Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 18, 1955 · Page 13
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 13

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 1955
Page 13
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Dial PA-2-4600 for » WANT AD (1 Ttker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD- TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1?55_ THIRTEEN New Opeiti • NEW , YORK -(INS)- The. Met . Topolitan Opera. Assoclatici has approved.plans for Ihe construction of a new.opera house in New York Cily. . . j : . • Tie hoard of directors of the opera" association agreed yesler- dt.y to inform Parks Commission,4| flohert Moses that it would co- ipraleAwill] him in sponsoring a 'new house in the' 1 Lincoln Squire of the city, " • • The new site is on the west side of Manhattan between 62nd "ant 64th Streets.-'•"• A board member said (lie association hsd raised about two thirds of the money purchase land at.the new,site, to demolish the existing buildings and relocate the tenants. it was understood the price of the land was about $1,000,000. The present opera house was built in 1883 apd has been''con- sidered, .obsolete for years. The board also announced, that H had agreed "in.principle" to a European ibur for the Metropolitan Opera in Ilie fall of 1957. Pokan is Hie Indian name foi the marten; a brown bushy-tailed fur bearer- that lives in trees northern forests. American citizens have given ever $2.600,000,000 for new. rclig ious structures in the past -five years, reports the American Assn of Fund-Raising Counsel, Inc. tJatwrth's Counsel By Mail ive Kdltor'i Note: . Corrciinontlent won". , tiers how tg keep mind alwt niter • 40tlr birthday.' ' ; : " . DKAIi MA11Y IlAWORtH: I am| vriting-abdut a problem that may' concern'others of your readers in my age-group.- The question—how can .a-person of 40 keep his (or ier)/mlnd alert and keen? Is there any'publication outlining exercises n memory and concentration,-that tave proved markedly effective? For the past year, approximate..', 1 have grown painfully aware of a slowing-down - of my mental ,„ processes—even though 1 am in the id business world'and have plenty of jpportunity. (and need) to keep active. 1 abide by the rules of good health. I don't drink or smoke, and I supplement a good diet witli vitamins. After a.complete physical checkup, with blood tests, etc., my doc: Lor says 1 am in excellent condition; so my complaint can't have an organic basis.. Also 1 have no personal unhappiness from which I might be trying to "escape", into a mental fog. My life has. been extraordinarily free of "unhappy situations." It is common, knowledge that older persons think and learn more slowly;, but 'older" age? .°f Should mental deterioration strike with such a vengeance when there are • no other sighs of change or aging? I was planning to return to tin university for some postgraduate work; |but have almost lost the self-confidence it takes to compel; witli the. keen minds' of. the'younger students'."'.'In fact my.fuzzy brain s undermining my self-confidence n many, respects .-'. : ..-' Your column-represents an omui- ng cross-cut of humanity and we are"continuously impressed by your >enetrating /but . sympathetic, insight. •'., We often wonder if your 'patients" have the strength ol character to abide by your.advice. Jut alas, the lasf chapter of the story is never djvulged.—R J5. DEAR R.;S.: Assuming your diagnostician finds no organic dis- irder to account for your mental dullness this past year, then the cause, very likely, is emotional or neurotic. ... Your age, 40, would not of itself bring a. sudden dip in the ability to concentrate, learn and think. However, an. undertow of unconscious fears of social failure, loneliness,- old age, death, etc., and a complex of unfaced frustrations, that were newly agitated by your reaching 40 — which'may-be a turning-point age to you — could be clouding your faculties nowadays. Your tentative idea of returning to college for postgraduate study suggests time on your hands, and nothing resolved thus far, as regards your life work. '-.. It- also suggests a backward- turning grope, towards what you may feel were "the best years of your life" — namely, the college ige years of looking ahead, blindly optimistic that the future would mrely turn out for the best. . SPOERLS GARAGE SALES 205 N. Mechanic St. Cumberland, Md, SERVICE 28 N, George St. l Just happen to have a picture ofboti, of 'em in my pocket... ...and in another pocket I have a BANKBOOK for each! Start your loved ones on the road to thrift — and the rewards that it brings. Open a savings account with us for each member of the family, and make eyery- payday deposits. • ' ' > NEXT PAYDAY IS A GOOD i TIME TO BEGIN ! £rom which I infer that your esent situation, at home and in usincss, is pretty stale,. routine id unsatisfactory, as emotional re. • • Probably you live alone, very If-engrossed, careful about your calth, etc. — which, combined ith perfunctory wage-earning, ves you little to live for, in terms vital involvement .with human! Such involvement consists of de- otional interchange with spouse, lildren and loved friends; and oi een adventurous interest in pro- ssional or other, work for which ne is specially suited. ' You say your life has been ex- aordinarily free of unhappy situ:ions; that you .have no persona: :ihappiness from which you mighl e trying to escape into a mental Perhaps this means you are a Qlitary person, without close ties, terefore without relationship trials — and losing tone as a personality very lack of humanizing ex criences, so to speak. Another point:. You impute your altering a. slow ng-down process. But 1 think lat's getting the cart before thi orse — and that your deeply shak n self-confidence is really a frui f fear-of-aging. You are nervously weighing ourself against the upcoming com etition of younger people, because ou've begun to.feel you haven' ot what it. takes to succeed sig nificantly, before you die; as al eady you feel "past the prime" idging by the calendar and you ecord so far. My advice is to get acquainlec -ith .your unconscious emotional ontenl,. via psychiatric inquiry, tiink the trouble matter is locate licre.-M. H. ...... Mary Haworth counsels through her column, not by mail or personal interview. Write her in care ol The Ev«ninR Timei. Jtic-Yarders 4828 SIZES i2-?o fly Boulevard to Open To VehiculiirTraf& S<H>n • Cdly Boulevard will be open for ffic within two weeks when flood otection project work at its infection with Avirelt Avenue is upleted. • Tiie E. J. Albrecht. Company, lich is doing the wo^k in con- nction with the' West Side flood ree, had already poured apprpx- lately half, the concrete in the fl-foot portion of the s(rect which is raised. . The work is being done to.tic in he boulevard with the West Side .evee along the Potomac River and :ho B&O properly. By raising the street to Us present level the roadway will be ati/p the levee wall. Wcanwiiile, traffic, to and from [he Kelly Springfield plant and the river plant of th» Potomac Edison Company as well as residences in .hat area, .is being rerouted over A flood project official said (hat Patterson Avenue. me 200 feet of the'double side the roadvay has had the con- etc poured on top of the seven- ot fill which raised the street to e level of the Baltimore and Ohio ailroad tracks. Another section of 100 feet had e concrete poured yesterday on e side. Albreeht officials hope to ave the entire street completed the end of this week. Approximately a. week will be quired to let the concrete sc efore the boulevard can be again jene'd to traffic. Still to be finished, also, is the urbing and sidewalks on both des o.' the street. Drainage pipin; as finished when the'fill was put The street probably will be open- d to one-way traffic during the tter part of the operation. . . It also was pointed out that work is progressing'satisfactorily along the West Virginia side of the river where some 300 feet of levee, wall lias been erected and is now ready for top soil and seeding. 'Nearly 1,000 additional feet of the levee is now under construction on Rheumatism-Arthritis NEURITIS—SCIATICA Relict from Ihose torturing pains or no charge. An absolute proven remedy. Only one trip required Disabled persons may send a friend. 45 South _Ml. Vernon Ave 50(1 ft. off Route 40. Uniontown, Pa Otfice hours: Daily 10-6. Sunda; 10-4. Permanently located — Ad vertisement. • CUf | Penetrating relief from pom H U W • O f arthritis and rheumatism •liift md iiin liM WiMlilWJM DEEP HE AT nw NEWMENTHOLATUM/rW -gets right to where ft hurts! DEEP HEAT. It's a DGW aod different penetrating relief for arthritic pain and misery. And it's (jneaeeless and stai/ifew. dust massage Deep Heat Mentholatum Rub on the sore spot as needed. In 30 seconds feel its Deep Heat bring reliref. Feel a warmth right at the point that hurts. Quickly "drawn muscles" are relaxed. Soon" nagging arthritic or rheumatic pain is soothed. Meatbolatum Rub includes the latest discoveries for relief ... a combination of active ingredients for extra-deep skin penetrating power. Guaranteed by a laboratory with 60 years' experience, you must feel relief deep down—-or. Mentholatum will refund purchase price. * • • Stuffy bead coJd? Use regular Mentholatum. Soothe split lip« with Mentholatum Stick. On Sole At AH PEOPLES Service Drug Stores c West Virginia side of the r'ivei • the Western .Maryland Railway •ea. At least four inches of top'soil ill be placed on top of the levee the r seeding after the construction ork is completed. Eartli is presently being moved om the' Wolfe farm area in South umberland to Potomac and Mulll- gan Streets In Rldgclcy where It Is being stockpiled .for use In the', levee. " \. From there it is transported to*-'* levee site in dump trucks, Dexter said. The stockpile is being'.;, used because the heavy earth- •: moving equipment used by the con- h,, struction company can not run^ over Ihe city's streets. ' • ,,. Keeps whin houses white tot DU PONT HOUSE PAINT *6 20 ta 5-»ol. CWH Du Pont "40" starts dazzling white, stays clean and bright! Rich in the whitest paint pigment, titanium dioxide, Du Pont House Paint makes ' your home look "just painted" ... , for years! -fa Durable, b*« wiiM whit* ^T ProhKti againtt nift and rot jr Exollonl cov*r09t, txciptiemol hiding ^T Popular fad*-r*filtaht colors, too North Centre Street at Polk PAINTS for EVERY PURPOSE One yard for skirt! And o yard for blouse! Yardage is for any given size — J2, 14. 16, 18, 20- in 54-inch fabric. Pattern 4828 is a miniature.wardrobe in itself! Make this blouse and skirt in contrasting fabrics to mix with each other or other separates — or all-one fabric to look like a dress! Easy to'sew, only a few pattern parts. Send right away! This pattern easy to use, simple to sew. is tested for fit. Has complete illustrated instructions. Send Thirty-five cents in coins lor this pattern — add 5 cents for each pattern for Ist-class mailing. Send to ANNE ADAMS; care of The Evening Times, Pattern Dept., 243 West 17th St., 'New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly NAME, ADDRESS with ZONE, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. Member Ftdtrml Dtpotti Ineuniitc* Corftratia* \ • All Prescription* Iripl* f 'i* i* Cheeked • Four Registered ' Phormocisti • Reasonable Prices WalstuMcCagh ; PHARMACY ; 101 N. Centre St. FRII DELIVERY • ,..- ' f..;,Photiei. ;•'.-' : PA 4-3644 — PA 4-3647 ' Maryland'* Prtieription Store how they gobble it up! flame-cooking with a modern matchless gas range Fortunately, with a modern Gas oven, you know BEFORE you start how food's going to turn out. You KNOW, for instance, that a turkey's going to be a delicious golden brown all over .;._-.: tender and moist the whole way through. Because a Gas oven is air-circulated for even browning anywhere in the oven. Because a Gas flame is so/m'6/e you're sure of getting the precise temperatures recommended for perfect roasting. :. ' _ These sleek new Matchless Gas Ranges are as MODERN as can be. Gas top burners; broilers and ovens all light automatically. Automatic clock-controlled ovens even cook' dinners while you're away from home. And only flame-kissed broiling is smokeless. -. . ... . ...... What a selection! AU'Oiese famottt maker* offer modern matchltst GAS rang*. Caloric .Kenmore Roper Ch'ambCT '. Magic Ch«f Tappan RCAEsUt* 'Maytag Univcntal Florence• .• • Norge •. i See die sensational new matchless gas ranges '•'''•' '••'• ; at your GAS APPLIANCE DEALER-today!.. 'Maytag Jias lots of appeal Maytag's Top^oiirjur Knotu on Bade ~Pmtl »re out of teach o( youngster 1 ! explorinc finBcrs. Deep Cooktr Wtll baa wholt meal capacity. Comrktila A*lm»atic Own for "»fternoon-out" ' ' cooking. .. wood tt»y handle* that are telf-Wrd- III and »t* xljwttbii to ait p*W«. Cumberland & Allegheny Gas Co.

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