Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 29, 1970 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 29, 1970
Page 8
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Junior Editor Quft en- DOLPHINS POLPHIN* This is a-fish. wi-uv -fins and •DOLPHIN ? is fisK. smalt w IS THAT CLEAR ?- 0* XW ST/U. /MC«£ Daily Times Herald Features . . . Comics Thursday, October 29, 1970 Eatables Answer »« Previous Puttie QUESTION; Is the dolphin a mammal or a fish? ANSWER: In ancient days, the Greeks observed certain large fish-like looking creatures in the sea, which resembled each other,, at least from a distance. They gave the general name dolphin to these creatures and venerated them as sacred to Apollo. Dolphins, they thought, were friendly creatures who carried the souls of the blest to the islands of Delight. At the same time, poems were being written about the brilliant colors of the dolphin when it came to die. But the Greeks were badly tangled in their natural history. Without realizing it, they were talking about two entirely different animals: one, a deep water fish, the other, a small whale, which is a warm- blooded mammal. Our pictures show the difference in appearance. At top is the large tropical fish with a blunt head called dorado, or dolphin. This is the dolphin which changes to brilliant colors as it dies. The dolphin at bottom is the one not a fish but a mammal, often called a porpoise. These are the smart animals which seem to communicate with each other by making clicking and buzzing sounds. So, a dolphin can be either a fish or a mammal. (Karen Baumann of Ft. Collins, Colo., wins a prize for this question. You can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper, is selected for a prize.) ACROSS 1 Fruit used in jams 8 Drupe fruit 13 Repeat 14 Rockweed, sea moss, sea lettuce,etc. 15 Special aptitudes 16 More uncommon 17 Timid 18 Four-parted (comb, form) 20 Con junction 21 Craggy hill 22 Hypothetical structural units 24 Burdened, as a ship 27 Pierced with a spear 31 Russian man's name 32 Observe 33 Completed 34 Bargain event 35 Feminine proper name 36 Love to excess 37 Offer to view 39 Measuring instrument 40 Danish county 41 Century (ab.) 42 Organ of hearing 45 and eggs for breakfast 47 Wager 50 Thrall 52 Public speakers 54 Part of a television set 55 Sparta was its capital 56 Sends forth 57 Slim DOWN 1 River islets 2 Chief god of Memphis 3 Depend 4 Choler 5 Ohio city 6 Musteline mammal 7 Decisive trial 8 Pompous show 9 Guide's hot« 10 Site of Taj Mahal 11 Biblical city 12 Group of horses 19 Grow mature 21 Feminine appellation 23 Make sorrowful 24 Speech impediment 25 Agalloch 26 Alms 27 Dispatched 28 Plant part 29 Grafted (her.) 30 Forest creature 32 Christmas visitor 98 Smoldering remains of a fire 89 Threaten 41 Sea skeleton 42 Italian city 43 Astringent 44 Hindu queen 46 Mountain passes 47 Series E—— 48 Iroquoian Indian 49 Former Russian ruler 51 Animal doctor (coll,) 53 Unit of •weight TIZZY By Kate Osann < IIH ii i'i H i< y ^B^iA u H jiTfyyy^'jf wi jjfl a 1,0 C / / y / / «) <£) 1»» Vr NW; lac TJ4, ftVG.l Nt Off coogOQtfoooog^^og_ty 1234567 CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "There's a rumor going around that we're secretly engaged. Are we?!" SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox "Congratulotioni! I didn't think it wes possible, but you've our-uglied them all!" /^^7. 'I've been afraid of this ever since we started this equality business!" BUGS BUNNY By HEIMDAHL * STOFFIL NOW WE SO INTO THE OTHER AIM •\ CAPTAIN EASY •y CROOKS «V LAWRINCI CAN TEt-l- fill VPUR iSsVe^ 7 * WITCH- ON THANK UC THMK Wt OUTWrtTiP A PAIR UKE MM AWP J.RMcKWJ A MEMENTO FVOUfCVI^ TO YAKKOW! OUT WAY By NIG COCHRAN OUR lOARftlNtt HOUSI . . . wit* . . . MAJOR HOOPLt BE RI<5HT WITH •-MY MOTHER FEEL WELL, SO I MADE HER STAY IM BEP--I'M TAKIWa HER SOME TEA AMP TOAST.' HE CAW RUIW A MORWIWe, CAW'T HE/ 1LEFTHOMEFEELIW' DIPW'T HAVE TO HOLLER AT ME MORE. THAM THREE TIMES TO SET ME OUT OF AMPITHOU&HTI WAS WORTHY CT APPLAUSE 'CAUSE I <3RUMBLEP TH' TIME I WAS- BEIW PROPP6P TOKEEP30IM6/,, Me CLAIM*? ON THE EP»B OP SOAASTMlNS BUT, 1 THtNK <sar OM AAAV0B HKtf, POlM 1 TJ2ACK. FOP U«UALLV AN AUDIENCE SHORT RIBS By PRANK O'NEAL THE FLINTSTONES SENATOR, THAT IS SO FULL OF 6ARBASE ANP JUNK:, COMPLETELV ly HANNA-BARBERA B&ILLlANTf WHAT IS IT T— KBLAXt APMINISTKATION HAS A MASTER PLAN JUST WAIT WEEKS /r / STAY our/ POLLUTED RIVER FRISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEER I THOUGHT YOU MISMT WANT TO PLANT A FEW THINGS IN ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN .,STAV 'MWSgg/ ^< you WKJTHV / pu? OLJ Y'ARE/ ^ THINKWAf YES.'% , MESSAGE/I INPEEP^.i CROWN BACK1 WINTHROP HELLO? THieiSMR WDRTLE NO x NO...V»ORrLE IN TURTLE By DICK CAVALLt NOxTHISISNOTA TALXINS TURTLE/' LIKE (2OIN2 BEONEOFTHOee BAYS, <EITfe V~- iTO \ THoee / '- J dS FRECKLES By HENRY FORMHALS YOU DON'T UP OUR EK)\/|ROKJMENJr; L VJONT VOTE- Fop.voa CAMPUS CLATTER •y LARRY LIWIS I'VE FiNlSHEO THESE SIGNS YOU WANTf t>, SWALU I PUT TH6M OM THE LAWNS, HOW'S

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