Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 8, 1927 · Page 11
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 11

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1927
Page 11
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JImncelUddickBays GRAQOUSNESS 1 Avcertaiji wOinau had a b?auii- _ " hil''home and'an indulgent hud- j= hajid.'but she -w-jis alWaj-s raiilt 1.. dtoiiiig and disagreealjle. aiie had . :Serg6o{i polpw. of coijrse. and liad pctxaiis, but! tbey avoided^ her be< 'uanse/tlvey'dreaded 10 jisteh to her laiefet tale of iHoe. 4 ; t i»reS.ently her husba,iid died, and, ~ presto, "the woman iiail to buck up agaiiist,' real troubleijj Did tlii^y. io'nrher? On tiie contrary, in two y^rs riime. she had blossomed out into a. gracic^s, cordial, capable 'nrojhan oC the world. She wqs siHi^t enough to know that tli6 "busl'ness World, which she.hafl td • ' :face,v*'puld liot tolerate lier <;ou- stantSnagging; disposition. <p [she ptil oil aismillng face and a i)I,eas- .lin^ jpanner and keyed heistlf" up f _to!her best and went forih to cn- ^ <li»ajrdr, tOj .me^t (t. infeuch a guise, the bu>ine.>;.s • WrW. THK BOB (jpSTlMK.' ^ "Are vou letting your hair grow?" -rm not cutting iti" . * That .'ieeni.s to-' the answer to our title. V«iiing women. f.-!peciul- ly. nuil miiiiy older i)nes> are Just' "uoi lUfl 'iK' it." but few or|iliii:. know whii il;c!rnc.%t move will 1>". It is so comfoitablt*. shor'. b-it ;ii<! upkeep hill is hlgii. and 'unkept locks do make bijie ^so disgusted with the Iwb. that niiJaily is holding her judgment in Mi ^^pensd for ii.vHile. "to .see what will b.-ijipfii." What is happening is that we see all sorts of laitghtihle. stages of .-haggy lolffure.K. too long on the neck, sticking out straight under the hat. or curling out around 'the hetid in'ungraceful lengths. The beauty parlors Isay that the girls let it «row' as long as the slioul-' dery.' weathering through all the worst annoy.intf. ) and then llicy y^rJil'"wlconied her. v There-was jstoine in HOIUC day and have it all no[more of thai whining, self-iccn-. cut off again. tered, chlp-pn-the-»hpulder aiti- 1 .\l«-anw/iil<-. ni..ny ar.- really ict- tnde. .'She accepted gl-aclousl.y th(t 1 i, urow. ivhili- ih.- fashion atlv5 <. i« I <anie iiito this town without ,ik sliop to. my fepi or a penny in my pockej,. and now look at me." • "But I llwHjKht you i were born here." . 1 • "I was." "\o wonilor you're such a sissy. Y<mr pa and niu were married by a'justice of the peace." "W'ell. the* noise which comes-from your flat, 1 think your pa .and ma must have been married hy the Secretary of War." ' Hits. SOUI.noX S.IYS: ^^--c- Time is money. Don't rob your neighbor by lojfinp. foAling. gosr sipping. • ... giyo and take of lit»- and played he;r port liko » heroine, she. Is like tbousanihi of her sister-', wlui Ifnpose on a kimt Initbiiiid ii'; long be will staild 'for ft. imi hi- nice as anybody i'i>(- wlicn iht-y 'Isiive to; .- .The i >iisliN-.-s wotiiiiii <rr lh<> jnotfi^r of ufntnily. leariis io JI<- c(i|i( wlijit life give.-t aiKl go without HV|iaI it takes, and lo keep an iveii ' ,,,.„iv,..-. it j, i |ii4 >>ti<iii wliitlid-; disposition withal. "IVhaw. .Molli-; .j„. ^,,\\\ iili.-iiKloii it. •Kiirilnrmon- • ' er. I'm >nipp.iscil lo be in town-by „„.„ „.,.,i 'i .i liavi- Ions hair. H'-: ':-H'.n iihd that bus has been taken , f„r.' the batil-'of .MaraMion In an-' -«ff, what shall 1 .do'.'" says -lani' iireer <=^, llii- bravi- warri<irs iihjj'atlehtly. . ;imper.s plates iiicturt- tlieir nobbiest model.'* with li)!)." shnrler tliail i-vi-r, A lialrdrv^^'Tv a.>---(iciiilioii t(ifil< ;i licill >%> t'lli: i|lli'^tioil. "Do |H-0|iii> -•cM-ni IO j,ir<'i'"T loiiK or shuri lialr" It was thfir npinion that in ivvHiity prcfei ri'd li long. The boll Is Ml convenieiil and seems *o innrh a feature of worn- iin's tifw lii>I<'pMid>-ii('e and aihliiic CHICKK.X I'ATTIKS On the back of. gem pans, bake patty nhellit of pie crust. Have tlieui hot and ready Io fJil when, the cream chicken is ready -to- ser\TB, Stew a chicken until the meat fallB from the bones. Drain ,pff the liejuid and ibok it down somewhat. •• Remove the meat frohj ijie Iiones and shred it. being caro- , , ful not to get any skin or hones Cozette Parker. 13-year-toM An- jn vrWh if. and put it hack info the derson. Ind.. girl, recently flew liquid •jone jn a plane rrom^ home ^^,„ ,^,„ city to Kankakee. II.. a distance, pi„,^,„„ ,„ „ ,,,^,,1,.. ruick- of l.{8 miles by air. Corctte s „„ j, f,,,,,^ „irfe,l up with father, mother and brother are ,„i,^ .„„, .,„j .gg. Save reglstere.d pilots, and the'girl is • i.„ough pimento 10 cut inio thin believed,the yoiingest pilot In the /f^rlpa to decora;.- the i..p of the United States. . .reaned |.:iitl.-s. At- ihe last ino- • . " .r', '"e/ii fill tin- ii'it iKiity .Kln -Iis with , the c|-.-iiniid liiiiUen. Iriiii Willi tlic iiiid rm liie <-i-nt<TS .with i»-auut ,• ' • : In iii-.'-tv <it I ri-(|> ; , \ hiitli-r Ill 1-1 iiii: .AnaiiKi ;iii>! MTVi w 111: salail j .\li-x I'lid (Miik'd rii <• uilh flank-; I'-l ~aini'>ii. sllri-d I'l-icr.v iitid .-alad l!^|•-^illH .'i^-a-Jiiit with paprika and si-ivi' 1111 l•rl^ll Ictiuce iiaVf^. • : Dill- two cups piiK 'tipplc. a qiiar- ihp-atli'htly. "Do the hes'l .vou'.pent an hoiin combing their long , I'''- l wo cu.s pin.-.. .p c a qn...- flu." replies her .motJTer sweetly. > ,„j.ks- that tj„-v might die becom-i..^.r.^UMWllmvs. ., •"M.>ther. rv.. go, to get these! i„^,,y. It 1=1 only era.l.ially. ,1,^^. apensout by ne.xt.iTneSda.v. and ! ti„. ages. that, men ribandoned long ''''•-^'"K- IS THE ENEMY OFHEitlTH l..<«n'-t. mfeke it." says .lohn. with ^,,„ir iM -ard -d f.ia-s for ,,1.. T-''''-^''' ''1''="'='- .',"'„•" -V' •Kt,\\ntrcr'<i ATT T^RAN" Ijih: brows furrowed. ! "Do H,e best : , roppAl and shav.n ~api .eara.„.. '»;'' ' "1- -HellOgg S AbLt-tJKAiN : .vou can" is the sweet adv .-e. ^ ihey f^resvnt today. Sliorl liair » "" ^•'••"i '.'P'*-''!"- bl'IngS prOITipt, natUl'al . relief,! - . I'r "Mother. I've invited the nctgh-' s.^.|„ji ji, li,,, borhood a-iid now rile SmiiJi's ii to niiM 't the Smith's can't, come, iiypii-m^. "Tlie-irhole itariv-will lie a fizzle." "ijo the you cap." coni.s the' with evolution, tiio i n<-\v<'r 'rr<-i-d <iiii .iiid more .-cit-ntifii;. |ver-present panacea u>o,„ .Mother..,,„, ' So .'vhe iiieets lifi- Artth poise, rc nil IT •^M.AII IHCKS.SIXj; I'.-i- a^ a liii--t-., -1111- iiip of jiiin .- appli juice <lr tin- jiiiii- ni Uvo or- style of coiffure will prevailnext. , :!^'^"^ ^' dares predict what Will dei-idi- ''" '''''' J"'''' "' Kid your Kv.'^tcni of constipation. and help yourself to health. Hcad- 1 So sJ^e meets l.f- MUth lu.ise. yy~ , ,,,5,. ^ ,„.,. .-Ki..k,..„oss" i^ her ; """-'"-'I ' »l' I'"".'-- ^ ''I' Hdu ^s. Inid breath, insomnia, muddy L Jusmg to become^ irritaWe.:m,petu- ,„j„„j,. , ^,,^,„ ! sii;:ar a:,d co-k ...' . ,„il,..- : ,.,";„„4 ^.i„„.< are onlv a few of the"' ons. fdssed or fretful; making the j,.,. un;.I .ran.-.p;.rcni. .\dd : ^^nvplvms ot th]s xi\iie>^vr^ad evil.l nesl of <?ach situatioji u.-; 11 ari.-;cs.- • wrl) be.itcii and coi.k fiv>- miniitus . • ' I>o you notice that bii.-iiu'ss docs this to Ihe bu.siness girls'.' Do Vou j hear them say swV-ptly to one an-j other. "Xo. i^s not in there, honey. Ijook on the shelf aJwve." They ieam "to' meet iieople graciously; -to k«-ep. sweet, to love s<i(-ietv , to . , .,, , . have-a c'onfideuce in j^-opU- ..M-I i cry ;iliyn.e illustrations. au<l quaint believe in the good ther.- i.- if 1 ""l"';^'.!...'!''"^'"i.'J'''" . them. Thus, they make lit';- .1 Jn-at/- tlfnl barmony. KAinsK ( liKKU. Thi- dull room of winii-r may li.- hrlshiened by gaily flow(-r<d 7 hfnrz wincioW; draiivrii-s. uphol- ster.v and slip- i-overs. Chiiilz.' ill flowert-d iiaitern.-'. ainii.'^iitg iiurs- Iniimr. Mix Willi cinal |iljrt <if' Constipation is the actual cause,, whiiipcd cream. - I of more than forty^diseases. No I JEDDO (Mr:--. .!. Siiiil>1i:iri I DIM-. -I. .leddo dull inel at II. U. (\leni--iis li'Hie last Tlinr.- V "T3ie coat; and dre.-;s 'ii:iye divorci-d their partnership and tliA .nsemble effect 1.1 less pronomirrd in clothes although a pprson <if J,T?tf will al- jiva.ys .tie her gai-nK-iiiy topi-th-.-r hi- Jiarinonizing styles and odoi--. The .dress' is a total. ,an,l :nili-]ii>iident factor and may bi worn with any • if oat; • The suit Is less i-iinspiciiou.s than ever. "« Though one iniglit a.- wi-M be 'out of the world tis out .of suli-. yel ~ Women of fashion are . choosing ItJietr mode.s more iti ke^jilag with their own will aiiri individuality; ? Theyinre less lni-)ln«!ij lO;ape what - Damci flrundy weai-s. Hemlines. waff.tJines. iiei-klliies have <i liabit 'of doing HiirprWing and .ind (Original iIiitiKs ihce .days, -iflach woman pii king mit for' hcr- w'lf ^ style \v1iich her best. :(nd (hi.s may vary rnftii'gown to •gown; We h-aM- piiTity of Variety to cfloose I'l'is K-jjson. v ; In general, dn ^ ••^ which fall - 'Just heiow iilic knc.-: long, clofe-fii- iliqf- sleeves: ^md ide.its or flares In the front i'lr mi the ;;ide of the : skirt prevail..- Ttlaik is a favorite {*olor. frequently brightened by " some <^lor In't-ic. trim. ! . til.' day la aJltlay iiieetiu;;. Time wijs nioted froin a slimmer materia! to ' sp"ut in fini.shiuK flirisimas w n-k an all-year-round fabric. ,-;;li(-giin ih<--\vi-<-k lii-fort-. Thirti-en ladies and tlin-e (-liiltjr-'ii wen- in ; There are two sides ' • ' .• qtfe.<!tion—the >womaij's - , wrong one. to every and the •It gladdens up the ctilorless room and blooms forth on lampshade, furniture anre at the win-; wonder Kood licalth' is impossible ^ when it is ])resent. Guard against it! PiTotect your health: - Kellogfr's ALL-BRAN Ls guaraii- : teed to relieve constipation. Twoj tablespoonf uls eaten daily—in | chronic cases, with every meal. Doctors recommend KcUogg's because it is 100% bran. Because'it works as no part-bran product can do. aiti-ndaiicc. L.\(le Wins; was a Hiiniboldl ' ; Dclicions with milk or cream— dows. it comes in soft and bar- I visitor liist Tlinrsday.' « land add fruits or honey, Mi.'c it with . inonious colors and a selection ,can ] Mr. ami Mrs. Will .lalins- ami; other cereals. Utle in cooking. Sprin-j he made to go with any furnish- 1 (:.mily of chanute spent Snnd.iy aiJ kle over {wup.-?. Recipes on the pack- i honie. age. Made by 1 Kellogg in Battle Creek. Servedby,restaurants,hotels. lugs in ,iin.v' riKiin. .Mohair is a | ili>- II. II. t'leni.-iis more stately nialerial-; ahnost t Salem township lio;jrd aiid ('"ii equally decorative today, whjch iral Avrniie f.rang.-met at .leddo cafeterias. Sold by all grocers, may be.chosen lor innre formal school house .Mondiy ni«lit. rooms. 1 I .Mrs. .-MWina Siriibharl and Oli- Winilow.s in modern nouses are | ^•'••' spent Sunday afternohn wlMi .Mr. and .Mrs. Hugo Sirubharl. Scvwtil from this vicinity alir :n-- ; • id till- funeral of .Mrs. Saner al j iJIiiinlmldi Sunday afternoon. j ^/iV^ ALL-BRAN more plentiful ami enlarced'to. admit more light. We ask less "of the cnrtaliis. as wi' love to .s(imul ite on the outdoors. 1*bclr only fnn»-l i.s to soften the light and to give the homey touch Impos.slblo to bare wl-ndows; but we will not tolerate the lieayy hatiKings and dnsi-caicli- ers of former days. A good iPial- ment for a wintlow is very .'.h^cr martinisetie or VQile as glass <-nr- lalps. with a simple ruffle hf chintz .icross the ioi». Or. If one prefers plain colors, elwxijse a vivid color antj add to the flounco at th(i lop, a ttarrow strip on eac-h sli\e,. in?rely wide enough to covet; (he window frame, but not to ;niiike Uw wihilow seem smalh-r. A st^a-shell held tti. the ear j,,makes a sound like the waves. 1«'- caiise the shell .acts as a .sounding- board and magnifies the pulsing of the blooil in the arteries of the lieatl. M«^M MARKET Meat for Health —and ydu are assured healthy meat (U. S. Gov't Inspected Meats) at our market—with a complete variety to select from. *BEEF, PORK, FANCY BABY BEEF iPDULTRY—.\nythiiiff in Season. Swift's Premiuri Hams, half or whole, lb. 23c Pork Live/ (Friday and Saturday) Ib.L. .5c i .Armour's Nutola. lb. ,:. .20c ' Hckled, Pi«r's Feet, .>c, € for ..; .2.5c ^ BiEEF ROUNDS—fine if or steaks or v • rpast^, per lb. .... .i 20c Paircy Lard, per lb. — ..... > —17/; i,arg^i Wienei^, the good kind, lb....... .20c $iilk Kraut, 2 lbs. for . .. 15c P6VK Chops, per lb. 2.5c Frph Sjide Pork, per lb. ... . .18c piakE PORK SAUSAGE? A SPECULTY •l-^ot just ordinary^ butchei^ sl)pp varietyvbut ^ real Piiiic Sktigige.1 tc lb.; ^ lbs. 33c mAn ttiKtydv CAN EAT . RKIMlDiX^i DIETS I J j Dulky veget »blei which are not tatteaing: may be eJaten by. one who I* lryiug~'U> teduie and they will stttlsfy the api efitc a^id relieve the feeling of h ingtjr. nrape-fruiti orange.-f. tojna oej'.icabbage, celery; ^>:reen corn. s| inach; and cucum- |j hers are h^lpiiil ill reducing <Uets. Uinse Uie grapes, cut th m" ini| halves and remove»th? seeds. Chill the jirange. juice thoroughly Allow one-third tup of seeded j rapes and one-fourth cup of oran^d for each Arrange grajies In. glasses and pour orange juici Ihym.__?erve ice_CQld.-rL- P ! PHone 233 MJeat Market in Greene's Cash Grocery I'ork Ste.'k 18c, 2 pounds for : Brinir yot r paiLs f^jr Home Rendered Ijird, i|0.1bs. $1 Baby Beef Pot Roast,'per lb. Smoked S[holders, whofe, per lb. _-- > Smoked I am, half oi- whole, per lb 'Salt Pork. .6 pound.s . HamburKler Steak, — home made, pure, Ibi 18c. 2 lbs. Sausage. Shoulder Younn and sma Hulk Kr; SEL juice DC DC 00 oc 55c Pork, in rough, whole, ly. T .i Pork Han. in rough, whole, per Ib.^ ._---^6c Chicken.s and. Hens. Oysters, both siEe{5>1arge ul.jper lb, _---5c SERVICE GROCER BE.AX AH Ab(|ard Self Service . Tak(» a trip to the City of Economy and enjoy the saving: and satisfaction m^ny others enjoy who huy with the crowd. Our Jine of merchajidise is compIeTe, fresh and neat a id Ave griiarantee every item we seH. Weldc liver orders of $3.00 or more. You are eii|titled to the saving others enjoy, at Excursion SUGAR—2.5't.b. Bag Pure Cane., :. .$1-63 K.\paiislon (u pnid- nct oi si'i)H'riority) ,ls-|iannd bag I'eertess (iJesI iioiir sold; at the price) 'is-|i»iind liiig - - ^ I'ep'I'eek :!0e I'er bushel .50c 2i5c -7 Lbs. Idaho Navys RMSI^iS—:J Lbs. New Crop Seedless $2.10 $1.10 I Red Rlrer Ohio ^(g ,0[ 1 K iSalurdaji i-Bii. lntgvJfi\< MACiRONI or SPAGHETTI, 4 pkjfs..... :|.2.5c FLAKE HOMINY—2 Lbs. 1.5c CRACKERS^3-Ib. box Loosp-Wiles Krispyi .39c One Cake Eater Bar Free COR> FLAKES—.3 large pkgs. .... .35c SYftl P-^Galion. size Pfenick Brand ..... .54c COR?f MEAL—Week End Special— ^ 5 L JS . Expansion —v i- • .18c ANC THER SATURDAY COOKIE; SPECIAL Fancy' Mar^hmaUow'jAssortment 40c Val- U6, i l^ofiiii! textra Special 29c RED WOLF COFFEE DEMONSTRATION 1 Polind Red Wolf Coffee Regular ,ASc, f ^iinds^(Saturday Special) 8?c '^'Jonutliun .Vpples. S MK. , . 2."»f kBIai-k THiffS, A HIN lia>kei 'iTinP'.iip>. « II.S. 2.-,r, basket . ipI.UI cm CELIIRY—Fancy Large Stalks ' HEAb LETTUCE—Solid heads I'eatunt Suuarps, a>-iorted Fiidtrts (•rraniS «Hrl»"'0«" <.'h«»eola«e per Ih. 2<»r: i Hw. iJriipH . 1.5c L.lOc •ES—Fresh and fancy, per lb lOc ; Us for Christmas Nutp and Candi^. , CASTILE Only: 10 Bars Dona Castile toilet Soap for 83c I Genuine Cannon Bath Towel Free. ^, The Homie of Fresh Eggs, j , mm ^1 Matches ^for Toilet Paper 4 «or Phone I We Deliver $3.00 Ordjisj:^ k?EDUCE HOLIDAY EXPENSES When can .^avc .sea.sonal irythinj* bankroll Potatc Flour Moth^ Texas es—per bushel; Crape-Fruit, each . Syrupj, Nb^ m Sail ir.^. ..... .... ^'JZJMM { 1711 „i .'«VtfSc '.vaKX Aunt pure MaTcH Libby qua pjanning your holiday dinners remember b.n food at Greeo'e's. We a large slock ^ft: If—rCandies,: Fruits, Spice&—eM t» please the palate i\\ prices whicff please tne'" 48-lb. sack Red Ball •^1 r's Oats, per pkg. .........:> ;. .2ife,: Temima Pancake Flour, large pkg.... i3^^ sorghum. No. 10 pail 9.5c; No; 5 pail.. 2 lbs. for es—3 5c boxe$ for . s Apple Butter, 2 large cans..;. Piriea iple, 2 large cans .A^^.^-^ SP 3CIAL S[ALI: Wl'bLGER^ COF^ Frida v arid Saturday only, we will sell this hi ity Coffee, 2 lb. can only M & M Grocejp; CA$H 120 Madison CASl pmg and You will do well ft* make &kr s^re your heai^ quaiters while doing your Christmas shoj You may leave yO'Ui' parcels with hey will be* carefully cared for. assortment of Candy,,IJliits, Dates, Fi_ and Vegetables is (Complete. Buy hei Our Frui whe e your dollar: gbes^ fajrther. SUGAR—15 lbs, PureCahe : .^X POT ATOES—Russett Burbi^ks, bag . $1^ FLOlUR—18 lb. bai Jersey Cjrerae.... .$li SW1»' SOI ET POTATOES—^ lbs, Narigy ITalls P—3 cans Campbell's Tomai^ COFFEE: COFFEE! COFFEE! M Perfect Blertd, giiaranteed M Quality Brcnd,.ridine better 4 M Special Peaberry AH Coffee in 3 lb. lots, 2c lb. less. V irilj lid re iritli /'.s- aU iicyf Wfek a special. \ dim (I iliitetir iiurac fu>»' the Rattlf Creek calth Snuitarijtm. IVatcli nu-i- adif'' aU f :>•( nnk. . " M «l M & 1 / h It RICjE—t lbs. Fancy Head Rice, CRACKERS—2. lb. box National Prem. RAI SINS—3 lbs.; bekt Thompson Seedless ONlONS-^7 lbs. Iowa Red Caobes SALMON-2 tali cans best Pihfc PINEAPPLE—2:No. 2 >/2 can^ sliced, GEI :pLEUM—«• lb. bag^ same as Wlieatinai . Oir (Tastbjnters Mti^ Be Satisfied.

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