Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 12, 1933 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1933
Page 7
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" lOLA, KANSAS THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDA'Y EVENING, JANUARY 12,1933. t'AGE SEVEN i : NEWS OtMlLORED Mss? Lnna niae Cnr!f>y anjd Dale Nriwlon Aff Married jn tJllfon- • ^ i January 5.' ' - MILDREli, Jan. 10.— IilrsJ Theo-| ' V dore ::Hutton is seriously ill!at the homei of hor daughter. Mre; Urless Nevltt and Mr. Nevitt.- ^ ; Charley Reynolds visited; at Kus- isell Reynolds's Sunday. ; ; -Mr.i and Mrs.! Prank C'urli|yI loyd jCurley and Johin YounK attehded a ;5ix o'clock dinnerj at Frank New' Jon's .^Friday evening. It ^'as given in jhohor of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Newloti. ^ Mr."?; Efirl Cheezum and: children called} at Walter Rodrock's^ Sunday. ^Roy; Siders and family (failed on '•" Qrorgfe Siders's Sunday, - | rMiss Ruth Hoslcy and - JFlossie Rich have returned to lotai where they attend school. j i Mr. Hnd Mrs. Rosco Lewis spent Sunday at Em Miller's. •. | James Lnur^' of Kincaid visited I Mrs. liottie Laury Sunday.- • Miss: Lucille Hunsaker j-etumed Sa-jurday frqim Mntfielc! Grcftn whore sh;? ha.Vbecn vi.sitine her auiit, Mrs. Frank f Caldwell and family'! Charles GarrLson and'family spqnt: Saturday at Will Gil'rrison's. •- Frank Coonfield, who is working at Selma. spent Sunday at homo. Mrs. Eva Gillham vn.s a %'!.sitor. Jfimeg, Johnnie, and Rutft.jHosley j - speLit Saturday evening at the Ater \ • "hoiue. i ; Albert rccompanied! -Her- ; maia HSirri-on cj Kincaid to Kan- i t scs- City S'lndn.-. | Tom ; Lo "-i5 L -nd ' family^ spent \ S-inday-'at John Pyle's. ' 1 J T'.'r. n:id "'.'r.'--. Robf-n Browri. Mrs, i M'V'!i";0 :w!rl '-n. iLcrcy. and Billy; at Ony Rose- SNOWlEB UNDER! VOU'LL HWE TO GET VO0» 1955 WCW<ERS BEJWSe NOO CAN MOVE TM«T CAR. VOVNG FEU.OW THAf« riNAL\ K.vTM.M ill .\laskM is lii. .vr.rl ATrs. Cinud Baker of S'-^vf HKAi Sunday' at'': John W^'Mf'cv 'K - . • i • t'np little d.^iughte:] ftf Mr. r.r^d :.Ti*-i. -•^oe Fnrmer. fcl^ do'wn- TIil<i-:i-: .MII.K.S in ni.XMKTKli. SkcuU Fliows OH.V.VT'S TOMB, ii; .\'n-.v York Citv. C'HHISTI- A.\'I.\ v,;is llh- II :!..^ of \U.' f-ap- itn! (if N/irw.-y 'm-. ii 'any. been '.iKii ::#a t(i 0.~!.n. iUc orisiuaJ ramo' ol' tho ciiy. Elm. We Join their many friends I in wishing them a long and happy life. ' Mr. and Mrs. Claude Roe of lola '^f.-.'Sunday and b ^oke 'h^r^har spent Sunday evening at Floyd Ainrr iTrfferis ba.s his Kf.}-,,;.,! i'-nrk at-- Manhattan J after - sp"'A'-'i '-!<T thf holidays at hcjnie. T-d B-^llnrd. and Miss Velma PvnTj v.^^ro vi-siiors at Elmer Col• eiri's SiindfU'. • 'H.irr,'^ Ci^f-n and family, spe;nt Piinrlnv-v.ith her parents at Blue M''ss jAiiia 'M'.ne Curlov. younijest •-^dnu^ht-i- of Mr. and Mrs. Frank CnrVv h^rl r.n V Np^-inn. son Jif Mr. ! Miss Eva Sheffer accompanied them here and remained for a longer visit with Relatives and friends. Eli Guyer is serioiisly ill 'and has been taken to the St. John's hospital. ! Alva Siders returned to school Monday after a week's absence on account of illness. Clifford Call and family spent h'-H-,) p^Hv. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sunday with his parents at Geneva. B^rfh. John 'i'oune and the Curley James Hosley. who has been f^n -iiiv. .Luna Mav: has growJi to spending the holidays at home, re- -woniflnlifiod in this neiehborhood,, turned to Pittsburg Sunday to re- nndl Mrs Frank Newlon of-Lone .Elm drcii'f^ lo Uninnln'vn Thursday, ' Jnni.inrvVtS rnrl vrfS-nnited inimar- ; riip-e h^'i Rf'VPVfnd Sterling. r/a,stor of t\''e ,K. frinrch at tTniontown. Thev •^•nr" nnpoiTn -jnnipd by Mr. and J'rs.; Ti'frhpirin Booth. Thev re- ti;rrp'-i 'p tl-f! Cnrley home.where a , .<;i\- o^'-lo'jk cun'X'v v?,"; sor''pd t^n the • is n ; er:Vdunj:o oc; , Mildred high ./^chofi! fljiss'i)f '.^l^^nd is a hlshly r'^snrrtf'-i'; find, noouhr young/:lady. T^fv 1 cr'^f-nii "!-:iri >intPd .from -Lone F'm hii'h .sciioo! with the class oif I City. A. J. Hummlston of Ida, and msn .iand is sm honest, industrious, IL. R. Hummlston of Ottawa were popuirir .vouiv.? man. iTlie happy 1 dinner B^^sts _at^ the Ater home .vounti rotijilp v.ill sro to housekeep- " " ' ing March 1 on a farm near Lone iRv-ift and Best Rkumatic ion 85 Cents Jui;t ask for Allenru—With- • in 24 hour.? aftei' you staft to take this 'safe yet powerful medicine exce.vS uric acid ppi- ' sons .^iai't tn leave your bbdy. In 43 iiaur.s pain, agony andiswell- ing are cohc-—v.e guarantee thiscpre- sfTip'fon^i!' one bottle of Alienru dcesn'l rioj^ns .st.itcd.—money bacjc. Cook's Drue: Store- OLD ELSMORE Jan. 9.—Miss Pearl Johnson Is back to school jaf ter a week's illness. Miss Deloria J[oncs is ill and Miss Janet Wray, l ^ttsburg,' is' teaching 1 her room. " Mrs. Charles Preeberg went' to Springfield, Mo., Sunday for a two montlis visit, i Mrs. Robert iZimmerman'.s grandson, J. Lester iPuckett. who was on his way back to Buffalo, New York, where he works, and his friend, Jess Neal. called oh Mrs. Zimmerman Thursday afternoon. Mrs. R; E. Brownfng called on Mrs. Robert Zimmerman Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Albert; Kneopple. Riilli and Irwin, Colony, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Wiman, Erie, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ermey and Herbert Balla, Walnut, were Sunday guests of Mr. arid Mrs. George Squires. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilson, lola, spent Sunday and , Monday with Mrs. Robert. Zimmerman and Nell. Mr.* and Mrs. John Holmes and Edgar spent Sunday With Mrs. Engelhardt. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Munson and Wilma Jean spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs, Carl! Heckenliable and farhily. i ; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Setterstrom and Betty Lou, Mrs. Lena 'Setterstrom and Mrs. Alfred Anderson were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Cunningham In Chanute. Mr. Raymond Anderson Burdick came Sunday .to take his parents, who have been visiting here. home. The farm bureau unit will meet with Mrs. C. G. Krokstrom Tuesday, January 10. Mr. and Mrs.j Charles Braden and Kama Lee were Savonburg visitors ! Sunday. i ' Merl Ard and Hillis Braden went to Pittsburg Saturday night and returned home Stmday. The L. L. club met with Mrs. Dave Munson January 5 with U members present. The afternoon was spent with Quilting. Being the first meeting of the year the annual election of officers i was held. Mrs. Zodeen Larson was elected president; Mrs. Hazel Holmes, vice-president; Mrs. Babe Squires, secretary-treasurer, and Mrs. JMinnie Munson, reporter. Names were drawn for this year's "Remembrance of Friends." Refreshments were served to Golda Cox, Evelyn and William, Hazel Holmes and Keith, Jjuanita Strunk, Meryl Ludlum and D. A., Zodeen Larson and Bernard. tJna Roberts and Gordon, Roma DeMerritt and Darlene, Edith Stanley, Glp Biggs and Barbara, Babe Squires and Marjorie Nell, and the hostesses, Minnie Munson and Wilma Jean. • Mrs. Forrest i Ball and children , and their friend, Mr. Klrby, Blue Mrs. Hays Huniiaker, was on the|^°"°*l' ^- ^^' ^f^^ sick list last week, bit is all right '^'^'^ and. Vernon were Sunday dln- nbw. Mrs. Charles Garrison and Gar- Ian were at Oarnett Wednesday. The senior play will be given soon. Watch for annoimcements. ! Walton's. Mr. and Mrs. J. Q. Roberts of La- Harpe have moved on their farm west of town. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stout went to Halstead Saturday. to take his im- cle. Ralph Sprague there to consult a physician. They visited Albert and^ Roy • Stout at Newton Saturday night. , Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Sullivan of Erie spent Sunday at Ray Shively's. sume his work in the state teachers college. ' Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Hall and son Pierce, Mrs. T. O. Anno of Kansas Sunday. Other visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Isaac and Blllle, Mrs. F. S. Curley and Mrs. Dale Newlon. Mr. and Mrs. John Barley and Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Nevltt Jr.. attended the show at lola Wednesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Newlon spent Saturday night at Hank McAdams's and were given a charivari by the young folks. Earl, the little son of Mr. and HORIKOXTAIi 1 Huge mythical bird. 4 Donkey-like lieasl. 7 Pertaining to a wall. B Showers of •transparent flakes of ice. 11 Young girl debutante. 13 Montagu Norman is governor of the Bank of 1 15 Goddess of ' Daw;n. 16Not normal. 18 Fifth sign ot the zodiac. 19 Red mullet. 21 To say again. 23 Capuchin monkey. 24 Pertaining to a branch. 27 To question. 28 To exist. An«vcr to[ Previous Puzzle EE 31 Definite aV- tlcle. 33 Ship tillers. 35 Almond. 38 Quickly. 40 Antiseptic powder, 43 To be ill. 44 Issuing. 47 Gazelle. 4$ Brigand. SOClamberinff uj». 53 Lays smooth. 54 Thing. 55 Embryo bird. 1 Michael Kalinin is an im S Cresceat. S To entangle. 10 Furtive move. 11 To soak flax. 12 To accom- plisii. 13 Standard ot ty^e mea;sure. 17 Legendary founder ot Rome. 20 ScotfE. . 22 Enamel, 25 To imitate. S6 Limb. SI Experiment. 32 skelter? 29 To murmur &• 52 Surface taken a cat. as an index of 30 3.1416. altitude. 33 Hourly. 34 Ago. 36 Impelling. 37 Indian mahogany trees. portant official sg Moccasin. In —-? , 39 Net weight of 2 Native metal. containers. 3 Conspiracy. 41 Century plant. 4 Fishhook. 42 To loiter. '.6 Sun. 45 Within. '6 Small valleys. 48 Form of be. 7 Fastens a 49 Night before, ship. 51 Limb. COiMPAMfiilE CARS and THE SENSATIONAL NEW PRICES ON, Plymoutii Sixes BUSINESS COUPE S619.0O COUPE. Rumble Seat 56.52.00 SEDAN, 4-door -....$070.00 COUPE, Convertible S6|)0.00 r .Tax paid, delivered at yollr door, complete. ROSS ARBUCKtE GARAGE CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Sales—Service—Parts Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, Jan. 12. Hay: 25 cars, unchanged. (APJ— Kansas City Grain. City, Jan. 12. (AP)— 1., New 'York, Jan. 12. lAP)—A trickle of selling, in sympathy with wheat's 1 Wheat: M cars; unchanged to '4 weakness, fell on the stock market \ uo. Ko. 2, dark hard, nom. 45 'ii -55; near the close today and earlitr , 3, nom. 45-54'-; No. 2, hard, gains were replaced by net -losses ; 40-49 '_•; No. 3, 45; No. 2, red, nom., of fractions to more than a point;, j 45.50'j'; No. 3, 45-46. Rallsiheld fairly• steady. Tran .'ifors i close: May 43 ',i; July 42'^.,; Sept. approximated 800,000 shares. I43 ^i. Softening of -wheat prices turned : corn: 34 cars; up '-j to No. 2. some WaU Street professionals to 1 white. 24; No. 3, 23V4; No. 2, yel- the short side of the 'market, but low, 23%; No, 3, nom., 22^4-23'i; their selling was not especially ag- N 6. 2. mixed, nom., 23U-23?!; No. gressive. Attention focused mainly on some of the shares which had been bid up quite aggressively. Proctor & Gamble yielded about 2 points, selling being based on recent reductions in soap prices and on uncertainty over pending dividend action. U. S, Steel, Westinghouse Electric, 'American Can, Loew's, Case and. Corn products were down a point or more. Consolidated Gas, Montgomery Ward. General Motors, United Aircraft and American Telephone dipped sUghtly. In the rails, Santa ,Pe, Lackawanna and Union Pacific lost major fractions while small declines occurred In New York Central, Pennsylvania and Southern Pacific. Actl-vity slackened on the decline and at the close the movement appeared to be meeting better resistance. A gain of 1 point was held by Columbian Carbon while Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit was uo 3. R. J. Reynolds "B" was fractionally higher. High . . 3>f, . 21;,; .62 LEGAL WOMAN LOST 20 POUNDS IN 4 WEEKS NOTICE TO PHYSICIANS Sealed bids will be received by the Board of Coimty Commlssionprs of Allen County, Kaasas, untU 11 o'clock a. in., Monday, January 16th, ,1933 for the Pauper Medical prac- j Harve Ludlum, iHarrison and Eivelyn of Alljsn county,, Kansas, In the jand Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bol- foUowIng districts: _ j linger were Sunday evening guests ner guests' of Mr.. and Mrs. E. S Bacon. Mrs. Hillis Krokstrom, Mrs. Elmer Price arid Kendall called In the afternoon. - , Willis Bacon is shucking com for &nest Hill.. Mr.- Ashford, lola, and Mr. Browning called at the Robert Zimmerman home Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Linqulst returned horhe from Kansas City Saturday after spending a week there. Mr. Ben , Ludlum,' Mr. and Mrs. DEPR CREEK Jan. 10. —We are glad to report that George ^Kettle, who was operated on at thie St. John's hospital in lola. Is Improving. We -wish him a speedy recovery.' Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Hargrove and children spent last Wednesday evening at the E. R. Weldin home. Mrs. John Page and Mrs. Dreher were calling at the Ray Bowen home Thursday. lone McGee -idslted last w-eek with Pearl Williams; Mr: and Mrs. Clifford James and Mr, and Mrs. Leo Scully and Alice visited at the John Lante home Thursday evening. Mrs. Delmer Brower visited two Friday at the Claus Thohoff home. Homer Wynn spent Sunday afternoon and eivening at the Joe Ensley home north of Colony. Virgil Powell and Lester Roney were visitorsiwiUi Raymond Bowen Simday afternoon. Margaret and Anna HaiBtoves stsent Sunday afternoon with Vaitty Maxine Weldin. - Mr. and Mrs. John Wynn, Walter and Marion visited Sunday afternoon, at the Delmer Brower hom<^. Mr. and Mi's. Clifford James, Mr. and Mrs. J. M Lants and Mr. and Cities Serv SO of Ind Amn Can . Amn T&T 108 Amn Tob B .... 63 Anaconda 8Vi Atchison ....... 4512 Auburn 54',2 Beth Steel leVit Case J I : 49'4 Chrysler 16',-i Con Oas 63'/i con Oil 5Ti Dmn Inc 38% DuPoht 41'^ Gen filec 16'4 Gen Motors 14-^K Int Harv ....... 24^!', Mont Ward .... 14 ^4 Packard 2% Penney J C 27 Phillips Petr .... 6 Radio .......... 5r, Sears Roe 21'-.- Soconv Vac 7"i Std Brands .... 15'Si SO of NJ 31?i Tex Corp 13% U S Steel 31 ••^i Westlhgh E .... 30-' K Mrs. John Eantz and family visited Sunday with, Mr. and Mrs. Lco Scully and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Dreher visited Prl- afternoons last week with Mr^. Jim day forenoon at the Ed James 5me. Walter and Jim Wynn spent Sun- Williams while Mr. Brower sawed \ '^^°}^: "M ^.'Bt^4r ^SS "lhadwick and ! day evening «t the javea^ h^^^ Mre. Shaffer visited Mra. Williams i Blss Reeves trucked a load of_cat. of Mr.-and Mrs:. John Ludlum. The Elsmorej high school teams'. I of girls and boys -R-ent to Union- . Mrs. 'Mi-,r We:; V !-;tc.s:: "rm oiil :-.->lK>i -170 Ibj. of St.' Lpul'j;. Mo., 2n vrs. old and First District, Humboldt City, Humboldt, Logan, and Cottage Grove. Townships. „ Second District, Elsmore and Sav-! J-^^.^f Friday riight'for thelr'first oiiburg Cities, and Elsmore Town- , basketba^ games of the sea-> .iH'- J T^- . • . 1 J son. The girls'l game was real in•Third Disti-ict, Moran and Mildred 1^,.,.,^^ ^5^^ a.tied score of 18-18. ernes, and Osage. Marmaton Town-. jj^^ Elsmore boys needed '"^^^^'^'....i, ni..,.iof T r-. 'Stilv. to reach jthe Uniontown boys "^'s,rrs. c,.v. B......,.;,s.w^SJ™s- s;,.:fx?: Low 3 21% 60% 106% 61% 8 43% 52% 15% 46'i 15-A 61% 5'/a 36»i . 40% 15% 14 23% 14 2 "4 26 H 5^.i. •5'a 20 7% 15V» 30%. 13'4 29-k 29'A Close 3 21% 60% 107 61% 8 44 < 4 3 23. Close: May 24%; July 28. Oats: 3 cars; tmchanged. No. 2, white, nom., 17-18*1.; No. 3, nom., 15U--17. Milo maize, nom., 51-56. Kafir, 46.' Rye, nom., 33'i-34, Barley, nom., 21'i-24. K. C.Llvestock Close. Cattle: Better kinds fed steers steady to 15 lower. Sheep: Lamtis closing active, 25 higher; choice 87 lb. fed lambs $6.00, lambs good and cholce,'90 lbs. down, $5.50-6.00. Hogs: Unchanged. Estimated livestock receipts for tomorrow: • Cattle 800; hogs 4,500; sheep 3,000. Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City, Jan. 12. (AP)—(U. S. Dept. Agr.)—Hogs: 7,000 ; 420 direct; steady.-to 5 higher than Wednesday's average; top $3.00 on 160220 lbs.; good and choice, 140-360 lbs., $2.55-3.d0; packing sows, 275550 lbs.; $1.75-2.35: stock pigs, good and choice,: 70-130 lbs., $3.50-75. Cattle: 2,500; calves: 400; fed steers opening slow but generally steady; other classes in limited 52% supply fully steady; top 991 lb. year- 15 1 ling steers $6.40; steers, good and 'choice. 550-i500 lbs., $4.15-7; common and mediiun, 550 lbs., up, $3-5; heifers, good and choice, 550-900 lbs. $4:25-6.25; • cows, good, $2.60-3.00; vealers, (mlikfed), medium to choice $3.30-8; ^tocker and feeder steers, good and choice, $3.75-5.75. Sheep: 8,C00; lambs active. lOrlS higher; odd lots sheep steady; top fed lambs $5.90; lambs, good and choice tX) 90 lbs. down, $550-90; good and choice, fX) 90-98^ lbs., $5.25-80; ewes, good and choice, 90150 lbs., $1.50-2.25. (X)-i-Quotations based, on ewes 47 16 62 514 38% 40% 15% 14',«. 23% 14 H • 2^1 26<;< 6 5',i 20'i- 7% 15'i 30% 13% 30 V K 29-:>» - LOCAL FBODCCE. Eggs, firsts 21c Eggs, seconds 18c Bjgs, thirds 15c Eggs, ungraded Hens, No. 1 ....'. Hens, No. 2 No. 1 Springs, IV> lbs., So. 2 Springs .— r^pons. over 9 lbs. .. Papons, over 8 lbs. .. Ofapons, over 7 lbs. .. Capons, imder 7 lbs. . sups Butterfat, lb 18C 8c .50 up .....'..6c .;4c lie ..u.: 9c ..: 7c 6c 4c .....18c 4c AUTOMOTIVE AntomobUes For Sale HUDSON-ESSEX'^Parts and Serv-: ice. Bud White Motor Co., 209 South street. Phone 60. PONTIAC-BUICK GOOD WILL USED CAR'S SHELLY MOTOR CO, Authorized BflfcK-PontlaC 214 N. Jeffetson-^Pho. 80 K^lrlar—Garaxea BATTERY Redharging. 50c Garage. Ideal Bnsiness Service Offered HARNESS OILED—75c per set. Helgele's Harness and Auto Shop, 201 South street, lola, ^_ : EMPLOYMENT 13 Help Wanted—Female WHITE GIRL for general hopse- work; give age and experience." Address Box 74, care Regjster^__ ' 16 Situations Witnted—Male MAN AND SISTER— Want worlr on' farm by the year. Reuben Ketch- am^^hanute. Phone Chanute 1706. ~ LIVESTOCK 7 20 Dogs, Cats, Other Pets POLICE PUPS—For sale; well bred,' __Albert. Boltpn,_41_5_North Ohioj. _ ' SI Horses, Cattle, Vehicles CoWs — Just fresh, and cows to • , freshen soon. Jl C. Butcher, Westj, Street road. ; 28 FoDltryiand Supplies and wethers. Friday afternoon. Mr. Gilbert Shepard. Mr. Orbeii Endsley and Donald Carr of Gridley, Kas., were visitors Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Weldin of lola, and with the E. R. Weldin if amily. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford James rts- ited Saturday evening at the parental Ed James home. Mr. and Mrs. Crls Enriel visited tie to Kansas City for Alva Shadwick, Sunday. Visitors at school this week were: Pearl Williams. Emma and Bertha Thohoff. Charlotte Kincaid, Vivian Reiter and Fanny Weldin. Have you a house for rent? Or for sale? Want to buy anything? Use the Classified columns! Stags, lb. Cocks 1 ..3c aec«, lb. 3c Guineas, each: 10c ; ments were served. SILVER LEAF (Mrs. Fred Duf fey 'i Jan. 9—We take this opportunity of thanking all our friends who har furnished us with Items the past year.and wish you all a happy and prosperoiis New Year. The H. and N. club entertained their families and friends at the school house New Yetir's eve, with a watch party. A program was s^ven and refreshments served. A quilt was sold which hrought $5 .00.' This money, goes to our flower fund for sickness and deaths. Luther .Preston, wife and baby have been having a tussle with, flu the past week. As Ls the custom In this community, the neighbors and friends gathered at the Draper home for a fate- well party Tuesday evening. After !en.!cying games and mtislc, refresh- At a late hour White pucka,lib .-40 lall departed wishing them success in Colored Ducks, lb Jc j their new home. . I Hides, per lb, , ..IcI ui: and Mrs. Prank Murray and Mixea .Corn, bu. , 15c :daughter Lorrene spent Friday eve Yellow Corn, bu. ... • • • •; IPf; ing at the Duffey home. Wheat, bu 28c Kafh- Corn ..14c Kansas City Produce. City, Jan. 12. (AP J —Eggs 21. Other produce unchanged, . until takmg one, cotmtv Jail, Countv Farm, and the '''"""v"— * ^ -:'-.r,-a- Kni.-chen Salts ijust 4 | Townships of Geneva Carlvle and i with .seve^ members present. I -sow weigh' 150 :lbs. I' lola. ' ' ' The meeting was opened by sing- Bids for the county Health Offi- '"g- "Work for Enforcement-Where cer Include Pauper practice 1 ^'i^'• scf'pture. Psalm. 108; and all Surgical Work in District 5 by Mrs. Jim Andruss; song, make nil inspections in County of I """'''ai'd to Enforce the Constitu- Hotels. Restaurants, Barber shops F'^wer rpisslon report: three ^Teat Markets. Slaughter iiouses • bouquets have been given, 27 calls '!"" tile sick and shutins. Dona- :.tfo '•••''•''•:;energy and flirther ;rr--,' tvc heviT; had a'hungry mo- "-.t -follis should take one half ; ^;;ortiif:il Of Kruscheu Salts. In a IS-. c(. lint'water ill the morning \^-::vi\^ bi-(-a'kf;ist ~it 's the SAFE. ! ;;^ilrf,.s way to reduce as tehs of I!. '1 •nir'.ri.s ni' iiifn and 'womcniknow., ",-,r vv,;i !tli 's a:\kc foj* and [Medical Practice must'expect to be , , :':t Krmcticn at any drug ^tore— appointed "Deputy County Health I .'^."'^^ ilr cow a bottle'that lasts 4 - " - Etc., as is required I by Statute and j, State Board of Health. tlons: two hens., ten garments,, and '^.*»i „r.,Vt«fr«» D,„„„,.'some money. A party was planned The Physician taking t4ie Pauper, husbands and the s(:hool and thbir friends. A spe- j clal. program will be given at' the v.. cVJ \\ but a trifle and If after the t!i-.t battle':\-oti are not joyfully sat- '>.icd fflth'rrp.'iults— money bacl?. • THE .1. F. GRENNAN PRODUCE CO. j C. • O. ibpGHILL, Manag(|r P0VI;TKY| AND EGGS F.giX Qn<cii and Supplies Old ana Roliabl ^Establishei 1911 Corner Monroe and Elm: (Just AVcst of the Water Tower) church' Sunday PlllCfS 18 ^^^^r^seU^^he'Sfio reject any of the and an hlds^^ Chainnan Board of County Com- ^ by M«. Jan. 12th, 1933. (First Published m the lola Dally Register Dec. 29, 1932) NOTiqE OF APPOINTMENT^ Administratrix. State of Kansas, AUeri County, ss. In the Matter of the Estate of Al- biprt Wilson, late of Allen Gotmty, Kansas. Notice of Appointment. night for the cele- knnlversary of Pro-, hibition to which the public is invited. The meeting was closed by pHlll. • high school basket- come to Elsmore and we hope they Tuesday night go home defeated. The city hall a man for roll! evening for the has been leased by ^r skating. A large bimch of skateirs were out Monday opening night. Topeka—Regaji-dless of whether county treasurers ha-ve madefTjook I distributions of taxes collected, they . [are required to honor drafts for Notice is hereby given! that on the | state funds in tlie opinion ol Roland 28th day of, December, A. D. 1932, the undersigned was by the Probate Court of-Allen County, Kansas, duly appointed andi qualified as Admin­ istratrix of the Estate of Albert i ty officials hadj Wilson, late of Alien County, de- j on the grounds ceased. All parties Interested in" said estate Will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. OMIE MAE •WILSON. Administratrix. Kenneth H. Foust. Attorney. (12)r29 -(l)-5 ^12. Boynton. attorjney general. The opinion was given' in response to a letter from the |state treasurer's office which reported that some "coim- refused to do this they had not made book distributions although their actual' coUectlors on the state levy were more -than sufficient to pay the state drafteJ IF YOU MISS THE REGISTER CALL 167 OR SfeO A crowd of neighbofs went to the Ben Grieve home Tuesday night after the party at Draper's tp charivari Ivan Grieve and wife who were married December 20. Ivan said as they got him up at that late hoiu* they all had to pay fori it by dancing for him and he m^e his word good. At a'Very early hour all departed wishing Ivan and wife much ha;ppine88. The R. D. Smith family has been having a tussle with iflu. | Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jackson of Neosho Falls spent the week-end with Mrs. Jackson's parents, Mr. and- Mrs; Fred Duffey. j The H. and N. club met with Mrs, Win Butcher Thursday afternoon. After devotlonals and j roll call, the election of officers ww held for the coming year, asi follows: Mrs. Leavell, president; Mrs. Wrtty. vice-president and Mrs.i Mmjay. secretary- treasurer. The aiftembbn was spent .TOcially. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Fred jDuffey. Jan. 19. COCKERELS — Black and White- Giants for sale. Phone 99, I^a- Harpe. •: '' MKRCHANDiSF: 24 Articles For Salt BATTERIES — Guaranteed, Ideal,Garage. ' $4:95 MOTOR OIL—50c gal.; 5 gal.. $2.19 'Ideal Garage. Plinnr 174. ^ ; 26 Farm and Dairy Products ALFALFA HAY— $5. and $7 ton baled; 1 male hog, 300 lbs.. Berk- . shire with papers, $10; parsnips,/ 50c bu.; small potatoes, 25c bu. A. L. Townsend. FLOUR—Fully guaranteed, 48 lbs.,; 65o. Brownie's, Cream, Poultry, and Eggs. ^ , 28 Hoiiseliold Ooods CLOSE-OUT PRICES—Circulators, wood and combination heatets.; Trade in old. Curtis'. 10 N. Wash. ; NEW FURNITURE BARGAINS ; $75.00 vanity, bed, bench and rocker, in fine quality quartered glim, yours for $25.00 $25.00 walnut vanity dressers, only ;. .....$10.00 $75.00 bed and chifforobe, French walnut $30.00 $40.00 wahiut dressers .;... $18.00 A. R. SLEEPER FURN. CO. USED STOVES and Furniture. Store , packed. Hennlnger's Pum. Store. ^ USED DINING ROOM, bedroom" and living room furniture at money saving prices. Terms. W. H." Wood Pine Furniture, 202 S. Jeff. USED FURNITURE BARGAINS S-plece enamel breakfast suites^ $7.50; large fibre rockers, $5.00-, 2 -plece mohair living room suites $W.S0; 6 oak dining chairs, icatn-r er seats; $7.50; Quick Meal gaS range with Lorain heat control, $10.00. A. R. SLEEPER PtJRN. CO. 20 USED living room suites, $15 Op. Hennlnger's Furniture Store, - _ • 29 Abchlnery and Tools ATTT«1M0TIVE 5. Antomobtles For Sate '26 DODGE 4roach: '25 For lola Auto Wr •27 Chevrolet coach: used parts. Iclng.1 Phone 782. ANNOTTNCEMF.NTS Fenonab OLD MAGAZINES and books waint- ed. When moving or cleaning house elve them to the Tola Pub- Uc Library. Phone 1406 or 382 and n» wtll cet them Antomobiles For Sale V SALES Diependable Used Cars and Trucks ELMS MOTOR CO. Phone 301 Caste— Trade—Terms 1 GOOD USED' N O. 3 McCormick- Deerlng Prlihrose cream separator, $25.-Allen County Impl. Co. 32 Wanted—To Boy WANTEDr-Small house t<b move or: wreck; must be cheap. Ii. P. Hart- , man, Humboldt, E^as; ROOMS FOR RgNT 34 Apartments and PURNXpHED 3 rooms witjh* pantry. Closets, jjorches, moder^, private- entrance, close In.. Phone 1234. Real Estate For iRent lorje 3) Booses For Bent- FOR RENT—Houses, good location." See G. E. Pees. I • • . 5-ROOM MODERN bungalow, oak floors, long living-room; fine place.>. 605 N. Washington. lola' Land Co. Re^l Estate For Sale 43 To Exchange—Real Estate TO TRADE—A concrete garage 40x; 80 ' and ; fiUing station house clear; good opening for .good mechanic, |for good clear Unproved 80. H. A. Kemmjrer, Carlyle, Kasi i [ 4-ro6m'

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