Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on January 25, 1961 · Page 6
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 6

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1961
Page 6
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6 POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD Wednesday, January 25, 1961 Wednesday, January 25 — Assembly grades, four to six; Young tanners class. Friday. January 27 —Basketball, West Union, there; Waukon seventh and eighth, here; Waukon freshmen, here; wrestling, Waukon seventh and eighth, here. Saturday, January 28 — Preliminary speech contest at Postville. Monday, January ^30 — Faculty party. Tuesday, January 31—Wrestling Elkader here. Wednesday, February 1 — Young Farmers class. Thursday, February 2, 1:10—Senior high assembly. Friday, February 3 — Basketball, Fayette, there; seventh, eighth and ninth, at Monona; wrestling, Cresco, "there. -Saturday, February 4—Wrestling, junior high at Dubuque; supervised play in gym, afternoon; junior high party. February 6-11—Week of District Wrestling tourneys. Monday, February 6—FFA meeting. Tuesday, February 7 — Valley, there, basketball. Wednesday, February 8 — Young Farmers class; County Educational council meet. Friday, February 10—Basketball, •fQkader, here; freshmen at Ossian; seventh and eighth at Valley. Saturday, February 11 — Super vised play in new gym. "jgT WORLD'S 4fe LARGEST •""'""•J *HT0 NSVUIiCE COMrAKY STATE MJUI UlfTVJU. ^ U ^ MTWOBUi Waukon, Iowa WSaiAIBFCQllfm Phone 56 8-3046 LUTHERAN BROTHERHOOD Legal Reserve Life Insurance Our "Financial Guide for Lutherans" may increase income from your present insurance as much as 4%. ASK ABOUT IT. BOB BRINKMAN Flume 86 4-3974 Postville, la. Week of February 13-18—District Speech contests. Monday, February 13, 7:00 p. m.— Board of Education meeting; high school faculty meeting. Tuesday, February 14 — Basketball, Monona, there; junior high assembly 11:00. Wednesday, February 15—Conference athletic meeting at West Union; senior high sing, 2:10; Young Farmers class. j Thursday, February 16, 8:00 p. m. — Concert by Drake Band at Postville High school; classroom pictures taken in Darling school. Friday, February 17 — Decorah Junior high, here wrestling and basketball; State Wrestling meet. Saturday, February 18 — After* noon supervised play in gym; State wrestling meet. Monday, February 20 — First round Boys Sectional Tourney at Postville. Tuesday, February 21 — Second round Sectional Tourney. Thursday, February 23—Semi-finals Sectional Tourney. Friday, February 24—Junior high exploratory groups change. Saturday, February 25 — Finals Sectional Tourney. Monday, February 27, 7:30 p. m.— First Round District Tourney at Postville; Cresco vs. Decorah. Tuesday, February 28—Monona vs. winner of Postville sectional tourney at Postville. Wednesday, March 1 — Young Farmers class. Thursday, March 2—Semi-finals of district tourney at postville; Dorian Instrumental Music Festival. Saturday, March 4—Finals—District Tourney at Postville. Monday, March 6—FFA meeting. Tuesday, March 7—Merit Scholar examination. Wednesday, March 8 — County Educational Council; Young Farmers class. Thursday, March 9—Athletic banquet in all purpose room. Friday, March 1G—Junior High Operetta. Saturday March 11—Letterman's Hop. First Grade. (Mrs. Cordes) We are enjoying the work on our new cowboy unit. We are making booklets and writing stories about the life on the cattle ranches. Miss Siverson is teaching us songs the cowboys sing. Last Wednesday two groups from our room read stories to the children at the kindergarten-three grade assembly. Danny Ohloff, Carol Schultz, and Christine Kittleson chose stories to read to us at "share and tell time". Our bookworms are growing longer j each day. I Two birthday treats were enjoyed on January 16. Bradley Harris and Dale Shafer brought candy bars for us. Bradley's birthday was on Sunday. Thank you, boys. Third Grade. (Miss Peterson) i Pets are interesting to read and| tell about. Since this in science, we are others. We have seen two movies which give us a better idea of the people and places in the city. Alan Martlndale brought a huge world map for us to look at. We Schultz, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Linderbaum and Mr. and Mrs. Roger Sampson. Mrs, Esther Brandt is spending several days at the home of Mr. | have enjoyed searching for places j and Mrs. Leslie Laferman. we know. I Mrs Hazel B ,. nndt ]cft lnst weo i c Several people have disappeared | for st Petersburg. Florida to spend from our "Good / Citizen" bulletin j lhe t<nnaMor „f the winter, board because some have a diifi- „ , „ ... ,„ „„ „„„ cult time remembering what a I Mr. and Mrs Ahvin Wnlby me good citizen is like and what he j loavin e Wednesday, to spend soyer- dnpv al weeks in Arizona nun other does. Seven-A. In English we are studying manners. We have just started chapter 20 in spelling. We are studying about how one material can be changed to another material in science class. In P. E. we are working on basketball. In geography we arc studying about the Latin American nations. We are studying graphs in mathematics class. At this point we have First Grade. (Miss Johnson) We have been studying a unit on cowboys. We enjoy learning about the cowboy of today and the equipment that he uses and why its use is important to him. We saw several movies about the work a cowboy has to do. Writing stories about cowboys is fun. We are doing quite well. In numbers we have been doing put-together stories and are starting to learn about groups of ten. We were happy to receive a letter from Gem Meyer when he had the chicken pox. He is back with us now and so are Cheryl Converse and Kevin Krambeer. 1 We have a new boy in our room. His name is Gary Klocke. We are glad to have him with us and are trying to help him get acquainted with the school and its students. interested in science, also being interested in caring for and keeping i a pet. We made a bulletin board I ested in caring for and keeping a pet. We made a bulletin board with many different kinds of pets. There are so many pretty pictures that we change our arrangement quite regularly in order to display our nice pictures. Our movie on "Cotton" showed us many interesting things we didn't know about this plant. Shearing' fleece, loom, spinning and weaving are all new words we have learned after studying about wool. Some pupils have made their own charts about different kinds of material and we have made a bulletin board about this. We have found that cloth is different to touch, to look at, and even in the way it's, made. Carrying is an exciting work in arithmetic. We are having fun learning this new method. Snow pictures made with chalk on black paper are now being displayed in our room. We used our imagination to make pictures of how we thought it would look some winter morning after a bie snovv. We like to look at all the different and pretty ideas. Fourth Grade. (Miss Camp) On Wednesday^ and Friday of this week we had performance day in music class. Some of us will present puppet shows and others will sing. We are in a new unit in social studies called "How Our People Built Towns and Cities." Some people in our class are making reports about these towns and cities. In science we are studying about his is our topic j matlc s class. At this point we have becoming morel been studying circle graphs. Con». also homo i„_ I nie Osmundson, reporter. Frankville News MRS. ROY KNEESKERN Correspondent FRANKVIIXE COMMUNITY CHURCH Robert Reynolds, Pastor 10:00 a. m.—Sunday School. 11:00 a. m.—Services. The new elders, Leland Walby and Lester Van Wey were ordained Sunday afternoon following services and a potluck dinner at noon. The new trustees, Evart Hughes and Wayne Brandt were recognized. The Kev. William Tjaden of Waukon had charge of the services, i im. aim mr The Rossville members came in the South Dakota N ***„. J- •« • - - al weeks in points enroute. Otto Hughes is a patient at Postville Hospital, following surgery. He is getting along satisfactorily. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Van Wcy and Jean Ann. Mrs. Loom Ambrose and Mrs. Sandy Sanderson and two children of El Paso, Texas were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mrs. Harriet Letchford in Waukon. Mr. and Mrs, Lester Van Wey accompanied Mrs. Sandy Sanderson to Prairie du Chien Monday evening, where she and her two children left by train for Chicago, en- route for their home in El Paso, Texas. Mr. and Mrs, Sanderson and family were here to attend the funeral of her father, Glenn Letchford. Mrs. Steve Baker of Decorah was a visitor at the home of Mrs. Leora Ambrose on Sundav afternoon. , Graveside funeral services were j held at the Frankville cemetery on j Tuesday for Leona Schoonmaker [Schneider, who passed awav Sunday. | Mr. and Mrs. Milo Kalkc and | Nona of Floyd, Mrs. Willard Kamin I and Mrs. Carroll Kamin and Brcn- • da of Luana were Sunday dinner I guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. | Lester Kamin. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hofeldt of are visitors for sev- and Darrell spent Saturday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dervin Rocksvold at Clayton. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Steuri went to Brodhend, Wisconsin Sunday to spend the day with their son, James and family. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Jacobson of West Union were Saturday afternoon visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Monroe. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Peterson, Ardis and Dean of St. Olaf were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Melvln Peterson, Mr, and Mis. John Meyers and family of Clermont were Sunday dinner guests at the Leonard Solem home. Paul Kuri msk , Lovilia was .'"jured who | tor. Thinking his wrist a if £ iun WI eral places brC8 %!l Swallowing your pride will never give you indigestion. afternoon to" attend the joint con- j eral days at the home of their son gregational meeting. in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs Rev. Reynolds and Mrs. Walby *«» FreiHnger and family, attended the State Presbytery meet- Mrs. Willard Clement. Mrs Artn- ing in Waukon on Monday. jur Ruen and Mrs. Walter Pilgnn The married couples club will meet at the church on Friday evening of this week. Willing Workers met in group form on Thursday afternoon, January 19. Ruth Guild was entertained at the home of Mrs. Fred Waters, with twleve members and one visitor attending. Mrs. Ruth Allen gave the devotions and Mrs.; tertained a few Margaret Waters had charge of the; home on Sunday evening, the oc- program. The first chapter on the | casion being to surprise Mrs. Grin- new book pertaining to the "Gos-jna on her birthday. The evening pel of John", was studied by the, was snent visiting and a lunch was group. | served. The following attended: Rachael Guild met with Mrs. i Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Crawford. Roger Sampson at her home the Mr. and Mrs. Leo Berg and Mr. and same afternoon Eight members i Mrs. Russell Rocksvold were present. Mrs. Leslie Later- attended a party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Ruen in Decorah one day last week. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Grinna. Tom and Betty and Mrs. Thea Giinna, all of Decorah. were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Grinna. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Grinna entertained a few friends at their Career Opportune • To represent leading multiple line J ance Co! in this area. 7 • The man we seek must be between 25 45 years of age and married. • Muse be successful in present occupatfe business. • Position offers above average income also offers future advancement. All replies held in strictest confident! Contact IVAN LANGE, Agency Mu Elkader, Iowa, immediately to arangsj interview. Financial Report of the Town of Postville. for Year Ending December .31, Ma January 1, I960 H ^^ecember 31, |'J • iilSl THE ECONOMICAL WAY TO BENEFIT WITH PHILGAS* PHILGAS BULK SERVICE , - V "^f " 1B7ao °l ll iman gave the devotions and Mrs. the stars, moon, and the planets. w ^ Brandt presented the pro- Randy Bnnkman and Gary Gunder- ' ^ * meeting will be son put up one of our bulletin g M t th churcn j February . boards about constellations. We „„ „ , ,., _ also have a bulletin board on the „ Other Frankville News, solar system ™ r ' an " ™ rs " Leslie Laterman The reporters this week were entertained a group of friends tor Barbara Duwe and Gwen Gunder- a P ar jy on Friday evening Those son attending were: Mr. and Mrs. «• r- A Irvin Henning, Mr. and Mrs. Le*°? ru L <J, ^ ae ; land Walby, Mr. and Mrs. Evart (Miss Paulson) Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Byron Our new science unit Looking at the Stars" seems to be developing nicely. Chip Jarms, Timmy Hale • and Ford Willman are working on § representations of six constellations. — Connie Peake brought a large chart showing the planets and their moons. Connie Martins, Dean Oh loft and Lianne Johnson found many books from the library that are rich with information. We have read how the Greeks explained the happenings of sunrise and sunset, Everyone enjoyed these myths because they seem so funny. New York City seems like a wonderful place to visit because there are many things that we have never seen or heard about before. Some | m of these are: subways, skyscrapers, j H Statue of Liberty, Coney Island,|| Central Park. Times Square, Madison Square Garden and many Mr. and Mrs. Harley Thompson and Wayne were dinner guests on Thursday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Berg. The event celebrated the eighth birthday of their son, Cletus. Cletus. who was injured in a bicycle and car accident some time ago. is now fully recovered and attending school every day. Mrs. Thompson tutored Cletus at his home, white he kept up with his school work. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Crawford 1 (KMHTHI lun'ernment '-• Street " ' ' 3- I'ulilir Safety 1- Sanitation 5. Muniripal Enterprises (Hospital and Library) S.010.66 RECEIPTS Tax Ueccipta •••I 2,034.75 165.0S 6.962.10 7,680.10 otri,-,. t .VJS.i. If, li.OS8.07 OUim Ktvreation 1'lilily Street J.i K ht» fob! ServK-f Trust nnd Asenry . . Sewer riant Revenue Kunil \j fv fax Iiiiuor Profit 1S!.IIU '9.OSS 'i; Z.IT2.68 .... 4,500.00 9.6SB.I2 .... ••.345.05 1,000.00 «,43ji (r> 7.5S0.T5 (1.682.81-include,! in "R^ rt on Utilities" b»lwj •"•HAND TOTAL KECEIPTS EXPENDITURES KM) m Gem rM Government Strevt VuMic Sftfety Sanitation • • Muni'itnil Kntervris*^ iHospital i\tul Library) llerriation Clility Street LiKhta Delit Servile Trust n nil Agency Sewer I'l.iht Uevt'nue l:ol,il V'-ie Tux Linuor Trout Salaries And W«B«i • 1,829.95 8,024.46 • • 4,821.71 981.67 • • 23,S54.S7 5S.20 2.021.36 1.792.34 U.692.S1- Outie.j lO.'.iit^ It' GRAND TOTAL EXPENDITURES Olkr J 5.3U tan KM S.ST3 61.KM I. ran :,:itii [ J.1H.S J •ii'i'.fii inml 7,975.»i> S.1M -im*]|lf|e,j in "RfpMt on I'tiiitus" Mo«! RKCKU'TS REPORT OF UTILITIES I960 Home Heating Water Heating Cooking Clothes Drying Refrigeration Incineration Air Conditioning Chick Brooders Pig Brooders Stationary Engines Tractor Fuel Stock Tank Hearing Crop Drying lit! Wm You get both economy and convenience for farm and home with Philgas Bulk Service, With the proper size tank, you are assured a plentiful supply of Philgas—get the wonderful convenience of Philgas for your home, and more efficient and economical operation around your farm. Come in and let's discuss how you can benefit with Philgas and Philgas Bulk Service. MARIANNA PROPANE CO. Phone 86 4-7451 Postville, Iowa Two-Way Radio on Trucks (or faster, more efficient service. SERViSDFT WATER SaViSOFT Wottr mokes mountains •f foamy suit... leaves your hair really (lean and easy to manage. Hard water destroys the effective- aess ef your favorite shampoo ... produces a sticky curd and lifeless film you simply can't rinse oil. Ask about SEKViSOFT Service now. CALL US TODAY! INUUKl •rtflHt h It. fUffips rdnltMi. Compaq l'*»lc fer lis Ugh q««fity SERViSOFT Box 434 Phone 86 4-7452 Postville 1 1 Northeast Iowa's Cleanest Stock of QUALITY CARS 25 — IN STOCK— 25 59 Chevrolet 4-dr. 6 Cyl. $1550 PowerGlide. 2-tone Blue. 59 Chevrolet 4-dr. 6 Cyl. $1465 Standard drive. 59 Ford 4-dr. Fairlane 500 $1795 Power steering. 57 Ford 4-dr. Wagon $1295 Automatic drive. 58 Chevrolet 4-dr. Wagon $1550 8 Cylinder. PowerGlide. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 59 Oldsmobile 4-dr. 98 $2395 Clean as new. Power. Suit' <>t Water *1VNI\-< Oih.-r R.'ci-ijiU EXPENDITURES: .Salaries ;in<! Wtv^t**". ()l't"-:ilion OiUUv New Improvements: New Kijuiiimeiu nnd Connections Oi 1>1 Service TV:u\>fcr tu Sinking Fuml "'••uranri. aI .,i n.\ Miscellnnoous T »S*I Kxpcnditurea. 1960 CASH STATEMENT Total Recripu tor V 1960 Tulal P T ° 1 "' 10 Acoou nt for ^'l-W^U^cTaUuJr ^'w'D^mWM.' mo «ttt»Undln* January 1, 19(0 Total T"»> D C(iuct from Tota , ^ ^^^^^ ^ •fen,-!.! . ttn,i Ho8 l>K«> Genera! Fund and lluiWintf I'"" nd 't*;V ^'Vr h hM *» Town Treaaurcr: itotpital Memorial Fund U - s - Bon.i»-.HosptUI ''' ['[ [''''' [ ',' T0T ^i; CASH AND SECURITIES HELD BY TOWN TREASURER REPORT OF MUNICIPAL INDEBTED^ rvr- is- - - — 59 Cadillac 4-door Air Conditioned. Black. $3450 Falb Motor Co CHEVROLET _ OLDSMOBILE - ^7* POSTVILLE, IOWA S cn<, ™l I) 0ndli Revenue B ontia DECEMBER 31, I960 (irand Toul VJIHf 0F PROPERTY SUBJECT Wl TAXATION ON ASSESSMENT OF JANUARY 1, 1960 ^•ofPwpcrty: ««l Proi«rly Pcr.„ na , Proper(y ; u ««'^i«MfS ,, i. r ?" d 'fwi' comp;;i«::: " '"'•'•"•ml.aion Line, and Plp e Unm frafff 1 ". «« C«UU ' r «M Valuation ot All Pr„ ^ ed (hi. J . A " Pr «>P«rty »»W this V h 7 AU Pro l,lh d »y of January, 1061, and published as provide^' 1 ' fa****"

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