Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 18, 1955 · Page 18
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 1955
Page 18
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EIGHTEEN lllt Denies 'Junk Dealer "Zone Appeal BALTIMORE (fl — The Mary- tot! attorney general said yesterday* the .U.S. Supreme Court has MJSjsed to hear an Anne Arundcl jSnuilj junk dealer's appeal on a jjiftMctum tor violating zoning reg ulatious : •. • • , • The appeal was sought by Henry : Jit'que Jr., fined $200 and given a six-months suspended sentence last *H&S While his case was pending before* the Court of Appeals, Laque inserted the following ad in Brooklyn, Md.', newspaper 'The law don't • allow no juiik yard here, but'we don't'care what itbjjiaw don't allow. We run a junk .yard anyhow." •• ; It was signed "Laque Used Auto Parts, Inc., 6025 Belle Grove Road, Baltimore 25." . - . . . ,, Anne Arundel County commissioners exploded when they saw jtlMTadvertisement. They asked the •Court of Appeals .for immediate de'Clsion, ' 'The high State court, upheld the Sgnyiction six day's later. "'•With 40,000 daily trains and'600, 000" employes British railways transport more than one million pSissengers a year. .. : '.'TUEStijtY,' OCTOBER ;5S Display Classified Use your 1st Notl. Charge Account 'SeeitNoiv'ToSpot Vice President's Office Legion Meeting Set•;.-.' . Knobiey \ Mountain •'; Post 136, American Legion, , will hold . its regular meeting toi'ay at. 8 p. m. at the post home In Ridgelcy..-C6m- inander Roland Showers 'said important business will be transacted at the session and refreshments wjll be served following the meeting. By DICK KLEINER Ed Murrbw's first "See It Now" of the season—the program, will be spotted irregularly this 'year—is scheduled for Oct. 26 and will deal exclusively with. the office of the Vice President. It, will include filmed interviews with former Vice Presidents, a dramatization, Victor Moore's famous song about the office, Carl Sandburg reciting the story of one Vice President, old newsrcels and much other ma-, terial.. Prof. Irving Williams, - an historian from ' Brooklyn's St. John's'.University, is serving' as technical adviser. Murrow and his staff, incidentally began work on the project long before President Eisenhower's attack turned the national spotlight on the Vice Presidency. Tip to top TV tycoons: You're all knocking your busy little brains out, trying to figure a "new"'Way to present news on TV. If you'll listen ' to ABC-Radio over the weekends, you'll hear five-minute spots called "It's Time," mostly . dramatizations of the news pre- sidi pared by Time and produced by the "March..of. Time's" famous voice, Westbrook Van Voorhis. Some folks, we know think that could be the answer—news dramatizations .could be prepared and presented .quicker, than it takes to get spot films! And what, on the face of ill could be more dramatic than a dramatization? The solution, gentlemen, could be a TV •eturn to the old "March of Time'; radio technique. . ' , • -T > Humphrey ! Bogart has come back to New York, taken a long squint at' Broadway and decided that he's had it. "I used to hanker for Broadway and the stage and all that," he said, "but no more. I've absolutely jad it. Plays are too tough. "They offered me Paul Muni's part in 'Inherit The Wind' after his operation, but I said no. The only way I'd come back to Broadway is if I couldbfind a play, that's guaranteed to get great reviews, with a great part in it for me, and that will only run two weeks. Then I'd do it." \ . Guarantees of good reviews are never issued, so it looks like .we'll only see Bogart in the 'movies. Fortunately for us members of the Beat -the -Drums -for-Bogart- Society, lie's about the busiest of all the top'Hollywood stars. While many of the old-timers, these days, make a picture a year and spend the rest of the time at pool- ;ide, Bogart keeps working. Like now—he's just finished "The Desperate Hours" and "The Left Hand Of God" and coming up are "The Harder They Fall" and "Melville Goodwirf; USA." For many Hollywood stars, that's four years' work. "I like to keep,busy," Bogie says. "It's therapy. If I'm not doing anything, I get bored.". Yet, 'in the next two-fisted breath,, he : admits to being lazy. He says;hc doesn't' like/to work too hard,, which is 'why he doesn't share the widespread desire among stars to turn 'director. That, he says, is just too tough; Walking thai 'narrow, line between keeping busy and not working too hard is Bogart's chief hobby. .Next comes his boat, yawl called "Santana." . . "I used •to'play'golf and-I got down to a six-handicap," he says. "Then I started getting mad and breaking clubs, and I figured it was getting serious instead of fun so I gave it up. Now I go out on the boat every weekend. Betty (his. wife,. Lauren Bacall) gets kind of squeamish and she only goes on the boat maybe twice a year. . . • • . "So we go stag most of the time. That's more fun, anyhow." This guy's aging. CUMBERLAND'S DELUXE 4-DAY Tour, To NEW YORK CITY IDEAL window lllbHLi Produtti Co.. '..Venetian Blind Laundry '—VENETIAN BLINDS— ^ . ; Fr«« EftinlDt*! «0 Columbia AVB. Phonf PA-2-5021 HI-ROCK DRIVE-IN I H E A T R E TONITE Kos^Ge&TfebM ,',,../^%r.V; : t;>y-^i-. :•.••/.: MEW YORK (INSi.'ii."Arioom- of Roses," a hew .play by, Edith mmcr. reached' .Broadway: last ;ht and seems destined to find a .her thorny reception., ' . .i t is-one of, those domestic dra- js ; that possibly reads better an:it .plays;— .a literate,-.often rceptive portrayal of a 1'who feels herself shut out from with 9 love of both-her'separated par : Is.- .'- .• ^' ';...'• .' '."•.- '• "ertiaps the trouble is that' first ;ht audiences are not pulated by. teen-aged, girls or vhaps Miss Sommcr spread sympathies a UtUi-'jw evenly: be twceri the girl,''portrayed by.Belt Lou Kelm, and her motte.-playe by.Patricia Neal.';-.;;':::.-'•;' .'.'• .;" The prcscnt'ekample seems" to t> nobody's fault.— -neither.' .Mis Sommer's, the '-thoroughly compe tent cast, nor. .director Guthf teen-aged McClintic, who also is co-produce ith Stanley'Gilkey. v v ' The'story de'als : ih brief with th visit of : the little girl to'the horn of her moth'crf from whom she ha heavify [been estranged for several years; '' -'or The problem child first'reject her her new surroundings, includin EMBASSY 3 Great Hits Loit Timei Today!' * HIT NO. 1 •"— THE THIEF "''.'* * HIT NO. 2 — THE: ASSASSIN * * HiT NO. 3 — PASSION * STARTS TOMORROW - 3 HITS! JEANNE HMOS CRAIN ROBERTSON IN COLOU 2 OF THE MOST SPECTACULAR HITS EVER SHOWN ON ONE PROGRAM! ROSALIND RUSSELL FERNANDO LAMAS < ULYSSES THE GIRL , RUSH UNR IURE OF THE Thursday to Sunday, October 27 to 30 Inclusive Rate from Cumberland Personally Conducted FOR TOUR HOME ft PIU "LU FOR STEPS A STOOP ji^^ HOUSETIME GUARANTEE! >"• WROUGHT IRON : RAILINGS . Your, chance to join a LOCAL GROUP seeing all the sights of fabulous New York City— Crossroads of the World! You'll travel in reserved seat coach on. B&O.'s 'Strata-Dome COLUMBIAN train, leaving Cumberland 5:15 AM, .Standard . Time, Thursday^ October 27. Three nights' lodging, at .Victoria "'Hotel. Complete sightseeing tour of the city by bus with. guide- lecturer. Visit NBC Television 'and Radio Studios. You'll sec a stage show at famous Radio City Music Hall; complete tour of the .United Nations Building; delightful' three-hour boat cruise around Manhattan Island; visit, famed Broadway at night, and dozens of other world-renowned attractiohs along the Great White Way:'Returning you arrive Cumberland 7:40 PM, Sunday, October 30. ' "MATT" Grove, passenger representative ' of the B&O, will 'accompany the group insuring a carefree trip.' Every necessary expense is included in the tour rate with the exception of meals. Make your reservations now as tour membership is based on low group rates. CONLON TRAVEL AGENCY f^/Hey Gang.. Schools Out Thursday!: r GO TO TTHE /MOVIES • . KANSAS cine I STERLING HAYDEN Ev« MILLER-RMdHADlEY ALL SEATS 35e TONITE GIANT FUN SNOW 2 "LITTLE RASCALS" COMEDIES 9:30 A! M. THURSDAY at tli« STRAND IKS cmioti nnNA IMBJIU I H»clRRAY-HESION-REEO-HI\LE| THE FAR 1 HORIZONS I cw.6i.iY TECHNICOLOR j Plus Cartoon CLOSED for the Season Wt fakt thli opportunity to thank you for your potronaga during tti» poit itgion and look forward to «*ins you all again in th« tpring. ROUTE 51, OlDTOWN ROAD , TONIGHT 62 Pershing Street Cumberland, Md Telephone PArkyiew 4-6776 Double Feature BOX OFFICE OPEN 6:30 PICTURE STARTS 7 P. M. TWO CARTOONS TOP ACTION Display Classified Display Classified There's no Fuel like the Old Fuel! RANDOLPH SGOn itm S»!«E GUILE -NDIITII-tVMMINCS The New IRON FIREMAN COAL-FLOW Down-Draft Jet cuts cost of stoker firing as much as -yV It'i costing you up to 30% mo« to firt an old-style stoker than it will lo . •' fire'the new Iron Fireman Coal-Flowl The sensational Down-Draft ; Jet, an Iron Fireman exclusive, brings oxygen to the center of the fire, an area that if air-starved in conventional stokers. This means more efficient combustion, grealer release of radiant heat, for the uimoit in home heating comfort Md as much at 30% coul saving! Nick*/ cfironM rvyertu guaranteed for 5 y«ori j-on Fi«m«n giuranlees the new nickel-chronw juinleu rtetl luycrcl on th« Coal-Flow stoker; H guaranleei them for t yeartl • Enjoy unexcelled home comfort and save money at the same time. Phone for free nirvey today, or mail the coupon, Get full information , on the new Iron Fjremwi Coal-Flow. BENNETT'S The Gas and Efatric Co., 7 ~ 119 N. C«n!r« St l»hon« PA 2-7900 PLUS -U'.' "Thetlyliif Swamp" Central Parking Lot PARK YOUR CAR Pk»K,Sir,90S«« MY SISTER EILEEN Don't pay, any attention to them and maybe they'll follow us/" MY SISTER , COLOR BY TECHNICOLOR ROBERT FOSSE-KURT KASZNAR: RICHARD YORK-LUCY MARliOW A COLUMBIA PICTURE STARTING TOMORROW

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