The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 5, 1933 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1933
Page 10
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L - n.* -. ft. •>.* *• ri L I L t. 'i.'. r *• ^^^H L ff I E *.ii r- i H. I f.,- <* V« 1 fi . I' J b- / I r - .1 - •• -* r. •. •- .* i. ii :*•. - _. B ^ Silver Dollar" Is Record Early Days , Edward Excellent Robinson Silver WINS HONORS King; Now at Nile A UD vr»j By MAE SAUNOERS 3N r CES at the Nile then tor yestcrdny found "Silver Dollar," a thrilling drama with Edward O. Rob- irifion as the picturesque, swaggering, dynamic silver king dominating the ttcenea of early mining days of Colot * p *ado. . Robinson as Yates Martin is tho man whose wealth becomes fabulous, and the story is based on the biography of Hfcvr Tabor, one of Colorado*!* most colorful , figures. The story depicts Tales Martin first as a rough and ready prospector who through the urglngs of a conservative wife becomes a storekeeper In "Leadvllle, and through a stroke of luck, becomes owner of the greatest of tho silver mines.. Human interest, drama, nncl comedy t» interwoven into the story as the Silver King rises' to political prominence, easts off his wife of hard pan days, and marries a, beguiling blonde. Finally Crashes ; Tates ^Fartln becomes a senator; a president attends his wedding, and Washington U"astounded at the advent of such a figure l\i Its conserva- ,tlye. circles. Then at the apex of his Career Tares is crushed financially tttien gold becomes the standard. The I f - ^ L • ^™^^ latter scenes of the picture drag a IfUIe and the swiftly knit drama of t|*e earlier portion Is lost in what be- cpmes a merely biographical ending. ,*Robinflon gives a vital performance as the blatant, generous, and almost Incredible silver king of puerile ambit Ions. He makes all the grotes- qWrles of the role quite believable aiid enlists sympathy for the roistering hero. Despite Robinson's vivid portrayal Aline MacMahon, that versatile ac- ttess almost steals the picture from hjm as the plain-spoken Kansas wife who Is deserted. She is superb in Aline MacMahon, with Edward Q. Robinson (n "Stiver Dollar." the part. Bebo Daniels as the glamorous blonde Its a fine support also. Authentic -Background The scenes of the mining camp are worked out in authentic detail, rind the excitement of boom days when mUllonnlrea were created overnight Is injected Into the Hcones. There Is a splendid supporting cast, including such competent players us Joyna Howland, Dewltt .Jennings, RviBBell Stmptfoht Bmmett Corrlgan and many others. The .picture IH on interesting record of early western American life. *v^»^b^*M FAMOUS AUTHOR DIES NEW BEDFORD, Mass., Jan. 5. (A. P.)—Frederick W. Davis, 74, .nationally known author of "Nick Carter" stories, died today. STARTING TOMORROW WITH DUNN Boots MALLORY EL BRENDEL •uim ranra LEE TRACY MATINEE TO 5 P. M. EVENINGS, BALCONY CONTINUOUS, H30 TO 11:00 STARTING TOMORROW—TWO BIG FEATURES! ITHRI I I LA OT • • ^ i ITH EATH1 1 ;••*' ".*. WltLIAM COllllR JOAN R<H ^W • V ^^ vinoR RITA TODAY the Devil II" mm an n \ ti I RA n I - - V LAST TIMES TOD AY STO lyan LOVE medy BPtoon 1 Continuous 1 i. 14 • 'J SEATS—Any Tim ^ _ ^f ^LAST TIMES TODAY Parker I noport the bora in WAY BACK HOME eart ma and Cartoon u . Strc Tilklni Picture* Every Day ^ I hlldren Always 1 LAS TODAY Coo r lit VIL Twent he S«a cwa D THE DEEP" to the Bottom of nc me m n ove MltJflfM 1 me 300 Seats ^mnm^MMM^^^^^^ 1 ^^^'•^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 ait Day—Two The Blonde Captive 9 ' and Successful Calamity* 1 omorrow—Two "Ileri and "Cabi res Dese Uon ^ ^^"^^ FILM WRITER BORNEO 10Hi 1 I Burry Connors, 49 % Perishes in Blii/e in Hollywood CARE i' f- • - -> f <y -- •* ^ William Collier, i \ i. - ' - r i and Apartment Joan Marsh to Be Seen at California ,/ '(Untied Press Leased Wire) ' HOLLYWOOD, Jan. G.—Bnrry Con- 49, Bhort Btory and film writer; WUB (iHphyxlated euMy todny when fire swept an o*c)u r Blvo. Hollywood 'ajiurt- nient hbuso.whero he rcmldcd.. Connors Hollywood receiving hospltnl after phyaloluna triad vainly to revive Mm, -Alex Bogy, a vialtor In tho building, also was taken to tho receiving hos- pltul where hlu condition waB aaltl tj be serious. The flro was soon • brought Under cpntrol. • f • Several other tenantn In the b.ulld; itit? were treated by the fire department rcacue aquad. P(\'ioe fin id tho flro started when Connorn fell asleep while am ok Ing- a cigarette. A native of Oil City, Ohio, Connors was well known in tho motion picture capital for hl» scenarios. He,was tho author of such box office hlU as "Charlie Chan Carries On" and "Women of All Nktlons," produced by Fox. After graduating from St. Thomaa College in Scranton, Pa., Connors studied law in Oswego and was admitted to the bar in New York state. Ho left the profession for a turn on the staffe n« a dancer and Hffht comedian. Later he played in vaudeville und wrote short stories during his spare time. "The Patsy" was one of his better knewn short stories. ft v>- >,-.->:.- ^ 'm I T r ^ JAMES DUNN, EL BRENDEL AND BOOTS MALLORY. ' '.iBoth TSriUiam 'Collier; .dr., aud". Joan 'if&rah, who play the w leading rokir in Demon,"' * Columbia's j - *" the mile-aVmlnute boats, .were baby actors. ' Miss Alarsh began her career as art infant bf 9 months. ..cbUter waited tin- til the age of 4 before ho made his act- Ing flobut »ou Mxo stage in one fcor his father^: New York .stage productions. "Sp«s$r> Demon," Cue tbwovvow r at the Ciilf^nitt theater, is the first film using the Bio speedy outboard motors as the fltor^'background. The blory was written" ^Charles Condon, Directed by" D, R688 &$dertmin, arid hns A ca«t including qonler, Miss, Marsh, AVheeler Oaknian-^o'ljttrt Ellis, Qeorgle Ernest, Wade B^t61br>and Fuzzy Knight. > Victor ftfcLaglen Is said to have the funniest rftfttW h * s career in "Rack-., ^ . ety Rax/';^ox;StudloH' satire on sports r "SfLTH RESORTS racketeers who ; muscle into,big college ; JOI.IET, 111., Janf 5. (A,- P.)—Prl- football. TfieV if Um comes to'.toe. Call- j son pallor Is ;a\ thing of' the past. Peni• - ., • . L • • > , D , r don't got their Greta Nlssen'as fl. platinum blond* ad- l?. na ™ 9 1 K?oa; neaitii. by working oh mlrer • -of v AlUAmerica 1 - heroes; Nell * i i _ r fc _ _ _ »•' t- & William Collier, Jr., «nd Joan Marih : >;^ '".*.. •'' xUv :.•""'•••'' *^--''-.'- 'opening" •i * ' •-f b i'.* '*. - ^ • j »* -- i * *- • • .i * 'ii^.i-j- ! . i "*'- : i. » . plle.niftnage to : do so;by get- a ^ srhart^oracklni •: pretty ln . p i el l ty o*: 1 W 1 the , prison ' E3 stars have, .the featured roles 'Handle With Care,'* the new production .that comes to the Fox theater tomorrow for an engagement of two days. They arc James Dunn, BdottJ Mallory and El Brendel.- The romantic adventure of an ambitious young assistant district attorney and a shop girt forms the basts of the story. After, meeting under unusual circumstances and discovering that ^th'ev were former sweethearts. Marjorle O'Day young Beebe as wife and Carrie." -the/'Olub^ftanVi spoofer. Alfred Wertcer directed. Closing: their rurtfjkjoday are great features,. "A'svUie Devil Commands," and , H The?OBmbUnff' Sex." physlcUtn battling screen eported that. tie. death rate for 1932 as means it's a lot safer than out. -•(•.; , t - RYTHINQ IN hr» If U ACE '*»"-" "V B-'"» * *'. ^ * Jan. / l B;0.(AiV\i > >)^ln his Sheriff WHoox decided^to look A .1 over, ,uio cens • or me . county; jaii. A few; mlntJte^ later he came 'O;iit /bearing; one blade i. ; twi E " M r _ Of largo waving things tra' of three e said, hot SS3.1 KHJ--MO K. 6—CBS programs to 7. 7—Inglewood Park contest. . 7:30—Chandu, the Magician. 7:46—Myrt.and Marge. (A.attnctate<i Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGBLlflS, Jan. 5.—A World War veteran's;, persistent pursuit of Bobe pahlelH, film actress, carried .on under the delusion that she went to Kchool with' him, married him nnd be- the old love flamew to a new start. But many obstacles to their happiness arise U 8—Headlines, an'd are surmounted before they.find r S:IG—CBS programs to 8:46. themselves free to enjoy their romance. [ As the sincere' sweetheart • who attempts to Induce the, girl to send two young boys, .left to her care, to a boarding school, Dunn is said to give *•***«" *«*•*» Tl i,^*<, 4* » ***> •**»»» % 1^^%^ tlllft.1 »» AHA **^J 1 V • came the Inspiration for his lyrics, to- » Ia bos «- Performance since the unfor- day had ended in-his committment to the state hospital at Patton. The veteran, Albert F. Holland, conducted most of his defense on an Insanity complaint signed by Ben Lyon, husband of the acUass. I To was allowed to cross-examine Lyon, who replied in a low voiofe In which he Injected a feeling of friendliness. "No, Albert, I don't remember," Lyon said, time and again as Iho veteran sought to get confirmation for statements he had made. Holland was arrested after writing letters to "Mints Danl'qls. He was found Insane on two previous occasions, once when he forced ht« way Into Miss Daniels' room in a San Francisco hotel, Ho had 'been allowed to leave Institutions to which he hart been sent. "I tulktMl. with him almost 30 minutes at tho time of our first meeting In tho hope T might dispel hie hallucination that T was his wife," salcKMtas Daniels, "Ho seemed convinced, but later began bothering me again." gettablo "Bad Girl." .Boots Mallory ninklrig her screen debut, plays the role of the struggling shop girl. What 131 Brendel does und. whut ho falls to. accomplish, provide material .for tho comedy situations In this romance. 8;4B—I Zlngart. 8—Kddle Duchtn'a orchestra. 0:15—"Unknown Hands." 9:30—Riviera orchestra. 10—Newa uud BUt'qulck band. 30:15—Ted PIo-RIto*s orchestra;. 10:40—Stanley Smith's orchestra. 11:20—Dancing with the Stars. 12 to 1 a. m.—Marshall Grant, organ, . . . KERN—1200 WILES OF DEFICIT REDUCED LOS ANGELES, Jan. 5. (A. P.)— The deficit of $7,607,000 In accounts «f tho American Mortgage. Company, the former heads of which, Frank and Hoy fish, arc Kervlnp prison, sentence^ has been reduced to 9*8,569,000, Frank C. Mortimer, . federal re- velver In equity, reported to the Federal Court today. Medicine show operators 'employed showmen's ingenuity to sell their products, It was* revealed:*, by Eugene Pal* lette, qUondam medicine show spieler, who supports Tjee Tracy and Impe Velez In "The Half-Naked Truth," closing at'the Fox theater. In "The-Half-Naked Truth" Pallette parallels his real life with his roVe of Achflles, a strong man side show attraction In a carnival where Tracy, as a press agent, selects a trmiper, Miss Velez, and makes her Broadway's sensation overnight through high-pressure salesmanship. /The film was directed by Gregory J^a Cava f and' was suggested by the biography of the late Harry Relchenhach, "Phantom 'Fame/' which is the life tale of Mazda Lane's acknowledged master ballyhooer. On-the same program is '.'No More Orchids," starring Carole Ijombard, 6—Ruth Ettlng, "Music That Satisfies." 6:lfi—Tarzan of the Apes. 6:30—Colonel Stoopnagle and Budd, Andre Kostelanetz, Pontlac. 7—Kay Kyser's Glee Club. 7:SOv-Edwln C. Hill. 7:45—Myrt and Marge. 8—Globe Headlines. S:1G—Howard Barlow and Columbia Symphoijy. 8:30—Tsham Jones' orchestra. 9—E&dle Duchln orchestra. 9:30^—Leon Belanco's orchestra. 10-^All-request hour. - T • 10:40—Ted Klorlto'a orchestra. 11—Dancing with the Stars. 215,5 KNX—1030 K. Shows The most amazing ance ever lived immortalized in drama that will echo down the ages .. . Bcbe Daniels, Aline MacMahon in cast of thousands .., A First National m •. " 4-Star triumph Also Comedy N0AVS Cartoon C—News. 6:16—BUI, Mac and Jimmy. 6:30—81 and Elmer. 6:45—Currier's Serenadere. 7—Frank Watanabo and Honorable Archie. 7:15—GuardBinen, male quartet. 7:30—Kate Smith. 7:45—Musical program. 8—Orffnn recital. 8:15—PenURylvanla Duchies, 8:46—Golden Memories, fl—News. 9:1S—Light and Stevev. 9:30—Uiibovlttkl Violin Choir. .10—Idylls. 10:30—Org-an recital. 11 to 12 midnight—New Paris Inn; , Jan. C,—The Ing comedian of the films, . : Ro"8<&e A tea, and Jils wlfo, the former Clara Adrian of vaudeville fame, have-separated, they admitted today. •'[."' "It is true—we are,'separated/' said Mrs.. AteR, mother of the 18-year-old Blrl, Dorothy Adrian, who recently was legally adopted by Ates. "I can aay nothing more than that right now." Ates said his wife "moved me out." '"First It was money and next it vvas iealouay," the comedian stated..' "I have all the respect In the world for her and her daughter/' The couple .was married nine years ago. They had appeared together in vaudeville previous to their marriage. ADVERTISING MAN KILLED GREENWICH, Conn., Jan. 5. (A/P.) George C. Sherman/ 62," president of the National Outdoor Advertising Bureau, died at his home today from a fractured skull. H was ^reported he fe)l against a lavatory bowl in'his bath room. . The TruHi AbdHt Rheumatism 4«,5 M,—KFt—«40 K. 5—NBC-JvGO programs to 0:80. 9:30—Orchestra and soloists. 10—NBC-KOO program. 10:15—Phil Harris* orchestra. 10:45—Jay Whldden's orchestra. .11—fhll HarrlsV orchestra, 11:30 to 12 midnight—Jay Whld- den's orchestra. q Joan Blond ell and Scott Barnes Wed The truth is that within 24 hours after you start" taking th.e efficient prescription.called Allenru excess uric aold poison starts to leave your body. Within '48 hours pain, agony, and distress are' gone — you're happy again—and back: soon on-the Job. You're simply fooling yourself when you stick to makeshift pain deaden- ors and relievers—unless excess "uric acid 'goes—Rheumatism stays with you. One bottle of Ailenru is guaranteed by Hughes Drug Store, pastern.Drug Co., and druggists "everywhere to do just as this notice states or money buok—a generous bottle for 85 cents. •Adv. Prw Ltated Wire) HQLLYWOOD, Jan; 5.— Joan Blon- screen actress, for the second time has become Mrs. Scott Barnes. Disguised In a red wig and wearing black ffliisseH, Miss Blond ell eloped with Barnes, a cameraman, to Phoenix where they wero remarried, in thft study of the First Presbyterian Church. The couple had been married, recently in un Oregon dity before Bar no a obtained a final divorce decree ffom Ills first wife. The actress gave hop uge u.s ^U und Barnes us Jack Pickford Will Rest Beside Mother Hotel on HTFU FASTS Noon 75c 50c veiling Ui _ ' Turpio for Colds Prompt Soothing Effective w A frag rail olutihent, COD tain- lug as Us medicinal agents diutllled Oil of Turpentine, Camphor uud Menthol, used • * iu an electric vaporizer. A $2.35 Value Relieve Cotdr Val (United Press Leased , HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 5. services probably will be held here within two weeks for Jack PlokforO, former motion picture star and brother of Mary Pickford, who dleU in Purls Tuesday after a long illness. Tho body will be placed aboard the liner ISuropa at Cherbourg Saturday for return to the United Utateu. Interment will be beultlo the grave of Iho actor's, mother, Mrs. Charlotte Plclcford. • Actress Nita Naldi Files as Bankrupt n * ^ tno neiv ••m* ONLY ^^"^^^•^•^^^^^^^P^ M JiT ™ ^^^^^^^^^»^W^BH 1UM COLDS the P«rticuUr PKont 53 ^^^^ ^^^ Phone 94 (Associated Press Leased NEW YORK, Jnn, C.— -The -American says Nlta Naldi, former movie actress who appeared with Rudolph Valentino In "Blood mid SamT and other pictures. has filed a petition In Bankruptcy, Her attorney. Joseph Otla» dlBQlosed the petition was filed December 80 under the namQ Nlta Bar* clay, and she described herself as an unemployed actress with no assets except wearing apparel ;wnd Radio t. PROMPT FREE DELIVERY Ctl.f. NOTED BAPTIST DIES LADjBLPllJA, Jan. fi, (A. P,)~ The Hoyerend WHllum' H. Main, 60, executive ^ncrctnry of. the American Buptibt Publication Society, died day. . - - . - ^. -,-•>• PHILLIPS MUSIC QOMPANY Now Carriett M ' i- .v PENS •i - f * st JV ..?.^ J £s . i- i. -' ,- •>*" f-f • >** •- '• «!u & \-&* * V . h -•» » - *r January Buyers May Replenish Their B eddirig t §upply • " - _ * An Entire New Shipment of the Famous Redlick Line of h - . . " '• • ' i ' 3-YEAR * f ?!;:.-: • i t * 1 .1 * L*.* ! Ell L*I« tl* - * .*:• '. h * »i ;i*i !'!•: ~\\ ( • f, *s!sfi •f. * • i:> •;•;: •E* &-. i ^ 5: mft^ i * i*m i** i•> * < i k*k*AlklBl.B_« P !j:» * >:» f}\ iiili L-Ii] •J" >i*: 1** *';;;!:;•;;; :t*::ii:i! •-•••*•••. ••:• •-;• '\t !>• m * m ' «;i [«:•; w S::? •d*_H •&• W'ti :!!*li ;::5:':-:ti!;*: *!*j*i*;*S!-i*j *:»:•:*:»!• -.1 •r^ *;» ;::.: '«< *i ( til -s-r *:+i« i! *;• i •:• *•••••' •»*•i , • L*:*: m '&i I ^V X 1 iliU ••*! •:•:•:*:< ill m :•:* »!•' •:>T*T» >;»; *i*. ft j» i , ' The greatest sheet value in America! See the samples that have gone through the laundry (78 WASHINGS) ^ ^^ - T*' ' , , - i ^, , - - -f and still like new. Full 81x90 inches—fjnee from any dressing, of flhe quality sheeting. Each sheet GUARANTEED TO GIVE THREE YEARS' SERVICE. Sold exclusively by Redlick's in Kern county. ' *-.-» » L - 42x36-Inch Pilloxvchses THREE-YEAR GUARANTJ31SD QUALITY FOR - t*\ Saving \ ndreds of Tables Redl indows Economies Additional r t '" Green Stamps A • _ t ' f Are Becoming a Hoiiseliold Word Among Thrifty Homeeepers %f -•„.'.* \ m YOU GET THEM WITH EVEJRY. PURCHASE? KedHck's ^ •\ t. '"- " ^ • - 1 »^ -4.- .-.i <i t. »- \- ^V- '. \ " - \ '-* J r, f \ «. . . ^

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