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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 30

Ironwood, Michigan
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Wednesday, July 14, 1965
Page 30
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rr; FOURTEEN IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN WEDNESDAY, JULY U, 1965. Some Strength This Afternoon Mart Picks Up Obituaries Gigantic Parade Board Approves NEW YORK iAF Joseph Wclolainen. 81. Wico Location, died this morning at her residence at 1107 Kuivinen St She was born Sept 28, 1883. The 3 ' Teuva - Vaasan Laani. Finland. ^ss'ts Will Highlight Attendance of Saturday Event Newman at Meet 'Cot on o Ho* Tin Roof Big Success at First Performance otock market picked up some streng'n early this afternoon but tiMriing remained dull. Stocks were mixed at the start and gradually moved higher on balance, although there was nothing much in the way in A gigantic street parade will BESSEMER—"Cat On a Hot, is stripped from each character, Tin Roof", prize winning drama leach in his own, way finds his I by Tennessee Williams which: t r u . J self revealed. The audi- 1 opened Tuesday night at the in- [ ence Is also impressed with the' ' dianhead Mountain Play'iouse i skillful and delicate handling of ! fascinated a highly appreciative the profanity and suggested ob- BESSEMER—The Board 0 / : audience of first nighters. from senity which might otherwise >r , in onn No Funds to Hire Hurley Council Local Youths for To Investigate Summer Projects License Issue of group leadership. Concern over the U.S. role in Viet Nam caused considerable caution. But caution over Viet ^ els of Nam ha. c . continued for some tei 's. ,^. rs time and there was nothing ersr drastic to cause a selloff. tar. Airlines recovered from loss- ren - es taken Tuesday. The trend anci was a little higher among chem- *'; icals, office Ironies, steels or i - a 11 mhpr nf i cea *"' ^ vaTs ., '..' , mi ° UU1 5 highlight Saturday's activities Education"Monday"approved the, tne opening to thc closing scene, be shocking. during thc second big Hiawatha attendance of Supt A Walter' The action of the drama is The drama deals with dis- • Festival-to be held Friday and Newman at the workshop meet- continuous, with two brief inter- iturbed people living disorderly Satuiclay ing for new superintendents of missions. The entire action takes'lives because of personal emo- Thc pnraclc will get underway the state at Northern Michigan place in a bed-sitting room and tions and the situations which at 1:30 Saturday afternoon and University. Marquette Aug. 1-3. i section of a gallery, in the plant- ; t h e s e emotions beget. Hate i will proceed through the Iron- supt. Newman will serve on i ation home of Big Daddy Pollitt.! hypocrncy, envy, and greed! wood business district. Parade the panel of experts 'at the clinic! multi-millionaire owner of the; vie with love, truth, and indlf-l Marshal this year is Erin Carl- O n school accounting This is one richest plantation in the Miss- ference ' ,-• ,xv,, num.,, son ' P reslclent of the Ironwood of several clinics: others in-i issippi Delta, The time is one Earlrae Bates easily matches' T onWn T -n ""Chamber of Commerce, who will c i uc i e Superintendent - Board from early evening to midnight, the performance of Broadway I i.episio. nsn " be dressed in genuine Indian re- Relationships: National Defense The situation finds the Pollitt star Barbara Bel Geddes and' I'mir Mrs 1 Education Act; New Mathemat-] family, the elder son Gooper. movie star Elizabeth units in the parade ics: Health Education: Teacher; his wife Mae and their five in galia from lac du Flambeau. o-i-anrtnv.iiHi.or, M»si-b! units in tlie parade ics: Health Education: Teacher i his wife Mae and their f i v e . Her interpretation of the" r o 1 e •giancicnncnen, tnis year wi u include the Eau 1 Tenure: School Finance; Spec-! children, the younger son. Brick,' O f "Maggie." childless wife of r Claire Boys Drum and Bugle ial Education: Teacher Certifi-1 and his wife, Margaret, as-.Brick, who loses no opportunity Corps from Eau Claire, wis.,; cation: Vocational Educa t i o n; equipments, elec- The Lakeside Memorial Chap- which copped first place in last Community School; Cooperative and aerospace is- el Wl11 °P en to friends Thursday year's Hiawatha parade and Purchasing and bidding and sues at 2 P- ni - Tne remains will be thrille-l thc audience with an ad Press and Public Relations Oils were lower and utilities taken to tne church at 11 a.m. nb rendition on Aurora Street: sembleri at the plantation home with Big Daddy, and his wife, Ida, known as Big Mamma. The is tnc 01 were down a bit. . Friday. Funeral services will be the Belles of St. Mary's from clinic activities, several general The Associated Press average ; conducted Friday at 3 p.m. with Rhinelnnder. which took second sessions are scheduled followed of 60 stocks at noon was up .3 the . Re . v - Nathan Ruonavaara place last year; the Iron River by workshops on modem math- at 323.R with industrials up .8. officiating. Burial will be in Legion^ttes, winner of last year's ematics in school curriculum; In addition to f he workshop j Big Daddy's 65th birthday an- niversay. Big Daddy is dying of cancer, rails up 4 and utilities off .4.' Lakeside Cemetery. The. Pow Jones industrial average at noon was up 2.85 ati Frank D. Brunk third place award: the Ironwood vocational education; team Blue Knights Drum and Bugle teaching: use of visual aids in Corps, which is now composed the classroom; use of computers 879.82 WATERSMEET Frank D °^ members of the former Iron and new technology in education. to express his hatred for her. Determined that the only way to conquer their problem Is t o face the truth, face the facts or Skipper's death and lay the ghost which comes between them. Her mastery of the play- but is under the illusion that he rights rhetoric is superb, fascin- is suffering only from a "spastic ; ating her listeners with fine colon " according to the clinical i nuances of tone, and gestures report received that day. which rapidly running the gamut o f was falsified to him by his fam- j emotions ily. Knowing that their father is 1 . Du Pont was unchanged but !B runk. 73. of US-45. Waters- County Veterans of Foreign Wars Taking part will be superln-; dying, even while they offer : ' a T onrirv ai Rrir>lr a n j° lt *'^ *| *?«.,„ ™ ?x Eastman Kodak bolstered the' nneel Township died at his home Junior Drum and'Bugle Corps tendents of various communities ' birthday greetings of "many averages with a rise exceeding; Tuesday evening that Disbanded last fall; the in the state, college and univer- happy returns of the day, the 2. " He was born Julv 17 1891 at Ishpeming Blue Notes, Marty's sity staff personnpl, representa-, situation finds his family at Union Carbide advanced '4 to Lac vieux Desert near Waters- Golden a ires._Bessemer._and the tives oMhe departrnnt^of _publlc; greedy odds over the disposition: -^ £ 7^ Trrit'at'edTy P> ' nlc TQifnvito cr»M ,, * the very presence of his wife, his brother and wife, their chil-i 59% on a block of 15.000 shares.! mee | an 'd attended the local Bessemer VFW Baton Corps. instruction and consultant ex- 0 { the estate: his favorite son, An irregularly higher trend schools He was married in 1912 Other units participating in the Perts in various fields of edu-| Br ick, an alchoholic, refusing to . _ .,_. • -..__*_ ov*iJww*i-». J.A\_ woo iiiaiiicu 111 1,71-i natir\n anH hiicinnec- OTHH 4*trliic< - ... . . . .... ° . prevailed on the American Stock, to Martha Poler at Watersmeet. e include the unit cation and business and indus-! ,5r=.!!!'f:L d ' ! 5!S- »«„. ana even his Stock Market Exchange. , Mr Brunk was employed bv and color guard of the Iromvood i try. ed with the hypocracy and men-, T _ Corinrate and U.S. Treasury the Thompson loWine owrations High School ROTC Unit, under! The board of education ex- !daclty of his fellow men"; re- 1 James Swanaon, as Big Dad' unchanged, i and hi?ti ifved in wltersm e e t the supervision of Sgt. Roger' Pressed appreciation of a com- lfusl to co . nabitate witn his |dy, who is personally known to -wnship all his life Lawson- riders on horseback, mumcation from MISS Amparo j wlfe *, hom ne nates bitterl and , range residents, amazed the Surviving are his wife- four from the Gogebic Range Riding Navarro, of Valencia Spam, i Wamn - fm . tho rtna th „* ™= "" " '" ' '' ' sons Frank Jr. and Al b e r t . Club - sfock cars from tlie Hia ' ! Watersmeet: Sgt. 1-c James watna p » aci »g Association, and Brunk, Fort Leavenworth Kans. the recent entrants in the Upper „ . . . „ Spain, j t,i amf ; S f 0r the death of his 'clos- ^ l,%Sn^vnr Sepn an-i eSt f ? end ' Skipper ' by SUggeSt ' f 'nv M-. g _?n-«?* Jing that an un-natural relation- NOUN' 'QUOTATION! iand Patrick, Crystal Falls: two Peninsula Soap Box Derby. . (daughters, Mrs. Margaret Haz- Float Committee Chair m a'n 1 en and Mrs. on existed between the two audience by his masterful interpretation of the role of the 65 year old man who is again i assuming the reins after three' i men Charles E Gotta stated that one i n her lnei NEW YORK (AP)—Following of Wafersmeet; 37 grandchild- of tne lai "gest groups of floats. Newman is a seiected list of stock tran-jren and three great grandchild- ever see n m this area are under i Navarro ' not d m t . sactions on the New York Stock r en. construction and will be entered' oeu ^ a11 Exchange at midday with net! The remains are at Lakeside in tne Parade. They include a " g , e , .PJ. 0 e rAam An inward fury underlies the _i<uum_m Act. drama. Guilts gnaw and conceal- ments, rankle, r e s e n tments mount, and accusations multiply; r -rw7s so'lmprtssed'with the! w °n ds 3 * e "° W bltt t n ,°'/_ "^' ~ »*•. w , . »v»» uiJi_ < VM-O1rMtr/\*4 t^sill* n«^j^**mrt t rt v.fl^ *ir!4- W ! months of brooding in the fear that he has cancer. Believing the clinical report of his family to be true, he is ready t o face the future as a new and change from previous close. ! Memorial Chapel, Wake f i e 1 d. Michigan Bell Telephone. Point' Bessemer that I wanted to write! ? rofane accents with obscene Allied Ch 47V8 D 3 A\ Funeral arrangements are j n - Motor Sales with the Barber-1 you before my departure from intent, and in the most dramatic A ™ /in,-, AT,- omiinioto ' shODPtirs and Sweet Adelines, i «,„ *n-\~: — r^ ^ ^ _, SPPHR hpt.p.en Biff Daririv and Am Can Am Mot Am Tel & Tel Armour Bait & Oh Beth Steel Calum H Ches & Ohio Chrysler Cities Service Consumers Pw Cont Gin Copper Rng Dow Chem du Pont East Kod Ford Mot Gen Fds Gen Motors Gerbei Gillette Goodyeai Inland Stl Inter Chem Int Bus Men Int Nick Int Tel •& Tel Johns Zvfan Kimb Clk LOF Glass Ligg & My Mack Trk Mead Cp Mont Ward NY Central Penney, JC PA RR Repub Stl Sears Roeb Std Brand Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J Stauff Ch Un Carbide US Steel Wn Un Tel complete Funerals "Ts 673/8 D '/B 36V4 U Va SOU 353.8 ; 20=8 D 1.4 MRS. ROBERT LUTHER 66'/2 U Vs Funeral services for Mrs 45 78 U Va Robert Luther, 46, of 690 S u n- Eva Wurl's, Stern Instruction I feel that your Spanish instructor, M r s. & Fields^ Ironwood Rotary Club, , Mark, is doing an Ironwood Kiwams Club, Gogebic job botn in tn | fl w f Range Junior Chamber o Com- ment utilization and me thodol- "I"! bellowed, now spewed forth with "'^ e " u of ... m —,— ,._ .....^ .^ which over 40 years has built his empire. Through his forceful, frank and fearless language he revealed his true feelings toward his wife, his family, and even the preacher, and he de- merce. Ironwood Tops Club. Miss of 1977, Lutey's Green- s have an PX a na\e an ex- scene beteen Big Daddy and his son, Brick, words are exchanged with the force of hammer blows. As stated by one,,. ... . drama critic, "this big encounter i i 1 ." 1 ^ la l s down the between father and son turned h . ls ^vorite son, Brick, in the by blurted out truths into a self- £ to ™V Ses 1 ion ln wnich l n e v ».. - • -««,... ™. « ... uu «- pH,^"!^ ° E ^ M J': sounds wnich is unusual in the 76VU D « 8 set Rdi who died last Frid PHZJS foi the floats aie di-. united States, as students are U v s were held at 9 this morning at Vlded Ulto t ' vo cate g°»es. com- more apt to imitate the -_«..._ ca *~* niOY'ni Q : Q nrl non -. ortmm ot*r*i o I i —e t.t L. \ _-.«• . contoncene, as PU,. 52 D % lhe st A m Dros e catholic ™ ercia ' an< ! non - commeicial. (O f the teacher which so often 37V- U '/ 8 Church the Rt Rev Joseoh The pnzes for both S rou P s are is Americanized. TOU 'S™ io.i^- T,?ff, identical. S25, S15 and S10. The, -Your teacher 70V2 , Dunleavy officiating. Inter- Your teacher has realized 238 Ul 'ment was at Riverside ceme- parade route ' accordin g, to Pa -. the importance of dependence 83% U VB • tery I rade Cn airman Joseph Blake, is i on native tapes and has required 52% D '/a Pallbearers were Garner from thP inter section of Mar-1 at her students drill extensively 80^8 Rogers Reino Aho Irwin Hau- quette and Aurora streets - trav-1 with these tapes to master the QRS/ O n 34,'tomai..;' T^eo^h u^^i^i, T „ e^S west on Aurora to Law-: native pronunciation. She has verizing charge of true drama. The intensity of the scene is unrivaled in modern playwriting." The audience was impressed to know each other. Finucan, skillfully interpreted the role of Big Mama, living only for her family, trying her utmost to light by the restraint of the actors, ™ r °, ngs ' \°ving.her husband; who appeared to be sitting on 96% D %'tamaki, Joseph Hornick, James T g N =f Sl ? n Af 0 ? 8 1°, ^aw-; native pronunciation. She has 46 U ' %! Chirnento and Sars Fiori rence Sa eet, left to McLeod done a job which is not evident ,8,i.nimen.o ana s>ais *ion. Avenue, and then to the Memor-. in schools where there is a : a powder key, in preventing the blast which would have d e s - troyed them. As the d r a m a moves on, and the outer veneer ial Building. 35V's U VB Chipmento and Sars Fiori. 51 5 /s D */2 Out of town persons attending 43T8 ! the services included Mr. and 33% D Vs Mrs. David Cole and daughter, 467V4 U 1V4 Michelle; Mr. and Mrs. Don- 82 U V* | aid Pulver and son, Donald; 53% D Va j Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kurik and 56'/2 U Ve i daughters, Marlene and Joanne, 50 'all of Milwaukee; Mr. and Mrs. 55 78 U 3 ,a Donald Luther and son, Donald already convicted of man- Murder Cose Trial Begins PONTIAC (API—A defendant teacher with a Spanish major; plus extensive experience abroad. This is particularly significant since you have had your language laboratory such a short period of time." Miss Navarro added that she has appraised Mrs. Ort, state' Bounty Hearing Set Thursday A public hearing on a propos- overjoyed at the news that hp is not dying, and u n consolably grieved when she learns that her family has also deceived her by the lying about the clinical report. John Isaacson and Victori a Sanchez as Gooper and Mae, the eldest son and his wife, expertly portray the roles of a man and his wife, working together, in sharp contrast to Brick and Maggie, who are growing further and further apart. Gooper and Mae want the same thing, contro 1 of t h e 33% iof Rhinelander; Mr. and Mrs. slaughter in the death of a girl exists in Bessemer 34?8 U 1/4 \ Gust DeRubeis and daughter, friend was described Tuesday indicated that her iannia« ' consi. ant nf al to remove the bounty on coy- rich 68,000 acre plantation and ° 6S Vielcat :3 ° nurstne $ 10 million estate. G excellent sltuaor which million estate. Gooper, day evening in tho Ameri c a n; a successful corporation lawyer - indicated that her services anri ; Le S ion Hal1 at Ewen. i in Memphis, loses no opportun- 40 D V 8 , Colleen of Livonia: Mr. and by the prosecution as a man those of the Office of Education' Sen ' Carl ° >Brien - Pontiac , ity to show disdain for his! 32',4 U Vs Mrs. Charles Luther of Milford, who attempted to solve his W ill be available to Eesspmpr cnairman of tne State Senate's' brother, who has turned his ! 49 ; O.; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Luther marital problems by strangling a t any time in the future ' Conservation Committee, urges; back on life, finding peace only 67'<2 D ',4 and daughter, Cheryl of Ro- his wife. ' 'all interested persons in the in the bottle. Mae loses no op- 39% U V 4 Chester: Mr. and Mrs. John H. The statement was made at . „ , _ ar ea to attend the hearing and ] portunity to gloat over her five 40'/s U VB Peterson of Lansing; Mr. and the opening of the first degree nOnwood K Or C to j tel1 the committee of their ex- children, with a sixth on the Mrs. Dewey Bjork and son, murder trial of Carl Foster, 29, Uper on TUnrc^nw : perience with the bounty system; way, and taunt Maggie be- T^Otliatf T»« «-V«*-l rlnim-Vti-AU^ /"I .„_*. iTtK A i., Anm.nA.^1 —.£ 1.1 1 1! \_1_ ''"CWl 68% 80 D Is Dewey Jr., and daughters. Gret- who is accused of killing his nn Thurcrlnu UM ' """suiiy , on coyo t e s. cause she is childless. Mae, who 48V:> I chen and Beverlee of Aurora, wife on Feb. 28, 1964. Mrs. A meeting of the Ironwood! The hearing has been called 1 Is a "snoop," declares she knows 78 I Minn.; Miss Nancy Hedstrom of Foster's death was first, ruled Council, Knights of Columbus, j by O'Brien's committee, which'the reason why Maggie is 44Vi> D VfelPort Huron; Mr. and Mrs', a suicide but her body was wln be neld Thursday at the, is considering Bill S77 which childless. 59% U Vi ; Douglas Cole and daughter, Lyn exhumed and an autopsy per- clu brooms, at 7:30 according to would abolish the bounty on coy-i Kenneth Talaska, who 463s Ann of Merrill, and Mr. and formed after Foster was sen- Gl 'and Knight John Kostac. otes. i charmed the audience as t h e 38% D V4 Mrs. Louis Favro of Gilbert tenced to 10-15 years for man- 1 After a recent vote of thel O'Brien said the committee fair y godfather in "Cindy" im» j Minn. ' slaughter in the slaying of his' local council - this second meet- wants to find out how the people Pressed theater goers with his CHICAGO LIVESTOCK ; girl friend last December ing of the mont h will have only of the Upper Peninsula feel versatility in his portrayal o f CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA)—I WALTER SILVESTRI Asst Oakland Countv Prose- a snort Dusiness session, fol- about the bounty system before tne middle aged Rev Tooker, a Hogs 4,500; butchers slow to 25! Funeral services for Walter cutor Walter Schmier said lowed by a Program and lunch. | making its decision on the bill. guest at the birthday party, higher; 1-2 190-220 Ib 25.50-25.75; i Silvestri, 28, of 709 Lake Street medical evidence indicates Mrs Complying with the drive of The Ewen hearing is the only '' One would not believe he is mixed 1-3 190-240 Ibs 24.75-25.50; | who died Saturday, were held Foster, the irother of three l fV 01 ',?" 16 ( . Coun ^J, 1 on Porno- one _scheduled to be held in the tne tsai £ e Person" were c o m- 2-3 240-300 Ibs 24.00-24.75; 1-3; Tuesday morning at 9 at St. children, could not possibly 350-400 Ib sows 21.50-22.25; 400-. Ambrose Church, the Rt Rev. have taken her own life. 450 Ibs 20.75-21.50: 2-3 450-500 Msgr. Joseph Dunleavy of- Ibs 19.75-20.75; 500-600 Ibs 19.00- , ijciating. Interment was at 19.75; boars 14.50-16.00. Riverside Cemetery. Cattle 9,000; calves 25; slaugh-l Pallbearers were Theodore ter steers steady to mostly 25 ! Mattson, Roy Hopkins, R e i no lower; load lots prime 1,250-1,- ; Nelson, Frank Rossi. Dean 325 Ib 28.00-28.50; high choice ' Carli and Anton Bonato. To Entertain At Wakefield literature, the members u. 'P. a sound film strip (titled "Decency in Reading." Distributed also will be car bumper stickers bearing t h e slogan "Stamp Out Smut", which are being displayed nationally by the more than 1,400,000 members of the Knights Kaano Kultalahti. dramatist;of Columbus. and prime 1,150-1,400 Ibs 27.25- Out of town persons attending and humorist from Finland, will Ch ° Ce a " d : Ken °sha; and Mrs Ronald a presentation and selections 17; formation of a ladie prime 950-1 095 Ib slaughter heif-^ Mattson and children, Rhonda from Finnish Utera u e Mipta? a uxi £ ^ renort on h ers 25.50-26.25; choice 800-1,050, and Sandra of Omaha. Neb.: and selections from wnrin m P rV< Pnmmm»», moi/in;°,L ^.JL 6 Omaha, Neb.; and selections from world litera-: committees making up the six- oi P 7, choice 23.00-23.75. g ° 0d and ,' TW , alter Kalas of Mt ' Pros P ect - '»« >n tne ^Frnnish language. He ; point pro-am 'fo jin. ; Mr. and Mrs. Charles will also have a wide selection ' year. next CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago Mercantile Exchange '— Butter steady: wholesale buying prices Eppolite, Michael Martin, Jo- of costumes appropriate for each seph Gheller and Mr. and Mrs. presentation. Richard Gheller of Besse m e r, i and Mr. and Mrs. John Finco 1 Hosnirnl of Wakefield. nospirai Tourist 'tooth on Highway Vandalized GRAND VIEW. Admitted, Ironwood city police are invest- unchanged; 93 score AA 58%;, 92 A 58%; 90 B 57%; 89 C 57; REV. EARL C. FLEURY .'Tuesday: Mrs. Marie Hall , j igating a case of vandalism that ?£'' cars 90 B 58Vfc; 89 C 58. i EWEN Funeral services TTlirlpv Mrc Tf "'v*. wo«on Q/in:occurred snmp timp THP^I-IOV ovo.I tne Tables Turn On Trooper LAUREL, Del. (AP)— Nelson N. Spence Jr, of nearby Bethel paid $25 and costs after his conviction of speeding Monday. Delaware state Trooper J.P. Esham told Magistrate J. Alton Knowles that Spence was doing 75 miles per hour in a 55-mile zone ments heard. Philip Heald, who arri v e d Thursday from Lansing, where he was completing his role in a- MSU Summer Theater Circle production, gave a convinc i n g performance of Dr. Baught, who had the task'of imforming Big Mama about the truth of t h e clinical report. Jeff and James English, Mary Carol Minkin, Susan DeRosier and Joey Rokser, Gooper and Mae's children, were excellent in the enactment of roles of a group of spoiled children, running in periodically, shooting cap guns hilarious over the Then Esham was arraigned j celebration of the grandfather's before Knowles on a' warrant Dir thday anniversary charging- that he drove 32 miles an hour in a 25-mile zone. The warrant was signed by. . Nelson N. Spence Sr., a pas- Mrs. Jer senger in his son's car. He said occured as Esham Eggs steady; wholesale buy- were held June 5 for the Rev i E - Arcn - Jonn ing prices unchanged; 70 per Earl C. Fleury, 71 retired sup-i Douglas B1 vd.. medical, cent or better Grade A whitesipiy pastor of the'Detroit Con-' Discharged Tuesday 30; mixed 30; mediums 26V_; j ference, who died June 2 at the' J - platt> Paul K - c yi. Mrs. , , V Ke van 340' occurred some time Tuesday eve-! , th ! fv / olatlon occuled as P Sand ' 932 ning to the Tourist Information i ! ed tfhe Sp £ nce car to the Frank Booth located on the west end of Cloverland Drive _Bpoth Manager E. Mickey standards 27; dirties unquoted; isteurenbl Funeral Home~in~Rose ! Jennie J? 111 ^ 011 Joseph Armata,| Davis reported today that some-; checks 21Va. istrate'* office. Conferees Working on Medicare Compromise iSteurenol Funeral Home in Rose ljenme Johnson, J-iseph Armata, | wavis leponea today that some-; iCity with the Rev William Ra- i Il- onwood; Diane Abelson, Hur-iO-ne, presumably youngsters, 1 leigh officiating. Final rites ley; Glaci ys E - Penrose, Mer-' smeared the lavatory door| 1 ^-,j » .' _, ,. —- Mrs Kpnnpth Sknwlnnri 'handles with flirr. anrl tripri tn! THE WEATHER WASHINGTON (AP) Sen. ite. and House conferees meet today to start working out a compromise on the medicare bill, and congressional leaders predict fast agreement The Senate added 513 amendments to the House version of were held June 6 at the Fargo cer; Mrs ' Kenne . tn ' Skowlund, | handles with dirt and tried to Church, with the'Rev, Bertrami° ak Creek ' wis i n»m_~ ,» . .1 ,* McN_ally officiating, assisted by! DIVINE INFANT, Wakefield.ISSIr oHL laJato-fes'M.'^ SiS: ' ' 8 p.m TEStrERA.TUUES IN inONWOOD _.. .. Wednesday. July M, 100C I tear the signs off the doors.;. (•£,* " r 7 6 Pio' ioPdn , end To ^^ rooa the Rev. Robert Bryce and the Discharged Tuesday: David !said T?air TjQvnlrf 'DO^.VMI. T3.,%.in1 ...nn' U*nnic /^la,.f/ TnrJ • t/'o*!-,!/ "Tnnsih "&!**• Rev. Harold Parker. Burial was j Ennis, Gary, Ind.; Kathy Jacob •Si. w « n l5 hl ?o| > a.m. in Spring Hill Cemetery near Fargo. The Rev. Fleury had served parishes at Ewen,, Berg land, Kenton, Sidnaw, Painesdale, Tri-! Wakefield. mountain, Baltic, Stambaugh and son, Mrs. Rockne Paris and son, Bessemer; Mrs. Irene Bice. Gile; Mrs. Inga Solberg, Ontonagon, Mrs. Harvey Grays o n , According to Davis, bicycle tire marks were onserved at the scene of the vandalism Barometer: 8 a.m. 29.90; Noon ':6.94. COURT OF ST. JAMESES Ambassadors to Great Britain are called ambassadors to the Sunset today 8:51. Sunrise tomorrow 5:22. The Moon, at Apogee today, rises tonight at 9:58 p.m. Saturn rises earlier oach night and is now in the constellation, Aquarius. This of 75,100 ie 1 bill, which provides health Iron River in the Upper Penin- churches in the Lower penin- ! Court of St Jamese care 'for "the elderly and in- sola, and in Lexington, Bethel, sula. Ho retired in 1959 and had old palace'of St.' Jamer^lonE ; Fs ^bou? SM^'OIM "miiM creases Social Security benefits. jMt. Pleasant and Rose c i t y , lived near West Branch. ( was used for royal receptions, i the Earth tonight. has and Adding to the drama of the production were the discordant musical in terim music, the sounds from the birthday b a n- quet table, the playing of cro- que on the grounds, the singing and shouts of the children, the fireworks which climaxed the celebration, the singing of field hands, the periodic ominous shriek of the hawls, and the chiming of the clock ticking off the time. The audience was impressed ! by the artistic and skillful direc-' tion of the drama by Peter Landry; his skill in playing down the author's propensity for sensationalizing his own vision o f life, using restraint in the action and emotional control which, without would have made the work mere theatrical- ism. The adaption of the action to the open stage, was skillfully so executed, that the audience were not confused by imaginary, doors, mirrors and stage setting. 1 ••? A feeling of disappoint m ent 1 and frustration was noted during a meeting of the Ironwood City 'Commission Tuesday night, when City Manager Kenneth E i Long ,'itmounced that he had received word from Michigan Tech that there would be no available, funds to hire young persons for summer projects that had been proposed earlier this spring. The funds, which were to be handled by Michigan Tech under the Economic Opportunity Act, title 1-b, Neighborhood Youth 1 Corps proposal, will not be forth-, coming as planned. Long said, therefore the projects such as Norrie Park, Mt. Zion and others throughout the city will have to be postponed. Had the funds been available, youths from needy families in i the area would have been eligible for employment during the summer months on a 36-hour a week basis. Rate of pay would have been th* 1 minimum wage, a $1.25 an hour, and the project, it was felt earlier, would not only have provided employment for needy youths and a chance to earn money, but would have given the youths of the area something to do. * * * Long state that Michigan Tech officials informed him they i would soon be meeting with the director of the Michigan District for the Neighborhood Youth Corps to determine the best action to take in order to activate as much of the proposal as soon as possible. Tech's associate coordinator • for technical education, Victor N. Towonen.' said it is regrettable that all efforts have been postponed, but that he feels eventually progress will be made. If anything new develops he stated he will inform City Manager Long. A report on delinquent personal property tax was given by City Treasurer Mrs. Mary Wing Williams which the commission approved. In the report Mrs. Will i a ms stated that with the closing of the fiscal year, city, county and school delinquent personal property taxes were collected totaling $13,332.75, bringing the five- year total to $102,530. During the last quarter, Mrs. Williams stated, authorizat i o n was received from circuit court to write off the unpaid 1957 and 1958 personal property t a x es. which were beyond the statute of limitations for collecting. Tax sales were conducted and S6.- 442.25 was collected, $2,431.63 being the city's portion. The balance remaining to be collected, the city treasurer said is $6,34fi.39, which is less than the cash received last quarter. Mrs. Williams also noted that the city is in the process of i making arrangements to collect i the remaining 1958, 1959, 1962 1963 and 1964 taxes from t h e estate of one of the city's businessmen, which would create a total tax collection of not only the 1961 taxes, but also the 1958 taxes. The report went on to state that five years ago there was a | delinquency in personal p r o - perty taxes which was more! than $50,000 and since that time i about $60,000 has gone delin-' quent More than $100,000 has been collected, with the balance including the settlement with the bonding company as a result of a lawsuit, circuit court orders to write off taxes and tax jales. * + ik- Work on Uae sidewalk and curbing in front of the Church of the T r a n s f i g u ration and around the Salem Lutheran Church was approved by t h e commission after it was r e ported that several winters of snow removal and grading have caused considerable deterioration. Percy W. Treloar, senior warden for the Episcopal Church, petitioned the commission t o consider replacing the sidewalk and curbing and the commission felt that the sidewalk and curbing should also be replaced around Salem Lutheran Church. It was brought out that t h e Episcopal Church plans to have the area to the north of the church blacktopped so cars may park there, alleviating somewhat the traffic congestion on E. Aurora Street. In other matters the . c o m mission approved a $150 donation to the Ironwood Volunteer Fire Department which will be representing Ironwood at the Upper Peninsula Firemen's Tournament at Ishpeming; agreed to purchase coal from Morgan Nelson Supply Company for $1?.68 a ton, the lowest! bidder, and ordered the tabula-' tion on bids received for s a 11, i gasoline, fuel oil, motor oil, and chlorine Marine From Detroit Dies in S. Viet Nam WASHINGTON (AP)—Marine Pfc. Marshall D, Holman, son of Mrs. Margaret Holman of Detroit, died of wounds infhuted by the Communists in South' Viet Nam, the Defense. Department said Monday. At a regular meeting of thc Hurley City Council Tuesday evening at the city clerk's office, Mayor Paul Santlni recommended that thc License Committee make a study concerning the possible surrender of a certain number of unused tavern licenses to the Wisconsin State Beverage Tax Division. The question arose due to the fact that many taverns in the city are being torn down. The License Committee was requested to make such a study and report to the council at a future meeting. The city now has a quota of 78 licenses, but has issued only 41 for the current license year. The council also approved In- payment of $1,180 to the Gordon Allen Steel Tank Service Company, San Antonio, Texas, for the repairing of the Hurley water tank. * * * Edward Erspamer, chairman of the Board of Public Works, stated that the tank was in dire need of repair due to rust and corrosion. In conjunction with the water tank issue, Mayor Santinl issued a vote of thanks to the city of Ironwood for the "splendid cooperation" that was rendered while Hurley's water was shut off. Santini. speaking for all of the city officials, stated that the aid given was very'encouraging and shows a very friendly attitude" between the two towns. The city clerk was instructed to write a letter of thanks to the Ironwood city officials. In other business, the council approved the purchase of a power lawn mower from Giovanoni's Hardware of Hurley, for S135. The Finance Committee report concerning the benefits that the city employes are receiving through their present insurance plan was heard by the council. Italo Benson!. spokesman for the committee, stated that a complete study was made of the issue and the next-step in the investigation is to inquire as to the wishes of the employes themselves and also contact the insurance companies involved to request representatives to meet with the council and explain their individual policies to the group. * * * The council then gave City Attorney Alex Raineri and the police department authority to conduct a full investigation concerning the vandalism that has been done to the flower boxes that line the main street. Mayor Santini stated that last year the city had no trouble with vandals but this year six of the boxes were overturned and the contents strewn all over the street. Santini, in complete acco r d with the council, stated that the persons responsible for this destruction should be brought to trial. Four Racine, Wis., youths are suspectpr; in the vandalism and the police department received authority to proceed to Racine and apprehend the suspects and bring them to Hurley for proper proceedings. A request was made by Councilman Felix Patritto, for a mercuiy light to be placed on the old city hail, now occupied by the electronics plant. Patritto suggested that the lights be put up in viev; of the fact that when the city occupied the building there was a light affixed to the structure b u t when the city moved its offices, the light was removed, creating a dangerous situation. Bensoni, in opposition to the suggestion, stated that s u c h a light would cost the city $7.50 per month or $90 per year. * * * The matter was referred to the Board of Public Works for investigation and will be brought up at a future meeting. The council then approved the monthly police report and heard a report by Erspamer concerning the request made by him, on behalf of the council, f o r the Hurley School District to head up a full summer athletic and recreation program in the city. The school board will take the matter under consideration and will report its findings to the council representatives at a future meeting. The council then approved the granting of bartender licenses to John w Carli, Adele Petri, Mrs. Donna Priante and Kenneth Backlund. The group also voted to grant a Class B Combination liquor tavern license to Victoria Lipski of Hurley. Briefly Told Tbe Cloverland Chorus nil] meet tonight at 7 at Little Girl's Point for a picnic. Wives of the members are invited to attend. The Blue Knights rodeo committee will meet tonight at 8 at the Legion clubrooms. \ , The Blue Knights bugle line will practice Thursday night at 1 in the Legion clubrooms.

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