Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on August 2, 1933 · Page 6
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 6

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 2, 1933
Page 6
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D*TLT TRIBUNE «**« TOW A. WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 2. J933. K >* Kl US AND HIS FRIEND* • MIMMIIIIMM 4MIIMM. •M- *—PwwmU* ia—B»lp Wanted, Educational SPECIAL NOTICE Orders for refinJBblng, repairing ence valuabler?65.oo"a"month r to and upholstering of furniture to start. Advancement, send quaUfJca be finished before school com- tana t« r-,i,.«.,»_. "_"..,_"„ raenees must b« turned In at once to insure prompt delivery- Little Furniture Shop Phone 114—231U Main »—AutomoMlM, Tfuck* for SaJM Chevrolet Coach 1931 Ford ---- ...... --- Roaditer i tons to Educators Dipt. A, Valley Nation** Ba:.k Bullldlng, DCS Molnes, Iowa. |UMfttN6 HI6HCRAMO HI6HBJ, eVEW TURN IU THE -ROAD UNFOLDS ONE. MA6- NIFICEMT VIEW AFTER AMOTHtfi WTTTHt SCENEJBY l€> SECONDARY S7«i-Work Wanted, Penutle. MEN AND WOMEN WHO HAVE been discharged froE; positions In two weeks previous to August 1— Write to Tribune Box 2653 Important. WANTED: GENERAL HOUSE . w °rk of all kinds,. Good, clean 1S29 Ford _.__ -. Coach w °rk guaranteed. Both uptown and 1929 Olds ; coupe j f <""th ward, 2£c per hour. Call 192* Oids Coupe 2034. 1927 Olds *„ ...^ Coach ' —- — 1928 Whippet « Sedan HOUSEWORK BY EXPERIENCED 1926 Chevrolet Coach ! w °man. Phone 4H-J. 1926 i FRECKLES MIMD JUST WELL—SHE A1MT I WEEN WITH ME LOM6. ' 5O1 DOtfT KNOW 60 I MUCH ABOUT MER.-... ( ONLY THAT SHE'S GOT ! MORE LIFE THAN A f*CKJ OF WILD CATS ! TELtUft MOftt AftOUT TH15 MDT, UNCLE JOHKJ.' Curiosity! 1 WANTED TO HtR OOWM WITH ME 1O MEET too bovfe, &j\ &nt A DIDN'T /CAWT TO Ebb £>HE DOESMT LIKE THI£> OLD RATTLE TRAP.' y TOtO 0& WHAT >/' POP IS S>« A .FOX &EAR ] DEEP, COYOTE | OO6 CC CAJCOOM ? ' VOU TALK LIKE ' SHE'S A j per OF SOME KIND/ PAQIPITB •*•*••«••» By Blotacr W. H. Nutty Garage ' Plymouth—.Dodge—Oldsmobil* j 35—Amet 414 Main St I FOR SALE: Sale, Uv<»tock "" } Fresh 1926 Chrysler Coach | 2085W GUERNSEY COW. about January. Phone $50 1930 Chevrolet Sedan with trunk.! 192» Chevrolet Coact) 1929 Hudson '. i_ Sedan 1930 Pontiati :„ Coupe 2—1926 Chevrolet Sedan* 1331 International Truck Allen Motor Co. Chevrolet Dealers f'hon* 395 i 57—MisoeUaneoaa for Stile I i FOR SALE: WHITNEY AND Duchess ^pplts, 75c per bushel. 5 miles south, % east of Ames. Andrew Tesdall, Huxley phone 121L CALL MADE IT . NECESSAfW FOft HANK TO t*O*fe HlHSEU= AMD LEAVE. HIS FRIEND, MtSS GOWDV, TO DIN6 ALONE WITH CHICK. fiu**i^)uuA*M9 . SO VOU-PE LEAVING ON \OUP VACATION NEXT WEEK-$OME PEOPLE 1 KNOW GET MJL THE AND POCKET/TO GO ON_ COME INTO lit AT Ylfcd ^MittM -MM. »-. I WV4AT I'M GOING TO DO TO TWE OLD SHOBE: 12 Sec Who's Here! ' iMMni. ™0«P\) f F^wv rcr?ru. TELL THE WORLD SHE * JUST SEE IF YOU com THIMK SO/ SEE i* rs^x Plflte LINCOLN SEDAN Very good, cheap '31 Bulck coupe, like new. CUCUMBERS, ALL SIZES PICK, ling onions, dill f tomatoes, potatoes, apples, cabbage, carrots, Sth £ Douglas beets, spinach, corn, peppers. Jen* • sen's Gardens. Phone 1770. FOR SALE: BEANS FOR CAN- ning fl bushel; assorted cucum- j berg ?1 bushel; Country Gentleman '2S Durant 75 sedan, reasonable. { 8We et corn 12 doz. $1. Call 233S. International pickup truck, new. big discount MAX DOTTCH AUTO EXCH Phen* 1000 323 5th FOR SALE: GOOSE FEATHER pillows. Phone 1047-W. TWO APARTMENTS, FURMSH- ed and unfurnished, freshly decorated, private entrance. Ideal for adults. Phone 24C3-J. FIVE ROOM MODERN APT. ALL of one floor. Separate furnace .and meters. pboDe £129. DESIRABLE APARTMENT,. Everything furnished. 310 Lincoln .THIS SAME PtSTAURANT- •MRS.OMHE AND JUST A COOPLE. OF CHICK'S ^ By Cowan UDOK OVEP fc* TME LUNCHING WITH A P09T\ t$rrr THAT CHICK NEWFANGUE, / AND CLAtKS 19 SUCH VrtTH A WPL? /A LOVfeLV O1BL.'. HE t I4A&I M£l / SMOUUD BE ASHAMED OF VttHSELF'. rVE A NOTION TO ft&CH OVE.C AND TtUL HIM TY»0 WEEKS'WKV ADVANCE, WOH? BUSINESS MU*T 1C ZOOMJNG AT yOU* way. See These Used Car Bargains Before You Buy! '2S Ford Sport Coupe 5145 '29 Willys-Knight Coach .... $135 '25 Hudson Coach , W5 Mathison Motor Co. SEE THE NEW PLYMOUTH AT Cliff Roberson Garage Phen* 34 '^CHEVROLET ROADSTER FOR sale. Practically rebuilt. Inquire evenings. Champlin Garage. «1—Oardea Produce QUALITY. FARM RAISED, FRESH picked cucumbers, sweet corn, tomatoes. Family baskets deliyered. H. T. Farrar. Phone 24F5. FOR SALE: CUCUMBERS, LARGE or .small, A. E. Kinyon, 1 milt- south on 65. FOR RENT: DUPLEX. FURNISH- ed or unfurnished. Fourth -*ard 1752-J. ONE HOUSE AND TWO~ FURN- Ished apartments. 1564-W. ROOM AND KITCHENETTE, downstairs. Nice for girl. 958-W. FOR SALE: CUCUMBERS, ALL * sites, Phonfe 23F2. OZ—Fruit 7—Auto SPRAYED, HAND PICKED DUCH- ONE 2 ROOM AND ONE 3 ROOM apartment 412 Main. Call 560-W. TWO FURNKHED APTS: WITH garages. 939-W. CHICAGO, OLE)— Livestock: HOGS: 20,000., including 9,000 directs. Active 5 to 10 cents higher. 200 to 290 Ibs., $4.60 to $4.70. Top 14.75. 140 to ?90 Ibs., , $4.00 to J4.70. Pigs $3.50 downward. Most packing sows $3.60 to $4.00. Light light 140 to 160 Ibs., good and choice $3.75@$4.50; light weight, 57% Dec. 62 OATS: May 5Q fo -.Sept. 42% good and choice $4.35@$4.70; pack- Dec. 45% , 160 to 200 Ibs., good and choice ?4.25<gi$4.70; medium weight, 200 to 250 Ibs., good and choice $4.60@ ?4.7o; heavy weight, 250 to 350 Ibs., CHICAGO <UE)—Grain Range: Open WHEAT: Low Close May Sept Dec. CORN: May Sep't. 109% 102 105% 109% 102ifc 105% 67% 57% 50% 42% APARTMENT, PRIVATE BATH Phone 1308. APARTMENT: CLOSE CAMPUS. Phone 953-J. ess apples. 11.25. basket. south Ontario. 63F3. mile 03—Plants, Flowej-s, Sbrubc WE FIX THEM oi; They Can't Be Fixed Morrison's Garage 323 Urrtinway Phone SH 13—Beauty Bervlc* GET YOUR ORDER tN FOR POP- pies now at Greer's Perennial Garden. 64—Household Goods FOR RENT." APARTMENT 716 Fifth. •MJ—Wanted, Kuoms or V»A.%'rcit» TO RENT: UNFURN- ished two roams and kitchenette. Downstairs., close JD. 204S-W. > FOR SALE: DOUBLE BED,. VERNIS Martin finish, complete springs and mattress, all in good cond'tion, .$10— 530 Welch Ave., ATHS. 94- fof Rent RINGLET CROQUlGNOLE PER manents 2.60 Allene's Beauij Shoppe. 322^4 Main Phcne 427. 75—Kt>r Sale, Miscellaneous 13—Business Serrlc* Ottered Furnaces Cleaned! Le; us clean your furn*ce n wiili our new Supei Suction Sys j t»» I k f tern. Guaranteed 'Satisfaction at ! WaiSu F a low cost Phone 662 A. G. Speers Furnace and Tin. Shop $125 Burroughs ADDING MACHINE Special $35 [Smith Premier typewriter '. $5.75 I White electric sewing machine, guaranteed _„ $24.50 " O . & FOR RENT: RESIDENCE, 003 Stanton ave; Seven rooms and snnporch, breakfast room, sewing room. Downstairs bedroom and lavatory. Electric range. Dutch Colonial. Like r.ew. Millard Peck, 220 Melrose Court, Iowa City, Iowa. 70S NORTHWESTERN FIVE room modern home, newly-decorated. Phone 719 W. ing sows 275 to 550 Ibs., medium and goed, ?3.35@?4.10; slaughter pigs, 100 to 130 Ibs., good and choice, ?3.00@?3.75. CATTLE: 10,000, calves 1,500. Strictly good and choice fed steers and yearlings fully steady on shipper account, commons and medium grade slow. Best weight steers $7.40. Several loads med. wt. and long yearling ?6.7o to $7.25. Best light heifers $6.00. General run on grass cows and grassy heifers tending lower; Bulls and realers steady. Slaughter cattle and vealers: Steers 5_50 to 900 Ibs., good and choice, $5.50@S7.25; 900 to 1100 Ibs., good and choice, $5.50@ $7.50; 1100 to 1300 Ibs., good and choice, $5.50@;7.50; 1300 to 1500 Ibs., good and choice, $5.75 @ $7.50; 550 to 1300, Ibs, common and medium, |3.00@$5.75. Heifers: 500 to 750 Ibs., good and choice, $5.00i@? ?6.25; common and medium! ?2.7& @$5.00. Cows: good, $3.50@?4.7o; common and medium $2.50@$3.75: Low cutter & cutter, ? 1.50 ©52.75. Bulls (yearlings excluded)" good (beef), $3.25@$4.00; cutter, common and medium, S2.50@$3 75. Vealers: Good and choice. $4.75@ RYE: May SS 76% Dec. 82 BARLEY: Sept. Sept. Dec. May 57 66% 8S 76 % 82 57% 66% 104% 96% 110% 64 53% 58% 4? 39% 43% 84 72% 78 54% 59% 108 101% 103% 66% 56% 60% 48% 41% 45% 85% 74% 80% 57% 62% 67% News of the State Mt. Pleasant (V£)-r-A request that Henry county supervisors cut the annual bovine tuberculosis eradication levy fjo a ininimuta of $800 was on file Wednesday. i The petition was presented by State. Rfep. Curtis L. McKinnon as a member of the Henry County Protective association. McKinnon said that the maximum levy the FARM NEWS supervisors could enact was $18,000 'gtnrv "Every appropriation should k - Nineteen meetings were attended by 928 persons in the course of the New York Stocks Close Today NEW YORK, (U.E) — Following are Wednesday's closing bids 01 the New York stock exchange: American Can ...86 American Locomotive 26 American T. and T ......... 124% American Tob. B Anacbnda .88 Atchlson T&SF 5914 Bethlehem Steel 39% C. : & N. W. Com 1114 Chrysler 33^ Corn Products 79% DUPont General Electric 23% Seneral Motors 30 [nternationEl Harvester 35% $6.50; medium. S5.00@f5.75; cull Montgomery Ward 22% and common $3.50® $5^0. Stocker ! New York Central 43 % FOR RENT: MODERN 5 ROOM bungalow. Heated garage. Near college. Phone 1539-J. and feeder cattle- Steers, 500 to 1050 lbs. c good and choice, 54,50® $4.75: common and medium, ?3.db @?4.50. SHEEP: 11,000. Largely steady, street. Phon« 685 (WHITE GRANITE GAS RANGE. ! Phone 1413-J. 119 E. Seventh TC—Wanted, Miscellaneous j V. AVi'ED: WE NEED- SOME j more goods for auction Saturday. I What have .. ou that you want to Have Your Furnace Cleaned Now! Guaranteed work with our Super j tur n iQ to cash? Call 233S. Snyder Service Vacuum Cleaner. Call 1091 ; & Allen, auctioneers, for prices. iWAVTvn rn mrv ,_ . Y)l 1 * f** ' -AA 1 CAiJ i (J &U 1 Palmer "lUmbing CO. j for old buildings to wreck. Write Phone 1091 FOR RENT: FIVE ROOM DU-1 bulk native lambs to packers $7.75 plex: newly, decora ted. 621 Fifth' to ? s - (>0 - T °P *S.25. Best range j lambs held around latter price, i Sheep strong to 25 cents higher. Good to choice native ewes $1.50 to $3.00. Slaughter sheep and lambs: Lambs. 90 Ibs down, good 93—Wanted to Bent, House: WANTED TO RENT: MODERN bungalo-v. Phone 2375-W. RELIABLE COUPLE WANTS TO rent small house. Phone 1376-J. Pennsylvania R. R 35% Sears-Roebuck 37 Standard Oil of N. J 3514 Studebaker g U. S. Rubber ...': '"iS'k U- S. Steel ....'.55% Westlnghonse Electric Standard Oil of Ind. . Cities Service . .29 98—forms A Lands for Sale and choice, |675@$S.25; common and medium. $3.75@?7.00; ewes.\50 to 150 Ibs.. good and choice, $1.25 @$3.00: all weights, common and medium. $1.00 g$1.75. ! 2652 Tribune. T»—Poultry for Sale POULTRY -UKESSEi- CHICKENS White Rocfc tries..20c per Ib. Young fat hens ... 14c " " Our poultry is uilb fed, dressed j and drawn in a sanitary manner Woodland farms. PLom 435 WHITE ROCK MILK FBI) Plumbing — Heating and Well Work PHONE 226 E. A. Foy NEW FURNACES Gen. furnace repair work. Furnaces vacuum cleaned Eve trough work F. A. Gould Phone 527-j 312 Main St. C. E.iuCHER Paints and Papers Contracting Phona 1482-J 72ft Carroll i AMES GARBAGE CO LEW COLS iFUKXISHED ROOM. 1st FLOOR. FCri SALE OR TRADE: TEN acn- fruit and truck land located in Marion coanty. Fla.. close to good town. Will sell reasonable or will consider trade.—Oliver F. Kellogg. 913 Duff Ave.. Ames. to 4 pounds. No charge for Phonp 37f J 82—KOOUD and Board i^_ PRODUCE | CHICAGO, (UK—Produce: EGGS: Market steady, unchanged; receipts S046 cases: extra firsts 12%@13%: firsts 12@13: current receipts 10%@11%; dirties Today's Markets bid by local dealer* Workers Aid Montana Towh PLAINS, Mont. f£E)—A real boon to this depression ridden town was the coming of the Civilian Conser vation corps. Before conservation camps were established nearbv many unemployed men were on the town relief iist. Now the reliei committee reports no men receiving aid. and the relief agent has returned to his duties as president of the bank. 9%. BUTTER: Market steady, unchanged; receipts 10.9S9 tubs; spe- :«,Ui.;r..;.\ SLEEPING Board if desired. Phone 920. 83—Rooms Without Board cials 21@21% : extras 20&: firsts 19%@>20; firsts 1«@19: seconds 17617%; standards 20^. POULTRY: Market steady; re- ROOM. Icepits, 32 trucks; fowls 10@11; (springers 11; !<ghorns S^: ducks'. S@10; geese 7&9; turkeys 10@11; roosters 7; ieghora broilers 11^ Phcnf- SOfil I 309 Si'Vfnt'n. Phoni 1239. 14—Business Service Wanted DO YOU WANT OPERATE lunch No. 65. Close Amts. Call 2362-W. 8&~— Apartments, Klats 24—Retyp Wanted, Male FOR A HUSTLER WHO KNOWS livestock and is willing to work, splendid opportunity. Pay weekly;' home every night; need automobile. Write 2654. Ames Tribune- Times. CALL 486-J Apartments and houses, close to college, clean, neat, convenient, priced riglu Chas Miller, 132 Haywood Ave. FOUR ROOM APARTMENT. PR! rate bath. Phone 662. YOUNG MARRIED MAN FOR house house canvassing. Small salary. Slngor O,. READ THE WANTS «r». S22 MUOh:K^ toi rtUL Lilil* Broth phone 195. r-ROOM A™. pRI- vate b'Uh Slffpin.c rooms with S!»th St. No. 2 corn Ear Corn Oats Hogs .... .. .............. $4mj Cream, sweet .............. i'Sc Cream, sour ........ .21c Eggs, No. 1 ........ ". ...... I2c Eggs, No. 2 ................ Sc Heavy hens . . ............. 7 C Leghorn springs ............ Tc Leghorn htns .............. 5c Heavy Springs .............. ?-l2c [ All roosters .......... ...... 4c MOMlES cut to a minimum," he told the board. Sioux City (UJP.)—Farmers who participated in the "farm strike" here a year ago plan to commemorate that feverish occasion with a reunion and picnic here Tuesday. They plan to assemble at points o"n the highways where they served as pickets a year ago in a movement that att.tained national interest. Blockton (U.E)— Funeral services Farm bureau program during the month of July, according to the report of County Agent H. J. Montgomery. The total mileage for the month was 1,113. The number of farm and home visits was- 142. The other items in the report are 246 telephone calls, 340 office callers, 138 first class letters written, 16 news articles published, 11 circular letters prepared, 587 copies of circular letters sent out, 276 bulletins and pamphlets distributed, four farm laborers placed, 13.9 days Farm Comment •y MAS t O. ROBINSON for C. V. Fordycc; 62, whose body s P eflt ID the fleld - i 0 - 1 days spent was found beneath a wagon ID a field near here were to be an nounced Wednesday." He was found late Tuesday after he had been missing since Monday. The wagon and Ford.yce's body were found in a ditch. It was apparent that the wagon had rolled down an incline over his body. DCS Moines (ILE)—A special election in Dubuque county to elect a successor to Sen. Matt D. Cooney will be held Aug. 22, according to Gov, Clyde L. Herring. Governor Herring has not set a date for an election to pick a successor to Sen. Harry White in the Benton-Tama district. Cooney re* signed early this summer to become a member of the state board of parole and White became a member of the state board of control. office, two movies shown with an attendance of 310, three days of extension specialist help and one half days of outside specialist help — &. Tc Assist Mrs. Bakke in Judging at Fair HUMBOLDT, (UJ»)--Miss Esther Friesth, local 4-H girl, and Eva Duffy, research worker from Ithaca, N. T., this week will complete ; a survey of 4-f-" club work in Kossuth county. The survey is sponsored by the Wilson Packing company of Chicago, 111., and is concerned with the occupational intent of the majority of modern farm girls. Miss Friesth also will serve as judge of home economics exhibits j at the Franklin , county fair Aug. Water[oo (IIP)—George S. Morale i 21-24. She also will assist Mrs. Josephine Arnquist Bakke, state 4-H club leader, in judging 4-H exhibits at the Iowa State fair In DPS Mom- Cedar Falls, Wednesday became receiver for the Commercial and PioneerNational banks here, suc- . C. Pyle. While the rains which fell recently did so very much good in saving the corn and gardens which ware not already gone, much more Is needed. When a droutn has been so long continued the ground fairly drinks up a very large amount of water [ think we would all be surprised f we could view the amount of water which falls during a heavy raJn over a few acres collected into a small lake. In Missouri they do something of that sort when .they dam up parts of low places, or streams which they allow to fill up with rain water for use of the stock during dry times. -It seems to be a necessary precaution where people depend so largely upon springs as they do there. For I have been told that while many of those springs seem everlasting, yet thera are many others which ate aff«et- fd by dry weather, and fail to give the needed supply of water. • Gardens are drying up very badly. Some of them are complete failures. In many cases these are where they are most needed. Gardens have needed constant care this season, more than ever, in niany cases the man of the family did not have time to help in caring for the garden, and it has suffered in consequence. es Aug. 23-Sept. 1. More Interpretations on NRA Employers Are Expected to Observe Spirit as Well as Letter of Agreement WASHINGTON (UE)-Here are answers to questions regarding pecific problems raised by Pres> ent Roosevelt's voluntary mployment agreements: re- **£**«,. Charlie Kathhen Drouth Serious Over Half of State CHEESE: Twins 13%<g'13%; which will be shown at the Capi- longhorns 13%@14. \ tal Thursday. The story centers POTATOES: On track 13S: ar- j around a sadistic mariim.n who rivals 2S: shipments 201: market j uses savage beasts instead of ih? •"'" (Cii-Approximate ly one-half of Iowa's corn fields are in need of rain the weekly wea iher crop report issued by Federal Meteorologist Charles D. Reed said Wednesday. Western and southern i i IK* have made slight Progress m the past week because <5f drouth. Russles. Lionel \t«ill. h . etsai <J- The remainder of the Burke th* -Parth-rr ip aies i933 corD cr °P made excei- Woman." Randolph Scott. John! 160 ' Progress. Ix>dge. and Gail Patrick play lead- ' A ^ evere ho « cholera outbreak in roles in "Mnrders in the Zoo." no «aeastern Iowa counties was re- dull. Answers to Test Questions by Reed. More than 350 are dying of an especially it type of the disease. „ The outbreak started over a wide conventional mnrder""w?apon? to a f ea thereby increasing the danger carry out his vicious plan?. <°' an epidemic infection. ID cemers Jealousy :s the motive all the;£ r ln iection only immunized herdP through. The animal? sre the." ave escaped Reed said. of the marhinstions of t . A . n °ther development in the state Q—Can an employer work an mploye in a retail store during be rush period in the morning, nd then release him until another busy period begins in mid- afternoon? A—This would be interpreted as a violation of the spirit of the agreement. Q—Are luncheon and rest periods deductable from tbe number of hoars worked to bring the total within the specified number? A—Yes. within reason. Prolonged luncheon and rest periods would be regarded, however, as opposed to the spirit of the No. agreement. Q—Is an employer obliged to retain all present employes, regardless of their efficiency? A— Xo, there is nothing in the agreement compelling an employer to retain particular employes, provided the ones he hires are paid at least the minimum wage. Q—what would prevent an employer from discharging per- rate codes of fair competition are concerned? A—Yes. Q—Are railroads affected and will dispatchers, operators, conductors and trainmen be put on shorter work weeks? A—It has been assumed that railroads are not under the NRA. Tbe NRA has not made a specific ruliftg. Q—Does the NRA affect workers on large estates, gardeners, {chauffeurs, maids, etc.? A—No. Q—How will hotel employes be affected? .1—They will be regarded as ''service" employes with a maximum work week of 40 hours and graduated minimum pay depending on the size of their city. Q—Will there be any objection to agreements for uniform opening and closing hours in stores of any given city? A— provided the stores" do not reduce their hours below the 52 specified in paragraph 2 of the agreement. Q—A waitress is paid SO cents a day and tips, cents be raised to Must the 80 the minimum eons now the minimum receiving more than and hiring inexperienced workers at lower pay, thus creating a now group of un \] A—This would be i a violation of the j agreement to spread employment and increase wages. There is no wage of J14? A—The unofficial interpretation is that tips may be counted in computing the total weekly remuneration. Q—Can an employer force em- ployes to take time off during the day to come within the hour limit on a Besn s are full of bloom but form few pods. It looks like few early beans will be canned. IB rain should come soon there might be an abundance of late beans, either from the early planting, or from beans which have been recently planted. There win probably be plenty of sweet com for home canning and drying. For it would not require the out-put of many sweet com fields to supply Ames and vicinity. Some of the regions farther from Ames, as eastern Story county, have bad more rain and will prob- pbly have better sweet corn. I lov» the home dried sweet corn. if well done, it Is delicious. Husk, silk and scald awe€t corn ears when .lust right for the table. Cut layer from kernels and scrape remainder out. Put fn well-greased dripping pans in the oven until well cooked but not browned. Have ready clean cloths on' boards, to spread the corn out on. Cover with white mosqufto netting and put in the sun. Two or three days are required to dry it sufficiently. If, may then be tied in the mosquito bar for a short time longer, and hung where it may be shaken fr«^ nuently, tc rid it of any dampness. Some do not scald corn before cutting it from thf cob. Apples were formerly dried in great quantities at nearly every farwhonse. Now canning or nro- c?ssJn.e ha* almost taken the plar* of drying. But no plan efems to inst taVo th- place of dryJnjt the corn. It Is an entirely different dish from cannfd corn. ?* I IULII* Uii. --.*«-fc..^.«*- r .-- -•--••••'vDic^i.Cfi ,, t Frf Gor- durin K the week as reported by i provision in thr hlankg t asrve- ~" £5^^ ^1 . .1 • _ _ _ _ . „ * I *n*\*** tf,f n T'ftri/ift f\n r\tit»L! r« r* n tl <n* perv?md mind of man. big-game collector, who He«=d was an Impending seed short ment for » «Port «"> personnel guards his beautiful wife from the' 3 .* 6 >*_Crawford snd Lucas coun ! an ? w , a K ( - the day. Section schedule? may not violate tbe cgreement bylnf to take unrea-1 of time off dor-1 Home cnnned corn, if well done, is nut as far ahead of boairbt n (•"nTKrt corn as sweet corn i? ahead fMd corn, in moat folks p*. dislike to r<*coiimi?ad canning of corn, for th* rcn- of the c on fhnf so attentions of othfr mon. but a question- ^' s fine "of ties - Both hay'and grain harve8r«' nalre is to hf ' dlfitriblltt>d °" It1 ' ft j 'Q-! asreeraent pled.ees the employer luck with ft. "not to use any subterfuge to --.--.» frustrate th« spirit and intent of 1. Columbus. Georgia. his admirers goes tn de»th in !he| in tile couniits have been reduced I African junRlr. the second in the! b - T drouth,-he said. Threshing of An 'institntlon for th* educa- ; lion of negroes. . ! «Qo where Charli? Ru?glfs. thf oafs ' and barley is progress. prfss apent, has «r-i l °* rapidly. In most sections of jrangot a socir-y hanqtiPt to raise : tne »Ute, yields In most instance* ONK ROOM APARTMENTS. 4. Svvit*i»rlai V , 5. John E. Mack, of N'\v York fi. r»pnm»rk. 7. Banholnvw und Dlrgo. S. Frencli jtrulptor iiul 10 U j and endowment fund for thf anl-! are mals. Thp Grten Mamb.- Is found sr -d- to he at larRp. tlif zoo is closed i Fcw and ih^ rlty is urmtrivl The! f " r loos rt ih<» 7. sn:'iiin? below previous records, acres or timothy were cut this year, nliho there * p Abundance ol ..«-! for i lie en^ no and real contribution ploynient will be deprived of tbej blue ea^le. Q—How do thf smaller ployers rofeiv ment forms? hnvf. niido! •" ls there any "Citation ha\e made, the max!mum hou , to re-em-j of a , tore or !>sked for my do not hftv<> How*v«»r. »s I with Inck for many ycar». h«rr Have th° ?orn a.« freshly zal »* r x>aslb!f>. F*T^»«re, and dip (n A—Xo. j ^-oiifnar vator. or -ot. i.i you wj»h. Q—Is & barber Included in eh* I It SM^AM 1*i,r- whfn pr-parln*- If !4U-hour limitation? A—-Yes, the jif ha? h^n h.v./tlnj>«!. To *i«hf*>* n •(employments Hated unfier rhej<-ups of rorn add on« rop I arently will b<- »n clover -j,,] a ||.i!i i «.. thi> blank agree-j^rvire category, whose hoars A—if the fftrnmiTvould be limltH to 40 fnelud* are not received thru thr mail |h«auty parlor operator* elevator they may be obtained at the local | operators. rtsUnrant postofflco. V— t>o • 'be public utilUleii «ct so au drivers, janitors, delivery men, and n!llag one w>?p. and 4 v«rv grant cup salt. Fill jars '<-, an inrh of top. »n<f coolr la boi?»-r thr** h/>ur* ftf xi: It., mix ?.ri'! cook **)! d1 a HUlt mi!k m><* «r«imv. Kett boiitHK hot

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