Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 8, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1927
Page 3
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is 9pe!ndlns, a feW days on 1 )«islqe8s. i Pgintihg aii<j' I'aitcriitg CLAUDB llOK. ! V-^Mlnciskl IPeed for hogs,' Ciiltlo" aUdJ:lj»CKeii» at a. C. McKJuney Ptpre. !. •^pshur Snidor. ot Port , Ji<»me yesterday (o Hpi-iid si'v- oMiuyi iter dauRliter, Mrs. - h ^JBi;^lii|l8tian and Or. ChrisUan.. JtAistONVrHKATKE Xoran, K»nsiifi' " 'Big Extra Special! . /''.j^ GLORIA jSWANSON [• "tllE ^OTE! OF bUiVYA'' . :i; Friday nail Saturday • •—DrlA. B. Twadell, Osteopath. ; . New'Clbbe Blag. Phone 191. • ;-.MIldred ;Curtis.;.AI. IX Oentral Ajftdicluu. Office over Cook's Drug Store. Phone 554 tlay' or night. - ',rf-aiid' Mrs. Jpss Kiilmer aiid Kon, Johi Ralpii, spent Sunday with .V i«latives In "Walnut, Kans. i . ; : ;r *r —Mts. VSllbur Shleldfs- Home- .-t^N njade eandy" for .sale at M,. & M. :": -\dtoctryJPrlday p. in., Uee. I). Hro- ;i ceeds of tills sale will so'to "the .y.- itb Dlvis on of Pxe.sbyterian Church. fanilly s rolallvcs Don't lie Ashiiiiied To I emove your.oven-oat. •pegiljir dry cleanioB will keep your fiult natty all wiuUr ioixfi', I!!hone 10.1. Ue»tii of Xn. tbti*. Cole,' Mrs. C'htfi 'les COIQ passed awair at her libme, 204 Ndrth Buckeye Htrn^'t this tnornioK at 5 o'cloclc foiluwing an il|ness ot a ir'ear. ihx funeral service wdl' be held at the Kirst Christian church Sunday aftj urnoun at Sr.tU o'clock, with (h pastor,-.the Hev. J. L*o Relcfori] offirlatlnK. TSn liody wlfl' be takj en to thd hc^no Friday aflernoon where it wil|' remain ;untii 1:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon vthcn ii will be taken to the churcll to lir in state until the f'(ineral hour, 2:30 o'clock. —-Tomorrow, night. Senior higli opei-ctta at high sc)iool auditoriuni, 25c, 10c. ! • . • . . •—Henistitchihg and Picoting. 201 East street. iMr5. Frank Russclli One person, :irrestcd early this week on a charge of failing to pa: h{s poll tas, will be tried in 'poilci court, late todey. » F. L. B. LEAVELL, 31. b. f Special attention giten Diseases of Cblon and Rectum. Electro-Phys^iotherapy Office, Ida State Bank Bldg. , Plioues—l-t" and 705 I • * «'«'*,* mm m » • * • ,Mr, and Mrs. Cliarley ;Mai ;lu.,IMr8. Will Ti^i:he and chlldreo,'Hr. and Mr'ii. Joltd Wilkersoti And cliildren fwd, Mr.;and 'Mrs'. Jack' Wlllcerson. A rs. Will Bens'dU aiid children tpeit Tuesday with her. mother. Uri. Ooyte. A r. and Mr'S. Ennis l^dd and !an lly spent ijunday with. Mr. and tf ri. Lee ,Wolf and Harold. J r. and Mrs. D, Vou)i« and ilt- Ic son called on Mr. and Mrs. Gar- •ett Tascbe and baby 'fiiesday ev- sniiig. . • K r- ^nd Mrs. Fi-ank Seivers and :hi dren spent Sunday aftei-nooh vit I Mr. and airs. Ben Collison and children. I \ rs. Nourse called on Mrs. Shaw one day last week, j j Tlie little Benson children, spent Monday! with- their Grandma Ben- Son Cit Mr,| i A Chi M ontj Kli Ma iwe l-'ree; 50f bo.\ "Jin^.x ltubl)e|* Patch" (it fixes I'lUiictuiesi with, purchase of 2 ats. oil, Saturday. D <M -cniber 10 only. XPW Red Crown Service Station.'904 S. Washington. Greatest of all aerial voyages is the flight {rianned for next spring by the recently organized American Viking Aeronautical Association. The route from Xew York is mapped below..and the crew of the Bellanca plane now bting constructed for the undertaking are porlrajtil above (left to rlgb' Theopolis Wesson, co-pilot; Ensign G. O. Gjoerloff. narigator.- sign Storni Archer,•pilot, and Elnsign juliu.>< Seeth. radioman. The ^:a9tern unit'of the AVpm- ens Faint Bureau is meeting this nfternopn at the hom^ of Miss Len.i Sommer. east ot lola .i Color -Dr., Momgomcry, Chiropractor. \ is' ^''^^.b ^^^r ^E lola lyJundry Bidg. Phone ms. l!,^;^!^^ is the suDjeM|0einB Dedication of the new Prairie iJel> school, •.••I'heiiiil^d for today, has been .indefinitely iwstponed bc- cau:<p of folil weather. Miss Dollie Mr. ntJdi.Mfs. Leslie Ualcer and _.jt/lnst 'week-end in SVclda. Kans. with . ' ; Cari vt ThunkH. • •—Wo'"irtsh'to «?j£tenrf our t .Iiaiiks "and ai|| reciiUion to oiir many jfrlends anil'neighbors who aMslKtcd us'so khidly iti th» IONS of our Ilt- tlie one; also for the bi^autiful floral oiCl brings.—Mr., and Mrs. i. U. Ingraum and famil.v.'. Miss Ksther- Duliea. of Chicago Is^pendinga few days .with her patcntsjMr.-and. Mrs, E. F. DuIlea ot 623 South Walnut street. t We know Bakery Products "arc good, But , • i Have r . You ' j Tried i ! Ours? • I j VAN HOpZERS. 1 /airs. fe?f). MHkT, of Humboldt, "spent'.Wednesday with her sister, Jlrs. !o; C "Tayldr. of 841 Jforth • stxee .i - ' i i- •r-^e I carry full line (>t R. C. A. and Ciincin'gham jadio tubes. K. C. i fiile«£rlc and Plumbing Co. .—For Real Estate Loans, see the , -• ;i SeruirJfrBlde. & Loan A .^.^orlaiion, • " • Ks. Office in First Xatl. Bank. -'V |?r^In»lBt on thi" .new Purity foe" 3ream made Betinctt of Ottawa and troie in our plant. Purity pletimery Co. " ; i Mr^.'.Wallace Smith left yc.>ii^r-, 4«y\foir Gtiarlotte. S. C. to visit jplster, Mrs. Clareiwe I la.viii'!'. r. Sniltb. who hu.s IM^U^III Tamiia. Ipri4a. for the j)n.«t four monihs. It jpin her there next' week ;ind ny'iier luiine. ;r:4 |Tifelve .Cbmicdl country i;i>us- i .i<^)fA\!. B. Ch«r<li Friday .seiilnR ? L- ""at'.Tjtao, KdmlsSton, 10c and ir,c. 7. Lucy E. Poison, Chiroprac- -,Wr.^ N^i:£hrup Bi.dg. Phone 329. - Free: 5ite box 'MinV'.'< Uirbber Pairh" (it fixes punrtu'res) with [wirchas(< of 2 -qts. oil, Saturday, V. ..\.lun.s, .ounty sn,.erinten,l .nf. i was informed. / , , Service. Station, 9^4 S. ASashington. .\ sur ,H <-rlherarFon rjoUge wanlJ, ^^f^' S"TB"y 10 luiow if ih. Cni(cil' .Siuies ever!•'•"y- ;^l»«>ne-u7. auyhciy answer wig, autl.oiKy?!, ^^''f^ liankin, of IUI«H . ykia •• . Vr 'Is vlMtHnv his iiai-enlM. .Mr. and our government wii«4 the iine (lollar piece, flul (lii< lowest (denomination now iiulliorlxed Is the $.'.5(l piece. • know:, the •""•'-•"^''' ^'•Jeffcr/ion avenue. So far as ihls • oHlci.- Kinmn. me ,, .A ,-: _ ...".1 • uj.i vT__.i. Hmallest (told e ever h.lnre.l by i.-^'^'-*- €=• H- Rankin, ot S4J .North - (i'rlrui- Tolybylum." at Senior lomorroiv nl^hf, 2.">c, 10c. —We pay 'G"' on,Full Paid and; 4 room house city water and In.-'lallmrnt Stoik. The best invest-|j;ii..(,$:;50:juoihe terms. Hawthorne. nient, the best method in save. I West Madison. NmirKy Itldt;. & Loan.Assiifiallon. I ' . lola, Kansas. .• ! .^Ir.^. piorence pillelt. of Withi ; . „ „ ,1 , ^, 1 who recently purchased the L. Fatlier McOuire. pastpr of th<il • Catliijli(; church at Newton iornnrly located at fola anti ryvale. is critically tai at V.infielU. ""riCfibft resiJience at 311 South wil- "lit-street, moved in this week .!< I 1 I-Mr. ami .Mr.s. Cobb arc nc^'w Hvijig ill in a ho.siu-u, q,,^ g„m^ Svcamore street. ! If' you want to' buy or build, I. -Twelve Comical Country Cous- city or property TbcloTa;''i«J»« ^- "Church F-piday evening nuiiding & Loan Ass^-iatlon will'."it Admission, 10c and lac. mak^ you a loan, low i'ntercst rate. ] • no commission. Sec G.. B. Peea.^; Tlie Coffeyville Journal devoted a Secretary, at old Register buildifig.H column or more to an enthusiastic southwest corner of square. J.iy Hesser, of the -Adaps and Hcsser Mortuary, was a' business visitor In sawatomie yesterday. V— Ten cent bundles of old papers •• fiii'e cents at the Heglsier from ; until. CbrlstBias. L. Cox, M. D. Specialist, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spaiding.'of Wichita, were in lola today on business and calling; on friends. 'Mr."CSpalding travels for an auto acceVlory house —"Prince Tobbytuni." 11. S. operetta. Dec. 9. Senior H. S. auditorium. S| o'clock. •MIX. J . SjKirks, of Kansas City, who has been the guest of friends In tola for the ]|ast week, returned iiome this morning. Seriior hiKh operettu in-ll. S. i auditorium at S o\ioi-.k Dec. ' J. • — Ten eeiil bundles of old iKil>'"rsi for live ceuls al the IJegister from | no.v iiiiill Cliii«'fnias. . ; Mr. jnnd .Mrs. C. I). Hiillinsur mo-; toretl ^lo Foi'i Scott toila.v' to spend : .T .few honr* with Mr. Bollinger's' linither, tlioMlev. W. W. Ifollinger,! of. Kvbnsvilie, Indiana, wlui is there , visiting. i • ' ' ; FA( E A MtJIlT ' (iet One. I*nl It on Yonr Cur report of the address .delivered to j the Coffej-ville Chahtber of Copi, inerce on Tuesday evening by: Mr. C. A. Dorsey, secretary of the' lola Chamber of Commerce..- More than 200 men attended the meeting! when only 75 were expected, and the influence of Mr. Dor.sey's speech was so| great that steps were immediately taken .for a surr vey of the country in the vicinity of CoJreyvllle witli4a view to obtaining- data upolii vi-hich to found a campaign for the location of a condens eryior other niilk-condenslug industry. . - .. EMTilCKYBAIiD WILL BE BUSY Kelley Attraction H9S . Many Engagements I For Tonight k— ; A bH ?y evening is in .siiiro i'hl.f evening for the Kentucky S^renad- ers, tile .ioiui<uiiy which piaycu at. the KelL'/ Thiater- last n :g ,hf an! ^vhich appears tliere agajn ti.iiiglir. Through the rouriesy of .Mr. Vanilynlng and iliu manager. Cy Palmer, they have accepted an invitation to i>ut dinner with the lola Kiwanls club which is liolding Its regular weekly meetlug at the Keliey Motel toniglit and will enr tertain the club with some of tlieir best numbers after tlie dinner. Their show will begin at the theater abgut SMS and immediately afterward. 9::!0; they are scife'dnlcd to pJay,f6r the; De.Molay dance at; the Memorial liali. i The group includes a seven-' piece orchestra, a trio composed i of Roy ^yager. Pete Holmes and i Ray Hoskins. Velve .Valley; blues I singer. Kitty' Brady; interpretative j dancer 4nd the H6lmes Sisters, character^dancers. Although the bitter weather cut down the 'attendance at tlie theater last night, those wlio were their received all of the numbers enthasiasticaily and were generous in their praise. • The Serenaders leave after the dance, immediately by automobile for Pbnca City. Oklaihoma. where they play tomorrow afternoon and" night. T Intcrnaftinnal tennis may be naid from 1896, in which ye^r "WUliam A. Larned visited England and made a proposal for a tourna-; l^ent in which the best players of England and America might compete. . ; —"Vaiis Bread," good as ever.- rs.- BarneU went to Kansas Mo., Friday to vipit a niece. Parker.- r. and Mrs. Ben Collison and dren! called one evening : last yrt^k' at Frank Seivers'. rs. "Taylor and Margaret called day;last week on Mrs.; John .son and daughter. i < , . rs. Garrett Tasche and baby spc^t Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. t,Benson. Afternoon callers c .Mr. and Mrs. Will Benson indF ^Udren; and^OarrettTasche callef Cxt\tte erShln'r Urs. Hough .called i ^hursday. on S er daugbtefi Mrs. Vernon Ostran- er and baby. ' ."Mr. and .Mrs. Glen Barnett itpent Siinday with ' Mrs. Barnett's pai^r ente. :Mr. and Mrs. Coon of Chanute spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs'., Shaw< - ' Mri^. Will Ben«on and children spent Thursday l-jri'th Mrs. .Martin Benson. Mrs. Dewey spent from Saturday .pgiiier. Mri" Richlrd^ Iqnsi her i'.Mr. and.'Mrs.. Dewiwr spept ^oiie day last: •w<?Bk .in ;Channte .visiting their daughter. Mrs. Anderson;^nd (ainiiy. . ^ ^ ' Mr. and 3frs. Gus .Wolfiwecf In town one dji^y last week and ^'elp- ed. Ray W'^* butcher. . phrlstmas Seals support 3 the fight en tpberculosis In-this county. - ^ - . : - • Folding Card Tabks $^.25 'And drive in perfect safely. You can face the brightest of . fS'^ • , D „, lichts without any fear of an T^;• ;..aThe Irlen^a of .Mrs. B. h. BlosseriI, gccidei 1 , . 1 I - accident. Guaranteed to give fiir ^&^io "^r &'sile : -''^^actlon or money back, 'f ^ V laiJces'^er home with her daughter. '/ 'Jlis. Max Bfrinnon. 413 South Wal^ r 'iitft street S, MALtH).H 219 South Street • 1'!. ; —J (»*t a new hat for the holiday.s. :':,.r^vancd styles at reduced prices, j;; .-.J&o sUk hosiery, lor Christmas ;^ts, H9c, fl.5«. ,«1.75. Edwards ^rX5 -.^?|fl^inery.•',.-I •, ' l^r: r . iAtt^atioB Patrinreby. - ;f-^Iwi»\Eaiampinent Nol is, I. o. 'il-;^.^^^^^^f*'tU'fsiie a program Ion Friday , J..r j5^jrHBlng.:_D 9.. ats. •% •• f: ' c. ^ TAVLOR. C. ;P. « * e * • "•i:>-".s4^IWnciB Tort ^ob*yt«m." H. S.- op- ' Mr. and ^irs. Bart Thayer, jir. \ and .Mrs. W. T. Thayer and itr. and ; Mrs. A. W. Anderson, motored to I Nepsho. MO., yesterday to attend; the funeral ot Dr.; A. W. Benton. "• They returned hom^ last night. i Whe»*'»ns Comin?.tp I ; B t Itia jfioiq Ai^entine' Mrs. Martha Burnside; o( 309' ;,.]^. f • S*"*'*"" S. audl-ij^orth Washington javonue. has re- *-j ^!OclOftk. ; _ Ipelvedtdefinlte weird that Mr. and j ^Irs... Howard' Wbeaton will ; sail' tr^ta r Buenos Aiircs, . Argentine, j S: A., for hoipe th|e latter part of j Fobruary. Mr. Wh(eaton, treanirer' of the Argentine^ Portland Cement company, is takingj his vacation at this time. Ip a/reoent golf tournament between'the I Amiericans and Uie Argentinians, Mr. Wheaion won the championship lathe men's gune and Mrs. WheatOn .Was Mcohd .in tKe .-Mrpineh's. game. Mni.^V2iea't06 captain ^H 'tsM ^thetaatt^ of^^t^ application of i ::>^J>i ^rtUK80Ba» tJttUtifes Company for -^ans. specifications " prop jsed 33,000 jiino 10 run from Yates (ft nter, Kan-" H6.,9S44. - ! i eiiitled' n atter : haa for hea> «g. Jn th^ CJtifvlot Taead: "Oiiyi Poinlex Hosiery" Part wool unionsuits in a.fc'ootl ribbed garment, long slt,eve.s, ankle length. Prices Cor thi men 's $2.00 Sizes 36 tc 46. Prices for Ih; boys' $1.00, $1,251 $i,50 , sizes 4 to ae years. • . • • J - i • • Globe DRY GOODS-WOMEN'S .WEAR ^MIlLlNIR* Gi'een "leatherette tojis, bro>vn mahogany finish. Wrought Iron Fern Stands $4.50 lOLA - T- - KANSAS 'HiiMBiing Bird Hpsiery^ loiiA's POPUiiAR STOEJE: Is Here And They Are Very Appriopriajle Gifts Baby Cotton Blankets Blankets 98c , Sige 6 fx76 98c Grey and TO Tan $2.98' S1.9g EXTRA SPECIAL; BlR Heavy Wqol Finish tJoubie Blankisfs ir $.3.98 value Special PAIR Beacon ^ Wearwell Blankets Quantities to Supply Your Winter *s Need Replenish yi)ur supply how for the winter months just ahead, when they can be jmost advantageously purchased. PURE WOOL BLANKETS $10.00 ™ $13.50 WOOL MIXED BLANKETS A real value C Size 70x80. _-__-..__«Pt)#UU I Size 70x80 Super Values!;. CotUin, Cotton and Wool Mixed Blankets in plirids, plain and fancy.. t^silie. We Invites $1.98™ $6.95 Ijfaniy; Mirny (Kher£xfdienf Jf^Vcml . Our Lower Prices Wm Save Tfl^MMey .36 inches High, red, green or • black decorated firiishes. OccasMinal Chairs These ;3rtands will not tij) over, a.shes fan through to the bottom cod4 tairter, ifi colors of mafiogani^ Walm^ red or green. Smoking Cabinets Of Karpen quality, .solid walnut frames, covered with tapestry. $22.50 Junior Floor Lamps Complete $11.25 Polychrome stands in wood or metaU complete with silk shade.s. • 'Furnisft the Living iRooth Complete for S138.00 ,A\\ these" pieces: for the price- quoted above. Full Iftigth davenport, one \ying chair, one club chair, one davenport table, 1 junior lampstand aind shade.; The suites are ,6f guaranteed qaaiity, cohered with, choice quality idtacquard ve- Ibur; reverse side of cushipris covered with tapestrj'. Convenient; terms arranged on these outfits. ;Bi^wn: Mahogany finish, a%'illusfrll^ fesicilla Sewing Cabiilets|| \\l ' $5;85 • • -i

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