Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 8, 1927 · Page 10
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1927
Page 10
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iisatered 'M ^.the Iota. Fa^totflc^ as Second. Class Matter. ^ , t BY•MAIC:-^:-"^^''"' , inn« v.„9''.*»'''«-^"«" county r»»' J'' ' " Allen Cpunty ' o • . t ' [6n|h; Jal^aper CHy of iola. '• S I .'Paper,City of- Banett. jrPaper Allen County. : Mamber. df— . - Matloa'ar Editorial AaMclatlon. ' ' VantaatPrew Association, -file Kaniaa Dally League. ' Audit Biiraau of Clrculatloo: .Prass: Conarass efi the World. - Piland ,0«riy Praaa Aasoelatlon. ri- MEMBER ^ASSOCIATED PRESS. The Master carries the AxKoclutcd ,.-Pr*S!« n'pm by Hn ^lid .leits^U wire. I ~. The Associated Press IH ejtfliisj *ely eii- J 'jUtl*^ to the una for repubircatton of -,'iH'news DispatcheM credited to It or ^ j»(it other«Fl»e credited In Jhls paper, *•• HuB also tBe local ncwn published herein.' All rljihtM -or repu*>llcallon of special dlsponcbes , her »-ln aro also reserved. for wcek.K and is /'ertain to arouse gVOat Ulffeim-ss. When that fislit fs «)Vcr Tie is expprled to lino iiji an :iilniin|.'<ti'ation inajorft\H -for :i fax reilin-ti(iri tiroKniin. Th«'it he is oxpectc'il to sv\ sonvj- kind of'a, farm .relief uie;i.sure thriitiKlr j IMMIV Which lias nearly as nmny'diffcrAi! i view.s iiK tfl what tliat- mt'iisiiri' .slionld l )p as tliere are Senatorn., through il all lie is expected.' to eiinie onl witli the t;oiid w-ill ol':'; everybody. If he siicreeti .i in doliiui all tlieKi' UiliiK« he onKllI to ho' iioininHteii and '••lei-ted I 'ri 'sldeni by j acclnniation! ' • • Bible Titought jot Today Tlie rnsipeakahle Forltes.- Ill innn Svli^ double' cro.ssed every- Thl stone which the builders re.-; ,,^-,.8,,^. („ ,.,n,t,ul with from,' Reeled is .• become the corner.—Mark 12 :it». of the I Frcsldeni Tnlted StateK ; down, who robbed the disabled —. . ^ =r__-_ veterans-(jf millions of dollars ap- . JUSTICK AT l..\ST. j propriated by Congress for thoir . Xcw Orleans Times-Picayune: | ^.,„„,„p ,„„ „f prison de- 1 ^•?'pr charity shair cover the i ,.|ares that his first jo,b will be to j fiiide of $in.s," sailh the Aposde. j the name" of . .President' T^." But It has;no greater coverase than the official whitewash liriish. Tlie latter, wlfiided by the United States .•weather Jjureau. ha.< siveii ih- S'hlteness'of fresh snows to tlit> State of Kansas, No'more dare we S&tiniate t)iat the ".layhawk State " entertains; tornniioes in Jneasiire,'; - / riardiiiK. HeavenJielp the memory: of President Hardlnj; if nol)ody te- mains to dear his name except Un Unspeakable Forbes! Till undue i"lf]c( I w fieli Santa - Vfp readfhat the weather servile j i^iOili' |ia« been [makins a careful count, j "'red. tlDTer eight, yeiirs. of the'"twistierB" |''i''> jlhat have>visited Kansas an<l ,has-ithe folks w |i6 run the l(da post . are the kind who think thai ihiltl writes a- letter tiij f'laus it .oiiKhl to hr ddiv- | "'That 1.1 why the other day | (ley put in tlic l{e;:ister"s mail , „ _ Uesister has bfon the ofttcial , I fcompaVed that number with visita-i lejiKsentativc nf ,«anta <"!ans in j ^ions :in others <>f our luitional j I"la^ for a aiind many yeai> a lei-i coiniii6nw<>alths. ^s'tlie re.-.'ult we ,tei'; whi<-h had no post7i;;e°aiid whic}i' bre adVlaejl to "lay off; Kansas and N ^as addressed: - near Santa Clans.; Jiiind:thi>; palm of w<arh« r jier-' .N'"'!! Pole." ' ^ ' ^yersity td; Arkansas. iJurins Ih 'e perioil under iniesti-; ..L ' I . ... I count Ration Ken.sAs is credited 1 feixty -nine-, tornadoes, whereas Ar- , . . , • I one iiuartcr section wliuh he (It her HeadsDis^bled V . i •. ily is liarvc.'-tiiic a icrop of corn, kalir and niilo. , :one ijuartcr section wliiih he plir-. kansas enjdyed sie'cnty^six. tiilier, , , , , , ...;. •• - . / " ., ... chased last year for >2 .rui(i. i )nc - »ear neiKhhoi:s with, "cyclonn-• as-j, . , ,„.,,., , , , : i ,;. ' farmer, raiseil 4.000 hiislu Is of coi-n Jilration ape Iowa with jiixty-six and , ., • . ., «,.• - . 2,: . , ii"l'>- !" crop worth as nuich a.- ^Il^souri fifty-seven. JJut Arkansas , ., , ', , „., ? , Z • .... \- . . . . he paid for ihi' farm. Till" sliori tops, the iist. in spite of th" (ni • . , v .... , 1, !;:r;iss country isu t s<i slow! lli ^t the state also topped the • • - luHegree; bl suffering from la.^ti 'summer 's floods. » ' './ , But. itj Js not; enouph havi-j •I.-^L;-....',. :.. ,1.*.. i I .,<}^_ . lie*'. .^u."-. .>ii« »T iwhitewaifhed Kaltisus in the malfer! beeiv in Pleakinlon 'of toiHiydo .yeiirly •first ilo'.vn.s."itew tlays visiting al the home of: lier sisUM'. .Mrs.' firant Prowell. re- 1 tinneil home .Monday. I.onnie Kobb made a Imsiness trip to Kincaid Thursday. XENIA tCleii V. Delaval'i I .Mrs. '.\liie Smiili. the who pa.-ii' .The weather 1)ureau also assures ' Us that the Kaiisas tornado, don't lift temipted to yall them cyclone.s. |anot even an "A-l" storm «t it.s '^BA .^ TUe government tells us never in the bleediiiK history '.When thirt^'-Iive. World Warlvetcr- < ans,' ^ach without an arm or| a leg. organized "Minnesota Anipiitation Post" of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, thfy chose Kinun Karelis (above) as first commander. Ka- State has Kan.-«as ever hal.; ll'''"'»-r'«»>.' ^^''o 'r' " lioxi^':'" ' rtlls wdu two decorations tot heroism in France. C.rover ami lleese . llenders <Mi Were in F<i#l .Scot I Tuesday. .They : went down to see their fallier. Sani;' ."^WB to'nTatch those at .Murphy--! "-!»««, 111., the two at! St. l...uis. or j., Jtt^ Btorm niaster|)i<)e at Omaha |» "1913. Apparently the Kansas fetbrm has -a heart, ancl not only |[' aoM it LTcR'tHe vii^I encv of • Sn some Dtnir i-egio:'- imt it is also - iniich lc :l..i peisisj<'ijl. In Kansas; ;•- ia tornado rosard .s ji^Oit-mlle swath i |,.y';5i,\^,^^y" Kvereil 'I'lrislcy is husking coin ; lor Orville/Meek tills week. ' I.eiii' .Mcfliuians went lo Kansas . City Tnesilay 'on bifslness. .Mr. afid .Mrs. liertrani i>tcveiison spoilt Sunday afternoon wiih .Mr..; and .Mrs. -lesse. Kobli. ilowcll Anderson • purchaseil a: Fofd. li?uring car from .Mel Tins-; bB aflill day's work farely acom-; \y,„ shieldsof Parsons is visil- SKYROGKET ; (.Mrs...I. IJ, Ilibbsl .Dec .\lr:.. I. rarles .•\iiiiTli v '.'-iied al I '.iick lieaiiunrs Tiiiii<<- ilay evcniiit;. liaiol.l Kiok>iroiii visili'd .Mr. ..'iiiiior' Satiinlav liiiilii .-md .Siiii- <lay. .Mr. .'iMi, .\lis. I 'leii Ki 'irkslroiii PRAIRIE FLOWER I.Mrs, t). Toimaii.1 I)''<. -.Mr. and .Mrs. I, S. Ueckett. .Mr. ainl -Mrs. C.orge Smith Of .New Yolk Valley, .-.pent Sunday al. the ('.C. r.\siiia'rd iuViiie. .Mr. and .Mrs. IMiarley Ilaiiin and .\eva. .Mr.' and .Mrs. Kverelle Iteed and fharley- spent Sunday a! the .fohu Iti-ese home near Kurlioii. Mr. and .Mrs. I). Tolinaii called at :llu:<;uy Ileraniioii home .Suii- ^.ilay evening. •.Mr. and iliv. ("has. Pcdliiiaii and family arc i -njoying a visii from their toii-iii. .loliii C.rovrs t'roin .Missouri. , .\l;iriorie anil Kllior Cole s:iei !L the week-end wil!i lioiiie li>iks. r. .Sliiiltz called on Clover Sliiill/. "Sunday. Charely Haiiin i -alled on-Oreii TotiiKin Friday afieriioon. Cii.i rilmaii calleil on Fritz l)o- milz .Monilay. Lena Sniitli caijeil '>ii llii' lieeil.v j Rirls Thursday. '., , i • .\l.r. and .Mrs. iUirris<in ;Slaut'li-r ;or llnlialo cali-ii ai Mie (illy Ueiaii- i .iiou home Tuesday eviMiiiig. •' Ciiarley- Flarlwii; ,alle.l on Will ; O'Hricii Saturday nioniiim. , .\lrs. Craliaii htdjied .Mrs. Itosley I 'o.ik lor tliresliers .Moii^la.v. . I'iii' .'>liuily: ami l.«iia were shop- i |iiii:i ill tola Saiiirda.v. j i .\tr. and .Mrs. Ciiiy Becannoii had I i's Siind.iy dinner guests. .\lr. aiijl jMr.-!. \Vi!! Iler.ler and I'anliiK' of ; .NeM York Valley n- igliliorliood. ^ i;i>iiii l:iild"ll lalieil ai Uie Tom .'^.'iiillz lioiii.- .\l4iiMlay. Harry Kaiinard is nirohiiiu in I our; iu'lshliorhood this week. .Mr. and .Mr-. (Ireii Totniaii and ' Mary calleil .xloiiilay al the I). P, Harmon hinie lo see .Mr. Ilaiinoii. Willi ilk ^iel^. Francis Koniitz lalJeil .'ii Cue ; Totii'ian home 'I'liiirsday eveiilne. Itay I-'rederlck I'alled on Fritz ; I>nniit/. Thursday eveiiinc. .MODK Q. To wl mail .lift hi.s| A. -Jii or snperioI•.^ Q. What lor a Iiiiichi Q. When walk down wliat ordirr A. Tin: «l .Nowadays slim to get •s .' /'immerm: II J„iflhed, rwhile." .ays the I weather j at ^the .lim^ Anderson home - i'-{.^V;; ;,^;;|: bureau, "in some of: the states present. : : Xe! am 's Sunday.; *#- tn dS 'trr ..«>^.n.-nnau visited Jrom 100 to 300 miles long" Ismitlt'. I' ^xt they will be telling us that I The Pleasant llonr dub i"ct j '.j•"'.'^,.*''"'!,^^''',':. .Kajlsas isn't even a dry .<taie. but j with Mrs. .icsse RoblK Wednesday ; ^,„„.j ^"j. we.'won't believe that. i^'o',"""?" . ,., ,• -e- , ! .Mr. ami .Mis. Kobert Smith and ' "'\:'*"-^" i.Mrs.'.l. It. llibbs altendyd the fiii:- in J-ort ,,.ral of .Mrs. Will Arneii of: Iiror- .Mi^. ill.I .Mrs. Pom /imiiieriuan yisi.vil .Mr. and .Mrs. Cecil Haiim in nwi?- Ill lUlN 111*1^11 llltlliuoil ri'l-'. ' , . , .' -"^aiak Haner's visited Lonnieltobb delivere .ra load ot . ^valler Samps Sunday. i ''" '"' " "~' .Mr. and .Mrs.: Walter Samp and j afternoon. j Bob Stewart. Charlie ; and .I {HS .';eU Casteel we.n i Scott Wednesday. i 11. V. Cowan, of rniontown. i:ep-. 'Ilev. Kdgar Blake, who today en- leseiitative of the Fort Scott Trlb- ters upon his sixtieth year, is a j une. was in this neighborliood Fri-; |\-,,"/,,i"/,,;","f/"<;jJJj;|.',"j.'' •widelv known bishop of the .Meth- , , , .' -^''"s. Sarah Baners , ' . ; Lonnie Hobli delivered a load ot «d .8t Kpis.'o.pal t; lurch, now resi-^ ,,„^,^ ,„ i„ n,„^. ^jo,,,,,, .deiit at Kit'v^SchooI of Tlieolosy. jBvlore his I. i Howell Aiider.son Hevation to the episcopite he held .''•"'."I ^'""'"y ••'f"''""' of Mapleton j ion visiting al llie.' home of hi.-* parents, Mr. aiiiKj several charges in .\ew liampsllire, Soing. froin St. Paul's tniup -h. ^ • Mancliesler. to the assistant secre-, Scott-was in this vii-ijiily afternoon. Several from this nei;:hboiMiood I Mrs. Will .\iiderson. Sheriff IWorge Hessoii!; iif Fort , , Friday ;fab''<Iii|K "f the Board of Sunday a -lVtH >l«- • 11*12 (le became sei- f'-: retary ' ' ' " ' ' ' i; .thiif-f'aiia'city. won wide recognition I Mrs. Minnie ; a* a constructive leader. Hr haslVeek-end vi)* l)een a member of the Commission , j^j^'j'^l" oii rnification of the': .Methodist. .Church and one of the strongest! ndvoVutes for reunion.'- He also' Vfas one of the Kt ;cretaries iif the: Cilfltenary Conservation Co'nimiltee J .attended^ the Community .\iictiiin •"I Sale at tjlue .Mound Satimlay. Uoss. spent the past ng )With her siste.r. Powers of near Kin- I u 0 GUIS YOUR J>A>S GlWL 'iPcrsiiitc'nt couglis and rplds lead to i fcrious tr^ciuble. You can stop them now I with CreoniiilsJon, an emulsified creo- ! Mile lliut is pleasant to lalic. Crcomul- . j .-iun h u -nt 'iv nirdlcal discj^'cry with How would you like to pet on .i j >• trOjCtor and jilow for five miles; jwltbout .taking your plow out of. 7, the^ground' fnfnilrig Herman Thsil Is the fiojl of j ill Itenler is (Jrant «'ounty. .Mr. I doing I' llegi. qui XnaH one field of ten ijnarltT sei- . "tiona in-a solid rectangle, two and .dnfe^balf miles wide, aiid when he i ;. started In to plow it he drove from ! one'^nd to the other and haik again j ^^uiout stopping or taking his' . ^har^ ont of the ground a ,iis- tance of five miles. He war-with a single tractor to plow tiiiy a(|res a day. ' That isn 't lariiiiiig. It iBinahufacturing' * ^ You C^NlCAO A LAO -fo THE <AB \.E— Bur You Opri'T MA >JE iiD MAWe HIM .»vo-foId iicliion; .it smiilies and heals itiH iiiflaiiieil iwtiOirancs and inhibits :;crm gnnvlh, t)f al! known ilrups, creosote i* rcc- 1 o^'.nitc(l hy liigU mniiral iuiliorilV's 3s' ; 3M<: of- tin; nr'al '^l lieajinit ageni^ics for I per >iMi'nl Ci>ii;:hs and cold', and ntjicr ! fiiiiiis of Iroidiles! OriMniiUion j ninlaihs. in adilitinn to rrresotcolhcr j lieatlnp <leniiMiH wliiili »<HI!1IO i!nd li'i'al j the inrcc-ted| fivrnilir .mc* and stop the i irritation and inflaiiimalinn, while l!ie crcoMile pocis^n lo I lie stiimarh. is absorbed into tlif blnoil. n)lacks the scat <if llic triHil ;ilc and chocks, llic groit'tb. iif the piTins. ^ - I ' Crcnmiilsion is puarantrcd »tisfao* lory in' the, trratmrnl of pcrsistertt ruii^lis and colds, bronchial asthma, liro .ncldtis and other forms of rcspira- idry diseases, and is i>xcrllent for building up tlie s>slrm after colds or flu. Money refiiiuled if any cough or cold is not relieved after taking according to directions, l^sk yoifr dmg^st. -(adT.) Just Received Another Carload of Groceries to ^11 at Money Saving ijf you don't save it is your fault,' nbt ours. / I We don't have j ' time to quote Prices. me in and see for yourself. PORTER'S .., ^ - -... The Old Basket Store We Deliver ETIQUETTE Rolierta Lee at 111 'It should another hat'/ Tgyinea. elderly men, ill office. |is the fashionable hour |on'! a man and ' woniaii |5ie aisle t>( a train, in jo lliev procee.d? Ionian goes first. au actress has to" be [I fat part. three, times. SlK .U cup lur inl.xture over< nuts and mix thoroughly. Creaik g until light aiid fluffy. add .<;uKar gt^dually and cream together thoroughly. ' Add remaining flour mixture slowly to creamed mixture. Beat after each addition until smooth. .\d(l niits. fruit, and flavorings. Fold iti egg whites. Po«r iti loaf pan which [ha.s been prepaefcl with a paper lining in the hottoinli Bake in-slow o\(en liaOi degree^'F.» IVi hour.". .Makes 1% pounds. For larger cak •. (rouble recipe and:bake in tube pan;-two hours. i ' POOR .HAN'S i!rin»|'»(; 6 cups whole milk 's .cup rice • cup sugar • 1 teaspoon nutmeg }~ cup raisins '. } Put all together in a l>iittere«l paA'iu a moderate <>v«n. jstir frequently at first, andthpn occa.s- lonally. Bake 2 hours. Should In- creamy. Better <roId than hot. . rH .\?iKS(;iVI>G SAI.Al) .Mold cranberry jelly in Individii- 'al ipolds. Peel .and slice oranges, cutting each ..slice in halve.';. Pfacp moldiof cranberry jelly onMetluce- covciled ijalad plate, circle with haU-Jllfes of oijangp. <;Otl)K\ ORAXO'K FROST! .\(; Crated rind 1 orange '3 tilblesiwons orange juice 1 li-aspoon lemon juiie V«iik of 1 egg Ci)titectioiiers' sugar .Mix grated orange rind with fruit juices and let stand l."> uiiiiules. .Strain into heateir--esg-yojks and I add etjoiigh sifted i onfecf ioni-r's j Kiigar to spread. cloth at tb'- <> mod inexp(>d:u empty floor urij«3ftx42 for a few baker, wilt coTer and a staffed with- colora with aji| move the si spot* with lard Mtne oviViiightl out in liikewa of the biU.s holed or bonjid tape. The for the .smallest family is that any number of and only •with tiniv. take on quite an ni^y wUt>n tbref^ : sohlien BUIKI ^ that >e> t|i« aU 'not rren t^ txtaaiegk' ea'n otr a beary 'meal F :^;!"^!!!^ array of I '-Ie^* ,'r' hiiu. •l' ..Jia- t.. prill.-, I \\-:-- i;i^te» IM .-> placf are iiuickly" >-ely luaUti out ut ttvt A rinete biic mew-: and to be.boosbt' from almost, tkj tbixe biba, one- small atitipal piOow,: <|olt6n' and .w;orked iii. outline stitch. To re-' . „. cover the inked, or soalc them in kera> Tie only K who ever sa Father C>abri( a delegate fro] in the early tury. -T Dir. J. S. Hughes -of the Kansas State Agncultural College, in hi V talk before the: Cutrent Topics Cliii'b Mono ay nigbt, emphasized that Vitamin/A, abundantly in Shady. Brook Butter, jessai-y for proper growth in children 100 per cent efficiency in adults. I founc is ne and flor It'slh Eat f(^r Health Tell Your Grocer e Butter That Betters The Brekd TK.VPTI>« JTKM: . • Crapes in Orange .luice ciockt.iilf^ :• Cream of Oyster Soup "*" " ' ' Celery Stuffed with CheesR .'. Crown of Beef Roast Duck with Onin.sres ' : Savoy Sweet, Potatoes Bnftered Spinach Baked Apples , Tomato Jelly Salad , Cheese AVafers ^ i , Iniliyidual Pnmpkiu or .Mince Pie.s With Whipped Oeam. Coffee —L. O., T0.11ATO 4KL1.Y SAL.IP 1 po <;kage gelatine Ce'lery 1 qiiari itomatoes Stutfed,'''oIives .Mayonnaise dre.>ising i'ens; heans •Silrk gelatine in one cup ol cold watev'ien minuies. I'lit, one quart of tomatoes ipreviou.sly codked- witli slice of onion, a i :love and ra bit. of.bay leaf I through ;i sieve. Season with sail, peiiper. and sugar. .-\dd dis'snlveit' gelatine. Place . a lajer of this in :i iii^'rhl. allowing it partly to i-nii.::i-:i 1. Then add other layers n sji-. iir'My of celery, tomatoes, jelly, ir and beans, tomato jelly, HtuHed olives, tomato jelly, allow them to harden and m^? Tli ?S 't-:- 7 - ^'-^ cover are battpQ- wlth colored bias . of these arttcle«; 'members of the they can IH- \\asbe4 times, or even liOljedi,' ' softer and whitet' STIKKKIJ ( ELF.RY very Oman Cathol^ic luiesi in Congress was JHchard .^-nho was • ill Michigan territt >rr -i Ijiart of the last cenRj OarefuIIy wash and dry crisp».celery-. The rough- outside stalks may he creamed or used jfor" soup Inter. Mix cream cheese with,' niiiiced iiimento and I 'iiieiy ehoppei! nuts .'Uld one tablespoon of mine**!! j^tuft'eii olives. Kill the tender .-'talks of celerv with tliis mixture. -L. C... • - .Modern women's garb haii' more latitude than longitude. ' Thai sooa (icnuitre hahy Bpcf Steak v Haby Bet f Roast - (iood Bet f Roast Rotmd Sieak Home I)rss.sed Pork, roast ;pr steak Pork Chips — Sparoltibs. Neck Bones. Brains, I*ork and Pickled I'jijr.s Feet, lobby 'sjKraut. Dressed Frys. I/.imb Ch )ps,'Lamb Pattiesr.Extra Lean n Sliced BroA^ A*?? Heavv B^con. Slab, lb. -^-4- ..-28c " __;_--_22c :{5c Bacon Sq Pure liar uafes oj: Bacon Brisket : , 2 ibs. Baisett Modern M Phone 224 We Deliver Fancy Pickw Do Your Marketing At Home These Cold bays. Just call 224 and you will recei re the same high'quality eatables y[)u. \ rould have selected personally. sbOAlR^lo lbs. for .,.. .$1.(|0 ..'.2lc 2-jlb. box Crispy Crackers . Chocolate Cookies, lb. ) :3C ck Pancake Flour, box 10 :)-lb. sick Buckwheat Flour 35|cj No. 2 :;ans Good Com .. .; IQc No. 1 }:rade Eng. Walnuts, lb. 25c; 2 lbs. . .45c FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES tFhe Home of Bajby Beef ••Meat That Yon En/o)f Eafinff" ( ' Let our butcher slice you off a lu.scious piece of juic .stekk o- provide you with a delectable chop. J E YOUR i FRESH FISH . ^ERYTHING IN THE MEiAT LINE. SATISFAGTION MEANS OUR SUCCESS C line., price Yum Y'uni Meats of Good Quality HofneiiyMe Pnri^ Pork Sausji<re __18c _-30c ,_20c Ll5c 20c. 18c ._25c Beef Liver. Hens and lEAT THAT YOU ENJOY- TO EAT. LARSON'S In. Self Service Grocery. AT BARGAIN PRICES Daisy (fcarpet, 85c Value Red Handle, 75c vali^ Polish ttaridle, 75c v^lue . Bulk Min:e Meaty 2 pounds ________ Shasta P« aches. No. Gcans __________-_;__.. River Viekv Pears.-No. 2. tS'cans __i__—_.'I-'__. . Hominy, Nio. 2'V. fi cans if_ -----------^-HESE ARE CHOtlCE LIGHT HOGS Whole or Half Hoff, per lb.;.__-^-_ _ _ - - Whole Fr-sh Sholuder, per 3b. _.___. Whiile Fr?sh Hams, per lb. _ _: .58c 49c 47c __35c $1.00 $1.00 __.5.5c _-I4c Sausaife. jer lb. L--- r-^^S. Beef Roas t. per lb. . _. _ ^ _; I5c to 18r Good Bac^n in chunk, per lb. :__ __ _- _ 27c hristntas (Indies from Qur home'factory. a complete are rijiht. . Mix^d, 2 lbs. .4__ __-(_ -^--25e Complete L|ne of Nuts \ ^ Christmas Tree.«s|and Decorations

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