The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 5, 1933 · Page 16
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 16

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1933
Page 16
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convenience of patrons The Bakernfleld Callfornl&n idgents listed below will receive cfaHslfied advertising and subscriptions. at the regular rntes: Oildale Pharmacy IS. AnVTN Dawson Store TA.KT Maflposa Cigar and News Co. MARICOPA Gate City Pharmacy McKITTHTCK Temploton Drug Co. FELLOWS Wagponer News Dealer SHAFTER Shaftor Drug Co. WASCO C. Thomas Ndws Stand W. August Chandler The Cnllfornlan Carrier DEUANO Mitchell Bakery TEHACHAPI Tehnchnpl News Stand GRAPEVINE McLnrty's Store LRBEC Loboc Coffee Shop ni3WATM:> C. Christian TUPMAN Klk Hills Mercantile Co. CLASSIFIED COLUMNS CLOSE II A. M. The Callfornlnn will not be responsible for errors In Classified Advertisements taken over telephone unless correction Is made Immediately after first Insertion. TELEPHONE 31 FOR CITY SERVICE FIVE ROOMSi unfurnished, 1824 Eighteenth street. Includes garage. $36.00 month. See Claudo R. Blodget. Professional building. 13d FOB HUNT or sale, 4-room home at 1111 Dragon. Phone 6B9-W. 188 FOR RENT—Furnished, modern 8- room, $40. Water paid. Phone 820, Henry Elssler. • 18-27-tf COMTOnTABUS 3-room cotlagei for two. 19.00. I2.BO week; llthti, water ffoa, three mllH tut en Kdlion highway. Rainbow Serrlcn Button. • 110 UNFUIlNISItBD beiutlful modern duplex, •IrlBted residential dlitrlnt. Rent, »Z6. Wil-r pnlrt. H10 Qulncy itrcet. Phone 4U9-J. 188 ONB furnished rabln. ClM ind llihU. IS. One a-room houie, IIS. 110 E!««t Eighth itrept. 188 FOH B.ENT—Duplen, nicely futnlih«d. Three romi, and lirute, Inquire 728 Twenty-fourth ilreol. Phono 1318-W, 187 Number 2804 K street, three rooms, $12; No, 108D D street, four rooms, |12; No. 170S Twenty-fourth street, five rooms, |18. R. A. Moore & Son, 1616 Eighteenth street. Phone 483. . ;. -i 188 FOR RENT UNFURNISHED 6-room houses, clean and modern, at $26.00 per month. 4-room modern house, $20.00. BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. 1813 Chester Avenue Phone 1208 1-5-tf USED-CARS FROM A DEPENDABLE DEALER 1925 Bulok sedan, $100. 1820 Ford 3-axle truck. I860, 1930 Ford coupe, rumblo scat, $100 down. 1981 -r>o Soto sedan,. 1175 down, 1929 Dodge D. A. sedan, $126 down. 19:) 1 De Soto 8 sedan, $126 down. BAKER8FIBLD GARAGE USED CAR LOT Next to Pox Theater Twentieth at Q. Phone 2286 IBS 1928 Nash standard sedan, $86. 1928 Essex- coupe, new paint, rubber, $126. 1929 Ford sport roadster, 8 wire wheels and trunk rack, $176. Chrysler. 82 sport coupe, $226. 39.11 De Soto de luxe coupe, $460. 1929 Ford coupe, $186. 1980 Nash coupe, $83B. 1409 18th St. Phone 881. . 158 0. W WtUJNOHAM, houie mow. ChtaUr atenue, Bakatlfleld. SUPPLY of drain and docton' Initrumtntt for ial«, to cloio eittlt. Write L. B. Bull, Me- ITarland, . -•• U» iron SALB— 8ln»er machine,' ullor il»», .8120. Bowl fine. Cheap It taken thli D368, 'or M» at Kgan Apartmenti, week. N», B. • . Phone • 180 30-INCH oak, 15.00 tier; Eucalyplua, 15.BO tier) cotton wood, I3.S8 tier: block wood, 13.09.llwi 19-Inch 'oak wood, $4,00 Her: cotton wood, »».?» tier! block wood, $9,75 tier. 478 Waihlngton •tenue, Olldale. Phone 8989, ..:_.•:, 141 IiADIRS' diamond rlni, very reaionabU, Good In. veiirrtent. -Writ*.Hot 134, The Callfomlan, Fruits and Vegetables, It>n SALE—Oranifrult, $1,00 per boi. Brlri* con- talnare. At Edison. Phone 8B-V-I, III SPUDS—AI'PLBa Spudi, No. 3 Shifter, tack «Bo. I Applet, De UclotH, box" 48o, Friday and Sulufdiy, ontj. Twenty-ninth and Cheittr aronua, fruit. Hand. n JIENT—Half furnlihcd duplox. 1614 Twenty- fifth itreet, It>n BENT—Court cottage, partly furnUhed. Oa- raa-o. Water paid. Nice yard. »20 a month. 17Z7 Dlincho itroet. 18» iniUNISUKD neat 4-roora cottaie. Orerituffed. Oarage, water paid, town cared for. Adults. 1301 Monterey itreet. . 188 HOUSES for rent, furnlihed and unfurnlihed, $12.110, $20, with two ncrei, $90.00. B. II. White, 1881 Chester Mcnuo. Phono 1119-W, 138 Chrysler 72 sport roadster, $296. 1929 late Ford spt. coupe, clean, $185. 1931 Chev. 1%-ton dual, like new, $460. 1928 Pontlac sedan good, H46., TOP PRICES PAID FOR AUTOS Chester at 24th Phone 6828 168 FOR SALE—1930 sedan, to settle Phone 4471-R. De Soto _d« fuxe estate. Sacrifice. 136 Special Announcements AUTO palntlni, 119.50 to t25: hotly Mid fonder work. Prim right. Auto repairing. Trone Paint and Repair Shop. Cillfornia and Baker. Phone 3071-W. 159 Lost—Found—Strayed t0BT—Black and white bird dog, Pointer, Tear oltl. Answers to nime of "Shot." noward. Phone 1285-n. 107 STRAYED—Two mules from Norrls district, one brown and one black. Weighing 1400 pounds. Notify Bl- dart Brothers. Phono 2S91.-R. Route 2, Box 198. 133 LOST— Black pune, phone 1689-J. on Jack lUuich roid. Finder Personals For Rent—Apartments irtjnNJSHBD apartmenU. Nineteenth 'and D. Oreriluffed furniture, Ifrlgldalre, 5-roora houie, 1610 Orange. Apply 2031 Nineteenth itrcet, «ro- tery itore. Phono 8524-J. 1*0 AN ATTRACTIVE apartment In court, nenonable. Truxtun arenue and A itreet. Clretngable. 137 HERE IT IS—A clean, cozy, convenl- cnt 3-room flat. Bath, and big ga- rnge. 1526 Thirteenth street. 138 NBWLY renovotod, furnlihed apartment, lUmt re- ituced. Two hedroomi. hath, hardwood floors, tile ulnk, overstuffed furniture. Oarage, gardener. Water paid. 1027 A itreet. ^^ VOTl niwn—Nicely fumlihcrt rnomi and bath. Alio imiall 2115 Twentieth itreet. Diono apartment, tout apartment. Call 72 or 1710-n. For• Sale^mprpycd| Property WE HAVR lereral wry attracllTe hoUMS and lot» for tale or eichange for ranch property. Warren-neagan.' 807 Baker itreet. 187 TOR SALE—5 acres, improved, with 3-room house, family orchard, chicken equipment, strawberries, good well and pump. AH for $2600. Elmer F. Karpe. Phone 210. 1617 Eighteenth street. 1-5-tf DOUal*A8S. UjW-PniCBD CAIl! 9106 I ST. 1028 Chevrolet roaditer delivery; curtalni. 108. Late 1827 Hudion coai-h. A-l ihape. Pown 166. Radio, Musical Instruments GUARANTEED radios, new and repossessed pianos. Low prices and terms. All contracts carried by us. Don C. Preston, Hotel Togcler Bldg. IBS Po uUry am >d Livestock GOIUi and mllk-faltened hogi, 4 centi i pound, Alio fine rabbit hay', 60 cent* a bale. : Free delivery of ton or more, Dairy hay, 18.00 a ton, Wlldman Place, 1 mile louth, H-mlle well, .ii-mlle louth Weed Patch atore. • ' 18» iron liALE—Flnt calf Jeneyland tluerniey heller with heifer calf, $50.00.' One leren-gallon Ouerniey and leriey coiv, $80.00. One purebred Ouerniey bull, $100, and V others. Phono 8784-J-8. • ' . : . , 136 FOH SALE—One 7-year-old hlgh-olaia laddl* hone, excellent bridle rein.'natural fox trotter. Ono 4-year old extra, good work horie, weight 1500 eouncli. One mile welt mo Dravo Cotton Oln. . 1»T 1C BTHBKT POUI/rnr MAHKBT, Mallard duckt, 66 earitl eaehi colored fryeri, 29 centa Bound; whlu hem, two for 08 centa* Breneil, drawn and dellrered froe. Phone 408«, 89(» North K atreet. 137 WANT to buy, good fat hog, Phon* '164'B, 400 or 600 poundi. IiABOB. oholc* f«t fryen and young, hew heni, 25 cenli pound! young ducki, 20 ctntl pound, DreiMd and dellrered free, lUrenlew H»t«hety. Phone 4150-J. . .'..1»T Wanted—Miscellaneous WANTED—Uied preiiuw Milem, Mult b» In good condition ifld eheap for cajh. W. .T. ArmiWong. Bout* 8, Box 510. m* to dlio anil harrow 90 acrtf of train'by fifteenth, welehelt, on* mile ,woit,. one (Bile louth Panama. '108 Profesatonal Cards J6HN W. CULLITON PUBLTC ACCODNTAN* INCOME TAX BEHV1CB, AUDITS, StSTEMS Suite: 108, ftofiiilonat Building Phone 4561 Wanted to Buy-MiBcellancoua WANTED saddles,' teelith street. buy, good Paul Hornung •to •econd-hand 1608 Nlne- 144 WANTED 9500 4 or 0-foot grape Hakii, I^arnl Co. Phone 4010. Corner 'Union Truxlun aierine. P. C>. Ho« 1271. Legal Notices NOTICE Of MCKTINO This annual meeting of the stockholders of Caledonia Building Association will be held on Tuesday, January .': 10, 1833, In Druids' Hall at 7:80 p. m., for. the purpose 'of electing a board of directors and to transact such other business that may come DR. B. BUZAN Palmer Graduate caTno.pjiACTon Palnleit Byitem Cenptel* Electrotherapy Senlco 1 , Foot ComoUoni Bouri.'lO'to i: a. m.,<9 to 8. 8 p.,m. , 111-112-11S-Morgan Building 1711 ChMtw Atenue, Telephone 051« Lady Attendant Business Cards SWEDISH MASSAGE CABINKT SWEATS , ~ BBDVClNO Colonle Irrigation , • '''>' jNSTITtJTB OP HVDROTHBBAPT 1112 r Street 0 a. m. to 0 p. ra. Thorn SOW before the meetln LEL.' ; Jan. 4 to 10, inc. ting. AND J. RUNT AN,' Secretary, JAPANESE EMPEROR Answer to Previous Puzzle For Sale—Furniture 2-PIGCB valour overstuffed let, 117.50; 2-plen tapeitry overstuffed let. 132.50: 0>12 Aimlniter rug, 110, Davli Furniture Exchange, 2109 Clmter avenue: . ' 1M Walnut Dining Set, 5 pieces. $18.60. Velour Overstuffed Chesterfield, $10. Used Wilton Uug, 6x9, $7.00. IVAN I* HAMM i Phone 341 1100 18th St. 158 For Sale—Miscellaneous SUB LADY WHO WAS OIVKN TUB TABLE- CM>TH CimiSTMAS KVB AT PIQOLY- WIOOL.Y 8TOUB HY MISTAKE. KINUIA ItETUBX TO 8TOIIB MANAGER. 137 COMBINATION curds and teacup reading. Draper's ranch. H street, two blocks south of Brundajte Lane. Financial Immediate Service; No Red Tupe FLOYD DUNLAP " 1823 Twentieth Street. Phone 391. 158 For Exchange—Property TRADB—Kour ecrei, modern B-room houie, up- to-date chicken houiee to care for 1000 chickens. Own pumping plant. I^ocatm) right on edge of town. Trade' for country or mountain ranch. Howard Nlcholi, Inc.. 1SOO Nineteenth. 1 n tf (CASH AND CARRY ONLY) 100 Lbs., Recleaned, Highest Grade 100 LBS. HEN SCRATCH, $1.10. 100 Ibs. recleaned wheat. $1.00. 100 Ibs. lay mash (cotton bags), $1.35. 76 Ibs. ROLLED BARLEY, 60c. MANY MORE NOT ADVERTISED BAKERSFIELD GRAIN COMPANY Baker Street and Truxtun Avenue 10-28-tf aa Wanted to Rent—Farm Land WANTEb to rent or leaje, 40 or 60-acre Im- prorod ranch. Muit bo reaionable. Wrtto Boi 7115. The Callfomlan. IB* For Sale.—Automobiles Over »t period of 82 years our reputation remains paramount. Prove for yourself this assertion. We continue to sell feed for less than any advertised price. No limit to regular customers. No dealers, no tricks, no phones. Business is good. PIONEER MERCANTILE CO. 4-4-tf $6.60 PER 1100 FOR 1 TEAR (NO BROKERAGE—NO BONUS) Minimum Insurance at Board Rates Investigate nnd De Convinced CONSUMERS CREDIT CO. A Reliable Coast-Wide Institution E HaberfeMe Arcade Bldg. Phone 105?, 168 ^ Busincs^ Op^portumties 'SOB LBASB—HOTEI, AIIKBI/>, 60 11OOMS. 'HOT AND COLD WATER IN BACH BOOM. APPLY 2113 TWENTY-FIRST STREET. PHONE 5524-J. 18> 1031 Ford coupe, $325. 1931 Ford coach, $335. 1930 Ford coupe, $285. 1929 Ford coupe, $175. 1929 Hubmobllo coupe, $260. 1930 Essex sport cOupe, $2Tu. 1929 Ford 1%-ton truck, $195. 1927 Ford 1-ton truck. $50. MANY OTHERS 1,9, Help Wanted—Male TOUNQ man 18-22. neat, to take orders with manaxer. Must be mulled with 118 per week at (tart. See Mr. Otto, Southern hotel, between •7-830 p. m. W« ALL Watklns' rural territories In California taken. If interested In Kern county territory, one of best in state, see me at once. U. E. Shaw, ' 438 Decatur, Olldale. Help Wanted—Female WANTED—Mlddle-ageiJ \\roman for scneral homework. Good home, but (mall traeci. Apply at WurrUs' Service Station, Lerdo. USED CAR LOT Sixteenth and Chester Phone 116 (Opposite Courthouse) 168 100 pounds mash. In cloth bags-, $1.35. 100 pounds scratch, $1.10. 100 pounds cracked Indian corn, $1.20. QANN & ROSS, Olldale, Calif. 12-6-tf. HORIZONTAL .1 Who wan .the last U. S. president to die in office? 3 What Is the profession ot Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt? 13 Imbecile. 14 One in cards. 16 Artless. 17 To wander about. 18 To concede. 20 To fall In drops. clerks. 21 Native metal. 38 Cost. 22 Hazard. 41 To wash. 24 Measure of 42 Undersized cloth. cattle. 25 Masculine pro- 44 Feminine pro. noun. noun. 26 Climbing 46 Leasing, plant 48 Cat's foot. 27 To vex. 50 Side bones be- 29 South America, low the waist. HU • laaira ww li-IOIWIEILIH (abbr.). 30 Persian money. 31 The after song. 33 Banal. 34 Pocketbook. 52 To lift up. 53 Caterpillar hair. 54 Stranger. 56 Golf device. 57 Perforated. 58 Death. VERTICAL 1 Emperor of Japan. 2 To love greatly. 3 To rend asunder. 4 Female deer. 5 Neuter pronoun. 6 To store. . 7 Right of holding prop' erty. 8 Varient "a." 12 Supplanted. 15 Pussy. 18 The cheek, 19 Journey. 22 Sour liquid, 23 Running away ,and marry Inf. 26 Essential. ~ 28 That which- Is educed. 30 To, submerge,. 32 Before. 36 Always. 37 U. S. upper ..' House. 38 Forced up with a lever. 39 Magic. 40 To beguile. 43 Thin metal plate. 44 Herring. 45 Narrative poem. 47 To bind. 48 Fairy. 49 To walk through water. 51 To observe. 53 Sun. LAUNDRY SEBVICE Laundry Scnlce Uncicellnl—That'll Our-Slogan' Ten Different Sertlcei' anil Xorlc Odorten Dry Cleaning .. CITIZENS IiAUNDBY'" ' Blxleentb arid O Streeli • • Phone 2]| BOB WELCH RIDING ACADEMY County Park-Hold. Phono 8718-11-11 Will-trained iadd!0 hones. 75 cent^ hour. • Special rate.for childreni untllJanuary0, , ' IS yean and Under,'46 cents hour • Hones bouiht and mid Legal Notices NOTICE OF THE HEARING REPORT OF VIEWERS ON PROPOSED ROAD No. 7SS. 35 Congressmen's 59 To reject. 9 Vulgar fellow. 65 North Araer- 10 To employ. tea. 11 Misfortunes. 57 Before. Christ. B AIM) A IN on frreier CUM. icalei. cash regliteri. meat atlcer, reitaurant nilurw. Complete. New and uied, Bhowcaae ii/e. 800 Baker. 150 ORANGES. ORANGES—I*rge aweet niftU, ll.JS. Juice orangei, 00 centi. Double crate. De- llfered. Phone 9859-W. 13» WOQD—Remember People'! Wood Tard. AH kinds, dellrered, honeit meaiure, (9.50 per tier and up. 1798 Pacific itreet. Phone 8360. I'l FINK—Cleaning, preiilng, repairing, altering, ladles' and men'i garments. Flrat.clan work. lav prlcei. 2430 l> itreet. Telephone 9710-W. 157 JACK SEZ: 1930 Ford sport coupe, .1215. 1927 Dodge sedan, $65. 1930 Ford truck, $285. 1927-Ford coupe, Ruckstell axle, bargain. 1931 Ford pickup, extra clean, $295. Lots of Other Bargains PAT'S CAR MARKET Phono 1724 2316 Chester Avenue Jack Bundy, Manager IBS BEAUTIFUL 5-passenger Bulck 8 sedan, original finish. Really must be Keen to be appreciated; one of the best buys we have ever had. $150 will handle. Cadillac Agency, Ches- PFIEFFER & KNAPP'S WASHING MACHINE SERVICE Service on all makes. New and used washers at big bargains. 1001 Nlles street. Phone 4132-W. 158 MR. FARMER, we handle Oliver implements and parts, Mollno Implements and parts, Avery implements and parts, Fordson tractors and parts. Bargains in used and new machinery, grain and poultry feed, alfalfa seed. At Berchtold's. 830 East Nineteenth street. Phone 800. FOH BALE—Weber ihowcue, center leer. Plato glaii. 2030 Nllei. _^ triple 187 OAK WOOD, all iliei and lengthi, for fireplaces and itovei. Guaranteed quality, and prompt delivery. Mean' Ice Delivery. Phone. 1808. 1 161 UNDBHWOOD typewriter, »35.00 caih. No dcalera. Office of the Clerk of the.Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California.-,* '. ." . , To All Non-Consenting Owners of fhe Hereinafter Described Lands, Take Notice: . That the report of viewers heretofore appointed by the aboye-named Board to view and lay out proposed County Hoad No. 759 • commencing at a point in the northwest quarter of Section Eleven (11), Township Twentynine (29) South, Range Twenty-nine (29) East, M. D. M., from which point the northeast corner of Section Two (2) of said Township and Range, bears N. 29* 54' 30" E., a distance of 7298.47 feet, and running thence 8. 43* 56' 30" E., a distance of 153.86 feet, thence on and along a circular curve of 500 ft. radius, concave to the southwest, a distance of 386.59 feet, thence S. 0« 21' 80" "W., a distance of 327.01 feet, thence on and along a circular curve of 1200 ft. radius, concave to the northeast, a distance of 692.71 feet thence S. 27* 56 1821.41 feet, to on and along a „. ., __ __. ft. radius, concave to the northeast, a distance of 407.49 feet to intersect the California State Highway. Also, beginning at Station "A," and running thence g. 27* 66' 30" E.. ..a distance of 2.40 feet, thence on and along a circular curve of 220 ft. rndlus concave to the northwest a distance* oi 370.98 feet to intersect the California State Highway, has been set down for hearing by the said •Board-of Supervisors at 'their rooms in the County Court House In the. City of Bakersfield, said County and State for January 16, 1933. at 11 o'clock A. M. where any and all interested therein may apear and make objection thereto If deemed proper. The said road will pass over, througl and upon lands owned by: Estate o: Louis Olcese. By order of the Board of Supervisors of the Cnunty of Kern, State of pall fornia, made December 27, 1932. F. E. SMITH, County Clerki and ex-Offlclo Clerk o the Board of Supervisors. Dec..29 to Jan. 12, Incl. ItltlUO VI UfltVi I J. lC*3lt 30" E., a distance of :Station ."A," thence circular curve of 28C ANNUAL MEETING OF THE STOCK HOLDERS OF, THE BAKERSFIELD MASONIC TEMPLE ASSOCIATION Notice Is hereby given that the. an nual meeting of the stockholders o the Bakersfield Masonic Temple As soolatlon will, be. held In the Mason! Temple, 1920 -Eighteenth Street, Bak Back "homt";»o«lntp Ellli'l«lalrtdoo»i"Pr.lne«Mlk«" (center), th* n«-, tlon'i moit debonair lmpo«ttr.' HU< name really It Harry Qerouidn and h» w«» «-p«nt» prtMtr at Hlllidale, III., until,he iuddenly launched himself a» Prince Michael Romanoff. Sine* then he ha« flitted In society and jails of two contlhenti and twice h«»'•>o«p«dElllt liland^where he had &•«/>/, held for deportation although no on* ever.eitabllshed he ever-had « homt Mher than America. • Deportation* alsways are b*caui* Prlno* "Mike r«- '' fu**a th« euatomary routine of paying : ship!* passage. Lately he atowid away IntOxthii country from Francs,, landed **f«ly but got arrested Jn New York when'he could not real»t the ImpuUe to purchase a" favorite bland from a Fifth avenue tobacconist. Detectives are shown leading him from Jail to Ellis Island. ' ,, . is W WNG NURSE Peculiar Tragedy Is Incident v in Bitter Rumanian Political Feud LOS ANGELES, Jan. 6.—Airplanes (United Press Leased Wire) SOFIA, Jan. 6.—Catherine Constan- tlnos, a nurse In a Sofia hospital, straightened the covers and arranged the pillows on the bed of Chrlstls Tra- ionoff, a patient under her care. When Trajonoff had been made comfortable, the nurse drew a revolver and shot him three times, once in the brain and twice In the heart. The shooting was another -.Incident in the bitter Bulgarian political feud. Trajonoff was the assassin 'of Slme- one Evtlmoff, editor of the newspaper Macedonia. -. . Thousands of Macedonians attended the editor's funeral and stood silent at the spot where ho fell. He was burled In the mountains beside Todor Spaniards Make Escape From African Prison Colony to -Mauretania' ' . AJtexandroff, leader. Trajonoff to a hospital, famous Macedonian •wounded and taken •where Nurse . Coristan- tlnos was assigned to attend him. She. had been employed' at the hospital for six years, and was noted for her tenderness' and devotion to her patients. She .is 26" years old. ' : The nurse said she was given a. revolver, and told, to hill her patient as punishment for the murder, of • Evtl- moff. Detectives and police were on guard 'In the ward, but did not' watch the' nurse. . . "As a good Macedonian, I did 'not hesitate," the nurse said. " ' AUTO FOR REFUELING ersfleld, County of Kern, State, of Call- I conducting endurance tests in the fu- fornla, on January H, 1933, at 7:30 ture may not have'to rely on refuel- p'clock.p. m., for the purpose of elect- J"™ n SS« A mmeessful test was re- ihg a board of directors to serve for the ensuing year and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the meeting. \V>VLTER MORTENSEN, ' Secretary. Bakersfioldi Calif., Dec. 28, 1932. Dec. 28 to Jan. 11, inol ing planes. A successful test 1 was're pently conducted on Muroo dry lake in refueling a plane from a speeding automobile. A special superstructure was erected on the top of the car and contact was made after a few minutes of maneuvering. 1!EA0TY OPEIUTOK. wanted. 820 Baker itreet. See Mr. Smith at 13T JtBN WANTED for Uawlallh routes of 800 .coniomers In and near city of IlakeriflelU. counties of Kssl Kern. Inyo and narti of Santa Barbara. Reliable hustler can itart earning $25 weekly and Increase erery month. Write Immediately. lUwlelch Co.. Dept. CA-l-S, Oik- land. Caltf. ' Helpi Wanted—• Agents WANTED—Man or woman to represent our company In Bakerafteld and surroundtnr territory. Small, repeatlni household commodity. Write John Bawklns, 1440 North YosemlUi, Stockton. Calif. Encloie stamped onTelope. SituationsWanted—Majc LAWKS raked by power machine: prunlnr: yard cleaning, by contract. Estimates without obligation. A. Koop, gardener. Phono 1105-J. 187 MAN wanti work. All around pastry knd 1115 N itreet, St. FeurlMlo. ehef. 131 Situations Wanted—Female LAUNDRY wanUd, 10 pounds wel. 30 rontii rvutri dry. 40: flat finished. 70: all finished. 80; 5 centi eilra on ihlrti. All work cuaranlmd. Phone 1874. 6U Pacific. HI For Rent—Rooms By KING A Man Hole GASOLINE ALLEY AROUND THE SHACK, WAIT RIGHT S SIGN ANVBODV tat. U. S. rat Of.; Catjrlihl, 1?M, «7 TlH Chicafa Trltnu (A.t»oclated Prcts Lcated Wire) JtADRID,! Jan. B.—Twenty-nine A^onarclilPt exiles, who escaped last Sunday from the Spanish prison. colony of Villa ClsneroH on, the sun- scorched .west African coast, were, reported today to have landed at Port •* Etlene (Mauretania) French West At- • rica. . ' r • . . The government Jearned the group of Spanish nobles and military leaders who -were banished to the lonely,coast garrison four months ago.mode their getaway .in"a ''boat flying .the. French flag.- The French ambassador 'was investigating to determine whether their extradition was possible. ' , , The newspaper Aliora said relatives . of the exiled group .learned of their safe arrival at Port Etlene, south of Villa ClsneroS. . , . ' The Heraldo, published >n'j'aco'o'unfe of how it believed the party-managed* its escape. ,• ( , • ' :f ' •-\" '',,; Lieutenant Cayannas, It said, red . his aristocratic'exile friends In ; a race .every afternoon along -the * coast, which It the- «dg» of the Sahara deaert. Last Sunday they . i raced. further than utUal to a spot . , whert a Breton, craft wa« awaiting which they boarded, and thui'i ••caped unnoticed until the roll call wa« read at,the camp later, the. account laid. , They were .among ISS^Monarchlsts who Were. deported toAhe^coIony:.fbur mouths ngo"' after : the Awiist uprising. They were : allowe'd relaWe-freedom 'at the camp under stheii-.^th'that they would never'leave VillayClsneros. Their escape came just, at a tlm.e when the Spanish republican government was returning some of them to Madrid for trlalu. • ;•'' '' Among those who escaped * were a • son of the Duke Infantado and Alfonso Bourbon,', a., relative of former King Alfonso. • • .''..•.•»" ** * * . ''. ''•' Fresno Asks Lower IFire Insurance Rate • FRESNO, Jan; ; .6.—Lower fire'lhsur- ncf rates for the city of Fresno were sought *tddsy Iqr a j-equest of'.Mayor Z, S. Leymel-to t,h&,Fresno Associa- tion'of the National'Fire.Underwriters to make a survey of fire losses .here during the past five years.'" 'i--. Losses during' tho period 'the "mayor said, were the' lowest lii • the • city's history. He asked a 10 per cent red action. ' , ••-• .,.;;; Legal Notices NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING. OF STOCKHOLDERS OF BAKERSFIELD .HOME BUILDING COM- JlOOJf for rent to (tntltman. Vwj dxlrible - room with bath, prlfat* entraoet, uia or pliwie. Also game. Call S013-»T 138 IIOOM and board In prliato home, giraso if do- ilred. Wltliln walking dlitanco at builness district. Plion* 1652-J, 1012 1> itreet. For Rent—Rooms With Board BOOM and board. 111.90 per we*k. Comtortabli • tooms, pleutnt surroundings. Free parking. Also transient dlnntri. GO eenta. 2028 Nlnt leenth street. Telethon. 93T. 8-»r-tf IIOOM and board for lad;. Lovely room with heal, hot water, telephone and gauge. 1'honn 20T8-W, VO>B BENT—Nice bedroom. Hoard. Oarage. Laun- dnr done. S30 month. 123 Eighth itreet. 18T and board or meals by the week. abl* rate*. 2212 Eighteenth itreet. Reason 137 For Rent—Houses BBSIBABLB 6-room houie at 2203 Park War Well furnlihed. Near icliool. Ueuonalile. Ap ply MM Park Way. 18; BENT—rurnlilwd J8» O «tr«««. rooms, tee. rent 13 THE BUNGLE FAMILY The Truth Is So Surprising By HARRY J. TUTHILL 4-room ooUajo In court. Kast Uakerifleld. (Ted furniture, automatic heater. Uirace. 1BH-W. WELL CLAKA I'LL ADMIT I WORRIED A LITTLE ABOUT THAT BUT AFTER ALL, THE GRUBBER6 JUST A MILLIONAIRE! THINK, OH JOSIE. DID YOU 8CC THE PAPER?...ABOUT PE6SY...AND THAT MILLIONAIRE? I'M SO SLAD THINGS TURNED OUT JUST AS YOU SAID THEY WOULD OH JOSIE YOU'VE ALWAYS BEEN & LUCKY. CLARA, W HELD UP THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF ITl ENGAGED TO PEGGY! WELL JOSIE T JUST PROVES THAT YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN. DO HIS FOLKS LIKE PEGGY! SOMETIMES THOSE RICH PEOPLE ARE...WELL, UPPISH. BUNGLES WITH MONEY. THAT'S A NICE WAY TO LOOK. AT THINGS, JOSIE. AND I'VE ALWAYS C—1 ADMIRED THE WAY V YOU KEPT A STIFF/ UPPER LIP' ABOUT f/ , BUNGLES. ^^ THEY'VE BEEN .QUIET •-ATElir 1 AND BESIDES, , FOLKS LIKE THOSE GRUBBERS REALIZE THERE'S NICE PEOPLE IN iEVERY FAMILY. OF COURSE CLARA, YOU KNOW THE BUNGLES TOO WELL FOR ME TO SAY MUCH ABOUT THEM, BUT A < , LOT OF THEM..? SOME OF THEM ANYHOW, ARE ALL RIGHT. r A MILLIONAIRE! AND ENSASED TO PEGGY! WELL JOSIE, YOU , DESERVE A LOT OF CREDIT FOR THIS. I WISH X HAD YOUR DISPOSITION, BUT I JUST CAN T T BE SO.... WELL, I'M ALL m Aft m Notice is thereby given that the annual meeting -.of the stockholders ot the Bakersfield Home Bulldlnc Company will be held at the office ot said corporation at 1920 Chester avenue; in the City of Bakersfield, State of California, on Wednesday, . January 18. 1983, at 'the hour of 3:30 p. in., foj tlio purpose of electing directors' for the ensuing year, and for the transaction of such other business as tnay 'properly oome before the meeting. • •••. ~ S. ROBINSON, Jan. 4 to 17, llic.'. Seoretary. •SALE OF GOODS HELD STORAGE : , FOR Notice is hereby given to. 0, W. Collard, formerly of Bust Baltmjsflold, and to Mrs. n. N. Russell, wUole last known address waa !il"S Math St., Baker, Oregon, that goods held for storage by R. L,. Qulncy at 70S -Hum- bo)dt St., Bast Baltersfleld, since July Slli, 1920, will be sold at public Bain Eebrunry 4, 1988, at 2000 Twentieth street, Bakersfield, for costs of storage and advertising. . . R. L. QU1NCY, By Mrs. M. B. Qulncy, his'agent. Jan. 5 to 10, Inc. • Tr' ? , NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING NOTICE IS. HEREBY OtiVBN that the annual meeting of the stockholders of BakerKflelcl Mutual Building- and Loan Association will be held in Us office at 1609 Nineteenth' street, Bakersfleld, Kern County, CaWfornla, on Jonuai-y 11,4933, at 7iao P^apiV tor the purpose of electing a Boa'fd of DirectorB to, serve for the unsulniryear and.for the transaction of suuhVuther business us muy properly come'before the inoetlns,- ' HOWARD NICHOLS, Secretary- Dec. 30 to Juu. 10, inc. -

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