check, for your own protection you would be wise to do so before another week goes by. In any amount your account is welcome. Postville State Bank 1872 — 1961 WE OFFER A COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Member of F. D. I. C. ^IWIIItlllHIIIIIIIlllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIlllUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIItlllllHIIIIIIIIlUllllltlllltlllllllllMtllllllHIIU Frese Garage Phone 86 4-3714 Postville, la. General Repairing Service • Inland Tires Mopar Parts ^ Mopar Batteries Pennzoil • — Wrecker Service ^IIIIIIIIIIMIIMIIIllIIIIItlllllltlMlllltlMlllltlinillllllllllllt^ SPECIAL PAINT I VALUES i THE All-PURPOSE FUEL This clean burning, economical LP-Gas serves you so many ways...makes family living more comfortable, more convenient. 1V FOR HOME HEATING Philgas heats one room or the entire house, automatically. FOR COOKING Philgas brings city gas convenience into your kitchen. Runs your refrigerator, too. FOR HOT WATER Philgas brings you all the hot water you need, instantly. LATEX WAL11 PAINT White & Beautiful Colore! § | ONLY $^75 GAL '! NYBERG'S Postville, Iowa ^ IMWUUHHMHMHHMHtlUIIIIHUII |IIII1IIIIIUISIUM«UH^ FOR CLOTHES DRYING Now you can have that automatic gas clothes dryer. FOR TRACTORS Philgas burns clean, make* engines last longer. Fuel bill* and maintenance costs go down. Come In and See Us Now...Find Out All About Philgas The Modern Fuel For Rural and Suburban Homes MARIANNA PROPANE CO. Phone 86 4-7451 Postville, lowo Two-Way Badlo on tracks for faster, more efficient service.

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