Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 7, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1896
Page 3
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Don't Scold about washing- powders. If you feel like it, it's because you haven't got the right kind. Get Pearline, and see the difference. Pearline has been imitated — but .... never been equalled. There are all kinds of imitations; powders that save work, but ruin clothes; powders that don't hurt, and don't help you ; powders that are cheap to begin with, but dear enough in the end. Try them all for yourself, if you won't take our word for it. But don't get them mixed up in . your mind with Pearline. Peddlers and some unscrupulous grocers will fell you "this is as good ns " or .. t i, 0 same as panriinc." IT'S FALSE— Pearline is never peddled, and if >' cmr g ro<:cr sends you something in place of Pearline, be honest — stai! ii hick. 3J» JAMES PVLE, New York. if. D*, >-w1- .533, CK THE Miinsoo Typewriter Is a Good Machine. C ihlgh standard ol excellence Mao 'Lsers ot tbe "Munson" consider It THE jBEST. You will (lad It a valuable assistant In jour office. Address for particulars THE MUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO MANUFACTURERS. 240-244 Wont Inke St.. Chicago, 111. MILWAUKEE EXCURSION. Low Kates Through Chicago via Peun sylvanla Lines. Excnr-sicMi ticket*; to Milwaukee will be sold via Founsylvauia Hues .Tilly 14th, loth and Kith, account the U. Y. P. U. meeting. T-he low rate will ba open, to all. Tickets will ho good re- tnruins leaving Milwaukee July 20tli. 1st, or 22cl., Extension cf return liink to Aug. Cir-li may be .secured by depositing tickets with Jol'iit agent in Milmui- keti.ou or before .July 20th. The lYnn- <ylva:i!a is t.i--- <l,rtct route to Mllw-iu- ice through Chicago w;ith solid tialua o Clitoago Union- Station without change from principal cities and towns n Western Pennsylvania, Ohio and indUma, For rates and time ol! train ipply to nearest Pcuiusylvauia Line icket agent. THE ONLY ONE Tliu r.vnvmW rile Cure Vlio Only Tile Cure Recommended by 1'hyslcliuis As Being Perfectly Safe. NO OI'IUM, COCAINE, NARCOTIC OH OTHER POISON IN IT. The Pyramid Pile Cure Is probably t.He only Pile Cure extensively recommended by physi'cknis, been use it is so safe, so prompt to the reHef iitfordi'd iiud so i'nr us known 'the only positive euro for piles except a snr>, r lc:il operation, •In ouo your the Pyramid Pile Cure ,-lttis become the best known, the s:ifest ;md the iwost extensively sold of flny pile cure before Hie public. Nearly all druggists selMt at 50 cents anil !?1 per packa-KL 1 . Address the i'yni.ni'W Co., Albion., Mk-h., for Iwoli on cause and cure of piles iiud also hundreds of testimonials from nil parts of the United States. If sutterlag tmm. tiny torm of p.Ues iwk your, druggist for a package of Pyramid'Pile Cure ami try it tonlgh.t; A SIMIAN WHEEtMAN. I'ortlnml (Orn.) Monkey Delight* In M»k- iuK Long Itunit, There arc mighty few thing-? in the tiiK- of ug-ility that n monkey can't do. Ho may by n little weak in writing books iibout evolution, bin he can ac- Cdinplitih oi.her things with a- celerity and neatness that would inukc Mr. Darwin or any other great aud learned Icfentist joulous. , ; "' ATany a" tr.au who cnn wrestle with whole volumes of mathematics and philosophy has peeled his hands and battered up his kneecaps in trying- to muster the bicycle. But there is a little, Weazen-faced, chattering-, long-tailed, hnlry monkey out on the Pacific coast who mastered the whole trick of the thing- in less than a quor- JULY SALE OF Summer Clothing: J. D. FERGUSON A. P. JENKS. 322 Market Street. YOUXG PEOPLE'S SOCIETY OF CHRISTIAN- ENDEAVOR. Washington. D. C., July 7th to 13th, 1S9<5.—For the abo-v-e occasion tickets will be sold by the Wabnsli Railroad company at rate of $16.75 for the round trip. Tickets will be sold July 4, 5, G and 7, 1S06. Good for continuous pas- sago in both directions. Arrangements can be made extending time of tickets returning until July 31st. Side tripe from Washington have been planned at greatly reduced rates,—C. G. Newell, Agent. THE SIMIAN BICYCLE CRANK. Mr of a.u hour, and within 24 hours had developed into a scorcher of purest ray TO To the Ladies. Those who are interested In dermatology should call on Mrs. Strlngham, who te located In tbe St. Elmo building on Broad-way and be convinced that dermatology IB what every woman of intelligence and refinement needs. It Is conceded by our best minds that a beau- tlfol completion Is a necessity of tbe Nineteenth century, nnd -which elvlilza- . tlon must have; and every worthy husband or brother will take Interest In and those who are suffering- from any cutaneous disorders such' as tetter, freckles, acme, liver spots, birth- marts and superfluous hair are successfully treated. Bright energetic girls wlahlng to -work for $10 a -week should call and sell Mrs. Stringham's preparation*. j . A CHILD ENJOYS " The pleasant flavor, jreutie action, and . effect of Syrup of Figs, when ! KOIul '. & C. SUMMER SERVICE MACKINAC. Their'new steel passenger steamers nre In commission, making four trips per weok between Toledo, Detroit, ALiekinac, Soo, Petoskey, Duluih. If you are contemplating a summer outing stamp for illustrated pamphlet. in need of a laxative, and If the father or mother be costive or bilious, the most gratifying results follow its use; so that It is the best family remedy known and every family should have a boTlle. Catherine Striogham. DERMATOLOGIST. DEAFXESS CANNOT BE CUEED by local applications, as they cannot reach the diseased portion of toe ear. There is only one way to cure deaiuess and that is by constitutional remedies. Deafness Is caused by an IcHamed condition of tlie mucous llainjg- of the Eu- stachinn Tube. When this tube gets Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, and when It is entirely closed deafness Is the result," and eozma, i unless the Inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to Its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed by catarrh, which Is nothing: but an-Inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. We -will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 70c. Address A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P, A. Detroit, Mich. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Subscribe for the Journal. 40 ceuti per month. Geo. Harrison has the finest line of hammocks in the city. Dr. Barnflold has fitted up offices over Ben Fisher's drug store. Natural gns bills for the month of July nre now due and payable at the company's office on Pearl street. Merit In medicine menus the power to cure. Tlie great cures by Hood's Sar- snpurllla prove Ifs'uuequnled merit. Round trip rate to St. Joseph, $2; to Lake Maslnkuckee, $1. Train leaves Vandalla station every Sunday at 7 a. m. They call this wise and athletic Simian "Little .lot 1 ." His home is in Portland, Ore., nnd the swvllest bicycle club in tbejcity is trying-.to adopt him us an honorary member and to employ him at u srmirly wn<;c u-s a mascot. The ladies in rim rklh:y-sp.!iool liave beou ushjg him as :i p-.iwm.-iker. Joe's owner, however, has a mor« luc.'rativi} nnd distinguished future in store for him. Joe, who is n member of the orang-outang trib-.-, is very imi- tativc, and tried for a long time to manipulate his master's wheel. It was (.00 big- for him; bus so persistoit wa-s he that the bicycle ha:l. to be kept out of his reach for fear he would do damage to it. Ait last tlie ay-cut of n popular make of wheel produced a SD-incli miniature machine, uod .Too was -set astride of it. His preliminury training on the wheel was the shortest on record, Jt dumbfounded everybody who witnessed it Xiixt day a pn.udy suit of colors was constructed for.ioe, and he was engaged by the makers of the wheel as a. mem-, -ber of th«,ir racing and exhibition non- .tingent. He will start out at once on a starring tour to the east, and probably he' will journey to Europe as well. UNDERSTAND We are not closing out to qn.lt business, neither is our stock such as Is usually found to closing out sales. OUR GOODS are of BEST MAKE AX NEWEST STY LES. We Simply wish, to give our Customers nn opportunity of buying at greatly reduced prices anything they may wMi in our immcu so stock, between; seasons. Here aw .SODH? of the BARGAINS we propose giTing you. ONE FOURTH off on all Crash Suits. ONE FOURTH off on all Men's and Boys'Pants. ONE FOURTH off on all Summer Coats and Vests,, Alpacas, Woolens, Serges. Straw Hats all $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, now $1.0O Straw Hats all 75c and $1. now . . . .50 In our Men's dept we will give you all wool suits as low as $4 75. $8 to $15 suits $5.76 to $10.75. We have a line of Men's and'Boys' strictly all wool black, clay and worsted suits to close out at $7 and $7.50 all old goods at one half price. REHEMBER We mark our jroods !u pla-in figures, so that any one can tell exactly wlKit they are hi-iiiRiuj;. SHREWD BUYERS will call and take. art van ra.se of rhis sale wkhou-fi delay. It will be to the INTEREST 0" ALL to not miss if. Regular prices' for all goods charged 'Jur- Th s Out fur Future Reference. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGANSPOKT. IND. OflPJTflL - «2OO.OOO J. P. Johnson, President 8. W. TJllery, Vlc« President. H. J. Heltbrtnk, C»ahl«r. DIRECTORS. t. r. Johnson. 8. W. Ullory. J, T, Elliott' W. M. Elliott W. H. Snld«r. Bay and •»'! Government bonds. Loin . money- on pononal security and collater- IBSUO Bpoclal certificate! of deposit! t per cent. Interest -when loft one OPPOSES ELECTRIC EXECUTIONS DISSOLUTION NOTICE. I liavc this day wJrbdrawn from tlie firm of George Strecker, Ox., & Co., and any and all dobte ma-de by said flrm Is to be paid by said George Strecker, Jr., as I have no further interest In said flrm of George Sbreeksr, Jr., & Co., and all claims due the said firmware to be paid to George Strecker, Jr. GEORGE STRECKER, JR. HARRY I. KELLEK, Logausport, Ind., July 1,180G. F**f; 2 per cent, per annum when depoi- Ited nix monthi. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults of thli •tank for the deposit of deedi, Insurance policies, mortcaires and ether valluables, ftBtod at from 15 to 115 per year. A few bottles of HIRES Rootbeer belong in tfie picnic luncfa 'Lay them in the spring to cool) or hang, them down a well. • Midi on!/ br Tlu Cbulii K. mm Co., PhllMelphli. 1 •Not even- grain of salt is wanting to emphasize and "make perfect the flavor of' NONE SUCH MINCE MEAT. Pure', wholesome,— an cconom- [ luxury. Sold everywhere. Take no substitute, Scn<! name anil n'Mrex* tar hooklrt, SUNDAY EXCURSION TO DAYTOX VIA PENNSYLVANIA LINES. July ]2th from Log-ansport, ?2 round trip, Spociial train leaves 5 a. tu., ceu- tnil time; returnlns leave Dayton ti p m. Visitors ;u-e pewnltted .the freedom o£ tlie SoWlore' Home, the most delightful and attractive spot of Dayton. Lake Side Park is also open. Everything arranged for a pleasant Sunday outing. SUFFERERS WITH RHEUMATISM We have obtained the agency for a remedy for rheumatism whlcb'-has tad remarkable success. Sold on positive guarantee. You run no risk of losing your money. "We invite you to call at our store and let us tell you about It. B. P. KEESLING, Druggist Prof. E. D. Cope Denounces Tbom •• Uncertain »nd Barbarous. Gor. Bushnell, of Ohio, has received ,t letter from Prof. E. D. Cope, of the department of comparative anatomy in the University of Pensylvanlu, and president of the Society for the Advancement of Science, in which he deprecates the fact that Ohio is soon to ndopt the electric method of executing- the death sentence, which he soys is a. fad and a barbarism. The effect of the electric shock is, he says, uncertain and but little understood. In many cases persons have suffered severer shocks than are administered under the New York/law nnd have recovered. The professor Intimates that lie thinks the persons who offered to resuscitate any of the persons exe- cuted.in Auburn could do it, and would. '•I allowed. He suys there la no doubt in his mind that several of the persons electrocuted have really died from the result of the post-mortem examination*. . SOUTHERN MICE. Went Into a Trap to Avoid tbe Cat und Tben Fooled Farmer Wllllt. B. C. Willis, living in the counitry below Alexandria, La,, snys that for some time past he' has been greatly annoyed : by rats .in his smokehouse-. About a month ago he purchased a big wire and tin rat trap, and has since succeeded in catching- some 25 of the big rodenU. This seemed to settle matters so far as rate were concerned, but no sooner were they disposed of than the mice became equally as obnoxious, the rota having left them a fair field. As he had no mouse trap on the place, Willis borrowed a big cart, from one of hia neighbors, and at niglit put Tom in the 'smokehouse to make a raid on the mice. Next morning- he visited the scene of battle; hoping to find the cat master of the situation, with the mice nowhere in evidence. Instead he found the cat sitting on his haunches, the picture of misery, having been outwitted by the designs of tho astute, mice. It seems that Willis hod left the. big rat trap sitting behind a barrel in the Sketches of all kinds prepared for decorative and commercial purposes. Mechanical and prospective drawings of El-ectrlc, Pneumatic and Agricultural devices prepared for the Patent office. Designing a specialty. Claims for Letters of Patent prosecuted. BYRON B. GORDON, * . v Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport. Hll Early Training, "So you are the India rubber man, are .you?" snid Uncle Hirain Peters to the dime museum exhibit. "Yes, sir." j . "How did you happen to think you could be an India rubber man ?" "When I was young, everybody said I was B- bouncing boy,"—Detroit Free Press. ERREU-SOULE CO., SYRACUSE, N. Yl From Frying Fan to Fire. Some men arc born to misfortune, A. fellow got a, licking: the other day fot being- too familiar with another fellow's (lance, and when he Ka-nfully explained that he was-an old friend, and bod knowu..ier, for. the.Just 3J years,.she lofhed.in and nearly murdered him. Nitural and Artificial Gas Bills due the Firs of each month, ten day's;grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special—Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June, July, August and September. \ OUTWITTED. ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥ » The Cigar Dealer* ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥ Penuanent Trade WANTED. n-ANTED-5.000 Agents for B well's antho- TTlzed "LIVES OJKacKJMlKranc! HOB1KT" BSOpiges, elegantly lUoattatcd. Price only fl 00, ;Tbe Dt»t- nnd cbeaptit, and outsells all others '» pei cent to Agents a»o freight paid. W Book» ttar ttaaj. gave umty by sending M .cent, Jn I *tarop« for un cntflt at oncft. Addtena. I ;A. D, WORTHINGTON A CO., . Hartford, Conn. ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥<* ' ¥ . ¥ V * '¥ .¥; •'>•; Which batUy the Btit Five-Cent Cl&ircvfr cffefcdlothetraai. EIGHT MILLIONS •oldiaJ895 A. Klefer Drug Company, Indianapolis :>• ¥' , -¥•'.. •' ¥+¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥+¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥ smok-chouse, and into this the mice had betaken themselves as soon as they found they were being- chased by poor Tom, who had not been able to make an entrance into the barricade of tin and -wire. When Willis found the trap there were 11 scared little mice safely boused therein. • Thinking-, of course, that ho. hod them captured, he fastened Tom in the smokehouse again nnd carried, the trap outside, setting it down : by the door while he went for.akottle of boiling water to demolish the catch at one fell swoop. But those mice had not lived in vain. Finding- themselves safely outside and .beyond the reach of the cat's claws, they lost no time in improving-itieir opportunity for escape offered .by Wil- ,11s' absence, and made thtfji* exit from the .big rat trap us easily as they, had entered it,, and scampered off into'safe- hiding places before another and swiftr er danger overtook them. • . .' . Ko Flftcp foria'Stnndln*; Collar. .> . , The hottest place in the United States is at Bagdad, A.-T: At that plftce the thermometer often ' register 140 de- the'shade for days together. The Cyclist's Necessity. POND'S WILL CURE CUTS, BURNS, DRUISES, WOUNDS, SPRAINS, SUNBURN, CHAFINGS, INSECT BITES, ALL PAIN, AND INFLAMMATIONS. USED INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY. GKXUIJfE IN OUR BOTTLES ONLY, BUFF WRAPPERS, SEE OUR NAME, POND'S EXTRACT CO., NEW YORK, 76 FIFTH AV.K N UB. USE POND'S EXTRACT OINTMENT FOR PILES. Sent <by mail on receipt of GO cts. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hirchberg Optical Co. Tlie well-known ;Sp«cJalLs(s' of Ken York liave appoint** D. A. HAUK as agent for-ttielr celebrated Spectacle* and B Glasses, every pair guaranteed, . D. A. HACK has complete assortment and Im1te» til t», satisfy thenuelvea ot tbe gre*' superiority ottbeee good* OT« any manufactured, at tbe store ot X>. A. HAUK, 8ols|i|«Dt tot t : vuportlnd. •• .'•'••. '.•".•"•;'. ••'. ' ''. ' • •' : KoPeddlen Supplied. . '

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