Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 8, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1927
Page 4
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-U ^' f PAGE FOUR THE lOLA to^ILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 8.1927. LETTERS TO Santa Glaus December 7; 1827, Bv^ - lola. Kansas. DEAR SAXTA CLAUS: 'Dear Saata.. do you know what ' J want for Christmas? I want a ; paUr of ice skates, and a football, \, bnd a. wagon, and some candr and : ^nta and ^ananas aad oranges attd ;also some fuouliing clay. That ;,"iviH be all Dear Santa. '; , Vpurs truly, from ; HOY GILLESPIE, Jr. Bronso^, Kansas, , • December 6, 1927. li DEAK SAXTA CLAUS: .! ; How ; are you?' I am fine. I 1 suspect thut you are about froze tup, but don't die before Christmas, i because V want somfr presents. Dou't coine lu your air plaia 'cause i it inlghf freeiio up. , Have your : reindeer in good shape .cause tiiey ' might play out on you then I would . not have aiiy presents.. It they .play out-st(ip at my place, ^'hat I jwaut r6r Christmas, is n fl'ash- . liglit, a gold ring witlt my initials In it. I want a -fountain pen and a pencil to inatch. I will close, . , Your.s truly, • (MLRBHT BOOTH. Moran, Kansas, • Peccmber 0, 1927. DiiAU SANTA CLAUS: •I am wriilng to tell you what I want, fpr Christmas. ' I want a new sled; dress,- coat, slippers, j>ony and a^^wrist watch. Don't forget me. Your Friend, ' MARY YA-\ATTA. ^ Moran, Kansas, ' December 6, 1927. DEAR SANTA CLAUS: I am writing a letter. I jwant some skates and 1 want some jover- alls, and I want some candy and I W^t'some high-top boots ^d I want some mittens to wear on 'my hands and-;3 want a corduroy cap and that is all. Good-bye Santa, P»om. HARLEY,. LASLEY. R. R. No. 2. Moran, Kansas, i:)ecember 6, 1927. tlBAK :S^V.N'tA CLAUS: How.are you? Iwant you; to bring me a doll and buggy, a IKMIIC and a little itand, atroclting 6hair, and a little table. That is all. 1 will leave the door Unlocked for you. ; . . V^ry truly yours. ' IRilA LESLEY. • Rronson. Kansas, bi-:ji.U SANTA CLAUS: .1 aim goiiijr to write a letter to tell you wliat to bring me .gnuis.- I :Aviii)t a- football,' a Kialc. a cT-ofji: ',1 sfl and a '410' s'hotgun, n ji. - i>f gloves and 10 pairs or woo! -ks. That's all. Cood-by. I'Wlt KY LASLKY. liron'son, Kansac, l)et(inib<-r 7, 1927. DEAR SA.NTA tI.>AUS: • How ar<< y<iu this cold weather? I am writ.InK to tell you what I ; want for ChriHtmas this year for it's nc-arly IUTC. I want a wrist watch, ii riiiK. coat, and ihat, a ^ large rM)ttle of |)erfume. a boxlof rtailoncry. .something to cmbroid- iry,-a'jiew dress, a fountain pen and nil fvvr sharpl pencil. AVell Santa, I l)eliove that.i.s all I want f<ir Cljristnias. Ob, yes, I want some can'dy, nuts and oranges, "rt'ell will rioso so good-bye. from : your little friend," LORICVA GILLASPIE. T^E LILLIENDAHLS—SAD AM) GLAD A youngster saddened by his .mother's predicament is Alfred Lilliendahl, 8. But his presence at her trial for murder at May's Landing, N. J., gladdens Mrk Margaret Lilliendahl, accused, with Wjllls Beach, oit slaying her hu-sband. Mother and boy were photofed thus In an anteroom of the court house. ' . Boy EdisoTi Edwin Mulvane.v. 1 •• hish school boy of Cbaii .Tnonga, Tenn . discovered, while at work In his: BChool lobo 'ratrtry. n no"' otjil.)- •ive. A sample wap Kont ff. W 'li.^li- Ingtoln and as a rei<ult ynunr. Mut- raney Is to have a four-year Mholarshlp In th«» chemical war- JAte laboratory at Washington. Moran, Kansas, December 6, 1927. DEAR SA.VTA'CLAUS: I thought ^ I would write you a letter and tell you what I want for (Jhristina-s. i; want a pair of bedroom .slippers,- a ring, a .^fountain tjen, a newdrfess. some &ew slippers, some handkerchiefs, a box of stationrry, .some ' beads, a now • bracelet and- some candy and nuts. • I, am a litile;glrl 12 years old. My address is, • JIERLE WINDLE. Sloran:. Kansas./Route 1. : ; Good-by SanU till Christmas. - Moran. Kansas. December 6l 1927. DEAR SANTA CLAUS: -I waiit you to tiot forget me. | want you to bring me a pair of Bkates and a .•'hot gun. some candy and nuts, a pair of high-top shoes, a sheep line<l coat, some gloves, and -a new 2,S kord roadster. That Is about all'.'Good-by. :' •\' TTour Friend, - TOM VANATTA. , Bronsoh, Kansas, December 6, 1927. ,DEAR SANTA CLAUB: I am going to write and tell j'ou what I want for Christmas. I want a doll, a doll buggy, some dresses for iny doll; a doll bed, a new hat. b coat.'and .«ome: candy and nuts. Jfy adrcss U: • . GRETA LASLEY,' ' Bronson, Kans., Route 2. . Good-by SanU till" Christmas Eve. tlonery, books, and hamikorfhicf-s. That is all. .My name Is Evelyn Seidcl. My uddrcss l.s .Moran. Kansas, Route 1.. r live four milcK east on tlie rt'vk road from .Moran and three niilex north. .My home Is -back from ' the road. He ^aro yon doij't frx>ezc.-l Don't forccf ini- I will leave the door iinlockod for '.you. EVICl.YN SEIPEL, Moran, Kansas. In Czechoslovakia it is the custom to serve fish only once a year, on Christmas Eve. '• ROCKY POINT (.Mrs. Anna Stout.) Dec. 6.—The farmers are very busy gathering com' in the hopes of getting through before winter comes to stay. Several from here attended the pageant, "God's Garden of Juniors," given at the M. B. chufch at Bronson Sunday evening. It was a good program. i .The community - extends congratulations and bes't wishes, for a liappy married life to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sisson. Tiiey arb at home on file Mrs. JMary Lambeth farm, mrth of .Moran. S:i;nnlay Ir- ni; .Mrs. t'liarlfy W and .Air--. (Jcorjje Stout's ; l(ii-tl:ii;-.ys. the V.'!;:(l!t' family was u'l III' •'iitfri rhe Sioiit licni- Siiiidiiy. S,-nn' of.t!n' oilu'r ' niJKhbors il>'< iil'-il to join! i-i and i-anif ;-L ixi-.m wii'li well-filled bas- .A |);>as:M!l time was enjoyed H'K''lii'i- aii!l all atleiidinl i-tiuu-h ai .N'oi-'li Kairvi.w in the a'ternoon. .Mrs' ('li.irliy WUili i.mb a(e: pi-! Mil.I Mrs. AIniah-W'^iIU- !• ji'il Sun. Iloblile to Lailarpc Si!iiil:i.v -IK lit ihi- day with t!:e riii-r's mi>liu-f. .Mis. Limes and i)t:-r rr.alivi 'I'li. .\<>.-i!i l-;i rview bazaar,was li.!i| :-'.:iiiir>!:iy, U'l- haven't learii- . i! ,iT;s[ uli.ii amoi'.iii was rlean-il, l.i'i t '.fiv I'iil n -tl. Ill M oi the food : II 1 ;i 1-1 JIM- - -le b -ip); suild ami t '.Uir .Li- .111.1 .-uiipor Were iterved tjo a larKo (-rowd for the country- .Mr. and -Mrs. Eirl Camp and children were lola visitors Thursday. ; George Stout' delivered a veal ealf to nine .Mound for shipment WedneSda.v. Charley Stewart purcha.sed a (-(K)l< .ctiive at the Blue .Mound community sale Saturday. This eoniniunity was grieved to learn of the death of Miss Grace Cillasple at the St. .John's hospital, aiiif e.\ten<ls sympathy to the sor- rouing famil.v. NEWSN0TESOF NEOSHO FAUS LadleN' Aid of the Congregational I'hnrrh Holdtt ^axaar and Chicken Dinner—Social and Personal >ews. (Mrs. W. P. Heath) . •XEOSHO FALLS. Dec. 1.—Oscar Zinks suffered a severe injury to Ills right Iiand a few days ago While working with a corn busker. Mrs. Robert Mitchell has been quite ill for several days. 1 Walter Wigginfe and Chas. Wilson went to 'Western Kansas the first of the week on business. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jackson and family moved to Roper Saturday. Having lived here so long, they will be greatly missed by their frieiids and neigblwrs, who wish them happiness and success in their new home. Several from here attended "The Big I'arade" In lola this week. Some of those whose niimeii we learned were: Mrs. Mct'ool, .Mrs. Fanny Wolford. Mrs. Schrler, .Miss Carman. Miss Premeurl. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sufeile and ."Madeline and Mr. Harvey Carman. : Mr.s. S. R. Scott and Elizabeth i atten<led tlie funeral of Mi-< Find- ,.,,.!^ lay at Leroy. SundH.v. V. - 1 ™n Mr^ Geery went to Dallas. Te.x., /^u-^niL'"" Wednesday where she will make her home. Mct'ool ' and Wiggins shipped two car loads of calves to Kansas City Saturday. George Whissman. of .Marion. Kan., is here looking after business interests this week. Friotids of Rev. and .Mrs. .V. L. Vezie synipatliize with them in the loss of their daughter, Mrs. Cori- !-er. Rachei Heath spent her Tiianks- givjug vacation at hoiue. air. .'ind Mrs. Staats and family spe-it.Thank.sgiving at Biirlincton. Mr. Richardson, formerly druggist lierc. but now living in Parsons, was a visitor hero Tuesday, Friends of Tom Banuton were sur ]i >-;scd tills week to bear of his wedding wbicli occurred .Vovein- ber 2;. .•\s we did not learn the name of the bride we will iusl have to Riiess. They will reside at St. Joe. Mo. Tlieir many friends (xtenil congralIllations. .Mr I'outli- ton livc<l here most of his life end his friends rejoice with him. The seniors entertained at chapel Tnursday morning. Mrs. Celena Hutchinson Is Tlslt- Ing at the Perry Heath heme. Mr. and Mrs. Meek went to. Texas Sunday. They have been visiting at the :'anon Wilson home i>i some tlm". Mrs. Mvek is a sister of Mrs. Wiison. ' Mrs. Metod- tnd Mrs. Floyd Herdman were Christmas shopping In lola Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Hussman went to Alabama this week. Mrs..Hussman Is a niece of Mr^. Marlon Wlllson and has been visiting here. .Mr. and Mrs. Gardner returned from Kansas City Friday, having .^pent Thanksgiving with relatives at i.eroy. Their brother-in-law. .Mr. Savage, was reported as no lietier and is still detained at the hospital. Little hope Is entertained of his recovery. Iladsell Bumside of the Burn- iide Bakery of Yates Cealer was here Thursday, working up trade tor his fancy cakes and bread. .Mr. Staats and Perry Heath M;ere Yules Center visitors Wednesday.. .iohn .Mayers and Ronald Crane ire spending the week In Yates Center as jurbrs during this term of court. ,. Oblluary—.Mrs. J\. Wentliiiir. Ruth Ann Cofflahd, daughter of James and Rhoda -Coffland, was •Nashville, Brown Coun- February 17. rl851. In moved with her parents to Knnsas and settled near Geneva whore in May 18B9; sh^e wat inar- riet, to Martin F.- Hackman. To thi.'; union a son, J. W. Hackman, now residing at BartlesvIUe, Ok., was borki. In 1870 Mr. Hackman died and in 1*7.3 she was married- to Mr. A. Wentling of .Neosho Falls, who was a merchant her^ for nearly forty years. To this union five daughters were born, bf whom three. May DeYoe of Leroy,*Kan., Carol Baxter, of Kansas City, Kan., and iLaura Baxter, Kansas City. .Mo., are living. Mr. A. Wenfling died in 191S. She leaves a brother, Sam Coffliand; of Springfield, Mo., two sisters. Mrs. Eliza Butler of Buffalo, Mo., and Mrs. Mary Sliarits of.Noel, Mo. She moved to the house where her death occurred on the, day she was married to Mr. Wentling, and has lived there continuously for nearly ."i:") ,years. Mrs. Wentling joined the Pres­ byterian'church when 13 j-ears of a?e and always held to.that faith. Pimples, Boils, Skin Eruptions Of the thirty Army-Navy football games the Cadets have won fifteen and the Midshipmen twelve, -while lliree have resulteil in ties-. Skilled physicians rccojrnizo the appearance df pimples, boils and other drill eruptions as being an indication of an abnormal condition of the system. This is why so many thousantls have been enabled to free tHeii^lves of these unsightly blcmishcv and painful annoyances by taking a course of S,S.S. ."I suffered from impure h!ood —was Weak, and I had lost so much weight, I didn't look natural. I had pimples and was also bothered with a oreakiuK-out that itched terribly. I also had Iwils one after another. I tried different kinds of remedies, but nothinjr did rae any j^)od until a friend ad\'ised.n;c to take S.S.S. which I did. Tbis was some time aeo. • Now I feel well, and I am getting along tin^. S.S.S. stopped the itchini; and it cured me of.boib. I advise ioll veak and run-down f eppic to give S.S.S. a trial, t clears up the skin; makes you strong and filLs you with energy." Mrs. J. W. Barker, 1337 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. You owe it to yourself to try S.S.S. It helps Nature build up .red corpusc es. It improves tiic processes by which the blood is nourished. It is time-tried and reliable. S.S.S. is sold at all good drug stores in two sizes. The larger sizo is more econoniicaL living. a consistent Christian life. She bad been ill i of heart trouble fcr more; than a year and Thanksgiving day, after having spent, the day very pleasantly with a ^ngh- ter, Mrs, DeYoe and husband, in the evening after Mr. DeYoe had sUrted home, she dropped dead, befng eased to the floor by her daiighter, Mrs. DeYoe, who was alone yridx her. She suffered no pain at the last, as death ^as instantaneous. Mrs. Wentling's smile of cheer was felt throughout the village. When no longer able to take her part in religious and social affairs and when too ill to be busy with her hands, it beicane a habit with many to go past her home, where they could always see her .cheery face as she was seated' in her chair by the window. Her room, indeed her house, was filled with flowfrs," always the choicest and best -grown in our village and often- With, flowers sent by.; friends from away. Birthday cakes always tasted better if shared with her; schlol girls loved to carry their pretty clothes - and presents to show her and to tell her of their many Joys and sorrows, knowing BSBSSS9SSBBBSS=S=SS=SS she was their true' friend. Ffiends lovtd .and trusted her while she held the respect apd esteeih iof all. Persons in all pursuits of life loved to converse with her ua'. her ipind was so alert and she lotred to talk of things worth while. : She wa.s very tenderly nursed and cared for by her daughter. May/ during her entire illness; The sorrows that came to her life >never erased the smile from heri face and when "the sjin.-went down oji; Thanksgiving d^ as her soul took' its flight it seemed as if the ending of her liJe, was the close of a perfect day. "fhus wr note thie passing of another of our pioneers. The funeral service was conducted by Rev. H. W. Todd of the M. E. Church at the home. He gave, a touching and beautiful address, on iter life and praised her for her pan in helping make the life of the village as good as it in. A (luarteite consisting of Mrs. Schrier. Miss Gladys Lynn, -Mr. Herbert Tidd and Mr. Thrall, accompanied by Jlr^. Thrall.- sang her favorite hymns. "Rock of Ages," "Come Ye I'iscimsolate" and '.'Nearer My God to Thee." At the close of the service her body was borne to the Credarvale cemetery wher§ it was placed beside her husban'J and two daughters neath .masses .of beautiful, flowers. 1' • . . Out-of-town relatives • attending tlie funeral were: l*. B. Shirels and wife. Leroy; E. O. Banta and wife, LaHarpe; Mr. and Mrs. X N- Thomps()n of Mor'an: Mr. ;and .Mrs. A. W.' Baxter, Kansas City.' .Mo.: J. W. iHackmnn. son and daughter: i;artlesviile. Okla. i Moran, Kansas. ' ' December 6,il927. DEATt SANTA CLAUSE- • It is ceitinir Christmas time. I'll tell yon wiiat l.want. I want a «inll and -a doll buggj' and ^ kiddy car. Fome candy a'nd nut^ ' and neprotoes, well that's all t want 60 I will quit, good-by from. ZELMA IRENE SISSON. Moran. neceinl>er G. 1927. DEAR .«;ANTA GLAUS: ' . ,lt is getting Christmas time so I •will wri^e anjl fell what I want. I •want a story liook. and a bracelet, and a wrist w^'rh and some candy and nuts, or: -"s. peanuts and negrotoe's. \' '.', that ig ail so I •will quit, go-: • from, LOt.. ).AE SISSO.N. ' j M,oran, Kansas, , . I December 6, 1927. DEAR SAS-T1L\,CL.\US: Tio^ are you? I .hope you are Veil. I am [writine to von to fell ' w n-- :i 1 ;v; ^ •<!-. JUST PLUG |N! HAT'S all you have to to operate the new Radiola 1.7.! Works from your electric light socket. No fuss—no batteries — no bother. Thi* perfected instrument fills the need of those who have been waiting for simplifi^ radio. Let us dj^monstrate. Liberal terms. Ross Arbuckle's Garage mm- of Unique Gifts Our lar:ge and varied collection, of gifts for women > of refinemeixt has been chosen froim all overthewoildk Articles from foreign Bations are 'ireasnred as Christmas gifts—tiiey are difFerent and attractive and can rarely bcjduplicated..^^^*^ • 222 South Street, Phone 56 A FEW SUGGESTIONS (.'ompacts Atomizers Perfumes Toilet Sets All Nationally knoun makes. Our Io\y prices will surprise you. . Brown's Drug CI0I& Shoe Co. Litwin Chain Stores East Side Square Star Stores, Wherever They Are, Are Known as Quality Stores With Lower Pric€^ / Our chain stdre buying power; our strictly cash policy; our low rent locations and* plain fixtures, lower our prices to you. 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Choice of a big lot at only 69c ' Work Sweaters Heavy weight, gray coat Sweaters for men or boys 98c Jersey Gloves For Men or Boys* regular 20c values-—heavy brown jersey, elastic knit wrists 15c Feece Lined Unionsuits. ^ Heavy weight, wai-m fleece lining—^real $1.25 values, at the Star 98c All wool fancy top boot SOX . ' 49c 98c Lower Prices QUALITY OVERCOATS $16.50 Choice of Our Finest OVERCOATS $22.50 Other Hou.'Je Slippers up to $2.98. ; Fancy Handkerchiefs 25c Sheep Lined Goats Heavy Moleskin, "6 inches long, with heavy good fleecy sheep lir.ihg, big "warm sheep coL'ar, four leather tipped pockets and fijll belt. 'W.imi and durable to fight off cold for .several years. $7.45 Outing Flannel .Night Shirts . 98c Special Sale of Men's OVERCOATS $10.00 Work Shoes Solid leather, scout style, Endicott Johnson work shoes. Wear guaranteed. Buy all you want at A. $1.98 High Top Boots Solid leather, 16-inch, high top'boots, Paracord; ^".sole, made by Endicott " Johnson. Wear guaran- Iteed. - Price only $5.95 Cotton Flannel : Shirts Gray or tan outing flannel. 2 pockets, coat style. A big Star value at 79c Wool Mixed Shirts Extra heavy \Yeight,' wool mi.xed - shirts in dark grey or brown. Big and warm—an exceptional value $1.98 Wool Mixed .Sox 18c STAR VALUES ARE BIG VALUES—STAR CUSTOMERS CO>IE BACK. -We ask you to inspect, these fin6 wool overcoats, note their superb tailor-. ;ing and - graceful lines, compare them with overcoats costing much more. Result—^You will leave here with a Star Overcoat and a $5 or $10 saving. '.

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