Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 12, 1933 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1933
Page 8
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• I PAGE RIGHT RED DEVILS # TOPARSONSIN FRIDAY BATTLE Mustangs Travel to Gar- n^ttin Second Neiosho •Valley League TTilt THE TOLA DA fLY REGTSTER. THURSDAY EVENING. JANUARY 12. 19S8. May Play for^ Pet l.OCO --.667 .500 .500 .000 .000 Junior CoUeire Standings. W. L. El Dorado 2 .0 Coffeyville 2 1 Hutchinson 1 1 Independence 1 1 iQla 0 il Arka,n^ City 0 - ;2 (Other teams have not played.) dames This Week- End. I Thursday—Kansas City at Wentworth -milltarj- academy (hon-con- rerence). ; Prjda'y—-Coffeyvtlle at Fort Scott; Hutchinson at El Dorado: lola lat Parsons; BartlesvUle at Independence^ (nori-conference); McCook at Garden City (non-conference.) Saturday—St. John's at BJ Dorado (noif -conference); St; Joseph, Mo., at Kansas &lty; (non-conference); Cliilbcco at.Arkan .sas Citf (non- conferisnce.)' i I': Results Last Wcelt Co 'ff (!>Tllle 42, Indet)endence 19; El? Dorado 39, ,Coffe>-ville> 29. OQtfp>-illlc 33. jHutchlnson 29. InHcjjcndencc 47, Tola 27. KartSHS City 20. Trenton, Mo., 36. " kilniias City 40, Kansas School for Dcnf 37. . Fort" Scott 3C, Louisburg Shamrocks 32.- One nf tlie new plavers Joe Cronin. manager of the Senatorsi will look at. in spring is Cecil Truvia. above, IS-year-old third baseman of the Chattanooga Lookouts. Travis, in his first year in profcsRipnal baseball witb the rhamplonH of the Southern League ID 1932. hit tor a mark of .361. Tlie; Parson.s junior college,Card!- \ nals*vi:l!l bo the second coniftsrence foo of ;the local Rcd-Dcvihsl the loia quinifit Journeying there Wniorrow iiiRh;, 'for a contest to be the opener of;the .season for the Cards. ' The,'Red Devils will be; accompanied to Parsons by Floyd Smith, CoR(;h Mickey Evans having decided upon escorting the high school team to Garnett for a N(;osho Valley league Bame. ; At: Parsons the Red Devils will mret a team for the most "part untried: in actual play. The Cards are rencrted to be composed largely MURDER ON A STREET CORNER Brother of Attacked Girl Surrenders Pistol to Cop. CAP) San Antonio, Tex., Jan. 12. "Your time has come." With this tferse statement a. man accosted Albert James, McCoy on a San Antonio street comer last night and fired two bullets into his chest, fatally wounding him. A third shot went wild. A young woman who had been strolling along the street with the 27-year-old athlete fled. Immediately after the shooting of fpiimer high, school sta;rs. , One i Minus Doolittle, 24, surrendered a regujar, Joe Gasaway, remains from ; pistol to traffic policeman W. Cock- last -jle'ar's team which was in the ' rcU. Doolittle is the brother of Miss Mary' Doolittle. , who last July 11 charged McCoy With criminally attacking her. McCoy had been released on bond. His trial was set for next montli. running for the championship. With El Dorado alone remaining with'-a perfect record at tlie top of the standings little changfe is expected In the list as a result of gamos^ this week-end. The Grizzlies have';triumphed twice with Coffeyville having two- wins and;?one loss. The ; important game of the v/eek will "he the El Dorado-Hutchinson contest on Friday, the salt city team beini^rated capable of dro^lplng the Er iJjradoans from tl^e .select class.; New .York. Jan. 12. (API—A".st,p At? the pre.scht time, howxver, the ; Piccard', Belgian stratosphere flier, Grizldies are given the first positloh ; arrived in America today and the ill cjiampionshlp rathig, with Cof- i first thing he- did was to refuse to feyv^iie and Kansas City comiiiK next.:' Fort Scott and Pai'3ons begin conference play this week. Gar- , , den - City will start one week from was cleared the room on the tomtjprow and Kansas Cityj will wait steamer Champlaln, was to deny a PICCARD A FOE OF TOBACCO. Belgian Scientist Mnm Until Be- porters Snnff Cigarettes. talk to newspapermen until they quit smoking. The next, as .soon as the smoke untii'January, 21. At Garnett 'tomorrow evening tljio Miistahgs of lola high will ehcouri- tet the present leaders in]the Ned- slio -yalley league. The. iAjiderson county team has annexed^ two victories to datie. The local five Icjist to 'iales Center in the oiiily league game played and last wdek bowe^i to dhanut'e by a doubled ''score. Other high school gamefi scheduled in' this section for the iweck-cnCJ- foll(!w: - ; , 1 Pilday—Emporia at • Parsonji; Anna nt Cherokee; Glrartl at. Coli- lege}high iPittsburg); Frohteiinc at Muljjcrry; Humboldt at Bi^rUrigton;; Frc(i6nla at Cherryvale; 6t. Francis at Morchead; Hepler at Stark; Walnut at St. Paul; Galiisburg at Thayer; McCune at Oswegfa; Mound Valley at Edna; Altamont fit CheJ- topa;. Pittsburg at Coffeyv|lle; Cha- nutp; at Columbus; LeRoj^: at Kincaid- 1 i MISSOURI BANK IS RjOBBED.;' Oh^ of Bandits Lets It Be Known • : He is Pretty Boy Floyd. Springfield, Mo., Jan. K. (AP)-^ Three men. one of whom Isaid he is "Pretty Boy" Floyd, Oklahoma outlaw', ^robbed the bank of J^h GroVe of between $2,000 and $3,000; this afternoon. The robbers ^scaped ih a sjijall automobile, south <)ut of Ash Grove. }• ] Descriptions of the baiiaits given to state highway police: jone slender man, reddish complexion, weaif- in^ black fleece lined coatfand light cap.: One tall dark coDflplexioncd mani wearing dark oveiwit. •. ; The man who told the robbery victims he is .Floyd was rather he&vy .sRt.'dark, and also wearing a fleece- lined coat. ! ) report that to protect his children back home in Belgium he had extracted the teetli of a vicious dog which belonged to a neighbor. The denial was brought forth by a rising storm of wired to Piccard's lecture agents in New York from American dog lovers who threatened not to attend the lectures, if the dog story was true. RAY HANGRDM LEADS FIELD IN FIRST DAY OF MEXICAN TOURNEY Outstanding favorites Including De^ fendiniT Ciiamplon, Six Strokes Behind Texas Pro. Agua Calllente, Mexico. Jan. 12. (AP)—Ray lilangrum, a rangy, golfer who learned the game on the wide open spaces of Texas, held a one-stroke l^d as the field of 127 golfers turned . into the second round of the Agua Callente $7500 open today. The 22-year-old youth swept to the front yesterday with the aid of a stiff wind!which blew the favorites well back and sent the dark horses charging to the front. ' Mangrum | shot a remarkable round of 35r34^-69, three strokes under par. iri second place breezed Archie Hambjrlck, bespectacled youth from Zanesville, Ohio, who shot a steady 35-35—70. Third place was held by Horton Smith, Oak, Park, m., on the comeback trail, and John Rogers, Denyer, who has .flashed In big tournaments before, but never quite made the grade to win one. They shot 71s, still a stroke better than standard figures for the ,6838 yard course. Al Espinosa, one of the four dashing dons in the toiuney who boast of Spanish blood, was the only bth- cr player who could hold his own with par, I The outstanding favorites were clustered together with cards of 75, 6 strokes behind the leader. These were Fred Aiorrlson, Pasadena, Cal., defending champion; Craig.Wood, Deal, N. J.i winner of the three other major whiter tournaments of the West; Olin Dutra, Santa Monlim, Calif., national P. O. A. champion; MacEJonald Smith, Ne^w York, and George Von Elm, Los Angeles, joint winners two years ago. Willie Goggin, another of the young upstarts, from San Francisco, and Eddie, Loos, veteran pro from Chicago, were tied for sixth place with 73s, one over par. In eighth place at 74 were Harry Cooper, Chicago; Paul Runyon, White Plains, N. Y.; Lester Bolstead, Miimeapolls, the- leading amateur, and Charles Sheppard, Oakland, Calif. Leo Diegel, home professional and former national P. G. A. champion, had a 76, and John De Forrest, British amateur (ihamplon, scored 78. BRUSHING OP SPORTS - - - ByLanfer .720 m> BECAME A DHKNSIVB MILbRED TAKES UXIONTOWN Boys Team StUI at Head of League .lUthough-^irls Are Defeated. (SpacUl to The Register.) Maidred, Jan. 11.—Mildred high remained undefeated at the tOT ff the Marmatoh > Valley' league here last-night by winning over Uniontown. 27-20. The Unlontown girls were victorious pver the Mildred girls by 36-17. The Elsmore and Unlontown girls teams are tied for fIrit place in the league standings. Tljiey have tied for the championship the past two seasons. Be^^man. Unlontown, was high c-nrer of the Mildi-ed-Uniontown girls game, tallying 22 points. Cowan. Unlontown. ajid Norton, Mildred, scored 14 each. Mildred will play at Bronson and LaHarpp at Unlontown in league games Friday night. Box score of boys game: Miliired FG Sincl.4ir ,. 2 Jefferies^ ..., ...0 Hueston I...2 D. ciirley i.. .5 Boyer ..1 Swede Totals ; Unlontown iMiUer : Johnson • • Johnson •• Sesslcr C.ilbort Wolf ..3 FT 0 0 0 1 0 0 13 1 fa2E ?iiN& I? CHftNCES . (ONE Tn& vJoRup tes«> , ft (2.,SEfloHP BASEMEM) AND Cu>ufe> h HOMER/ DoOBlE m> Two SiM&LES FG FT F ..6 4 3 0 0 0 0 0 . .1 . .0 ..0 ..0 TOLA: KANSAS TURNING OVER A 1933 LEAt ^ Totals 8 4 Referee, Harrison, Klncald. 11 THE cm^KlM^s cuiA?s mm. ME' DOORMAN SURRENDERS IN KILLING WOODRING TALKS FARM AID Fonner Governor and Guy Helver- Ing to Roosevelt Parley. New York, Jan. 12. (AP)—Harry H. Woodrlng, who retired as governor of Kansas last Monday, talked over the farm problem at considerable length with President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt at the Roosevelt home here today, but he declined to comment to newspapermen on his views on the pending "parity plan" bUled before the house. "We have got to raise prlc&s," said Woodrlng, "to solve the economic crisis before us. I do find the In- dijstrial East and the city people sympathetic to the Improvement of the fanners' conditions." Guy T. Helvering, ICansas Democratic state chairman, accompanied Woodrlng to the Roosevelt conference. WILLIAM BRAUCHER GLENDALE lO.-^Mr. ^nd Mrs. Jan. lO.-^Mr. and Mrs. V. W. Heath and Lloyd Heath jtook dinner ^ at Jess Ross's Thursday. The mph helped get wood onithe J. M. Ddyis place for Wesle^ Tucker. There were twelve big Idads ready for the stove.hauled in arid plied In their back yard.' Mr. ftnd Mre. Tycker are very thankful to their friends for their kindncissi •James Hosley returned io his college work at Plttsbiu^l Sijnday afternoon and Ruth Hosley to lola juii- Iq^ college. | :W. P. Van Pelt made]a trip to Abound City Thursday onilmportarit buslne.s8, j 1 ;V. W. Hrodi. Jessi Ross, Charlie Wli(itcomb and.Ed Hcjsley I butchered f(jr Mrs! Nora Tucker Friday. Mi^. Roiis and Mrs. Heath speht the dniy there. ; •• >Mr. and Mrs. E. M,.Hosley we^e Ih 'Moran Monday and called on Kfrs. Mary McGlashan. ! iThleves arc busy now tdklng har- neis. -They seem to know where the K)od harness Is. Three sets have been taken near here the -last week. :Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pl.erce aiid Betty Jean, LaHarpc, visited the jAirental Tucker homie Sunday. sMrs. Tucker and Marj'i Mr.: anil Mis. V. W. Heath; Vivian and Lloytl Heath were trading in lola Sa^url- day. Vivian had dental work done. • s Mrs. Bess Ross visited, her mothet, Mre. Mary Whlttlngton near MUdreid tuiesday.. . ^ ' • ^ \ Mack Is Working Again /-'ONNIE MACK, at 70, finds himsoU" with a runncrup ball club under his wing, and when spring brings his new brood of oliick.s out on the diamond, Mr. Mack faces the necessity of going to work again. Mr. .Mack will like that. In the training camp of the .\thletlcs he will flutter from rookie to rookie, rorrectiag and encouraging the new members of his family. Old faces will *e missing— Simmons, Dykes, Haas. Infield replacements must be added and new pitching ivory tried out. And Mr. Mack, who likes to have eager young faces about him, will find spring pleasant. -»»••• Poor Portland! AN understudy for the aging Bing Miller must be found. One of the new men must be llacedjin the outfield .where Simmons used to roam. For these jobs. Mack has brought two of the best young outfielders from the Pacific Coast League—and all but wrecked the champion Portland team in doing it. These two are listed in the roster as Louis Klopsche Finney and Robert Lee Johnson. • Finney was runnerup tor the batting leadership of the league last season, with the formidable average of .348. He is a 22 -year-old six- footer and bats left-handed. Johnson, a brother of Roy of the Red Soxj hit .327. Another young man from Portland Is definitely^ expected to take Dykes' old job,at third base. He is Michael Frank HIgglhs, a Texan who starred in baseball, football and fraternity life at the University of Texas. He cracked out 31 homers for Portland last season, batting .327. ' More Pitchers •RTACK virtually completed the wrecking' of the Portland club by recalling three pitchers^ one of whom may go batk. They are Big Jim Peterson, Hank McDonald and Joe fiowmah. All these lads are six-footers. • Big Jim is the lad who signed up from the University of Pennsylvania lust year. He had been a quarterback at Mercereberg, and when told by the coach at Penu that he was going to! ^ay j tackle, Big Jim Ipojed hto' fcad played baseball and basketball instead. Peterson was kept, busy at Portland, appearing In 39 games of which he won 14 and lost 9. McDonald won 14 and lost 10 for the Beavers. Bowman won 10 and lost 7. The hottest of the ; pitching prospects is Merrltt Patrjick Cain, called "Sugar" by his mates. This sK-foot Georgian learned his pitching' in the army where he served four years. He pitched for the A's a.while last season, winning 3 and losing 4. At Baltimore he won 16 and lost 5. » » • And Oh, Yes, Claset! 'pHksE four recalled pitcher?, Peterson, McDonald, Bowman and Cain, are all right-handers. The only; pitcher purchased Is a left-hander named Claset, whose folks thought up the cute front handles of Gowell Sylvester. Claset has pitched for nearly, every town in baseball since receiving a brief trial with the Cards' in 1925 when he was so wild they couldn't find the baseballs he pitched In batting prac-; tlce. Mr. Claset has mad<? wild pitches for Rock Island, Waterloo, the Missions, Quincy, Evansville, W^heellng, Toronto, WiUlamsport and Montreal. He walked 144 men in 47 games last season for Montreal, and committed 13 wild heaves, but managed to win 23 ball: games Just the same. I'm Free, Take Me ly/TACK probably picks up more free agents than any other manager In the majors, another evidence of his experimental nature. Five of these free agents will be taken south, housed and fed during the spring training trip. One of these aspiring candidates is an Infielder from Seton Hall named Albert Reiss; Four are pitchers—Tim McKelthan. Ed Cole, Edson Kershner and John Merena. McKelthan, who was optioned to Albany by Mack last year, won five and lost none for that club. The others were picked up here sfnd there-, by application and recommendation. \ They will add to Mr. Mack's work—«nd pleasure—^when the iTorj schooling season starts la the sottthlapdf; " ' Edward Maloncy, the doorman Sought In connection with the killing of Uirry Pay at tlie racketeer's New York night club, is shown above (left) after he liad surrendered to police.. With him Is his attorney, William'A. Blank. When Maloncy, testified, that he had been drinking so heavily ijiat he had no idea of, what happened the nlglit Fay..was slain, police leuncht'd a .search for a second man in connection with the crime. YOUTHFUL ROBBERS GUILTY. Pleas Entered For Kidnaping and Robbing Kansas City Motorists. Kansas City, . Jan. 12. , (AP)— Three farm youthi pleaded guilty today to charges In connection with the kidnaping and robbing Of four Kansas City motorists and were sentenced to serve three to ten years each on each of four counts. The sentences are to run consecutively. The youtlis are Robert Thompson, 19; Robert BowTing, 18, and Arthur Kerry, 24. all of Cl&y county. Among their victims was George Melcher, superintendent of the Kansas City schools. PLEASANT IPRAIRIE- Jan. 10.—Miss Doris Beard. Erie, spent the week-end with Miss lone Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Herschcl Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Harley MfcVey and Mr. and Mrs. Tommie Moss helped Mr. and Mi-s. W. A. Moss bpitcher Monday. "> Miss Nola Moss entertained, with a New Year's party, the following were present': Misses Caroline Thormann. Margaret Stewart, Lucile Davis, Dorothy Stennltt, Ruby Young, Nola Moss, Russell Stennltt, Ralph Stewart. John Dunham, How^ard Lust, Harvey Bog^n, Kenneth McVey. Scott Morris, JJee Folk, and Mr. and Mrs. Tonunie Moss a.nd sons Jerrj* and Junior. Tlie evening wa.s spent playing cards. Refreshments w^ere served. Mr. and Mrsj Harley McVey and family s ]X 'nt Sunday with Mrs;. Julia McVey and Wilbur. Miss Nola Moss sijent S.iturday Tiisht with Mr. and Mrs. Tommie Moss. Mrs. H. Ponsler spent from Friday until Sunday with her daughter; Mrs. Roy Huss and family; Ft. Scott. Mr. and Mrs. Tommie Moss entertained Saturday night with a card party, Mr. and Mrs. W. Ens- mlnger, and sons, Ralph and Fred. Mr., arid Mrs. Earl Hcsseltlnei Mr. and Mrs. Russell Morrison, Mr. find Mrs. Miles Templeman. Miss Gladys Hcsscltlnc and Miss Nola Moss. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Moss and Nola spent Sunday with Mrs. Nolan and Grandma Moss, south of Moran. Miss lone McVej' spent from Thursday until Satiu^lay with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Harley McVey. Miss Carolin Thormann spent Wednesday night wltjh Miss Nola Moss. Mr. and Mrs. Harley McVey and family spent Stmday evening with and Mrs, C. ^Iceier.' CARPENTER Jan. 10.—Mr. and Mrs. Domild Bamett were sick with-the,flu week. We heard the other day, the baby, Leslie Wiayne, was very sick with the flu but Is better now. Mrs. Irene Leake was staying In lola last week to help care for her sister, Miss Addle Marmon. who Is sick, we have not heard since how she is. Oiir nice weather still continues some mornings are warm and sunT shiny like spring. This morning the wind blew hard, but It Is still warm. Maybe we will escape a cold winter from now on. Mike Troutwine and Bert Sell chopped wood In the timber last Friday. Several from ;the neighborhood attended the funeral of Mrs. John BoUng last, Wednesday at jlola. We had known Mrs. Holing for a good many years,and in all that time I never have heard anything but praise spoken of her, she was loved and respected by everyone who knew her, and will be missed by a host of friends. The family have the s>'TOpathy of the entire neighborhood, in their bereavement. We read in the paper? that Mr. Charley Melvln Is In the Bell Memorial hospital at Kansas City. We hope there Is no serious aliment. Mrs. Fred Heinz went t»ick to St. John's hospital last Friday for fm^her •peratlon. Mrs. Sam Williams and Miss Marie and Gerald Bamett, were at John Troutwines Sunday afternoon. Visitors • at Cleavers Monday evening, were: Clifford and Letha Troutwine, Hazel Wallace and Gerald Bamett, Marie and Irwin Williams, and Leslie and Bobby Bar- nettL , ' ; • Mrs. M, M.. Troutwine called Monday afternoon on Mrs. John "Troutwine who Is still sick with the flu. A group of young folks went In and surprised Harlan Cleaver on his blfthday, Wednesday evening. ; We are sorrj- to hear that Mrs. Jim Blxler te sick with the flu. MONTEVALB Jan. 9.—Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harris and little daughter Lucille visited Mrs. Harris's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Rogers Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Seber were evening callers. : Mrs. John Rogers has been having the flu the past week. Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Hopkhis 'Visited E. T. Wilson and family Sunday. Mr. Dwlght Smock was buying stock In this district Monday. The young folks spending Saturday evening with Miss Hope Williams were Donald ^Mowrer, Iva Mowrer, Joe Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Rosebrook, Lyle and Delbert Smith. Cyril Hill. Popcorn and candy were served. . ' . Mrs. Blanch'Isaac called on Mrs. Mary Wilson and Iva Sunday morning. \ The fourth month of school closed with perfect attendance for Evelyn Lambeth. Donald Lambeth, Elsie Smith and Leroy Gentz. Donald Lambeth has perfect spelling for the month. Gale Rosebrook wajs absent from school Friday on account of Illness. Donald Lambeth cajled at Charles Is'anc's Monday morning. ,The Rev. Lewis Smith and •wife called on the -Charles Isaac family Saturday afternoon.' Miss Hope Williams called on Iva Mowrer Saturday morning. Miss Iva Mowrer called Saturday afternoon on Mrs.; Blianche Isaac. Mr. WlUard Smith called on CSiarles Isaac Sunda:j' morning. House Pawies IJame Duck Bill. Topeka. Jan. 12. (AP»—A resolution proposing ratification by the Kansas legislature of the "Lame Duck" amendment to the federal constitution was adopted unanimously by the house today end sent to the senate. ; Turning over a new leaf for the New Year is a lot of fun f<ir members of San Francisco's famed Olympic club athletes.^ They walk flic miles alonj; the beach, take a dip In the Pacific, then do their revolving by revolvins In somersaults, as this trio demonstrates. GRIM WEEK AT SING SING Elect Chair Six Men to Die In Within Half a Fortnight, Osslning, N. Y., Jan. 12. By next Thui«day night, If of the law grind on schedule; there (AP)— the mills in the Sing will be six fewer tenants grimmest of all houses—|the Sliig prison death house. Three murderers are to Igo to the ehalr tohlght, three a wbek from tonight. I Those to die tonight are Peter (Crazy) Harris, who killed Michael Vassil by nilstake while shooting a^ an Clean;' N. Y., poUcenian; and Thomas Carpenter and Charles Bates, who slew a Bronx grocer in a holdiip. . i • Those doomed to ddath next Thursday are Bill (Two-Gun) Turner, killer of a man In a Manhattan speakeasy holdup; Alexander Nunes, who killed his wife and child in Yonkers, and Vhicent Carcia of Niagara Falls. I BASKETBALL 1 (Bythe Assoclati College. Columbia 31, New \fork U. 2G American unlversltj Syracuse 32, Fordht Nlagaira 28, Comell 'CSULTS J Press! I 25, Navx 39. m 22. ' 61.: FORMER FOOTBALL MAN HELD CatTTomian Charged With Plot to Have Wife Murdered. Los Angeles. Jan. 12. (AP)—As the result of what police charge was his plot to have his wife slain. Gerald A. Craig. 39. captain of the 1905 Southern California football team, was held in the city Jail today on o police charge of attempted murder. Chief of Detectives Jaseph F. Taylor accused Craig of planning to b-iy a killer $300. to beat Mrs. Ethel Craig, his 40-ycar-old wife, to deaih with a steel bar in their home so he nilght gain control of .i Joint estate estimated at $90,000. Pennsylvania 28. Pijlnceton 2 1, Florida 34, Georgia] 37. ' Temple 27, West Virginia 2^. ' • Omaha U. 40, Penj, Neb., teuch-i ers 31. ' •' • \ Nebraska Wesleyari 32, Keiifnev teachers 22. '• ' Midland college 26, Hastings • 13; Tulsa U. 15, Soutl west MLs&ourl teachers 31. ; Missouri Mines 7, Southeast Missouri teachers 28. Pittsburg teachers 62. WiciKita U. 22. : . Emporia teachers 31, WashBum 35. . : , St. Benedict's 2,6, McPhersofi 12. Rice 39, Sam Hbust m teachers 38 House of David 29, West Texas teachers 49. Montana Mines 53, Montana Normal 47., , Washington U. 43 College: of Puget Sound 32. j Wellington — Prellniinary heai-lng for Mi-sj Helene P. Mitchell, chatged with epibezzlement in connection with an alleged shortage of $6,041.35 In the municipal wdter and • light department, was set for January^ 31, upon ,h(^r nrraignmer AVIZ.4RDS TO TACKLE JOPLIN Local Colored Baskcteers M^^t MIs- s!ourl Team Tomorrow Night. day. She was suspended nearly W*year ago as. cashier ment. City cbnUnLssioncrs recovered $3,341 of shortage through sett bonding- company. bf the depftrt- sald they had the 4leged lement with a A small ad m the! Cl«.islfled columns ofr»n DUtH over n blc deal. "THEATRE OF ^HE STARS" Maline ^nrt A Ni«ht ioc-i5( JL ^MMA Jl • loc-zsc AND FRIDAY WARNING! "Payment Deferred" marks a new venture in talking pictures! Never before has thete been such a story of murder and retribution on the screen or stage! ' We Suggest That Children Under 12 Not Attend. FLOOR MATS DEEP CUT PRICES 51.00 Ford T rubber ......3^ $1.40 Ford A rubber SiSc $1.50 Universal rubber ....88c $2.00 Felt Back Mat ....$1.19 ANDREWS & SON Ipla. 14 S; Washington Cbanute. 215 East Main Tlie lola Wizards, colored basket- baU team, will play the Joplln high school colored team on the Junior high court here tomorrow night, It was announced today. Edward Smith, star forward wiio has been out of the game with an InJurnd ICK, will be In shape for the game. Ruinanlan Vote^ BiichaiTSt, Rumanl4 Fourteen voters; en n iiiK place in a. rura|l western: Rum.inla, way in a blizzard, wi today, A number of missing were believed A small ad In the inniis often puts ove t here yestef* Freeze. Jan. 12, (AP) bute to a pbll- dlstrict ; In lost, tljelr found dead Others who •.iirc dead. : vfho cire Classified t!ol- a big deal. TTlth the screen's new | miracle actor CHARLES LAUGHTON Maureen O'SnlUvon Verree 'Teasdale Dorothy Peterson Added Attractions: "FLIP THE FROG" "MOVIE ALBUM" LATEST M-G-M NEWS KELLE Showing the Greater Pletnrea ENDS TONIGHT- A human who was. storv "MAGIC CARPET' "TOM of a giri .. just hum^n! |\ND JERRY CA ^TOoW" FOX NEWS'' FRIDAY ONLY "Madame Racketeer" undertook to teach him about LOVE and and life-^ and how she took lilm! SATURDAY- SUNDAY AND MONDAY Charles Farrell, Joan Bennett, Ralph I ^Uamy "WILD GIRL" ANN HARDING, LESLIE HOWARD, MYRNA "ANIMAL KINGDO]]^" No picture for children but what a whale of a 'piece of entertainment for adults—especially adults who like,.sophlstlcated drama Irt big doges. COMING—Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, Dorothy MickaUl In "N<i Man of Her Own." • ' ^ .OV in

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