Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on January 25, 1961 · Page 8
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 8

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1961
Page 8
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8 POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD Wednesday, January 35, 1961 2] Q 7 See It by C. W. D. Riickdascliel, the council appointed Leonard Casten to serve in his place. Today this hospital is ready to be turned over to the public to serve the area sick as needed. It is a sound structure designed for competent use of the medical and nurses staff. From the central nurse's station, the nurse on duty can see every patients room and is in touch with rooms at all time with an audio visual system of communication. The color combinations are decorative and pleasant. The hospital offers all the latest features in room service. The medical staff is equipped with the finest equipment and facilities. It is, in fact, a complete, modern hospital unit equal to any in northeast Iowa. With this issue we are permitted -.o announce the opening of the Community Memorial Hospital for public inspection . . . and, which will be ready for public use within a short time. Reminiscing is an act attributed to older people and can even be dangerous at times. In spite of this restraining thought, we are going to look back a few years to dig up j some memories concerning our hospital which we are now about to dedicate. The Postville Hospital served the community well and will continue to serve tintil the new hospital is occupied. However, the State Board of Health put more and more demands on hospital trustees to repair, remodel and keep the be issued. Then in February. 1958. UoT ^tSg ^X'toot the state bluntly told the trus- Bosworth, Lovely world of Rieht S£ on^ur in ord°VoS the v ^ ^2? ^ Oilman, Diamond head: Connell, with me home; Auchincloss, The house of five talents; Powell, The soldier; Keyes, The chess players; Corbett, The Wainwright inheritance; Holt, Mistress of Mellyn; Caspary, Evvie; Lea, The primal yoke; Gardner, The case of the shapely shadow; Macinnes, Decision at Delphi; Costain, The chord of steel; Miller, Christmas at Sagamore hill; Begner, Son and heir; Coxe, The last commandment; Chidsey, Reluctant cavalier. Mulvihill, The sands of Kalahari; Clevely, Stranger in two worlds; MacDbnald, Onions in the stew; Snyder, The war a concise history 1939 to 3945; Eifcrt, Land of the snowshoe hare; Washington, Up from slavery; De La Roche, Morning at Jalna; Boone, Between you me and the gatepost; Packard, The wastemakers; Wells, What does a jet pilot do; Hoffman, The wild rocket; Hurd, Hurry hurry: Engln, Prairie Christmas: Sutton, The clue in the ruined castle; Wells, Cherry Ames island nurse; Keene, A three | We know the public is going to like their new hospital and will be as proud of it as those of us who Ames island nurse; Keene, A three have had an opportunity to work cornered mystery; Keene, The clue on the preparation and presents- in the old stagecoach tion of this public service unit. Many New Books At Town Library BIG-FOUR BOWLING ASSOCIATION Friday Night Ladies League ***** Won Lost Funk's Construction 54% 25% Strikettes ...54 26 McGregor Electronics 48 32 Meadow Gold 45 35 Hi-Way Lanes 45 35 Watkins Pinettes 40 40 Cook's Rollettes- 38"j 41',i - • "43 46 48 52 56 J Leonard Thoma, 594; Adrian Rivc- land, 593; Stanton Klingo, 583; Harlan Mass, 583; Wilfard Knmin, 574; iMilo Jacobia, 573; Robert McNally, j 573. High lines—Leonard Thoma, 242; Rollie McNallv. 231; Adrian Rivc- jland, 223; Ruoben Hold. 2I«; Rich- inrd Kooptrmn, 211; Milo Jacobin, 210. ' —Leonard Thoma, secretary. Keene. The haunted lagoon; Keene, The secret of the golden pavilion; Sutton, The forbidden chest; Sutton, The haunted road; Sutton, The trail of the green doll; Sutton, The black cat's clue; Sutton, The spirit of fog island; Wells, Cherry Ames at Hilton hospital;* Sutton, The discovery at the dragon's Ossian 37 Albright Oil Company 34 Sal's Gals 32 Hygrade 28 Baade's Grocery 24 Funk's Con., 4—Pinettes, 0 Hi-Way Lanes, 4—Hygrade. 0 McGregor Elec, 3—Ossian. 1 Sal's Gals, 2—Strikettes, 2 Baade's, 3—Albright Oil Co., 1 Rollettes, 2—Meadow Gold. 2. High individual series—Mrs. Lc- Roy Thompson, 583; Mrs. Harold Everman, 527; Mrs. Eugene Doerring, 519. High individual games — Mrs. Clarence Tindell, 229; Mrs. LeRoy Thompson, 226; Mrs. Lyle Groth, 218. a new building The trustees sought out public opinion and found the community ready to launch a campaign for a new'hospital. The trustees needed a larger organization to start the ball rolling and the first committee for a new hospital was organized. Board members were: Louis Schutte. A. L. Peterson and John Kittleson. L. O. Bencher was treasurer. Committee members were: E. W. Kozelka. John Faib, Stan Schroeder. Dr. M. F. Kiesau, Mrs. Walter Dummermuth. Mrs. Truman Overeen. Miss R a 1 i n d a Lammert. Harm J, Kramer, and myself. From this group, plans for a new hospital were formulated. The group was expanded to include C. C. Hoth, the late E. C. Ruekdaschel, G. R. Smith, and Wm. A. Kneeland. A fund campaign, completely organized and conducted by local committees, was a resounding success. The goal of $185,000 was oversubscribed by a wide margin with pledges totalling S28O.0O0. With this extra money, the committee then provided more features and made a better hospital for community use. With money on hand, construction started with the council appointing the following building committee: Ed Kozelka. chairman, John Kittleson. Bud Peglow of Monona. John Falb and the late Elrie Ruekdaschel. At the death of Mr. u, c uiagunsi High team series — Funk's Con- mouth; Sutton, The clue of the struction, 2350: Cook's Rollettes broken wing; Sutton, The phantom 2329 = Meadow Gold. 2295. friend; Sutton, The haunted foun- Hi S h team games — Funk's Contain; Keene, The secret of the Swiss!struction, 828; Meadow Gold, 806 National League Hy-Line Sfi DnnV Jowelry 57 Knoeskern Mink Farm 42 Ossian 3!) Lunge's Sports 37 Postville Lumber 34 Castalia 32 Heidelberg 29 Ossian. 4—Heidelberg, 0 Don's. 4—Knoeskern Mink, 0 Hy-Line. 3—-Postville Lumber, 1 Lange's. 3—Castalia. 1 High series — Clarence Tindell, 654: Wavnc Sender, 631: Harley Radioff. Jr.. 613. Hiah linos—Clarence Tindell, 269: Harlcv IlartlofT. Jr., 215-221: Wavne Sender. 218-210: Robert Szabo, 217; Richard Schlce. 211: John Hoth, 210. —Leonard Thoma, secretary. Conference Champs Upset By Postville chalet. The patriot; Bissell, Good bye Ava; Hersey, The child buyer: Walker, Where the high winds blow; Rummell, Aunt Jane McPhipps and her baby blue chips; Dodson, The China pirates; Neese, Prison Exposures; Kerr, The snake has all the lines; Ffanck, My friend in Africa: White, The view from the fortieth floor; Wilson, A sense of values: Caldwell, The listener; Goudge, The dean's watch; Seifert, The doctor's bride; Horgan. A distant trumpet: Forster, Revenge: Baruch. The public years; Ayer, Where no flags fly. Ching-Wen. Ten years of storm; MacDonald, Nurse Todd's strange summer; Paar, I kid you not; Grey, The ranger and other stories: Gatti, Africa is adventure; Hall, Tomorrow is another day: Lambert, The stars hang high; Wilder. The sun is my shadow; Turnbull, The nightingale: Lambert, Our names; Wheeler, Peacable lane; Miller. The joy of Christmas; Swift, First semester; Stambler. Find a career in aviation; Meyer. Prisms and lenses; Yerby. Gillian; Albrand. Meet me tonight; Smith. Upon my lips a song; Banning, Echo answers; Keyes, Roses in December; Monsarrat. The nylon pirates. Chase, The lovely ambition: Yates, The lighted heart: Baldwin, Testament of trust; Packard. The status seekers; Hurst. Family; Downs, Yours truly: West, The devil's advocate: Carroll, Come (lion. Telephone Service Available To All Rooms Of Hospital Telephone service is available to all patient rooms in the Memorial Hospital. Each patient bed has a phone jack located in the wall which can be used if the patient so desires. There is a central switchboard for staff communication located at the desk in the lobby. State News Letter— i (Continued From Page One) ^ the 102 river to cost an estimated $61,855 and Albia, $66,300 for sewage treatment plant on the Avery Creek, to cost an estimated $254,065. Interstate System. The cost of completing Iowa's interstate system has gone up 19 pet- cent. The Iowa highway commission now estimates it will take $377 million to build the remaining 527 miles of super highways. Approximately 189 miles of the interstate system has been completed at a cost of $130 million. The new cost estimate, in addition to the money already spent, puts the estimated cost of the en- West, The j tire interstate system at $507 mil- 'Oll Prim© I liVn Baade's Grocery, 802 Mrs. Eugene Doerring, secretary Monday Night Ladies League Heidelberg Gardens 47 25 47 25 38 34 36 36 34 38 30 42 29 43 27 45 High single games—Mrs. Harvey Jarms, 226; Mrs. Frank Groff. 190; Mrs. Laverne Stumme, 184. High three games. Mrs. Harvey Jarms. 521; Mrs. Ed Schnuclle. 516; Mrs. Leslie Poesch. 496. Luana Savings Bank. 4—Tuck's, 0 Tindell's Shoes. 3—Darling's. 1 Home Oil, 3—Groff Drug, 1 Hoth's. 2—Heidelberg. 2. —Mrs. Carl Schmidt, secretary American League 18 19 22 37 39 37 41 33 39% 44'-. ...38 46 38 46 .33 51 CHECKERBOARD service bulletin Iowa Hog Demonstration shows . . . Low Cost Pork Production on Purina Elmer Gronewold and his boys Ralph and Larry, Donahue, Iowa, produced pork on the Purina Program for S11.34 per hundred weight, including feed cost of sows from gestation to weaning. Working with their Purina Dealer, detailed feed records were kept on each phase of Their hog operation, including breeding 32 sows, weaning 268 pigs and marketing 204 market hogs which averaged 209 pounds. At a Demonstration Day at the Gronewold farm, carefully kept records, with a complete breakdown in feed cost figures, were shared with their neighbors. Here are highlights of the record: . . . Cost of sow's feed, breeding to farrowing, on a Purina Check-R-Mix ration of oats and Sow Chow self-fed, aver­ aged $24.70 per sow. Feed cost per pig weaned (chargeable to the gestation period) was $2.95. .. . The feed cost per pig at weaning time (average six weeks) $7.54. (Including sows' feed from breeding until pigs were weaned.) ... Feed cost per 100 pounds of pork marketed (including sows' feed, grinding and mixing, medication) was $11.34. ... 208 pigs were raised in confinement from the day they were farrowed. At weaning, 60 pigs were moved to pasture. Pigs raised in confinement were marketed at an average age of 168 days. Pigs on pasture took 187 days — nearly three weeks difference. ... Average market price of $15.78 per hundred pounds received for pigs at the market, the labor return per pig over feed cost was $9.28. A new Hog Chow from Purina Research PURINA EARLY WEANING CHOW FOR BABY PIGS New PURINA EARLY WEANING CHOW is a highly palatable, fortified ration made for hogmen who wean pigs at three weeks. This Chow may also be used in early weaning of late- farrowed litters, for orphan pigs and for pigs that are undersized at normal weaning age. Six experiments showed 616 pigs fed Early Weaning Chow gained as fast, or faster, than those on sow's milk and creep fed from 3rd to the 6th week. They averaged .77 lb. per pig daily gain—made 1 lb. of pork on only 1.27 lbs. of feed. In on-the-farm feeding comparisons in various hog-raising areas, pigs followed about the same pattern . . . weighed 23 to 33 lbs. at 6 weeks. Feed cost per pound of gain on thrifty pigs, raised under good management conditions, ranged from 12(i to 14c. 97% LIVABILITY ON OVER A MILLION CHICKS! 23011 Just a few years back, you felt lucky when you came up with 97 or 98% livability. Now you see it done often. Livability at the Purina Research Farm for the past 10 years has averaged 97% on over a million chicks! Healthy chicks, careful sanitation and intelligent management, all are required to get good livability. We have worked hard to get you the safest chicks and supplies we can find anywhere ... to help you get top results. We feature famous Purina Chick Startena ... a starter that is jully fortified with all the tiny vitamins and minerals chicks need all the time. Call or drop in and see us soon! McNeil Feed and Sunnlv PHONE 86 4-3231 "MM <0U|l|J |y Drahn Implement 66 Anderson's Clothing 65 Meadow Gold 62 Olson's Diamonds 47 Ky's Clothing 45 Hi Way Lanes 43 Groth's Packing Co 43 Marianna Propane 42 Citizens State Bank Walnut Grove Hall Roberts' Son .... R. E. A "Willman Real Estate 33 51 Hygrade Products 25 59 Frankville 29'!: 54 K Postville Faculty 19 65 Faculty. 3—Anderson's. 1 Meadow Gold, 3—R. E. A., 1 Olson's, 3—Groth Packing, 1 Willman. 3—Ky's Clothing, 1 Drahn Imp.. 3—Frankville. 1 Roberts' Son. 3—Citizens Bank, '< Walnut Grove. 2—Hygrade. 2. High series—Clarence Moore. 620 Roger Fuelling. 609: Donald Heins. 607; Melvin Radioff, 582; Leo Ball, 576. Hiah lines—Melmin Radioff. 232: Keith Brainard, 230'; Roger Fuelling, 226-221; Lester Marlow, 219; Clarence Moore, 219: William Kozelka. 219: Paul Welzel, 215; Dwayne Thompson. 215; Kenneth iSuckow, 215; Fred Martin, 214: | Donald Heins, 214. J —Leonard Thoma. secretary. Town and Country League ***** Trojan's Hv-Bred 54% 29' Guilder D.-X 54 Wirkler Bros 48% 35% Ossian 47' Halvorson's Insurance 47' Postville State Bank 43 V New York Life 43 it Schave Garage 42 % 41', G. & M. Transfer 42% 41' Hi-Way Lanes 42 Riverside Garage 38 Luana Co-op 37 Frank's Recreation 35% Taylor's Sinclair 32 Schroeder's Clothing 29% 54',* Farm Bureau Insurance ...28% 55% Trojan's, 4—Sinclair, 0 Halvorson's, 4—D.-X., 0 Frank's, 4—Schave Garage, 0 Hi-Way Lanes, 3—Wirkler, 1 Riverside, 3—New York Life, 1 Schroeder's, 3—G. & M., 1 * State Bank, 2—Ossian, 2 Luana Co-op., 2—Farm Bureau, Gordon Kregel, 682; D w a i n e Palas, 637; Bertie Waters, 625; Robert Mott, 586; Kermit Klinge, 579; Roland Loftsgard, 578; Dwaine Wolters, 572; Robert Smith, 570— High series. High lines—Gordon Kregel, 267210: Dwaine Palas, 235; Robert Smith, 230; Bertie Waters, 227; Kermit Klinge, 227; Frank Tehel, 226; Jess Ludeking, 222; Roland Loftsgard, 221; Clarion Olson, 220; Ted Hemesath, 219; William Kozelka, 215;. Keith Brainard, 214. —Leonard Thoma, secretary. Postville'? wrestling team upset West Union's conference champions 20-19 in a dual meet held at the Postville sym Saturday evening. The "Pirates" were aided by a forfeit in the hwt. class that erased a 15-19 deficit, giving Postville the necessary five points needed for their one point team victory. Coach Norvard Nalan stated "This was a team victory all the way. All the boys wrestled well, and they had to, as West Union has a powerful team." Conch Nalan felt that Curl Helium's victory by a fall in the opening match of the night sparked the Postville team to vie-, tory. Helium had edged his oppnn-j ent Tom Gill by a 2-1 score in the conference meet. Jim Burse!! and Duane Plegeenkuhle hooked up in a close match with Plegeenkuhle's last second takedown in the opening period deciding the outcome. In the 112 pound division. Ron Tope's second period reversal were the only points scored in his 2-0 victory over Jim Lenth. Jim's brother Les in the 120 pound division lost his first match of the year by a narrow 1-0 score. Bill Grimes, a three time conference champion, made his last period escape stand up. Jerry Trudo bowed to West Union's Bob Trautmnn by a 5-3 margin in the 127 pound class. Postville team captain John Wittenberger. 127 pounds, defeated Bob Woodson. 133 pounds. 7-4. Larry Snitker downed Jim Schultz by a 4-0 score in the 138 pound match. "Butch' Roulson won over Dave Schmelzer by a! 5-2 score, i i Dave Smith and Don Parker bnt-j tied to a 4-4 draw. Smith started i well and led 3-0 midway in the second period only to have Parker storm back to take a 4-3 lead with one minute to go. Dave then escaped leaving the score tied 4-4. At 165 pounds Tom McNally and Tom Stahr wrestled to n 2-2 draw. Mt Nally's draw and Waters forfeit win in the hwt. class iced the victory for Postville. In the reserve matches assistant Conch Mike Olson's B Squad lost 23-15. Postville winners Included Stan Broadwater, Ted McNally, and Denny Meyer. John Bcngfort wrestled to a draw. Postvillcs next home meet will be with Elkadcr on January 31. This will be followed by a February 3 road trip to Cresco. The El­ kadcr matches will start with the reserves at 7:00 p. m. followed by the varsity at 8:00 p. m. Also featured on the January 31 program, will be an exhibition of tumbling by the fifth grade physical education class under the direction of Postville football coach Ron Armstrong. Match Results. Ninety-live lbs. Curt Helium (P) threw Tom Gill (WU) :5fl; 103 lbs. Duane Pleggenkuhle (WU) dec. Jim Bursell (P) 2-0: 112 lbs. Ron Tape (WUi dec. Jim Lenth (P) 2-0; 120 lbs. Bill Grimes (WU) dec. Los Lenth (P) 1-0; 127 lbs. Bob Trautman (WU) dec. Jerry Trudo (P) 5-3: 133 lbs. John Wittenberger (P) dec. Bob Woodson (WU) 7-4; 138 lbs. Larry Snitker (P) dec. Jim Schultz (WU) 4-0; 145 lbs. Butch Roulson (WU) dec. Dave Schmelzer (P) 5-2: 154 lbs. Dave Smith (P) and Don Parker (WU) drew 4-4165 lbs. Tom McNally <P) and Tom Stahr (WU) drew 2-2; Hwt. Vince Waters (P) won by forfeit. 4-H Club Has January Meet The regular meeUnggl Four 4-H Club was lJ Memorial Hall on president, Allen i. meeting to order, answered by "Kind on the farm". a^l Dean Fuels and BurneBfl chosen by the president! the tour. Allen Ktihje* onstration on "Good $ Less". Harlan Ftxfo.j samples of seeds for ^1 to identity. Muncl)vt| the Mariano Johnson i Koth families. The next meeting t|| February 13 with the L and Vernon Kugsl charge of lunch. J 0 an»| porter. Cub Den Six Makes Puppets Cub Den VI held meeting at the home «(l Mother, Mrs. Robert Si January 17. Dennerfa had charge of the The time was spent puppets which will b(l j this week. Den chief [was in charge ot doat) Living Circle. [TRY SEEING] THINGS ,MY WAY.. The thief prefers to see you leave yi cash and currency where it is availm for him — isn't it wise to put cash si currency into our Night Depositor]' safe from fire, loss or theft? Not only retail customers — many off other customers use it too — ask usl explain its use. TRY US FOR SERVICE *7Ae Bank with the, Ciock on the MEMBER F. D. U C. POSTVILLE, 30 35' 36 ii 36i4 j 40i-', 41 H>! if" 42 " 46 43 44 u. 52 AUCTION As I have decided to quit farming, I will sell at Public Auction on f»\ located two miles West of Waukon on highway No. 9, then 2'/2 miles South,( Vi mile West, the following described property, ~ Wednesday STARTING TIME 12:30 LUNCH STAND ON GR0.« '1 Eil° c L REGIST ^ HEREFORD COWS Coming with 2nd calf.' 4 HEREFORD COWS, Coming with 3rd calf. T HEREFORD COW Coming with 4th calf. 1 HEREFORD COW Coming with 5th calf. furnilh^\vTh Sa u rec S. t0 Ca!f startin « th * first of March" Health papers i 48 HEAD OF EWE* rn LAMfi |N p^BRUARY 1,000 BALES HAY (Second crop Alfalfa) 200 BUSHELS OA! (More or Less) POSTVILLE, IOWA Church League • * * * • Monona, E. U. B .62 Church Bowlers 52 Farmersburg Lutheran .48 Monona Lutheran 48 36 Postville Luth. A 44% 39% Luana Lutheran B 42% 41 Farmersburg Bowlers 39 45 Castalia Lutheran 38 Luana Lutheran A 36 Clermont Lutheran 35 Gunder Lutheran 35 Postville Lutheran B .24 Farmersburg B.,4—Castalia L. _ Church B„ 4—Clermont L., 0 E. U. B.,4—Postville L. B., 0 Farmersburg L., 3—Luana L. B., 1 Gunder L„ 3—Luana L. A., 1 Postville L. A., 3—Monona L., 1. High series—Rollie McNally, 598; 22 32 36 36 39< 41% 45 46 48 49 49 60 W^^CH^S,^, 0F MACHINERY F -'4 Farmall tractor 4-section Kewanee drag with folding drawbar 36' Kelly Ryan elevator with PTO AUis Chalmers 60 combine with scour clean and straw spreader Wot responsible for accidents. 3-14" plow on rubber PTO manure spreader Case rubber tired wagon 6 x 10 wagon box Bale rack ? 8 x 10 two-wheel trailer 2 cattle feed bunks on wheels Cattle hay bunks on i Stock tank Stock tank with bog waterer Small elevator Sheep hay bunk 14 x 16 heavy W" 1 Hog troughs Donald Todd E. L. "Diz' Dean & M. A. "Mako" Auctioneers

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