Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 15, 1965 · Page 3
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 3

Ironwood, Michigan
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Saturday, May 15, 1965
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SATURDAY, MAY 15, 1?63. IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN THREI Six Cases Listed By Iron County Circuit Court Six civil cases are on the dock- Citizens Express Interest in Grand View Hospital Problem proved by the- Hill-Burton of! ficials. | "Surveys and studies by the, Division of Hospital and Medical reduced to $400,000 by a I Facilities, competent architects Burton grant because a BESSEMER—Interest in t h e problem of the Grand View Hospital and proposals for solution, was expressed by leaders of men's and women's civic clubs, city and county officials and others, who were guests of the hos- of the Fire Marshal and the De-| a " d otner experts report remod- partment of Health by the end! ellng and addition to be imprac ' Of 1966. "What deficiencies have been tical and costly. "Do the people associated with ithe '---pital agree that a program reported by the Michigan Depart- of rem0 deling is unwise? ment of Health? et for the May term of Ir o County Circuit Court which will j Wednesday Evening. Presidi n g open on Monday, May 17, In the | was Raymond Rigoni, chairman Courthouse at Hurley. i ° f the nost board. All of the cases are civil suits that are listed for jury trials unless the cases are settled be- Interest and concern was evidenced by the numerous of questions posed by those present in fore coming to trial. There are'the discussion following the pre- no criminal cases on the docket. : sentation by hospital administra- ' tor Frank A. Drazkowski, Jr., of that the but a by td The report does not indicate all j agree that remodeling Is unwise. deficiencies but in a general "From a practical standpoint way reflects the major prob- the building, facilities, equip- lems. The most significant por-1 ment and mechanical operations tion of that report is quoted as "A. Initially it was felt They are toe numerous to remodeling and upgrading the bestjinswer isjound i facility might be possible ~, ,., „ , analysis in this nearly $800,000 to remodel and add to an old structure even if j the cost to the community wasi Hill- ; n e w i modern hospital costing nea r 1 y one-half million dollars can foel had for this same cost to the community. I say again, it is quite unlikely that Hill-Burt. o n would participate in a remodel-; ing project. This means that the local public would have to pay the entire cost, about S800.000. may be had by f a 8400,000 bond issue. "In concluding I wish to say that the hospital is in sound fi- Land o' Lakes Convention of SPBSQSA Held follows: Judge Lewis J. Charles of Ashland will preside during the term. Monday's session will be devoted to calling of the calendar, the disposition of minor matters and the holding of pretrial conferences. If, after the conferences, any cases are scheduled for trial, the first trial will begin on Monday, May 24. .Jury lists for, the term have! been released by Court Clerk i Mrs. Fred Ebli of Hurley. Thirty-six Iron County residents : are obsolete as well as worn out. Even though the building ap- •The hospital is to be compli- pears to be in good condition, a a"n<r answers to the i mentcd on tne 9 ontinuecl renova- person must look beyond the sur- frequently asked by^«!J£?fJ!£^ e ^ s <* reTaUve° r to°the"hos J -- tluilding improvements dur i n g doctors, nursesT mainten"a n c e !ers and n a n c i a 1 condition, it capably serves the community he a 11 'i needs, and plays an important role ir the area economy. I am confident we will continue ou r •eputation if the vot- Hill-Burton authorities pital problem. Noting that the hospital is op the past five years. However, it men, food service and other hos- becomes more evident, as time, pital workers in order to see that Noting inat ine nospiiai is op- es that , t is impossible to jt is dlfficult to provlde mode rn crating under temporary certif- remodel the bllllrt , niy t n hrino- it->,.„,.„ a nrt t r p a t.mpnt in a hnenitai ication from the state fire marshal, which expires in 1966. Drazkowski commented on the future of the hospital in the event i that no positive action is taken i to comply with the fire mar- | remodel the building to bring it care and treatment in a hospital to present day standards, and i designed more than a half cen- still carry on day to day mainte-! inance needs and show give us the opportunity so." Presiding as chairman of the Progress in each phase of work, The reports furnisned tury ago. While we feel the quality of our patient care and service is commendable, and we this have many complimentary let- ishal's mandates, before the close of 1966. To the question are listed on the regular J u r y | pltal be closed ?" Drazkowski panel and 18 others are on thei = , rt . t that pvpn tvmiieh rhp division to the hospital, date d'ters from patients, inspect o r s, September, 1959, May, 1960 and state officials and others to bear Can the hos- l June ' 1961 list many needed im-' this out, we must recognize that, _ . nrntromontc tn f-V\o nV»ircir»ol nlant • fliio io nnni-\mr\1ic?V\*srf "H-io 1-iovH provements to the physical plant, this is accomplished "the hard meeting. Rigoni. chairman of the hospital fioarcl of trustees. congratulated guests present for their participation in the recent Community College promotion which resulted in the successful resolution of the college problem at the polls. their aSlorfat'the tneu action at tne reserve panel. They were picked) state DeDartment of Health can- ovation of the surgical suite, pro- ; constant major breakdowns of by the Iron County Circuit; Court | irrr „,.„_," thp hnsnital rinsed it ' vision ol a complete cent r a 1 heating, plumbing and electrical ""— ...... refuse to ?en?w the license ! sterile - ««•««„ - 1C1USC IU 1CIICW II1C HLCIIOC | . . „ polls on Monday, the people of commissioners. Mrs. Ebli said .jurors should not report for duty until they receive notice from the Sheriff's Department. Following is the regular jury list: H u r 1 e y—J o h n Dimpe r i o, equipment prove this. and them the hospital cannot financially sustain itself; it becomes ineligible for participation in Blue Cross; it cannot receive payment for care of welfare and other public assistance patients; Briefly these cover complete ren- ;way." Poorly located serv i c e s, thfi county have come of age . The feeling of apathy, defeat and frustration of a few years a 'ago is replaced by vision, confi- , , , dence, assurance and faith in jor breakdown. . J the future of our area. n ..„ t „ Ulhly "From a financia standpoint j .. We cannot deny that this patient care areat>. |new construction is the sensible i c j lanse of attitude can onlv Utility units include nursing sta- j solution because the Hill-Burton be engendered through department, com witho n ti plete renov ation of the food serv-j week ice department with new equipment and renovation of are as in some m - __^ , , • « i * n 11 * I VU11V* J. MW *j»»w wuu»uuMiaw^* I*** *••»•"-"** i Edward Gibbons Jr., Russell A.; and m commercial insurance La u r e n, Frances Bertolu z za, companies wlll not pay for services in an unlicensed and uncertified hospital. This won 1 d reduce the source of income by about a quarter of a million dol- _ m _,,._.. lars per year, without which the Pence-Mrs. Emelia Reinerio hospital could not survive. Oth- Mrs. Adele Rainaldo, Jo h n Bino Jr., Carl Strom, J a m es Erietti, Arthur Zanella, Al ta e rt N. Pedri and ti. Irs. Cora Calvet- *,*:n*,» , ... y ' autnntes The Land o'Lakes convention of the SPEBSQSA was held April 30-May 2 in Rochester, Minn. The Socie t y for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbers hop Quartet. Singing in America is international in scope. In Canada and the United States there are 675 chapters with a combined membership of 30.000. The society is geographically divided into 15 districts, the boundaries of which are established by the international board of directors. The Ironwood Cloverland Chapter belongs 10 the belongs to the Land o'Lakes clis- to do trict which has 76 chapters and about 3.000 members. One of the highlights of the district convention was an address given by Internal! o n a 1. President Al Smith, Fort h, Worth. Tex. Of great interest were his comments on iogopf- dics ancl the Institute at Wichita. Kan., established for the purpose of aiding children who h«vr.> speech defects. Aiding such children has been adopted as one of the goals of the international society. The slogan of the society is "We Sing That They Shall Speak." The district has select- ected a child that they will send to the institute as soon as the necessary funds have been raised. The local chapter has gone on record supporting the on the Cloverland Chorus Parade of Quartets showed held last year, and also included in Hie top four was the Hut Four who appeared as the headliner in this year's ihow. The chorus that won top honors in A division was the Minneapolis Commo- dist r i c t $ or chorus, a group of 60 men. The Fargo-Morehead Ch o r u s. selected at the Stevens Point Convention last fall, will repre- .sent the district in Boston m June. The Minneapolis uioup has competed as champion.- previously so will be ineligible to compete in Boston In "B" division, in which category Ironwood is listed, the top chorus chosen was the New Lisbon Chor u s , New Lisbon. Wis. The Cloverland Chapter has been organized since 1952 ancl at, present has 33 members. President this year is Ken Tjernlund. first vice president is Final PTA Meeting For Year Is Monday ONTONAOON—The final meeting of the Parent-Teacher Association for the current school year will be held Monday evening at 8 at the high school auditorium. Due to the many other springtime activities, it has been decided not to have a program at the final meeting. The meeting will consist of winding up all old business and turning the second half of the meeting over to the new officers. Outgoing president Ted Meindl has asked all committee chairmen to have final reports ready for this meeting. All parents are asked to attend the meeting. Athletic Banquet to Be Held on Tuesday ONTONAGON — The annual Gene Zandi second vice presi- Ontonagon High Scnool Atnlet ic dent is Lloyd Lehto. secretary is - - - - Ernest Kent, treasurer is Swen Sunic. and director is Dr. Doyle Hoopingarnei. Attending t h e district convention at Rochester froiT tne Cloverland Chorus - vas Johr Parotaek and as offici a 1 delegate. Ken Tjernlund. The Cloverland Chorus meets every Wednesday evening at the Lake Superior District Power Co. substation lunch room on Pine Street in Ironwood. Warning Given On Insurance Banquet, will be held Tuesday evening at 6:30 at the school cafeteria. Mr. Ferzacca, head faculty coach of Northern Michigan University. Marquette. will be the speaker. An invitation is extended to all fathers of the athletes to be in attendance. Ontonagon Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hawley and children have returned to Milwaukee, after spending a few days visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ned Hawley, and other relatives here. aggres- v™ nr n-nri n n „ « rooms, janitors closets and oth- 1 grant of about one half of the. Dlp ]ike or rolat'Orl famliHnc *.«*„! „«„*. ;x 4-1-..^.. n n*s..* n .. A «- u n i "^^ *i^C • . ' - t P " £ V V « * ' sive leadership provided by peo- action of the district. er related facilities. "What would be the cost correcting all deficiencies you. This ported by the fire marshal and; the department of health? "A. Minimal correction of all total cost, if they approve thei must cont inue: 01 need of a hospital on the western | s t ar ted on the re-'find of the county and if " we leadership • have only foi • a f deficiencies was estimated by the: and addition project Is unlike y firm of Harold St. Clair Starin.lSS even if Ft was the cost to * " il ™**' llc cu LANSING lAPi—State Insur- Mr. and Mrs. George Heinz ance Commissioner Allen May- have returned from Sebring, erson Friday issued a warning! Fla.. where they spent the last One of the primary purpos e s to Michigan residents that if : three months, of district conventions is to hold they buy insurance from un-' Mr and Mrs Arnold Cane and quartet ancl chorus: competitions licensed out-of-state insurance; Daughter have returned to Men- m hn « n ivprr to select the best <l uartets and companies, they do so at their | asha after vis iti n g his mother, to DC soivea, choruses that will compete at the j own risk. ' Mrs Gus c Cane for a few These unauthorized companies j ^ ays ' ' - - nrnvirips thP nprp SUfflClenCy ' tch inds A Hilll|a eve , ral P^ blem by the P - Ub " C '" thC nea - r ! international contests held usu- to reorgamzat and Domenic Reinerio. ir HI Montreal-Stanley Mrozins k i been in tne same predicament; Albin Gulan, Ami Nasi and Mildred Kopacz. Saxon — Dorothy LaFort u n e and George Baker. Carey—Hilda Rokola. Mercer—Theodore Allen, Hilda Schultz and Virgie Flesch. Manitowish—Ruth Startz and Alvina Sleight. Gile—Lloyd Erickson. nave I Architects, at $467,400 but would the public would be about $400,reduce the bed capacity to 54. ooo. and for this same amount Oma— Raymond Tom Popko Sr. comply and lost their license and certification and are now closed. The number of hospitals operating in Michigan has few years, said the speaker To the question "Why is Grand View in danger of losing its license?" Drazkowski pointed out that the deficiencies are in the v e to reorganizat i o n ; a ny in June or j u iy. This June'operate outside the provisions ofi . school districts, political units | tne international convention will! the state insurance code. Mayer- Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Gauth'- and others. ; be neld in Boston, Mass. At the'son said. They are not subject Mer have arrived to spend the 1 ' ^ convention held in Rochest e r, i to the jurisdiction of the state j summer at their home at Silver Their opinion of such a plan is a new modern hospital can expressed in their letter of De- i had. cember 26, 1962. I quote from "How does the hospital that letter. " 'This is a minimal program. be De pro- Saari r. n d | physical plant which is obsolete • as compared with hospital stand- Iron Belt—Morse Oberto, Li l-| a ,-ds to date. The hospital, built for a short period but you would still have an inefficient, obsolete pose to finance new construction at a cost of nearly one and one-half million dollars? "A. Present plans, subject to approval by Hill-Burton authori- "Th e s e achievements create an atmosphere to entice industry to this area, which in turn will create jobs, and will keep our youth here, and rebuild our economy," he said. preliminary contests were held j Insurance Department, they pay Saturday afternoon in which 241 no premium taxes and many 7 Area Men shortof the needs of the area. It 17o.bed hospital at a cost of i/n DfO/f Call would only postpone the day | about $1,400,000. This can be fi- •*••*••» ^*viii when much more extensive work | nanced by a governmental grant LANSING (AP) hospital and one that would fall : ties, are to construct a modern would be required. lian Kentala and Kimball—Oscar of some $700,000 which will be John Oberto. more than 40 years ago was de- "™ example the size of the provided „ a ' bond lssue ln the ™^!H « o t;,?irP»in R i« ,,nit.-1 P atlent rooms in the hospital are amount of S4 o 0 .000 is authorized Hariu, John| S i gned as a tuberculosis unit; Peterson and Helen Massogl i a. | general practice was not in op l! definitely less than the minimum at a spec ial election to be held Sherman—Crescensiana Walk- • D voHnr, nnt.n iQ9Fi in nririit.inn tn slze required by State regulation some time this summer. A nor- Sherman—Crescensiana Walk er. Upson—Buckley Peterson. On the reserve panel list are: Hurley—Mrs. Eugene Schiavo, Natalie Haglund, Louis Lopez, Joe Erspamer. Gordon Thomas, until 1925. In addition to obsolete fac i 1 i t i e s for patient j care, the wear and tear of usej necessit a t e s replacement some time this summer. A por- A nominal compliance has been tion of tne governmental grant _ achieved by including in of i ****** slze of tne the includes an amount allowed by area ; wisconsinHill-Burtonofficiai* for , JCtcai » b a , c o ^«.~...~.. plumbing, heating and electrical! 0 ^ tne Knarro *. corn dor between Wisconsin population served by systems Citing appraisal by theijjf P""^ ^^n , "^he hospital. The remaining costs able l °°™ area ' How lo »g Wlll Department of Health, of the will be financed by hospital ______ r _______ ______ ..... _______ . , . Mable E. Sorvala, Max Pretti I professional and administrat i ve tne regulating agencies accept earnings in the next two years ____ 3 •. . ___ n ___ _.,. — ., ^AwA^.kjw*w* i** .... I cim)l g ctrainorf infm'nvototirt>i c\f i ____ . _ , ____ . ______ , ____ ..,_ ,.-_. and Mrs. Beverly Galka. Carey—Dennis DeRosso. Mercer—Erwin Schultz and Helen O'Meara. Kimball—Irene Arthur and Violet Pelkola. Iron Belt—Angelo Luppino and Edward Wiita. Upson—Darlene Mickschl. M.o n t r e a 1 —Lauri Rosenburg. Oma—Aunie Saari. functions of the hospital, pointed out that there is no criticism of the performance of these functions. a strained , rules? Tnis ^P 6 of ofi and a long term loan. We feel j it advisable to make a long work lf done term loan in order to lessen the bur den on Gogebic County tax- J0bs '• quartets competed. Of the quartets nine were selected for the evening finals. Ten choruses appeared in the evening competition. The contests are judged by a panel of from five to 10 judges for points in the following cate- ' gories: Arrangement, harm o n y — Michigan! accuracy, voice expression, bal- draft boards will induct 1,009 ; ance and blend and stage pres- men for Army service in June— ence. The rules are strict and are in such poor financial condition that they cannot pay valid claims, he said. Mayerson said there are more than 900 legally licensed insurance companies 'operating in Michigan and these offer a sufficient needs coverage of all. to serve the the state's highest levy since points January 1962, the Selective Serv- viation from any ice office has reported. ' categories. The top four quartets It attributed the increased call | and an alternate chosen at the to a drop in voluntary enlist-1 evening contest will represent ment. Inductees will be 20 years I the district at the international and older. i competition to be held at The quotas by counties in-i Boston convention in June. Golf League Plans i uc i uico aitoLiiv^ainj..^ .. . kl" Li are deducted for any de-lMCCt Monday Night of the above the eludes: 3. Gogebic 4; Ontonagon It is of interest locally that one of the top quarters chosen in the finals was the Fantastics, ONTONAGON—A meeting of the Wo m e n's Twilight Golf League will be held Mond a y evening at 7:30. Anyone interested in playing in the league this summer is invited to attend whether they have been previously contacted or not. It is important that as many as possible attend so that a schedule In answer to the questions he i time consuming. Unless the need- payers and provide a means of said' i ed amount of study is given to! requiring others who use the "Why is Grand View going to eacn Problem, the project as a: hospital (people from Iron Coun- lose its license? whole is likely to be unsatisfac-i ty, Wisconsin, for example) to "A. Under authority of sever-, to fi' and extravagant." al laws the Michigan Depart-: Avo Hlovo """"" •"""' Are there other solutions? ment of Health is responsible for establishment of rules and "A. There are. One is to remod- the existing building with a List Students On Honor Roll At Mass School MASS — The Mass High School honor roll for the second marking period is as follows: Grade 12—Pamela Baullin g e r snare j n the cost of construction. it is planned to finance this over a period of 30 years so that it will be paid by all the people who use it for the next 30 minimum standards for patient! 2 9: Ded addition. This would pro- _ _„ care facilities. It is also respon- Vlde a < 4 -°ed hospital. The latest; years rather than only those who sible for inspection, licens u r e ! architectural estimate was $658,-; use it in the next few years, and certification of hospitals.' 000 but dld not include majorj "What will a 8400,000 bond is- For several years Grand View equipment needs estimated to; SU e cost the taxpayers of Go- has had difficulty in complying be about $135,000. However, such j gebic County with the rules and minim u m a Program is considered inadvis-1 "A. Based on anticipated min- standards. Each year has be- able - Tne officials responsible i imum state equalized valuation, come more difficult. Most of the. for tne administration of H i 11-jit will cost the taxpayers Va mill, Burton funds (Hill-Burton is;or 50 cents per $1,000 valuation. deficiencies partment of noted by the Health relate De- USE DAILY GLOBE WANT-ADS I who appeared as the headliner| can be worked out. City, after spending the winter months at their home at St. Petersburg, Fla. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Peneg o r and sons have returned to Abbotsford, Wis., after spending a few days visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Penegor, here, and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Chaput, White Pine. A special meeting of the Ontonagon Aerie of Eagles will be held Monday evening at 8 at the Eagle Hall. Important business is on the agenda for the meeting and all officers and members are asked to attend. The Rev. David Musall has announced that Rev. Robert Paul of Hancock will be the guest speaker at the. wors h i p service at St. Paul's Lutheran Church Sunday evening at 7:30 p.m. Sunday School will meet at the regular hour, 10 a.m. NewCHevy custom camper to! tne name commonly used in re- j This means a taxpayer having physical plant, facilities, equipment and plant operation. Basi(all A'si; Kathleen Hoi s k a, cally Rule 1 of the Department John Leaman. Ann Marttin e n requires compliance with (all A'st: Sharon Miilu (all housing law of Michigan, the A's); Rodney Myllymaki, Bruce i rules and regulations of the Pihlaja, Thomas Plutchak, San-:State Fire Marshal and the dra Savela fall A's): Val e r i e I State Plumbing Code. The 1962 Spitz (all A's). Karen Tahtinen. reports of the Department of Preliminary cost estimate for Grade 11 — Lila Ahola (a 1 1 Health and Fire Marshal, which modern ™-bed hospital complete A's); Ted Coffey. John Fezzey. will be referred to later, indi- witn equipment is approximately Carole Lampi, Shirley Leaman jcate the nature of Grand View's $MOQ,000. However, before final (all,A's); Marcus Pietila. Mary]problems. Raaska. Carolyn Rogers, W i 1- liam Savela, Christine Turin. to the hospital govern- : a valuation of $1,000 would pay a penny a week. Those with a valuation of $3,000 would pay 3 a week. Incidentally, a $3,000 valuation is higher than the average residential valuation in Gogebic County. Some people will pay more than 3 cents a week but most will pay less. Summary: "These 10 questions and answers present briefly the prob- the! lem confronting us and the pos- ment grant program) consider it unwise because of the diffi- t h e culty in remodeling and integral- cents ing the facility into an effinient, economical and functional unit. "Another solution is the construction of a new hospital. The a costs can be determined, Grade Matthew 10 —- Michael Coffey, "What major fire regulati o n bed capacity, facilities and serv-1 sible solutions. In summary we deficiencies exist at the hospital? i ices must be decided and ap-1 feel it is not sensible to spend A. To enumerate the many Ablskog, James Dan-1 deficiencies would take m uc h iels, Bradley Hoiska, Marl e n e Kaarto (all A's): Donald LeMoine, Connie Miilu, Wesley Niemi, Jarnes Peterson, Marcia Pietila. Grade 9 — Pauline H a r j u, Helen Kaurala, Sara Laa k k o, Valerie Leimantine, Sara Marttinen, James McConnell, Bon- time, but a summary of the July, 1962 inspection report of the Fire Marshal shows there were 25 j deficiencies. Six were minimal, i involving less than $1,000 in cost. The remaining 19 were major deficiencies requiring sprinkler systems, major remodeling and complete replacement of the el- nie Miilu, Thomas Miilu, Sharon ectrical system. Peterson, Barbara Savela, Rose "Can the hospital get an ex- Ann Savela, Linda Store. (tension of time in which to corn- Grade 8—Donald Anttila, Wen- ply with these requirements? dy Baullinger (all A'st; Melody Coffey, Eugene Fiszer, Linda Harju (all A's): Harold Lampi, Randolph Mackey, Diana Ollila. Grade 7—Evelyn Anttila, William Fezzey, Dianne Guilbault, Anita Harju, Kerry K o m u, Christine LeMoine, Fern Malila, Sandra Miilu, Betsy Morris, Bernice Penegor, Cheryl Peters o n. Jane Plutchak, Nancy Sav e 1 a, Donna Siren, Jerry Trudeau. RELIABLE Plumbing Fixtures and Workmanship is aur motto. CALL} 932-0793 ... or 932-3030 A. EVAR ANDERSON & SON Mich. A Wis. Licenstd Master Plumbers "A. The hospital has been on an extension of time since October, 1963. After several meetings with the State Fire Marshal an agreement was reached where by the minor deficiencies were corrected, some deficiencies were permitted with the understanding there would be an addition to the existing hospital or a new hospital fully complying with all regulations IN WARM AIR HEATING MORE FAMILIES BUY LEHHOX THAN ANY OTHER MAKE Stilwill Heating Company 328 E. Aurora Dial 132-3600 MAY IS FIX-UP MONTH HEADQUARTERS Everything You Need In One Step • Roofing • Paint • Brushes • Noils, Hardware • Insulation • Lumber Iron County Lumber & Fuel Phon* 561-3161 Hurley, Wis. a pickup specially equipped for camper service! Just add a camper body and head for the hills! This new pickup comes equipped for vacation fun with heavy-duty rear shock absorbers and auxiliary springs, oversize 7.50 x 16 tires, front stabilizer bar, a pair of big side mirrors, radio and deluxe heater, tinted windshield, full-depth foam seat plus many other pleasant appointments. 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