Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 14, 1965 · Page 32
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 32

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 14, 1965
Page 32
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SIXTEEN IRONWOOD DAIIY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN WEDNESDAY, JULY U, 1965.' Your Horoscope By Sydnay Omarr Thursday, Julj 15 ' "The wise man controls his. destiny . . .Astrology points thej ,vay." ARIES (Mar 21 -Apr. 19 1: Usual sources apt to 1 e a ve , much to be desired Check opposition, competit ion. Get facts. . . .apply knowledge. Social event could provide missing link. Observe. Be aware or details. TAURUS (Apr. :>0 —May 20 1: Obtain hint from ARIES message. Highlight rfsponsibil i t y, independence. Take steps to advance career position One you meet during vacation peri o d could be instrumental in p r o viding aid. GEMINI (May 21— June 20) : Emphasis on your willingness 1 to take initiative. You can't wait for others to give you "go" sign. Keep communication lines open Get going with writing, advertising - publicity plans. CANCER (June 21 — July 22): Now you can show off abilities. Step up to be seen and heard. Mate or partner couid exp r ess financial concern. Heed i n n er feelings. Realize you are mov - BRIDGE BY JACOBY WEST NORTH 4843 V Q107 4 A93 4 K. Q 6 5 EAST A A 1065 472 V 82 V 9 43 * Q82 •KJ1065 + J1098 +742 SOUTH (I>) 4KQJ9 V AK J65 4 74 + A2 NorLh and South vulnerable South 1 V 24 3 N.T. 6V West Pass Pass Pass Pass North East 2 <fr Pass 3 * Pass 4V Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—4 J. held t-hfi ace of spades but we should have covered this in the article anyway." Q — The bidding has been: East South West North 1 • Dblc. Pass 1 N.T. Pass Pass 2 • Dbte. Pass ? You, South, hold: What do you do? A — Pass.^ You have 13 high- card points and your partner knows that you failed to rebid iiftcr his one no-trump. TODAY'S QUESTION West passes and it is your lead. What do you lead? Answer Tomorrow Quick Quiz By JACOBY & SON The Jacobys discuss a hand for a second time. Oswald: "You are just starting out as a columnist. Remember this hand? In the actual play South won the club leadltives sea anemones possess? FOR PARTY-TIMES— Dainty m his hand, drew trumps with' - " • • - -• lace trims the skirt edge and j tnree leads to stop in dummy, Q—Did Gen. Grant demand the surrender of Gen. Lee's sword? A—In his Memoirs, Grant stated: There was no demand made for Gen. Lee's sword and no tender of it. Q_Who was known as "The Veto President"? A—Grover Cleveland because I he vetoed so many bills. a—What are the nearest rela- BEN CASEY By Nert Adams FATHER IS RECUPERATING SLOWLY AMP STEAWL/.BIITHEMUST NOT BE EXCITED. THE CWSIS1SOVER. / iiKMTd. fa. «3."ftt.'o».] SURSERyWASNOTAS COMPLETE AS WE HOPED IT COULP BE. WELL,BEN,IT5 TIME FDRTHE DOCTOR TO TEU.7HEFATIEN " WHATKlMDOFRESliLTS HE'S GOTTEN 1 HAVE A FEELING THAT THE OPERATION WAS A SUCCESS, BUT THE RATIENT FAILED. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosser TURN THAT wow "TOUR HELP/ WIPERS RAJNIN© THE MOVIE/ Ing in right direction. A s kl er- sleeves of a darling slightly long- ] ec j a spade and rose with the - A—The hard corals. 3—Do any birds lack tail questions to add to knowledge. LEO (July 23 —Aug. 22): Take notes. Put ideas on paper. _ ____ _________ _..... . dress for young girls. I k i ng \v e st took his ace right! could prove legaj entangle- Short journey fruitful. Avoid ments. Accent versatility. Seek alternative methods Deal fairly with in-laws, family members. VIRGO (Aug. 23 —Sept. 22): Put forth best efforts in face of! Tie a big bow in bacK. No. 8267 With PATT-O-RAMA is in sizes 3. 4, 5. 6. 7. 8 years. Size 4, 2' 2 yards of 35-inch; 2 :l /i yards lace edging. To order, send 50c in coins to: Sue Burnett, Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago, 111. 60607 For Ist-class mailing add lOc away whereupon South! A-A11 birds have rectnces but r. him in the black suits!'" some s P ecles tliese are shorl & him in the black suits, an{J sQft Grebes and tne kiwi appear tailless. minor irritations. Check facts.(for each pattern. Print name, Be aware of details, unusual cir-j address with zip code, style No. cumstances. Maintain slow but steady pace. You can make real progress! LIBRA (Sept. 23 —Oct. 22): You can now follow through on projects. Favorable lunar as-j pect accents creative endeavors, romantic pursuits Good finan-i cial progress indicated if not in too much of a hurry Obtain hint from VIRGO message. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 —NOV. 21): May be necessary to take steps to promote DOMESTIC HARMONY. Get cooperation of those close to you. Solidify efforts. Be sure of groundwork, details. Then proceed with condifence. AGITTARIUS <Nov. 22 — Dec. 21): Delay indicated if you and size. Send 50c today for the Spring & Summer '65 issue of Basic Fashion—our complete pattern magazine. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18): Cycle continues high. Finish projects. Obtain hint from CAPRICORN message. Accent pleasant appearance. Display confidence Utilize original methods. No time to battle those in authority. PISCES (Feb. 19— Mar. 20): Good for dealing with groups, organizations. Di^ deep for "hidden" information Origina 1 research favored. Unorthod o x methods due to succeed. New and made his slam." Jim: "I think we pointed out that West could have broken up the squeeze by ducking spades twice. I believe I suggested that East should have doubled the three diamond bid whereu p o n West would have opened a dia-!tChe) Guevara has not been mond and spoiled that black'seen in the flesh in Havana for months. But suddenly, Portraits of Guevara Are Put Up in Havana HAVANA (AP) — Ernesto suit squeeze." Oswald: "That's right where three PRISCILLA'S POP By Al Vcnnceff IS TONIGHT SOMETHING- SPECIAL?. 5 " WE'RE WAVING LJEFT- ..AND I WANT TO MAKE THEM AS ATTRACTIVE WOW! YOU'VE GOT .VOUR PARTV DRESS ONI! AMD THAT PERFUME!' HOO BOY/ POSSIBLE it without explanation, large por- MORTY MEEKLE the perils of a columnist come traits of him have gone up all By Dick Cavalli in. A brilliant reader has over the city. lit. *» V^A All* I* At V ifc-M^AV.* *(t.<.u . pointed out that the hand can 1 Government of f i c i a i s are be made with a diamond open- \ maintaining silence on »- the whereabouts and future of the Argentine - born revolutionary who bossed the Cuban economy after Fidel Castro came to power. attempt to by-pass organization!contacts favored, or group. May h» need to get get sanction of one in authority. Be analytical, p h i 1 o s o phi: cal. Friend could provide comic relief. CAPRICORN fDec. 22 —Jan. 19):' Not wise to mix business and pleasure today. Be realistic. Fulfill promises, obligations. Emphasis on communica ting needs. You can get required materials if you are FIRM. •h -if * IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY. . .you have great ability as mediator, peacemaker, Would make excellent lawyer, personal advisor, personnel director, & & a GENERAL TENDENCIES: Cycle high for AQUARIUS, PISCES, ARIES. Special word to VIRGO: Avoid extremes. Maintain sensible pace. ing." Jim: "I know, but the play is one that would only be made by a man who had seen all the cards It involves declarer u n- ning off all five trumps before going after the spades. West would have to discard a d i a- mond on the third trump lead and his last diamond on the fourth trump lead. Now the fifth i business of ups and downs," trump lead would force a dis- j said the managing director of card of a black card from West, j one large British manufacturer A club discard would make all • of pop music phonograph rec- the clubs good. A spade discard'ords. would allow declarer to make! British pop music, given a Says His Easiness Is One of 'Ups and Downs' LONDON (AP) — "This is a CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner three spade tricks." tremendous boost by the Beatles, Oswald: "South would go now appears to be on a down down several tricks if E a s 11 beat. SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox BUGS BUNNY BUSSI STOP RIGHT THEBE! THIS LOOKS LIKE A BIG WHATYNONE: we FLAVORS \ USED UP DOVDU OUR KIDS / ALLOW- V/ANT?>f ANCE5 TO BUY ABASE- BALLi ' AND THANKS A LOT FOR HELPIN 1 US GET IT CARNIVAL—By Dick Turner "I don't trust it. HerscheJ! Anything you can pay oH in just •igbt monUw can't be very goodi" "No golf for me this week, Ed. I'm working my way through my wife's vacation!" Hospital Sojourn Answer to Previous Puzzle IP i a I ACROSS 1 Laboratory DOWN 1 Fling 2 Mystery writer, - Gardner. 3 Percolate 4 African fly 5 Torments . 6 Sea eagle 7 Loose ends 8 Rancors 8 Hall a poetic line IB Edible oil (2 philosopher 22 Shaped by forging 24 Asterisk 25 Healthy room 8 Intramuscular (slang) 12 Mineral rocks 13 Southern constellation 14 Mexican coin 15 pill 17 Moslem priest 18 Song {or seven lOEskcrs voices n Large book 13 JuvcnaVs forte 21 Sauciness (dial.) words) 23 Legal point 20 Greek 24 Luster 27 Shrill musical sound 31 Faucet 32 Alkaline efflorescence (pi.) 34 Hawaiian hawks 3, r i Arabiui) name 36 Taut 37 British Empire commander lab.) 38 Reinstate 40 Additional 42 Three (comb, form) 43 Palm fruit; . 45 Paired Mendeliaa character 48 Quenched, « thirst 52 Form of "to be" 53 Inside 55 Masculine nickname •56 Scottish slieepfold 57 Volcano in vSlcIly 58 Essential being 59 I'outic contraction , 60 Repose •} 26 Biblical letter writers 28 Monarch's title (ab.) 29 Rounded projection lanaU 30 Electrical quantities 33 Courtesy title 39 Thirty (Fr.) 41 Ripper 4 4 Flower 45 French cleric 46 Dregs 47 Ireland 49 Flying toy 50 Eternities 51 Minced oath 54 Born GOOD DAY'. TPUH-H B ,PUNMO.\ HEY, PAUHOW'P I'M-OH! \& ^I'LL A^K THE FEMALE OF VOUK 5PECIE& W? SOME QUICK? /& fl CAMI50LE& AIN'T $5U*WOU ALL WERE ING I BUT I PUNNO hs TO KNOW IN WOTHIN 1 ABOUT APT! /A JlFFV! NOW C HERE'S ALLVOU TIME'S KUNMIN'OUTOW ^ EX.C1JSB OUR OFFER,MAC. SOONER WE,.,PIDN'1 MB 1M THE HALL WITH fl REMBRANPT PAIMTIN'? THE BORN LOSER By Alt 'SAKE', OH, POK j 6i.ew— LOOKIW& AT YOU! rrr^ ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hunlta WE PONT KNOW, BUT THEY WERE A SUPERIOR PEOPLE, PHYSICALLY AMP MENTALLY... COULP THE PEOPLE WHO ESTABLISHEP THIS COLONY OKI EARTH HAVE ...THEY-APPEAREP SUPDENLY AND SOON POMINATEP THE RESIDENT HUMANOIDS... ...WB CALLED / AND WHAT I/ 1 < ..I BELIEVE VOU'RE THEM \ HAPPENED f OH, \ TALKING TO ONE CRO-MAfiNOM 1 TO THEM? ( LOTS OF \ OF THEIR THINSS.. j DECENDAMTS OUT OUR WAY—By J. R. Williams SHUT TH' DOOR.-NQ MORE STANDING ROOM/ THEY'RE PUSHIM' THE AUDIEMCE UNDER TH' STAGE.' BORN FIFTV YEARS TOO SOOM OUR BOARDING HOUSE—with Major Hoople HAK-'RUMPHiNATURALlVJ/ ANDlHE ONLV,/ REMAIN TO BE WRKSD oor LIKE PUTT/N&THe BAS ONTH6 ROOF.'BUT WHAT IF THE WRISHT BROTOBR* HAD WAITED FOR AIRPORTS BEFORE I»WE>VTIN&-WE AIRPLANE- ? THINK OP THE FANS 4iTTii^5) (CALLED IM WARM COMFORT. WHILE- THE. FIELO l« TXV- : N&/ WMV THE i D06S ALONB' WOUL13 PAV FOC WE APPA«AT06.' (6 A . UTTLE 06TAIL OPPORTUNITIES, 80V5 •

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