Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 19, 1955 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1955
Page 2
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Sees Democrats BVENIPJG ; Mb; 'WEDNESDAY; OCTOBER ,i», ;j "Dial PA-2-4600 for • WANT AD Tatar South "Joining Up" ASH1NGTON (fl-Sen. .Mans-iAla., though some supported Hie " w- '"field (b-Mont) said today it'is a "reasonable assumption" Western a«d Southern Democrats may join forces on a presidential candidate and platform in 1956. *'The South/and the West have suggestion, others showed a grow- Ig wariness toward it. The plan supposedly would '. give Dixie a stronger voice at the ^nominating convention. . : • Mansfield, saying he has no can- didale at this time, expressed the aicoi'nmunity of interest in many opinion that Adlai E. Stevenson -. fields, including economics," he tops the field of prospects now^ so said in an interview. "I-am satisfied that - from a political standpoint the Democrats in those areas are interested in getting the kind of;, platform and , candidate most pirty." The idea even of a Southern falition was drawing little sup' iuthern governors at Point Clear, far as the West and. South are concerned, Stevenson was the 1952 nominee. But amidst what he called a wealth oi material in the Demo- acceptable to all elements of the cratic presidential field, he said * 'he would not discount the possibility that Sen. Lynddh B.-Johnson (D-Tex) might become a figure :,'however, at a conference of around whom Southern-and Western Democrats could rail/ 1 . Pattern Seen 'TALLAHASSEE; Fla.' W-The riorida Supreme - Court,' in ;a 5-2 decision, today delayed dcsegrega- ion'at the University of-Florida until it can be determined that the all-white schoolis.ready to accept \'egro students without harmful effects. The court in an opinion by Jus- .ice B. K. Roberts ordered a'court commissioner appointed to take eslimony to determine when it will be possible for Negroes to be admitted to. the university without creating "public mischief." The court's decision, although applying specifically only to a case, in which a Daytona Beach Negro, Virgil Hawkins, sought admission to the University of Florida law school, undoubtedly will lave the effect of delaying Integra- .ion of the races in any Florida public school for a period of from six months to a year or more. Justice Roberts held that the U.S. Supreme Court, in banning segregation in its May 1954 decision,-had instructed the states to iroceed with caution and common sense'in bringing about the end of separate facilities for the races. Faiire Mecls Cabinet PARIS—(INS)—French Premier Edgar Faure met his Cabinet to day ; to plan Algerian reform: which, won a grudging vole of con fidence last night in the National Assembly. b*tw*on CVMttftLANP and and iitterni*diatfj points Enjoy true relaxation in a soft redlining coacb-eaatandfct the BAO engineer do your driving. Hne food, courteous attention and on tine arrivals when you go the B&O way I Fast, convenient train service via B&O picturesque route. HERE'S HOW YOU SAVE ON TRAIN TRAVEL "wVT. 11 ' You U..*'...-e! SAVE (6.65 $3.31 S.3S 4.11 11.50 5.45 . , 12.60 5.75 6.75. 3.37 6.20 3.10 4.20 2.06 3.40 1.64 4.20 2.06 Cubirlgxl 0*4 WAIHMGTON . . BAITMO«JE ., . WKMMGTON . . PHILADELPHIA. . PITTSSUetCH . . . McKEtSPORT. . . CONNaiSVULE . MAKTeNSeeUIG . . HARPER'S FCMY - Correspondingly low fore* fa other Intermedia!! potnh. Return tickets good for 30 days, In addition to day of tal*. Children under S, FREE— under 12, HAtF-FAIE. Phone) PArkvicw 4-3OOO BALTIMORE & OHIO RAILROAD Plane Grash r F^ Officia First Ore . NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Was millionaire Joel W. Thqi . stunting;- or- was . he. desperately trying to fly out of trouble' just before hjs plane plunged into an apartment .building, costing his own arid three-other. 'lives?/ Aeronautics Administration Investigators probed deeper today for the answer. .. A baby whose family was celebrating her christening, .an 18- year-old bride and Thome perished in the fiery crash and explosion which devastated with • bomblike fury two apartments of a six-unit building Monday night.-, • The fourth victim, -a 6-year : old ioy, died of horrible .burns in-"a Hospital last night. He was. one of the christening party. • Frightened residents reported the single-engine plane buzzed the residential area two or three times at what seemed like rooftop height just before the crash.- Some thought .he plane..'was in- trouble as it roared back and forth in. or just under a 700-foot ceiling. -'-.'. '. ' The CAA investigators, .L'aurence Lightbody and' Bernard 'TV fraught, took cognizance '/of-, these' reports but hunted;for a more scientific answer in the shattered fragments of Thome's-plane. Pieces of the aircraft along the flight path indicate it disintegrated is in the air," Naught said: Disintegration could result from excessive speed or violent hahd r ling o! the plane, such as stunting IT) or Thorrie pulliip Civil Naught 18- T the terrific stress of a sudden at high speed, he said. "In my opinion, -it vVould! be inconceivable Thorno would be stunt- hgvin the prevailing weather, in drizzling, overcast • i conditions," said. ' '} ' - . . ' ?'. . Thorhc, .40, whose life was filled with speed and violent escapades, took off on ah instrument flight plan from nearby Lockheed: Air terminal at 10:08 p.m.' Monday, wund for Las Vegas, Nev., where 16 was. maintaining residence. .The crash occurred 12 minutes later: The other dead: . Sheryll Camille Preston, the 2- month old baby, : who '- had been christened only hours before at It. Charles Catholic Church. ' Mrs. Betty Wolf,' hewlywed violinist who was alone in her second :loor apartment while her husband, Martin, was at a naval reserve meeting. .':.,. John Morchica, 6, who died -last ' ' HeaaOfSRG The Manhattan Like 2 jackets for the price of 1 completely machine washable . . j:f McGregor's Famous': "Sea Go/7";; 1 . Reversible Jacket \Yhat a buy! . . . It's just. like 2 jackets for the price of 1 ... 100% warm-feeling duPonl nylon in rich shades of charcoal, dark green, brown and black . . . with reversible contrasting knit nylon fleece. Wind defying knit nylon collar, cuffs and waist. It's a wonderful jacket ... a wonderful buy! Sizes 36 to. 46. 1 e Baltimore Street at Liberty The Men's Corner Why pay more for less? Did you know that the new Blue Chip CMC — acknowledged leader in modern features —in smart styling— can now be bought for less than many competitive trucks—due to recent price increases in the industry? Take advantage of CMC's present prices today. You'll get Blue Chip CMC quality at the greatest bargain in history. "&» •*. /••. frr Tritlt CeWrfeW mrf tnchr COLLINS CMC TRUCK CO. Rout* 40 East Cumberland, Md. BALTIMORE. «l — .Roads ; Commission Chairman Russell H. McCain will testify 'tonight when -the Legislative Council Idoks into charges the commission gave preferential treatment regarding access 'roads to a State senator and real 'estate agent. The hearing was 'requested' by Sen. George Delia of Baltimore, named in the complaint by Mrs. Bertha Jewell, Annapolis gas etaion: owner. •'' . - ' '. ; The complaint filed at Annapolis charged the roads commission permitted construction of access roads from the Annapolis by-pass to prop : erty owned by. Delia and J. Donaldson Parr, an Anrie Arundel County real estate man, but refused 'similar privileges to. Mrs. Jewell. . Yugoslavia Sends Note Announcing Candidacy UNITED NATIONS. N. Y.:W Yugoslavia today sent a note to all members of the U. N. G'eneral Assembly formally announcing it >vas running as a "compromise" candidate against the Philippines for' a seat on the Security- Council. The note was the first active step the Yugoslav delegation had taken. lo'win the seat. • -• Wholesale Food. Prices Drop To Lowest Level NEW YORK'IB-Wholesale food costs as measured by Dun t Bradstreet fell this week to their -lowest level in more than five years, i At. $6.08, the Dim Jc.Bradstreet wholesale food price index was the lowest since'the $6.04 recorded'in Hie week of June 27, 1D50, at the start of the Korean" War: Truman Tells (Continued jroin Page 1) by President Roosevelt and.thought he could have a "completely free hand" as Secretary of State. He said Byrnes failed to keep him posted ' on developments at the Moscow conference and announced its results ^ without previously informing tne President. Byrnes, he added, asked the White House to arrange a broadcast so he could report to the country. When the State Department released its communique on the Moscow meeting the night of Dec. 27, 1945, Mr. Truman was in Missouri. . He said: "I did not like what 1 read. There was not a word about Iran or any other place where the Soviets were on the march. We had gained only an empty promise of further talks." Anslria Plans Protest VIENNA, Austria m — Austrian government sources said today the Foreign Ministry planned a formal protest to Hungary over the "invasion" of Austria by 18 armed Hungarian border police seeking a refugee. DETROIT lifl^-Tiie- staff director f -•':, the" Senate-House;' Economic Committee, said, today' reduction o he-federal debt'should precede any evv general, tax 'reductions) '•••'••..':•'•• MSrover.wy Ehsieyj the 'director, xpressed -thii . personal'view , ii: i • speech prepared 'for the 481! ihhual conference-of the National 'ax'Assri."- • -. ': ;• _• - ••-.'. • ' .Ensley. said, it appeared the im.e was rapidly approaching vhen federal revenues will jexceec pending. That is because,'he said, xperiditures including the all : im- drtant defense 1 outlays - are. being tabUized at current levels, 'while ax receipts continue to climb in doming economy.','. . '.. ..' But "the emergence of such a urplus in the coming year should ot lead necessarily to the conclu- ion that it.automatically justifies ax reductions," the .economist aid. "'• '• •'•] '. - '•'•'•' "A tax cut next January in.the ace of a booming economy^ would e inflationary.' 1 ' . : "Ensley emphasized he was ox iressing his. personal views, anc ot speaking for the committee oi Is members. (Many lawmakers lave come out for tax cuts rtexl ,'ear in advance of the presidential ampaign, and the-administration las held out the hope these may be orthcoming. He said "we should recognize fiat devoting a budget surplus to a'x reduction may further post- iohe federal expenditures designed 8 meet the needs of our rapidly growing population and 'our 'extending economy." He mentioned highways, schools, ospitals and similar public facil- .ies and .services as having, been eld up by. war.arfd .defense re- uirements while '"the",need for hem has grown'at a very rapid ate." •''•'•' . luiigariaii Soccer Player Joes AWOL Iii Vienna VIENNA, Austria IB—A Hungar- an soccer team left Vienna last night for • home short 'one of its eading players. Vienna police said that despite a earch, Hungarian soccer officials vere unable to find any trace of Gyula Csernai. a member of the /asasczepcl Club. WHEN SICKNESS STRIKES ,•'•••; S '.'• . Cumberland's'oldest pharmaceutical Institution will fill : ; ybur prescription carefully and deliver it to you promptly. 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