The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 16, 1948
Page 5
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WliWIRMMY, JUNE 16, 194« (ARK.)' COURIER Planter Speaks To Civk Group CKarU* R O s« T«Hi of N«w Enterprise for Blyth«vill« Area Charle* Row, Rosclaud planter, discussed the new Blytheville Fertilizer Corporation before members of the Lions Club at their luncheon meeting at the Hotel Noble ycster- dajr. The new ferliiizer plant will be Incited In (lie Wilson Second Addition, South of Blyihevllle on Highway 61, and will be housed in a >> 125,000 to S30.000 building, and Mr. Ro« sUted that It should tae in operation within the next 60 or 10 d»V! Mr. Hose explained Hint (he lieu. , •plant would not be concerned with 1 the manufacture of fertilizer, bill would be a blendinu process, blend- lug nitrogen, phosphates, and potash. The cover crop will replace (lie nitrogen, but the phosphate and potash are badly needed Here, Mr. Rose said. He added that nrodul- tkm from the plant would depend Rose said. He added that pvonuc- too a large extent upon the amount nt anhydrous ammonium they could obtain. The corporation charter was granted a little more than ft week ago, with W. F. McDaniel. C. C. Langston, and Mr. Rose named as corporation officers. Several fanners and ginners mid stockholders have already expressed approval nt the Schoolboy Peddles Bike 255 Miles to Collect Dollar Bet CHARLESTON, S. C.. June 18. — fUI>)~A 15-year old Raleigh, N. C. boy who peddled his bicycle 255 1 miles from hi.s home in 36 hours to ; collect a dollar bet here, yesterday was on hi* way back home— via Wilmington, N. C. "Bill" Knhn, a Credit for Originating Father's Day 50 Years Ago Given Spokane Woman ion High School student, was somewhere between here and Wilmliy- lou, 166 miles away, and slill hud 130 miles to go from Wilmington to his home. He leli Raleigh at 4:35 am. Wednesday and arrived here at 4:30 p.m. Thursday. He loft for "home" at 7 a.m. Monday by way of Wilmington where lie v/as lo visit friends. The young bike rider collected * bet from his cousin Mary Ann BEUIIII. 13. Last Labor Day .she bet him he couldn't peddle the distance. The younfisU'r was not very impressed with trip, "l didn't have much trouble with trafic, the cars just went around me or I went around them. 1 "I hardly missed a town without stopping for a soft drink though," he added. "Bill" snitt he wasn't trying to break any records. Mary Ann said she didn't think he could do it, "but then, he thinks nothing of biking 25 miles from Rawlcigh lo Smithfiekl to go swimming!" ''Bill" is the son of Mr, and Mrs. S. H. Kahn of Raleigh. Credit, lor originating 'alhei-'i D«y go** to Ur£. John Bruc« Dod(i, right, oj S)x)kaiw, Wash. In 1896, inspired by love and sacrifice of her own Dad, who reared his six children alicr the death of their mother, she proposed a special day 'or honoring fathers. The Ministers Alliance and the YMOA loolc lip her Idea, but K wasn't until 1910 that the first Father'* Day was observed in Spokane. On the Ihircl Sunday of June, that year, a. small band of women met in church for songs and verbal tributes to Dad. At that time there was entirely too much disrespect foi fathers. Mrs . Dodd thought. Typical of (hat were surh popular songs as "Father, I>ear Father, Come Home With Me Now' and "Everybody Works but Father," which, she considered, tended to spotlight Hie wrong type of father. Prc.^s, p-.]ls>it and women's groups took up the crusade and the International Father's Day evolved. The Rev. Conrad Bluhni, then tor of the Centenary Church in Spokane, helped Mrs. Dodd draft the first petition for Father's Day. lie- sides being celebrated throughout our nation, the day is also observed in other commies. Mrs. Dodd':; to have "fatherhood revered With the Courts Circuii Albert R. Cljandler Jr. et al vs. corporation and a need for it, Mr. p. E . R ose. doing business (it Ma- Rose said. , mla Til . c shop, el al, suit for $593.10 Prior to Mr. Rose's lalk. Charles debt. Rambo was inducted ns n new PACK HVB Russia Invites Discussion on Use of Danube WASHINGTON, June 16. (UP) — 'he Slate Department announced esterday (hat Russia ha., agreed D discuw the question of op/iv ig the Danube River to free pav- gallon. The Soviet government, In a note elivered here, reversed a previous wslllon and agreed to let Austria ake part in a Danube Conference : a consultant. Tlie United States hud urjjed hat Austria be granted full par- Icipatloii at the conference In an earlier note Russia had flatly rejected the possibility o ! Austrian participation in any capacity. A State Department spokesman as RUMlly as motherhood" scecns to have been achieved. Victims Tell of Brutalities Suffered At Hands of Japs on Death March }^/Mt> fully Automatic Washer ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. Complete Service Department YOKOHAMA, June 16. <UP>—! Affidavits at the trial of two -X 1 - anese officers charged with i e- sponslbility for the Butaan "clunlh march" described .yesterday hou', sick, half-starved captives wcrcr' burled alive, sonic of them by fcl- lou'-prlsonRrs acting on orders of Uteir captoi's, An affidavit from Maj. Richarcf Kadel, Cfive City. Ky.. read to a military commission trying the case, said they saw "three American officers and three Filipino officers buried alive in the basement of an old house" along the death march route. '" officers nil werp suffering from malnutrition and dysentery and were unable to walk," Kadel said, The prisoners, he added, were forced to jump into the basement. One man tried to climb out and i was knocked back in wUh a blow on the head from a shovel. After that a detail of Japanese troops "proceeded to bury these men alive." Sick Filipinos Buried Another affidavit by Capt. Homer J- Martin, Denver, told of how Japanese ordered a group of American prisoners to dig trench graves for 10 sick. Filipinos near Balanga and to knock the Filipinos unconscious. The Americans, Martin adde<l dug the trench but refused to strike the sick men. M-Sgt. Frank C. Sleckleln, Hays, Kans., said he saw four Americans who escaped the notorious prisor camp at Cabanatuan brought back to Japanese headquarters in crouching position. They were obviously in extreme agony, he said- Residents of Oak Ridge Rap Plan to Open City's Gates OAK JUDGE, Tenn, June 18 — <U!')—O»k IUdg« residents 'lci« on record yesterday opposing the Atomic Energy Comml.vsloirs plan to open (lie K «ies lo tills atomic community (or private business development. Tliey voted 15J to 17 against, the proposal «i a meeting Monday nlljlit, The AEC Insl week had said It. l>linincd U> move fences and patrol romls nl Onk KWge, leaving only Hie work HI™ surrounded. The nvliiehlliil nml business area would ue open for llic puWlc al large. The town meeting decided to call said the United stntcs still believe* Austria should be Riven full participation. But in IU Insl communication to the Soviet Government the united States ur,<c<l |mrlleli )c J lion l.y Austria I,, " Bt lcnsl „ ' sultatlve capacity." H was this proiwsal tliat Un^slH accepted. A spokesman snld til" Soviet note Is being given "exiwlltioiis nJe.ii- tlon." a man meeting within W dayi to decide whether la Incorporate u « city. They said they (ell Otk Ridn should have more say-so In 1U own affairs before II Is thrown open. The AKO announced Itc plan fkr the purpose of making the neur a "normal community. It offend ownership of homes on M-year !«•» ses. Read Courier News Want Ada, MORE SEEING and MORE SAVING when you go Later, Slcckleln snid. the reciip urccl men were mnde to stand li shallow graves, where tiicy wcr shot, by n squad of Japanese rifle nen. "I then saw all the bodies covered with dirt," he said. "I don't now whether nil the prisoners were dead before they were hurled." Muj. Gen. Yo.shitake Kawane and ?1. Kurataro Hirano are charged Illi responsibility for USV) Hti- ttian <jcaths us well n.s conlrirmt- lo tile deaths of 26,548 American and Filipino prisoners at Catup O'Donncll in the Philippines. Spanish-American War Vets Hold Convention MEMPHIS, Tenn., June 16. lUl') —The recent marriage of 7C-year- old Charles H. Simpkins. of Knox- villc sliar'y;! lop biilinir yesterday with old stories of fighllnj; in Cuba and tlie Philippines in '08 as Spanish-American War Veterans in Tennessee convened for their 5Olh annual se.ssioti. "Yep." said Simpklns, "I got married two weeks ago." Slmpkiiu, wearing a tophat, paraded under a hot sun %vilh 66 other veterans who declined offers for a band. Instead, veteran J. E. Harris, ol Knoxville used a bugle to keep the boys in step. \fcdal-bedccked C. E. Davis, of Chattanooga, veteran o! the Philippine campaign was color bearer. At elections today J. W. Beam, of Kno\\-:llc, senior vice commander, will be elected commander. SEASHORE SERVICE FIRST is SAFETY FIRST! Come in for an Oldsmobile Check-Up and Tune-Up . . . then on Your Vacation! Head f,,r lllf <)|irn r,,a.l v.illi .in open mind fire ,,f<-ar<: an.l worrr • Ijmil your car'. \ i«il our iniKl.Tii. cnrn|ilclrly rijulpjicil icrrir* tK-|>mllllcnt Cm- an Ol.ljinoljilc "I'rc-Vacation ( iliri \-\ Jp." FarlorT- traincd inrrliaiiics will give your a llmnmgli-gning safely insp«s lion. They'll follow Ilirnngli w,|h vlialcvcr service it needed — Inne-lin, lirAeadjiiAlincnl. wliccl alignment•••anylliing up to a majr* overhaul. Oldsmol>ilc(|iialily standards arc niaiiitiiineil-g«inline Old*, mobile parls are always on hand. Your jnl. will iw.done thoroughly, finished proniptl). 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