Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 8, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1927
Page 5
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1'' - HE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENTING. DECEMBER 8, 1927, ISINTHEAIR Mr. Shultz Reports Next Legislature Will Con- , sider Important , Changes (Spficlal Political Letier to The. ' • Hifglstfer by A. L. Shultz.). Topeka,-Kana., Dec. 7. — When th^ next legislature tackles the jph of fixing taxes as they should Ije, it will-open supply of trou- file that ought to stay on tap until the session ends. Already there are enough tax prdposals to patch a half dozen crazy quiUs for the ladies fcazaar. Now there Is al note i)f sadness. The legislature "may undertake to.slide jobs iright from under 2.000 faithful and •more a,r \ less efficient" assessors and pile all ' xhe responsibility on shoulders ot property' owners.. One of the most fanciful tax plans proposed for the mext ^eel- in^ qf the law makers is'abandon- ment of the local iJBsessor plan. ; In the'period pending asseinbly of the new house and senate a lot of facts will be tabulated that won't make (he army of assessors blush with pardonabI<'.pride. Seems as though there hafr developed in ' pome sources an-idea that the as- hi'ssors in a good many ^precincts anil townships .have done their h?avy resiing when .lliey should have been /finding things to put on the;tax rolls. Right now thcro Is a; prospect t| that When the sht^riffs; nnd coun- * ty cpjiimiKslonerH send their lob- Ui (fs tnlTopikailhat if .would be jiiiit as iweirior the township trustees to; select a few earnest'^ and , -smooth ialking delecates to repre- Ki 'nt lliem in (he (|iird house. The little'ileiii of alKiifl $400.0nQ'a year FOBDS JOIN CROWDS INSPECTING NEW MODELS NEWS FROM LONE ELM AND VICINITY CVIra He.-slo Helms.» ' I )i .c. :>. - VVill liouMou, W!M) had been ill .Mis;>uuri 'on I)iit;ncss. ar-j rived last, .Monday to »l)end a few: I days with his si.sters; .M;s li. W. ! O'Hara. and .Mrs. K. II. King, going later to his homo in Idaho. .Mr. and -Mrs. A'an Ht«ter and children spent Tue>day afttTiiooni and evening at tht» C.oud StruKler hom.'. .Mr. aiid Mrs. A. !>.. Wilson wero i in Moran oh hu«ine.--s. .Monday. .Mr. and '.Mrs. ,T. P. I'eiiland ! were bu.iiiiess caliers ill lola Tues- j liay afternoon. j Mr. and Mrs. K. II. Uenney and I children spt-nt Sunday at tjie Chas. Wells liiiiiij.'. near Northcolt. Mr-.. Arthur Spr.gue, \v!io lias { been vn-y III. is inipriiviiig.;" I .Mr.--. A. L. Wilson iputinues to iili ;irove aaer iier siege of ill health. i .Miss lola Thunipson. who has been ill; Ottawa caring for 31rs. ('.i;rpnc( VIclicrs and baby, has renirncf «i tin- I. C. Klliiigton PAGE FIVE^ AVhile the crowds in.Detroit gathered to inspect the new ^gear-shift models of.the F..rd au.on.obiie. ,he ; home. Alt.i^We^^^^^^ the Vick- iikersof the car mingled with the throng., Edsel Fo.d is shown to the left, while his two sons stand with: i^.^.j^;,5i,,^.,.„ a,. ,n ,inei- Kraiay makers their grandfather. Henry Ford. BETWEEN.^ THIEVKS I E . ii.' ; ' PERILS i|!I, I; ABKZ fi<tK.M was a ha id nnr to crac!: :i.j<i, IHKUI of i(. Nobody rcal.i/.c'l it more lhi> of liard men vvlio sat ar<>iiiid a'table talking with liiiii. <"MIIOII.. ^'iible in their uruicliairs. waita uiili the heat of Sleaiii raijlajor.s SIIKI that goes to the assessor.'; on (ho biisfs of llifir ?t iicr diem, is be- j plenty of coal, and liltlf iiitciisi.-d plilning to slip. It is all due to ' ' " th(> f;i<.!t tlua a loi of.people iiav^ licen. lioiliviria (liemseives about raising piiblic' revenues. If they • liadn'i mentioned th .i,' subject.fiiiay- .•. Ill* (he generial .search. for ridief woiildn'i have started. Then there .would liave baen no suggestion that things the assessors do might be done by (he general property owner.i in tlieir . own . names . and • with les.s. expenstv and possibly mpre Universal satisTaction. It all seems due to a tendency toward placing all the responsibility on the gent and lady who payk. Used 40 he that the. landlord called e.very thirty days and seemed really friendly until he gave the tenant a receipt.'- Then ' the landlorirl's union was formed; Property owners ijotrizzy %Vith the' • •, tenants, ^lade them come down ' town to gilded offices and bring the rent |noney with them. Sanio tiling is happening in iliei handling, of taxes. Government I ill tliose iwlii) could lUoi |ia.v lor protection against the; hitHT , liiie Ijeceniber icold. ' "I KUes8;he could Jiull tlii "oii ;;li It we nursed hiiii a bit." one "i ili.' group wan j'emurUIrifc'. "lle'.s .vviiii;:, and ^nthasiastia Ills orgmil/a tion's good. Never let hlm.self get cornered like this before..Sure will be a lesson to him." "Nurse " him long enougli, he'll get Into the wholesale line atid increase' Aren't there enough of us already?" It was ijabcz Gorni' who spoke. "If you don't encourage the good | ones a bit, you're apt tq get all the more bad ones." A hard voice from a hard, face was speaking on ttie other side of the table. ; i "Ever seen a good one when he's selling against you?" Jabez couti- tered. ! . , , • "Kimia hard to hammer a fellow thf first time he's up against it." a rather kindlier voI(;ii. broke in. io j.!::y ;.-)m) Samaritan to bank- Kiipi .•. oi'i (ools. Let him assigit aiMl 111- <|..:ic with It." ; 'I'iie tiiia! ilecisiun Was so regis-" 'eieii, iiinl ilic creditors' meetini? in -oi.i- up. oiic lo liy for a train lie.iuliii'.' soiitli; somni to Join, hllari- : o:i)<'iiartii-'s in the bantjuet halls of III.' hotel: .fabez florm to return to a big, stern-looking house in which many .-eivanis had iprepared with profe .sslonni efllclency the seasonal decorations, the gifts and the festal touches that fashion and social rnstoni rofi'ilred lo be provided for till' clilldreii of this very elegant bouse. ; .>^eveii o 'clock next morning. The bells were ringing- their annual inessa;,'!' of peace and good wUl.-; A choir m a little nearby church was siiu 'irig. "Noel, Noel." Chnrlle <;oiii[. five, years old and full of ! CIS or wilfully avoids making the proper returns—whether he or she is subject to property tax or not —then a penally would be provided. I with hiJ> mother. Mrs. Nan Bid- rwell. '. . • .Mr. and' .Mrs. iKraiik Smith entertained at supjver Thursday eve- iiing .several of itheir relatives In mates, the occasion being'her seventeenth hirthday- The SBrver drug store hasi installed an electric player-piano. Tlii.s makes the store look all dressed up. Lono Elm is getting real up-to-date for a little burg. • The president of the! Ladies' Aid wishes to announce,tliat the chick- i (jn suijper netted $90. Thanks to all those who helped to make it a success. Both sections of the Ladies' Aid j to Uie \V. II. -M. S., to help pay the 3alar>- of the chaplain 41 the hospital. No. 166, which is '.located at CaVville. La., for the care of Jhe leper. "For as miicb as ye have dorie it uirto the least-of on& of th^se my brethren,- ye have done- it unio Me." Mrs. G. O. Reeve, president of thij Ladies' A^il society asked the members to present at the | meeting in January. • Elec- j tioh of officers and other business win be transacted at this time. The folks are coming througli with the \Voi ;ld Service pledges in 'ine shape. The Rev. Mr. Mis!bach is ver>- happy about it. lie thinks we will come up to the standard, as usual. Next Sunday evening one of the gospel teams from Baldwin, will be with us. We aro hoping for a largo crowd out to hear'them. - r In the last Olympic Games the United States was a winner by a wide margin. The rincipal victories or the Amerieaus were won in tV -nnis. with a sweep of all five first places; swimming, with 1.'. out of 17 firsts, and in trsl-k and field, with 12 out of 17 firsts. Buying Christmas Seals is the cheapest Insurance against tuberculosis. WHAT IS ? -^mmaimdthisf honor of their niicle. Frank Sirick-| a,re Uiking a'vac-jtioii until after ler. of CaliTornia. ! Chr In the case hi real estate assessment anotlier idea is brewing. There biive b^en hints that in some localities the tru.stdes were right) ,, ,, , :, friendly with laud -.o.wners and i'"''> valuations never got to a dizzy height. As a consequence the equalization boards abandoned vacations during dog days and tried to straighten out the cross section puzzles. iioiiii. iiw ."n.lia I 'll! uiiu , falib in the thinrii that really mat- I composed of three members : 7 , . : each county — would spend- o..uu,..,^ u. ..•.v.>. v,uvc-.....„u. "''•••^^^„*'es bammored the u^rked out the .scheme of making tougher hell get. Tl).nt s bow I got folks take all the responsibility I '""S^'en^jl- om)t^^^^^^ I how much tlie dividend would he; whether It would pay better to take !)0 per cent and get rid of a potential rival, or get 7.5 per cent and let him stai-t again with a cle.m sheet, or give him lots of time to it is proposed that county Iward of appraisers shall l)e appointed from varioius sections of the counties. These boards — probably in the Cheater portion of their time on the job. -, Free from local influ- eticcs. ii,l*s claimed that .the land I values would be at,about the right , piiini wlicii the hoard finished work. ."Mr. and -Mrs. Krne.s-t Helms and boys s|)e:u. Sunday afternoon 'At Lallarpe. with the formers parents.' .Mis. 11. W. O'llara spent Tue.s- II. King, of Lone Kllii. Visitors .of unknown diaracter, were calling at the Ted Penland home, last Tuesday night, taking | away with them a good supjily of meat. They will find themselves not as- welc^ome again. The Newlpn's took Sunday 'dinner in iColony. Ueme'mbei: the operett^-i Friday, neceniber H'at I. O. O. F. hull. Goldie W-<iten entertained at din hristnias. .section plans to entertain the south s^-tion the first Thursitay in .lanuary, The missionary program was well attended and e.ich one on the program responded beautifully. Such w-oiiil<^rfuI co-operation warms our •heart.. The offerinn ! was .something like $19. which goi* Xew Locatfon, 1(W E. Madison. Flmt Door Eii !»t of Brown's nmg Stored Phone 1^ n-r Siiiiday :>>cve'-al of her sihooI-1 '~ - . . t.!,7A8;.:4"ED 190 ity had a horrible ^'Xample that ma4e everJ^on'e sepd In.their re- tilfns a .bit earlier next year. But •^it w-orked., ' Now it ^seems that the legisla- iture will consider a scheme to-do I pay in full. the asses-sors all manner of dirt. J ' on and on tliev argued. , Being a township tru.slee bfcause j ^1,^ j,„^,,y cluttered \»\ the wind- of an in-law i-elationship wit;h half j jo,^. and deafened {he outside the voters, won't •'mean half mean half • so tiiuch if the proposed law is passed; The towusl^ip trustee won't have any more to say about properly \-siluaMons than" the plow -itov ; down im-Bill Short's south 'iJ. sounds of happiness iMid good cheer, of hastening feet, of shivering limbs, of anus (lapping to keep hungry and lll-clad bodies warnr. And the urgiitn • .-nt on. \ Cheerful .gre>' •••ilipy salii- tatlon.i, IiearM". li .lislies were exchanireil vi in : 1 .. left In the •tit !•! ,ili iipMer room of I '.e i.i- •! 1;, . i.;.r .l-facpd ::ro-ip Mcil .1 "It .nil! le .ird noth- il::: "'.•r.-li. Ion'-,-. we can't •ilM .c all iir .iit:. I •j.Ki'-.t i;il;e Jli'ii Ifliiii tonight. ; .MI pa.lii '.j nji jm' ev<T.\ tiling. (loiic; l>i (ilay golf in l-'lorlila' o \<T (lie lioji 'lay*. Cotin g^t (ljl <i lliliiu'over iiuicU or I nii.-s ll'ial train." ••I.iii-ky (log. I-can't afford to play gotr In Florida." This from .Tnbez Oorm. "Neither run I afford "Look, Daddy. What Santa Claua Left for Me!" ' ter, was d.tnclng round the paternal bed of the Goriii household. "Look, Daddy, what.Santa Clans left for me! 'N' a letter with It an';evvythln'. Look." Jabez aroused him.self itndread: "I was denning up yourj house, when I saw the kid's stocklrig hung up and remembered about •mas. Hate to do anybody a bad- turn on Christmas Eve. • Here's a buck for the baliy's Christmas. Look out for your silver and other valuables some other night." Not so long ago .Tabez had taken prizes at Sunday school. Funny that the only les.son he" conid tliiiik of now was nbnttt another thief who repented in time and won the first, guaranteed pass ithrongh the pearly gates f4i heaven, i .labez Gorm would liave given W hand to call'that meeting back. •• But tliey were gone their .several ways. Not for nionlbs could they all be together ii::ain. ' The (;linrch balls pealed once more. To .tabez Gorm they seemed to sing. "Too late, too late, too hite. (00 late . .. ." Ct). 192T. \Ve»t«rn NewnpaDcr Union.) OLD ELSMORE . Dec. ti.—Mr. and Mrs. Dave Alderman took dinner with .Mr. and Mr-J. Will Alderman and Ceulah Monday. .Mr. and Mrs. I-:niniPtt .Tohnson and Kern called <m .Mr. ami Jlr.s. Winfred AVatson Sunday. ^Irs. Alice Brightly .-111 (1 :Mrs. Harold Ilalston were'shopping in Humboldt Tuesday. Davo .Mdernian dehorned cattle for James and Verni* Col well .Mon; day. ' ' I .Mr. and .Mrs. Will .A.lilernian and I Ueiilah wpre ip Chanute Saturday. ! Mr. anil Mr.'. Harold Ualston : wen> lola visitors Monday afternoon. • Mi -i^: Fern Page is staying-at Ira' Itacon's. assisting with the housework at this writing. By far the largest railroad station in the ,w-orl(l is the Gi*<ind I Central. .New York, which covers Sii acres and deals with u daily traffic of COli trains.; In some of the'large towns.and oities it will he something terrible. | street I Fajtbfiil old workers who are always present in person' on elei-. (ion day. will find (hat (he iorts job of carrying tax sliect-^ to the property owners has uoiie .wl(h the gills of .vi -.terday. There, w -rin '.l be a ilifiif 10 in Ilial'per- lq (i when >iiring fevier is inost c on- tnl^ioiis uhil :;,00O jieople who know ^ til* price fi-jcd -on all tlie f;iini!y /ewels. will simply have a job s 'tayliig at ,home wondering wh n this era of xhanclng conditions ^ will hit . bottohi. ' . ' i -' '~ ' • T ~ -r ; the books find that thousands of sus figured and data about chick- The -small matter of a disVrep- pianos, music machines. Iradio sets I ens and. alfalfa and hog cholera ••ilji-y of alKiut i".";.!)"!! nr MO.OOO an- jind Johnnie's uke didn't bring the will be assembled at a tninimnm (oihobiles is one of the bitter |ar- family wealth to $200 after putting { cxpen-se jf a person f.-iils. neg- tcuments to he used in knock^ng^ in the kitchen range, parlor _ - ' the assessors j>u( of a worthy job.• room , equipment and Etta's wrist i ~ If -is being pointed out that \ in watch. So a campiiign has devel-M "quite a few- counties the assessors oped .to abolish a foundation ston'e • overlooked aliouf 2T, per cent of of governnieni—same being the lo- the'|or biiMses used for private cal assessor. plf-asure. Having failed : to find . th',< family gas wagon, it is urged Unt (he jionuw song- the real tiiat the assessors would have ;i cause for goinn into the holiday rot Jen chance; getliufi the bank' season wiih a low- spirit - is the roll-and jewelry, on the hooks. hanlsJiip just around the corner t ;...-J— < . I . f(,r (lie local assessors, .-^.nd there i Not. only does it appear that the lis no other job quite so dignified; T > 4- T 4- 11 J r\ V-iljiised didn't find, a lot of or imiioriant to take .its place. | tJert l^ytell anCl JJOrO- 'motor car.s'. but. that' owners of more than ten per cent of the cars convinced tire tax chasers that the wagons, shouldn't be a'ssess 'ed anyway;. In other words after a titan listed all his personal goods and chsiftels aitd spoke up frankly iand looked the' as'-i-.--;i"- in the'eyes, he was ov(!rcom" wi^'i ""loiioh and; admitted thru Mie wliole thing wasj not .-worth, tl*'*" •; People who' been, checkini; For PILES 'Any drntreiit will refand your money if PAZO OINTSfENT Mb to cute Itchiair. Blind. BiMdinr or "^rotrudins Pile*. In tube* with lila t>lpe, TSc: or in tin box. 60e. Thai Yon Can Deliyht Hhv. in'th Tlii.-i hilt I'niqui. PASSALITiE An electric cigar lighter for hi.s car wiiich can be jia.ssed from person to per.><on ,nnd still ha.s no coril or cable: . You Must See it to Iklievc il. A Light For .FourMn Four » Seconds $3.00 .Made By Stewart Warner Scarborough Brothers Drug Store Phone 181 Deliver .\latinee lOcilnd 2()c;, Night 10c arid 25c Today and T^omorrow The legislature will be asked to \ provide that everyone make their, own I property returns on blanks | supplied from the court house.; Thus tile property valuations, cen- thy Devore in RUB Oii'ESI GOLDS «STOP PIS ITCHING ECZEMA I DRIED RIGHT UP I BY ItHIS SULPHUR I kuy breaking diit of the skin, even fiery, itching .ts -wma. can be tjuickly oven-onie Siy applying a little >It >ntbo. .S 'uljjiur, says a noted skin specialist. IJei-auH! o^ itsgenu (ia-trxiying proper- fc ,li '-s^ fliisl sulphur preparation in'- Vi" ihlly bring* eaue from Kkin irritation, Booihes^ and heals ^fie eczema right up I Jid ieavcs the skin clear and Itmooth. It seldom fails to rclic\te the tor- meat «ni) disfigurement. Sufferers from skin trouble should get a little Jar of Rdwles Mentbo-Sulphur from aojr good lirug^a* ~- i'ain and congestion is pone. Quickly r—'^'es. Aliiia.'t instant relief lirom cJicst c<..ii!.-i, .-.')rc throat, iJack- r_!K, lui;ibai;o fol- ! I'.iivi a gentle rubbing with ^ •'''Ru'b thissoothWg. \llPmff ^^r^4'^ penetrating oil rign./ 0j \_ Jli:c^°magk"'r .^;rf^ A fast moving .ide splitting: comes. St. Jacobs '. farce comedv of a young bride; Oil is a harmless who got into theiwrong roo'mi !"'™h-S.rr-.u'^,e!; ^'^i"^'' bcgj^n to hap- 1 c.<.v,tr, < the H*-'"- "She dreaded her former sweetheart arid lie thought, f -ri III! brcii'..;. i.:> il..; coo- grstioii tlu.t cau3M pain. It never dis- ippoinls and does not bum the skin. Get a 35 cent bottle ui St Jacobs Oil at any drug; store. It has been recommended tor 65 years. he was already .m itrriod. ToniPdy, "Kor .^ic, Itungnlon" t Pjilhe '.NV«s (OMIMi MO.MIAY — JOHN (JILBERT In •^^'ET.VH Tm .VS OTT* HERE ARETWO COMBINATION -STOVES TO SERVE YOU WHEN THE GAS is LOW. The Heater Burns . Either Gas or Coal Satisfactorily. The iCombination Range Burns Either Coal, Wood . or 6as Success-. ] fully. Entirely Unnecessary to do without Hot and Well Done Mealp Coal Heaters in Many Patterns and that you will be (leased with. Circulating Heaters that will save j'ou 30 per cent of your x)al bill, at an Attrictive Price. A gzs range that f ^ou 'll wonder aft- tr ow ling one how you e i ^er got along wit lout one of ihese new efficient Models. A. W. BEGK FURNITURE WE DELIVER PHONE25 Hose Firte Feathers. Pure Silk to heni, in all the good shades, fidl line of sizes, .SI loo pair. Rollins guaranteed Run-stop, square or pointed 'heel. Heavy serviije weight §1.85. Semi-Service "Weight at ^1.6.1. Silk to top Chiffon $1.95. Lingerie • Good quality Rayon Bloomers. Teddies and stepins $1.00 to $2.75. Crepe de, Chints Sti^pins; Bloomers, Teddies and Gowns .$2.95 to •So.75. Georgette and Crepe de Chine, in' the new blocked or batick patterns, 81.00 to S3.25. j Pure Linen Hand Em- ! brnidered Towels $1.00 j each. . • i I .A.1I of our hand eni- ! broidered models at cost. Included are Luncheon Sets. Scarfs. Buffet Sets,,. Boudoir • Pillows, Pillow \ Cases. ' N- i Handkerchiefs Linen or Linweavei for i service iOc to $1.25.| Novelties of Georgette or Crepe de Chine, 35c to 81.25. COATS. E.xtra Speciaf A'ahie.-; in Coats for Friday and Saturday^^^ : . ^ L_ ^ ' ' KELLEY Matinees, Pictures NightSj Serenaders o^iy aftd Pictures .... lOc - 20p 10c - 40c LAST TLMES TONIGHT ON THE STAGE- JACK DALEY'S KENTUCkY S£REI^ADERS J I i i 11-^PEOPLE—11 Singin|r Director Blues Singer Kitty Brady .: ..I. Interpretative Dancer I The Daley Harmony Trio "A Hot Shot From Dixie" A Versatile Entertaining Band ON THE SCREEN— ! 1 Cy Palmer . j Velva Nalley I i 1 I I Dashing corhedy, refreshing novelty, sizzling action, - gorgerJiis girl.«, colorful backgrounds. Perfect Enlertajnment—Soft Cushion.s! S EZ ^ 23 -5; ^^^^^^^^^^

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