The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on April 20, 1894 · Page 8
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1894
Page 8
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I f t MACHINE, WAGON AND BLACKSMITH SHOP flRIM DENIED SHELTER. Kelly's Men Wet to the Skin In a Drenching Rain. LENDS A. HELPING HAND. Governor fackson Criticised For Calling Out the lown MllUIn—Governor's Side ol the Story—Snooml lirlgntle Coming From the Went—Hutto Contingent Organized. Colonel Mount Will Obey Orders. COUNCIL BLUFFS, la., April 18.—Old probabilities did what neither militia nor courts could — scattered Kelley's artny. Bare boughs afforded but little shelter from a Missouri valley rain etorm, and. the army now knows ,iust bow much water can come from a cloud when it all comes at once. During the entire. day Tuesday the men clung to their camp in the timber near Park's mill, waiting like Micawber for something to turn tip. Rations were apt to be curtailed in a few hours, for the uncertainty of delay suggested the certainty of hunger. And then the rain came. It fell ?n torrents for a few moments and Boon scattered the men in search of •belter. Shelter Wai Extremely -tavrve. The militia occupied the only buildings in the vicinity and would not allow a Kellyite to enter. As a result the entire command was soon drenched. The •bower ended, the sun came out warm and bright and the army gathered again, mad, besmeared and bedraggled, and Uo Salts Nortli After Landing Salgado on tho Ccmat of Uruguay. MONTEVIDEO, April 16.—Portugal has acceded to the demands of Argentina. The commander of the Albuquerque has been ordered to return to Buenos Ayres and deliver the Brazilian refugees to Argentina. He lias also been ordered to salute the Argentina flag. Portugal has also promised Argentina that the commander of the Albuquerque will be tried by court martial for violating an Argentina law. The correspondent is informed by government officials that Admiral de Mello has not survendoved to Uruguay. With the Bepublica, Iris, Esperanza, Urano, Mercuto and two other vessels laden with coal and 1,500 marines, he sailed north Saturday, after landing General Salgado's division unarmed upon the const of Urugay, near Santa Teresa on the previous evening. General Martinez intimates that Mello has sailed for Bernambnco and explains the separation of Salgado'* division by the fact that these man had a strong aversion to going north. MIDWINTER FAIR DIVERTISSEMENT. Proponed Fight Uetween Two Brute* Threaten* to Canst) Trouble, SAN FRANCISCO, April 10.—The flghi; announced to taks place in Boone's arena at the Midwinter fair next Saturday evening between Colonel Boone's African lion, "Parnell," and a grizzly bear, recaptured in the mountains, has stirred np serious trouble between the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ... . . ,. _ , - - .. , and the executive committee of the ex- •omethlng of a feelmg of desperation de- jti The aooie t y Announces that veloped. General Kelly was in Omaha, * Where he had been all day, and his re- tarn to camp at (nightfall was anxiously awaited by the men. When Kelly went back to camp he took with him $160 in cash and three -wagons loaded wtth provisions, subscribed by the citizens of Omaha. Shortly after Kelly's return to cauip rain began to fall steadily, and it looked like the shower would continue all night. This rendered the situation of the men almost intolerable. Four loads of hay furnished by sympathetic fanners were spread on the rain soaked sod, and here the men rested, Hail came with the rain and the misery of bruises was added to the suffering of eoaking. Colonel Mount of Sheuandoah nays he is acting under orders of Governor Jackson and will have his men shoot down any Kellyite who attempts to trespass on railroad property. Governor Jnoksou Criticised. Quite a sentiment has been developed in Council Bluffs against Governor Jack- eon for his action in calling out the militia. The citizens angrily protest that they have been put to unnecessary expense. So far there has been no clash between the authorities aud Kelly's men and none is expected. Papers were prepared for an application for an order to restrain the governor and the militia from further interfering with the army. The papers were not filed, however, as the expediency of such a move was doubted. Governor's Side at the Story, In an interview Governor Jackson denied that the troops were called out on his motion. He said the request came from Sheriff Hazen of Pottawattomie county, who said ho would need the militia to maintain order during the stay of the army in his county. Governor Jack- eon says he was not requested by the railroad companies to protect their property, Second Regiment Moving Eastward. SAN FBA.NOISGO, April IS.—The second regiment of the industrial army started east Tuesday night in SJO Southern Pacific "box cars for Mojave. where they are turned over to the Atlantic and Pacific. The total cost of transportation per car is $100. The army is largely mado up of mechanics and care had been taken in •electing tho quota of 250, tho police taking pains that the vicious and professionally unemployed element is eliminated as far as possible. The city pays the expenses to tho oast upon representations that the men were attracted hither by false hopes of obtaining work and have no means of returning homo, I'ttukod Into n Uof irlgerntor Oar. CHEYIMNH, April 18.—A detachment of the Kelly industrial army, numbering 80 men, under Captain Gorman, reached here from tho west enroutu to Washington. Tho men were packed into a refrigerator car and were badly cramped for room. They were fed at Hod Buttos. Two hundred move are onroute between EvansUm and Cheyenne. liutte CoutliiKoiit OrgaulzoU. BCTTB, Hon., April 16.—Thu Butto contingent, 500 strong, of thu commonweal army, which stylos itsulf the Montana commune, did not start for Washington us per arrangements, Marshal Hogun concluding to wait far the Cumr d'Atene, which numbers 400. The commune will travel via tho Union Pacific. OruKuu Uumuurutla C'ouumUoii. ABTOBU, Or., April 18.—Tlio Democratic jstnte convention mot liuvo Tuus- d»y. jhoro wusu lively eoiitual ovw tho election of u ulmlrmun. A free silver man was finally chosen, William It. Oalloway of MuMiunvillo was nominated for governor ou tho first ballot. J. K. Weatherfovd wa» nominated for cong- (oasiuan iu tho First district uud J. U. 'llalley in the Sucond, ttunruwy WimU to 11» on Ihu Line. DBNVKB April 18.—Thu board, oi' trade ot Kearney, Nob., writes to tho chamber -of commerce of this city asking that Kearney be put on the lino of the proposed extuntiou of tho Julus- tmrg brunch. the fight* off and if it ta-neo essary warrants will be sworn out for the arrest of the executive committee, not stopping at Director General De Young in order to prevent the contest. A member said it is understood that no more than a mere teat of strength is expected between the animals and he could see no objjectioB to that. Preparations for the struggle continue. Nearly all the seats are said to have been told at prices ranging from $10 to 120 «ach, and tickets will probably ba at a premium when the fight begins. Four Bodice Recovered. BUFFALO, April 1C.—The work of searching the ruins of the works of the American Glucose company building for bodies was begun Sunday and when the workmen quit work at night the remains of four persons had been found. The morgue was crowded all day with weeping Polish women, wives and relatives of the men burned. They made a great outcry when the remains were brought in and the more demonstrative threw themselves on the charred remains. The morgue officials had to use force to get them away from the remains. The exact number of men who were cremated cannot be definitely stated as yet. TnrnerbutHl Convention at Denver. DENVEK, April 16.—The Turnerbund of North American Turn league of Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico held a convention here Sunday. A resolution was offered endorsing free coinage ol silver, but failed of adoption, as the convention decided the organization had nothing to do with politics. Delegates were elected to the national convention to be held here in July. Tn Father Corbott'g ParUh. DOUOLAS, Neb., April 10.—Bishop Bonacum was here Sunday with Father Joseph Smith, who celebrated mass. As this wns Father Corbett's parish before bis excommunication, trouble was an ticipatcd, but none occurred. The bishop warned all Catholics to cease connections of a spiritual character with Father Corbctt. Tliri'ci Children liunufd to Death. JANKSVILWS, Wis,, April 10.—At o'clock Sunday morning the residents o August Krinke, three miles west of here was bunted and three children, aged 10 8 and 0, perished in tho fire. The fir originated from a dof octive chimney. In attempting to rescue the children th mother wns badly burned. Ordur In the Gulf Cole, DENVEK, April lit.—In the Gulf root! receivership case Judge Hallet has mad an order allowing the plaintiff to onto an amendment to the complaint in thi original action, which will include th receivers of the Un ion Pacific as defend ants and advance now grounds fo action. Clmruuil With a Horrible Crime. LEAVKNWOUTH, Kan., April 10.— Piper, (17 yours of age, and employed in u furniture) store, was arrested on a state warrant and jailed to answer tho charge of having compelled lite 1- year-old girl to uomiuitt a crime against nature. Lit! lo is known of Pipor hero. ft;. »<>iit Will Accent. TKHUK HAV.TO, lud., April 1(5,—Grand Master Sargent of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers has positively announced that ho will accept the Republican nomination for congress iu this district if tendered him. RE>GK & EIKB, •-: DEALERS AND MANUFACTURERS OP : UfACONS, BMIES, CARRIAGES, CARTS AND SLEIGHS turm« iu tliu Jtuvhliu. DKNVHlt, April Ib.—SiioditlM from all ovor tho UocUy muuutaiu country report and prolonged wu>w BUiriiw, with 1Uul »Ml'l»>!i SHOWS iU tllU Only One lludy. NEWUUUVI-OUT, Mass,, April 10,— o'clock Buuduy moruing the life saving orews rouovorod tho body of a sailor sup- posod to bo ono of tho crow of tho Jennie Uurtur, which wont ashore at Salisbury boach last Friday. Kwv. Uurfura l>o»d. New Yoiuc, April 10. —The Rev. Bprullu 3. Burfurd, pastor of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the Intercession, this city, died Sunday morning. Uo wua Q3 yours old and a uutive of Kuutuuky. __ A Vutvrau Dead. Nuw YUUK, April 1C.— A veteran of the Crimea and a uuvvivor of the glorious churgu of tho light brigade at 13al- ukluva, Williiim Hlbbort by immo, died of pneumonia, lie was 110 yuuiu old. VII : ALSO AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED : --: Bettendorf Holldwsteel Wagon Axle :-- Made of two pieces of sheet steel, as compared with forty-nine pieces required to make the present wood axle, bolster, and stakes, with the necessary irons, bolts, nuts, rivets, and nails. Wu» O8KAWWHA, Iu., April 10. —Judge Hummur'u hivustigutlon iiiti> uhargen of joetiees and constables hub disclosed |9,8(X) wi'j : <j».-.Jiw1y uhurgud in u UU call- lug We constantly have on hand all kinds of wagon and carriage repairs, such ae single and extension buggy tops,^ lazy backs, bow sockets, bows, dashes, cloth, leather and rubber for tops, cushions, side curtains and repairs. We also do all kinds of-plow work, disc harrows sharpened, horseshoeing, wagon and carriage repairing. All kinds of machines repaired, such as mowers, binders, threshing machines, engines, etc. We have recently purchased a gasoline engine and can and will accommodate one and all who have work which requires the running of machinery, such polishing, lathe work, etc. WILL APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE. Yours respectfully, North of Burke's Hotel. CARROLL, IOWA. JOIN THE DEMOCRATS Republicans Vote For the New Quorum-Counting Rule. POPULISTS EEFEAIN FEOM VOTING Forty-Seven Democrats Voted Agalnut It. Parliamentary Tuugle Soon Straightened Out—Itryan Opposed tho New Kule. Senator Car«y'» Irrigation Mill—Lodge's Retaliatory Tariff Amendment. WASHINGTON, April 18.—The house Tuesday, by an overwhelming vote, decided to adopt a quorum-counting rule, which for all practical purposes is the same ae that which Speaker Heed of Maine inaugurated during the Fifty-first congress and which won for him a world wide reputation. Neither undue excitement nor tumultuous scones marked tho crushing of, tho old legisla< tive barriers. Mr. Reed and the Republicans generally wore iu a happy humor over the victory they had achievt Those who expected Mr. Reed would taunt and jibe his political adversaries with their alleged inconsistency, were disappointed. Only 15 minutes on a side were allowed for debate and Mr. Hoed, instead of consuming that with an ar< raignment of the Democrats good n»- turedly distributed most of it to tho Democrats who desired to oppose tho new rule, and when hie time was < baustod ho jocularly asked for more time to dole out among Ills friends on tho other tide—Messrs. Bryan. Cum- minge, Wheeler, Kllgora and Russul, bo- ing the DemocraU who wwo thus givun an opportunity to protest against the adoption of tho rule. Coiierviiiunu Ilryan Optioned to It. Mn Bryan (Neb.) was very naruest in hie opposition to the proposed rule. This was a matter of groat importance, ho cald. Ovor half tho states in the Union Including New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Nebraska, re quired the affirmative vote of a majority of their legislature to enact laws. It might be inconvenient at times, but V was essentially, a eufo plan; .it was the safeguard of tho minority. It gave the minority the power to compel tho con ourrence of a majority on any measure and. while the power could bo used for filibur.i<<ring purposes, after all it was better to bu nafo than to bo worry, Whoa the vote was taken, 47 Demo oruts voted against it, but it secured every Republican vote, aud uarrlod by u vote of 818 to 47, The Populist* did no vote on tho proposition, Tho adoption of this rulo, taken in cou junction with tho decision to unfovco th' old taw of 1810, to doek the salaries o members absent uavu uu account of sick ness, will, it U thought, put an odd for «ver to parliamentary obatruotlon. Mr. Rued was surrounded by hiu party friends and glvun an ovation, A large bvmoh of La Frunoe roses was ear lied up the uisl« und placed ou Mr dmk. Another Rouublictiu out* OVER 2000 CHOICE FARMS, To be sold at less than one-half of actual value. These lands are placed on the marke )y the Receivers of the Lombard Investment company and other loan companies, under an order rom U. S. supreme court. The entire list to be closed out by May 1. Fully one-half the list ocated in the great corn belt and are close to towns and schools and churches. TERMS: Not less than one-fourth cash, balance 2, Sand 5 years at 7 per cent interest, optional payment plan. Examine this list arid make offers. No reasonable offer refused. RECEIVERS' LAND SALE, 130 quarter sections in Antelope county, Nebraska, at from $1000 to $2200 each. 108 quarter sections in Knox county, Neb., at from $800 to $2200 each. 45 quarter sections in Pierce county, Neb., it from $1000 to $2400 each. 280 quarter sections in Holt county, Neb., at from $600 to $2000 each. 310 quarter sections in Keya Paha county, Neb., at from $500 to $1500 each. 240 quarter sections in Caster county, Neb., at from $600 to $1800 each. 90 quarter sections in Perkins county, Neb., at from $800 to $2000 each. 64 quarter sections in Brown county, South. Dakota, at from $600 to $1500 each, 45 quarter sections in Edmunds county, South Dakota, at from $600 to $1200 each. 55 quarter sections in Aurora county, South Dakota, at from $800 to $2000 each. 815 quarter sections iu Hand county, South Dakota, at $500 to $1200 each. 42 quarter sections in Beadle county. South Dakota, at $600 to $1600 each. 86 quarter sections in Brulu county. South Dakota, at $500 to $1400 each. Also considerable amounts in 22 other counties in Nebraska and South Dakota, and a few farms in southern Minnesota. As a rule quarter sections of $1000 and np, except in the older counties, have good improvements in the way; of cultivated land, buildings, wells, etc., and are desirably located. This is a rare opportunity tor idle dollar*). For further information call on or address me at Carroll, Iowa, I have examined several of tho above farms and —"'—*— A. W. SWENDER, • Sales Agent for Receivers, burst followed, Tho Bowers wore sent with thu compliments of Representative Apsley (Maw.). After the adoption of the rulo It only required a few minutes to straighten out tho parliamentary tangle which the house boa boon iu for some days, and (he hxm«o thou quietly proceeded with tlie consideration uf the consular and diplomatic bill. ... guuwlor l.uilg-t>'» livUliutury AuiendiuuuU WASHINGTON, April 18.—Senator Lodge offered an amendment to the {tending turiff bill for the imposition of retaliatory rat** of duty agalust tlreut Brltlun, providing that wlutu not iu contravention <>f existing treaty, any article not admitted free, if it Is the manufacture of Grout Uritiau or any of iU coloulo*, should pay double the duty kurotofor Imposed and if Admitted free, u duty of UO nor ueut bo impound, uxcupt on wool, which should b« admitted under Ihu dutUu ufthu act of 181)0; aud that Uwso rutiUiuUny uml dlsu'liiiiuutiuK (UUius HliouM I'ciuwlu iu forco uutH th'uut Briliuu uouauutud to tukt» ymvt in an agroumuiit with thu United Stuti* for thu coinngu of ulh'ur uud whou such ugruouiunt was miiilo thu dlttci'imiuittiug dutlus should coasu, •...•u April W.-K Rood was tho recipient of a very extra ordinary uiul uuuimal compliment an ho entered tho National lUuaUir Tuesday AH lw walked down tho miter _ the first act he was rocog- Bome one started to applaud, Iu wflustant the demonstration unread iu all directions and before he hud reached kia Bout tho'wUolo UOUBO won wildly johv hue Iu tho ovutlou. It was u most uu iPSiiit usual ocouiviifi) lit » Wiwhington theater, Mr, JluoJ bowtsd his iioknowlodgoijiQiito, tltiuutur UuruyV Ivrljtinlou Itlll, , WAHIHSUTON, April IB. — Saaatoi Caivy, I'vom tho i-oiumltteo ou public lands, ropurtt'd Ins Mil sotting apart 1,000,000 litres furoudi of tlie arWlttnd etatos uiul torritorios, to bo roolaliiiod on tha small tracts by means of irrigation. Kansas, Moutuuu iwd UklaUouia arc uildud to tho ntatv« uiul turritorleB to which tho provisiuiis of tlio bill ahull uj'1'ly. ' fJiulruullvu flr« Iu gi'lsliuill i.i.K.Oiit., April I\),_A hotel, ml aa businuss places, uUo the clmrdi. tolograph uud t«le. ijiio om(; t ;s, [iuslolltco aud tho stoumw fc.xwlsiur wuro burnud. Luw, tatlmatoU about fiao.UUO; iusuruiwo, frtO.OOO f ' IA T?9 q >i T^flj /-a ts vM

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