Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 8, 1927 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1927
Page 9
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SECTION TWO lOLA, KAN.. TlibRSDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 8, 1927. PAGES 9 TO 12. (i&PYSIGHT: 1927 4/ \ The Slory T inn Vor i_Tl|f 8 .tor.v begtn I In 18S0. In ilie H'lfRefl little -ow town of CALlJiVELU KJW.. iIoH.' to the Ijidlau'territory bcnlfr. TONY J?AhlU.<«)>^ i:!-year-oIil KoJi of SV^V H.MUIISON. a liundsDinQ' KJimblvr, 1H orphaned . Mhfii,, TOM ' UKNJrO .N-, a cjHtlc. .ihlcf. Hhoois hlsf father tu a jioker Kamc, • Th'? boy J* befriended by (JOR;>0\,W. hILLIE. then a renlau- rant waiter, and later to be k4iowii as I'lVWXBK BILL; by JOIC CRA,tO, foreman of the iiar K laiiCli. who takes Tony to Hie H:ir K to live, iind by' . COLO.NKL TJI.TUS MOOKK. ^wner of the ranch! Lilfic thiiiks someWhal of join- iiip DAVID fAyj-VE] wlio is api- tatius for the oiMsnijis of the Indian territory lahis but he sets -.ta offer Of a biliuol teaching- IMJst in PavC-nec and accepts it. ' At the Bar Kl Tony Harrison meets RITA MOORH. Bpirileii lit- iJp ilaugliter of Titiis Moore. Tliai fall , Tony 1 accomnanieii . roeC'laig tojCaldwell. wheile Joe ^incgiit.ters jC.-VSHlb.V. oompan- ijin t)f Bejitoh on the ni .sht ol ibe ^^hooting. i ! •• 1 CIUI'TER| l.\. Cratg stared at liihi contemptuously. "I Kuppose . you'll be say•" iiiR next'thinf^ Uuft you didn't help liim set awayr" •'Hf ilidii't iieed my help." Casli- - Sou'protested.! "I didh't know whar. kind oi a mail he w:;s und .1 jrode off- with bini. AVhat would you hiive done if you'd lieen in niy -shoes'/" ; Crai.s; ignored ihe. question. '"Whal made you deiiije to desert lienlon after .yoiid beeitVfO friendly It IrauKpires that yoii, run across nentnii vdine time yi>u mJKht inform bim that I'm riKht anxious to ••vierininate him." •"i didn't know your perHonal Jn- JereHt In lienton wan HO ntronj;," .ShAler volunteereil. ".The law will take care of him when lie'.s foutidl" "••The nliiht jijenton lofi Caldwell in n hurr.v," Cfain told him, •'somebody shot a hole throuRli my hat. It woMnl my fault my head wasnlt in the Vay." : •••ybu're sure It was Benton?" "WflU, rtenton had expresswl a mlld-'dlstnote for me." lie added, sisnifflcantly. "If.It't him It wfts. Homeiiody with hini." and looked at Cashinn. "It was Henton. all right." ('ash- Ion hurriedly told him. ••Now. if I wa^< marshal." Craik said innocently, '•and convinced of the pood faith of Cashion here, as you are. Td la've that .--intenient as proof that H<'nton triefl to commit nmrden on my'person." He turned a^rtiptly and left. • Not far away they cjime upon a groiip of idlers In the center of ,whkb David Payne'stood earnestly. IharanKuinR them., Pa.vne looked ur> I as Critic passed, add spoke. I'raig answered him civilly, but Tony thought he detected a mixture of pity and contempt in the cowboy's expression ap he walkoil <m... ^ "If that man 'wouli (juit dreaming he might' amount to .some--, I thing." Craig growled. ••He's lik- • alde. and I believe he's hones-t in I spite ol' wliyt'th'ey 'ay aln>;it him ! being in the ]'a\ i>l'.i!io rallrvads." . with him'A" . "l made up throiigli with my minilj that I was liini when 1 saw him Khoot .left Harrison. I wouldn 't of pone with liini ' Tve he: Payne." ,^ai against kiu{ 'Putting I 'basis." Cr: Kucceed in .dOttTi there rd lot about David ll Tony. -Why are you , but how could I of htayod'.' : 1 figured J iwasn't sai- until they'd pooled around Jiere "down .sonic." , "•^'ou sure were smank in figuring that way, Yoirdhave dangled from the cud of a. rope and no nlistak^.' He shot, the other a keen, nieatl- •ingfnl look. "\'ou didn't happen K>\ • luil. Henion because Jic mentionf'd something a'biiiil holding up an ex- jjresK train, djjl youTi ^. •:\Vlio. mo'.' ' Bentoif never men- liou'd aiiyihing like thai." Ileced- ii"ned aiid • .sTiiftt'd >inci)mforlably. c^liafi'r, the fowii fliarshal. ap- jiroacjied at tlftit hiouient a;nd (Jralg- imestloni'd him directly: ••Sliafer.- V. hat" did (.'ashion. here, Jell; you alwut piirting tompanv w'ith;Toni Benton:"- : ,Shafer-was a .beavily built man." dark and with Ijirge overhanging e.vebrow*. He glanced i|uickly at Cashion before replying to .loe jT 'raig'.s question. ^ /.-"He told me he wanted me- to f ;,npw that he wasn 't associating with Benton. He came to me light after I iwas appointed marshal, or pretty .<oon after." ; "Vou su<-»eedell Kirtunc?" Craig a ^kiMl./ "Ye.s. I knew ab(.uf Benton killing Harrison and was r.n the lookout for hinu 'When Cashion came tii me 1 was rigilt favorably im- pre.ssed. with his good faith. When .vou i-ome rigUt down to it. there's rothing to lie s ;iidii.vainst Cashion! 1 gue .<s." •"Kxlept th It -In- made 111- mis- tnki' of traVflius iti liad «iimpany. In ".sojriie phiiev that 's ipiile •oiisid- <i;ililj-." .Shal'er J(iir;lied ni.irl lil-.-sly. "Hid .vou Irtpp-'ii ''-i ask Ca.-liion vliere lie had left i»»-uton."; Craig asked. , • Shiifir aii>.Wfr.Ml wiCi s 'lm -ias- pt'rity. •••Df loins;. • ll-- .-iiid iten- liH! would hi' iiiilini: 'out down in t'n' Strip. IKiii"! ymi su;iniisf I know my di!ty is'.'' ':K didn't oniir to i:).- townu-v- tidu ii;" Crai^ lilancl '.y aas«<Tf<l. - •liiit >iin <.e you liiis" llie sulijcc-t III bet 'thai,- if I'd iii -eu nirir >=h.-il h <Mi' r^l liaM' giiiM- straight 1" llie fiMleral .niar<lial or on.' nf his 'Ifpu- tv's and ;i-^k '-d hfs advj 'i'. (tf f'Kirsi'. yiui. luivfU'l ;iiiy" aiHltoril.v. ill ilti '-Sfrip. hut ilic l.'ili -j'al men < ovei' (iuiie it.Iol <>l t<-i ;ritof-.i-. They might bave fiiiind Cashion right useful In leadiiijf tlieni to. Ht -iilon's Jiangoiit,"- "* j •'You «it like yon don't ludieve afer said au- a man comes I briievi' lie'n jit strictly on a. selfish iig replied, '•if he <lid opening all that I-^nd .for .settlement." and Ive gestured witth his .irm tr.ward the isouth. ••he^d t'irow iH ilie fell6ws !'ike nm <iiil of wVirl;. Put thi- eat'; tie • ranches out of husiness .'mil yoH put tlx cow bunds out of a job. : , ••But that s not.all.^"' His eyes .'dwelt wistfully on that vast expanse of t'.nfurrowed soil that stretched toward the southern liori- zon. "Why ciin't they let that stay, as it Is'? Did you ever see anything iiretlier'/^" Tony agreed that he.had not.. He beheld u llmltlejis slret/h of rolling land. It lay hrpWn bcniiath the clear autumn sky, rlot^cd here and there with diinrps of trecrt. In ihe farther distance' some liny spockH were moving—another big herd cnmlng up the trail to Cftldwell Vnd the, railroad. i "WhaX Payne waittf to do.' Crnig 'continued, '•Is to clutter up that Inndscnpe -with u nester on every tiuaiteir section. The.v'd fence it all in und plow it and build some unsightly shacks on it. .The.v 'd just naturalli' ruin the finest calling in the world—the beef Industry." , His xoice was tingiKi wiUi bitter-; and a trace of hopelessness. I The I .Miy was- silent. . ' That ni .ght Craig|Sat with Colonel Aloore 'and dwelt ,at' some length on his encounter ,".vitli Cashion. •Ca.shion was lying. Colonel. Coyotes like him don't get afflicted with a K/idden stroke of morality." Titu.s Moore puffed ruminatively on his blafk cigar. "I. take it .vou're,not fa'.'orably impressed with tills fellow Sl^af»r." be pronounced. '•That's putting it mild: I've •worked up a real thoroughgoing aversion him. you might say. Consider .a minute ;.'. . 1 go into Caidwell with my eye 'peeled.for Benton or one of his friends; 1 ruii into Cashion and finfl him ou friendly 'terms with the town marshal, .who backs up his ^weak- all att Cahhion the. pre ;(;aliU« niil's i , horse. beasts vori'il. I OnaH jta.-k to Uiiiytliiii ;ii{:i his ke il jtlnp thi- (jharge dropped, I'JI be right aiilv^> in complaining about •mpted murder. I've got K own uduitsslon, made in • lencc otf.' the \ marshal ot , i^iiiii ni'il. that Benton fired the fshoi thi i went :.throagh my hat." ••Atid If Cashion and Bhafer deny that th. admission wuii mudeT^ "I'hei I'll know exactly what kind lit men. Vn\ dvuling with . . . Home t me 1 miglit come to you with a eiiue^t for a short leave Of alisi-nce \Vlil it he all right?" . Tin- I olo'nel rose. : "1 guess I'll h«K' 111 giaiii it, .loe." Tliert lotlowed for Tony Harri- soc a AI ing period of unbroken uc- tjviiy.^ Itita .Moore and her mother had i:<it e back to KaiiSas City and woiiM lot leiurii until the Christy jiiii!:^ ho idays. ' Onc^ a week some\ iiii't- fro n the raiicb roile- to Cald- wi^ll loi thn colonel's mail. It was an a|l-i ay trip and ineant an early start'aii<l a late return, for Caldwell wjis ;iO hiile>i distant and 60 one day was ptenty for a 'ven for the toiigh. wiry that the cowpunchers fa- {ionaiiy Joe Craig- chose this himself, but if he learned more about Benton dur- iiriefi visits to Caldwell be 11 himself. Ill c(; nimon widi his .dder com- irailes. 'oiiy rolled out of his blan- kfts lie ore dawn ami .set abont his duties vithout orders. But where jthe miti Worked until dark and • laii'V. ll • was rompelied by Colonel \b.ii;.; {til kiiovk off in the early aH.Tiiiii|iii. With Kita gone he was lieiid bis leisure hours with I 'ers hoiiks and to exiwri- th his .:;uiiii "Ty. |!ii passed, and one nioni- ijose. to find Colton\yfKi(i III ^ •ll •w : !r< the I meiit .\iitiiii ing hi , -., Ci.-.k. i:lazed over with a thin film ••rVE COT C.VSI110.VS AD.MlijSIO.V THAT l!K.\TO.\ FlItKl) THE SHOT THAT W-fl.N'T THROUCH MY HAT." kneed story that he (|Uit Benton when be found out he wasya killer: and from a talk [ had with .lohn- son. the 'United States deputy marshal, I learn that Sh,ifer hi»s intimated the eviilenie a.!:;ailist Benton isn't as si roll'.: . a.-^ it might he." • , Hr ai'cepti'il oiii- III his i>mploy< r^s cigars, bit off the end and tliougiil- fully •The trouble is, a jury might let Benton off anyway, there llelng several witnesses read.v to swear that Jeff Harrison was goiiu; for his gun when Benton killed him.: The f:y-t Ibat iliere'd be others i-eady to- swear tlia( that was )iart iif Iteiiton's ganie^ inasmuch as he had theidroji on Harrison, might not niaki^a bit of differeucet il would depemron Ihejur.v. But I why .'tioiild Shafer act the part of iaiiiniiey'for the defense? ^However, I I dug a li'illi- trap for hini."" ' "'I niu.^t have overlooked ^tlie dig- giur<" >:ilil '"iiliiiu'l .Muiu'e. "•KliiCi- ,'il:ii". • ; I •"Si:!> 'I'liiri's-;i I|I;MK> of niiir- ii'fir :r.':iii'.~l Itc lull. If Cashion !aiiil .Sli;!''- ai'i' >iirii 'Hsfill ill get- iii i •• I That afternoon the first siiiiw fell and Tony ventured forth v.itli ,!ii> 'revolver and came back Willi four rabbits. "•Oiu- got .away, "he told Titiis .M'yiiM'. • he e\hil>ited his skill. The ciiloiiil seemed, highly amused at fhi- naive admission. The following week, he told Toiiv. they would drive to Caldwell in the iliuckbooxd and meet Mrs. .Moon- "and Rita. "Besides," h" , added wlthjt grim tightening of his ; lips, •there'll be .something in Caldwell • I waiit to see.'.' I'l'O HE CO .Vn .N 'l 'KDi nriihl I'ajne'v Kooniers^parinlp hi. liiiiiiip^wil aiitl (alilnell In iin effiirl to »pep<l up Hie openlnir 01 the lerrllorj. Head (he next ; rhnpterj NECRO KILLI.X; I'HJ.S KVElivWHERE Most Dreaded of All IMseases. I'roTPii Treiitnipnt. j C'ashion's story." .^1 'grily. "I do. Wh-n • til me like he .iid *sh<)otin'i sgi.ari'.' y ;W> ,i )l a ! ;JI ol belii.-vilig 'iiings whi.Mi we w .Tiit t</ believe them..' Craig remarken 'srntohU- «iiisly. Shafer reddened and glareil at bim. -'.Meaning just what?" he demanded' truculently. ••Just that and jioihiug more." Craig turned .o the bov beside him -who bad bWeii standing quietly and • Taking iir efery w'ord. "Come on, Tony, I've sot a little' biisinuss to transact." ' He lingered • a niomeht'to hurl a Tinal remark; at Cashion. "In case , "tKHKRAL ("ONCKNTRATES- j i 'rtventi and corrects Hog Elu. Xecro, .Mixed Infection, Shipping Kever, Pneumonia. Sold direct and through dealers. Recommended by largest and most |succesHffll [hogj raisers In tiie ITnltifd States , Our veterinarian ' was ! with }he Animal Husbant^lry dep.-jrtment at Washington, 1). 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