Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 12, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1933
Page 5
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TOT,A. KANSAS THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SISTER /AARY'S *.\TOST of UK arc Jan!;l!.ir wir '.i most •.•cs'-'iniiif soup !s soups as they conif^ from tlif can and appear on the tabl.e as the first course for lunchoon'or dinner. Fey of lis, lio'.vpver; realize that canned or even left-over . Boups can be niade to serve many cooking purposes, from changinK flavors and combining with other . Ingredients in sauces, salads and meat dishes to extending andjUtil- Izlng left-ovet-s. Tomato, soup lends itself to' many excellent dishes and simplifies thefr maidn;; lo wortli- •\vhile degree. 'Canned tomatoes must be ."iminered until reduced. seiRoned and strained before they can be used in a sauce, while the soup is ready for instant use. Bouillon cubes and • canned KOups of all varictios add I 'nuili to Iho Rftvoriness of many dislies. lUco, macaroni, spagliettl and bean concoctions Kain .decided rlcliness of flavor liy the addition of tomato soup or tomato bouillon. Meat gravies and many sauces are made' more appetizInK by the addition of bouillon. A >hioke%] bouillon cube added to^ the sauce over carrots gives them an unusual and ilelicious flavor, • Consomme improve* :many a cream sa:uce and jelli '.d sivftd. Tomato soup makes a pood salad stiffened with gelatin. Vinegar or lemon juice, a drop or two of tabasco, siiuce and minceil onion can ho added for seasoning. Dilute one cup of tomato aouj) with Vi cUp water and .stiffen witli 1 tablespoon polatin softened in 1 tablespoons cold'water and dissolved over hot water. Turn into a mold to chill and firm.! Servo on Ictttice with • Froncli ' drcfsinft or n-./iyonii.';is.\ : Meals cooked en-cas-crole'with I!-.'-. Cut meat into pieces for serving i;:J brown in a little hot fat i.i frying pan. Then put into I casserole with a can of vegetable isoup thickened slightly with but' ter and flour rubbed together. I Tuna fish and celery patties will I • - / . Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Grapefruit sections, cereal, cream, salt codfish hash, corn bread, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: Onion soup with grated cheese, healtli .bread and butter sandwiches, canned strawberries, sponge cup cakes, milk, tea. DINNER: Braised, liver with vegetable soup, rice cr»)- quettes, canned asparagus dressed with butter, Jellied tomato salad, -mince pie, cheese, milk, coffee. suggest other posslbilitie.'? to you. I'op-ovcrs may well take the place of patties or toastican bo i.sed if you are In a hurry Tunn risli and Ci'cler.v I'atJles One tablespoon iiutted, 1 >A tablespoons flour, cup rich milk, 1 cup celery soup, i U cups flaked tuna fish. 2 table|spoons minced parsley, 1 pimento, teaspoon white pepper. , i Melt butter,- stir in flour an^ cook and,stir until buljbling. Add milk and soup slowly, stirring constantly. Cook 'and stir until thick and smooth. Add pepper, pimento cut in shrcds^and tuna fisli. Heat over hot water. Serve in patty cases, pop-overs, on toast or with chow niein nobd'.es. .Sprinkle with minced parsley just before serving'. '1 ! • AElEWi «r STOKE Friday and j^atyrdav, January 13 and 14, lola RAISINS ' Sl'I.TA.NA—FRESH SHIPMENT 4 .... 21c PACKED IN GEI LOPHANE SANITARY BAGS Coffee i^L Tall Cans; If X Fine " Granulated Sugar Peaches 3 Lbs. 57e 5 for 25G 10 Lb. Cloth Bag 47e in .Hea\-y Symp . 2 No. 2 Cans 23e Corn Meal 24 Cloth Bags 25e Peanut Butter IZ'"^' Ea. 20c Toilet Tissue ll^^r'. .19c Brown Sugar 2 Lbs. 11c Pepper ,.. 1 Lb. 19c Hominy Jell-Well Candy Stokley's Finest .. A California Dessert Dandy Mi.ved 2 No. 2 Cans 1 So Pkg. Sc Lb. 5c Grape Fruit Bananjasj Cabbage Lettucle Oranges Marsh Seedless Ripe , Fine For Slaw Leaf-; Hot ilonse Medium Size Doz. iSe 3 lbs. 15c Lb. 2c 2 Lbs. 15c 2 Doz. 45c Beef Roast ^'r Lb. Sc Poifk Roaist Lb. 7c Hamburger Sansage , 4 Lbs. 25c Beefsteaks ^'r LI».lOc LARD Swift's HAMS Ll». 8€ Lb.5c HOCKI.EtiiS PICNICS Ayerajje f) lbs. to,6 lbs. PURE PORK VERD THURSIJAY EVENING. JANUARY 12. 1933. (Recipes Selected By Riith Lynn.) FOLK HONOR COOLIDGE '•From the neighbors" ; . .That: was the simple inscnption on the wreath which more tlian 100 people of Plj-mouth, Vt., and the countrj'side placed on the grave of Calvin Coolidge during their own memorial service on. the day following the fimeral of the former President. The boy holding the v.reath is Calvin Coolidge Rogers, the first child born in Plj-mouth after the late Mr. Cjoolldge became president. Ham Souffle. j ..salt. pepper and Worcestershire j Ma'rie two cups of highly seasoned, i .sauce to taste.' Mix with the crea;m | light-textured cream sauce. Mi .K i sauce, put into greased baking dish j together one cup chop:)ed', cooked ' and bake in a moderate oven for | ham, six small crackers, VoUed fine. I about tliirty minutes. Sen,-e .withj four l:ard-lx)l!ed eggs chopped, with | pineapple and rice croquettes. SPECIAL/ C&H CANE SUGAR CAMPBELUS . . HEIl^^Z Ifl^i? . ... P&.G or Crystal White Soap Kel^ogg'8 Corn'Flakes ^A «i§ Pillsbury Pancake Flour , . Vermont Maid Syrup . . . , Chase &. Sanborn ox^^" ""o^ Morton's Salt ...... College Inn Spaghetti MU^OLINI Del Monte Pineapple sLiao. . Del Maiz Niblets Corn...... Sunsweet Prunes . . . . . Kai^o Syrup ^k^i, . . . . TALL CANS TALL Q_ CAN OC 19c Quaker Oats ^"JS^i ^R'. • Old Dutch Cleanser . . Wa dorf Tissue . . . Peaches or Blackberries Cherries or Apricots Prunes . . . . . 8 o'kock Coffee f"^^^^ Red Circle Coffee . . Bokjar Coffee . . . . 10 ISh 23c 21ge.21c so OZ. "B§T ^- 19c 23c Z pKGs. 17c } CANS 29c 15c .2 cans 25c Ul. 17c lOc ^ 15c Ptca ; 7r "^c -A ^f 35c ^C V N° 37c No 10 CAN 29c 57c GRANDMOTHER'S Giant Loaf 2 ^--15'' I Fresh Fruits and Vegetables NEW CAJ^BAGE .......... Lb. iVzc LETTUCE (Leaf) 2 lbs. 15c ONIONS (Yellow) BACON 5 lbs. 10c Mild Cure . Lb. 10c SOAP CHIPS 5 lb. box 25c PEARS Syrup Pack. No. 2!^ can 17c CIGARE|TTES Popular Brands . .2 pkgs. 27c FOR ''BETTER CHICKENS'' USE iDAlLY GROWTH Chick Starter, . is LK 49c IDAILYEGG Scratch Feed ^'si!;^ . . «sus.35c THE GRKAT ATI..4?mC * PACIFIC TEA CO.. HIDDI.E WESTERN- D^ISIOK '= Clip 1-3 Pour •Jtand The ble with Spread] bread, tuce. bread move PAGE FIVE & Tuna Salad FiUinf. (For 12 Sandwiches^ tiurn 1 cui^ 4 taljlespoons cooked egg chopped pickles chopped celery % tejaspoon salt X)n paprika £alad dressing boiling water over tuna. Let 0 minutes. Drain and chill, will then greatly resem- chjcken in flavor. Mince tuna Add rest of ingredients, on buttered slices of white Add bits of shredded let- Cover with other buttered slices. Press firmly and re- drusts. dup tuna fdrk. Savory Steak. Into 2^ pounds of round steak a inch thick) pound as niUch flour as pos.sible. Fry several slices of bacon or salt pork until crisp. Remove bacon, or pork, and brown steak in skillet. Season with salt and peo- per. To I '.ifCupG of hot water add 2* tablespoons tomato ketchup and '1 teaspoon prepared mustard. Pour over meat, add 1 small onion, cover tightly and simmer about IVj hours - vmtll tender. 0\-er each ser%'ing pour sauce from the pan. Creamed Mnsbrooras and COiicken. 6 tablespoons butter, or chicken fat 6 tablespoons flour. 3 cups milk H- teaspoon .salt H ; teaspoon paprika teaspoon celery salt cups cooked mushrooms 1 cup diced chicken 2 tablespoons chopped pimentos 6 pieces hot buttered toast Melt butter, add flour. When blended add milk, cook until creamy sauce forms. Stir constantly. Add seasonings, chicken and mushrooms. Cook for 2" minutes. Pour over toast. • To Cook the Mnsfarooms. Peel mushrooms, if large ones, cut in slices but if button ones arc used, leave whole. Place 3 tablespoons of butter in frying pan. add 2 cups mushrocmis. Cook 5 minutes or until a little brovt-n. Lobster Newbarg. 2 cups lobster meat (2 No. \i cans) 2 tbsp. sherry flavoring 2 tbsp. butter 1 tbsp; flour 2 cups evaporated milk Yolk of 1 egg ^ tsp. salt M tsp. nutmeg of cayenne . ] '4: tsp. paprika i Poiu- sherry over lobster. Heat i the butter and rub in flour. Then add evaporated milk, yolk of e^g. salt, nutmeg, cayenne and paprika, which have been beaten together. Gook over, boiling water untjl it begins to thicken. Add the lobster, heat thoroughly, and serve on toast,. Yield: 8 serving. The sherry flavoring and| tob.ster meat combine to produce j an utterly captivating food, wliy not enjoy the praises that will be yours when you surprise oyur family and guests with this gorgeous food? Ham and Chicken He.; i : , Make a rich crust and line, a deep dish. Boil a youngish hei) Until very tender. ;Cut off .the beat, removing all bones. Thicken the B^ravy left from boiling, as fpr -a fricassee. Be sure there are, no lumps. Slice cold boiled ham quite .thin and place in layers in the pas- tfy-Uned dish, alternately with chicken. Pill with gra^y. JJieh cover with crust and bake in a hot oven until the crust is done. Pear Salad. Drain canned' pears and place half of one on each salad plate on a leaf or two of lettuce; In the core cavity place a few riut meats or raisins or canned cherries. Then add a teaspoon of mayonnaise. Ham Croqaettes, Prep .Tre two cups of perfectly mashed potatoes, and beat uatU light. Mix Into these two tablespoons butter, two tablespoons grated onion; two well-beaten eggs and one cup fine bread'crumbs. Sea.son with mustard, salt, and i^eppcr to ta.ste. Add one cup very finely chopped ham. Mix well. Form into eroquelle shnpcs. dip in beaten egg, then In crumbs, imd fry In deep hot fat. Serve with relishes, . FINAL All Black and^rown ' Women's Suede SHOES UP CP/? VALUES TO $6 NOW ONLY All Sizes PAIR HARRISON'S Bootery GROCERY AND MARKEiT CASH 10.5 EAST MADISON ; : $1,00 GROCERY AND $1,00 MEAT ORDERS DELIVERED!! CASH Values for Food Dollars ri ATTTT' 2 lb. bag Rio 25c I I rr,r. L^- bag Morning Smile ...21c VVi 1 UU [yj ^Special Peaberry 3 lb. 57c 48 lb. bag Fidelity :.98c 48 lb. bag Daisy ....85c 48 lb. bag Jersey Cream .65c Aei A ^ Extra tender, extra sifted •g g^g^ STaS/IJnklSt pen crest, Eariy June. No. 2 Can A CORH Extra Standard Iowa King, 4 No. 2 cans . 29c PEANUTS Roasted 2 Pounds 15c Spinach Tomatoes Red Beans Pork & Beans Beets No. 21/2 t ans SAL. DRESSING Quarts—A Better Product 25c FIGS CANDY SPECIAL '^A^"' 18c SOAP 10 Reg. Size Bars Black Mission or 9 IL^ 9Cp California White ^ IDS. £.01 3 Pound Bag Mixed TI AVCC While they last (Canton ULUYLd Flannel) 5 pair TD ArVEiDC Bright's Salt Air Flakes l/KiitMjIid 2 Pound Box ........ iSV A ^^IVVC Dried, 3 lbs 25c Jr IVo. 2 Yz cans in syrup 15c MACARONI '-|j;»K'""ltc CRISGO Free JlGiifts with Each Can MILK4Tall Csms 22c CHERRIES ^"^" ""^ • SALl^N ^No. 2cans, ?for..25c Lee Fancy Alaska Red 18c TaU fancy AlasM Pink, Z for... 19c I PEPPER P®PP*^ and Hot Price 17c $U9 QRANGESj SunkisO-2 Dozen 29C GRAPE Fduit 7 Texas Seedless 25c SWIPOtkoESK^SriSC Pound Bag A DDI I7C Jonathans, bushel basket... RrsLLO \ 8 Pounds 25c BACON HomeCnredHalf orWholeSlabLb. 10c Sliced, pound 15c; 2 pounds for ... .25c COMPOUND 2 lb. package 15c 3 pclund package 22c 8 lb. package .55c CORN FED PORK FRESH KILLED ^ SAUSAGE Pure Pork 4 Pounds 25c Pound Free, Special for Friday and Saturday! SHOULDERS, YOUNG HOGS, rough, lb ...4y2C TRIMMED, It). S '/zC YOUNG HOG HAMS, Rough, pound . . .6c; TRLMxMED, lb. 7 '/2C HALFOR WHOLE HOGS Pound 4y2C HOG HEADS HALF or WHOLE lb. 2c LARD lb.5c 10 lbs. 47c: Pork Liver Pound Sci FRESH SIDE Half or Whole lb. 6c HEAVY BEEF B6ILS Per Pound 5c i RIB or BRISKET ROASTS Chuck lb. 8c LOIN STEAK Per Lb. Special 10c Round Steaks lb. 15c 2 for 25c BEEF LIVER Lb. SC 2 Lbs. 15c Hamburger Pure Meat No. Cer. 4 lb. 25c i ' •—— FANCY CORN FED BABY BEEF BOILS, Rib or Brisket, pound 6c ROASTS (tender chuck) pound . 12'/2C ROLLED Rl6 ROAST (np waste) 18c STEAKS^Round or Sirloin Lb. 2Sc 2 for 45c BABY BEEF LIVER, tender, lb. . 18c OLEO Per Pound 9C SWIFT'S LARGEWIENERS Lb. 10c KRAUT Fresh Bavifel lb. Se SMOKED SAUSAGE Per lb. 18c 2 for 35c Made f roin Choice Cuts. STODDARD McFADDEN MENZIE

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