Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 12, 1933 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1933
Page 6
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• 1 > PAGE SIX THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 12, 19B3. TOLA. KANSAS. lOLA REGISTER AS. Y. SCOTT .Ecti 1 nl thpj So'roiid Class >rlitter.: Tclplhcim; , , .16 (Pri:;:.? Unnu'h Kxrhaii^ro CouT^cciin^ Depart mollis.) , • , .sLBsi-Riiniox ;i{AT?:s By Oirriur in lolii. (las! City, I.iilluriit 'i iiiui I»;i>st!lt. • Oni' Wwk ...i 13 Ci'My. Oi.v Y.!iir , UY MAlI. Outsiilu Allen County One Year ; t Sis Mi.nlhs ^ >• Thref Months , One Month • In Allen County •Onf yeiiT Six Months • - Thri'P Slonlhs ? One Month j-ftt no well indexed; SO carefully arranged, so accurately edited that any particular fact can be found i;:irE^^<¥Mrrs --^'hcut difficulty or delay; The Al- imanac is particularly interesting and valuable this year because of the wealth of figures it presents setting forth the great progress and power of our country in agriculture, mining, manuijacturing, commerce, finance, transpprtation, education, the arts, inveniion, and science— what ycu wijl—and comparative data from • thej other countries of the world. j ^ On the lighter side of American life, the Almanac records the triumphs of the Olympic games, the fcotbali games. Babe Ruth's mighty swats, and other sporting ^vents that attracted more than local attention. Enforcement of the prohibition law, fighjt 'for. repeal,; war debts, budget, reconstruction efforts, labor and unemployment, disarma- nient, — these are some of the big THE NEW G'iEEK GOD .....$.-.00 $-.;.30 $1.50 501- $.1.00 $1.75 $1.00 50c m si>e<-ial 'dispatches herein are'also rcserveil. MEMBER ASSOCIATEp PKE.SS The Regintcr: carries the AMOcibteU Press report by sjiecial leu.sed wirh. The Asso- 1 cinted Prrss is excIuBively entitle*! to use for republicntion of all news dispntcho-< credited to it or not otherwise credited in problems Of the year the Alm &naC this pajjer, and also the local news piib- presents for yOUr Study. lished herein. All riRht, of republication of j Altogether tl>e mOSt USeful boOk published in the world for American citizens who want to know what has happened, and to get the facts from which they can deduce what is likely to happen. atrirtniiiiiT-MTM;«i««w*"<j*fc-»i*.'»=«* The Almanac is published by The - Bible [Tliought for Today World-Telegram. 125 Barcley street, , —:—'• , • New York, and is sent postpaid for D EATH OR LITE: To:be carnally 70 cents. It also may be ordered minded is death; but io be spirit-jthroiigh any of the local news ually minded is life and peace, —'dealers. Romans 8:6. DIMINISHING RE^RNS All students of economics are familiar with what the text books call " "the point of diminishing teturns." ' the point at which an increase in the price of a product: or' service .cuts down consumption to where the net result is a loss in refenuie rather than an increase. Students of government are apparently in the procesj of being treated to an excellent object lesson In the meaning of this ^hreiseJ Last year a law was passed. inCrcjasing the first class postage rate froriitwo to three cents in an effort to increase federal revenues. Ati the • time, most business men gave wam- ins Chat such a move, ln_their opln-i ion, would put the rate pa^tj this! point of diminishing returns—would ^re-T-ult in a decrease rather than an jpr-ofico in no .<ital revenues. The law makers did not believ^ that this would' DC Lilu, but time has " pr.jved their error. There is everj" rej-son to believe that the two-cent r .Tp will br- re.stored sofin as a pure HERE 'S A POVERTY POINTER. Tlie other day the Coffeyville Journal printed as a nine-days wonder a story about a man in or near that;town who is living on 9 cents a da^ for food and keeping we^ if not happy. But here comes Bernarr McPiidden. the famous physical cul- turlsl:, who declares he could feed America indefinitely on a quarter of a only cent a day per person. Not that, but he is sure every one would grow stronger, healthier and more alert mentally on the diet. This is the way he explains it: "Wheat." he said, "is the best whole food we have. It contains everything needed to build the body, to supply energy and to keep us healthy. But in order to get all the value, we must use everj- bit of the the whole town as a good plate 'vheat. . to trade. "There's no secret about my idea. There's nothing patented. Al! you have to do is buy some wheat, crack it in a coffee grinder and boil it. "A bushel qf wheat is selling today for le.>;.s than 50 cents. That means less, than a cent a pound. A Women, the; purchasing agents of the home, read newspaper advertising, daily, where as many a circular is tossed into the waste ibasket without a glance. "(3) Do you want fast action? Then use the newspaper. The ad that you i-un today, if it contains real merchandise news, will bring immediate results tomorrow. You can receive and sell out a consignment of merchandise with newspaper advertLslng in less time th^n it takes to prepare a circular. "(4) Do you want to be recognized as a factor of importance in your community— a real hometown store? If you do. use the newspaper — it undoubtedly is a strong factor in the • <• • • * •> • • • • •> • « • •> • t 50 YEARS AGO t •:• Editorial aind News Items from <• •:• the lola Register of ^E" <• January 12, 1883. 1 • •> , • J. Butler and N. Hankins each are greatly cUiied over the. late arrival of a new boy. The advent, of Mr. R's son occurred the last day in 1882. and that of Mr. H"s about a week Inter. lous increase of avoirdupois a young lady ice; the -acquires when she takes to the and equally surjirising that In .face of it she is so astonishing flexible. The etereal girl of 105 lK >u^ds weighs at least a ton the moment she strikes the ice. and yet she goes through all the contortions of a Hindu Juggler. NEWS OF COLOe Frank Snecce and Irene Spscce Are In si. Louis, Mo.. This Week On Business. THIS CURIOUS WORLD - TODAY'S THOUGHT By drenvllle Klciser YE YOUR PRESENT WORK great ir, 'r. our Ci)):::ou 'ihat some man |" or small the important thing is , ...;,-i,.h a fecod a <v.i of leisure and a jt.o do it .w-ell Good work always building of good will and acceptance iuttle money could make monev by i^on-^ers a distmct benefit upon the e.s:?bush:nt; ,i roller ! here. skating COLONY, Jan. 12 —Miss Beulah Moore returned from Emer-son, la.. Tuesday, afier .spending Christmas with her sister, Mrs. Bruce Bowers, and family." ' "Guy Crammer and Claude Caldwell drove to Eve, Mo., on business, Wednesday. Dr. Audra PuUiam made a business trip to lola. Wednesday. j The following program was given during the United Aid society meeting last Tliursday: Vocal quartette, Edna Pearl Wilson. Lois Wells. Vcr- ley and Marie Smith; readings, Mrs. v. E. Mastin; piano duet, Mrs. R. S. Brooks and Verley Smith; Refreshments were served. Walter Hull and- John , Martin were business visitors in lola Monday. Recently someone stole some harness and other articles from Mr. Hull, who lives south of Colony. Frank Speece and daughter Irene are In St. Louis, Mo., this week on biisiness! Burton Barron drove to Elsmore, Monday and visited his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Barron. The Lloyd Christenberry family is ill of influenza. | Mrs. W. I. Caldwell is expected to j return today from a visit in Okla-j home with relatives. I Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Barrackman | visited friends in Garnett and Ot- | tawa Sunday. . ! ; Miss Rosa Newfpn was hostess to! several of the Standard Bearers at the regular monthly meeting day evening. The leader was Miss Eunice Caldwell, who told about the second chapter of the book, "Lady Fourth Daughter of China." Miss Newlon served refreshments after the les.son. Those ^present were: Misses Maude and Eunice Caldwell. Catherine Tonkin. Carolyn Moreland, Frances Goodcll, Mrs. T. S. Longstreth. Miss Rosa Newlon. Mr. and Mrs. Claude, McGhee are the proud purenl .s of an eight pound son. Duune O'DPU McGhoe. bovn Monday. E. :M. Chatterton transaciod business- in Mikirjd Tiio.'iday. • Ml'. • Nr.sbitt. B'.irlington, vi.sited relatives and Iriohd.'. iierc. Sundii.v. Frank Denton ,returned Monday from Emporia where he had been visitincr his family. Mi .s.s Fern Scott ha.'; returned from Emporia wlicre .slip -.spent several days visiting: .her M.ster, Mrs. John Keiit. and famiiy. ; Mrs. C. N. Tcnkin is recovering from a reccnf attack of influenza. . Mr. pr.d MI-A. A.V. - Scolt were r'lik I worker. Greatness of spirit can, •"• I make a little task great. Your vis-!<^'"i".nett vi .-itnrs Monday. iions of power and achievement are ^- P- AiKiorean. Vv ^",shirlPaon, lisir :intimations of wliat you can be. iC -^-^J-'"'^ in Colony ti:.=? fir." CcocootLeS" , ARE UNABLE TO SWAtLOW ' THEIR FOOD OUT OFWAXEfK. THE LON'G-NEGKED ANT LION is found among the tombs and pyramids of Egypt,; near deep drifts of sand. The eloiigatoa part of the insect is really not the-neck at all, but the forc-boOy, &iid it is scarcely tiiicker than: the thighs. The .tong-like plnc(5r.s enable it to snare prey from deep crevices too narrow tor tlie Insect itself to enter. . J , THE CROCODILE has no salivary glands and must, tliercfore wash its food dowii wItU-water. ^ NEXT: What arc giKiund pcnri necklaces? •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• • <• • • •>• <• MRS. GULLETTS —ITEMS- Of D. the matter of reviving revenues that;—-"" " i'-"""- ^ j near Colony, spent Friday evening: w.vo lost through the Apparently ill|='°""'^ °^ "'^'^^^^ ^'^^-^^^ -^o^kint the Glen 3nider home." at 'y ;s^-d increase: The Inland Prmter"; cites a typ- ic,-:i instance of how -the change . w'-'rked. A.fotid factoiy . ra-v materials from a^out 200.000' farniers. making from V to 2 million i pun nases each year. Prior to the . in ;rease, each item was paid by : checks payable to the .farmer,. each • one mailed out undsr-a two-cent stamp in a window envelope.The .'postage bill averaged $30,000 a year. Uncle Sam asked for $45,000 a year in addition to another $30,000 : "lor the two-cent tax on each check. Did he get it? ^ • He did hot. The company dould not afford to add this.amount to its operating costs, neltiier could it , expect to take it out ofithe farmers' { receipts. So it finallW' ended by \ sending a double postcard, one -half of whiiih was a draft or^eceipt. The • draft avoided the cheolt tax, the postcard cut even the fermcr post- i age bill in two. Result:^; Uncle Bam i now.gets $15,000 a yea^ from ihlk \ company Instead of thi? $30,000 he : used to get^r tlie $75 ,oi )0 he hoped • to get. r This instance could IK multiplied ,: by thousands up <in tholjsands. Together they have simply ihowed that government Is no exception to the f well known economic law of dlmin- '. Ishing returns. ' k Ah impronr: u parlv ai Mr. and i ity constantly widens as you perse: j^irs A. J. Ci2r::s new home in the ivere in honest purpose. Attempt the up mto four pounds of cereals. And I Mrs.» Clinton Spencer. Miss Carol ' West part of lo-.-n last Friday night Preat pursue the great, and ulti- cne pound of cereal will sustain a ! Spencer and Mrs. Harold Gay visit-i'pro'.ed io Ij" one of the joUiest af- irately you will achieye the^ great. '-• the season. About 25 or 3D pfee to your possibilities and know .normal man for a day, at a cost of a quarter of a cent." J THE REPEAL SdjftAP. They are having a m&ry time of : it in Congress over the resolution to i repeal the 18th Amendment. ' First the wets in the H5)use framed : ..a resolution in line wltlf the Demo• cratic platform, calling i, for naked repeal, without any provision lor ..protecting the dry stateS, and pro-7; viding for submission to state con•- ventions for ratification. ] Now the wets in the Senate have -! framed a. resolution practically in .line' with the Republicdh platform, /giving Congress concurrent power .jWith the states in, framing' legisla- -itlon to prohibit shipmerit of Intoxi- ^cating liquors into dry states, guarding against the return off the saloon, end providing for submission to gtate iegisatures for ratification. ' 'The result'of this conflict is that the wets in the house arff all het-up arrainst the wets in the Senate, with . the probable resiilt that: no resolution at all will be submitited at this ' session of Congress. V 5 -'^"d the drys just smife and keep on saying nothing. i '\ . \ ASK A SHLLION QUESTIONS. , ; Of ciaurse, a million qiKstions are From Other Papers [ : : <. TO GET RESULTS. Parsons Sun: "The merchant who spends good money fbr advertising always wants to get the greatest possible results for the m«ney spent. In the days of rather keen competition he knows he must buy right and sell right to stay in the game. The J. C. Penney Company has given a lot of study to the matter of advertising. It has tried almost every means of promoting sales. Recently the managE -rs of the hundreds of J. C. Penney stores got this message from headquarters: '.'(1) Do you want to be certain of reader-interest? Then use the newspapers". Many a circular receives •w J '<j"Iy s glance, wliile the local news- a! scod many. But it probably does j|,^pgy_ ^.^^^^ hundreds of general ^i, exceed the number • .that could news items is read thoroughly from l^.^ answered by refereiic4 to the lh:st to-last page. A^r»^r./n fnr iqi# It is a "'2) Do you want representation Wnrld Almanac for^.1933. It to a ^^^^ 'shopping window' as bfcok of a thousand pa,ges with ajj^p g^^er merchants of your town thousand facts oti every-Jiage, and j use? Then use the local newspaper. ONE WAY TO STOP OVER. PRODUCTION. The trouble with the world; eyer>-- body says, is that people are too busy. They get up too early, they stay up too late and they work too hard. Top many early birds catching ttjo many worms. The remedy, writes Philip Curtis in Harper's Magazine, is simple: Quit this disgusting habit of early rising. Let everybody sleep as long „ „„,. ^ ,., „ ... r ^1 »ir. ana ivirs. ttoy nauara ana as he hkes. Keep aU the stores, fac- ^jj,jd„n of lola spent Sunday aft- tories and school houses closed until noon. That would cure the evil of ed al the Ed Weldin home Tuesday afternoon. fai|-s ot yoilng folk.s were present, and they Mr. arid Mrs. Tom Sherwood s!>ent 'i ar<^ unanimous in pronouncing T«r. ' and Mrs.. Clark the most pleasant of entertainers. Tuesday evening al the Wilb?rn Colpin heme. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Snider and daughter spent Friday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Glen Snider aiid Russell. ' Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Spencer and Ralph Bauers of Elsmore spent Tuesday at the B. F. Spencer home. | Merrill Gay spent Tuesday and i ^ ^j^^ ^^^^ sm-prising things to i; Wednesday at the home of his' brother Harold Gay and Mrs. Gay. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Dragoo spent Sunday at the Glen Snider home. i Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ballard and over production in two weeks. Another result would, be the happiest, healthieist, most rea.sonablc population since the invention of the alarm clock. That is the Curtis idea. Without doubt the everlasting^ drive of the human animal is responsible for a lot of his troubles. AnlmBl.<i. in their native and unalarmed state, live more sensibly. They eat when they are hungry and sleep when they please. If humans, all humans, could follow Mark Twain's rule, it wouldn't be long until this overproduction thing would be cured. What was Mark's rule? "I never go to bed as long as there is anybody to sit up with; and I never get up till I have to.'' One of the New Year resolutions this great moral mentor and politi-. cal guide made was that it would not jump onto Franklin D. Roosevelt until after he was ina'ugurated, and not then unless he really deserved it. But it was a terrific strain when the Governor permitted himself to be photographed with . office girl kissing him gobd-bye at Albany. ' ' : ernoon at the Harry Maley home. The Progressive club will present a play entitled "The Economical Boomerang" with several added lea- tures. on Fi^iday evening, January 20. We Invite everyone to come. A very small admission will b<! charged. , Mr. and Mrs. Wilbem Colgin and family spent Saturday evening at the ToRi Slierwood home. Mr. ahd Mi's. Harold Gay spent Sunday iaftemoori with Mr. Gay's grandmother in lola who is growing weaker rapidly. Other guests to visit Mrs. King Sunday were: Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Gaj- and Florence, Mrs. Irene Kllby a^d Delores, Mr. and Mrs. Frfed Morris of Gas City, Mr. and Mrs. Arch Wood, and Mrs. Henry Turney, Mrs. Ed Sweet, Mr. Hany Wood and Wc. and Mrs. Cleo Wood of .Ottawa, Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. Wllbern Colgin and family spent Sunday afternoon at the Leo Oeneste home. Visitors last week at Spring Branch school were: Miss Erma McCully, lola, Irene Burkett, of La- Harpe, Miss Charlotte Kincaid, Miss Emma Thohoff, and Miss Bertha Thohoff. ' ' Report of Spring! Branch school for the month of December: These neither absent nor tardy, Riiby Colgtn, Wray Skinner. Ralph Skinner Jr., Jutt iBnmdage, and W11-' bem Colgin Jr. Those receiving Ijerfect spelling lessons were: Charlene Berklhiser, Ruby Colgin'. Daris Spencer, Wl-ay Skinner, Russell Snider and Wubem Colgin Jr. Mr. J. P. Bell, of Yates Center, was in town a few hours on Wednesday on his way to Ohio, where he will combine business with pleasure in a four weeks" visit. About ihis time of the year ona average' young man is the marvel- that through patient and persistent effort you can -surely reach your lighlful place in the world. Topeka—The 87-pound fruit cake presented to Governor Alf M. Landon by admirers from Independence, has been cut anci_ eaten. After visitors to the, governor's office had failed to make, appreciable inroads into it, the remainder was cut and distributed to various Topeka orphans' homes, homes for the aged and other institutions. FRECKLES A.ND HIS FRIENDS . . . . B; BLOSSER Galen Mendoza! SEE, PISH HARBOR IS 1 JMTER £ST1WS ALL RIGHT, BUT NOT So SOOD ON A FELLA'S NOSE.'.' J'"'' Topeka—A I resolution requesting that the state legislature make no clianges' in existihg state fair laws was adopted here yesterday at annual meeting of the state fair association. W. P. Royer. Coffeyville, was elected president; E. Lister, Ottawa, vice-president, and George Harmon, Valley Falls, secretarj-- treasurer. j Those chosen for the board of directors were b. E.'Sells. Effingham. first district; second; W. third; C. .A Palls, fourtti; I Caster Wicliita, fifth; ! W. R. Albert Ham. Prescott. P. I Royer, Coffeyville. Sayre. Cottonwood Harrison. Barnard, Belleville, and A. J. Huska, Cuba, sixth, and A.! L. '• Sjwnsler, Hutchinson, seventh.! Maurice Jencks. Topeka, along withf Barnard, Lister, . Sayre and Harmon were named members' of the legislative committee. You probably have something you want to sell and the best way to let the people kiiow about it is through Register Classified Ads, THERE'S "TWAT ^AAN, MOW... LEAVING THE SH-ABK'....r.Lt- 60 ON AMP ASK THAT KIP ABOur m HIM;.' Bill J.IcCartn-^y. Kinma'n. visited friend.'; in Co'ony Wednesday. O. 'R. Stihv.nll made a business trip to lola' Wednesday. Several Cplonyites attended the Irwin sale north of Lone Elm Tuesday . Mrs. Alta Courlright is' visiting relatives in . Ottawa this ,week. Mrs. H. J. Dpnton returned Tuesday from Ottawa where she spent the first of the week with a daughter..Mrs. Will Brooks, and family. Rev. C. J. Knox, near Lawrence, officiated at the funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Wise Wednesday afternoon in the M. E. Church. An answer to Powells. Thear is an Editar hot So Veiy far - away" He- is a gi-eat Man though.his Hair • is Turning gray— • He works for the Cliurch lie works for the Poor And no one ever goes hungrey from his dore— /HATEVEU tlic ilaws in tetii- He meets you with a Smile let conj what may— . , He will Greet you at the dore and Say com this way. When Powell wrote' a Poem and . Sent it on a card Scott did not do a, | some shoes that are 10 years «1J.-. thing but Say times aint very hard: .-Well, there's nothing that will when any one can wright a Poem detract, attentTon from a fellow's like that. I only wish I was cloce, I £eet liiie a snappy browii derby. tliat the .steam shovel has been the cause of a vast amount ofc unemployment—around the . excavations. - . ' * * * I'rcsident-cloot Itoo.sovclt .is determined to save ^1 ;out-of evei-j- four now spout l<j' iho Rovcriinieiit. He'll l)c{ more than caniinB hi.s pa.v If he saves .•jSl out of every four now being ^ wasted. ?. • - " Al .'^niith boasts he stiil wear's^ WHAT CONGRESS IS DOING up Today—Senate: Considers Glass banking bill and first deficiency bill. Commerce committee takes shipping law revision bills. Banking committee hears Dr. Max Winkler of Now York in Kreuger and Toll Inquiry. ; • Joint committee continues hearing vcternns in study of exlsllnc benefit legislation. President Green of A. P. of L. and Chairman Payne of Red Ci'oss appear before manufactures committee on relief. . Judiciary subcommittee continues consideration of beer bill.. Black five-dfiy week bill hearings continued by. judiciary subcommittee. : House: Continues consideration of farm bill. Appropriaiions committee meets on the war department bill. Wednesday—Senate: Debated Glass banking bill and first deficiency bill. Vice-President Curtis ruled out of order proposal by McKellar fD.. Tenn.) to require approval of tax refunds by board 'of tax ajipeals. Kreuser and Toll inquiry opened by banking committee. Foreign relations committee approved Hoover arms embargo pro- pbsal. i Judiciary subcommittee decided to revise beer bill. Veterans opened before joint committee drive against reductions in benefits. Pennsylvania relief needs de- serihed before manufactures com- jmittee. . ] Irrigation moratorium urged before .ioint ini.qation committee. Hou-se: Continued con.-idoration 'of. farm I bill. j •Pecejv.'-'d r:r:-.^r.f:c frnm thjo prc:;i- ' dent on bankniptcy laws, j Foreitrn ^iffair.s oommiUoe: ap- ; proved at Si.'JO.OOO r.uthoriz-ation •for l, p.\"aQ!;ses-of the v.'orld economic con; ference. Would pat him on the back. The county wher My Cousin lived in Colrado is sure having a teribel shaking up but I am glad th'ey hav moved out and Carrie was ill Den­ ver—wher She passed away v— not long ago! and her only bro lives in Silverlon and his wife is co. cuper- intendent—and it is teribel Cold and Snow over two foot on the,level. We Sure are having Som' Sad Seans hear lately the papers are full the callers say it Surp is Sad "Times but we got to do the best we can- Kansas aint a bad plaice to live in if you can get through all right un- till times are ripe again. We received a Christmas greeting from Ewliig Scott and ever year, and last year he was holding ills ilittel Tots this year they are laying .on a rug in front of, the fire plaice Many thanks Ewing and family. Our heart ached for the Denton famlcy life is .so Sad when one Just entering life',s work ha,s to bo taken from the home—and Mr. Denton's famley seams to .enjoy thear children and then liaV one who Is ready to ccmmciVce Life's work taikon. is terrlbel Sad — i)Hl God knows -best he is at rest. They used to kid tlie liRlii- iting i'od salesmen ]irctty Iini'd, but after jill they j-aye the fiirinor luorc relief in a- but'Iv- honrd load of iron' and nv^ sliin.v ballii than all our con'- Ki'ossnien have managed fo^ him since. "» • • There's nothing that will tal>e the conoeit out of a niau qiiicker than driving through the, wholesale section and bumplng^fendet.-i witli the truck drivers. - ; ('Iit, ivri, SUA .Sei-vico. liu- ) Indlanapolis-^Patrick Dpitahuc.SO, shot hmiself In the head last November in the home of Mrs. Mai'y Woods here. He recovered. Noiv Mrs.: Woods has named hlnf;dofend- ant in a suit seeking $2000 damages, alleging she suffered a long lllnc.s.»i., LEFT ARM WAS ^ ALMOST USELESS Minneapolis—Frank Corcoran Jr., i • , , > will be 13 years old Friday, the thir- I ^^^^y V"'PP'«'' ^^'Ih .Neuritis, teenth; his name-conlains 13 Jet-, . Stomach Disordered, All Poods ters. he lives 13 blocks from school. ' Disagreed With Her: Clyone of his class rooms is .213 and he j '•• Cas Unfailing. ' received 13 presents for Christmas.; " ' Does that bother Frank? Naw.! he says, but an old black cat that sneaks around his back yard—and sometimes crosses in front of him— has him worried. "Gly-Cas was cei;tainly aiboon t() me." said Mrs, Eva Doty, 1612 South 20th jSt;. Centerville, Iowa.-' "Neu^ ritis in my left arm had rendered it ; almost useless, sharp stabbiiig paii;^ • LIQUID-TABLETS-SALVE Instsranee If you will take GGa Liquid or 'tablets and place GG6 Salve in nostrils every mornins until March 1, 1933, and yon get sick during the time, your Dm?slst will return your mon- el. Send UJ your Testimonial, Are YOU Anemic, Rundown? Boflgp Cit.v. Kiina. —^'"I do not bi 'Iiovo there is anyflifnff. .--i) jrnod lis Dr. I'icrt-f'i; <;olil.'n Medical I>is- c-ovorv for the Miio'l ' n ml the St run Hcb ."Kn ii I ! Mrs. M:il.>.'l Mont- | Boiiiory of Sftl Avp- i nno n. "About live yi'ars tip* I vv;is an-l rundown, hml no ambition to do.; my v,-.irk alioiit tlif hoiiso and vns riuiti" wojik — I \v,as nprvons, too: Tt was tli'Mi lliat I usi'd the '(..'rjld- pn M('(iii.-;il 1 >l-.iovi'!-y' anil it Iiolfipd uio v .-oi !'ic 'i -fiilly -— Imilt me risht-up so lli-.t 1 R :UI|OI 1 wi'iu'Iit and strength and v.-.-t..: jio loi :c:c »i- II(M->-,,'IIS." WHY GET UP NIGHTS? Physic the Bladder With 3 .T^niper Oil " Drive out- the Impurities and excess acids that cause irritation. MRS. EVA li)OTY. were awful. I was terribly hei ^'ous.' dizzy spells every morning, couldn '.t walk, staggered like a drunk.^ Everything I ate di-sagreed with ?pie, indigestion mode hfe miserable. But now. since I have been taking Gly-. Cas, I am all right again, feel fine never bothered with former^ healtii troubles, all pain has left me en-, tirely, eat and .sleep good and really enjoy-life. It is a pleasure to tell others' of a. medlcUie like Gly-Cas: burning and frequent desire. Jmil- i Uuit ^es just the results thit peo-? Fo ^^mtf BU ^^Ih^bladdV-o'^ '^r Scarborough fc^lso cSiS bucCreaves etc. Eros Drug Store, lola, ancf^by '..H' Worli on the^bladder similar ;to oacUng drug stores m surrounding, castor oil on the bowels. Get a 2oc |town?- " • box from any drug store., After four j, days if not relieved of "getting Tip nights" gojback and get your money. If you are bothered with backache or leq; pains caused from bladder disorders you arefbound to feel better after this cleansing and you get your regular sleep. Sold by Brown Is Drug Store, Palace Drug Store, They've Stood the Test of'xime ' Established 1906 Williams Monument- Works 301 So. Wash. Iol»,.Ka^

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