Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 22, 1974 · Page 11
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 11

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 22, 1974
Page 11
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U.S. -Soviet Detente Fails MOSCOW (UPI) - An American businessman who had been negotiating a contract with Soviet officials dropped by the U.S. Embassy recently, just in time to police beat and drag away a screaming Muscovite who had tried to enter the building. "He caine in here a nervous wreck," one diplomat said of the businessman, "He just couldn't believe it was happening right in front of the embassy with all this talk about U.S.-Sovk't detente. "The fact is, there is disappointingly little detente In the human area." The human area in U.S.Soviet relations includes such things as helping 12 U.S. citizens get home after living in the Soviet Union for years, trying to reunite alwut 220 split families, and genet ally providing advice for Soviets who would like to emigrate; to the United States. Only 20 to 25 per cent of those who apply to go to the United States ai-e allowed to leave, despite repeated representations by the embassy. One applicant, Mrs. Eleanor le- chepene, now in Lithuania, has been tryitig for 30 years to get back to her native Brooklyn, N.Y. There In no indication, from communiques or otherwise, that President Nixon raised the emigration issue in either of his two previous summits with Communist party General Secretary Leonid I. Brezhnev. Nor has there been any indication It will be on the agenda when the President comes to Moscow this week. Still, there have been some improvements since his first Moscow summit in 1972. That year, 500 Soviets emigrated to the United States. In 1973 the figure was 758. But embassy officials remain discouraged. "The Soviets have liberalized their policy toward Jews emigrating to Israel, but we don't seern to have benefitted at all,"onetiaid. Some Soviets, stymied in their attempts to get to America, have applied Instead to go to Israel, and succeeded! In March, Ambassador Walter J. Stoessel Jr. presented the foreign ministry a list of 12 Soviets found to be Americans, Including 10 native-born, one naturalized and one who • received citizenship through a parent, One of them, Nicholas Benko, was shortly thereafter given permission to return home to Youngstown, Ohio, after waiting for 27 years. But the list has climbed back to 12 since he left. The family reunification cases reflect both tragedy and naivete. —The mother and father of Lev Model left in December, 1972 to join his sister in Pittsburgh, Pa. Model, a laborer in his 20s, was told he could join them in six months. He has since been turned down twice, and lost his job after applying the first time. —Arnold Ozolins, born in Riga, Latvia, left for the United States in 1941 at the age of 30 and was naturalized In 1960. In 1961 he and his son returned to the Soviet Union from New York to visit his ailing mother. He was told he would have to take out Soviet citizenship if he wanted to see her. He agreed — and has been trying to get out since. Detente has boosted the number of Soviets who try to get in to see consular officers. Sometimes they even scale the embassy-wall to avoid guards. To discourage such actions, the Soviets have erected barbed wire and new fences topped with shards of glass. Those caught trying to run or sneak in are trundled off to a special interrogation room. As a result, consular officials have begun meeting Soviets on the street near the embassy and escorting them past the guards.' The Soviet view is that only citizens with exit visas should be allowed in to see the Americans. The United States has rejected this, maintaining that under the U.S.-Soviet consular convention, any Soviet citizen with legitimate consular business is entitled to visit the embassy. "The atmosphere has not changed so much that we can get anyone out without a hassle," one American diplomat said. "And that's an awfully tough way to do business." State Demo Gets Award TALLAHASSEE (UPI) Sen. Jim Williams, D-Ocala, has been awarded the Florida Education Association's tiger gavel award for work on behalf of education In the 1974 legislature. Williams was chairman of the Senate governmental operations committee, and vice chairman of the ways and means committee, a member of the rules and transportation and Joint auditing committees. Sock It To Em If you think your open-toe shoes don't attract enough attention, try wearing toesox with them. These are brightly striped knee-socks that fit like gloves over your toes. Bumper Sticker Case Decided NEW ORLEANS (UPI) - A Federal Appeals Court ruled Friday an unsuccessful Florida, congressional candidate could not be held criminally responsible for distributing campaign bumper stickers against his opponent without Identifying their source. Jack V. Insco, unsuccessful 1972 Republican candidate in Florida's 5th Congressional District, had been fined $1,000 and pUtced on six months probation for violating federal campaign laws. Insco's. conviction stemmed from the release of 2,500 bumper stick .ers during the waning weeks ot his campaign against Democrat William Gunter. Those stlickers carried only two words: ' 'McGovern-Gunter." The ca mpaign statute cited in Insco's trial outlaws distribut ion of written material about federal candidates without identifying the "persons, associations, committees or corpo rations responsible for As;lcew Nri Bill TALLAHASSEE (UPI) Gov. Reubin Askew used his veto pen Friday on a bill he said would subject a tourist traveling in a camper, the Saturday fishermen in his pickup truck and a citizen moving his household goods in a u-haul-it,' to a roadside search by agricultv ire inspectors. "At a time when the average citizen's, right to privacy is being eroded by the sophisticated technology of our increasllngly computerized society \ I question the need for and the wisdom of this additional governmental interference and regulation," Askew said in h'ln veto message. Present law limits inspections to 'vehicles used in the production or transportation within th«! state of any food or agricultural product. It's purpose is to protect the public against adulterated food and spread >ai agricultural pests. The 19V4 Legislature enlarged this so that no longer would vehicle!} subject to the roadside check have to be actually involved in the hauling of agricultural products. Any vehicle which could carry cargo, including a private car pulling a trailer, would have to stop to van inspection. > the publication." There was no specific mention >pf bumper stickers. In overturning Insco's conviction, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the candidate was unaware his actions were in violation of the law. "Insco was lulled into the reasonable impression that, whatever the ethical considerations might be, his conduct did not run afoul of the federal anti-anonymity measure," said the appeals panel. Watermelon Festivities On Tap CHIPLEY — The Panhandle watermelon festival gets under way here Saturday, and will continue through Sunday. , Today's activities will kick off with a parade through downtown Chipley at 10 a.m. Diane Quick, the Panhandle and Florida watermelon queen, will be in the parade along with queen contestants, marching bands, shriners, scouts and surprise units. At noon, activities will be centered at the Agricultural Center on Highway 90, west of Chipley, for the Watermelon contest. Panhandle watermelon growers will shoot for a top prize of a $l-a-pound for the largest melon. This will be followed at 12:30 by an auction of the big watermelons, to pay off festival expenses. At 1 p.m. a horse show will be held in the show arena behind the Agricultural Center. Many events are scheduled. At 3 p.m. the young people will compete in various events, such as rolling watermelons and sack races. Prizes will be given. The highlight of the nighttime activities will be the beauty contest. Contestants will be competing for a variety of titles including Panhandle watermelon queen, Teen-age and Little Miss watermelon queen. The first annual watermelon festival four-ball ( 2-man best ball) golf tournament is slated Saturday and Sunday at Falling Waters Country Club. Prizes from $40 low net to $300 low gross and low net will be awarded. Honor guests will include Rep. Bob Sikes, Bill Gunter, Wayne Mixson, Earl Hutto, Pat Thomas. Harvey Cotton will represent Gov. Reubin Askew's office. Dub Ausley will also attend. CLASSIFIED ADS AVAILABLE FOR YOU PHONE 763-7621 3. Notices BAY COUNTY COUNCIL ON AGING 859 HARRISON AVENUE Panama City, Florida 19~A5 S1ST DISTRESSED ELDERLY AND OTHERS REGARDLESS OF RACE OR CREED. TO OFFER PROGRAMS THAT WILL PROMOTE THE WELL BEING OF THE ELDERLY IN BAY COUNTY. TO CALL ON THE COMMUNITY FOR ASSISTANCE IN THIS PORJECT. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS. PLEASE CALL 785-6467. Easy Sew! Printed Pattern EACH ONE MAIN PATTERN PART 9445 SIZES 2-10 JUST ONE MAIN PART for each—zip-front dress, juniper, tunics, pants, cape, shorts! Whip up this clever wardrobe and save money. Note removable collars 'n' ties, too. Printed Pattern 9446: Child's Sizes 2, 4, 6, 8.10. Size (i dress % yard 60-lnch. Send $1.00 for I'Hch lmtU'in. Add 2SC for each pattern for fli-Bt-class mall and special handling. Send to Marian Martin News Herald Pattern Dept., 232 West 18th St., New York, N. Y. 10011. Print NAME, ADDRESS, ZIP, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. ONK VllKK PATTERN of your choice to send for, one t\w> pattern Inside NHW SPHINC5- SUMMKlt PATTKHN CATALOG. 100 slylos, all sizes, five pattern coupon. Send 751* now. SEW+KNIT Hnolt with basic 1 issue patlcrn. . $13 Instant Fashion Hook $1.00 Instant Sewing Hook $1.00 Madame Starr, the gifted palm reader who can and will help you or your loved ones. Located across from Angelo's Steak Pit, Beach. Open from 0 to 9 everyday and Sunday. CALLED COMMUNICATION, ACME LODGE NO. 322, F&AM. SATURDAY. JUNE 22. 1974 . 6:00 PM. WORK IN M. M. DEGREE. 230 MC KENZIE AVE. R. G. RICHARDSON, W.M. G.D. LANCASTER, Sec'y Large Print Paperback Books Pelham Bookstore 33 Harrison Ave. 4. Personals We want to welcome every new family recently moved to Panama City • Bay County. Call now for a welcome hostess ana free gift cards, 763-1780 or write P.O. Box 22U No cost or obligation! Panama City newcomer welcome service. PREGNANT Family planning of Florida Inc. Toll Free, In Florida, 1-800-432-37S3. WANTED: Persons Interested In providing a home for a mentally retarded child or adult who needs a chance to share In faally Activities. Contact Division of retardation, region 2-A Office, Panama City, Florida • telephone No. 763-7055 or 7634090. AL-ANON Deeply concerned with the drinking problem of someone very dear to you??? Ca) AL-ANON 769-0335. $25 Special Cold wave, only $10. PC's Beauty Nook, 785-8909 ask for Bill or Pauline. Anyone interested In participating In a summer theatre program, can contact Jack Lewis at the Flea Market in Southport, 265-9519 or Box633Lynn Haven. DIVORCE KIT for uncontested cases. For free details write; Kit, Box 791, Pompano, FL. 33M1. 5. Lost & Found Lost, male & female Brittaney Spaniel, orange 8t white in color, in Forest Park. Ph. 769-4546. Tound Walker hound. Identify and pay ad. 763-4576. REWARD! 11 LOST; Hewlett Packard pocket electronic calculator. If found, call 7637427 or return to 2900 State Ave. 8. Services Offered TREE EXPERTS Cutting, Trimming, Removing, 7856764. FREE Estimates. 763-4005. PAINTING: For all your interior and exterior painting needs call: C.E GIBSON & SON, Inc. 785-5740. Weather's Construction Co. Painting, Roofing; Remodeling Free Estimates. 763-2437. NEED HOUSE REPAIRS? NO JOB too small. I believe I can please you. Call after 6 p.m. 722-4267, Ralph Turner. MILL'S TREE SERVICE trimming, topping, removing and stump removal. Free estimates. 7635605 or 286-5222. S & T Construction Co. Free estimates. New construction and remodeling. 769-1541. CENTIPEDE GRASS SOD Delivered. Lawns planted, fertilized. Free Estimates. 769-1078 D&DRoofing: Repairing,rerooflng our specialty. 20 yrs. experience. Free estimates. 265-3267. DEAL CONSTRUCTION CO. Bldgs, Repairs, Remodeling, Free Estimates. 265-5670, Lynn Haven. TRUCKING, DOZING AND CONCRETE WORK, fill dirt hauled. Call John Housncr 722-4377 J&H PAINTING For all your Int. and Ext. needs Call 234-6338 FREE ESTIMATES wall papering. WASHINGTON PAINTING AND CLEANING SERVICE Paint Int. and Ext. Guarantee Satisfaction Call 7694550 ELECTRICAL WORK Save money- low overhead in county area. 769-4506 or 785-8284. HAULING, FILL DIRT, CLAY, BACK HOE SERVICES. 763-8649. BULLDOZER WORK - LAND CLEARING and leveling/call RAY KIRKLAND • 763-8217 or 265-3844 HEU-ARC welding call Dennis Hopkins 785-4242,265-3648. RICKS STRUCTURE CLEANING Kill Fungus & Mildew on eaves & Homes 7694333 Bull dozer work • land clearing - dumptrucks. S. O. Johnson, 234-6167. BULL DOZER WORK Large Commercial doze'r for faster & heavier work at smaller dozier prices. Land clearing with root rake. "We tpecialize in fish ponds" 763-4998 769-2467 LONNIE WHITE'S ROOFING, re- roofing, repairing & built up roofs are our specialty. FREE ESTIMATES. 769-4182. RICHARDSON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, building, remodeling, repairs, painting & build up roofs. 7854772. FREE estimates. JUNK CARS MOVED, FREE OF COST. DAY, 7854667, NIGHTS, 7633253. E-Z Flashing signs on trailer. $79S; on stand, $745; you mount it, $695. $25.00 monthly rental purchase plan 7026 Thomas Dr. 234-2666 Anytime E-Z MAGNETIC SIGNS, $9.95 pair, All sizes, colors. 7026 Thomas Dr.234- 2666 anytime. PORTABLE WELDING no job too small.Theprice is right. Dennis Hopkins, 7854242,265-3648. Drywall & Plaster Repair Work Any type job • none too small. Free Estimates. DRYWALL REPAIR COMPANY Call 234-2386 E-Z trailer signs, Rentals, lease or lease purchase, $25 monthly. E-Z Rent-a-sign- 234-2666, 7026 Thomas Dr. Beach. PATTERSON BUILDING Contractors Additions, Remodeling, Repairs. FREE ESTIMATES...763-5439. gScrvlcfgoffprfd FURNITURE REFINISHED Cabinets Made I C*L CABINET SHOP 763-7441 769 1992 WELDINGall types of metal. Dennis types c Hopkins, 785-4242,265-3648 ACTION BULLDOZER SERVICE Land Clearing • Root Rake. No Job too small, or too large. 763.0I55 E-Z Trailer Signs - "Share Our Sign Plan" is your lowest rental or purchase cost any where. No other company can match itt 234-2666 Anytime. CITADEL PAINTING CO. INC. . DRY WALL SPECIALISTS . TEXTURED CEILINGS . STUCCO BLOWN ON EXTERIORS . COMMERCIAL . RESIDENTIAL . APTS. . BONDED - ESTABLISHED .RELIABLE 265-5602 OR 769-0335 FREE ESTIMATES Billy Newsome construction company. Building, room additions, remodeling, painting, roofing and repairs, small jobs welcome. Free estimates. 7634819. BAY COOL, INC. Speclatlazing in window air conditioner repairs. Phone 265-3459 or 769-2323. E-Z Flasher units for your existing sign, pole or whatever. Multi colored flashing lights. $149.95. Prompt delivery! 234-2666. HAULING Oyster shell, fill dirt, top soil, clay and gravel. Call JIMMY HICKS- 7634391. 234-5873. FRED B. WALKER PAINTING Free Estimates Satisfaction Guaranteed Residential & Commercial Interior & Exterior 7(34292 CALL ME for Driveways, patios and screen porches. Remodeling. Phone 763-7157 anytime. SMALL CARPENTER REPAIR Free Estimates 265-SSS6 Building, additions, repairs, Beach area. 25 Yrs. experience. Contact Jim at CAST-A-WAY MOTEL. 9819 W. hwy 98. 234-2880 - 234-3129 After 5:00 PM. Home remodeling Interior, exterior, carpentry, painting, roofing, A repalrs.Exeellemworkatlowprlees. Call Norman C. Hill 78M7S0. We PLACE CONCRETE By CONTRACT OR YARD O Patios •Driveway! • Wofct All Materials Tested By The State Road Department. Free Estimates. Bulldozer and Crane Rentals SIXES CONCRETE PIPE COMPANY E. 15th St. 763-2811 Loving care, hot meals foryour child, $5 daily, $20 weekly. 1919 Calhoun, St. Andrews. REMODELING, REPAIR, ADDITIONS, ALL CARPENTER WORK. 7854087. LEE'S TREE SERVICE Trimming - topping, complete tree & stump removal. Also specializing in SOD, GRASS SPRIGGING & TREE SPRAYING, FREE ESTIMATES, call nnow, 785-6485. Swimming lessons: private backyard pool, small classes, qualified instructors, 2 week sessions. Ph. Ronald Carter, 769-1741 or 7694501. LAND CLEARING Bush hogging, discing, dirt moving. Reasonable rates, 722-4222. 1974 Buick estate wagon, 7,000 miles, purchased new in December, 2865721 after 5:00. Will mow lawns on weekends & afternoons. Free estimates, 785-7676. Landscaping, bush hogging, grading, top soil, etc. Go withknwohowl Beat our price? Then call 785-9205, 785-6889 or 785-6712. WANTED HOUSE PAINTING TO DO. 234-2419. Ask for Calvin. Painting, small jobs or by the hours, 234-9430 Need help for your projects and repairs? Workmen on call. Call JOHN NICHOLS • 763-6872. Painting, wallpapering and minor repairs. Free estimates. C it H Contractors. 769-4798. THE HANDYMAN Complete Residential & Commercial Repair Service. "ND Job' too small." FREE ESTIMATES "One call does it all" FINANCING AVAILABLE 769-2323 Ljgensed^tonded^Insjjjjjj^ K. Nurseries COLLINS Child Care, day & night. Weekly, babysitting & board 130 Clay Ave. Ph. 763-3896. UTTLE RED SCHOOL HOUSE NURSERY 24 Hr. Serv. 7 day wk. 915 Kraft Ave 763-4449 16. Nurseries Mr*. MACS CHILD CARE 24 hours, ( days • week. Convenient location, 211W. 11th SI. 7*3.7918. CHERRY HILL DAY CARE CENTER 6:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Weekly - Daily 7854244 or 763-5043. Child Motel never closed. Ages, from birth to 90 yrs. hourly, daily or weekly. 785-1550.3702 E. 7th St. Hlland Child Care any a week. Hlland Park, Newly opened FAIRYLAND CHILD CARE 8t NURSERY. 24 Hrs. - 7 days week. 3907 W. 25th St. 763-7040. Child care. 24 hr. service, loving care, hot lunch. 5122 Lake Dr., Parker. 763-9825 ask for Estelle. 17. Radio & Television KIRBY TV Authorized RCA Sales Service. 212 W. 15th St. Phone 763-3802. MOORE'S TV - Authrlted • Admiral - Sales - Service We service all makes. 19-Years at 1312 Beck. St. Andrews- 763-5962. T.V, needing repairing, you've tried the rest, now try the best. Free estimates, pickup and delivery. Repair on all sets. Motorola and Admiral warranty. Ph.(24 hrs.) 7692486. FRANK'S TV SHOP ZENITH SALES St SERVICE 1101 Ohio Ave., Lynn Haven 265-2771. 22. Help Wanted Hair dresser needed: good clientele •nd working condition. 785-4584 or 7(3-7949. Hairdresser and halrcutters needed at well established salon. Call 7632695 or 7854461. Wanted Junior or Master Cosmetologist. Apply in person • Tuesday through Saturday. TRIMMETTE BEAUTY SALON, 106 S.Palo Alto, 7634002. Maid wanted, Grand Lagoon Marina, Motel. Must have own transportation, 234-2948. HELP WANTED Full or Pamlme 18 and over Year Round Employment Apply In Person PASQUALES PIZZA 17458 W. Hwy. 98, Beach Night auditors, maintenance workers, maids, linen boys, desk clerks, watntresses. Apply in person, Red Carpet Inn, 9900 Beach Blvd. Panama City Beach. MICHAELS RESTAURANT Waitresses wanted for morning and evening shift. Apply in person. Call for appointment. 234-94(4.11834 W. Hwy7«8. Waltrsses wanted, experienced only, year round job. Good tips. Cooks or cooks helpers wanted experience only. Salad woman to help with buffet that has had experience making con- geled salads, aspics & Jellos, year l«™ •».mi», aspics oi jciioi, year round job, good pay. Dishwashers over 18. Apply in person a' "•- "~ bour House after 10 A.M. Partime maids for summer work. Call 234-3152. Wanted, attractive, experienced, mature, bartender for nightshift. Call 763-8251. Wanted, 1st class maid who wants to work In St. Andrews. Apply In person, Florida Motel. 3400 W. Hwy. 98. Help wanted, experienced wain- tresses, cook and cashier, po Joes, 14702 W. 98 beach across from Tour- way Inn. Cab drivers wanted: Apply In person only, Florida Cabs, Springfield, ideal for retirees, men or womem. COUPLES A challenging opportunity (o live and work with youngsters in a group setting. Excellent salary and fringe benefits. Minimum age 24, with no children at home. Write or call Bob Boeckels, Boys Ranch Fla. 32M-Tel 944-842-5501. night 9t4.842.M7S, or Jim Bretdngen, Girls Villa 813- S33-585t), night 813-533-9S31. Wanted maids for general cleaning must be over 21 years old. Apply in person to manager, Edgewater Gulf Beach Apartments. Need babysitter, reliable, with trans- poration, 785-1328. Aggresive person or route sales, salary plus commission. Excellent fringe benefits with opportunity for advancements. An equal opportunity employer. Frito Lay Inc. 265-5955 after 6 PM It Sat. AM. Experienced bookkeeper for permanent position as general bookkeeper. Must have experience in double entry journal bookkeeping. Hours flexible. Hy's Toggery, Panama Plaza Shopping Center. Need set-up girls & bus boys. See Gloria or Alex, Dunes of Eng Restaurant, 4 to 6 only. 8028 Thomas Dr. No calls. A FUN PLACE TO WORK Optnlngi for two or Thru Caihlori Apply In porion After 2 p.m. FUN CITY, USA W. Hwy. 98 On tho tooth DOMESTIC MAID $2.00 an hour, 1 day a week, own transporation. Efficient, fast, thorough, references. Write J-115, News Herald. Student to help operate motel. Apply Gulf Crest Motel, 8715 Surf Dr. (Near Joan & Thomas Dr.). SECURITY GUARDS Panama City Beach Area must be 22. Clean police record. Good health. 785-1125. The Wachenhut Corp. An Equal Opportunity Employer. Immediate opening in Beach Area. Aggressive young man. Will train. Opportunity for advancement. Call for appointment - 234-5445. Singing teacher experienced. Call 234-5493. Men to operate rides at Petticoat Junction Park. Ask for BILL McCOY. ACCOUNTANT SANDESTIN • a beautiful 2,000 acres residential resort community, located 15 miles East of Ft. Walton Beach, Fl. is presently seeking a degreed accountant with 1 to 2 years experience. Qualified applicants should send resume and salary history in confidence to: BUDDY NEWMAN, Dires- tor of Personnel, SANDESTIN, Destin, Fl. 32541. JOBS AVAILABLE NOW For Men & Women Immediate op.enings for burners, laborers; steady year round employment. 1 weeks paid vacation after 1 year. 5V2 paid holidays. Good wages. We are an equal opportunity employer. %iv 7 A.M. M«A • w. 1% $1 COVE CONTRACTORS, INC. PORT PANAMA CITY 763-7644 BHsssssssssssstssssssassssssn^^ BE YOUR OWN BOSS Own and operate vending machine route or canteen. We offer you site locations, company financing, com- J lete training program. Total investment of WOO — 1800 covers equipment, product and insurance coverage. For details — no obligation, contact Vending Industries, Inc. 1506 54th Ave. North St. Petersburg, Fla. 33703 Phone 813 527-0726 22. Help Wanted AAA Employment We have them if you need them JOBS JOBS JOBS 1316 Harrison Ave. 7594)246 $200 WEEK SALARY Immediate opening, woman over 35, advertising field, frm to travel, transportation paid, no experience neoded. We train you. Unusual opportunity, guaranteed salary and commission. Call collect, parson to parson only, Carl Wilson, 9)9832-8755. TAXI CAB DRIVERS NEEDED Apply Yellow Cab Company Men A Women 122 Harrison Avenue. HELP WANTED Immediate Opening for Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Must have knowledge of Diesel Engine, Gas engine and Dragline Repairs. Steady year round employment. COVE CONTRACTORS. INC. Port Panama City. 763-7644 NASHVILLE RECORDING COMPANY LOOKING FOR SINGING TALENT CALL 2057804038. WANTED Experienced waitresses. Cashier, bus boys, set-up girls, It dishwashers wanted. Apply In person between the hours of 4:N and 5:08 PM. No phone calls please. ANGELOS STEAK PIT Excellent job, bartender, for attractive lady. Cocktail lounge will train if qualified. Apply 100 Harrison Ave. UAM-SPM. 22. Help Wanted NEAT experienced waitress. Year around employment. See Joby at Joby's Seafood House, 1213 W. lSth St. EXPERIENCED fiberglass workers. Crosby Aeromarine Co. Bldg. SO Port Panama City. Earn extra income In your spare time with our company. We want married persons over 21. Call 7637261, after 3:00 PM for appointment. Hairdressers and halrcutters. We have a total redklns salon moving forware into the scientific approach. We need hairdressers that are interested in progressive learning and promoting herself In the hairdressing industry. Call 763-2695, 7858560 or 763-5992. Cargo handlers needed. Apply Panama City Port Authority. BOAT CAPTAIN Wanted, 100 ton license, good references daily runs to Hurricane Island Club with 58 ft. Carry Craft, apply at Man-Of-War Andersons Pier. AVON su SWING oTrtfsYtUNG'at an Avon Representative. Great time to start earning money in your spare time. Sell Avon jewelry and daily needs (as welt as our world-famous line of cosmetics), right In your own neighborhood. I'll train you. Call or Write: Sarah Skinner, Avon District Mgr., 769-0334, Rt. 4, Box 868, Panama City, Fla., 32401. Full or part-time positions available. Apply to Mrs. Sullivan - Big Chief Western Steak House -1031. Beautician Jr. and Senior who are interested in upgrading self and profession. Come to Wayside Beauty Salon. 234-3611. Wanted night waitresses, mature. $1.50 per hour plus tips. Also needed housekeeper - 6 hrs. a day - 5 days a week. 550 a week. Must have own transporation. No children In home. Apply in person only to Lu's Pisa Paten on the beach. Call The Experts For Complete ^Service & Repairs EXTERIOR CLEANING INSTALLATIONS RICKS STRUCTURE CLEANING Kills Mildew & Fungus On Eves & Homes 769-0333 Sheet Vinyl & Tile Floors Drapery Rods Tom After 5:30 p.m. or Saturday & Sundays 785-1077 Busy Bee Cleaning Service. General interior maintenance, day week, or month. Commercial, residential Guaranteed. 769-3468. Sheet Vinyl & Tile Floors Drapery Rods Tom After 5:30 p.m. or Saturday & Sundays 785-1077 Busy Bee Cleaning Service. General interior maintenance, day week, or month. Commercial, residential Guaranteed. 769-3468. APPLIANCE SERVICE LAWN CARE JONES & BARNES APPLIANCE SERVICE REPAIRS ON ALL MAJOR APPL1. WE SPECIALIZE IN MAYTAG. WHIRLPOOL. KENMORE. 265-2628 E&S CUSTOM CARE Lawn Service. Commercial & Residential. 785-1752. JONES & BARNES APPLIANCE SERVICE REPAIRS ON ALL MAJOR APPL1. WE SPECIALIZE IN MAYTAG. WHIRLPOOL. KENMORE. 265-2628 E&S CUSTOM CARE Lawn Service. Commercial & Residential. 785-1752. •OATS-MOTORS SEWING MACHINE REPAIR JoeMizell's Gulf Marina b^les, Service and Dry Storage. Your Local Johnson Dealer 1500 E. Hwy. 98 763-3291 All Makes, specializing in Pfaffs. Pfaff Sewing Machine Service, 7857603. N. Cove Blvd. JoeMizell's Gulf Marina b^les, Service and Dry Storage. Your Local Johnson Dealer 1500 E. Hwy. 98 763-3291 All Makes and models Service calls DERRELL'S SEWING CENTER 576 W. 11th St. 763-6735 MOVING-STORAGE All Makes and models Service calls DERRELL'S SEWING CENTER 576 W. 11th St. 763-6735 LOCAL MOVING a specialty. Long distance too! Teague Bros. Transfer & Storage, 2111 Mound. 785-3448. PAINTING VAN HORN Mayflower Moving • Storage • Rigging. 763-3967. J. & J. Painting Contractors Interior & Exterior 25 Years experience 769-4030 VAN HORN Mayflower Moving • Storage • Rigging. 763-3967. J. & J. Painting Contractors Interior & Exterior 25 Years experience 769-4030 CUSTOM DRAPERIES i UPHOLSTERY \EWLIKh f/U.\ M.N'G Ext. and Int. Large & Small job. Call 785-907: Custom Draperies, Swags. Cornices, Upholstery Work, Fabrics. Free Estimates. 785-0811 Days, 763-1189 After 4 PM. Pit H fainting, inc. Specializing in painting, pressure cleaning sandblasting, remodeling. Phone 769-1831. Custom Draperies, Swags. Cornices, Upholstery Work, Fabrics. Free Estimates. 785-0811 Days, 763-1189 After 4 PM. Pit H fainting, inc. Specializing in painting, pressure cleaning sandblasting, remodeling. Phone 769-1831. CARPENTRY OFFICE MACHINES Carpentry work of any kind, interior or exterior, paneling, ceilings, tile flnors 'ftnfc nnhlnpfs Rt rnnnmtA • PANAMA OFFICE SUPPLY Repairs, rentals, factory trained service men. 763-6527. I1UVI 9, UUIftf k>aUIIlClD| W WUiiwClv drives, or walks. Free estimates. Ph. 265-3803. • PANAMA OFFICE SUPPLY Repairs, rentals, factory trained service men. 763-6527. J i J PAINTING CONTRACTORS • INTERIOR -2$^ • EXTERIOR Lflpi 25 YEAR EXPERIENCE WSB** CALL 769-4030 1

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