Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 12, 1933 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1933
Page 3
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" tQLA. RAN5A5 S^r. Mrs. .3. U. Dickerson, why live southwest of Colony, were guesU Wednesday of their daughter, Mrs. W. E. .Oliphant. and Sir. . Oliyhant. and of Mr^ Diclcerson's sister, Mrs. O. W'. Be'^ch 'and her fanjjily. = ' T" ' i -iMeAhants Big Fr^e Showi Me- ^moSial Hall. Monday nii^ht. Januarj- 16. .Get;free tlclccts from merchants Satjirday. R. L. ;ThomiKon was"- able to re- tunt to his ofiSce this afternoon after feeing confined to his home by flln^ the past few days. —Moved! Our office ii; now located at re(lr of lola State Bank.—lola Lan^ Co. , Orben .Endsley, Donald, Carr. and Gilbert Shepherd of Grjdley were guest? Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs, E R. Weldin. who reside north of town. { SELF SERVICE GROCERY Onions, fellow or.white, io lbs. 19c Sweet Potatoes. 10 lbs. 15c - Cabbajte, 10 lbs. ...; 15c - Parxnlps 4 Jbs 15c Tiirfiips,-nice sweet. 4 lbs.;. lOc Aprtes, .Jonathans. 10 lbs'.- 2Sc Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Jennings returned today to their home in kig- glnsville, Mo., after a \'i8it with iheir daughter Mrs. W. F.' Seneker I and her family. —Dr. H. L. Lacy, Dentist. Office over Brown'b Drug Store. X-ray equipped. Phone 149. R. N. Bamhart, who resides southwest of town, was a dinner guest Wednesday of his uncles and aunts, Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Long, Miss Ida Bamhart, and .John Barnhart. THE lOLA DAILY REGISfER, THURSDAY EVENING, JAI^UARY 12. 1933. I - DINE OUT OFTEN The best home cooking loses its flavor after a while. Everybody appreciates an occasional change — especially the cook! Try- Meek's POLLY ANN CAFE :.l The condition'of Mrs. P. C. areen, who has been eritleally. Ill the past week, remains about the same. W. H; Stukey, traveling freight agent for the Santa Fe of Joplin, Mo., was in town Wednesday anO' Thursday on business. —Economy begins a,t Home. -; We arc trying to assume our part. Sleeper Mortuary. Uiss Katherlne Kerr returned today from a week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Herbst, in Wichita. Mrs. ^rfast brouedht her to Zola in her car and is remaining for a few days' visit with her imcle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Flelsher. I GOJOb USED TIRES We have a lot of good used tires in various-sizes, traded in on new Oenerals. Priced right and with terms. SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jeff. Phone 80 Ray Ponsler arrived morning from his home in Mattituck. Long Island. New York, to be with his mother. Mrs. L. L. Ponsler.- who is ill. . —A. R. Chambers. M. D. Office Mittelbach Bldg. Pho. 303. Res. 3T7. [ M2ss Clara Scully R. N., who has I been taking care of J. P. Kohler, a f patient ai|^t. John's hospital for Tuesday I the past few days, returned yester- Abraham Weisberg has returned to his home in Kansas City after i ' ~ f, ispending^ the holidays with his Mrh. C.E. Fulton returned today {daughter. Mrs. Sumner Gelphman to her home in Northcott 4 after a j and lier family. ^ few months' stay at .the home of her daughter. Mrs. B. T. Powers. , —20 us^d livinp; room suites. $15 | up. Henninger's Furniture Store. ,:Mis« Juahita Taylor will ^have'as I her guest "for the week-eifid Miss I Reita Sherrill, who resides south, of | town. i \ FAIRMONT'S Froa:n Fresh Strawberries and Raspberries are now on sale at all the leading grocery stores ; The THOR |s pricerf from S49.50 dp. >Vhy buy inferior qnali^? ^ Will plkdly demonstrate>nd V- give you easy term.s.:- 'RAD(O SERVICE SHOP ' 109 W. ^ladLson Phone 33 UraJ.F. A. Qulntard. whV h&s been serioui'ly 111 with pleurisy the past two vix>eks,: Ls better: today, her daught'er. Mrs. F. A. Temple said today. : ^ —Ask yoiir grocer for the 5c loaf of Delicious Bread, or the 10c loaf of Ensier-Jee Bread, made by the "lolajBjkery. Mis.s*' Bell Helen Kraus Went to Piqua > Wednesday evening •' for a week's visit with Miss Miirgaret Heiman. ; SELF SERVICE GROCERY Preserves. ;1-Ib. jars, 2 for .i^. .25c Jell.v, i-lbi jars ..i..39c Pickl^, 1 ipint, Happyvale, swe^t mixed \.. 10c ^ Olive* 3-oz.. plain, staffed.,;..5c JUayohnaise, 1 pint. Self Serr.-^ ice . brand 15c > Catsup, larce siztf. Self Serv- . ice brand .10c F. I. Reynolds, district manager for the Pet Milk company of St. I Louis. Mo., was in town Tuesday and Wednesday on business in connection T*-lth the local plant. Notice of .\niiual Meetintr. —The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Security Building St Loan Association of lola, Kansas, will be held at its office in the City of lola,, Allen County. Kansas, Monday, January 30, 1933. at three o'clock P. M., for the election of directors for the ensuing year and the transaction of such other business a^ may pi'oi>er!y come before the meeting. HORACE L. MILLER, j Secretary.!. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Davis returned Wednesday afternoon from Emporia where they have spent the! past few daj-s with their son. C. W. Davis and his family. day afternoon to her home in Colony as Mr. Kohler is rapidly Im- pro\'inE. , ^ SELF SER't'ICE GROCERY Espanslon Floor, 43 lbs. 98c Excelsior Flour. Larabee's, 48 pounds 85e Poplar Floar, 48 lbs. .? '.65c Com Meal. White Cream, 34 pounds 25c Whole Wheat Flour, 5-lb. bug 15c Graham Floor, 5-Ib. bag 15ib ' The following Dodke Brothers representatives were in town yesterday on business: R. H. Mott, zone manager of Wichita; and H. W. Rowell, regional manager of Wichita. Free! Freel Free! —15 big Act:s of VaudevUle, Memorial Hall; Monday night. Jan. 16: Get free tickets from merchants Saturday. Dan M. Braum, county farm agent: Walter Strong, president of the'Allen county farm bureau; and G. F. Kllnk of the Allen county grange; special delegates, went to Topeka Tuesday morning to attend the annual meeting of the board of agriculture., PAGE THBEE FATlEBeRED TEGHNOCRAGt HE tLAIMSi OWL CREEK Jan. 10.—The W. W. club met Wednesday. January 4, with Mrs. Edna Womack. • Twelve members^l one vislt<»- and two children were present New officers of the year wore elected: Mn. Glen Strack. PTMldent'.iMrs. Womack. vice-president; Mis? Zetta, aeofetary; Mrs. I. 'Techiioc?acy''-National Industrial Management Prac!ical Suggeifjohs for Nalwnat Recaiistmctiofl ! William H: Smyth, above, retired patent attorney of Berkeley. Calif., I claims to be the original technocrat. He coined the terms in a series of j magazine articles written in 1919, he points out, prodtxcing copies of the magazine to prove it. Beneath his picture you see a magazine clipping dated 1919 in which Smyth discusses technocracy by that name. He had studied the problem of social effects of engineering for years, and its possibilities were demonstrated, he claims, by operations of the War Industries Board during the World War. state! Mrs. W. H. Wood I her home by illness. isi confined to NYAL LAXACOLD Quickly relieves cold in head as well as the neuralgia and headache that frequently accompany a; cold. 25 Tablets 33c BROWN'S DRUG STORE Phone 255 I Mr. and Mrs. Elme'r Oliver of Ge,' neva announqe the birth of a son I Monday at St. John's haspltal. , sister of J. A. Lamb, is visiting relatives in Elm Creek vicinity. Mr. E. C. Cannon, lola. was an evening caller at the P. E. Provancha home. O. iBarhard. treasurer. Miss Blanche Womack'a'name was presented for membership. Next meettog;- will be with Mrs. Will Krenger. The young pe<9le of District 5 commmiity club are practicing for a play. !'An a Mistake." Watch for the date. < Mr. and Mrs.. Charles Baxley. Ooffeyvllle. and Mrs. Wilks, Buff- vllle. spent Simday with Mr. and Mrs. Ben Brown and Grandma BeU. Mildred and Virgil Orth spent Simday evming with Bessie and Jessie Hay. Zetta Scafe. Joetta Adams and Mrs. John Wheeland called on, Mrs. Alfred, Myers Friday afternoon. Earl iMartin called on Henry Ford ! Stmday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sears and family spent Stmday with Mr. and Mrs. R»y Callaway and family. Carl Pribbemow, &nest Orth and Raymond ScantUn ' spent Sunday morning with James and Harry Hay. Joetta Adams and Mildred Orth spent Sunday with Mai^ and F'ran- ces Domitz. Bessie and Jessie Hay spent Bunday afternoon with the Dice gtrls. Laura Under called on Mrs. Ira Howell and Mrs. Van Possen Monday morning. Virgil Orth called on Bobby Adams Stmday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Orth and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hay. spent Smday evening with Mr. antl Mrs. Dice. i Mr. and Mrs. E. Baird and Rheinart spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Ira HowelJ and Mrs. Van Fossen. Mr. and Mrs. Foley Alvis baby o^ 'V^ates Center and Henry Ford and Laura Linder Monday afternoon with Mr. Mrs. B,en Brown and Bell. of ours, but now living near Lone Elm., is seriously ill following a stroke. Clifton Dickerson hauled three toads of wood from Elmer Baiter's last week. Saturday Clifton and Ralph chOroed wood on the Llo}'d Weatherman land. Mr. and Mrs; T. P. Alvis of Yates r Centers were Sunday guests of their J. Preston and daughter. Mrs. V. Mr. Preston. Mrs. Leona Beard and Marguerite called on Miss Emma Anno Sunday afternoon. .Tohn Anderson of near Garnett. called the first of the week at the Anno farm, looking to buy a Jersey heifer for his sons 4 -H club project, however Miss Anno did not wish to part with any she now has on Iwnd but advised htm where to look. . Mrs. ,Robt. Gerdsen Is quite ill with the -flu and her mother, Mrs. Anna ^mpson was called to their home war Gas City Sunday, to care for her. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Simpson and stms called at Grant Simpson^ and C. O. Roses Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Varner attended a showjin lola Stmday night. A good crowd of golfejrs were playing on the Colony clab course SuiMJay. The weather was ideal. Indian Creek township lx)ard met Monday. The retiring members are R. A. Drummond and T. G. Clfne, the. new members are Berton Lay and Carl Hemy. The Helderbelg War. 1 Between. 1839 and |1845 there wa.-t much disorder in certain counties of New Yoi* on account of the un-^ willingness of tenantis to' pay renfc as provided in the land grants of the government of I^olland to early Dutch settler^. In 1845 ar, :fleer was shoe while trying to coi^ lect rent in Delaware coijnty, and Governor 'W'right proclaimed the" county in a state of insurrection. A decision of the Court of Appeals in 1852 practically anniilled the re-, quirement for rent. Have you a house for rent? Oi for sale? Want to bi^y anything? Use the^Classifled colupins?,' ' Topeka—Frank L. Sturges, Topeka. is a duly commissioned admiral of the Kansas navy, but in all probability he won't see much of the world firom one of the state's ships. Informed of the'rhonor at a crrtc club limcheon, he was told the "fleet" consisted of a scuttled scow I somewhere-on the Kaw river. His appointment, signed by Gov- Mrs. emor Alf M. Landon. is for a "hitch" ending January 10, 1937. Fred and Mrs, ' spent and Grandma GOOD AUTOMOBILE GASOLINE 6 JL^;. PER GALLON. ; 4 C in 100 gal. lot.s I : in 10-al. jlot.s ; Plus Tax Repaired VINE OIL & GAS state and Lincoln Sta. ; lola Wholesale and. Retail for Cash ELM CREEK I Alice Provancha.) Mr, gnd -Mr.s. Frank Wolfe Neosho; Palk. visited lolii yp^ei-day. |' friends —Dr.'W. P. Hiill. OsteopaUi and Diagnostician. Phone 120. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jay of Humboldt were guests Tuesday night of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Chase. CARBON PAPER Standard Tj'pewriter Carbon Noiseless Typewriter Carbon Clean, long wearing Hectograph Carbon j Pencil Carlxjn Williams Typewriter Co. i 113 W. Madison Miss BUlie Hill arrived this morn- • ing fromi'Wichita for a short visit! v.-ith herl mother. Mrs. L. H. Hill i and her family. j —Studio Couches. Day Beds. Mat- • tresses of .standard makes.. at new I Mr. and Mrs. La Verne MCGinnisj of Kansas City, formerly of lola.' announce the birth of a daughter j Monday at Stv John's hospital. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Morrison were I callers at the N. I. Crowell home ' Thursday afternoon. Our teacher. Mrs. Colleen Callii STAR DISTRICT Jan. 9,.— Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Oliphant of lola. drove up to visit home folks Sunday but Mrs. Oliphant was taken ill and they drove home almost immediately. The illness wa? an after effect of the flu. Mrs. W. M. Vamer and Mrs. Chas. A baby boy was born to Mr. and ! EHckerion are able to be out again i'Mrs. W. L. Cottrill, January 6, and j after havlftg been ill ten days or (he was'named Robert Eugene. [so with the flu. Mrs. Tom Baker spent Friday at i .Mrs- Cena Dickerson is recmering - - - 1 from a severe bronchial cold. ' Mr. Albert Rose of Boulder, Colo.. 1 father of "Chuck" Rose is critically John. Friends of Mrs. Fred Green of the J, S. Overmeyer home. Mrs. Robert' English called I Tom Bakers Monday! Mrs. George Balla. Mr. on i ; spent the week-end with friends in 1 Lamb.-Mr. and Mrs. Bud Tabler of , TO L "are erieved to learn or her I Kniis!i.<! Pit.v chaniito nvorta ._•„ ..r"-"'^ are gneveo to learn oi net Mr. and Mrs.. Walter Cottrill announce the birthVJanuary 6 of .a son whom they havTe/named Robert Eugene. WALTER ARNDT'S Tin and Sheet Metal Shop 212 South St. Phone 720 Kansas City, | Chanute. .made a business trip to Lois and Hazel Peries spent Sun- | Girard, Wednesdav. ' day afternoon with Vivian DsLano. • Mr. and Mris'. E. L.' Provancha and Mr. Henry Kastl and daughters. \ baby. Mi-, and Mrs. P. E. Provancha Pauline and iClary Ellen of Wichita, j and family visited at the George i spent Sunday at the R. L. Hamilton 1 Balla home Thursday evening. • home. .„ ,: Mildred and Grace Butler. Mrs. i Mr. and Mrs. Ralph SherrUl and I g^.^ Tawnev and soii Murrj-, spent children spent Sunday afternoon !,3yj ^j,„y^ .-JPI^JJ gjjg^j^y .j. , Grandpa Schieffielbine walked over to the F..E. Provancha homo for a visit Sunday ' afternoon. He will be 86 years old in Februarj-. spent Sunday afternoon : at the Bert Zink home. • . i Mrs: Ralph and sons visited Sat- j ' urday at the Lafe Conover iwme. Mr. Frank and Wayne Bliss spent New Year's day with Mr." and Mrs. W. S. Drake. I Mrs. John Roedel and daughters. 1 Mr. and Mrs. OUie Stern, who live! ^adine and Pauline, visited Sunday |. serious illness. D: G. Banks, a former neighbor fhildrenis Colds Wjjk ' Yield-quicker to J^^—-- douWe action of S TAN I E 5 S now if yd u p re f er low prices. Curtis Furniture, 10 N. | near Westphalia, announce the birth i «^'n^ .R'^^y hon^*^ American Legion . ."luiciliary .Meeting . '2.30 Friday p. m.. - Memorial Halh Mr. and Mrs. Russell Scott' announce the birth this morning of a n 'i.'-pound son. Mr. Scott is a barber in the Taylor shop. \ —SiJecinlized service. Waugli Funeral jHome. r Miss Roberta Fronk has as her guest for tlip week-end Miss Doro- Uiy Whitakcr of Ponca City. Okla. ALTO GL.\SS and WINDOW GLASS Besides our auto glass work We carrj' the: largest "stock of window glass in Southeast Kansas. We, can supply any size from our stoclc. at the lowest prke. BRIGHAM HDW. CO. Washington. John JJ Ford of Little Rock. Ark. formerly of lola, was in town today on business. Mr. Ford is a representative I for the Woodstock Tjiie- writer company. SELFi SERVICE GROCERY Coffee, Self Service blend, 3 pomtds 59c Pepper, fresh, pure, balk, lb... 19c Brown Sugar, light and medium. 3 pounds ITc Powder ^ugrar, 2- lbs 15c Snirar, fine Rranulated. 20 lbs. 89c Calnmeti 1-lb. (cake tin. Swansdowh Free) .25c Mr. anc| Mr& Delmer Andrews returned yesterday from a week's business fand pleasure trip to San Antonio and Corpus Christl, Texas. Tliey made the trip in their car. MAKE YOUR HENS LAY Sujjer-Mash, per cwt $1.75 Phillsburg Mash, CTvt 81.45 Four Bells Mash, cwt 90c Top prices paid for Cream, Poultrj- and Eggs R. tf. McKINNEY FEED STORE Opp. Postoffice—Phpiie 389 i of a daughter . early Wednesday • morning at St. John's hospital. ' Eli Guyer. ,who: resides near Mo- iran. underwent a major operation this morning at St( John's hospital. SELF SERVICE GROCERY Mixed Cookies, fresh, 2 lbs, .. .•29c Vanilla Wafers. 2 lbs .29c Fie Bars. 2 lbs. : 19c Ginger Snaps, 2 lbs :l9c Fresh Salted Peanuts. 3 lbs 25c Candy—Orange Slices, Fadre and Peanut, 3 lbs. ;.. .25c Mr. and Mrs. Allen Parker, who I were called here last week by the iwith old sores. You don't! And you serious illne-ss of Mrs. Parker's'.shouldn't for they may lead to' some- mother, Mrs. L. L. Ponsler, iretumed ; thing serious. Wlllard Crowell . visited Monday ! evening with Victor Provancha. I Mrs. Ada McCall of Walnut. Kas.; I Old Sores Sopn Healed or Money Back Never tl>lnk you have to put up Sunday to their home in Clifton. TEXACO PRODL 'CrS AND SERVICE ' Goodrich Silvertown Tires Used Can Bought and Sold We vtill appreciate your patronage L. H. REYNOLDS TEXACO SERVICE STATION ,-{01 West St. Phone 425 No matter how long you have had ! Ithem, get, after them at once with ' I Emerald Oil and they'll heal over: jas nice as can be in no time. I I If this soothing, healing, antisep- ' I tic oil doesn't quickly clear them up,: isa.vs Cook's Drug Store, get your' i money back and see a doctor. — Mrs. L. L. Ponsler, who was strick- '• Mr. iand Mrs. liawrence Siclca and . en with paralj-sis last Thursday' Mr. arid Mrs. W. E. Oliphant vis-! ited Tuesday evening with Mrs. Oli- ^phant's parents. Mr. and M. Dickerson, who live southwest ' Colony. ; : : I . : \ tlieir son Rotiert Henry, who live : \ near Vernon, were guests yesterday • I of Mrs. Sicka's parents. Mr. and Mi-s. "H. A. Laymon. morning, is improving a little each day, her daughter Mrs. Blanche Carter said today. —Everyone invited to Merchants , Big Free Show at Memorial Hall of I Monday night. Januarv 16. under ! auspices of V. F. W. NEW SHIPMENT v OF P.ARLOR SLITES Trade in your old as first ^y. Prtced; right—Terms right W. II. WOOD FINE FURNITi'BK 202 S. Jeff.—Phone 190, - Mrs. E. P. Matthews, wlioj has been a of her mother MJ^. A. J. Fulton the past few day:ft, returned today to hef- home in Otta'wa. Mrs'. Minnie Herr. who has'been quite ilU for several days, was taken to the S. B. A. haspital in Topeka this afternoon for examination and treatment. . • AITO^IOBILE P.\INT1NG ; : Wrrci:ed iAutomotiiles Repaired. : W^od-Work Repaired oif : - .Automobile, Bodies. - C. C.:MCC.ARTY & SON. _ : 301 South St.—Phone 216 : A sign 40 feet long and three and one-halt feet high is attracting marked-attention of motorists who pass tJhq; Miller service station! at 801 street.;' The .sign is composed of j letters set i in ani earth, inclined so for a block. |tr SeiTliTj'' embankment of that it is visible The sign reads. "Mll- \. P. Brigham of the Brigham Hardware company and Eugene Crouch were in Westphalia Tues- dav' on business. SELFj SERVICE GROCERY j Cauliflower, per lb 12c Head! Lettuce, solid heads, 2 for 15c Leaf!Lettuce, per lb lOo Cdery, nice large stocks ,.12c Fresh Tomatoes, fancy, lb 15c OrangesJ bulk Floridas, 10 lbs. 37c Bananas^ nice ripe, 5 lbs 25c Tlie following out of towTi relatives; and | friends attended -the funeral rites jTuesday of the Rev. J. W. Gorcjon. colored: Morris Gordon pi Kansas City: Mrs.Hattle Price and Mi-s. R. L. Johnson and her son Lewis |of Chicago: the Rev. E. Ar -i lington Wilson of Dallas. Texas; the Rev. 0eorge McNeil of Kansas City;: the Rev. R. O. Johnson of St. Jos^ eph .JMo.; the Rev. Charles Favors of Ottawa: the Rev. and Mrs. J. Ks Ruclter of Paola: the Rev. W. Mi Thomas of Fort Scott; <the Rev. CJ O. Hickerson. Mr. and .Mrs. Geirge Hubbard. Mrs. Charles Fields, and Mrs. M. G. Glo\er of Chanute; i Dr.- Levi Ji. Newsome. the Rev. O. i MJ Locustl the Rev. Mr. Burton. Professor I and Mrs. E. L. Scruggs, and W. Kl. WUUamson of Topeka; Doctors Give Creosote i FbrDaDgecoasCoBghs For many years our best doctors have: prescribed creb?ote in some form for: coughs, colds and bronchitis, knowing how dangerous it is to let them hang on^ Creomulsion with creosote and stx other highly important medicinal eJe- ment*. quickly and e£fectivriy stop* all coughs and colds that otherwise might lead to serious trouble, ' Oeomulsion is powerful in the treat*, ment of all coMs and oougfaa 00 matter bow long standing, yet it is absolutely harmless andis pleasantandeas>'to take. Your o«ii druggist guarantees Creo- mulsion by refunding your monBy if you are.'not reliered aftsr taking Creomul- sion as directed. Beware the coii|ch or cold that hjngs on. .Always keep Creo- mulsion on band for instant use (adv.) Gasoline Prices Down I'. S. Motor, a good Gasoline, tax paid .lie Aitamotor, Reg. None Better, tax paid ..13.5c Aitamotor Hl-Test.^ Extra Good, Ux paid 14.3c Our Saturday Special—We give you FREE' one gallon Mth each 5 you buy, any grade. ' 124 East Jackson Watch for Opening Day at Our New Location Reliable Oil Company Ira McGinhis & Soil lola, Kansas ' Mrs. Mrs. dred Rev. [Sarah Jelts of Paola: Mrs. Mil- Owens of Port Scott; and the i»!nd Mrs. P. Goodwin of Paola. WEAK WOMEN Take Lyilia E. Pinkham's Ve^^eltable Compotmd; Bare you erci I'^lt Ithst iyoa were too i weak to do' anythinA . . . that you did | not bare ttu atrciitib to do yow work? ; Women wbo are weak and mn>doini j •iioald take a toUlc anch as Lydla B>! PlnUiain'a. Vegetable Compoood. Bead- ached and "Srarkiifnft that an the ^caoit of a tired, rmrdowii coodltloa, pCtta yield CO this marriloas mcdldne. W out of crety llM WOOMB who report to in aayi tliat they are bcneOtcd by this witdldne; Boy a bottle from your dnk. gi«t today ... aad watab the rtaoHaf All Black and Brown Women's Suede SHOES UP TO fl>/» VALUES <I50 NOW PER PAIR ONLY $2 All Sizes HARRISON'S Bootery For Friday and Saturday Special Saturday No Name Yard Wide Prints 4cyard 6 Yards to a Customer. SAVE ON YOURi BLANKETS! Large Size Double, Part . Wool. Plaid. Sateen Bound, Extra Special $1.98 Pair BiesTapc and Thread 7c COATS All Our Fine Coats Now at • Two Prices. $25,00 CoaU. Choice $11.98 Si7.50 CoaU, Choice One Rack Ladies' Coats ; Your Choice $5.00 Children's^ C?oat», Good Heavy Warm Ones, Choice $2.98 3-lb. Stitched Cotton Batts 23c Batt* 2 to a Customer > Ladies' \ Pajamas $1.25 SeHer Speeial 89c Made of Fancy Outings 20 Per Cent Discount on All Silk Underwear 50c Quilt Batts Special 33c lb. : S5.00 Ladies' | Wool. Square j '. Shawls to close ' I out 82.98 L j 25c Cretonnes Special 13c ^ard O. N. T. I Sewiny Thread : 300-yard spools I 6c Spool . 25% Discount on/Entire Line of Silks A. C. A. Gnaran- | teed Feather - Ticking, 19c Yd. } All Wool Goods One-HaU Price Yard-wide Light Outings 7!ic Y-^d. I Sanitary Napkins 13c for Box of 12; 9-4 Bleached Pep- : perell Sheeting 29c Yard Ic DRESS SALE Continued Buy One at the Regular Price. Take Another One for Ic 81x90 Pollmato Sheets Special 69c Entire Stock Included. All Silki^. Wool^. Prints. > : t§% - EHseount I on all Gossard Corsets and Girdles JSILK HOSE i $1.35 Kant Run Hose $1.19 S1.00 Silk Hose' 89c 69c Silk Ho!ie 55c These are .All Berkshire Silk Hose. Choice of I Any Hat in the Stofe 49e $1.95 All Wool ! Sweaters S1.59 S2.39 Wool Skirts $1.98 . RAIN COATS Prepare for Stormy Weather, Guaranteed for One Year. S2.98 and 53.98. .%ll Seams Sewed and Cemented I Special S1.69-S1.00 • Panel Lace Curtains 79e eac South Side \ Square 'S loU, Kansas See the New Spring Merchandise Now On Display at the Leader Rich New Printed Silks; Silk Mixed Crepes and New Vat Dyed Prints in the Latest Styling for Spring. Clevei- new Silk Blouses in Prints with Puffed Sleeves _ Fine (|uality Tailored Skirt.s in the New Spring Shades Smart Hats of Synthetic Straw \ Style.=; of the Gay 'SOs at New Frcck.s (if Rough Crepe tvith the new droop shoulder and puff .sleeve effect Vim $1.98;^^ $5.95^"": A Few Winter Coat^ Left Printzes.s and otheV good makes at Great Price Reductit^. COAT SALE Choice of Any Coat in the House Values Up to $25.00 • This is the final clearance of ail* our \yinter coats. Latest inid- . winter styles. All wool fabrics: trimmed with large, luxurious funs. Sizes 14 to 50. ' Choice of Any One Group of Child's Coat Ladies' Coats $1.98 $4.95 fiOmy OUTFITTER^ DEPARTriENTSTORE

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