The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on April 20, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1894
Page 7
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DAILY AM) WEEKLT. ALL HOME PBIND, BKNIINUL Is the only newBpa&et Id Cat- toll county tlmt \s printed all at borne and It con- sins more local and county news than any other two papers in tbls county. POWKBS & COLOLO, Props. FBIDAT, APBIJJ 20, 1894. PCOPLE AND EVENTS Slippers at Moore's. Pine shoes repaired at Moore's, Best shoe blacking at Moore's. Tho best $1.00 work shoes at Moore's. Entertainment tonight at Baptist church. Store room to rent. Inquire of VVrn. Trowbridge. Two rooms to rent. Inquire of Mra. M. B. Wethenll. Stoves stored for tho season. Call at Mftrtin&CloviB'. Some good baled hay for sale. Inquire at this office. Do not buy Oxfords this spring until you see Moore's line. ^ Neither elm nor ash but SOLID OAK refrigerators at Woodring's. Take a "Trip Kound tho WorM" via the new coupon route furnished hy this paper. Call at Martin & CJovis' and examine |,'; the Credenda safety bicycle with Palmer •' tires. Best in the world. v In these times it is a good plan to in- p; sure in companies thut you know are ** reliable, F. E. Weston. 4-25 West Virginia Splint is the best coal Trvitandyou will use no other, we keep it in stock. D. Joyce, Mrs. M. L. Niswonger returned yester •day Irom Council Bluffs, whrro sbe had been visiting her daughter," Mrs. Taylor. Hood's SarsaparlHa Is absolutely unequalled •as a blood purifier and strengthening medicine. It is the Ideal spring medicine. Try It. Elegant line of wall paper ut the Palace drug store. C. H. SVissTimooK, Manager. Insurance companies that have stoot the lest of fire and experience for 100 years are pretty safe to bank on. 4-25 F. E. WEbTON. Do not spoil your shoes with infcrioi dressings, but if you would like ome- thing good and nice, you will find it a Moore's. Frank McCoy, of Jasper township came to the city this afternoon for hi mother-in-law, ue his wifejis very sicl and desired to have her mother with her As everybody is liable to derangements of the stomach and bowels, tho need o A.yer'8 Pills is universal. They are UK best cathartic. Tbe boys are weleome to carry uwiry ,, T on» of our fine illustrated story b<»> •.„-> With every suit bought of Moses tiimoi • i. of tbe famous. Miss N. M. Camp is now prepared to do all kinds of sewing tit hur home, two bloiJks south of the college. Children's clothes a specialty. Thousands and thousands of rolls o wall paper at the Palocu drug store from 5 cents to SO cunts per roll. C. II. IfK&riiiiOoK, Manager. Farmers' Mutual Hail Insurance toi Iowa. Tbe safest, H tires I and oheapes insurance known. For particulars ad diets the county uguut J. 0. Bohwaller, 'flalbnr, Iowa. To exabange.fioe set double breaetool Ur driving hurueas for good young milk cow, Eugeue Muneon, driving park 52-2(1 The beak buaiuesa men of (he state have not only unqualifiedly endorsed the Bankers' Accident company, bat have further emphasized this action by cat tying one of its policies, On Friday nnd Saturday, April 27th sod 28tb, Dr, Woodburu, ou eye, ear, •HUM «ud throat specialist from Dea BtoiQM, will be at the office of Dr. Kelly prepared to trenl all diseanee iu hie line, Wad to iioounitely fit glasses to tboee Who may need them. 52-2t ' HOBOS Simon of tho Famous reports u>cm> children's suits have been sold 10 far tills season than iiuy time alnco ho has been in business here, The remarkably low prices, lino selection and beautiful presents lu the share of a flnu book are special Inducement! and thu magnet whiuh draws to the Famous. John O'Donuel! WB» busy this week moving his household gooda Into our city, iie is now n resident of the second ward and we are pleased to welcome two nuoh good Democrats aa he aud Ktl. Wolfe, both ot whom have located with Ui tuls iprlug over iu this Hemibllcau •troujjbold. The evolution of mcillolital agents Is gradually relugatiug (he old-tlmu liurbs, yilU, drauglits and vuuutublo extracts to tbe roar oml bringing Into general usu the !>)e*8aiit aud I'ffuuttvo Ilijuld laxntlvo, Byrupof r"lg«. To get the true remedy •«e t|t»t U l« nmnufaotured by tlio Cull for- III* Klg Syrup Co. only, For b»lo by nil tlWMllug drugnliu. forty uiembora of thu turner- i left this uftoruuou f or DroiJa, where wilt «lve au entertkiuiuent this Jug. Tilt) boys will uiulauUttttlly it good time, Egerumyer's orchca- Will turuUh the uiuaiu. ! by tku ujiit't'ttUlu ijiirprltu to per- I dubjuot to uttaoku of bilious collo to i (hat t>fuiupt ifllof uiuy bu had by Bg Ohaiubuslulii'tt ooliu, chuluta und rhoeft remedy, In many Instuuooa > »H»ck may bo JH ovouUnl by taklug tbla OhlldrtnOryfor remedy »s soon as the first symptoms of the disease appear, 26 »nd 60 cent bottles for s»le by J. W. Uattoh, dtuggtst. Our friend,the Manning Monitor, made the statement last weok that one of the county offlcjpls had said that he did not care for Warren township. We are of the opinion that the Monitor has been misinformed, for no man who knows enough to hold a county office would be guilty of making so foolish a statement as tbat. It is absurd. It would be worth while for the ladles to hear in ml IK that if they take a gentle course of Ayer's Sarsapnrilla in the spring, they will have no trouble with "prickly boat," "hives," "slies," "bolls," or "blaok heads," when summer comes. Prevention is better than cure. Kx-President Harrison passed through our city this afternoon In a special car "Mascatto" In reuponeo to an urgent request by the large crowd in waiting nt the depot to great him he appeared on the rear platform and shook hands with nil who called on him. The county auditor has advertised for bids for digging a sewer from the county jail to connect with the city sewer in the first ward. The time foi letting the contract is sot for next Monday at noon. As the sewer'Will be several hundred feut in length and quite deep part of the way it will be one worth looking after by those who arc prepared to do this kind of work. t'hoBc who never rend the advertisements In thclmewsimpprs miss more than they presume. Jonathan Keniaon, of Bolan, IForth county, Iowa, who had been troubled with rheumatism in his back, anus and shoulders read an Item in his paper about how a prominent German citizen of Ft. Hadison had been cured. lie procured the same medicine, and to use his own words: "It cured me right up." He also says: "A neighbor and his wife were both sick In bed with rheumatism. Their boy was over to my house and said they were so bad he had to do the cooking. 1 told him of Chamberlain's pain balm and how It lind cured me, he got a bottle and it cured them up tn a weok. GO cent bottles for sale by J. W (lattou, druggist. Wow's This I We olter one mmarcii dollars reward for any wise ot catarrh that cannot ue cured by Hall's catarrh care. V. J. CHENEY & Co., Props., Toledo, 0. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the past 15 years, and believe him perfect!: honorable n all business transactions and 11 nun dally able o carry out any obligation made by tlielrllrm. West A- Truax, wholesale druggists, Toledo, O WaldluK, Klnnau & Marvin, wholesale drug gists, Toledo, O. Hall's catarrh cure Is taken Internally, acting directly upon tlio blood and raucous surfaces o the system. Price 763. per bottle. Sold by nl druggists. Testimonials free. ENTERTAINMENT. Aamold will appear at the BaptiB church under tbe auspices of tbe King's daughters in tbe interest of tbe Y. M. O A. Aamold is a celebrated violinist am cornea to us recommended equal to an; of the leading artists on the etage. Hi will be Hssiated on the program by home talent which will assist materially iu giving vitality to the entertainment Tbe following program willtM given: I'ltOGIUM. Vocal Solo—At Twilight Robyn Miss Nitn Kail. Canvntina Raff Horr Atomold. Male Qunrtotte Solootot Messrs, Wood, Humphrey, Atwood, Lewis. Yankee Doodle, with variations. Viuumteuips Horr Aamold. Ueeitution—•Jamie Miea Grace Kail, Gypsy Melodies, with variations Surasuta Horr Aiimohl, Vocal Solo—Spring's Awnkoning Fruuz Abi Mrs. C. L. Wright. Gruucl Fuutnsio Olo liul. Horr Aumold, Tbe Young- itre nmde premuturoly uaud by Ul«uu«u8 (alas Uuw prevalent I) whluUumke them pulu, lUtleis low spirited, morutte 01 Irrliumu In temper, eiul- ly tlml, forgetful und incapable; nil mud-houses uud swell the list of Bukldus; separate husbands add wive*; bring untold auffurlug* to millions, even to the third and fourth guiwrutUm. A com plvto aud soteutlllo treatise on these alluieuts U>eir symptoms, nsturo uud proper mauaveuumt praimred by tliosa wlio Imvo had a vust nut! suoouiwful taper lenoe In tlielr treatment flurt cure will ut mulled, secure from observation, lu a plulu settled envelope, to anyone sending, an- oloswdwllhluUuuttcu,tan ouuts, (for postage) to World's Dispensary Medical AsiwaUtlau, «a ilaluBt., uuttaio,M.V. KKLLKV'H ABMY. Oeueral Kelley and bis men broke camp yesterday forenoon al Oouooil Bluff* and began thoir march aorow the U on fool. The olliaeua al lite little elation of Wealou on Ibe Rook Island where Ihey spent Ibe nlghl look them into their horned aud provided food aad shelter (or Ibect a* wall ae poaiible? 80 arge waa th» airny aud ao email the lowo iu wbiolt Ihey oatuped (or Ibe night tbal Ibere wan BO! house* suflleoieul 10 aooooimodata Ittem all bal »he remainder were planed in barns to protect them from (be oold ruin which waa falling. Tbe army waa atiil tbere this adwuoou and t is auoertaiu wbal oourae will bt pue- sued. Ibere ie etroug talk ot reluro- ug to Gouuoil blutTe aud seeklug some ilber outlet oat of Ibe at«te other atteuiptiug to orous it on foot. KlttU AT l)*lll£l)A. Thuruduy a tire broke out iu Frank )oruur's wugou vhop cuuevd by the ex- >loilou of u gaioliue euglue. Tbe fire uddioi were unable to Kot tbe flame* Pitcher'* Oattorla. D. T. VOUNO. j-KANK D. KILLEN. C. A. NICHOLS. AMOS KUSIH. FOUR GREAT BASEBALL PITCHERS. Four of tlio greatest pitchers on the diamond are Young of Cleveland, Nichols of Boston, Killen ot I'ittsbuvg, and Uusie of New York. under control until A. Fisher's black- emith shop was completely destroyed. We wore unable to learn any of the particulars regarding the losses. Jack Jenks was a victim or liver complaint. Ills strength was exhausted, his pulae had grown f ulnt. Be luid ulcers and tumors, and all sorts of bunion. And the Ills tbat he autlercd would weary a saint. Folks said that ;Juck Jonkg would never be cured, But Jack Bald he would —that they might bo HSHured. Pleice'sO. M. Discovery -wrought bltfrecovery After all the poor fellow so long httd endured. Such a multitude of serious, dlstros-ing, and often fatal maladies spring' from the disordered liver. Dr. Plerce's Golden Medleal Discovery ore ates a healthy action of this Important organ, nnd tbe Ilia which Inwe their origin there, such as bad blood, biliousness, indigestion and dys - pepsla can be cured by Its persistent use. CORRESPONDS IMC E. [Correspondents, to Insure the publication of tholr letters tn the weekly, roust mull them so they will reach our office Wednesday.] TEMPI/BTON ITEMS. Thofl. Davis Had wife, of Viola, were pleasant callers last week. The Silver concert band received a beautiful banner from a medicine company. The banner WHS trimmed with beads and valued tit $20. It was given to the baud (or the music it furnished daring the two weeks' performance in our city. Jno. Dopheid and Adam Steffes, of RoBelle, were cullers last Sunday. Charley Oreatel ami Heury Eahsrt re oeived the prize us champion pie eaters si the Indian show. Mies Frances B. woe awarded the prize as champion wood aawer. The creamery company bas received its miichioery and will take in milk abonl tbe 1st of May. Quite a number of Roeelle people attended tbe show Monday evening. Tbe rains of late have been a gooc thing for tbe gross. OAK HILL. Every one is plowing for corn. ClmrlloAndorsoii marketed four load* of purkurs last weok. Gus. Smith has aono north for his wife he IB expected back soon . Miss Jttule and Ruble Schrelbor, of Car rollton, visited their slstor (11 th Is vicinity Thursday they report a "splendid" time "Usliiug." Messrs, Tuol and VauKhttu sold their hogs last week. John Davis Is the proud daddie of a bouncing boy . Mrs. Fletcher »VRO up the Oak 11111 school and Jdisa Gertie Audursou begun tuaohluK Monday. Tliefiood folks and some that wuro nol so KUUU gathered at Oak UlU last Siuiil for the purpose of orguuUlui; a timidity school. Dull Yauglmu Wfts uluctud chairman and Goo. Davit* aeeruUry of thu day. The following officors built); oluot- ed for thu summer : Mr. A'. Sapp itud Mm. Hodges, assistant gupurliiUiuaimt; Ueo. Davis, bucond treasurer and Ludyunl Yuugtiuu, librarian. Sunday school at half past Ion. ..Everybody oomo. 11)K Cl.AllK. M.BAHANT Last Sunday was a good day to flsh. Small grain Is making lair progress, but wariiior wuatbur will holp. Mlna Ala««ie Smith mid Alra. L, liable worn imllors at the 11 Ul lusi Sunday. i>. S. Gablo was at Glldduu tbla weok on busln«»s. Tim family of A. HedforU In th« Valley U ulUiolcU with suarlol rash, but are sumo bolter. Mr». B. l(lbblt), of CarroWoi), uaa boujjhtllio Sijuiru property iu thu old burg from 11. Km 1th. Joliu CioHwirlMjr oxpouts to hear from Albany, N. Y., In ruv-uid to tho ostutu in whloh hu Is luteroatcd. Not otrery one tlmt Hay* hero, Lordu can gut a public road e»tubll«lit'd now. IFo touud tlmi out reoDiitly. tieo, l>auklu lias uiovoii to ttio liouau vuotUwi by tils brotlior In UarroJUon. IColuaru that the school dads of Center district Imvo uromulgattxl uu order pro- iilbltliiK pupils trow ulhurtlUtriuluuomliiK lu that school. Amuu, Wo Jearuod thU wouk that thu 1'rcaby- ttirlau Sabbath school li> Ulhlilun lias «u average aitoudaucu of OHO huimruU itml nfty, »IBO aii OCMD, coronet horn, violin ami bats viol helps out lu thu choir, F. Uolko has iiiovwl his old housu and Is uiaklutf j)rt)i)»ratluj) to Imilil u now ouu lu tbo place of It, J. J tiravua, of thu Valley, Ims built i\ urge addition to hlu farm rimUlunou und loss uot seem to know that thuru U html Uute«. Bids Wanted. IMJs will be received by thu couuty auditor up to uoou of the Mild, day of April 18W, for digging utni ooiiBtruotiufc' a Duwur from oouuly jail. 1'luuv aud ipeulti callous on fllu lu audltoi'it olllv.o, Pho right to reject auy or all bid* resorv «d. W. V. IJOMIUOU, County Audllpr. FARMERS' HAIL INSURANCE, [From the Iowa Homestead.] The Furuiurs' Mutual liutl Insurance Atsociunon of ioivu, which we rccom- utuUedto the farmers oue}'ear»i'o,ljai just eoiuplbied Its year's business, uud the results are a surprise to even Its friends. No mutual association ever sprang into favor among the farmers with such sur- prtaiug|rupldity as has this young orgauiza tioti. farmers have time and again organized tot some specific purpose, and, wuhout exception, good has grown out of vhulr efforts. But iu no way have they saved themselves more money or anuoy- auuu than by thu organization of the various mutaals over the state to insure themselves against loss by lire, lightning, tornado, cyclone or hall. Almost every county In the state has its home mutual, ami the cyclone association has Insurance iu all portions, but until one year ago there was no attempt made by the farmers tlium- solves to protect their crops against the must destructive of all storms— the hall. On thu 4th day of last March some of the leading farmers and mutual insurance men met in Des Molties aud organized a Mutual JUail insurance association and issued their lirst policy on May 17th. On J uly the Btn they had over §1,000,000 al risk aud suffered loss to the amount of over SD.OUO. During the year 31,880,000 was written in risk, and $7,000 was paid in losses. The assessmt-.nt made was le than 8 cents per acre, aud was paid promptly und gUdly by thu members. The association expects to write $5,000,000 iu risks this season und to do uusiuese iu nearly every county in Iowa. The annual meeting of thu uiemberi was held in the parlors of the A born house, this city, on the lUUi, and the same oflicerg were reelected, thus endorsing the past season's work. Over 2,500 farmers last year protected themselves in this way aud letters of praise and couuneudaUou have llowed in upon the secretary, giving him much encouragement and satisfaction. Over twenty destructive hail storms visited Iowa live past season, and some of tlieni In places where the people said there had uot been any hail In thirty years, tiik the tornado, the hail storms are no respect ers of persons, and thore Is no part of Iowa bntiuay bevisiti'd any year by them, lu one county iu central Iowa a single hull s1om last year destroyed over $20,000 worth of crops, and In Lee county , In the very south east corner of the stale, there was heavy loss, while at the same time In Ly on county, the most northwest county, another storm, just as destructive, mowed down the ripening grain. Dccatur couuty, 01 the scmtlt, had a heavy hall storm, as did also Emmet couuty> on the north. So thus It may -bo easily understood that there la danger of hull In any part. Judging from the record of the past year we should say no farmer could afford to be without a policy In the Farmers' Mutual Halt As snciatlon of Iowa. Our space forbids us tn give all tlie details of Us management but anyone wishing to inoro thoroughly investigate its merits can write the county agent, whoso address is J. C. SCIIWA'.T.KR Ualbur, Iowa. icm ' Ico season has now begun mud the wagon ii now out. Leave your order* at the office of A. U Quint or M. Simon'* store, Pasture. Anyone wishing to posture cattle in the Anton Bniah pasture should inquire of Aug. Wiederien, Ml. Carmel, Iowa. ICK. Rich & Todd are now ready to deliver ice. They desire tbe patroua^o of their old customers and all others who art) iu noeil of lira I class ice aud prompt delivery. We guarantee sulisf action. Loavu orders at Todd & McAllister's lunch room. RICH & Touu. Carroll Market Report W11KAT— 4toto 47o OAT8-260 HOGS-84.60 I'OTATOKS— *0 UUTTKU-160 15(!(iS~7u CATTl.iK-8a.00 toa. Notice. 1'u whom U may cuao«rn; 1, (iuo. Si«Uor, tiuniby that 1 am engaged iu manufuuturluii, buttling and nelTlug wda tvtitor, mineral wuiors, glugur alt), oldur, blroh bwtr and wine oroaui at Carroll, In Oiuroll county, Iowa, lu bottles. ua»u», bultlu holduib and siphons, having my mark of owuerahlp thur«ou an follows: I'hu half pint bullies u»ud fur soda wator aud mineral watorn aro markod "Solzer tSniti. ," ur "Goo. aul/.or," s»mi> bulng blowu n thu bottles. 'Y'lio quart bottlus used for ciuur, Klngor alu, birch buor and wiuu iroum. uro murkud "Goo, SuUor" blown 11 thu bottles. The cutfos uad bottlu iiuld- <m art) nisrkwl "Solzor llros,," or "(Jeo. «lzt»r," or "Oarroll Bouiing Works," ilthur burnud in thu wood or m»rki>d with with stimuli jilatu. Tho ulphouiare marked "(h'li. Siilwr," ongrttvoU or grouiut lu thuglass. (tao, OKI,/.KU. INSURANCE aw* l.uttlttHl uuiouiitd ut rtilluWo liiiurunod, in guoJ luututil oomtiuuloci. K«tlu*taa oo«C, utiuututmtiulr tU« (ifoM'ut tiuttrU r*t««. If >UII WUllt «KMUIt«tll« ffttU* OU gOOj lutmriuiou, tuko uu( a iioilvy (tout tUu ouly uuu-buaiii oillow tn tti« ulty. . C. GRIFFITH, Agar.t. Mr. Cross, an English banker, gays the United States has run behind financially in the past six years |1,600,000,* 000. We are a debtor nation, he says, borrowing constantly European capital to do business on. We have borrowed eo much that the interest on the amount Is now not less than $800,000,000. In order to keep even our exports should exceed our imports by $833,000,000 every year. On the contrary, in our best years V?e have never had more than $200,000,000 to our credit. Consequently we run steadily behind and have seasons of panic. About the top notch of income tor a New York law firm is §250,000 .a year, half of which may go to the head man., Some firms may run rather above this. All waste paper in the United Statea department of state which is of a private diplomatic nature is burned in tho I open fireplace in the secretary's own room. A bride iu Montreal appeared lately at tbe a! tar with her pet canary fastened to her shoulder by a golden chain. During the marriage ceremony the bird broke into song. , Sheriff's Sale. Notu.e Is hereby given that liy virtue of a sped 1 execution, to me directed by the iclerk of the dlntrlct court of Carroll county, Iowa, against the gpodsclmttels, lands, tenements,etc.,of P«trlck M. butnrle etui,, defendant In fnvor of tbo Aetna Life Insurance coinnttny, i<lnlutm, I will offer Bt imbllo aule to tho highest nnd best bidder for cash, at the door of the court house In th« town . V? rro "' c °untrof Carroll, Iowa, on tue Hth dar of Miw.iiSM. between the hours of 0 o'clock a in. and 4 o'clock p, m. on said dav, all of said defendants' right, title and interest In and to the following described real estate, situated In Carroll county, to wit: Tlio west half ot the northwest quarter of section twenty-three (23) township eighty-four (84) range thirty-live (35) west of Gtli p. m., tn Carroll county, Iowa, Containing eighty acres more or lees. Sale to commence at the hour of J0:15 o'clock a. m. of said day. Witness my hand this Hth day of AOTll, 1894. 62-2t B. T. JEFFRKV, Sheriff, Carroll county.lowa. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who lire better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's beat products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Sjrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing nnd truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fever? and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with, the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug- gets in 50c and §1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. ARROLL DRY GOODS COMPANY Off Cook, lotions , Millinery and Cloaks BUTTERICK: We are showing an exceptionally nice line of Ladies Spring Capes. Also, a large assortment of \ k Ladies Skirt Waists. A Big Stock of Fine Laces and Embriodery. An Excellent Stock of Dress Trimmings In the Latest Styles. Extraordinary Preparations Have been made to meet the requirements of the Spring Trade in Millinery. We have what will suit you, and judging by the amount of work we are turning out, the prices are also suitable. WE WANT YOUR TRADE. You make no mistake iu making! your purchases here. Everything is sold with the complete understanding that perfect satisfaction is guaranteed, are the Low Price Makers on out line of goods, Yours truly, CARROLL DRY GOODS COMPANY. . W. L, DOUGLAS '$3 SHOEf Si)iifuklr<», llollom Waterproof, lli-st Shoe sold nt the price, i 86, 84 and 83.6Q Orefs Shoe. k J-.tjiml cuMum work, foMilij; li«m J6 to JS. " -.50 PpUoe Shoe, 3 Sole*. Ilfkt \V alking bnovcvcr inim«, S2.6O, and 82 Shoe*, UuiH)iutllvil ut lUe juke. Boys 82 A 81.70 School Shoes |^ ' Ate Uw Bert lot S-.-rvUe. , $3.50 $a', $1.75 lli'Kt Duuifulit, NlylUti, l*urfoct ' .. tlio world. All _.,.. K luolit tii>ou linvlnjr W. (• ituili>rUv •luui\ivil OB butluiu. llruuktuu DEALERS wliu puih the sale of \V, 1.. Duu^Lts Slioc.s gain cus which helps to incrcnsu the sales on their full line of goods. TU«» . Mrn lu noil *t n li'it» |>roll|,nuil wo Iwlluvti you IMIII UIVK muiitty by buybUt ftU ruolwtwroftlioik'uluriMlvurUittHl bvluw, Cutalutfuo frws utiuu »iu*U«»U«»ii, For Sale by O. M. MOORE. 9BSS ItEtiT «K('lfKII V. Noithweslern Boiling and Loan Association reoeiVtitl in Ntuouuta of 05 oeulti aud upward*. lutertwt Quid ou tliu« .1^..._!»„ «•»__» •!»_.*_ A * .,1 . J"*-* »«•• *I«UV For three months, at 5 per cent For six months, at a per cent For twelve months, at 7 per cent |>»itl otipilul utuok uuw b»Jog sola, uurulug lwtt»t lb»a U Quo to oualjtHl u««r two ywn. r ran owic& AND sets unit \ } 'i i

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