The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on April 20, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1894
Page 9
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ILLOF PERSONALITIES Day Devoted to Debate In the House. VARIETY OF SUBJECTS, .jnorttm-'C/onhtlUfr I>|ICUMO<I by Mr, Wise—Intorniitloiml Kxchnngo at Malts—Import iint Immigration Circular. Coxey's Movement, Dlscunsnrt In tlio Senate— Naval Strength ot llio United States. WASHINGTON, April 19.*-The house devoted the entire day Wednesday to do- 'nate on the consular and appropriation nulB. It touched a wide variety of subjects and at times was brim full of interesting personalities. Tho Hawaiian t»Hcy of tho present administration came in for a good entire of attention. The appointment of Van Alen as minister to Italy provoked a very extended ' discussion. It was held up to ridicule fo tbetBepablieans, who intimated that it was adirect reward for his $50,000 contributed to the Democratic campaign s fund. Tho Democrats, In defending the |, appointment, tried to counter on the Harrison administration by detailing the history of the |400,000 campaign fund raised by ex-Postmaster General Wana- ttaker. Later in the day Mr. Wise took up the authorship of quorum Tounting ns a parliamentary antifllibuatering expedient and quoted from The Record to show _ that the first proposition in this line had ' tiem offered by J. Randolph Tucker, a Virginia Democrat, in 1880, when it had vigorously opposed by Mr. Reed. >. Walker (Mass.) met this attack on ex-speaker's fame by shrieking out the house the record of the Dem-> ocratic opposition to the quorum count- tug rule in the Fifty-first congress, Speaker Crisp leading the opposition. In the Senate, WASHINGTON, April 10.—Before beginning the tariff debate Wednesday in the •enateSenator Ohillinger (N. H.) gave uo- ttco that he would speak on the tariff next lr Friday and Senator Palmer that he Would spoak Tuesday next. I* , The venerable Senator Morrill (Vt.), 'who recently celebrated his 84th birthday and is the uestor of the senate, was | , recognized, and during his remarks was : accorded more respectful attention than baa fallen to the lot of most of the Ipeakers on the tariff question. |, , Senator Mills also gave notice he Would offer some remarks on the tariff next Tuesday. UNITED STATES NAVAL STRENGTH. Compared Wltu Tlmt of Foreign Pnwert Iu House Couimittoo Keport. 1 WASHINGTON, April 19.—The present and probable naval strength of the United States in comparison with that of foreign powers is not forth in the report of the house committee on foreign ivlEiuM presented by Chairman Cummings. Tho report states the committee has reluctantly concluded not to recommend tho construction of a now battleship, because of the depleted condition of the I' treasury. It is urged, however, tl«>ro ' be no hau/t in building up ti:o England proposes, gays the ro- ort, to begin seven battleships of the class, six cruisttrs of the second Class and two sloops. Italy with a de; ^ 'pleted treasury is preparing to build three first class battleships, three cruisers, 19 torpedo boats and four transports, Gtermany, France and Russia are going to even greater lengths to socoro the in• their navies. Tho report adds: 'view of those facts, it certainly aid not be safe for the United State* I build oo more battleships." fntornatlunal KKchnuge of MnlU. {WASHINGTON, April lb.—The serious _ i to Canadian mails, caused by the iit Northern strike, have baeaprac- ' _• overcome. The deputy postmas- Ijfineral for Canada has sent a fuvor- | reply to tho dispatch >sout by Post^ -Geuerul Dissoll, urging prompt on la establishing the long contem- . international ezohango of mails en Portal, N. D., on the "Soo" lino, |Moo«e Jaw, Ctuiada, ou the Ciinu- ' Pacifto, The urrungomout took i Wednesday. Th'is provides a new for Jiwils betweoii the onstovu i and Muuitoba and tho north west i of Canada, reaulting in a gain jay in tttoir truiuwiiBsiou, > Con>lilvr* Coxoy't Muvumvul. NOTON, April IK.—The Coxey dt rocoivod its flrat recognition tho Bouuto Weduosday, etiou wtis brought up in oxecu- i mid was under coiwidoi'utiou 1 und a' half. No foruiul uu- i taken and tho mutter was con- irregularly upon a «ugg««. f as there won several orguuUu- men approaching Washington > avowed purpose of forcing rec> i In the way of legislation, it bo- i to 4°<-'ldo what it could i of the arrival of largo uuiii- eu with thu purpose of Mr. illowew in view, Circular. , April IB.—Superintend. ! the i'liutfgratlou Imreau, oval of Boovetuvy Carlisle, important circular of iu- |j»«>ini(wioneri o( taiiulgrn* of custom* nnd imml- which, in effect, ex- JbUtva and Inspection i present regulations rolut- j*iUc iuuuigmtion to per- in tho United States by u, Newfoundland and I Nuiulimtluu*. . „ April Jfl.-Tho pre«ia«ut uaiu(ufttiou» to tlw Uort, Denote, > Joseph 8, Bkorrltt, li Ouptafu Joseph N. t'cpuuuodure. • Wit) AT THE POULTRY SHOW. Father—Do yon know what kind of chickens those are, Willy? Willy (without hesitation)—Yes; they're dude chickens. Father (in surprise)—Duno chickens ? Willy—Ves j don't you see how they've got their hair out ?—Puck. Attorney Sawyer would be expected to continue the prosecution of the wreckers of the Capital National bank of Lincoln. DratrleyVi Nomination Confirmed. WASHINGTON, April !»,—The senate in executive session confirmed John D. Brawloy of Pennsylvania to be assistant register of tho treasury. lictrln Attoravjr For Alaika. WASHINGTON, April ID.—Richard E. Lewis of Juueau, Alaska, has been appointed assistant United .States attorney for the district of Alaska. IV.— It wan atuted RATE WAR TO BEGIN NEXT SUNDAY. Wettern PaMengrer Association Linos IMslto » Big Gut tn California Ratei. CHICAGO, April l».— The war fn emigrant rates will begin in .earnest next Sunday. Chairman Caldweli of the Western Passenger association has issued notice to all members of the association that with the beginning of next week the association Hues will put in a rate of ijltfi. 10 on emigrant business from the Missouri river to California. This is a cut of $18.90, the present rate from the river to California being $35. The Atchison and Rock Island have issued notices that they will at once reduce reduce rates from Colorado common points to Montreal and New York. They have announced a rate of $30.!ii to Montreal and $33 to Now York, the first rate being a cut of $1.75, the second a cut of |4.2S. They claim that both tho Missouri Pacific and Union Pacific have bceu using th^so rates for some time. 8ay« U. P. Hasn't Gut. NEW YOUK, April 10,— President Clark denies that the Union Pacific has cut rates as alleged, and says furthermore that it does not contemplate doing so. He thinks tho present situation bud enough without doing anything to aggravate »t. The meeting of the receivers was attended by Messrs. Clark, Coudert and JUink. _ THE GREAT NORTHERN STRIKE. Striker* Still Preventing the Running of Any Tr.ln. WltUout Vlotimco. 8T. PAUL, April 18.— The reports received in this city from points along the line of the Great Northern railroad are much of tho samo tenor. The men are announcing their peaceable intentions and at the same time, without great violence, preventing the running of any trains and making up of any now trains. North Dakota point* supplied with muil and provisions over the Gruat Northern ore complaining vigorously over their isolation. At Wilnmr, Minn., tho firemen surrendered their charter in tho brotherhood and all joined the American Railway union, oud a correspondent at that point adds that the engtaours may follow in their footsteps. It IB just tho other way at Croukaton, whoro the mou refuse to have anything to do with the strike until ordurud by thuir brotherhood. 1f«tMMih Br. Louts, April 11).— At u wngu conference between the Wabonh itiuuugo- mout nnd rupri'Sfntativcs of thu engineers and fireman, the latUir's schedule was rejected. Tho company insists on a now lohedulo scaling salaries down somo- what. _ Btrtko l'f»i>tl«mll» O»or. BCOTTDAUS, Pa., April lu — The delo- gatiou of mi nuns cullod to moot here did not mutorialiao. The strike lit practically over, tlio ojwratoru having all agreed to pay tho Prick acula prlcos, Miner* Ulg Donation. , Muttt,, April 19.— Tha Butte union donated f 1,000 to the Groat Northern strikers. The uuiou it tho largest labor organisation iu the west. • _ _ Agrvcd |o Ulo To««Ui«r. BALTIMUUK, April 10.— John Uenkort and wlfo, an ugod uoupio ruaiding at Uoaedulo, Daltiiuoro county, agreed to die together. With a k(wu odgud racor uo swvorod tho urterlt* of bwr wrUU anil •he ttteu took tbo weapon uutl (lerforuied a like deed for btui, CONDENSED TEUERAPHo N6W8. Johu Duuuuit'it tUruo oUlhlreu wuru buruud In u oublu nwir I'luuvlllo, Ky. MuwiauhusutU will pay oil tho lout a( (U war louu ot *«,wa,HH Muy 1. Henry fluhrutt, wrvluu it tteutenoo in Ja«k«uu, Mioh., i>unlU>i>Uary (or lurouuy, Qoorgu Wootlbury, a prlntur, lm» at HubUartl, U., thurguil with At u vululirutltm tu tU« tuwus of Muil furtl, ArlldgCou «u4 Luxlngtuu tbo I'Ulo ot I'uul Kovuvu U tu ISt-Uuvuruur lluyvl Uu«» tu Mvtluu, OM.UU, April lit.— ISs-Vjiyvoni iia loft for Ouiliiiu)iuu f Alux,, un bu»l- KELLYITES f.RE HftPPY. Supplied With Provisions and One Thousand Dollars. THREE CITIES ASSISTED THEM, Indignation Meeting Held In Council BlurR— Stormy Interview Between Governor Jnok»on and ShertlT Haxen—HI* Iltla Withdrawn From tho Grounds—Mnrgnn'n Ilrlgnile Arrive, COUNCII. BL-tfFFs. April to.—Kelly's army camped on the Chtmtauqun grounds Wednesday night. There was A decided reversion oC feeling among tlie people Wednesday morning. Indignation supplanted indifference, and the citizens oE Oraana, Council Bluffs and South Omaha sot about vigorously to ameliorate the condition of the unfortunates. An indignation meeting was called in Council Bluffs and a committee was appointed to call on Governor Jackson to remove the militia from the Clmn- tanqna grounds. Resolutions were adopted denouncing the governor for calling out the militia, and censuring tho men who were responsible for the exclusion of tho men from the Chautauqua pavilion during the storm. Dolcl a Stormy lutcrrlow. Governor Jackson was found in Attorney General Stone's office and a stormy interview ensued. Sheriff Hazon was called in and he and the governor had a pretty warm time trying to fix the responsibility for the presence of the state troops. Finally it wan agreed to withdraw the troops. At noon the Chautau<ina pavilion was abandoned by the military and at 5 o'clock the picket lines were withdrawn. At 8 o'clock the militia was all back at the Union Pacific transfer and the Kellyites were in full possession of tho Cbautauqua grounds. • Daring, the day the camp was visited by thousands of sympathizers. Pood, clothing, medicine, bedding, pipes, tobacco and everything needed for the comfort of the army was furnished in abundance. When night fell Kelly was in possession of upwards of f 1,000 in cash and bad provisions to lost a week, with luxuries to lost a month. ni| Meeting Held In Omaha. In the evening meetings wore held in the throe cities, In Omaha the largo ball provided was inadequate and an overflow mooting was hold on Jefferson square. Upward of 6,000 people gathered at this latter meeting and wove addressed by the loaders of tho army. During the afternoon 250 Union Pacific employes, loaded with provisions, inarched over to the camp. A meeting was hold than, attended by 8,000. Resolutions indorsing the army and condemning the railroads wore, adopted. Thy citizens comjnlttou have announced that tho industrials will move out along the lino of tho Bock Island. Noolu is 25 miles oast. As fur us this point the Milwaukee and tho Rock Island tracks run lido by side, A train will bo "captured" thoro. Morgan's army reached Oinnhii over tho Union Pacillo. It consists of 73 >m:i), iu one refrigerator cur attached tu u fruit train. It was landed iu Council Bluffs aud joined Kolly liuro, CosuyUun Call ou Cleveland, WASHINGTON, April 10.—Four local iyiu\mtbUen with thy Coxoy movement united upon the president to request tluvt the Washington barracks bo thrown oputi for tho accommodation of tho com- iiioawuul aruty during its stay iu the oily. There are accommodations for Mveral thousand mou in the barracks. New Tr4atut«u| for CowyUet, ' Coi.TON,Oal, April IV.—Commuudor Vlnetto, of tho unemployed army, was found guilty of Attempting to defraud thy Bouthoru Puolilo out of railroad fun*. Tho doftmso subiwiitud about httlf of tho army, but only six were examined. Vinotte will bo ti'lwl ou a charge of exoitlug riot. Vry«'» ludvutruO* at pnymuur. BKYUOUH, fiui., April lO.~Captaiu UUllutiu, with 886 members of Frye's industrial army, arrived hero. CitUens grouted them with half a slaughtered bullook, 800 jwumhj of baoon, UOO loavos of broad, u bug of ooffoe, potatoes aud wbbage, IM»W»v«l>wl »U JKurutlliu Kluy, CAIUO, April 18.—Profwwor Morgou, who has ben u oxcuvutlug lu Kgypt for Home tiiuo past, has uado a f rush aiul important discovery. A fow woods siuue be disoovored the rouiaiiM of u supposed kiug of Egypt aud now, it is aunouuuod, his explorations at the foot of the brick pyramid of Dashotir bare led to the discovery of the foatth dynasty, King Morns Ratouab. In addition the excavator f o\tnd an ebony statue and some gold plates, etc. The explorations will be continued. , A Mill at North finite. NORTH PDATTE, Neb., April 19.—At- rangemetits are being made for »20- ronnd gtove contest here between Cheyenne's "Black Pearl" and Burt Morgan of Oinalia, on Saturday night, Prominent Mcatrlce Mnn Dead, BEATRWE, April 19—Isaac N. McDonnell, who has been a resident ot Beatrice »inco 1883, for two terms mayor and among the most extensive property owners of the city, la dead. Cruiser Chicago fit Gibraltar., April 19.—The United States cruiser Chicago has arrived here from Algiers and will coal previous to sailing for Southampton on her way to the United jitntrg. CONSPIRED AGAINST MQR. 8ATOU.I. Bishop Knrrlgaa tu tie Arraigned nt Rome on Mott Serious Charge*. NEW YORK, April !».—The Heruld says; The trouble which began in ttiis diocese of the Roman Catholic church several years ago and which originated with the Red McGlynn's disobedience, is not yet ended, it is to be revived in a new and more startling form. In fact, The Herald has been informed that the Moat Very Rev. Bishop Corrigan is to be arraigned in Rome on most serious charges. The substance of the charge is conspiracy, to destroy the influence of Mgr. Satolli, the aspostolic delegate. Mgr. Satolli has for some time past been working qaietly hat steadily to obtain the evidence against the head of the diocese. The case the archbishop is now complete and the papers are ready foi transmission to Home, The belief is Archbishop Satolli will himself carry the documents to the pope. It is said also on,tho sumo authority that Archbishop Corrigan had been "invited" to visit Rome. The meaning of this "invitation" is obvions. Among the charges which are to made against the archbishop is one that ha employed the editor of a Catholic newspaper published in this city to carry on the literary part of the warfare. This editor has been called tho "press agent" of tho bishop. He is a devoted Catholic and is said to have been convinced that lie owed a higher duty to Rome than to the archbishop, fie is said to havo furnished all the facts in his possession to the apostolic delegate. The documents have been in Washington foi some days and they are being formulated in the regular way, so nothing can interfere with their proper presentation to the pone. • T HE best in vestment in real estate is to keep build* ings well painted. Paint protects the house and saves repairs. You sometimes want to sell—many a good house has remained unsold for want of paint. The rule should be, though, "the best paint or none." That means Strictly Pure White Lead You cannot afford to use cheap faints. To be sure of getting Strictly Pure White Lead, look at the brand; any of these are safe: "Southern," "Red Seal," "Collier," "Shipman." FOR COLORS.—National Lead Co.'s Pure White Lead Tinting Colors. These colon are sold In one-pound cans, each can being (ufficlent to lint 3} pounds of Strictly Pure \VliucLeailthe desired shade j they arc in .no sense reiuly-tHlxetl paints, but A combination of perfectly pure colon In tlio handiest form to tint Strictly Pun Wltllo Lead. A good many thousand dollars have beta Nvved proptrty-owneri by having our book on painting Ami color-card. Send us a postal cant aud KcfUQth fr«. NATIONAL LEAD CO. St. Louis Branch, Clark Avenue and Twtli Street, St. Loute. Pierrott No. 10517 (8041) 'SKASON OP 1*1 C R ROTT !« a ilurk gray ftrvunrtm »UU- llou, unveil )-«*r* ulu ui\d wulgh* I7QO iiouud*. !(« u iB«i*twr»(i iio'oi. 0. 1', a, u. A. w«» ttupottea \>t ailuimor & LUCM, Cltttk»vllle, lown. I'lKHHOTV will umke the aeuou of IfeVi M Hlvur Juuutlou . Curiuel, W«atUun'», 'i'liut »aw, anil Friday M hewn, Uouduy* TKIIU8 AN tl ;'oNI'ITlrjONS.-T#U dOllttN 10 li\»ur» u colt to «t«uil ti|i «tul iu«k. f«r*unii nallliig, ttudtuv or toiuovluit Uwlr umr«» (rum tlw ouuuijr mill tie Uclcl lor lull lu KUIdUUU HlUt ttVV IHUU»)' k«CUUI«« dUO ttt (tl« (lUlU ot ilulittf »H abuv«i luoiiliuutHl. Cam will I* (ttkmi to iuwtHit tuwhtonU bu< will uot IM M- »pou»tlii0 oiiouHl unir uucur. Tutmkiuu tlui imbllu tot vaut imttouimo imd Uo))iii|| to ruuolvo u HUectti »btit« to tb» futuw, 1 wuiuiu Yuutu truly, J. 11. What is CASTOR i A Cftstorla la J>r. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infant* and Children, It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. It Is a harmless substitute for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor OIL It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years' use by Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allays feverishness. Castoria prevents romltlng Sour Curd* cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Castoria relieves teething troubles, cures constipation and fl>*nlency« Castoria assimilates the food, regulates the seomach And bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cos* toria is the Children's Panacea—the Mother's Friend* Castoria. " CMtoria It fcn excellent medicine for children. Mothers hnTerepe»Willy told me of iU food tff«ct upon their children." Dn. O. O. OSOOOD, > Lowell, Mans. "OMtorls la the best remeay for children of which I am acquainted. I hope the day Is not fardUUUt when mothert irfll ooiotdef the rail lalBTurt ot their children, and uae Qutoria In•toed of the various quack nostrum* which are deploying their loved onea, by forelug opium, morpblce, toothing tjruf and other hurtful •leou dora their throats, thereby Item to premature gravea." Da. J. T. . Oonway, Ark. Castoria. " Caworla ta «o we II adapted to children thai I recommend it aasuperiortoony prcacrlptioo known to me." H. A« A)tcmER« M. D*. III So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, ft T. 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