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Austin, Texas
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urTr TiTTtf SEE WHAT ONE DOLLAli hill, MISCELLANEOUS. holds in a liquid form a large propor en to ten per cent, for the uss cf but that at present they are to 1 THE STATESMAN. Personal and Local Dots. D. C.

Brady, of the Baltimore and Ohio roal, is at the City Hotel. AT km rrn TTPT 916 CONG-RESS A-tlillniE, One Block below Large Wall Pocket. Large Towel Tallin 1 Beam of Note 1 Set Ivory Chess 1 THE 9 New Court House. Silver-plated Call BelL Handkerchief Box. Bouquet Table.

Music Folio. Clock. Large Harmonica. 1 Fish Basket. 1 Large Lamp.

1 Cart. 1 1 Step LsOder. 13 Co or Views. 1 Nui ar; Chair. 1 Bird 1 Elegant Work Stand.

Brouze Pitcher. Bronze Card Receiver. Brouze Match Safe. Parlor Croquet. Music Roll.

Cribbage Board, complete. Autograph Album. Leather Glove Box. Leather Collar Box. Leather Cuff Box.

Goad Woolen Blanket. Large Table Spread. 1 Paper. Men, Dominoes. 1 Telescope.

1 Bowie Knife and Sheath. 1 Step Ladder. 1 Real Hair Switch. Silver Napkia Ring. 3 Plated Napkin Rings.

1 arge Wax Doll. 1 Auesia Wallet. 1 Stereoscope. 1 Large Looking 1 Crumb Pan and Brush. .1 Pair Elegant Vases.

1 Elegant Card Basket. 1 SolFd Gold Ring. 1 Gold-plated Finger Klsg. 1 Gold-plated Locket 1 NiceL nibre la. 1 Wtather House.

1 View Rack. 1 Lantern. 1 Twenty-key Concerttaa. 1 Gold Pen and Holder. 1 Market Basket.

2I2HBES3 cf Colorado Fire Company No. 2 are requested to attend au adjourned meeting to be held this Thursday, April 19, 1877. By order of foreman. Geo. Fieqkl, Sec'y.

Hon. W. S. Coleman, of the Fifteenth Legislature, is in the city attending to the courts. The Statesman is pleased to mention the greatly improved health of this distinguished legislator.

There wat a. meeting of, the city council yesterday afternoon and a new contract was entered into between the city and the water company, said contract to last thirty years and requiring the company to build a large reservoir by January next The aldermen say that the contract is a better one for the city than the old one. The Rainfall. Paring the rains of Tuesday morning and Tuesday night of. an of water fell.

The rainfall in Austin has averaged 84 inches per annum for the past twenty years. So far this year 17 to 18 inches of rain have fallen, and the showers and storms have been well distributed and seasonable. When does the city council propose to require people owning property within one block of the Avenue, east or west to makf good aide walks? The council should at "require goodt 12 Heavy Glass Goblets. Uirs tjnecKerDoaru. Hoc kin Chair.

Large Rocking Horse. Large Bead Cushina. Large Chromo in frame. Traveling Bag. Set Plated Jewelry.

Pair Plated Bracelets. Gent's Plated Chain. 1 Doll Carriage. 1 stove. 13 Views.

Ladies' ated Cham. Beautiful Toilet Set Beautiful Win bet. Chamber Pail. 1 Package 144 Toys. I Package 100 Toys.

18 Hoavv Glass Tumblers. 8 Gold-front Stnds. Dozen Bone Napkin Rings. Nobby Cane. Oval Stand Toilet Mirror.

Dust Pan and Brush. 22-inch Waiter. Cake Box Black Motto Fram. -Ladies' Shopping Bag. Felt Hat.

Large Flower Stand. Morocco Bill Book. Gent's Solid Oo'd Pin. 1 Large Drum. 1 Cornet.

1- Trombone. 4 Plated Forks. 1 Family 8 Steel Dining 1 Backgammon Box of Elegant -1 Pair Ladies5 12 Linen Pocket 1 Large Silk 1 Silver Plated 1 Large Clothes 1 juronze Chimney Knives, Silver Plat.l Loaded Cuspader Board, complete. 1 Lava Cuepador, decorated. Stationery.

1 Full Croquet Set. Kid Gauntlets. 1 WaBh Bowl and Pitcher. Handkerchiefs. 1 Fine Shirt, Linen Bosom.

Pocket Handkerchief.l Velvet Top Hassock. Cake Basket. 1 Good Whalebone Whip. Hamper with eoverl Regulation Bull and Bat. tsracKei Lamp, whu jiiarDie uauwHT.

nd Refleetor ft Plated Table Spi Package, coutaining SG Useful Articles. 1 Combination Tool and Handle. 1 Silver plated S-bottle Caster. 1 Splendid Photograph Albsm. 1 Work Basket.

1 Black Walnut Writing Dek. 1 Lady's Companion. 1 Splendid Accordeon 1 Elegant Bound Book. 1 Novelty Bank. 1 Tammany Bank.

4 1 Elegant 1 Splendid Mat. 1 Fruit 1 Child's Tray. 2 Heavy Silver 1 Pair Gold-plated 1 Cartridge Pistol, Nickel Plate. spoons. 1 Haad Mirror.

Package 73 Toys. Camp Chair, folding. Good Fish Pole. Nice Hat Rack. KniroTray.

Knives. plated TJutter- Lap Board. Sleeve Buttoas.l Morocco Wallet Hat 1 Can. three drawers. Black Walnut Work Bw Silk Fan.

Parches! Board. Box Paint. Opera Glass. Cha lair Rock Horse. Large Cloihes Hancer.

Nursing Basket. Perfume Package. Florence Hair Brush. Good Pair of Pants. Set Field Croquet.

Frame, glass, backl Ladies' Trimmed Hat 18 Nice NapkiM. 13 Pairs Hose. 1 Shaving Set. 1 Clothes i Feather Dusters. 1 Bureau with 1 8-bot.

Wire 13 Pairs Ladies' 13 Pairs Men's 1 Bronze lw Breakfast Castor. Cotton Hose. Cotton Hose. Stand (double). 1 Bronze Bracket, Lamp and Re-1 Hector.

-1 1 Twelve-blade Pocket Knife. 1 1 Genuine Meerschaum Pipe. 1 1 Genuine Meerschaum Cigar 1 Holder; 1 Carving Knife, Fork aad SteoL' 1 Set Tea buoons. 1 1 Package 13 Toys. Large Tin Cart.

1 Lare China Tea Set. 3 Stew Pans. 1 Large Toy Wagon. 1 Mechanical mine. 1 LargaBox Tools.

1 Beautiful Ink Bottle. 1 Largo Trunk. 1 Eat tan Door Mat. 1 Large White Bed-spread, 13 Linen Towels, 1 Lady's Skirt. 1 Scholar's Companion.

1 Sot Nice Table Cutlery. 1 Set Table Mats. 1 Silver Fruit Knife. 1 Smoking Set. Large Walnut 1 cigar case.

Violin. 1 High Chair. ana mac. 1 Fiench-plate A good line of underwear. 1 Set Mathematical 4 Lava Flower 1 Box Crandall's sizs.

1 Large Steel Glass 1 Clarinet. 1 i juegani vwrj. Toilet Mirror. 1 Butter Dish. Ladies' and Gent'sl 1 Fruit Dish.

,1 Large Dish Pan. Instruments. 1 Large Office Basket. Pots, -1 Cardigsa Jacket. Blocks, larg 1 Ruby Knit Jacket.

1 Toy Wash Set, six pieces. Engraving in Frame. 1 Willow Nursery Chair. Diamond-cut To Set. 1 Lady's Pannisr.

Pickle Caster. 1 Pair Nickle Plated Shears. Also a large assortment of new and desirable Jewelry of alt styles. Our immense sales, and tha entire satisfaction our goods have given to the people of Austla and vicinity, testify to the fact that we are selling goous cheaper than any house la the State. Everybody is invited to call and examine onr immense stock of new good, just received.

Country Merchants supplied at a liberal discount. Don't fall to call at the AUSTOt DOLLAR STORB, maris dftwlm A FILKINS, Proprietors. M-E5inr SPM-IHT, a IIS Oollins ofT, Our stock is large, new and fresh and full in tht following lines Fancy I Staple Dry Ooods, KOTIONS, HOSIERY, TRIMMINGS, EMBROIDERY, THURSDAY APRIL 19, 1877 Local Matters. Notices or all kinds will be charred Tor as our regulat rates. This will an varying rale.

L. H. hare their office in TTooten building, near Brocggerhoff's. Call on Applewhite Co. They will give jou flta.

Latest st lei Longiai's. of ladiei' fichui at Ir yo a want a hat or a pair of boots or shoes call on Applewhite Co. Splendid stock of custom-made boots and shoes, at "prices lower than ever, at Lonini's. At Tobins' store you can get window or picture glass of any feb25tf Hats and shoes bought ot Applewhite Co. wear longer than those purchased elsewhere.

New spring goods of all descriptions at 8. Longini's, Pecan street. The best dreBsed men in the city buy their hats and shoes Apple white Co's. t'i Cheapest and id handsomest em fii i 1 ibroid tries at Longitt Wall Paper! Wall PapekI A large and varied assortment for sale at greatly reduced prices, by J. J.

W. II. Tobin. Popular illustrated book (a6o pages) on Manhood 1 Womanhood Marriagi 1 Impediments to Marriage; the cause and cure. Sent securely sealed, post-paid, for 50 cents, by Da.

C. Whittier, 617 St. Charles Street, St. Louis, the, great specialist. Read his Pore and select spices and mustard, Jortable and medicinal use, choice tea direct from the importers, and strictly pure 1 emon syrup prepared from the genuine lemon acid, for sale by Baker, Gbaham Co.

Soda water at Tobin's drug store, drawn from steel fountains, which is a guarantee that it does not contain either lead or copper, at five cents per glass. (it Ladies and gents needing first class boots and shoes will always find the best assortment, and at the most mod erate prices, tt Martin's Austin Boot and Shoe Store. He aims to excel. A full line of white goods, corsets, hosiery, handkerchiefs, laces, cheaper than elsewhere, at Longmrs. There is no excuse lor cot keeping cool, for Martin now offers the largest assortment of gents' and ladies' slippers and cloth shoes in tha city at panic prices.

Study your interest by calling on him. At Tobin's diug store a large and beautiful assortment of frames for photographs and and cheaper prices than ever sold before in Austin. Be certain and examine before purchasing elsewhere. Take Notice, Mrs. Nichols, corner of Pecan and Brazos her; spring styles of hats and bonnets and flowers: ribbons, silks, in the latest styles; fancy ties of- the latest novelty, fichus; everything in the bridal costumes.

All goods sold to suit the hard times for cash. mr20xf rrrX 9 bscoND Grand Opening. Miss Cora Hellensworth will have her second grand opening on Thursday, April 19, to which the ladies of the city are respectfully invited. Miss Hellens-worth's stock is" bne -the, largest in the city, and will be sold at very" small profi cs. The receiver in charge of the stock of furniture formerly owned by Mr.

Lithauer, At the old Mather stand, is proposing to sell furniture rom this date atTaotlom prices-s Housekeepers will find it to their advantage to examine this stock without, delay. It must be closed put at once, land purchasers need but propose to find the greatest bargains offered vtbm; j' The great inducements offered by Adolph Bahn, so well kaown for twenty years, as-vthe most reliable jeweler in Austin, have been the cause of his success and enabled him to retire from business; As he is selling now for cost, his patrons will buy all of his goods, which are superior to any other in style and quality at cost.rf Having always bought only for cash, has thereby bought cheaper than those who buy on and customers, should therefore not let this opportunity pass without exammingjhia large assortment cf diamonds, gold watches, necklaces, lockets and seta of jewelry also solid ilverware, consisting af spoons, forks, etc Of silver-plated ware he baa only I the latest designs, comprising Ice pitchers, waiters, goblets, castors, cake baskets, etc. All are cordially invited to call and examine, Mr. Bahn will continue to furnish, only the best of work on watches and welry until he has disposed ot all his goods. Two Irreeoaellable Condition.

Debility and health aw irreconcilable conditions. Weakly people, that is to say people who lack the vitality requisite for a vigorous discharge of each and all of the bodily functions, 'are invariably afflicted with some, though it msy be a trifling, disorder of the sys tem. Atony, or a want of nervous and muscular vigor, is accompanied by poverty of the blood and leanness. A certain way to overcome it and prevent the nSTavited rnaladiea to which it must ultimately lead is to use Hostet-tsr's Stomach Bitters, which promote digestion and assimilation of the food. and thus are the means of furnishing tr.s body with a supply of blood of quality essential to its proper nourish ment.

Invioration through the instru mentality cf the" matchless tonic pro tects the feeble from a host of bodily ills which lurk in ambush for the de bilitated. The, bitters era aa article "Lica it is most desirable to keep coa tion of deodorized Cocoanut pre pared expressly for this purpose. Don't kill yourself smoking poor cigars that cost ten, and fifteen cents, but call on I. S. Simons at the New York fruit stand, on Pecan street, and get a good cigar for only five cents.

I A The new store of DeLashmutt open, and there is the best place to get a stylish hat and the best of boots and shoes," either for ladies, gentlemen or children. aplO tt A splendid assortment of misses and childrens' fine shoes just received by Martin. Do not fail to call and look at them. This is positively the finest lot of goods ever offered by him and will all be sold extremely For a stylish hat of any kind, or the best of boots, and shoes, call at the new fitore of DeLashmutt Avenue Hotel buildinjr. They have tha largest stock of hats and boots and shoes ever brought to Austin.

apiu tf Burnett's Flavoring Extracts. The superiority of these extracts con sists in their perfect purity and great strength'. They are warranted free from the poisonous oils and. acids which enter into the composition of many of the factitious fruit flavors now the market. There's a magic which is mighty At the North and at the South 1 'Tis a woman's sweetest magic, 'Tis the magic of the mouth, 1- Of pearl-white' teeth and, fragrant breath and so whate'er befall Be sure you use your Sozodont, and be magicians all.

Established 1840. The A. Q. Sim mons Liver Medicine we see so much said about in our papers is the old original and genuine preparation put up in yellow wrappers with a likeness ol tne old Doctor upon eacn paefcage. It.

cures all afiections arismer from a torpid and diseased liver. Ask for the yellow wrapper, and take no other; it is the only genuine. Sold by Morley. brothers, J. J.

11. Tobin, It. 11. Cousins, R. H.

Smith. M. A. Tbed- ford sole proprietors, Chattanoo- rv lennessee. Received weekly by Morley Brothers or J.

J. W. II. Tobin. 1 At Cost I At Cost At Cost I I Now is the time to buy goods.

For-the, next sixty days we will deduct from our regular prices twenty per cent, on all cash on delivery purchases of the following lines of our goods: All miscellaneous bound books; full- bound blank books, family Bibles, photograph and autograph albums, pocket books, writing desks, work- boxes, chromos and picture frames, stereoscopic views, music wrappers, portfolios, scrap-books, patent newspa per and magazine binders, rustic win dow shades, backgammon building blocks, Crand ell's acrobats and menagerie, and dolls. J. S. Penn Bno. March 21, 1877.

False Impression. It is generally supposed by a certain class of citizens, who are not practical or experienced, that dyspepsia cannot invariably be cured, but we are pleased to say that Green's August Flower has never, to our knowledge, failed to cure dyspepsia and liver complaint in all its forms, such as sour stomach, costiveness, sick headache, palpitation of the heart, low. spirits, etc. Out of 30,000 dozsn bot tles sold last year not a single failure was reported, but thousands of complimentary letters received from druggists of wonderful cures. Three doses Will relieve any case.

Try it. Sample bot tles ten cents. Regular size seventy- five For sale by Morley Pecan street. A Sample Bottle for Trial. If you are troubled with headache, dullness, incapacity to keep the mind on any subject, dizzy, sleepy, or nerj tous feelings, gloomy forebodings, ir ritability of temper, or a baa taste in the mouth, unsteady appetite, choking sensation in the throat, pain in the side or about the shoulders, coldness of ex tremities, or in fact any symtoms of liver complaint, biliousness, con stipation of the bowels, or go to your druggists, Morley Bros, and get a bottle of Dr.

Sherman's Prickly Ash Bitters. No spirit is used in manufacture except a pure article of Holland Gin. Ladies, in particular, will find them peculiarly adapted to their wants in all ages and conditions of life. The label tells all they con tain, consequently physicians -do not hesitate to prescribe them. Sample bottles for trial free.

Regular size $1. emd DO YOU READ? If so, then get the very latest dally, weekly and monthly papers and magazines at LA' TUROP'S NEWS DEPOT. JOHN Mcdonald, a 1. 1 i A Contractor and Builder, and dealer in Lumber, Sash, Doors, Nails, Glass, Cement. Plaster Fans.

Hair. Painter's and Plumbers' materials. Lead, Zinc, Slate, Galvan ized iron, oueei-iron, in i-iate, isomer, roofs of Slate, Tin, iron and plain Gothic and Ornamental. Manufacturer of Cornice, Doorb, Brackets, "Window AND DOOR CAPS, OF GALVANIZED SAaa Tim BtiH PnmJnn Chn nJ If on Sau Jacinto street, one door north of Pecan street. 4j25Uyrt JAMES LLOYD, Austin.

Texas, Tenders his services to ths public as i 1 Cleaner and Readjnster of all AUncU ox Sewing Satisfaction smarMteed nn all wnrlr a Residence corner of Bowie and Cypress streets! uajrwuuu jriaieau. mChlil AU XHTB9 OI Hewing Machine Needles, ATTACHMENTS, Ih fact, BTerythlng perttaning to all kinds of sewing machines. Address, H. F. DsMATTOS, Lock Box 15.

Acstih, R.V0NB0ECK SUCCESSOR TO HOPKINS COOKE, BLANK BOOK MANUFACTURER Austin, JL extui. Blank rbooks. records for connty officers. ledgers Journals. Any kind of ruling and bind lng will oe aons in ine nuest sua mom uurume stylfl.

fb24 It Preston RufFini, ArCiliteGtS Blltl SlipE Tlllt entl GIlTS Office northeast corner Congrem Avenue aad Boii d'Arc street, AUSTIN, TEXAS. Control State right for May's Patent Jail. ronderfal Success 25,000 ot the Centennial Exposition DESCRIBED AND ILLUSTRATED. Sold in 60davs. It beln? the onlvcomDleta loworiced work pages, only treating or tne enure msvory.

grana Dunaingf, wonaer-fal exhibits, curiosities, great days, illustrated, and $1 cheaper than any other: everybody wonts It One new. agent cleared $350 In four weeks; 300 agents wanted. Sena quickly for pro jf of above, opinions of officials, clergy and press, sample pases, fall description and our ez- (n lamia ITTTH'tAlin RDIW mi V.1 i.h T-JQ camgom street, rmiaaeipnia, fa nillTimt Beware llAU I lUif. and worthless or falsely claimed official oookb. send lor proof, Drunkard, Stop! C.

C. Beers. 'onneriTof Boston) has a harmless cure for Intemperance, which can be given without the knowledge of the patient. Also, one i or mo -t Permanent cures guaranteed in both. Send stamp for evidence.

Aek drugaists for It. Ad dress, BEEKS Birmingham, Conn. Men to travel and establish asrencies rn every town for our new and perfectly flre-pntof elars Chimneys and Business permanent; -sell easy; nopcaaung. jJiiuioiJJii ijUm Srr A. Mft per' "day at home.

Samples BO worth $1 free. Stinson rortiana, jaaine. GEORGE PACE a CO. Ho. 5 H.

SCHSOSSES BALTIJtOEE, KS. Patent Portable Stationary Engines raient urcuiar raw uluim. Ma Icy fc tSasn mills. (rlsl nour nuis, nnier Wheels, Shingle, Barrel A Tnnite Kmerv Wheels and wooaworKinar jrancmnvry. Grinders.

NawH, Mill HiwppUes. A'C Arc. SSD FOB CAXAJLOtllJll 4c $77 a Week to Agents. $10 Out- jit jrre. r.

o. Augusta, Maine. (TIO a day; Asents wanted. OHt- J) I fit and terms free. TKUE COl, Augus- in, juuine.

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The strongest and most I BWIIUUUUIU 1 1 made, it has Wrought Iron Shafts, Csan i9Prt fcoa sailers. TttTB4 BoUers tal Imprortl Kaarof Lubricating, XmprowlFMi Balll Tli 'KentuckT" Is both a right and left hand mill, and has many splen-I did features, too I many to enumerate here. Send for descriptive cata BasatMJsskaaV logue. RaMEY'S self-skimming evaporator. Which saves half the labor in making Sugar 'and Svruo.

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It will also improve joar appetite, complexion and general health. PILES. How msriy suffer torture day after day, making life a burden and robbing existence of ail flea.urc, owing to the secret suffering from lies. Yet relief is ready to the hand of almost any one who will use systematically the remedy that has permanently cored thousands. No drastic, violent purge, but a gentle assistant of nature.

CONSTIPATION 5-; Should not be regarded as a trifling in fact nature demands the 7 utmost regularity of ths bowels, and any deviation from this demand paves the way often to seriAjus danger. It is quite as necessary to remove im-pure accumulations from the bowels as it is to eat or sleep, and no health en be expected where, a coelive, habit of body prevails. SICK HEADACHE. This distressing affliction occurs most fre quently. The disturbance of the stomach arising from the imperfectly digested contents, iuses a severe pain In the head, accompanied with a disagreeable nausea, and this constitutes what Is popularly known as Sick Headache.



Caution. As there are a number: of Imitations offered to the public we ooid caution the community to buy no Powders or prepared SIMMONS'S LIVElt REGULATOR unless in our engraved wrappers with Trade Mark, stamp and signature unbroken. None other is genuine. J. H.

ZEILIN A noSdeodAwlyr Macon. and Philadelphia. FOR STOCK FARMS. 1 8.O00 acres in Zapata county. 10,000 acres in Hidalgo connty.

13,800 acres in Zapata county. KHAft acres In Brazoria eonntr' 76,800 acres In La Salle county, in one block 3930 acres, oblong square. In Mason cocntv. 25 miles from Fredericksburg Salt creek runs tne neart. All these tracts have permanent water.

jel3 DiCORDOVA TILE STATE OF TEXAS To all persons interested in the administration or tne estate or Jonathan DAVIS, de ceased. T. Fnlmore. administrator of the estate of Jonathan Davis, deceased, has nied his final ac count tne uoumy uourt or Travis county, which will be acted on at the next term of said court, commencing on the THIRD MONDAV IN MAY next, at the court house thereof, in the city of Austin, at which time all persona interested in said estate may appear and contest saia account, ir they see proper to do so, by order of the court. Frank Brown, clerk of the Conntv voun or i ravis coonty.

(iiven under my band and the seal of said court, at'Oince, March sw, A. u. 1877. L. P.l FRANK BROWN, ap6 3w Clerk C.

C. Of T. C. ft I MEN'S, YOUTH'S AND BOYS' get three and a half per in spite of a large reduction of the currency by surrenders of circulation. The bearing of this great fact on the question of reviving business is as obvious as it is decisive." Business men generally in Texa3 should read busi ness articles in the Eastern and Westers papers and then profit by their reasoning and the information.

The article in the Herald of the fourteenth would be a very good one to commence on. It is better to be prepared for the worst than to be open to disappointments and losses by anticipating flusher times when really there is nothing to justify suoh anticipations. As for Austin, trade cannot improve a great deal even though a good crop be made, unless manufactures be established and a new policy of building up the city adopted. Many people firmly believe that Austin is larger now than the trade of the country will justify for the next two years to come. Let us have cotton and woolen factories, paper mills, machine 'shops, furniture factories, flouring mills, foundries, and less stores, and; houses to rent.

The conclusion of the Herald article says there will be a great change in business, as if by magic, in case the general expectation of a great war in Europe is realized, and that that impending event, the moment it happens, will touch all the nerves of American trade and industry. Miss Cora Hellensworth's second grand opening will take place to-day. The ladies are respectfully invited to be present, as this stock of hats, bon- aets and millinery goods is the largest ever seen in the city. For a nobby hat go to DcLashmutt under Avenue Hotel. Terrible Calamity.

Loss of voice. This new principle, Dr. J. H. MeLean's cough and lung healing globules, is your only hopel As the globule is dis: solved in your mouth, a healing gas is generated which will cure all soreness in the throat or lungs.

Trial boxes, by mail, 25 cents. Dr. J. H. McLean, 314 Chestnut street, St.

Louis. Do not fail to visit the new store under Avenue Hotel, for your boots, shoes and hats at low prices. The Legitimate Thing. "Sim mons's liver regulator or medicine, in packages and bottles, in our copy righted engraved label, with seal, sig nature and stamp of J. n.

Zeihn sole proprietors. Be suspicious of per sons who recommend any other article "as just, as good because it bears a similar name. Law and Justice The court of chancery will grant an injunction against the unauthorized use of manu facturers' or vendors' 'trade and will decree the payment of. the damages sustained thereby." Taylor v. Uarpenter.

Everyone patronize 3 the boot, shoe and hat store just opened under the Avenue Hotel. Bought the stock aw ful low, and are selling in the same proportion. M. Paggi is receiving daily all kinds of family, carriages and rockaways, which are of good quality, and he sells everything in his line at moderate figures. He.

can refer to sereral of the best men in this city that the work he sells gives good satisfaction. He also keeps cheap work, and sells it as low as any Northern drummer will offer it. He represents the goods just as tbay are, and makes good any breakage re sulting from defection in material or workmanship. He has a large stock on hand; also, second-hand concerns very low for these hard times. My stock of black grenadines can not be surpassed.

Longini. Look at my stock of kid gloves, 60 and 75 cents." Longtnl, If you want your accounts made out or books straightened up, see Stewart, Lowday 3c Habicht. Go to Petmecky's for the best guns and ammunition. Black grenadines at 16 1-2 cents at Longini's. Brown linens and trimmings to at Longini's.

.,4 Croquet eets almost given away at Penn's bookstore. Do not fail to read Penn's local "At cost? At cost! At cost and profit by it. Ladies' and children's ready-made suits at Longini's. A beautiful line of spring dress goods and summer silks, very at Longini's. S.

L. H. collect merchants', accounts cheaper than the merchant possibly cam Sunlight Oil, sold at Tobin's drug store, is the cheapest and best burning fluid and perfectly safe. misses' and children's slippers in great variety at Longini'sv Burnett's Cocoaine allays irritation, removes dandruff and invigorates, the action of the capillaries in the highest degree. Mrs.

M. S. Short has received another stock of spring and summer millinery, which she will open this morning. U3t Stewart, Lowday Habicht have money in $2000 lots and upwards to lend on long time on city property. Burnett's Cologne in cork and glass stoppers prepared from the purest and best materials -r- unrivaled in richness and delicacy of perfume.

Bargains in good boots and shoes can now be had at Martin's, ne now proposes to offer extra inducements to buyers of boots and shoes. Call and see his new goods and prices. Burnett's Cocoaine. A perfect dressing for the hair. The Cocoaine James A.

Locke, of the St. Louis Daily Republican, is at the Raymond House. 1 A party of Tonkawa Indians are on their way overland to this city from Dallas. Mr. N.

Carter, the head man of the Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machine Company, is in the city. A. R. Livingston, representative in Texas of the Memphis and Charleston Railroad, is at the City Hotel. Hon.

Beth' Shepard, the coming man of the Fifth Congressional District, is in the city in attendance upon the courts. A stein of green roses and buds was brought to the Statesman office yesterday. The 'rose looked more like green leaves than a flower in blossom. The case of Justice Neill, charged with witnessing keno playing and not taking steps to suppress it, was called in Justice Tegener's court yesterday, but was postponed till tor-day. Lei the people, one and all, cease favoring and apologizing for the disgraceful, lawless acts of others, and on the contrary let all resolve to report and give, testimony against them, and then soon the "complete "supremacy Of the law will be established, and then, sure enough, there will bo as much security here for life and property, as elsewhere.

Every citizen and every man in business, whether a voter or not, is interested in good government, and we cannot have this until those who do not respect law are made to fear it and feel its weight. The present term of the district court happens to have the opportunity to make an impression in this community that will prove beneficial, and we trust lasting, and from what we' hear, the opportunity will not be lost Appleton'b Journal for May gives the second paper on ihe "Austrian Arctic Expedition," the interest of which greatly exceeds that of the first paper. The articla is fully illustrated. Constance Femmore VYoolson has a story of early Virginia colonial life, that is strikingly original in its incidents and method. short story, by Matilda Joslyn Gage, entitled "The Walking Fern," has some good characterizing and unhackneyed inci dents.

Julian Hawthorne, under, the title of "The Great White Wall," describes, in his own characteristic and effective style, features of the English south coast. There is a paper by Mr. Eggleston on the peculiar Teligious sects in Russia, derived from Wallace's and Hepworth Dixon's recent books on that country. Mr. George M.

Towle gleans some of the best points in Harriet Martineau's autobiography; Lucy Hooper explains the intricate laws of Parisian etiquette, and Mrs. Church discusses seasonably the making of country and city gardens. There are some admirable poems and illustrations. -The serial "Cherry Ripe" deepens in dramatic interest. The editorial departments are as full as usual.

Hon. S. S. Cox's Lecture. Those who have read Mr.

Cox's contributions to Harper1 Magazine and his charming book of travels in Southern Europe, Corsica and Northern Africa have read passages from the lecture pronounced last evening by the distinguished member of Pathos and poetry and eloquence were made to invest "wit and humor" with the choicest charms, and; -while the lecture was designed to' do honor mainly to the genius of Ireland, the land of Burke and Sheridan and Goldtmith, the peculiar bent of each nation's intellect, as its wit is modified by race-features and facts, was acutely and learnedly dissected, illustrated and discussed. The Opera House was filled, and by the best audience of the most intelligent people ever gathered there. It is needless to say that Mr. Cox won.everybody. There is a fascination in the man's face and eyes as irresistible aa that wrought by his subtle intellect and golden-winged fancy.

His appeal in-behalf of the Union as it teas, and of wisdom in the conduct of the South and of persistent devotion to principle and right in law and gov ernment, in States and in the was most' eloquent and None who listened to Mr. Cox's pero ration will ever forget to accord to him the full measure of that 'of genius which won for him in his youth the soubriquet Sunset." He leaves the city this morning, and no stranger ever came and went away 'who has made as many friends and admirers among men and won more women's hearts as the matchless lecturer, Mr. Cox. Business. The New York Herald of the fourteenth says that "business is Struggling into a revival, feeble as yet, but not without promise." This, considering the frequent prophecies we have during the past few months, of revival in business, is drawing it rather mild.

The Herald then argues that the "most infallible criterion of the state of business is the condition of the money market: a Whenever business is. active there is an urgent, demand for money. There are always men enough eager to engage in trade or to extend their business when there is a brisk circulation of commodities, but they would need bank accommodations in proportion to the amount of trade to be done. Whenever there is a great deal of baying and selling there is. an active demand for money, and hence it follows that the' state of the money market and the transactions of the banks are a true index to the amount of business, and that the transactions of the banks are the true place to find the pulse of business." The Herald then says that "in an active state of business the basks easily get from sev MErt'o, YOUTH'S AND BOYS' BOOTS AND SHOES, Neck Wear and Clothing for Everybody! I ax In view of a change of business, the atock must and shall be Bold level gravel siuewaias us uiaua vu iuu side streets running to the "Avenue, say from Krohn's building to the Raymond House.

Many of these sidewalks, so-called, are absolutely impassable. Mr. Wm. M. Spence, who has just returned from Shreveport, says that pickpockets, thieves and highwaymen are numerous up the Houston and Great Northern -Railroad, and that at Jacksonville he had "his pockets picked of a few dollars, while a Galveston man was relieved of much more money and a watch and chain.

The railroad company has recently discharged a great many employees, and Mr. Spence says that the impression prevails that in their desperation they have set out and organized to steal and rob. Houston is over-run with them, and Austin is liable! to be any day. Let our people "be "'ready- to "receive midnight calls and prepared with pistols to'give the intruders warm receptions. Before retiring people should put their pistols at convenient places and then, when a noise is heard, they should listen and proceed cautiously and systematically.

More Official Lawlessness. On Tuesday gentlemen rode over and after driving a mile or more beyond the bridge they met an intoxicated stranger, who, although they turned out of the road to give him room to pass, dashed his horse up against their vehicle, endangering their lives as well as his own. Not content with this, he drew a weapon from -his pocket-and threatened to shoot, repeating this proceeding after they had driyen off and left him in full possession of the road and the country round about. Being unarmed and unable therefore to go into battle with a man holding a pistol in his hand and crazy with whisky, they drove to the city and stated what had happened and signified their intention of going before the grand jury to inform on the man who, they stated, is a county offi- ciai living over tne river. e( Hotel Arrivals.

City Hotel Con Roberts. Francis G. Kent, Hempstead; T. C. Moore, BremOnd; J.

C. Douglas, Galveston; B. Cross, Cherokee, H. Coleman, Washington Fred Brooks, Palestine; Jl it Johnson, Des Moines, Iowa; J. A.

Eaidson, Hamilton, Texa; Henry Harris, Qjincy, W. H. Burch, i B. Brady, Bait. Ohio Railroad; A.

R. Livingston, Memphis and Charleston Railroad; J. J. Strickland, Burnet; Col. In graham, A.

McDade; Garrett, Texas T. J.I Allison, uause, Texas; Ueorgu liailey, Hays county; A. E. Jaqua, Levi Lee, M. Johnson, Round Rock; F.f Harris, Texas; W.

B. McAlmon, Flatonia, Texas. Raymond House. Geo. W.

Garrett, FldieviHe; Teasi.J.tA; Kelly; Dallas; Ames; city; Marcus; Ed. B. Raymond, city; M. S. Pierson, Emory, Texas: A.

N. Carter, Houston, Texas 8. S. Cox and wife, Horbach, Houston; D. Milam, Texas Express Company; E.

J. Fry, W. S. Coleman, S. H.

Russell and wife, Marshall, Texas; J. P. Tray nam, city; George lung, St. Louis; O. T.

Holt, Houston; O. F. Nash, McDade, Texas; James A. Locke, St. George Underwood.

I. G. N. R. R.

A. M. K. Lee, wife ana cnua, Lianas. Arrested.

Deputy Sheriff Trim ble, of Oatmanville, had quite an ex citing race yesterday morning after a noted negro named Steve Pound, charged with 'stealing a horse about four months ago from S. J. Redd, liv ing over the river. Steve is said to be professional horse thief, vtry bold and courageous. He is also' fleet, and several times has escaped by flight af ter arrest.

Deputy Trimble came upon him at a negro's house near Oatman ville, and, riding in between him and the house, made known his business; but Steve, as usual, decided at once on taking leg bail, and away he went like an antelope, Mr. Trimble following and calling on him to halt; but to no pur: pose, and the race continued, Steve jumping a fence and the horse leaping over in hot pursuit. Finally Mr. Trimble ran up on him and commftneed beating his hard head with a heavy six-shooter, but Steve Pound did not mind pounding, and the officer was compelled to empty one of his weapon at the flying prisoner, the ball giving him a slight wound in, the side, and Steve was "taken in" and brought to town tied or a pony, to await in jail a trial for the offense with which he is charged. An Old, Tried Friend.

For twen ty years Tutt's Pills have proven the friend of the invalid, and through all the changes of the period ten's of thou sands still stick to their old ciend, and as many more are daily testing their virtues. aollins oCi Children's Shoes HATS, OISTTT X3T. Schoolherr Bro.f 1 mar28d3mo IVTEVY CIGAR STORE. Hoplcins Barragor, Duuiunr i Imported and Domestic Cigars and Tobacco. Havint; established ourselves In bntlness on the Avenue No.

614 we most respectfully solicit a share of the PUBUC PATRONAGE. Onr stock is varied and carefully selected, aad we pledge those who may favor us with calls the most complete satisfaction. To. the trade we will offer THE BEST INDUCEMENTS. Gentlemen wishing the best flavored Havanai and choice smoking tobacco are especially repeated to call at the New Tobacco fe7d3m and Cigar Store.


511 Congress Avenue. Cleaning and dyeing in alt its branches. Gentlemen's suit cleaned or dytd nd put in the best order. Kid gloves thoroughly cleaned. AU work warranted.

mar 23 ly KIRSCHVINCK, Fashionable BOOT Shomaker. Perfect fits guaranteed, and prices to anit times. Repairing done at short netlec, work warranted. Under Avenue HoM. III I I I I L.

XVltlxln. tl3.o 1 No. STREET. L. PRACTICAL GUNSMITH, and dealer In Gana Pistols and Ammunition, Congress Avnue, be lew Pecas street.

mrt 1r DESHtABLE FARM RESIDENCE FOR SALE. This fa'm Is situated one and" a half miles northeast of Austin, opposite the Capital State Fair grounds, containing about 65 acres of choice land, well improved and' fenced; large brick dwelling, cistern, good outbuildings, plenty of water for irrigation, etc: also, a large peach orchard of over thirty varieties of choice bearing trees. Anyone wishing to buy one of the best improved small farms in the vicinity of Austin is solici ed to call on the owner and resident before purchasing elsewhere. R. H.

PKCK. Austin, Texas. Nov. 15, 1876. nolfltf PHIL 122 Pecan Street, GIVE THE PUBLIC MICE V- TbAt they now have in store the -f Largest and Host Varied TOCK OF ijllOCEitlES For family use ever brought- to Texas, and ea-, pccially adapted to the EL ail TS7 do coHsisTiNa or FLOUR, SUGAR, COFPEB, RICE.

JAVA COFFEE, ROASTED- COFFEE, 5 PRESKRVE8, DES1CATED MEATS, -yi. JKLLYS, SAUCES, SYRUPS, IMPORTED PICKLES, -CANNED GOODS, BUTTER, CHEESE, EQGS, ORANGES, NUTS, And so many articles te numerous to mention. UI Goods Delivered to Any Part Within the City Limit. 0.

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