Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on August 3, 1933 · Page 8
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 8

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1933
Page 8
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'BUY BETT11 DC AMB1 DAILY TRIBUKE-TIIiEg. AMIS, IOWA, THURSDAY, AUGUST 3, 1033. PAGE SPECIAL NOTICE Orders for reflnlshinj, repairing and upholstering ot furniture lo be flniibtd before School commence* muiit be ttiracd In ft once to insure prompt delivery. Littl? Furniture Shop H Main I—A*t»«o£tlc«. Tnicka for Chevrolt Coach —Work Wanted, Female MEN AND WOMEN WHO HAVE b«en discharged fror fcositJons in two weeks previous to August 1-- Wrlt« to Tribune Box 2653. Important. WANTED: GENERAL HOUSE work of all kinds. Good, clean work guaranteed. Both uptown and fourth ward, 2£c per hour. Call 2034. WANTED: HOUSEWORK, PHONE 271-J. « FKEUCLES AND HIS FRIENDS Still Guessing! By Blosser 7—Mi*celiaa«oM for Sale 19?1 Ford FOR SALE: WHITNEY AND 39|9 FoM Coach Duchess -i/ples, 75c per bushel. 1983 Olds , ; ,__ CoUpe ! 5 mj tes south, *4 east of Ames. 1928 Olds —.- ~.~ Coupe Andr e w Tesdall, Huxley phone 1927 Olds _ T Coach I mi 1928 Whippet _ __ Sedan I „. • 1928 .Chevrolet ., "~ Coach I C V, CUMBERS . A ^L SIZES PICK- 1925 Maxwell _7_ Coach 1 1 ing on! ° ns ' d111 ' tom atoes, pota- OPEN EVENINOR K OCSt a PP les - cabbage, carrots, UJ>BN EVENINGS \bettB, spinach, corn, peppers. Jen- {sen's Gardens Phone 1770. FOR SALE:GOOSE FEATHER pillows. W. H. Nutty Garage Plymouth—Dodge—Ofdtmobile Phone 95—Am*« 414 Main St 1926 Chrysler Coach $50 1930 Chevrolet Sedan with trunk. 1929 Chevrolet Coacb 1929 Hudson Sedan 1930 Poritiac Cofupe 4—1925 Chevrolet _— Sedani 1981 international Truck Allen Motor Co. Chevrolet Dealers I'hone 395 5th & Douglas Phone 1047-W fl—Garde* Produce QUALITY. FARM RAISED, FRESH picked cucumbers, sweet corn tomatoes. Family baskets delivered! H. T. Farrar. Phone 24F5. FOR SALE: CUCUMBERS, sizes. Phone 23F2. LINCOLN SfcbAN Very good, cheap 31 Buick coupe, like nev. 2t> Durant 75 sedan, reasonable. international pickup truck, new. big discount. MA& DUITCH AUTO EXCH. ?hon« 10QO 323 6th 193$ Ford V-S De Luxe Coupe Complete with Radio. Regular price $723.00. Only 6000 miles. Special this week $525.00 23 29 Mathison Motor Co. r _ j _ _^_ SEE THE NEW PLYMOUTH AT Cliff Roberson Garage Phon* 34 FOR SALE: CIDER VINEGAR. Call 821. fiS—Fruit SPRAYED, HAND PICKED DUCH- ess apples, |i.25 basket. %, mile south Ontario 63F3. 64—Household Goods TMEBli 1 6CT THAT'S PAT/6Ht'6 A OfJUl! VEP TM ATHWOKIM' WW l£> 6OH4& TO TAKE TO VOO YOUM6 SWaOUTS.. WELL. HERE WE WELL, I WOtfTKEEP VOO AMY LON6tft....PtLE OUT AND I'LL SEE IF SHgSJ 1M THE HOUSED WAMT TO WATCH YOUR FACES . WHEN YOU StE, I PWTf I DIDN'T MEAN THAT 000, FRECKLES YEAH....A DO6. r BOT PXT "A DEAR'f Miss Gowdy Pulls a Sneak! LOOK'. SHE'S FALLEN PIGHT INTO CHICK'S LAP 1 .'. TWO TUCKED MY CHAVP MUST HAVE SLIPPED WHEN I SEACHEt) TOO THE POLLS. I THINK I'LL BUN ALONG, IF VOU DONT MIN THAT'S TOO BAD 1 . I HOPE. IT DOESN'T ANK CALLED CHfck ALONE WTTH M1S5 GOWDY HANK'$ ACQUAINTANCE- TVJO SEE HW LUHCHIVlCr WITH A. «TWKNOC MS.TYTE.TWO T.AVCE IN DOES A UtTLC 85—Apartment*, Flat* APARTMENT, - Phone 1308. PRIVATE BATH. APARTMENT: Phone 953-J. FOR RENT: Fifth. APARTMENT. 716 84—House* for B«nt ALL FOR SALE: DOL'BLh: BED, VER- XIS Martin finish, complete wit.j springs and mattress, all In good condition, flO—530 Welch Ave., Ames. 76—For Sale, MJscellaneoas 7—Auto Repair* Ml! They Can't Bft Fixed Morrison's Garage {125 Burroughs ADDING MACHINE Special $35 Smith Piemier typewriter $5,75 White electric sewing machine, guaranteed $24.50 Walah Furn. & Howe. Phon* 88S FOR SALE: RETURN RAILROAD ticket 'rom Ames to Denver Cheap.'1173-W. FOR RENT: RESIDENCE, 50: Stanton ave. Seven rooms anc sunporch, breakfast room, sewiuj room. Downstairs bedroom anc lavatory. Electric range. Dutch Colonial. Like new. Millard Peck 220 Melrose Court, Iowa City, Iowa 7.08 NORTHWESTERN FIVE room modern home, newly dec orated. Phone 719 W. FOR RENT: MODERN 5 ROOM bungalow. Heated garage. Near college. Phone 153B : J. FOR KENT: FIVE ROOM DU- plex; newly decorated. 621 Fifth street. FOR RENT: HOUSE, FURNISH ed or unfurnished. Call 486-J. WHITE GRANITE Phone 1413-J. GAS RANGE. MODERN SIX ROOM HOUSE. 627 Eighth street Phone 610-W. 9S— Wanted to Bent, House 1(P*- Wanted, 123 Ljnpc in*«y Phon* 510 Bervice UNCfLBT CRbyUiGNOLE PER mfcnents 2.50. Allene's Beauty 3hoj>pe. 822^Main Phcne 427. IS—fiMlneM 8errtce Offered Furnaces Cleaned! ^et iii clean youi furnace now vith our new Super Suction Sys .em. Guaranteed sausfactioo at i low cdst Phone 662 A. G. Speers furnace and Tin Shop 119 E- Seventh Have Your Furnace Cleaned Now! luarinteed. work with our Super service Vacuum Cleaner. Call 1091 or prices. Palmer Plumbing Co. 1091 VvE NEED SOME more goods for auction Saturday. What have .,ou that you want to turn into cash? Call 2338. Snyder & Allen, auctioneers. WANTED TO BUY OR TRADE for old buildings to wreck. Write 2652 Tribune. WANTED TO RENT: MODERN bungalo v. Phone 2375-W. RELIABLE COUPLF WANTS TO rent small house. Phone 1376-J. 08—Farms & Lands for Sale T»—Poultry for Sale POULTkV-UKESSEi, CHICKENS White Rock fries..20c per Ib. Young fat hens .. .14c " " Our poultry is uilk fed, dressed and drawn in a sanitary manner. Woodland farms. PLone 435. WHITE ROCK 2>£ to 4 pouflds. iirp£.«=ipe qn MILK FED No charge for Phone 3TI-J 82—-K<*mi and. Board HLEEPING .ROOM. Board if desired. Phone 920. 88 —Rooms Without Board F0±t SALE . OR TRADE: TEN acre fruit and truck land located in Maricn coanty. Fla., close to good town. Will sell reasonable or will consider trade.—Oliver F. Kellogg, 913 Duff Ave.. Ames. Stock Exchange Adopts a Drastic Rule on Margin CHICAGO ttIR)—Livestock: HOGS: 20,000, 'including 5,000 directs. Slow steady to 10 cents lower, 200 to 290 Ibs., $4.55@|4.65. Top $4.70. Heavier weight $4.55 downward. 140 tc 190 Ibs., ?3.75 @?4.65. Pigs ?3.50 downward. Packing sows |3.50@?4.00. Light light, 140 to 160 Ibb., good and choice, $3.75@$4.50; light weight, 160 to 200 Ibs., good and choice, $4.25(§$4.65; medium weight, 200 to ,250 Ibs., good and choice, $4.55 @$4.70; heavy weight, 250 to-350 Ibs., good and choice, ?4.25@$4.65; packing sows, 275 to 550 Ibs., medium and good $3.65@$4.00; slaughter pigs, 100 to 130 Ibs., good and choice, $3.00®$3.75. CATTLE: 5,000, calves 1,500 Very little done in steers under tone narrow for strictly good and choice offerings. Most steers at value to sell at ?5.50@$6.25. Other tilling classes mostly steady, year- ing heifers selling up to $"6.00. Vealers active at £5 cents higher at $6.00<§>$7.00. Slaughter cattle and vealers: Steers, 550 to 900 Ibs., good and choice, $5.50@$7.25; 900 to 1100 Ibs., good and choice, $5.50 CHICAGO tp>—Grain Range: Open High Low Close WHEAT: May 106% Sept. 98% Dec. 102% CORN: May 64% Sept. 54% Dec. 59% OATS: May 4S5/4. 109% 101% 10514 66% 56% Sept. 41 44% Plumbing — Heating and Well Work PHONE 226 E. A. Foy 85—Apartments, Flat* NEW FURNACES »en. furnace repair wofk. Furnaces •acutim cleaned. Eve trough work F. A. Gould >hon« 527-J 3 12 Main St. C.E.SUCHE& Paints and Papers Contracting >hon» 1482-J 7? 6 Carroll fOUR CAR tVASHEl AND DtiCO polished, $l.uo. Washed, polished ften sinfonized, $3 00. Call 1617 w' LMES GARBAGE CO. LEW Phon* 20(51, CALL 486-J Apartments and houses, close lo college, clean, neat, convenient, priced right. Chas. Miller, 132 Haywood Ave. FURNISHED 3-RO01V1 APT., PRI- vatc bath. Sleeping rooms with board. 601 Sixth St. Phone 955. NEW YORK CUE) tic regulations ag&inst speculation in the. history of. the New; stock exchange were in effect Thursday. They fixed a minimum for margin accounts at 50 per cent for small traders and 30 per cent for accounts above fojOOO. Complete information must „_. ___________________ furnished weekly^ on*pools, syndi- FURNISHED ROOM, 1st FLOOR. Sf, tes ', jol , nt accounts, and. options. * T^ho CTrtoL- itvnl^nH MM, J*.«,.^ *t.* —i^U* 309 Sevfnth. Phom 1239. The stock exchange, $ia$.;4h.e: right to disapprove .-the ^ any member . this 1 kind if they ly to create unsound'jprices. The ruling on margin-'"accounts : announced by the exchange's committee on business conduct, was the first ever made by the exchange that fixed a--specific minimum. Heretofore the only requirement was that the margin he "adequate." In many cases brokers handled, accounts where the customer posted only 25 per cent in cash-of .the total amount of the transaction. The new minimum applies immediately to new accounts, altho old accounts will'not be affected until Sept. 15 Additional features of the margin ruling provided that no margin shall be granted on stocks selling below $5 a share, or bonds selling at less than 10 per cent of their par value. The minimum margin on short commitments is 10 -points. T-he most drag and lambs: b ANiJ bungalow foi rtnu Little Broib ers. 322 .l<..ii. Phone 196. DESIRABLE FURNISHED TWO room apt. Private entrance. Also four room apt. Sll Clark. ATTRACTIVE TWO R^OOM APT. Reasonable. Phone 733-W. FOUR ROOM APARTMENT. PR1- vate bath. Plione 662. ONE ROOM APARTMENTS. CALL 1929. elp Wanted, Male TOR A HOSTLER WHO KNOWS livestock and h willing to work iplendid opportunity. p a y weekly;' ionic every night; need atitomo'- >ile. Write 2654, Ames Tribune- rimes. MAHKIED MAN FOR houso house canvassing. Small alary. Singer Co. WAiSTTAPS TWO APARTMENTS, FURNISH ed and unfurnished, freshly decorated, private entrance. Ideal for adults. Phone 2403-J. @$7.50; 1100 to 1300 Ibs.. good and choice, $5.50@?7.50; 1300 to 1500 bs., good and choice, $5.75@J7.50; 50 to 1300 Ibs., comr .on and medium ?3.00@?5.50. Heifers, 550 to 50 Ibs., good and choice, $5.00@ 6.25; common and medium, ?2.75 @$5.00. Cows, good, $3.50@$4.75; ommon and medium $2.50@$3.75; ow cutter and cutter |1.50@$2.75. Bulls (yearlings excluded) good beef) $3.25@$4.00: cutter, common and medium $2.50@$3.75. Veal- rs. good and choice, S6.00@$7.00: medium $5.00@$6.00; cull and common $3.50@S5.00. Stocker and feed- r cattle: Steers. 500 to 1050 Ibs., ood and choice, ?4.505?|5.75; common and medium $3.00(i5>$4.50. SHEEP: 9,000. Fat' lambs low ids and few sales 25 to 50 cents ower at $7.50 down. Oi most native with best sorts held above $7.75, asking above $7.85 for rangers and vealers. Slaughter sheep Lambs, 90 Ibs. down, good and choice." J6.25@S~7.85: common and medium |3.25<?£$6.50 E-wesy 90 to; 150 Ibs.. good and choice. $1.25@$3.00: all weiehts. common and medium, $1.00@$2.00. Dec. RYE: May 85% Sept. 74% Dec. 80% BARLEY: Sept. 56% Dec. 61% May . 42% .45 87% 76 56% 61% 106% 98^4 102% 64% 54 V» 58% 47% 40% 43% 841/474 79 54% 59% 108% 100% 10414 66% 56V 4 60% 48 411/i .4414 S614 75% siy 4 54% 59% 64% New York Stocks Close Today Death Will Face . Kidnapers Soon in California SACRAMENTO,— Kidnapers who abduct a person for the purpose of extortion will be liable to capital punishment or life imprisonment under terms of a new California law signed by Gov. James Rolph, jr., Thursday. The law, which becomes effective in 90 days, provides hanging or life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for kidnapers who maltreat their victims, and life imprisonment' for those who do not harm the persons abducted. In addition, the state provided $10,000 to 'be offered as rewarjs for the arrest of kidnapers,' with not more than ?1.000 to be paid in any one, case. The two measures were adopted by the legislature during a special midsummer session closed last week. Famed Light Is Retired NEW HAVEN, Conn. OLE)— Sperry Light, which has blinked its message to ships for 33 years from breakwater the east end of the at the entrance to NEW YORK (UP) Pollowin; are Thursday's closing bids on th New York stock exchange: American Can 83% American Locomotive .2' American T. and T. .... ,"... 12 American Tobacco B 86% Anaconda .... ., ..1 Atchison, T. & S. F 58% Bethlehem Steel 39% & N. W. Com Chrysler 33% ! orn Products DuPont 69% General Electric 23% General .Motors 29% nternational Harvester 34% Montgomery Ward Yew York Central 42% Pennsylvania R. R ..3= Sears-Roebuck ...-. 36% Standard Oil of N. J ...35% Studebaker 5% U. S. Rubber U. S. Steel 52% Westinghouse Electric 41 Standard Oil of Ind 2R% Cities Service 3% PRODUCE ••CHICAGO OJ.F)—Produce: Market unsettled, un- t "hanged to %c lower; receipts . ;52Ipeases; extra firsts 12%: firsts' 13VI; current receipts 12@ 12%: dirtjes 10%@11V4. BUTTER: Market steady, unchanged to %c higher; receipts 14,541 tubs; specials 21%@22; extras 21; extra firsts 19% ©20%; firsts, 18@19; seconds 17@17%: standards 20%. BUTTER: Market weak; re- csipte 1 car. 27. trucks; fowls 10 ©11; springers 10%; leghorns S: ducks 7<?t>lO: gees'? 7@9: turkeys 10@11 : rooste - s 7: leghorn broilers 11(S15. CHEESE: Twins. Longhorns. I3%«i!l4. POTATOES: On tr?ck rivals 14: shipments 33S: slightly stronger. ®13%: 5; ar- niBrket Aiding Recovery Act Campaign FIVfc ROOM MODERN APT. ALL of one floor. Separate furnace an.1 meters. Phone 2129. DESIRABLE APARTMENT. Everything furnished. 310 Lincoln way. RENT: DUPLEX. FURNISH, or unfurnished. Fourth ward 17BE-J. ONE HOUSK AND TWO KURN- ftpartm*m8. 1561-VV. 9,',9-W. A1'T8. WITH Beavers Pick Night for Labors YELLOWSTONE PARK, Wyo. (U.E)—-No eight hour day workers are beaver, greatest dam builders and construction engineers of the animal world. They're sun-dodgers, working at night. A new road from ^ Tower Falls to Mammoth Hot! p>g s Springs in Yellowstone National Kgf . s ' park offers visitors a rare oppor- -- ' 4 ' tunity to see 11 adult beaver swimming idly about during the day time, or busily working at night. GLACItR PARK TRAVEL. DOWN GLACIER NATIONAL PARK' Mont. <U.P)—Travel to Glacier National Park decline,! 21 , per cent In .lima as compnred to June, 1932, Superlntft'ndent E. T. Scoyon reports. 1 Tin* last, clieok of visitors If" thi' pnrk showed 7,2X(i persons li»<! rnJcrcd the p.urk tlilrt sei\,"nn, cr/mpnrfirl to 9',2M IM( year. Today's Markets Price* bid by local dealeri . . . --- . ----- r No. 2 corn ................... 40c Ear Corn ........... ......... 3Sc Oata ____ ..... .- ....... 29c Hogs .... '.' ............... 14-00 Cream, sweet ........ ...... 23c Cream, sour ............... 23c ............... 12c ................ Sc Heavy hens ____ ...... .. Leghorn springs ........ Loghoin lu-ns ............ . .f>cj Heavy Springs .............. 9-12c All roosters ....... . ........ 4c (C Tc i $500,0)0 SUGAR BEET CROP CHINOOK, Mont. <l'.n>-SuB«r growers of the Chinook district, with lO.OoO acre* ot bettx; .lnn'*d this season, nay nniirl-: PMc « crop vtilned nl more thnn I hn)f n million dollars official* of j The I9H? crop IHIH , I New Haven harbor, has been retired, a victim to governmental economy. An automatic fog whistle and a lighted bell buoy will replace it. , FARM NEWS KEUEYF.F.A. TO KELLEY — The Kelley Future Farmers club will hold a joinl meeting with the Waukee. club Friday, Aug. 11, it was decided at a meeting of the local group Tuesday evening at the Austin Skrom- me home. The Kelley boys will visit several places of Interest in Des Molnes during the morning and will go to Waukee for a meeting and picnic in the afternoon and evening. During the afternoon the two groups will play a game of kittenbajl and possibly a game of baseball. At the Tuesday meeting, Arnold Skromme reported on his dog feed ing demonstration and C. T. Cheney, local agriculture instructor, announced plans for an all-day 4-H judging tryout at Iowa State college Aug. 12. The September meeting will be held at the home of Reinert Holland. At the close of the meeting, re- Teshments were served by Mrs. Skromme. • Disposition of Many Important Problems Face Roosevelt, Hull Secretary of State, Returning From London, Scheduled to Meet Chief at Hyde Park By JOSEPH H.BAIRD United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, (UP)—An unusual array of problems will confront President Roosevelt and Secretary of S,tate Hull when they meet next week-end to survey the nation's foreign affairs. So important is this meeting that Acting Secretary Phillips has radioed the secretary, now returning irom the world economic confer- nce, suggesting that his private car be sent from Wasnington to New York to carry him immediate- y. to the president's estate, Krum Elbow, near Hyde Park, N. Y. These are a few of the outstand- ng problems awaiting solution.: 1. The future of American world economic policy following the >reakdown of the London econom- c conference. Indications are that he administration will seek to itimulate foreign trade by reciprocal treaties with Canada and the Latin-American countries. 2. The future status of Assistant Secretary of State Raymond rtoley whose economic ideas, ac- ording to informed sources, have aried widely from those of Hull. Vhile Washington observers do ' 01 xpect Moley to leave the adminl- tration, some are predicting that e may be transferred from the tate departmer' 3. Shall Soviet Russia be recognized? If so, when and by what method? Sources close to the administration predict resumption ot normal diplomatic relations between the United States and Russia. They feel that ]Jlr. Roosevelt is merely awaiting a propitious moment, and, meanwhile, is preparing public opinion by such acts as the recent R. F. C. ?4,000,000 loan to American exporters to finance cotton sales to Russia. 4. The war debts problem. Great Britain is anxious for a definite readjustment of its J4.600 000,000 debt to the United States before the next payment is due December 15. No final settlement is possible before then, as cpngress will not meet until January, and it must ratify any agreement. However, Mr. Roosevelt and Hull must decide when a mission from London to discuss the debt can be received here. Still other missions are expected to follow the British. Threshing Ring Completes Work at Kelley Tue*. KELLEY — The threshing ring which operates north and east of Keliey completed its work Tuesday afternoon. The Quantity and quality of the yields have varied greatly this year. The yields ranged from 20 to 45 bushels per acre, Carl Rosen- teld and Austin Skromme both having 45.'W. L. Peterson threshed some good winter wheat which av-. eraged over 20 bushels. One accident marred the season. Austin Skromme suffered an injured foot when a team of horses ran away with him thru a glove. He is still on crutches but is getting along fairly well. Answers to Test Questions Below are the answers to the test question* printed on page 1. 1. Man. 2. Combustion or burning. 3. Milwaukee. U. January 20th. 5. Tiber *at Rome. 6. Shakespeare. 7. Principal island of American Samoa in the Pacific. 8. Ezra Cornell. 9. Paper money made legal .ender without gold or silver back- ng. 10. From the Latin word meaning "having long hair." Every Pittsburgh PAINT or Product is guaranteed to satisfy! H. L. Munn Lumber Company Phone 2 LEGAL NOTICES Kinks in national rorovery act Plans crowd the portfolio of Friink VValknr, slinwn hero ni MF desk us oxivntivo s«:rt>'iary lo the proxidrni's ndvlsnry council Walker. national WinionMtic treasurer, Is inon- |jonort UP pohsilile. successor to Trenoury tiocretnry Wnodln It 'lie loiter (iliou'i'l resign. DENISON. <I T .Pi—Crawford county officers Thursday sought clues to the identity of farm thievfs who trucked 95 Hampshire hogs away I from the A. H. Moeller farm. ! Moeller. who discovered fh* (heft when he returned from Denl- son late Wednesday, told police he saw two large trucks parked along the highway as he went to town earlier in the day. Northern lowa packing houses had been warned Thursday to watch for the hogs. Eaeh animal was marked in Its right ear, Moeller said. The IIORS averaged about 120 pounds Mch. EMPLOYES WALK OUT MILWAUKEE It'.!!''— Police wi-re called to maintain order Thursday when employes of the General Stores Fixtures company dropped tluir tools and walked out cliar^ ing they were not receiving th«> bpnolliH provlfli-il l>y tlur niillonal recovfi'y didc. 'READ THE WANTS NOTICE OF LETTING The Board of Education of the Independent School District of Ames, Iowa, will receive bids until 7 o'clock p. m. on Monday. August 14. on furnishing and installing one Steel, Low Pressure Heating Boiler In the boiler room of the Lincoln School Building. The successful bidder will be required ,to furnish an approved surety of performance bond for 15% of the contract fimount. The Board of Education reserves the rlsht to reject any or al) bids. Detailed specifications and arrangements for inspection of Lincoln School can be secured hy applying' to the Secretary of the Board of Education. Dated August 3. J933. FUA.VK H. HCHVELI,. Sec 1 }- Board of Education. Published in the Ames Daily Triimnc-Timpy Aug. ,'!. 10. 1933. HEALTH MEANS CHARM AND HAPPINESS Sparkling eyes and smiling tips speak of health and vitality. Clear skin attracts. The heal thy active girl is both happy and popular. Perhaps you ire not really ill yet when the day'* work is done yon we too tired to eater into the good times t&at other women enjoy. For extra energy, try Lydia E. Pinkhtm's VegetabW Compound. It tones up your general' health. Gives you more pep—more charm. Remember that 98 oat of 10O women report benefit. Let it help you too. BUDGET ESTIMATE AND RECORD OF FILING ESTIMATE COUNTY ^?^? C ?, : »T he B ° ar(! °f Supervisors of Story County. Iowa, will meet .\\if,'; oL,! ', ^"•, nt ,i : ^° P ' m " Rt Nev » fl a. l'>wa. Taxpayers will be heard for r against the following estimate of expenditures at that time. BYIJON DICKEY. Couny Auditor. D3 posodo.,) »•£«! p<»muiijB5{ •pu-xlxr.f c * loooo 20000 40(10 (ieiifrnl iVniri Expense Poor St.tie Insane Cuumy Insimn Ouiinty Kcliocl Knlrlli!i-« llcltof Hov Inn Tulirr< County Honda KiiHTHi'nr-v L'0"00 hY'O.'dnry ltd Count Mnndnlnrv i •_' mills > .'iiinon •Si'i'. KIMII! MuliU. MIIUIII Mnti'lnin,-;,- i:. nilllst .... Mnnilnin, y { ~, '.. mills I . . T'l'ttiTii ~" *l:M'>, 1 irt"i'' iNOT"; '.''I'MM-.I I In H !<'"""" K'-llni.Hvil 'I .ists ; ,T H,'>•..< 3 a i i' 7550(1 } 595" $...... { 30000 $ t^.'iOO S~72Sia ISOOfl :,,M1 IS.MM. i«iii->'i 2-10(111 »)noo 3.1S7S 20(10 10000 MIIVI SO'ill I 1 7 022 4i'i.1(i I ".700 IS 160 ;::>4fi :io74 .\sn 2.1*7 4ix;,ii 35:11 PC; is '»<>;'• ii

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