Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 11, 1933 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE &IX MERCILESS MIi[E TO MIET BURLY Chacoma Announce Program C|han?e at Weekly Exhibitioiv ' Burltngtoiitrrappler Wayne Long 's order for: a'dish of Mike Chacpma, Inla grunteman. will be sferveki up Texas style "in the squared rln? at the M. W. A. hall tomorrcih^' night. _ Chacoma aiihouficed todayi It wUl be the iriair), po of the weekly card, instead of' the; Chacoma-Smith brawl whicl^ was at first adwrtised. A misunderstanding in the scheduled engage'ments. of the -pranwlers 'Connected wfth the next tiro shows ^tobe held-here brought j about a, change in the lineuo for KJinorrow's card. Chacpma was to wTestle Curley Smitli. Bartles^-ille. according to 'the announcement in yesterday 's Beqister and advertisements circulated aboiit town. ' "pggs" Mplton. another local man, .Ls W mix w-ith Clyd^ Atwell. Fredonia, Mnstead of Orvai Cox as previously, slated., • ^[ A; Grudee Fight. A grudge; battle in everj- respect Is antlclpaied when Chacbma and Long enter; the ring. Tl^ latter addressed;a letter to Tlie Bitgister a , week' agO: ijemoaning Iherjact that he had beien unable to obtain a bout with Chacpniia following their last meetintr at Ottawa. ; In that match a victorj-[ went to Long when Chacoma wasf- said to jhave been rdi .squalified for ~"persist- ,eht use of his fiRts." Long wrote that Chacbma had maintftlned he was "robbo.d'j. in the Ottawii verdict and challentjfs in variou(t towns i were untjepded by Chacorifii. Following the publication of the 'letter the, local mitman ftromlsed to accept'the i challenge in the near future, and so now the cvimi is In waiting. Long ap]>ears as^ one of the quieter apd more sensible grap- plcrs while in the' ring and Chacoma is noted for his vdid man tactics, I :To| the Finish. "The match; will be a finish bout, for two falls, out of three with no time limit. The name of the un- -^fortunnte -referee has not been announced. . The Melton-Atwell affaic is also exi>ected • to be above the average. Atwell is a showman and usually a problem for. the referee. Melton, a- good face-maker, has gone unde- fented'in two appearances here this winter. • ; Local wrestling fans predicted today that tomorrow's- card will fur- morif ehtertainment than has been seen; on any card presented in Ipla this; season. ; Both bf the grimace-raakers in the main event haw been watched before and their jintics have won no: little approval. Odds, howevei-. among the moneyed ^rneri were slightly in favor of the Ida tcirrorist whose aggressive tactics seamed morn encouraging than the less; pugnacious rtiethod.i of the burly bully from BurlihgtoR. CHURCH LEAGUE PLAY <• 1 —• tetigat StaiuUncB. W. L. Pet. Methodist 2 0 1.000 Presbyterian 2 0 1.000 Christian Seniors . .....1 0 1.000 United Brethren... 1 0 1.000 Carlyle 0 1 \m Baptist .....0 1 .000 Christian Juniors . .0 2 .000 Trinity .....0 2 MO Results Last Nifht. Methodist—16 G Mljldleton. f 0 R. Plnley, f 0 Fees, f 0 Anderson, c ...4 MUler. g ; 2 McNally. g 1 Amdt, g 0 Totals 7 Christian Jrs.—7 . G Wilson, f ;. 0 Prantz. f 1 Childress, c 1 Cox. g , 0 Taylor, g — 0 FT 0 0 0 2 0 b 0 FT 2 0 0 1 0 Totals Trinity—19 G D. Taylor, f 0 Sicks, f 3 E. Hoggatt. f j. 0 Prti%-inca. c 2 H. Hoggatt, g 1 Ammons, g 1 Totals 7 Presbyterians—29 G Troutwine, f 2 St. Paul—Tlie cat's meo's^^ is an official sound in the new city hall "and courthouse. • : The city council agrieed; to let three cats prowl for rats and mice at no cost after rejecting an exterminating company's offer-to use more scirtitific methods for $25 per month. Sleeper, f Gilbert, f Mclntyre. c .'. Bowlus. g Sutherland, g Slack, g Anderson, g .. Dunlap, g 1 0 2l 3 2 2 0 0 FT 0 1 1 3 0 0 FT 2 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. WEDNESDAY EVENING. JANUARY 11.1988, WICHITA SETS FASTPACE FOR CENTRALTEAMS Notes on Kansas Basketball Also Give Credit to Maryville Coach (By tHe Associated Press.) Tonight's the night the high-riding Wheatshockers of the University Of Wichita try their hit-and-run game of basketball against the pore orthodox Pittsburg Teachers, champions of the central intercollegiate conference the last three, scalsons. The game will be played at Pittsburg. The battle plan of Gene Johnson's Wheatshockers is based on speed. It may work against the GoriHas tonight, but that is only the third game on Wichita's; double round- robin In the conference, leaving "nine to play after tonight. If they can stand the pace that scored 61 points against Washburn and 60 against Fort Hays State, the Shockers will show they are In extraordinary condition and they will deserve to hvin the title. And if Wichita can put on the whirlwind act successfully against the Gorillas they might properly be known as the Kansas Tornadoes. BRUSHING UP SpORTS •--By Uofer iiiiiipiil T OGETHER WI T HO I HER R>ce H ORSES OF T HE firWAPMALAL/ SlUIMMIN (j TS E HORSeS SP6MD , SEVERAL MONTriSATl The main reason Hank Iba's Marjwllle 'Teachers lost two games in a row—which made the longest losing streak the Bearcats have experienced in the regime of Ilja—is that Jack McCracken, Tom Merrick. Duck Dowell and Chuck Plnley are playing with the Denver Pigs. Iba has a green team this year and his ! old stars are doing their basketing fpr dear old Plggly Wiggly. Totals ..12 CLASS B PLAY SET Mildred Amonr Hieh Schools In Battle for State Championship Topoka. Kas.. Jan.-ll. fAP)— Tentative assignments of class B high school baskett )all elimination tournaments were announced >'csterday by E. A. Thomas, executive. sccrc- tarj- of the state high school athletic association. All will be held March 3 and 4, a ^^eek before the regional tournaments at which Class A and B schools will compete in separate brackets. The state Class A tournament will be held here March 15i 17 and 18. while the Class B .state meet will be at Sallna on the same dates. Secretary Thomas said reelonal assignments would be completed later in the week. I Tentative Class B elimination tournaments follow: Alta Vi-sta. Belle Plaine. Buhler. Cedar Vale. Circlcville. De Soto, Ef- finghani. Ellingwood. Erie. Falr%'lew, Cava. Glasco, Oreensburg. Hamilton. Hoxie, Jewell City, Kinsley, La C>'^ie, Lakin, Lebanon, Leotl, MJcCracken. Medicine Lodge, Mildred. Norcatur, Oakley, Osage City, Princeton. Riley, Rosalia, St. Marj-s, SaUna, Stockton, Sublette. Valley Center, Valley Falls and Washington. Secretary' Thomas said there was a possibility that one or two other arsignments would be made. SI WILLIAM BRAUCHER A HorW: A Horse! CUPrpSE you have been eating tur',:ey. crabmeat, plum pudding.; mince ^pie with cheese and readinc a .story about Johnny Gilbert, itjip Joqkoy champion bt old jfL-JJ. : You retire early oti New Lady Godlva i^raws an approv-. Ing eye from th^ stewards. She j is 3 to 1 'on the line, probably because her milk white steed Is so favorably weighted. Jesse James passes on a big red chareer that looks for all tho Ycnr'.sjcve. partaklug of a small I "'O'"''! lH^e Twenty Orand. The in- .l..;akci-of sar.'-aparllla as a flight-• t'i«-''ae boys have sent out a hot (np. i Theil yon dipanr som(ithingI"P on Jesse and his price has lil ;c tlii.s: • jbeen pushed down rapidly from It's "I lie seventh race at Havre i 30 to 1. to 10 to 1. do Gnic". and a goodly crowd Is! Ne.xl In line Is Attila, the fa- thorn; ; (jood old King Richard Islmous old lluu horseman who is Kitting; In a box bemoaning the trying to make a comeback after fart that ho; ha-sn't had a Wii^ner being set down for 10 days for all throuch the meeting.' He rough riding at Tanforan. Attila, Iv.-pps M\outin&, "My kingdom for'jwho used to eat all his meals on a hoi'so." A tout slips up to the ihorseback, according to the leg- royal box and bauds him Roland.lend, is nibbling a ham sandwich, Thprc is word out among the'showing supreme confidence in talent on.this good thing Rqland.'his horse's ability to carry the That's the hide that won the heat j weight fast and far. from Obeni to Aix, when the boys | Young Lochlnvar is on a frac- •\vcre bringing the good newl3. Itjtious animal he picked up In a is the chatter that, Paddy Batry is |claiming race at Agua Caliente. in til? park and that he hasiHe has some trouble .trying to Itoland all rigged up for an old-jkeep his horse quiet, read th» fashioned hOR -killing. iodds on th'e board and peek now • land then at Lady Godiva. And Could They Go! i * * . ARkY lias just returned from; Brigade Outside Chancs PJnilico, , ?o the- talk isoes, jnriHEN comes the Light Brigade. • whcid he disifuised the FourllThev do not even cast a slde- Horfemen and entered them In ^ lonc glance at the odds, but rush claiming heat under the'names of I right up to the post. The rail- Pro.sp(>rity, Beor, the Bonus and ijjir ^s say the Six Hundred haven't War [Debts. Ig„t| ^ chance. , As the" Brigade Up. in the jockey room Pauljin^s „p at the post, it Is noticed looking out the windowj^lja^ there are gunmen to the towai-d the North Tower for a slg-jripht of them and gunmen to the nal tjoin hi .s betting commission-;jeft them, threatening to make crs. ; The odds, will be even byi,^ a bad day for the Six Hundred land.aind 2 to 1 by sea. .Do\«-n Injjf they pop in at the payoff, the.gtaiuls sonic heavy sugar men I ^j^^ ^^^^,^3 ^^^^^ ^jj^ from; Middlesex viUagos and farms j.,^ Faur Revere, who has been are the rinj action close-• ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ 1^^^ p^„y^ ly Biid waitins for word from breaks down the barrier and goes twice around the oval before he Walter Judge cornered McCracken In Denver the other day and asked for the low-down oa the Iba system. He wanted to know how a school of 700 to 80O students could grab ail that fame In basketball. McCracken told him It's this way: • "The system is based on control of the ball. Iba figured the team that is in'po&<%sslon of the ball the larger part of the game will win. That puts a preniium on ball handling and passing. It also stressed defensive play. In Iba's, system the; worst play one can make is a bad pass. It is the impardonable sin. Keep the ball, play carefiilly, make the other team make the mistakes and you'll win. That, in brief, is the system." Simple enough, with a McCracken to do the handling; Iba's 1932 team was on the floor one day ^hen George R. Edwards, the Missouri coach, strolled,in and gazed somewhat enviously upon the green-striped cagers. "What could you do with a bunch of bovs jlike that?" he was asked. "Why." replied Edwards, "we all have players like that. I think every coach has the same chance that Iba has." Which is a pretty fine compliment from one coach to another. There was no evidence of the so- called super-stall in the Nebraska- Missouri game at Columbia last Saturday night. The Hiiskers played a hard, rough gapie and Missouri met them on their own terms.: George Henry Sauer, the main reason that the opfX )sitIon got away with few passes against the Nebraska football team last fall, was expelled for fouling. It was the fourth game from which Sauer has been ejected this season. He has played in seven.- BUI Johnson, the Kansas center, has mended his ways, in that respect. He was removed from foiu- Big Six conference games for four personals last season. He has played In eight games of the present season without being chased. F PSSWHO. iNTiie m "R )w »J> AMfiiUR. RECORD (wEJ6l <rutPriN0r .V HERE'S THE NEW HEAD COACH ail NEWGOYERNOR , DEMANDS CUTS IN STATE TAXES (CoBUnned From Phge One) burden to taxpayers and jnot to be included in a program calling for greater efficiency and curtailment of. expense. "Third: Judicious consolidation and centralization of voric will naturally call for less expense. "Fourth: 'Where revision of the state's tax system is at this time possible and logical, such revision should relieve real property of.its unjust burden, and anyi new tax provided must reduce the taxes on real estate. AbUity to Pay. "Fifth: The paramount &nd all- important thing is a reduction con­ forming'to our ability to pay." In laying before the lawma'Kers his many recommendations, the governor explained some of them iii detail. He indicated he yroiild elaborate upon 'some of the other proposals. Including departmental consolidations, reductions in the number of public employes.' and highway departinent finances in special messages later in the session. EXPLAINS FIGHTING IN NORTH CHINA KANSAS BRIEFS (By the Associated Press) DEATH FOR STEALING JAM Prison Sentences Also Given fendants by Soviet Dc- Moscow. Jan. IL (AP) — Four men were sentenced to death today and three others to ten years In It's a happy administration that Dr. Mai Stevens (right) resigned Yale coach, is wishing Dan McGugih (left). Vanderbilt coach, as he passes him the president's gavel at the 12th annual meeting: of the American Football Coaches association. McGugin, former vice-president, succeeds Stevens as president of the. association. JAYHAWKERS TROUNCE STATE BUI Johnson Alone Scores Nearly Enough to Beat Aggiesi Lawrence, ;Kas.. Jan. 11. (AP)— Paced by Bill Jphnson. sharpshoot- Ing center, the University of Kan- .sas Jayhawker.'s scored more than enough points In the first half here last night to defeat the Kansas State quintet. 36 to 24. Pouring in field goals from all angles, many of which were cult one-handed shots, the diffl- plvot man for the Big Six conference basketball ciiariipions, came two points of the total sco; within •ed by prison for .stealing jam from, a gov-| the last half the entire Wildcat team. Entering' LIBERTY (Flbrent J. Heiman) Jan. 9— Mr. land Mrs. Gene Pisk \-lslted at the John Johnson home Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs] Frank Slcka spent Sunday with his. sister, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Long and family west- of Piqua. ^ Mrs. Ray Wilson, who has been ill of the flu. Is somewhat Improved. She will remain a few days longer with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Tdwnsend. ilershel Wilson, who has also been 111 th^ past week, is able to return to school today. Allan Hendricks of north of lola has been staying with his uncle, Ho- Kansa.1 City — Frank (Pete) Bausch, former University of Kan .<!as football star, will no longer add his voice to the grunts and groans emitted where professional wrestlers aopear. Bausch, brother of Jim Bausch,; Olympic decathlon Champion, announced last night he was through with the game, in which ne had won his first and only match In a lengthy statement, he said he had found the finandal returns "insufficient"; that wrestling was a game in which "an education is of no avail," and that he had decided he was niot "mfentally or temper- mentally of the wrestling type." Manhattan — Tlie Rev. James Kerr, 84. who had served 64 years as a Methodist minister in Kansas died here last night. Hei came to Kansas in 1872 to do evangelistic work and until his retirement six years ago had held pastorates at Rice, Scandla, Warwick, Ionia. Ada, Alton, Woodston. Palso, Sylvan Grove and Tescott. His widow and six sons and daughters survlvei Ness City—A search for Miss Alice C. Miller 21, assistant cashier of the state bank of Utica, Kas., is being conducted by county authorities. She has not been seen since December 30 when she told friends she was going to Kansas City to attend a meeting of the association ofi bank women. She is the datighter of A C. MUler, a farmer ll\'ing near Utica. Authorities were informed that no meeting of the association was planned or had been held in Kansas City in recent weeks. Topeka—Senator John Frost (R.) of Blue Rapids, yesterday introduced in the Kansas senate a resolution propasiflg the ratlflcfttlon by the state legislature of the "lame duck" amendment to the United States constitution. ATTACK PILOT DIES IN CRASH Galveston Crash Fatal io Officer bnt Enlisted IVfon Snrvives. Galveston, Tex.. Jan. 11. (AP)— Lieutenant William E. Bogardiis, 26, of Dallas, was killed and Sergeant John Kennedy was injured critically in an airplane crash at the third attack group airdrome today. Bogardus was flying a 3B attack plane with Kennedy as passenger and had ^n in the ah: about 20 minutes, wjhen the plane went into a nose dire from 600 feet. BLIND STUDENTS TO SAFETY Sightless Inmates of State School Flee From Fire Safely. '''^r ^aX^'°T .H • H' *^"-"hampions" 'was i""" ^""^ '''' ^"'^ helping With an7thr^ rm^n[ov °l^ro iTyfV^:' '^"^'"^ d''^'" "^-^ wildcats .started and three .employees are to be shot, clicking. Ru.ssell replaced SkradskI Pt forward, and Armstrong went to three other employees will go to a r ^'^o^e re- I Graham's guard position. gion of the countrj'. and two others must .spend three years in jail for the crime, which was characterized as "causing great harm to the work­ ers'supply.'* :< In winning their second straight conference victoiy, the j'ayhawkers took the n'.easure of a crew which had let them down twice in early .season exhibition games. A 1933 HEADACHE Panl; Tlie stewards and finish judges i.„ .„ . t . n. 1 j lpok:Clo.sely for a ringer as the en- 1"" " ^^"""^ trle^ begin the parade to the post.' and jpaddock officials havfe a hnnch there is something in the air besides ^oxygen.. ; ' ; ' t « « Discount Sheridan •piRST in line is Phil Sherrdan. riding that black charger Jthat carried Uim in the 20-mlle sprint to AVinchester. Th'e odds are 12 to 1' igainst Sheridan, as the re- pprt;has gone around that SUerl- dants horse Is a steeple-chaser •\v:-o.b'a.> cone lame aud can't run tui t'he flat. on the lead pony is wearing the usual red coat, and it fools Paul Into believing he's a Britisher. For all the others, the start Is fair. A.s they pound Into the stretch. Roland Is leading by 50 lengths. He is half a mile ahead of the others, and under stout restraint as he flashes past the pole. . After the race, the judges wash the screen paint, lipstick, eyebrow pencil and false whiskers oft Ro* land's face and he is discovered to be Equipoise. You are just about to walk up to the mutael >^;indow3_when you..\rake^Bp^"— The New Year started jWhoopeely for Betty Compson, as witness her joy at a party of movie players at Agua Caliente. Me.xico. Then 1933 became e. hepdaclie for Betty. Three nights later she reported that a robber had bound her and E. D. Leshln, movie producer, in her apartment and had taken $£0,000 in jewels. iThen Betty refused to describe the jewels, sai'd she, ps afraid .of gang revenge and waived aU hisurance claims. Irving Wincberg. shown above with Betty at the Mexican party, referred to' bv Bettjr as "my sweetheart" said he was "just a friend." some repair work. ; Mr. and Mrs. John Heiman and children. Theresa, Lawrence and John Jr.. of north of Humboldt visited Wednesday evening at the Wm. Heiman home. Mr. and Mrs. George Wilson spent Friday evening at the John Harris home. Frank Outright of Orange. Calif., spent Wednesday at the George Wilson home. Mr. Outright will be remembered by the older residents of this vicinity as a former resident of these parts, some thirty years ago. He is spending a few days with his coushi. Ed Osbom and family. Glen Heath who has been staying at the P. S. Heath home for some lime, is staying, with Glen Cloud at present helping' him with his farm work. Glen Cloud and Glen Heath helped P. S. Heath butcher a beef Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. George "Wilson visited with their daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Art Townsend and daughter at LeRoy Sunday. Gene Fisk-has completed the repair work which he started some time ago. but was delayed by the cold spell, and nPw has a neat, finished cellar under his residence. Mr. and Mrs. John Hillbraht and .son Donald, of lola. spent i Friday evening at the parental P. S. Heath home. Homer Cox. AUan Hendricks and Nate Wilson spent Friday e^-enteg at the Wm. Heiman home. Kansas City, Jan, U. (AP)— Scv- enty-flvc ^ightiess students at the Kansas state school for the blind cleared the three-story structure housing th|e institution, in six mhi- utes early today when a fire broke out in the building. The damage was confine to one room. Bomb Wrecks Jail. Springfield. HI.. Jan. 11. (AP)— A bomb was hurled through a barred window of the Jelseyville village prison last night. It blew part of the roof and a part of the concrete wall out, but caused no Injuries to persons. The prison was empty. This was*the twenty-first bomb thrown in the recent Christian coimty mine trouble zone. IF YOU MISS THE REGISTER CAUiWl OR 530 . _ Cnlver Fanonage Bonu. Sallna, Kas., Jan. 11. (AP)—A high school boy at Culver, looking out of Che I school building Tuesday afternoon, [saw the eight .room Methodist parsonage afire and gave the alarm. A call was sent to Sa­ llna for fire fighting equipment but by the time the local department arrived the house was beyond saving. Attention was given by the department to preventing spread of the flames to the church building standing only SO feet away. The hdiise VBS Completely destroyed. A siuall ad in the Classified columns often puts over a WK deal. The Japanese explanation of the present .fighting between Japanese and: Chinese forces in North China was given to Secretary of State Stimson by Japanese Ambassador Katsujl Debuchi who is shown leaving the state department aftei- the conference. BASKETBALL RESULTS (By the Associated Press) College. • Temple 34, Carnegie Tech 38 (overtime). South Carolina 36, Kentucky 44. Yale 52. Massachusetts State 17. Syracuse 32. Manhattan 25. Tennessee 32, Vanderbilt 37. Louisiana college 36,: Louisiana Tech 41. Yankton 35, Dakota Wcslcyan U. 48. Nebraska 34, Cottier 27. Creighton 37. Oklahoma A&M 30. Missouri U 20, St. Louis U 27. Kansas U. 36, Kansas State 24. Haskell Indians 27. Baker U. 29. Rockhurst 26, Ottawa U. 20. 'St. Benedict's 33, Bethany 29. Murray Aggies 39, Okla:homa Baptist U, 45. Southwestern Oklahoma Teachers 28. Texas Tech 33. Fal (Mexico City) 15. Northwestern Oklahoma Teachers 68. Oregon Bta^e 29, Idaho U. 25. lOLA. KANSAS NEWS OF Lallarpe Baskeitball Teams G Uniontowni: for Twin BIH on Friday. ; I© To LAHARPE, Jan. ' 11 .4Mrs. -R. A. Flack, Mildr:ied;;]was calling on 'Mrs. Tom Green Saturday altit^moans. . The . LaHarnp basketpall teams will go to Unlontown Friday evening to play a doubli-header.) i Everett Meeks. Noble Ohlfest,* and Paul Aten drovte to Haijtford.: Kas., on business Sunday. ,1. • ! ; Mr. and Mrs; W. E. t>wens,, Hiat- vllle, visited, itfbnday wltli Mr.- and Mrs. C. T. Hajlris and Mrs. Ehima Owens on theli;| way to Humboldt to visit otlier relatives and frieiias.' Eddie Ewiii^, Cherryyale. Kas., was in town calling on btislnes-s friends Tuesdajf aftemooh. ; Mrs. Dora Newman 1 as retiimed from lola where she has' been spending the iwlst few dfiys with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Maud Chas. NcwTCnan, and Mr. and Mrs. and Carol Bethl Frank Troxell made trip to Kansas'City Tujesdaj^ evening. Mrs. Ed Williams andj ard, Kas., visited their grandmother, lilrs. ' J. Tuesday. ;j Mrs.' C. T. .Harris hks not been feeling as wiell ks usual days. Mr. and Mrs. Marion were dinner guests Suiiday Evening of Mr. Green's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Green and famllyJ Miss Clara Schaler. Fort S^ott, Kas.. was In town on buslnais and called on frlendjs Tuesda!>] afternoon. Mrs. DeGrfffflenreld, liear pol6ny. was in town onji business and •visited friends Tuesday aftemopn. Miss Mlldreid iBrown, (bnagft, Kas., called on Miss Sarah Gteen the (last ,in and ^Lois a buslnes,s Hope, Bay- Imother .and O. Smith the past'few Greek iola, of the week. I Mr.s. Chas.: Norman dnd children visited Sunday :wlth thjelr parfnUs and grandparents, Mr. at>a Mrs. Tom Green Sunday and called on Mrs. C. A. Barker, who Is qvjlte 111. Mrs. W, A. Hloks and MLssea TJicl- ma and Marg^ery Peck, north §f loin, were In town: on!, anfr visiting friends Tuesday aftdrnoon. ; SHARKEY MtJST FIcklT SOON Wlntacr of SchJutf-Cam^ra B6nt to Meet the Champion. New York. Jan. 11. VAP )-,—Jack Sharkey will defend ^is heavyweight champloiishlp in J.une against either Ernie Scpaaf or Primd dar- nera. imder- plans fonriulat^d -by Madison Squar^ Garden, i ': ' Schaaf, Who ^topped S anley Poreda In six? rounds last WMIJ . has been matched with Camera In;, a fl5- round battle^ In the Garden Pebtu- ary 10, the winner to galii the right to faceSharke^ for the jtltle.; ^ Annapolis. Md.—Games of former years, such tis bridge, have passed Into history as far as the Maryland general assembly members are concerned. Jig saw puzzles now are the favorite pastiine around the state house. TARS'' SPECIAlL BARGAIN SHOW to AJI! KELtEY TODAY—THURSDAY December's Blue Ribbon Winner! THE J. F. GRENNAN PRODUCE CO. C. O. COGHILL, Manager POULTRY AND EGGS v Egg Cases and Supplies Old and Reliable-Established 1911 Comer Monroe and Elm (Just West of the Water Tower) ANTI FREEZE DEEP CUT PRICES Alcohol. 188 Proof, GaL ..59c Glycerine, Radiator per gallon $1.39 75c Leak Stop Radiato^ Cement, can 39c ANDREWS & SON lola, 14 S. Washington Cbannie, 215 East Main Pat O ; With , Bricn, Carole Lombard. ' L^neytnne Comedy "BOSKQ THE DRAWBACK'* A girl with « past, <Ures Uce the future COMEDY—CARTOON—NEWS COMING—Stuart Em1n In rUel Learned About Women"—Chas. Farrell, Joan Bennett in "Wild Girl"—Ann Harding, Leslie Howard in "Animal KingdomV-Clark Gable in "No Man of Hp Own." With the Great I Dramatic! Genlds CHAS. LAUGHTO^ MAUREEN O'SULLIVAW DOROTHY PpTERSOji ind VERREE TEASDALE \ddcd Units: j — L "FLIP THE FROGV "MUSIC LESSON"! ' MOyiE-rALBUM NOVBiL'TY RUDOLPH VALENTlWo 'S . "NICKE LETTES" • \ LATEST M G-M NEWS

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