Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 12, 1933 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR ICONOMY TO BE THE BIG WOKD INTOPEKANOW jlnythihff That WilllSave Money Will Pass Legislature, Shultz Says (Special!:political letter to The Register by A. L. Shultz.) . Topekn, Kas., Jan. 11.—Gpvej-nor Landoij started his state service by bringing in enough chores to keep the le^lature busy with their own affairs until just about time to go •fiome. • Hei w-ill either win a lot of praise from John Taxpayer - or he Will get in a tangle with the lawmakers^ that will tie up the ma- ehtncrj for the balance of the winter. • : • . ; . , Very" good nnturedly Governor j ' l,andort shoved his bulky program j over to the solons and said he had • _Bome other ideas he wanted con- slderorf after everyone had a llttlo _tlme li^ Which to settle down in their new jo))s.:! In working oiit the governor's;: plan to do. a little something for i the taxpayer, it will be necessary for the legislature to wade all through fhfe general statutes. The.message proposed repealing or reducing all those cute little "special ; tax limit measures that every year' piled up ofie class of expense oman- | other.' ': ' In a;general sort of way the Aies- sage presents little which ; should draw party lines. So, even with narrow Republican majorities in the house-land senate, there is.very slightargument against the Landon plan which will inspire the voters. This.-is one of those winters when a self elected patriot can,start marching jup and down the aisles, waving the. economy flag and get away with it. Tl\ere have been sessions when the member who talked like a patent medicine salesman, and had a nostiiim for everythina In thii book, made a lot of but didn't'get many votes. This isn't one of those years. Almost any member with a little Imagination can .stick;his head under his desk and lijpar rumblings of the folk-s puc : home who not only insist that the cost at government is too high, but demand that something be done about-it, • Consequently wheh Governor; Landon's little playmates and advisors Whip his proposals into shape ancj offer them, on pt& floor, most of them get away like the opening day, of a new dime store. TTiere isn't a voter or taxpayer anywhere;,who doesn't knoW some peoplf whom he. wants legislated put of a job. Maybe the same voter and taxpayer is^ looking for a job himself., -But that doesn't ;disturb hiS- mind: about thp importance of, getting some other fellow off the payrojl.' Anything that comes In an econojny wrapper is going to find a ready-' nwket. For tliat reason it _^_won't: be-'easy to get away from "mostfof the Landon proposals once they reach a roll call. Naturally there; will be some point* of- contention. It will .be no : Bimpfe chore to >ring about • a state • highway •commission investigation and reorganization of the departments Democrats are going to put up almighty battle when anj-thing looks as though there is a tendency to pvish faithful-members Of their party away from the public crib. They may truckle ;along with :'Gov- emor Landon's 60 cent basic motor license rate, but to ask them to move over and let Republicans take the jobs isn't the human thing to expect, i "MOST FAITHFUL LOVER THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, JANUAJRY 12, 1933. :VICTED •i'ou would never to look at him that Richard Martm was once one of New York's social lions. But it is true.; just the "same. At the height ot his career as a man about town, lie met and wooed but .the lady of his choice married another. He renounced social activitiels and family, let his beard grow and daily—winter and summer-Usat on a gazing at the home of the woman he loved and lost. money ran out—for the long-distance adoration lastled for years—and Central Park bench In doing- this his above he is shown with his dog companion just after other day from thq sliack in which he slept in Long Ii he was evicted the Island City. PRAIR Jan. 10.—Mr. W HAT IS THE LARGEST .^S^ -^r voLcANic CRATEP IN THE WORLD ? 1 ^1 W HAT WAS A FOPMEl? NAME W HAT IS THIS BUILDING •? 'SRS^ E UNION jand Mrs. O. W. Ramey took dinne- with Mi", and Mrs. A. W. Paine Tiursday and helped Mr.";. Paine celebrate her birthday. Mr. r.nd Mr;. Joshua Jackson were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Herd. Sundaj*. Q. W. Ramey helped Mr. Powers j r.nd Mr, Jackson top kafir com Pri- I day and Mrs. RJamey spent the day I with Mrs. Jaclcson. j Earlene Chatjterton spent Wednesday; night and Thursday witli Mrs. W. Paine. Martin and family cousin Ralph Cox. and lady friend, Myres of Gridiey, Mrs. Charlie entertained her of City ! Emma Thursday afternoon and evening. Mr. nnd Mrs. feamey and Dudley lAn-swers will be found on puf;e 7) |wer" also evenihg visitors. Joshua Jackson Grandma McDowell ' at the Ern Wilmoth home Saturday • afternoon. "We are, glad |to report George reeoTOring fronf hLs I Mr. and Mn;! were calling on • I Kettle Is slowly would'bring alxjut amendment to , operation the present state wide primary law ; Mrs. Scott MilCoy. was calling on which seemingly- was the startinLC i Mrs. O. W. Ramey Monday alter- point for the altitude record in ta.x- i noon. . • ' es. Results have shown that when | Mr. and Mrs. responsibility was distributed to all i daughter. Mr. the people, they just shut both eyes ] Murpl'iy | and .son, Mr. and Mre. and voted and got the bill.s for ^their j Frank. Chamberj; and children. Mr. experiment when Dcceml>er taxes > and Mrs. S. C McCoy and boys were due. , . i and Mr. and Mrs. O.W. Ramey and . ; Uudlev and Mri. Lula Lewis spent Hfence it is quite probable the. leg- Saturday cveniiig with Mr. and STAR VALLEY (Shirley Nigh.) Jan. 9.—Mts. J. E. Nichols and Jackie spent a few .days In Chanute with Mr. and Mis. IDean Nichf ols and family. ' Mrs. P. E.; Pease and daughter, Carolyn, lola^ spent Saturday with Mrs. Ei H. Brown. ' Mrs. Almira Ray and Miss Annabel West. Ida, spent Sunday after- n *6n at the Beatty Ray home. Mijs. J. C. Ovei-man and Mrs. R. E. Sullivan spent Friday., afternoon at the Bert Baker home visiting Mrs. Snider, who is quite ill. Mrs. J. Fred Schmidt has been in Humboldt the past few days as- si.sting in the care of Mr. Schmidts aunt. Mrs. F. X; Willenbiyg and Georgeanna and Mai-y Elizabeth, were callers ;at the R. C. Stickle home; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bair and family spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Moss. | ' Miss Elizabeth Gorden, lola, spent a few daj-s with Miss Ella Beth Nichols. Mr. and Mrs. David Beahm. Stratton, Colo.. Mrs. Andrew Beahm of lola, spent Thursdiy afternoon a-ith Mr, and Mrs. Ed Butler aiid Dona. [ Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Cooper spent Sunday afternoon... with Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Moss and ijamily. Mrs> F. X. WlUenburg spent! Tuesday afternoon a(. |the Bert' Eaker home risiting fJlrs. Snider who is quite ill. ' Mr. and Mj-s. E. C. McCoy .and family spent Sunday at the Elzie Davis home in lola. ', •Prudy Lower spent .Wednesday and Thursday with Mr., and Mrs. j Wesley Lower. Humboldt: Mrs. Rus^U Larkey, north of lola, spent Sunday and Monfiay at the C. N. Truster home. Mi: and Mrs. Clint Baker, Cresent Valley district, spent Sunday eve- | ning with Mr. and ,Mrs. J. M. • Cooper. : Mr. and Mrs. Fred Laver of Bethel district, spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs. Herman Folk and family. ' . Mr. and Mrs. A. J, Gillispie called on Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kaulman; Monday morning. 1 Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Schmidt spent Sunday at the J. P. Nigh home. Mrs. Ray Stickle called on Mr.s. ; Snider, who is quite ill. Mrs. J. P. Nigh and family called on -Mrs. E. P. Brigham, lola. Wednesday. TOLA. KANSAS • • • (Recipes Selected By Rnth Lynn.) BROKERS FIGHT 20-YEARiTERMS Twenty years in prison and $15,000 fine was the sentence for each of fiye officials of the defunct Chicago investment house, H. O. Stone & Cp„ after they were found guilty, of useing the mails to defraud. Henry F. Norcott, president, is shown at the right, as he discussed plans for an appeal with Charles P. Packer Jr., treasurer, after the verdict. ' Cherry Puilding. 2 cups milk I • 4 tablespoons powdered sugar Grated rind of one lemon , >t cup cornstarch ' Vi cup cold milk ',2 cup chopped canned cherries VanUla , 1 cup whipped cream. Put milk in double >Diler. Add sugar and lemon. When near boiling add cornstarch which has'been dissolved in milk. Cook five minutes. Take from fire and add cherries, vanilla and cream. Pour in mould. Serve cold, decorated with cherries and sweetened cream. • • • Je lied Ilam Loaf. , 1 tablespbon granulated gelatih "3 tablesppofis cold water j I'j cups t)otling -water j 2 tablespoons lemon juic^; . 2 cups chopped .cooked ham 1 hard boiled egg, diced i 3 tablespoons chopped celcr>- 1. tablespoon chopped onion ; : 'j teaspoon salt ; j, . ~ ' Soak gelatin and cold watcf :» minutes. Add boiling water; and till gelatin dissolves. Cool. A&A rest of ingj-edionts. Pour into g'n'-. mold, chill- until stiff. Unmold' oh lettuce and surround with .srt ';ii) dressing. Servo at once. Harr\- Dunlap and :ind Mrs. Clarence Cincinnati—A "battle of the century" between two noted Cincinnati artists using brushes and palettes instead of foists, remained today without deci.slon. The only "knockout" Was the young woman who posed.; . i" It was a. battle of Modernist v^N sus Romanticist. John Weis, firm jln I the artistic faith of Michael An.- Bclo, took one corner. ReRin4!d Grooms, a devotee of the moderijiS, took the other. The idea of the Cincinnati club In staging.the "bout" at a ball, was to try to .settle this Modernist* Itomanticist dispute. Both arti^t ^l nSreto paint from one model. £t{|' wjjo took the .spectators' fancy whs to l>e deemed the winner, and his cause the'righteous. ' \ But when the pictures were fini Ished • even the beauteous model failed to decide which was better. | Pot Roast. ' Three liounds of top round,' six small canots, one large onion, three-fourths cup of tomato puree, par.sley. Heat three tablespoons bacon fat in the Dutch oven. Add the meat and brown on all sides. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add the sliced onion, tomato puri'c. chopped parsley and a half cup boiling water. Cover and simmer an hour and three-quarters. Place whole carrots around the meat and the iKJtatoes which have 'oeen scraped. Sprinkle these with salt, again cover and continue cooking, add more water if needed. When vegetables and meat are tender remove to a hot platter. Thicken meat dripping and add milk. Serve giavy separately. ' Navy Bean Soup. 1 slice raw ham (about \i lb.) "i cup finely chopped onion 3 quarts boiling y.ater 1 lb. navy beans !':• ,tsp. salt Pepper . •Bit of red pepper pod ' Bit of bay leaf 1 tall can evaporated milk Cut ham in small bits. Cook slowly in soup kettie to try put fat, then add onion and continue cooking 5. minutes. Add boiling water and the beans that have' been .soak- j ed several hours and drained. ,Seas- I on with salt, pepper, red pepijer. ana I bay leaf and boil gently 3 to .4 hours. I Add milk just before sen-ing. Yield: i3'i quarts. : Afrtr islature will consider a proposal for . Mr.s. ,Tohn Tippie-and girls, reestablishment of party govern^ j Mr. and Mrs Geo. Robins and ment through co'nvention nomina- Mrs. W. E. Johnson called on Mr.,I tion of atr least a few of the minor, and Mrs. Joshua Jackson Wednes- ' offices. In the matter of a United | day afternoon. States senator and governor the i Mr. ..and Mrs evening last week [ ty well on the race. But when it | »t the John Tipple home, comes to the judiciar>- and all the ; Mr. and Mrs. various secondarj' places, it was a i at the O; W. Rkmey home Sunday mad guess and the tax bills showed j evening. ' ; the results. I We are having some nice weather but I am afraid it is too nice to need more rain as Two years ago the economy plan Uoter seems t,o keep his mind pret- ;bo \s spent one had iveryi pronounced popularity.' But the.legislature went at the matter ^mewhat gingerly: "When Re. publicans started trinumng up prospective jDiBmocratic departments the Democrats said there was ^politics and 'that'i Governor Woodring .was being annoyed by a lot of sik-for-a- S. C. McCov and quarterl politicians. This winter Dem^xaiats will probably make some suggestions about trying the economy floctrine where Governor lian- | don's official family will Ret a first han^, thoirough understanding of its operations. Tljat. of coiirsci is: the dlstufrbing element about any great move m !the right direction- in behalf ;of the w-ell known people. .Yet when- a bill with admlnfstration trade marks all over it comes' up ^or passage. Democrats will have no easy' time throwing rocks in; that direction; if the proposal is labelled Pure Economy. No matter what' accomplishments j long. We come from the winters work. Econ- the water haulers have begun haul- omy will be the big word on the | ing water again' legislative and; state administration ' - Mr A. B. Powers Ls on the sick i banners. . • again this week. — ' ! Mr. and Mrs' Gpverrior Landon's initial mes.Sage Willi probably be the theme Sonc of the legislative session. . It -will keep the general idia of tax reduc- tloni out in front and most of:the business? will be transacted with a vicTf of;:showing the taxpayer: that after all there is a good deal to the^e Santa (Dlaus stories.' Right nov^ at^the openiftg of the session. It really seems that some of the dreamSi.about lower taxes may actually come tr^^. CJoTisolidalloi-i of lx)ards and com- miasions was stressed In the ; message, but there was no specific outline action. It is probable; lliBt k Special nicssage may go t<s greater . detail. In the meantime, and Juj^t by; way of retalliation jor the hl^way commission investigation am reorganization; proposal, some of ;the' Democratic brothers are considering an economy offering of tli^lr own, ^They expect to jhand pick some of the departments which will be almost immediately tinder Rt^publican management and; suggest they be merged or abolished in th^ Interest of rescuing the taxpayer< " : .' San Francisco—May Alice Larsen. I spent Monday e 22 months old, was described by \ Mrs. O. W. Ramey. emei-gency hospital attendants as the neatest case of "home-made lockjaw" they had .seen. Her mother explained the baby tried to eat a tube of crockery cement. Josl-iua Jackson j-ening with Mr. and FINAL ! All Black and Brown Women's Suede I H I UP TO VALUES NOW PER ONLY ^Al PAIR All S^zes HARRISON'S Bootery DON'T LET COMMON CONSTIPATION DUU THE JOY OF LIVING Kellogg's A LL- B RAN Brings | Relief i t)emocrats, however, don't,'desire, tO:"tinker with the state public service commission, the tax.cpnimis- si(^n OT the board of administration. They {are quite well established in those;departments at this time and wlil protest any move to'be disturbed imtil existing terms expire.; Quite .In line with economyi and e<»d public service Governor Jian- don suggested a short balldtj for stite ::and county officials. Plans vii^er consideration would ; make some:of the present elective\state- fij^ I<>cal of flees .appointii^. Iti .also Constipation takes the sunshine out of youii days. It may bring headaches, loss,'of appetite and energy, : sleeplessness, sallow skins, pimples. If neglected, it can seriously impair health. . Fortunately, you can avoid this condition by eating a delicious cereal. Laboratory tests show that Kellogg's ALL-BRAN provides two things needed to overcome common constipation: "bulk" and vitamin B. ALL-BRAN is also a rich source of blood-building iron. The "bulk" in ALL-BRAN is much .ike that of leafy vegetables. Within the body, it forms a soft mass. Gently, it clears put the intestinal Wastes. How much better than dosing yourself with patent medicines. Two tablespoonfuls of AIL-BRAN daily are ussally sufficient. With each meal in chronic cases. If not relieved this way, see your doctor. Get the red-and-green package at your grocer 's. Made by Kellogg in Battia Creek, . , While the Weather Is so Nice... 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Also washroom for men. Operated from Chicago and Kansas City dallT witlwut change. 100 ppunds free baggage allowance—and liberal stopoVera^ : fnd Hanvf. luatb rooat and dining rsoat govs you momy ' ' FordMaOa^lMMean— J. F. DICKENSHEETS, Agent. lOLA Fhone 375 KANSAS Lewnkan Market IN GREENE'S GROCERY PHONE 233 Cudahy's Dainty Roll Hams (4-6 lb. av.). .Lb. 15c Swift's Boned and Rolled Ham (810 lb.) .Lb. 14c Picnic Hams, ppund 7c Bacon Squares, pound 7c Fresh Side, pound 6c Lard, pound i.: -Sc Home Made Sausage, pound 5c Pork Roast, pound 7c Peanut Butter, 3 pounds ... 25c Beefl Roast (baby beef) pound... 8c Rourid, Loin, T-Bone Steak, pound , . .12c Dressed Hens, pound 14c FOSTER'S PHONE 43G We Deliver 1H9 EAST ST SUGAR—10 lb. sack C & H Cane. 10 lb. sack Beet Sugar ..... FLOUR—Fidelity, 48 lb. sack.... 48 lb. sack Ruby 4 cans No. 2 Tomatoes 2 cans No. 2 |/2 Rosedale Peaches. 5 lb. box Big Four Soap Flakes. Pound Maxwell House Coffee . 3 lbs. Six-0 Coffee 3 lbs. Peanut Brittle 3 lbs. 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