Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 15, 1965 · Page 10
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 10

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 15, 1965
Page 10
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TEN 1ROMWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN SATURDAY, MAY 15, T965. Your Horoscope By Sydney Omorr Sunday, May 16 "The wise man controls his destiny. . .Astrology points the way." ARIES (Mar.. 21- Apr. 101: Day for being quiet within. Rev i e w princip 1 e s. pers o n a l philosophy. Obtain needed privacy. Avoid confusion. Cons u 11 spiritual advisor Gain indicated through reading, writing. TAURUS 'Apr. 20 - May 201: conservative approach best today. especiail v wner? pa v; nor- ship. inv?snnenrs enter piciurc Finish project. Accept responsibility, and you gro\v in DIGNITY. GEMINI i May -21- June 201: Consviii. jn.ite or pa»rnc: oei'ore inking impulsive action. Oo! a in nil;! Iro.n i.;.c);-:\'-- TAURUS me.s.sage. Keep coiv•->.;:'lioat: i c n pnes optri. Be rereptivs- fo intelligent fUKgrrStior.'.",. CANCKP, 'J;:ne •.:.'.- July 221: Bs a - .vsre of thc^r- v'.'ho depend uyon /.TI.'. Means p'.'is or 'amity r.-.:fly require sv^vis! plic-nt i o n. P-.\e>. ois.e jVtfitf;:-!ack;nte. oriyin- fili'.y. r^i-ie time for visiting one H'!-CI i;: eor.rincci. LEO i.-ijiy :-!3- Aug. 22n Good ii;n?.r aspect highlights pleasure, children. Don't argue with well- mearang- friend. State posit i o n in lair but firm manner. RELAX! Key is PATIENCE. VIRGO (Aug. 23- Sept. 22): Give attention to home, family affairs. Good day for spec i a 1 occasion honoring associates. . . perhaps for entertaining boss! Check details. Be patient with loved one. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 221: Time to stick close to home base, if possible. Cooperate with in-laws, other relatives. Battling over minor matters will only drain emotional strength. SCORPIO (Oct. 23- Nov. 21): Be aware of need for repairs. Check budget. Realize some expenditures may be necessary — now. Even minor changes can give satisfaction. Examine various possibilities. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): Maintain steady pace. Don't rock the boat! Means con t r o 1 tend e n c y to make sud den changes. Give^ attention to home, family, possessions. Highl i g h t TACT. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22- Jan. 19): Take comfort by realizing conscience is reliable guide. Adhere to principles. You ga i n through quiet day. Read— absorb knowledge for future opportunity. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Remain on familiar ground. Applies especially to friends. Stick with the tried-and-true. Av o i d those who whine, complain. Be with ones who make you happy. PISCES (Feb. 19- Mar. 20); Your response to unusual actions important. Conservat i v e course best now. Certain situations must be accepted. . .but don't hide head in sand. Be 1759 BRIDGE BY JACOBY NORTH 15 4KJ10 V652 4 K J 109875 4 None WEST (D) EAST 432 48 V A98 VKQJ743 • 6 • Q4 AAKQ ioG42 * JOTS SOUTH * AQ97654 V 10 4 A32 + 85 Both vulnerable IVesl North East South 1 A 34 3V 34 4V 44 5+5V 6 4 T5blc Pass 6 4 Dble Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—V A bled and went down one. Ira's brilliant decision certainly paid off." Q—The bidding has been: South West North East 7 You, South, hold: AKQJ2 VA104 432+A654 What do you do? A—Bid one club. With four clubs and four spades always open a club. TODAY'S QUESTION Your partner responds one diamond to your club opening What do you do now? Answer Monday Quick Quiz T»IK WHITE HAT!—The be- \vitcriir.3 little white nat thai is Kjways in style! '/oa'il find this ! sailor-type quick and easy to i crochet, and so very nice to • wear. Pattern No. 2759-N has crochet directions; stitch illustrations. To order, send 35c in coins to: Anne Cabot, Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive Chicago, 111. 60607 For Ist-class mailing add lOc for each pattern. Print name, address with zip code, style No. and size. Send 50c now for your new '65 Spring-Summer Album! Regular | features; custom collection; items to crochet, knit, stitch! frank. » -A a IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY . . . you are sincere, dedicated, interested in history and you are extremely perceptive. •a ft tt GEN E R A L TENDENCIES: Cycle high for SAGITTARI US, CAPRICORN. Special word to GEMINI. Attitude of COOPERATION gains much. Timely Quotes We cannot protect young people from reality. The best we can do is to offer them insights into the real world so they are prepared ... It isn't what you know but what you don't know that causes most of life's troubles. —Dorothy M. Broderick. assistant professor of library science at Western Reserve U. The scary thing is that when you do your best, the next Ume you have to match it. —Comedian Buddy Hackett, on performing on Broadway. By JACOBY & SON Today's disc u s s i o n will be mostly a monologue by Jacoby pere. Jim starts: Jim: ''What was your favorite hand of the Vanderbilt?" Oswald: "It was one ot those i freak hands. I chose to overcall with three diamonds in order to i crowd the bidding. My bid! ! failed to shut East out and my j | partner was strong enough toj l show his spade suit in spite of 1 | his knowledge that my three dia-1 j rnond call promised nothing ex-| cept a lot of diamonds." j Jim: "Naturally you raised; spades." | Oswald: "Naturally. My dou-; ble of six clubs requires comment. It was not a business double. Quite the contrary. We appeared to be on the defensive and my double was a convention informing Ira Rubin, my partner, that I did NOT have a defensive trick against our opponents' slam contract. With one defensive trick or more I would have passed. "Of course, our opponents were aware of this convention and understood what my do u b 1 e meant. Ira was not sure if he leld two defensive tricks, one defensive trick, even no defensive trick, but he bid six spades anyway. He could not afford to risk etting his opponents make a slam. He knew that he would not be hurt at six spades and, most mportant of all, he suspected from the bidding that 1 would je void of clubs in which case he would make six spades." Jim: "That was the case. Ira ruffed the second heart and ran off the rest of the tricks. At the other table North over-called with one diamond only and eventually West played six clubs dou- SI1ORT RIBS—By Frank O'Neal ALWAYS TALK ABOLT 6ET11N& EVEN WITH THEM FOP TAKING OUR LAMP. servajsauTrJe* *. BtANK£19. HOW COWS?' € 7 - >, > *» ffl R ^r^^^ CARNIVAL—By Dick Turner Q—What organ of a bird produces the feathers? A—The skin. Q—Do the colors of the stars have any significance? A—Colors are indications of star temperatures. As a rule, the blue and the white stars are the hottest, Q—How did the raccoon get its name? A—The word "raccoon" comes from the Indian name "arakun" —which means "he scratches with his hands." Q—Which of the asteroids has the largest orbit' J A—Hidalgo, whose orbit has a mean diameter of 531 million miles. Rockland Personals Mrs. Wilfred Hoffman is visit- Ing in Chicago with her son, Donald, and family. Mrs. Charles Keranan visited with Mrs. Lizzie Keranen at Mohawk. Mrs. Wilfred Hoffman has returned from Chicago where she spent a week with her son, Donald, and family. Mrs. Eliza Spitz has returned from Duluth where she visited with relatives. She was accompanied home by her sister, Mrs. Jane Trudeau. Mrs. Andrew Bartanen has returned from a week's visit in Lombard, and West Chicago, 111., where she visited with her daughters, Mrs. Robert Wegs and Mrs. Joseph Ivanecky, and their families. Mr. and Mrs. James F. Hilger visited with their son, Norman, and family at Menominee. Mr. and Mrs. Harold McCelland . and family have returned from Wisconsin Rapids, where they attended the wedding of a relative. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Maxfield and family, Duluth, visited the James Maxfield family. BEN CASEY By NUT - • • -^sowEeiRtsGO } AHA! AWOMDERFUU ON ABU/ING SPREE WHEN THEY ./SOLUTION FDR PEPRESSWN? FEEL DEPRESSED. HATS, JEWEtRtf Tl MUST RECOMMEND KMICK-KMACKS.-ME/I STUFF / AT OUR NEXT PSycHIATRIC MYSELF WITH GOODIES. >1k^ CONVENTION. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill OM, BLJTYOU < 1 FORfiOTTb TOUCH / BEREP SECOMD BASE/ SOilbUCHED snj JL IUIU-IBV Y/rfflpWfTrffrfmx TMW-^Z^f^gf^ PRISCILLA'S POP By AJV SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox "If they keep running so many commercials, I don't know what I'm gointf to do about George's weight!" This and That Answer to Previous Puzzle "Everybody's all the time talking about how hard it is to .stop «mokins! Take it from me, STARTING is no picnic either!" ACROSS 1 Madison or Monroe A Oklahoma ] I Legislative body 12 Interstice J4 Bed canopy 35 Tooth incrustation 16 Brazilian macaw 17 Contend in.Mclal •M Obtain 21 Conjunction 22 Mariner's direction 2.T Consign 26 Remove rind from fruit 28 Canadian province (ab.) 2!) Prohibit .'!0 Distress signal 31 Scottish alder t rt»e :i2 Bristle :t4 Shrill cry 37 .Japanese outcast .'IK College cheer :)9 Sturgeon eggs •tl Arrival (ab.) 421'ocm 43 Medina tribesman 44 Spanish lady 47 Acquires knowledge 50 Seesaw 51 Embellished 52 Horse's gait (pi.) 53 Pauses DOWN 1 Scoffer 2 Handled 3 Wrestler'! cushion 4 Summer (f'r.) THAT'S NOT MUCH OP A THEIR AGE THEY'LL DO ANYTHING TO KEEP PROM BEING SENT TO THE SHOWERS! j—^ MORTY MEEKLE By Dick draft T HA\/eA POSITIVE eeNKX> FCKZ ALWAYS CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie AREN'T YOU THE SHEPHERP WHOSE REPORT Qf UMUSUAU ACTIVITV AT THE FARM tEO PDUCE TO SEARCH IT? «/E,,.BUT TOO lATBi MUM: WILL YOU NOTIFV MR.TIMOrHV TOWN IM AYE...UNTU. THEY MISTOOK A PRWATE PLANEiCIRCUMG TO LAMP, FOR W POUCer«.ANP FLEP IN PANICi LEAVIN' TH' BARM/ OLE GENT MTACTi / PAKMYiEH? HE'S ALSO ONfe O I THE OU> FRIENPS. McKEE \ VISITING! MAYBE 1 SHOULD V^SEE HOW HB'£ POMS', f , T - 5 NOT TOO FAR POTTIHGHAM THAT I MUST 6EE ' ICANT.LEAVEWE FiScKTOCflUi WASN'T .HE THE MAN HHD PRISONER W THATGAN3 FORCW&? EASY. WE CAN DELIVER THE MESSAGE IN o nts w MO. KC. TJ*. b» us. M. BUGS BUNNY PHOOEYi I KEEP F-ORGETTINT THAT PHOME NUMBER! I GOT A PENCIL, BUT NO PAPER T' WRITE TH' NUMBER ONJ .» e IKS f. r W««w !>•. riclum. IK. .*-/5 TM IH u.s. M. oil. ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hunlia S Menials « Glutted 7 Musicnl syllable 2 Atmosphere (comb, lonn) 9 Waver 10 "Lily maid of Astolat" 11 Male red deer J3 Sea flyer 18 Indiana (ab.) 24 Circa test quantity IVi Thoroughfare 25 Wild ox of :t:t Wage Celebes 34 .Sorrowful 'M Young salmon ,'ia Biblical 27 Feminine mountain appellation Ji(> Saddle horses 29 Unmarried male 37 Direction 38 Bellows 40 Ksscntiat being 45 Simian Indian i van.) •46 Hot by cxposnre 48 Before 49 Keplv (ab.) MKWSTAl'Ul ENTCWK1SK ASSN. WHOOE/f GITTIN' ALL 1 THIS STUFF UP HERE WAS OUITE A JOB... ...BUT BTSOLLY, ITS SURE GONNA. MAKE MY PIGGINS TH' SHOW-PtACE OF TH' WHOLE COUMTRY. YEZZIREE/ ^ VA^US f<6 IMS tt Ml*. IM. T.M. t n U.l. t». OH. OUT OUR WAY—By J. R. Williams OH,'ATONE'S Y I KNOW, JIST A CATFISH, ) BUTJ16T BUT THI5 16 BLACK BASS' GET OFF OF MY CORNER WITH->OUR EXHIBITION! I SET ENOUGH BLAME NOW FORTH'TASTE OP w/// m NH GROCEKIES! y/ LOOKIT TH'61ZE OF HIM! BORN FORTVVfeARSTOO SOON OUK BOARDING HOUSE—with Major Hoople V\Y WORD.'WXKV, THERE'S OMLY ONSe 60LDTIOM -~- ENTER THE RlNS FOR ATEW EA4Y BOOT^, THEM USE- THE PKIZE'MOMEY TO FINftNCE- MOS1CAL STUDIES .' TRUE, A CERTAIN! ELEMENT OP-^EK, AH— gOVY CONTACT fe NVOLVED/ BUT PEMEM8ER, A LAD WITH SOUR MUSICAL TALENT HAS A DUTY TO •DEVELOP IT/ I SOLLY, MATOR.YOU SURE •SOUD ME A cSALLOM OF WART REMOVER -«

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