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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Friday, December 9, 1927
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f-- C'OMP . : . !•• ClRCULAi'lOtJ it thedrdy Commodity Newspaper Bus to Sell Its Advertisers. VOLUME XXXI. No. 40. Siiccfosior tf»jThf lolaUally RegUter. The I lolfi r>iiilyj hjpciird -Biid lola Dolly Index. lOLA. KAN., FRIDAY ;E\T!;NINr,. DECEMBER 9, 1927. NEW DEFENSE IS SUGGESTED IN HART 'Communicative Insanity' Is the Plea Entered For Slayer EXPERT ~0N STAND AMERICAN LEGION TO TAKE STRAW BALLOT ON LIQUOR QUESTION New York. Dec. 0. (AP)—A poll on the prohibition question Ls to be conducted among the entire membership of the. i American Legion and its,axillary. Mabel Marmont Har^t Had Control oMVIind oi^ Husband, Is Claim The American Legion Is. nMUier<<^ wet nor dry, said Edwkrd E. Spafford. natlonai toinmander, in announcing plans (or a poll at a dinner given in. Ills honor ^bj' the Now YorW department last nlglit, but "in 4 democracy,' no law should be enforced except. Kuch a one as has the t^pproral of the majority." Coinmandcr Spafford said that from now until May l.'i, when the '|H>11 will, be uken, meeting halls of all l.*Rion poKis will be open for a dlKCUKriioii o! the qufeHtiou. Th« thr4 -f (lUC'Htions to be submitted are: • i "Shall the clKhtiH^jlh iimendment and the Volst<'!id nil b(y app»^ve<l Eureka, ; Jvas-. Di-r. Hi (AIM— • ('ommuniffHlve insanity." an un- HKiiol .dflfense in the annnln--- of ''rlniinul prosecution. Iiu|< beeii iu- Hodiiir*! iiito the trial of Ivan M. Mart, Kurekn banker.jin nti i-fl'oi-l i .iV na\-f him from iiaytim the maxi-' (iiuni penalty for killing his >«irc. Udlf 17ADV /^ITV Mabi'I .MnrhiOQt }l;;rt J>y <'UtlInK 111* W |||K|i |.| I f h-r throat .July S. The, defense " » V»»*E Vft A A < i,iintlt«iied''i'-.s testimuiiy today. , f- Hiivt K jittorneys. headed l,y Freil H. .jarksoh' of Topeka. hope . to ^ _ • ;.r»\'p tlia', at the time ,)f th<' killing Hartowas t^emporarily in!?ane. i;:id thai-he do'rived bills' insniiity from iJose. »!!sociation 'with his viff,' who, Jt l .S: tintetidert. Was ijientmlly. abnorra;|il. Dr. Karl Mennlnger of Topeka. • ppecia^isl 'in liervons and mental ciiseVsd.s. declared on the stand to- liay'thfit communicative in.sanity is and continued?" • "Shall the Volstead a(;t be amended so as to peirmit the us^ of light wine and beers," with the u:siial natural percentage of pIco- hoir ; - 1 Th? results of the-poll. Commander Spafford said, will be< presented to'the major iiolitlcal par- tie* a!> (•* true Interprei^^tlon of the feeling of those who Irare the brdnt of this laiit war, true citizend of Ainericafilsra." Ilo said that tfao elghteeiith amendment wan adopt(|d by st^te IfglKlniures,^ and that i^ had neyer been approved by popular vote of the ,people. - KIPWELLHAS EVIDENCE IN BRIRE TRIAL Intimation Is to Effect 3ribe May Have Been Offered Juror TESTIMONY SECRET The. Weekly Register. Established 1867. The Tola Dally Kestster. EAUUlahed .1897. LARNED BANK ERS GET 000 LOOT G. 0. P. NOMINEE SPECULATION ON Papers Give .i 'rominent Positions to: Idea^ Of Many Men Appearance of Juror No. 11 at Prosex iito'-'s Office Voluntarily Cashier li Kidniip^ and Carrie] Nine Miles Fr^m Town MAKE .QUICK ^ EXIT Np Alarn i 'Bandit aiois hiiiiied. Ka W'-hliiBton. Dec. 9. <AI'» -.\n int;:iKit^ou that :i h?-1)M> iiiiiy Iwive be.-n otrered to Kdivard .1 Kl.iw -II "'<» in cash a Juror Inihc l-'u'.l-SincIair oil case held up and was given out loiUiy at the district, tional hank altonipy's r.1llce .olncldent with « 1."^?' ^ ^"'ii !l conferrnre there fu which Kldwell-^ashhr atti'i was .-iild l)y the district dttoruey to -jo «|u.ii the have Turnlshed evidence "greatest import iince." Kldw«'JI appeared vii '.iintarlly HOUSE GROUP TO HEARMAGRUDER'S NAVAL ^ARGES,^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^j -tasi' Butler Announces Groupi"""'^" """"" "''"'I'"!'" til'k j. uiiirr-jiif II vii:illllill il.v I •>Kvir>'lM)d>' ; hefon- .\ District Attorney fjoor, or we" ' ISurkiiishaw and was closeted with . tail stranger \ is Given Until ^ Are Several ks Away ns.. Per. !t. (AP)— .Making a ciejiu getaway with |22,11 quartet uf bandits Vobhed the First .Var I^irned at 9:20 lorning. kliiuuped Leif Brown, hey hau lorced him biuiiey ch^'st in the The REGISTER'S Ctrciito-r Hon records open tapu inspectipn at any time. EIGHT PAGES RUMANIAN STUDENTS CUT OFF BEARDS OF ; . I JEWS, SAYS REPORT Budapest, Hungary, Dec. 9. (AP)—Rumaiiian'students at Oradea Mare; (Nagyvarad), Rumania, fprrli^d, into ranks and armed with scissors sheared off the bea-d of every Jew they met, according to reports reaching,here Oradea Mare, a former Hungarian_ toym, is inhabited largely by orthodox Jews. A'wave of indignation is sLweep-<r fng JWlsh society here as a re- s(ili of the report. - Provocation of fatal anti-Semite r ots in former Hungarian towns to divert attention from the p .reB- ent Rumanian political crisis has been charged against the Liberal government. The riots occurred in- CluJ (Koloszar). Rumania, SO miles from the Hiingirlan frontier, and Oradea .Mare (.\'ag>-varad), Rumania, within ten miles of the border. Profesiwr V. .N, .Madgearu, a leader of the National Peasant Party, in making the charges' in parlia­ ment asserted lliat the government gave university {students 3,000,000. lei (roughly $1S,600) tO' support the anti-Semite movement. M. Duca, minuter of Interior, re- plidct that the government would make no statement until it waa In possesion of aljl the facts, of the case. • • . The.-student.s. JMadgearn continued, indulged in ijhe wildest excesses, ending-Iii setting fire to a synagogue'at CI ij. They arrayed hemselves in Rabbis' vestments in mockery and shouted epithets against the Jews, he declared. OATH NOT TO BE GIVEN TO VARE,RULING Senate Denies Oath Office by Vote of 55 to 31 of STAND AS ON SMITE^^ Pull Privileges Denied Pending Investigation By Funds Groiip ; of thelvuuit. The bindlts WrUialiy dean!ed iiil the ifesh fiom thi? bank's . a reality, arid that, in his opinion. ; Vnrk. Dec. it. (Al>) —Opin-i the kl ling-of Mrs.'Hart was are-"'<;*MS. rumors and -periilation le-i suit-o^ it. Its occurrence is "very eaiding presidential possibilities; infre-iuent." he said, but ihere-. :\T'- ^ere given prominence in today's i iecord.s of niinieroiis cases. York newspapotrs. To become afflicted with com-j The .New York AVorld. Demo- niunicutive insanity he said. the. •'"atic, printed the views of Wil- rplaticimhip between two-per.sons I Randolph Hearst, publisher must be verv intitnate. mm-ti so , P' I'apcrs. Jippraisiug Secte, flial one niean.s ni.irp t<i the other tary .Mellon as the ideil Republi- than • anybody else in the world.-''»" '•""'•'•late, but saying that Thev adopt.the likes and dis- l»;re was prospect ot a struggle -likes and occasionallv. when one betw-en V ice-Prosul.-nt Dawes and heroines abnoiraal the other's miiul ^e'y'ary Ilonvcr. Is aftec'teil -iJi a similar manner. ".Vs the hour of the convention In' DHHKeroHK Period. ppproaches, Hearst wrote,.-Meilou The period-when tl.ev first .start H ""! "aw^s "will loom -ner larger livinS together a.s.;husband an I on'lJarBer.upon the political hon- vlfe is especially dangerous to the 2on. • ^ ir.entar.ty of young people, he con- . .-Mellpn. Hearst said. is. the out- linuod. :vianv inental sicknesses of I'-'andmB figure of the Harding and various kinds and nvaijy mental! t'oolldge administrations because breakdowns - occur Just before or,oI:the record of the treasury <ie- Will Have Him Go Into Details \Va.shington. Dec. 9. (API- Chairman BUtler of the hbijse n.'iv^al committee announced today that as soon as the committee is organized he proposed to call Rear| Admiral Tbos. P. Magruder, foymer command,ant of the Philadelphia Navy yard, before It and go Into details of the charges he made of naval administration, inefficiency. • lie down on the i siioot you down," a btillowed as the' four he bank.. heavy 4.=> talibVe re- ver agai^^t the cashier's ribs, reed Brown to walk was .tli'rown. .\t tin- end of thei,!,^, lemj,.]./^ cOufiirence Hurkinslia w. ,nppaivnlly j into ilie. vault, already opened for • • • .... — . — tile day's bujiness, and unlock the .•'Uong box. containing about $20 ,7 just after; marriage. .Mrs. ' Hart, was a "very irazy voman."/ln Dr. Wenninger's opinion. She belonged to the paranoid group, -which has deluBldns, such xif tile delusion of being Napoleon, or. In her t-jise, of; being pregnant. • Mnj. hurl's C !)Tm»uitlcaUve Insanity worked on her huiAand's Judg- iiH 'iit. emotions and •willp<iwcr:un- i 1)1 he wii^ unable to reslsi her sug-.j ' Kestlons, land at the tiiiie of the killing; Hart did not know from wrong. Dr. Mi^nnlnger .said, niie net of plucint; the knife ucain^t Mrs! Hart's throat was an act of obedience, in Dr. .Meiiplnger'a opiti- lon. • • • , ! .i'F. Oylcr. assistant prosivutor. .'It this (loiht interieeted a fiuevtiyii: . "Isn't there such a thiiiK a.i <-on- vetiient in.xunity. doctor'.'" \Va.shington, D 4 C. 9. (API—Con- gre.sslonal iiiquiry'into the charges by Rear Admiral Thomas P. Magruder of inefficiency in administration, of naval activities, was demanded in. the house today by Representative .McC'Iintk-. Democrat. Ukluhoma. The Oklahoma representative. partmeni. T >2 objection that he is i who is a member of the House not voung, Hearst answered by saying .Mellon yiaa young enoiigb to conduct with overwlielming success the moat difficult position in the whole public admluistratibn. Of the objection that he ]s wealthy. Hoiifft declared that this' hM not influenced • .Mellon in his conduct of the treasury department. Hoover, Hearst said, was u man of n^od^rate and thoroughly sound right I IVogresslvc views. He has done inuch in pirblic service, , Hearst wrot", but "is not a good jKilItl- clah." .. I Dawes was regarded"' by Hearst as "a formfdable figure." |He said the -vice-president is' particularly strong i politically ''in .the .Middle .West, 'espfeclally in the slates of I Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, Michi- ielatid. hurricrl to the of^co iif Dis i ti'lct .\tta:ii"y Cordon, who ordered tha.t no d*-l:iil.x of what liad tniiis- pir<;d he gtvi-ii out." AVhile il:e intiiuaiions tlimWn out were to .Ih .i- ilTirt Ihal v.hilc there was no actual otT.r of a lirihe "to Kidwell from an .vonc conilectitd with the presi-nl conteiupl priceed- Ings which gn-w out of tiie inii-lrial of the Kail-Sinclair (lil trial, siicli an offer might' have rcaclu-d th ears of the juror iliroiiKti persons. i Follows I.'eiiorl lliiidlntr. i Today's di'velopnieuls follovved the reading yesterday in the contempt of court proceedings against Harry P. Sinclair'. William J. Burns and Others of reports tending to show that a Burns detective in shadowing the, Fall-Slnclalr Jury had approached.Kidweir.s father. At thai.time District Attorney Uorilon i!itroduccd . a handwritten uUii rfi currt .Meanwhile .stiiiii (I ,ali 11( illiO S .llchfl.-: Ion I il lo put the l>;ol to a| ju^'t outside \V(' hate but we'v«' gi south We 've- jail," tile bai otiiei I later told i .ii at a to • .'h.aiiii'd his by the plate Brown wa down, for .nil icy and silver, two of the robbers rnncy from the tills Blown ciieu was on his coat and carry wai .iug Ituick sedan !hi- door. jto flu this, Brdtirnic, some friends down ^ot t <i bail out of lilts fold him.. Brown Jrneil iMjlice. He was ^now how the bandits II lino, unless it was lover hi» desk. . forced to ride, head e miles, then he was l-al committee, declared naval of-! report ni .idr by Frank J. O'Keilly fleers were muzzled to prevent them from making ' statements whether "true or otherwise." Admiral Magruder. vfae relieved of bis Vbirt M cotgmandant oC the Philadelphia navy yard after he had ptibllshcd mngiizine articles pealing with the organization of (he nii\T. J)r. Mennlnger ai ^mitted there, gan. \Visconsin and Missouri." miRlit.1)e. sijch a thing as persons claitaing Insanity when ihev; really were sane, but said that in this case: both persons positively were insane. Slot Machines Are Not peg&l oayS • W.A.amitn .last Democratic coBvehtio'n. as say- l l • -,- iiig that Jie had bt^en in the south AHsistancp of the sheriffs force working tii smootii the way : for in Ills battle against slot machines Go%-ernAr Smith of New York to- Is -ought by W. .\. Smith, attorney | wards the Democratic non^inption. it-'nerai. Smith writes local officers til I he effect that a recent ruling on BIOJ , niachine.s. 'iiadi' hy. Keueral .liid^e John*-W Pollocli.' applied only to "To-bay" vc'ndint; in.i- ciiinHs..Smith says other coippanies are' attemptiuK I 'l ins'-'H iii ."hi<>es !•>..' JCansas. Thi»' "To-Day" ma- ••h'hjes vio'af.- >hc law. Smith .•^ays. if imerciiandise or casl^ ia giviu Xor chips tro:ii the iiiacrnne The New York Amei-ican, published by Hearst,\gave the views Of Vice-Ohairnian Charles D. Hilles of the Republican national committee, that the field was oben. The New York Times quoted Hol- llns Randolph, who was ,chairman ;of the Georgia delcgatidu-. ut th.i DEFICIENGY BILL PASSED BY HOUSE J Is First Bill Approved by The New Session ...Congress of He had, urged,: he said; the delegates to' leave religious ^nd other prejudices at home.; The Times said It is understood-that Georgia may send an uninstritcted delegation or one pledged to Senator Walter F. George as a favorite /on. To Col. W. U 'Musgrove, an extreme dry, of Birmingham,, the TimeRiattrlbiited the statement tha» Sirlth could not carry the aoutb and would split the Democrats. ( The .Vew York Herald Tribune, Republican, said there were rumors that Senator James J. Reed, of Missouri, would withdraw from the presidential race to aid Governor ,Smith. Clem L. Shaver, "thalrman of the Deriiccratic national com^nittee, wasj quoted .<by the Times as saying' that! the Democratic convention would; be held late in June. Four Japanese Plane Pilots Die in Crash Tokyo, Japan, Dec. 9. (API~ Fotir Japanese aviators were killed last night when two planes collided,* w-hlle flying over Omuru air' dronie. Oi'ie mairhtne burst into flames. The pilot and observer in iach plane were killed. assistant man gi-r'oi lliirnss York othce, in whiili Oltfrllly s;iiil n HOOSEAPPROVES GUN ELEVAnONS Vote for Measure Meets Sanction of the President ^Vashington, Dec. 9. (AP)—The house today passed tlie $200,000,000 :bili.provldiiig funds various governments ni>eds for the. curreiit and prior flscal years. 11 wu!n the first bill to pass In the new- session of congress. .The houxe then took up Imniedtately the', $232,735,000 tax reduction iin-nsure. • .Among th^ more,important items ' carried in th.e bill are those for iiriiiy and nayy pensions, a vd "vci- ' f rails compensation, ns wel as an item of $940,000 toward elevating ihe'gitns oit' the battleships Okla- luima and Npvioda. The latter pro- visi'in Avas voted in the liieasnrei ajfrer h spirited tight. . I Prison Board Seeks to Parole 165 Prisoners .Ijinslng. Kas.; Dec. 9. f.VP)-^ Sixty-five of, 165 prisoi ers eligible, wprc recommended fol- "jiarole to Governor Pauleii by tli» state board of adtninistration.: whlc-h concluded its Ueci^nber parole hearing at' the I slate penitentiary here last night Win. Penn—5 cents—A Gooil cigar Washington, Dec. 9., (AP)—The house today voted in favor of elevating guns on American battleships provided the president determines it would not vloiilc the Washington army'treaty. The vote waa 15; to 75. • ' \ Imme,diately afterward.the house adopted an amendment to includr $940 ,060 in the 'deficiency bill which it is (Considering to provide for elevation of the large guns on the battleships Oklahoma and Nevada. Rebecca Bradley Rogers Trial Jury Is Selected LaGrange, Tex.,, Dec. 9. (API- Charles- Renck, fat'iner, of Roundtop.-was selected this morning as the twelfth Juror to! hear testimony in the trial of Mrs.: Reberca Bradley Rogers, charged with robbing the Farmers' National bank of Buda last DecenJber. Court at once adjourned to reconvene at 1 p. m. to allow time for J. A. Jamison,-cashier of the Buda bank, to get to MiGratice. . .famison probably will be the first witness. He will testify as to the fart of. the robbery. The state expects to conclude its testimony In rapid order. 4hat the "brother" In conversatif| the Edward, Kiilwell referred to the fatjicr of thi- Juror. O'Ri I added that he liail iiiadi- a ttirther Verbal Charlc.-. (!. Kuddy who l;ad charjv ol lii.. jijr.v MII vi'illanc.c; lor i .i:! i- • After liearing thi.s tistimoiiy in court Kiilwell went to the ilviiicl attorney and askcM if in- rtoiiM In permitted to mulie a further statement. Me appeared belore Hurk- inshaw this morning and from tliat lime'on. no one was allowed to approach the office where he was being examined. I Burklnshaw hurried across the corridor and reijo.ted what K:d-. well said to (iordon. who declined to .say whetlier tlie bribe >tory would IK' Iwrne out. uncercmonioilsly kicked out of the car near Ga -field as the bandits Hp«l away t< • the south. . TIu««$enN Bankers. "if yoM doi't raise the; alarm until are sii ely out of town we'll iel firowiile t iit unhurt. But if you rJlMse ii.'i bef rre, we dump'him out ini dead along the re." tlie Ituiidil iead-i ;i.iiik workers as the" G.O: P. HARMONY IS RESTORED BY SMR CURTIS Independents Fall Back j In Line After Many Conferences ANOTHERWAVE OF COED SOON OVEI^ KANSAS? P. Connor Predicts More Cold Saturday —30 Die m Cold WEATHER and KOADS AliterimnMenufoBe Uplifted If Chefs Plans Are Carried Out Thorton Woodruff Seriously Hurt in Fall TJiorton Wooi^ruff, former reri- , dent, of lola. was seriously injured ^^e ^lnesday when he fell four stor- Tfes -trom « building on which he wa* working. In Chicago, according to word received today 'by his parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Wood- jvufj, 920 South Washington. Ac- "coraing to-word from Chicago, he received several bro.ken fibs and B broken wrist. I Ciiicago, .Dec. 9. (AP)—A national campaign ''for (he uplift of the American Menu has /(een started by chefs and caterers meeting here Har'sh words were spokei of the lack of American culinary ingenuity. "In the past century," said Fred Schmidt of Louisville, "All America hits prodaco<l la chop suey, hamburger ateafc and 'hot dog—and: nobody knows what's in* them." .. Greater uniformity In menus is deftired by the International cooks assoetation, the 'American caterers the progressive culinary association and the original pastry cooks association. They have gone so far aa to iiame a committee for drafting ways and: means of standardizing all soups and dishes. "We need a='what's what and why.*" explained C. 1* Schweitzer of Chicago. "Take Hor* d'Oenvre Thotisands don't know but what it's Mors de Combafi. Sometimes Jt is. ..Hamburger-hai many aliases; you can get it In 17.languages from a la Duke of Atnriboro to Popoletta di Milano." FOR KANSAS: FiUr touljrht and .Satorday: slightiy nnniier tonight In iiortlon: colder Satarday In north portion. . Far lola and Vicinity: Fair tonight and .Saturday; Nlightly wanner tonight Temperature—Highest yesterday 17; at 2 p. m.r lowest last night 11, at 8 p. m.: normal iror today deficiency yesterday 21; excess since January 1st. 287 degrees; this date last year--highest .14; lowest ."{O. Pre'cipitation for the 24 houns ending at 7 a. m. today, 0: total for this year to date. SLo.*!; e.xcess since January 1st. 14.90 inches. Relative humidity at 12 noon ye.'iterday. 74 per cent; 7 a. m. today 66 per cent; \barometer reducr ed'to sea level. .lO.S.'l inches. Sun rises 7:27 a. m.; set« i>:(^2 p. m. - , Rond CondIiInn <i. Salina, clear, roads good. Manhattan, clear, roads good. Dodge City, clear, roads good. Arkansas City, clear, roads good. Emporia, clear, roads good. Pittsburg, clear, roads frozen. . Coffeyvillc. clear, roads frozen. ,^^'lchlta, clear, roads good. Topeka, clear, roads good. Hutchinson, d^ar. roads good. x^/ilM ii:;d mad Miniewlilt' er told th< titur ill-parte \. • tT; ItiiiitMi ;on tlia; the robbery : was 111 iiig I iimiiiltted came, until after h iidjts were, several block..^ ri'oni the bonk, diti. ii s.irroiiiidlng county .Its Wire 1 OtIfilMl. (Iiowii wa II iiiiglit to Lamed, from where <«• was Telea.sed, by a pa.<siiig nipto 'ist. Officials »ho were <'ii duty |at the bank, in addition to the cash-^ ier at the ti ne of the robbery were: " i A. J. Koe liiig. vice-president: .Miss Lillian lurke. assistant cashier: ,.\ljs< I '.^i rl S'-nian. iMiokkeep- er- .M'rs Bet! Gore, liookkeeper: Mi<.> Marjoi— (Irove. Imokkeeper; .Miss DrthN-Smi h, steiiogrtipher. The hnndi^ were ilescribed by Hr.i'vii ns w'.aring duck hunter cos; limes, will corduroy coatif and caps and de lim owralls. In tlie car the ove alls .,*-cre discarded. The leader was a'lall man with a black mustac le. .Merle Johi son. Larned garage man. tuned iip his airplane and accompanied .by S. C. Clinesmlth, Larned buslress man, took off to search the i buntry .southwest of here, in whic i direction it was "believed the bajhdlts headed. Washington. Dec. 9. (AP)—Differences between the Senate Republican old guard and five western iiidependents over organization of the senate wi^re amicably adjusted today after a long se;ries of conferences. , ! After receiving assurimces from Senator Curti.-;. of Kansas, the.Re­ publican leader, that a majority of his^^ party favored early votes on their legl.slative program,"the Independents announced that they would assist in organizing the senate, rest'iving their right "to purr sue an independent course of action upon questions which may arise during the session." This Will assure the Republicans the necessary majority to organize the senate even without the votes of Senators-elect Frank L. Smith of IllluolB. aird William S. Vare, of I'cnnsylvania, but there sUl.I is a row over the office of sergeant-at- arms with various reports that David S. Barry, of Rhode. Island may be defeated for re-election by some Republicans absenting themselves at the time of the vote. Senator Reed, Democrat, Missouri, chairman of the special campaign funds committee, has indicated to the senate that he will oppose Barry because of the sergeant-at-arms' failure to carry out directions of the. committeie to proceed to PennsylTania and take over the ballots in the Vare-Wilson senatorial election. Kansa.<5 City, Dec. 9, AP)Another cold | wave will de- ascend on thi&j vicinity • late today, as a yesult of a second blizzard in thtj north. Tonight should be fairjwith a minimum temperature of '20. degrees, he . said. .Most tijains from thek- nonh .and west were from one' to three hourfe lat^ today lie- cause of storins. Washington, Dec. 9.. fAP)—Wil­ liam S. Vare of Pennsylvania was denied the oath of office, todiay the senate. As ;in Uie case of Frank Smitb, of Illinois, the senate declined\ to admit the Pennsylvanian to the . full privliege.s-of a meinber Because of the expenditures made.Jn ° i his campaign for office. ' Instead, his case will be referred to the lieed campaign funds com-- nihtee which, uncovered the evi-i ; dence on which-both Smith- and Vare were accused V>f campaign' fillancing out of line with public policy. •• . The vote on which Vare /was barred Was 55 to'Sl. This coittr pares with the vote against Smith of 5S to 2S. As in the case of Smith, Vare.v willbe allowed to -present his' defense to the Reed committee and before he may be finally ousted, be < w^lll be allowed to argue before the senate. ' The vote was on a Substitute resoiutiou by Senatoiv Reed, Republican, Pennsylvania, in charge I of Vare's figlit which woiild have „ allowed the senator-elect to be i i seated tiow- while the privileges.-/ and elections committee.ihvestigat-'^ ed his c' Five Democrats, votr, e<f with twenty-six Republicans hto aiirainister the oath and sixteen ' Republicans and one farmer-IaMr Chicago, Dec. f (AP)-^.More than | jojn^j. ^.j,,, oemocrats to deny thirty I persons have met death in. the vote, the sub-zero, blast and blizzard i. which yesterday! the continent from cOast to coast. Abatement of high-speed windj and Iowa, as to block highways] continued t^' fan the snowfall ahd whlch'.jrtled drifts How They Yot «Hl. ! The rolL call follow.s: For administering the oath : Repiibiicjins.- Bingham, Borah. Curtis, Deneen. Kdge. Fess, Gillett. . ; Goff. Greene. H:ile, Keyes. McL,ean, .Metcalf, Moses. Oddie, Pine, Reed of Pennsylvania, Sackett, Scb^tl, Shortridge, Smool, Stelwer, War-- " ren. Waterman and "Watson. 2«i. .D'emocrats--Bleaae. Brouswglg^:;, i Great Lakes, shioree to aid cCews itmBaeli;'Smith of South CaroTtn*, - ^- . . I •- - - Stecfc 5. Total 31. so high in Minnesota, Wisconsin delay ;-trsilns epd and .which sent rescue boats 'st nrrying a^bnj^' ihe; BRIBE CHARGE PROBE Sand Springs Bank Is ] lobbed TuLsa. Okl:l, De<-. 9 (AP)—Four High School Operetta To Be Staged Tonight "PVfnce Tobbytum," the high school operetta, is to be presented tonight by the combined glee clubs of the high school tinder the direction of Mrs. Marie Henderson, music supervisor in high school and Junior college. . By a good deal of Intensive work during the last week in addition toitlieWork done in previous weeks, the operetta has been brought to the place where, a good program is assured the general public. The actiiig as well as the singing in very good. Though oth-. er such musical programs will be given during the year. It has been hoped that a good crowd would attend this operetta, as it is hoped to build Increased Interest in the work of the music - department, here. lockets will he on sale at the. door this evenini^ at 25 cents for adults and 10 cents for children. men. beavilj First .Vatioi Springs at 9. . Two of the to have ente have made Pij and his thre on the floor up nil the ca counter and caped; J Between |: ftaken by the .'iaid a hurriefi the raid r ^vi and $401 In by the robb«ii:s. were seen b which ibesid^ eluded three dits got read* td • Wm. Penn— 5 cent »-rA Good Cigar er provided f| Those lockedj Inola, OkLa.', Bank Is Looted armed, raided the al bank of Sand to clock this inorning. bandits .are reported ed the hank, and to fpsideni W. L. Stewart a.salstants lie down while th#y scooped ;h in sight on the hi the vault and es- feal ,^nn and $6,000 w-as robbers, the cashier teck an hour after d. Between 1300 ilver was passed up Only three men lose In the bank, he employes in- Icuitomers. All were locked .in th^vajult when the ban- leave.. The vault was opened *ith a patented lopen- t>r such emergency, in-were five oi| six minutes gettihg out. however. Ji^ola, Okla , Dec. 9. (AP)—The First State b ink lof Inola, Rogers county was obbed today by one masked man who escaped with less than $1,(00. San Fran :isco After Deniocr itic Convention San Franciico. Dec. 9. (AP)—An effort to brini the 1928 Democratic national contention to San Francisco was gun today after the San Francisc I tourist and convention leagne. had telegraphed to .Tohn Shea, Its representative in Washington, to start canvassing committeeraei of that party for their opinion^ on'tbe matter. Senate Orders Action Once on Printed Statements at of Jtounderlng vessels, does not mean the mercury will begiii- a quick climb; wekther officials s4id They predicted the cdid spell would reach its peak tbday.but would remain of suffici^t' intensity .for" a few days to keepj the weather a constant tppic of copversation. Chicago reported nine deaths directly attributable to the cold, and the remainder of Illinois four; Canada's blizzard Ttoll. reaishpd eight today witti tlie finding 'pi bodies of two unidentified sheepherders. Iowa Reported four dead Wisconsin. three and Minnesota twQ. While northern Minnesota and AVi4>consin iremained partially snowbound, Iowa cities were gradually restoring communication and traffic. Washington, Dec. 9. (AP)—Immediate investigation by a-special committee of the senate of published charges that Mexico provid-* ed $1,200,000. for three. United States senatolTB was ordered today by the senate.''. A' resolution" by Senator Reed. Repiiblican, Pennsylvania^ proposing the inquiry,'was ordered without a record vote and without debate. Vice-President Dawes n am e d Reed as chairman of the investigating committee, trith Senators Jones of Washingtpni and Johnson of. California, Republicans, Robin- .son. Arkansas, and Bruce, Maryland. Democrats.: Explaining his resolution. Reed read today's AVashingtoh Herald, which is running a series of stories dealing with a purported campaign by President Calles against American interests. '-In calling attention to charges against unnamed ^enators, Hr. Reed declared that \ "as long as these charges remain in print un- denled, the honor rif every member here is under |n cloud. The Integrity of all is attacked." i Home Management to Be Planned at Meeting prganlziitlon of several countfes in eastern Kansas for home lii^- agement courses! be presented .to Women's Farm Bureau units Is being,," perfected at the Chamlieriof Commerce room$ at Memorial hill today by Miss. May Miles, oit Maji- hattan, home management specialist of K. S. A. Ci ; Amy Kelly, state home demon- straitlon agent, and ' W. G. Ward extension* architect, are here to assist in: qrgattizatjion. County home demonlstration agents here for the two-day conferince are: Miss Elizabeth R&ndal!. of Lawrence Douglas county:{Miss Mary.Border of Coliimbus, Cherokee county; Miss Grace HerK of Fort Scott Bourbon county, and".Miss Florence Syvcrud, of lolaj '] Remus Mur^ei: Trial \ Defense Rests Today Against administering thej oath: Rejpublicans—Blaine, BrookhartJ Capper., Cftuzens. Dale. , Frazier. Howell, Johnson, Jones pf Wasli- Ingtbn, I.,aFo]lette, McMaster, Mc- ! Xary,\Vorbeck, .Nye, Robinson <rf Indiana, Willis. 16. Democrats — Ashurst, Berkley;.. Bayard. Qlack. ' Bratton, Bruce, Caraway; Copeland, Dill, FenliB, Edward.s. Fletcher. Gerry, "Harrjis. Glass, Harrison, Hawes, - Hayden. Heflin, Kendrick. McKellar. Mayfield, Xeely, Overman, Pittman, Reed of Missouri. Robinson of Arkansas; Sheppard. Simmons, Stephens. Swanson. Thomas, Trammell. Tydings, Tysoii, \Wagner. Walsh of Massachusetts, Wheeler. 38. Farmer-Labor: Ship.stead, 1. Total 55. . ' After the first vote. Reed of Pennsylvania offered a resolntioh- to give Vare the oath and refer hia case to the special campaign-funds committee, headed by Senator Reed. Democrat. Missouri, which investigated the Pennsylvania primary. -This substitute also was lost by a. vote of 31 to 55. • Then the senate completed the .formalities necessary by adopting 4he resolution of Senator Korrts, Republican.'^ebra^ka; which placed the case in the hands of the Reed committee. Cincliinati, Dec. 9. (AP)—The de-' in George Remus's murder trial rested, toda' after 12 days de- votcii to an effo t to >r6ve that ^e was temporarily maniacally insaile when he shot a id killed his wlffe, Impgene, here last Ot:tober 6: The final gesture of the defeiise's- dircct irase was he-readfng of only two of several dozen depositions taken throughout the country.- • Wm. Penn—5 cents—A Good Cigar Boy, 13 Years Old, Admits We UHPEACHMENT OF OKLAHOIUNS NOW Hinderance of Probe to Be Considered Ground For Action Oklahoma City, Okla.. Dec. 9., (AP)—Attempts of state officialsl and their employes to hinder the investigations of the self-convei^ session of ,the' Oklahoma house jof representatives, will be deemed" ! ground for the filing of impeachment charge» against the officials- and discharge of the employes, under il resolution adopted today by- committee Killed Father Aftei Camden, .V. J.. Dec. 9. (API- Yes. I killed my father, I had toj' 13-year-oId Joseph Cnclnotta, to- lay told prosecutor Ethan P. Wes- :ott. in telling of evenlts.that led up to the shooting of Joseph Cu- clnotta, 38, yesterday. "There was nothing else I could dp." the lad continued. "He had fired one shot at my mbther and to!d me I was next. He -was drunk and I know he would have carried ont his threats." Mrs. Josephine Cnclnotta, the wife, agreed with her son. fthe main Invpstfgating| I of the house. Wm. Penn-5 cdnts^A Good Cig%r| The resolution was-altnost unanl- • motisly adopted in the; committee, I Charles Moon of Muskbgee county, ' who presented It, said, j • The action of the' committee came, after Judge Sam Hooker of the district court of Oklahoma county issued a temporary restrain-! ing order yesterday to prevent «l>-: proval of claims of any of the leg-i islators by the state auditor. With his father's: shot gtin-^ used by the father ''and son on gunning trips in the south Jersey meadows—the lad took his father's life. . "My father and I had lots of good times; hun' Threat ing In the fall aijd fishing iti sumJner time," Joseph said. "But h& reated me awfully bad. He beat rae. .He punched nje Iii tfie faeg and. if I wasn't around h? beat one of ny brothers or sisters." ) The boy was smt' to the detention house. The formal charge of murder was lodged against bimj ; Che More Arrest on Poll Tax Made Today" One more poll tax arrest yrka : made today by lola police. Trial ' of the defendant will be late tb—; day. Another inan arrested audi billed for trial yesterday obtain-i ed a contlniiance until Deceis-4 her 15.. ii Wm,. Penn— 3 cents—A Good Cigii;

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