Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 9, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1927
Page 2
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J'HE WISHIXC ^^T^LL. r ;Tiic old oaks staud like Bentinels . Along Uie forest road Tof^warn you that wUhii* Hie wood . ^ A sly witch has. abode. ; • . " 1 • All day she sits beside her loom r Weaving a gossamer veil; ^iit whc^ the moon rides high, she flies i . To spread it on the trail. Enticing to the wishing well. - Where every wish comes true, inay snare young lovers .here Tb drink her. magic brew. Keniember when l.weni wiih yoijV I I I trembled lest perhaps- you knew. r-Selma Hall in the New 'York Times. k v , iarrent ErehK C'inh ^ Banqiietis Junior Club The i first large pre-CUrislmas party was that of las; night wh/r .thQ Current Events club was host to the Junior Current Events club at a banquet and program at the - Baptist temple. ' i , The' banfluet was Iield at 6:.'SO o'clock, in the dining room of the .temple. The table.s wtre dmirat- «d ,ln streamer!? of red uiid green, land the ijlacel cards were minia- tiire CbrUtmas trcew,. The tables we^^ Jlghtid with red iundi«H> placed /Along the r«iiter of the long latbies; The social roorii where the .' plogram was held also was d<'fo- TfttH In ClirlHttnuH cokirn. 1^ Miaa Nelllo Wultei's was In : "<luirgoof the program. .Mr*. I>. iJ. Mineslngcr, proHident. weleoniiMl the (uesU. Miss ilarbel rurvcll, of (hie junior club wh<P IK :I Utlented . teader. gave the roadlng.s. •'The Hlvcr of Stars" by XoyL-s and "Nothing to I..aiiKh At" b.v (iiu-st. "^Stories of the Early Ua.vs or loia.' •which was along tlie Iliicn of the tlub study this year, was told in JEin Interesting way by .Mrs. .!.,(;. Trombold. 3Jrs. J. AV. ^Hudson cn- iertained with the musical reading, "The Spirits of tlie Deserted .Home" by Mary Boynton. the ac- cpmpanimeiit being played by Airs. Al Schell. The remainder of the evening was spent informally play{. |ing Christmas gain?s. "• The. guests were: Tlie blisses ' Beatrice McMurray/ Lepna ' Gray, 3n^ I,eavell, Ruth Kuiur. Lucille <Jard, Catherine Gannon. Catlierine Card. Heletf Kohler. Clara Brown, ycarl McKarnin, Dorothy Gibson. , Rachel. Purcell. Etheljii Leayitt. Irene Dority. MarvelleCWrk. Gar- aiet Case. Lavon Fisher. Dorothy ' C|immlngs. Hazel Siiffron. Evalyn Sreckenridge, MiUicent A'oorhees, ^Margaret Roberts. Darlpno iCanst- sey, Mrs: Robert Troaiboldt ia^ afa-s. Clifford Punsion; and tJie Jtf sscs Jessi*^ Hackett, Julia Irwin, D »pa Langford, Virginia Smith. Vrtto Riggs and Mrs. Berniiip. Battels Trebell, guests of the junior club. The hostesses 'included: ^ Mes. dames I J. B. Powell. H.. G. Ridge!: .•way, Aj A. Schell. A. G. Speegie, H. H. Sherman, R. B. Steven^n.- J. G. 'rrrombold,. Logan Hunsaker, George "K'osse.. J. p. .Major. W. Z. Bartels, lUpfaard Ewing, C. H. Olson, S. M. fiifers. W. E. Starks, C. A. Sw.ig- ijett, S.,A. jEllis, Bert Fryer, ?t. C. •Mclntyre. )E. W. Myler. W. b. fienhart, Joe McKinlcv. J. W. Hudson. W. H. King, P. S. Ray. D. 6, iviinesinger. J. E. Cornish. Ralph itetovier; G. M. Grover and Miss Xel- ^ie Walters. yirsi Division Meets •'The First Division of the Gener- k\ Working, society of the First - t»resbyt^rlan church met In the boine of Mrs. G. C. Dalgarno, 202 ^'ortb Elm street; yesterday after- 'ioon. ilrs. Harlan Dille was the jassisting' hostess. Sixteen members •and one] guest attended the meet- 'Ing.' Mts. C. C. Bostwick led the <d6votionals and Mr.«. .1. A. Alllham. cbairmah, pnsiTiod oicr the busi- Bess meeting." I'ii.«t ?ioble Grand Ladles Enfertoin Ifasbands .The lidies of the Past Noble Grand clfib of the Dorothy Rebekah lodge w^re hostesses at a party last night in the 1. O. O. F. hall. The entertainment 'was in the form of a track meet with several prominent. Kansas colleg^es competing, it was. carried oti in true college style, iach , grou|i having its individual banners and yells, the competition being so keen that it was difficult .for the judges to award the silver loviig cup. A wifercalllng contest determinedUhe iunciieon partners. The tables were decorated in the club colors of lavender and white and'the place cards revealed the presence of , several ' nationally known characler.«. .Mrs. J. B. Kemp jiroved an able toastmistress and vach lady gave a toast "To Our Ilusbaiids." Mrs. ii ft'^Kinser. jiresideut of the club, gave a brief toast of welcome; |; Those attending the party, were: .Miss Jblia Williamson and fatbUr, Mr. .1. H. Willlijnison: .Messrs. aiid I .Mesdames Roscde Hess. Lyie War- I nor, J. .M. Mf.Miirray. J. B. Kemp. H. P. Ilflgele. Bruce Arniacost. .1. "M. I Kctterman, J. If.. Kinse'r, Fred .Menzie. C. E. .Slorrell. Tom Goes. I \V. v.. Swinfofd. JaiuVs McKarnln.' George Kerr and Dr. 4ind Mrs. C.^Z. .Montgomery. ! • •fr J --Episcopal Bazaar ' and Food pale iit K. C. Electric and Plumbing Co.. \\)% v.. Madison avenue. Saturday,: I7ecrinber' 10. all 4ay. I .MrlhiidM .Sondii) .Srhoi^ Orrbr>lru I 'IcnIr Moppfr The members of the .Methodist KplMi 'opal Sunday school orchestra and llieir director. Mrs. Dene Bill- IH'. nu'i night In the home Of Mr. and .Mr.s. 0. B. McCarty.. 420 I .Sonlli .Ic'ffcr.-.on avenue, for a pk- j MIC supper and rehearsal, after which tliere was a social hour and muslc^il selections. Mrs. AlcCarty : was assislefl; by -Mr.s. C. A. Reld in .serving refreihrntnts. Adelaine j Reid and Pauline -Blllbe were i gue.>^t.>--. ; The or(he..<tra members present i were: Dorothy Knoles. Ix)uise Le- J Chien. Thelnia Coblentz. Grace Esther Stratton, Lucille Stratt.on, Lucille Canatse.v, Ira JleCarty. James Reid. Elmer .McCarty. Vernon j Handley, Judson Rumsey.; Virgil I Wilson. Howard Bowen and Mrs. ! Dene Biilbe director. 1 . i --.S |>*i'l{il .Sunday dinner, noon land evenlna. .->««•. <.Ve. Kelley Hotel. ., " •> WoiMl-.tloore Class .Ueetlug The meiiibers of the Wood- Moore class of the First Methodist Episcopal cbiirih met . Thursday afternoon in the honii of Mrs.' D. B. McCarty, 420 Soutli Jefferson avenue. .' , The hymn. "Silent Night." sung by. all present, opened ' the program. Mrs. .N'. O. Dodge i gave a Christmas talk for the devotional lesson. Miss Lyndlth Geery play- ^^^^^ lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVgNINiS. DECta ed the. piano numl^ra "Hark! Hark! the &rk!" by. Schftbeift- Llpzt and "Majlq Fire." A reading, "The Perfect Gift," was glv^n by Mrs. p. U.,Burtnett. Ifa "McCarty played two flute selections wltb Miss Lucille CanaUcy; acicom- paoying. There was an excltange df iChrlstmas gifts. Refreshjuenta were-served byvthe following; a^- alsting host^es: MesdameK'J'. L. Smith, M. C. Lacey. Bessie-Farting, Mrs. Susie M. Stratton ' and Miss , Mable Xaylor. i The members present were: Mrs. D. U. Burtnejt. Mrs, E. A. Moore. Mrs. Clint Ball and daughter!, Acta Pauline: Mrs. Bart Thayer, Mrs: G.;E. Pees and daughter, Catherine; Mrs. C. B. Tipple. Mrs. M. M.; Close, Mrs. E. L. UeChien, Mrs.- John Brazee. Mrs. G. W. Pennl- mbre. Mrs. C. E. Newman, Mrs., K. O. Dodge. Mrs! ,M. R Harcierode. Mrs. Walter Lytle. Mrs. Robert Warner. Mrs. Omar ^Caldwell, Miw, C. I. Coldsmitb. Mrs.? Emery Woodard. Mrs. Ralph Stephenson, Mrs. H. W. Corr. Mrs. Otho Alexander; Mrs. [John Henry and little Jerry Smith, son of Mrs. il. L. Smith; hostess.! . - j * Third UMKIOD iMeetlagr A meeting of the I member^ of the Third Division of the Preiby- ternn Working Society was held .vesterday afternoon In the h^me of .Mrs. C. A. Swiggett in Wheeler Heights for the purpose of making stockiiigs for th|^ ' chiirch Christmas jtree. Mr.s. Richard Ewing. chairman, presided over, a i<hort busiiiess meeting, and Mrs. H.. (i. Mathis conducted the devotional peribd. Mrs. W. E. Ral^tou was the ahsistlng hostess. Eigh- teeii Imembers were present. • *. • Stuudard Kearem Meet The Standard Bearers, a divislofi of tbe Woman's Foreign Mii^slon- ary society of the First Methodist Kpiscopal church, met last night with Kiithryn Cox. i.lU.South Wainh- Ington uvenup. .Mrs. If. W.j Corr. sponsor, aiwlst- ed liy Elizabeth Huiison and Katb- lene Carter.- conducted the devotional lesson, .Marvel Bowlus and Helen Cortn^r were guests. Tho members present were: Ruth ilitchcoik. Esther Hitchcock. Inez tioddard. Evelyn Goddard. Cleon Reodc. Alice Smith, li^elyn Wayman. Sylvia Duggan. Margaret Jones. -.Audrey Baker. Anna Riun- sey. .Margaret Tediock. Elizabeth Hanson. K^th'elene Carter and Kathryu Cox. -;• • • .Make: Chrlslnias Stockings .Making Christmas stockings for the Presbyterian, cbiirch was the principal work of the members of the: Second. Division of the General Woi-king society at a meeting Thursday afternoon in the home of Mrs. S. I. Sifers. 419 South Washington avenue. Mrs. Chris Trout- wino was the devotional leader and .Mrs. J. E. Cornish was assisting hostess. use CHRISTMAS SEALS TKe Jtood they do depends on you. ynroeb,aa«riidaya^taa<^.< lt»tM^«»H tfaM-sa duren«£ r matter. BTCB the yoanfeat can wear . .thiHa abd be la aoytUng ezcept'.a IWttWBtfal moofl. Bacb o(,the jlttlc : fradtB pom here, and many other CM.ibe made.oot of ^onUnazy flonr bagi to be OMght for I* rery few centa Apiece from ainoat ^'IHT^ baker,. ' ~:p .2'.. :„Tbe doth 1« abootl 36x40 Inches, : IDfft. ;Cloaely woren' and creamy In it with lard or M^oaen^ iWer: and then waAtnc the hag in \ Mkcwarm water. It will waab and i 4 MNI pMteetly ^ad ntaad any munber ' ^ baad •tt^Wwiii- One or two ba«i ; rare Mded ior en^ frock <^ play>nit fiaMainf ttw idae of tbe ^cMH :iBM ivkettMTfor noCyoii -waat In one liMtance, a qfOalnt, OA- neae-y effect la had.bymakinc the fr^ck eoUarleaa and Undii« the klieea and amtholea with a rad binding. Chinase symbaiii. C;B»- brbldered in red'make an aviwopcl- ate decoration. Other pofldUlttieB la^ode cocabtn- Inpr the cIoU with cbedc^ (Ini ^aBi or Plain chambtay fo^ hem. y^in «n|d sleeve baaida, or nmac white ^ier Pkn collars and coffii, bnttoohehid U red. green or/blae. A larfe two- way i>ocket In tida little b^a piajr- mlt haa an aggrwslve gooae kaqilB( gnard over the treaaore inride. Pieee* left ofac: froaoi «nttiair the Uttia dreaaea nee^ not ba waatad. Ttey- can ba ntUsed in Biakiac,jpat elatha.bean baca. naall ahtaaal eoah- tona for: the ve^ yodi ^Bat. kat adMxri book coveta wbkh MONTEVALE (Norma Isaac) Dec. .5.—Aliss Bessie Rodgcrs visited with Tier sister, Mrs. Elbert Templcmau of near Moran the first of tbe week. . , -- In spite of delays the work on the slab is progressing well. We are experiencing - our first rleal winter weather. Tlilswill make it 1 )ad for those who have kafir to ^heail and corn to pick. J^e Young of Kansas City visit' etf his folks over the week-end. I Now that the new Ford is otit it forms the most important topic of tonver.sation. , Russell , Stinnett visited witn Cyril Hill Sunday afternoon! ' .Mr. and Airs. Clifford Isaac were Sunday visitors at the Charley Isaac home. |r Chas. Isaac'belpcd Clarence Isaac I thresh flNiesday while the women folks \^Isited. S'inday night .vas regular pro- Kiam night at the church. AV'alter Young is^ convalescing from an operation aud is progressing nicely. Several from this neighborhood attended AVoodman lodge at Bayard last Saturday night. j , Harold Dozler is sporting his class ring. A'e correspondent thinks they are the "nicest she'has seen- It is time to begin planning for the Christmas program. The snow storm the other day made lis th|nk it was nearly time for old iSanta. to visit \is. ! .Miss Norma Isaac was iu Fort Scott Saturday. Joe and Bud Young visited tlie C. L. Isaac home Sunday. Several from this neighborhood attended the senior play at Mildred. It was very well presented. The day before Thanksgiving the pupils of Montevale very pleasantly stirptised their teacher.. Miss Irene] Melton', with a dinner and short program. ; Aliss Norma Isaac is in Kansas City visiting her sister. Mrs. Joe Young. Harold Dozier made a very good "dude".in the! play at Alildred last \^dnesday night. li! lilrs^ C. h. Isaac and daughter. Norma. |and Carlcton Stickney visited waiter Young Sunday afternoon, i The revival Is progrwising very niccl.v. The ReV» C. B. .Vrcher. dlsJrict elder and is with us'dping excellent preaching. Come and hear hiii; for yourself; jyhere- will be an illustrated talk for the children before preaching Sunday ifibrning. Subject Sunday nioruing: "Holiness as Taug'.it by John Wesley." Sunday evening: "The Judgment Scene." Services every evening next week at 7:30. REV. B. KIER. Pastor. SUj Timothy's Ihurch Sunday. December II. will be the third Simday in Advent. In St. Tlniothy'» church there will be Church school at 10 a. ni.. and evensong with sermon at 7:15 p. in. The Woman's Auxiliary will hold its annual sale on Saturday of this week. December 10. The. canvaa for funds to run the churcli^for the next year has not proven very satisfactory thus -far. Let those who have not yet made their returns do so immediately. Every one should have a share in this part of the church's woi'k. First .Melhodist (hurcli. ..'The communion service is one of the most blessed services of the church; It will bo the privilege of the church to participate in this service next Sunday morning, l^t. ns approach this service with" the spirit of real devotion and fellowship. At the evening servlee the pastor will speak on the subject. "The First Cliristian -Martyr." Special music will characterize all the services of the church. Sunday School !t:4.">. intermediate League a I .''i p. m. Junior lipworth League 5 p. m. Senior Epwoith League G;.'50. • The. community is cordially> invited to all the services of the <-hurch. {'. I. COLOSMITII. Pa.>;tor. . First Christian ( bunli. Uilile sejiool wiH bi? in charge of Dr. ilarold Uivctt at i>:ih u. in. with suitable classes for ail. .Morniui; and evpuiUK services ; will be conducted liy the new pas- !tor. the Rev, J. Lip,- Releford. I Christian Endeavor societies con- jsecration service. fi:;!0 p. ni. j The executive committee of ih'? j^Womau's .Missionary society will meet .Monday afternoon with .Mrs. Harlan Taylor. 220 .N'orth Cottonwood street. The Woman's .Mis .sionary s <ieiety \ Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. J. A. Fryvv. l.•^".^ .Nortli Jeffersou avenue. Prayer meeting Wednesday. 7::J0 p. lu.. with-J. A. Flyer, leader. FIrsI ,(hBr| Sunday; Subject: Man." \Vednesdu^ S o'clock. Services edifice, corner East streets over Ramsify 10011/2 East each week The public attend the and to visit HI of (hrlst ScIentNU sqhool at !i:45 a. m. God. the Preserver evening meetings at Pythian ' ' ington .and Presbyterian Church 1 The lieart of a man becomes soiled through contact with - the sordid things of life and needs the cleansing influence found only in the worship of God. A man who never cleanses his soul by worship is like a man who n^ver takes a bath. Aiany people find tbe most helpful way to worship God is in the. church service. Come to church and sing the old Christmas hymns during the month of December. It will help you have the true spirit of Christmas. Alorning worship 11 a. m . Evening worship 7:30. A special service for young people. Sabbath school 10 a. ni. Y. P. S; C E. 6:30 p. ni. H..G. MATHIS. Pastor. ill be held at church of Sycamore and The reading: room 's Dry Goods store, Aladison avenue, open |day from 2 to 5 p. ni. is cordially invited to iervices of the church the reading room. Associate «|Me Stndents. 'empi'e, corner Wash- AVest Sts. 19 a. m.. Scripture .s6idy "for adult and junior Bible students company. Adiilt Law of the New-Craar 2:5. Junior topic, the Empire." laa. 45: topic. ".The tion." Rom "Preparing 12E18. '11 a. in.. 91:0-10. :30 p f'Why in Security.", Ps. ni Wedncsdajy. 42S Ea; at 7:30 p. testimony icrvice. "The Lord ivill perfe concerneth me." Ps. E. V t iMonroe St.. |m.. prayeK .praise and Trinity All serv usual hou Is extended! tend Sundi^ elsewhere Sunday Alorning Epworth vice at 6:3 Evening Inner nesday A Christ otic ounce ries a ton Deiivclrance." Bible text-: bt that which 138*8 BOTLEMAN. Secy. |3reth«dlst E|)Isco|>iU Church i^cs at Trinity at the A. cordial invitation to all who do not at- school and church attend our services. sLhool begins 9:'45 a. m. |w -orship 11 a. m. League devotional ser- p. m. Services at 7 p. m. of prayer on Wcd- at 7:.30. J. C. AVILSON. Pastor. i. to cii cle eve ling CHABLE8 EDWARD MAR8M. Charles ^Edward MarBh> son of iMr. and Mra. James A. Marsh, was bom in lola, Kansas. June-2. 1882. bled at his home 304 AVest street. December 6.: 1927. age 45 years. 6 months and 4 /days. 1 Mr. Marsh had his schooling in Idla: but 'because of tbe death of bis lather began work at an early age I' He was united in marriage ^- Mlai Katherlne Van Nordstrahd of -tola, February 26, 1916. Mr. ^ndj. j-Hrs. Marsh began housekeeping in hla bid home 304 West street, and have lived there until tbe time of his death. From Jboyhood days .Charley Marsh; worked;-as. a grocery clerk in !ola. Because'. of- his' industry and in^grity belsteadily prospered iintil he was able to own his own business, being one of the success- fal and <trusted merchants on'the Square for many years. •'- He was a.miember of the Odd Fellowa. the Masonic Orders, and of the Elka. When a lad be was a regular attendant upon the Sun­ day'School in the Presbyterian chnrch. During a loiig illness he tribute of Indlyldual friends an,d of the organizations to vyhich. the deceased had belonged. Following the reading of the Scripture and of the foregoing biographical, sketch Dn Mdtbls preached upon' the proofs of; immortality, a well-reasphcd arid comforting serm iii which was fol' lowed with closest attentidn. ' At the close'of Dr. Atatbis'.) dls- conrse the Elks Ixidge of which; Air. Alarsh had been a member and. which attended the bbscquie:^;- in body, rendered the burial of the oirder under the leadership ol. Air. Frank AlcCarthy. the present presiding officer of th'.- lodge; Appropriate musical) seleciiont were beautifully rendered iby.a quartette frdra the ProsbyUri-ir choir, oriq of the selections being a duett by Airs. Ray Enfield aiid'-MLss Viola Dalgarno. At the conclusion oC iho Elks ritual interment took -place in lola cemetery,' has been a patient sufferer. He waijted to live and carry forward hla/work, but in his last days he prayed for God's blessing and in true aubmisslon told the • Lord whichever way it went It was all tlKht, lu his last moments be bade his wife and sister a fond goodbye as he said, "1 am going over there, over tliere." \ie leaves to mourn his departure, Uiti wife, .Mrs. Katherlne Marsh, his two sisters, ..Irs. Ira O'Brleii of Independence, Kansas and Mrs. Charles Inssler, of Lake Worth, Fla.. a brother. Duiit^lass A. .Marsh, bfj Los Angeles. Calif., two aunts, Mrs. A|nna Csnley, of Alc- < CongratDlatlons. Eureka Messenger: The ' lola Daily Register c>Iebrated its; il>ir- tieth anniver-siiry a.i .i ilaiiy ^>:!;)er last Satn:-di!y and held ••uiu Uoiise all day and in the evening, inviting the public to call and inspect the plant ai^d^qn.ipment. also their new. buildiniti, which was pl^nnied and built under tbe supervision of the editor. Mr. Chas.-F. Scott- It is needless to say that lis arr'ange-- raent for speedy and successful operation is of the very best and the latest conveniences in buildinf^ construction were Installed ais tbn huilding being erected. ;: Thej Register is not only equipped for issuing an up-tp-the-minute ;dailyi .but has a big job printing depart-! jgnent as well as a bindery in;Con4 nection. The Register ha'^ r<«ndpr- ed; servfce to lola. {Mien t'ounty and .southeastern :<nd the; people have recoRniz.>d'.thi» scr- v!ci- and shown their appreciation; ._u», <iuui> >-wiiic;, ui .>n- 1,..: iiip Runuorl ihev have civen the Clelland. lowol.and Mrs J. O. Ross ,j .'^ Sg a ' '^'h''*'' y^ars.-Pre- of lola, an uncIe.vMr. James Over- J establishment dl the meyer of this cityl .ind other rela- Register it wjus issued as a tivea and a host of friends. l"^,v f„r ifteen^ years. W..con- Charley Marsh was one of the , ^ Scott on his ,plen- best known and mp.<!t likeable mer-1*'' chants on the Square. He lived a clean life morally }and was hbn-/ orable and affable in his business dealings. He will be greatly missed from the business circles of our city.: His last days were days of intciise suffering. AVe commit bis spirit to a loving, wise ' and just God and find comfort in the 'thought that his weary bddy is free from its suffering and at peace. 1: The f o r e go I n g biographical sketch was read by Rev. H. G Mathis, D. D., in opening the funeral services, whlch^were Iheld • at three o'clock;, yesterday afternoon in the Presbyterian church Jn the presence of a congregation which completely filled the main body of the churcb, and occupied part of the Sunday school room. The casket and the pulpit platform were massed with beautiful flowers. th< inas Seal will not carry of a letter, but it ca-r- of good wishes. Pure Pork SAUSAGE It's, flavor and aroma In Uie frying pan tell you that it contains no cre- cal—nothing- but i)urc meat. 2 pounds 33c M.&M. MARKET Meat That You Can Eat did achievement, and the peojsle of lola and Alien cottnty who are fortunate in having in their'midst an institution that is always looking to their advancement and the betterment of the co^mmiinity.'; Headquarters .We invite you to See the large line of HoUday Goods which ^ W^. h^vc on display Consiisting of : ,Toilet Articles . Cigars and Tobaccos- Pipes Toilet Sets Christmas Cards Candies ,^ Novclly Gifts Leather Goods Perfumes Toilet Waters Compacts Powders Kodaks Albums All of our merchandise i.s rea.sonably priced and entirely NEW .stock. Scarborough Broij; Drug Store Phone 181 We DeUver A corn busking machine will probably, pay in tlie corn growing sections of The Four Counties with a sufficiently large acreage. Allen and !$cott Honored. Univeralty Kansan: Henry J. Allen, editor of the WIchiU Beacon, and Charles F. Scott, editor of the lola Register, were ejected honorary; members of the Kans^ chapter of Sigma Delta Chi. national professional journalism fra- farhlty."which met last night at the Phi Gamma Delta house. Mr. Allen isa former, governor of Kansas and was-, oner" of tbe speakers on the prograiin of the national convention of th.e fraternity here last month. Hi^ haa been owner and editor of thfe Wichita Beacon for many years, i Mr. Scott bi an alumnus of the University and has been a membei^ Of the board of regents as welt ad president of the Alumni assocjatlon. He also took an active part In the convention program. ], "In the management of; their papers, both Mr.' Allen and jMr. Scott have given proof of their adherence to the ideals of Sigma Delta Ctil." said Clelland Cole. M president of the local chapter thianornlng. YOUR OWN GIFT Your friends could probably ' . buy anything else you could f/ive them but your own plwto- yraph. jbccide. this year to yive this appreciated gift— J that cannot be duplicated. GIBSON'S PHOTOGRAPHS LIVE FOREVER Strictly Electric is the style 160 RADIO RECEIVING SET Nothini^ like it ever heard. This Freed-Eisemann' Radio is a real musical jnstmmeht, prdclairhed Hy real musicians. Justj the thing musicians have been craving for. No continual swish^ ing noises to mar a beautiful voicie, or ja^ .violin. Just a pure; eliear tone coming out of the heavens, th^ ribhest ever heard., HEAR THIS WONDERFUL RADIO J MUSIC COMPANY

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