The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1955 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1955
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLTTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TIIVHSPAT. 15. 1958 Cranberry Conserve Choice Gift of Kitchen By GAY.S'OR MAUDOX NEA Food and Markets Editor If you have delayed making- your Christmas "kitchen" gifts, Nancyann Graham has a solution for you —last-minute cranberry conserve. Nancyanu, young wife and mother, also decorating; editor on TV Home show, leads a full life. A full life means many friends and many friends mean lots of Christmas presents. Therefore, in her New York apartment she dragoons her husband into helping her "assembly line" jars filled with her conserve. To add extra appeal to the gift, sh* advises packing the sauce in 13-ounce apothecary jars (purchased at the five and ten) and cover with pale green paraffin, sprinkled with a little silver flitter before it cools completely. Here's her recipe for 1 pound fl box) cranberries. You can easily multiply this for as many batches as your, largest kitchen kettle will hold. An 8-quart sauce- pot will easily hold 3 batches which makes a total of about 12 pints. Nancy aim's Cranberry Conserve, (Makes 3 pints) Four cups (.1 pound box' iresh cranberries, 1 No. 2 can crushed pineapple, 1 can concentrated fro/en orange juice, 1>» cups supar, 3 cinnamon sticks. 1 tablespoon Whole cloves, 1 cup .--eedles.s raisins. 1 cup whole blanched almonds, 1 cup broken pecan meats. .Wash cranberries. Dram pineapple thoroughly and mix the juice and concent IT.'ed orange juke with enough water io make 2 cup.^ liquid. Mix liquid with sugar until sugar is partially dissolved. Put spices in cheesecloth bag and add (o liquid in large saucepan. Bring to slow boil and boil 10 minutes., Add cranberries, bring io boi! j again and boil 5 minutes or until j cranberries begin to pop. stirring frequently. Stir in raisins and pineapple and boil 5 minutes longer, stirring several times. Cool slightly. Stir in nuts. Pack in pint jars and paraffin. Note: If desired, you may ndci more raisins and more or less nuts. It doesn't alter the end result. ttmttulor shape if you are planning to fill it with square or rectangular cookie bear* or wafers. Soak the basket in cold water for, a few minutes, then tint it a bright green with all-purpose dye according to | tint '.UK directions on the package. { Kinse the basket and let it dry; now, j if \ou Uki 1 , give it a coat of shellac. ; Tie on a spray of mistletoe or holly tor a garniture! Pill the basket with ' your homemade sweets cover ii with t transparent plastic wrapping. Put your package under the Christmas :ree lor a horticulture-minded ! iriencl; when the green basket is j empty, it, will make a fine plant holder. Of course these baskets may be dyed any color. A friend of ours tinted one pink, then decorated it with a festoon of tiny pastel Christmas balls and silver bells. We commend these Christinas Sugar Wafers to you because al- j though they look festive, they are i quick and easy to cut out and the decoration is baked on. Christmas Sugar Wafers Ingredients: l ± cup i '* pound" flinched margarine, l SECTION 1 NOTICE TO » II) 0 K K S 1. Sealed proposal addressed to Board of Education, Gosnell School District No. 6, City of Gosnell, Ar- Kansas, for the construction of AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL BUILDING for Gofcnell School District No. 6, hereinafter culled "Owner", in accordance with plans, .specifications mid contract documents, which arc prepared by and may be obtained from ihe office o( Dun f 1 Stowcrs, Architect. 1001 West Sec- 7. No bids may be .wltlulwn after the scheduled ciosins Wine for receipt of bids. 8. All bidders must comply will, llio requirements of the Conlrac- tors LleeiiMnu Lnw of ihe State of Arkansas. 9. All bids may be >"'> d "jj r 1 30' days, unlrss sopnei .otiirn by i'»- .Owner. , , nH HOAIID OP fcUULA L ON By C. A. .Moody Pies dent. By Q. R.' Ledbetlcr, 'e'" GAY PACKAGES with semisweet nut rott chwnks *i«i piece* *rf English toffee make appropriate j*fts. Semisweet Nat Roll Is Delightfut Yale Gift It Pays to Shop at Mays! FOOD BUYS You Get Both When You Buy Her*: ^. LOW PRICES 2. SAVE-MOR COUPONS— Good for Valuable Premiums 25 10 Lb. Bag 79 1 790 I Dixie White — Guaranteed SUGAR" 0 . v U*. COFFEE Max : eHHouse cLt 890 CHEESE SPREAD 'UtL 2 ,,, 590 Dromedary Dixie, Makes 1'4 Uis. FRUIfCAKEtlllX ,.u,74u Ulue Mule — Its Just Right SALAD DRESSING 49c Te.vsun — Unsweetened GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Al CA MargoW — Vi U>, "Dainty Mix" HARD MIXED CANDY (i On. i Can 240 12 O *l 0 Lbs. 1 Each VANILLA FLAVORING 4 i FREE — 1 !/z-0/,. Box Dove Brand Cinnamon — FRKE "Rich Tex" Golden .. SHORTENING PAA(P Grade "A" medium CUUv Guaranteed Fresh PET MILK """ nl *""- 3 £ 680 D»/.. 33p Dry Milk—Makes 12 Qt.. .I'kjj. Our Meats Are Guaranteed to Please Low Prie«* — Court«6«« Strrka 3AIKAGF Armour's Slur •tfftUvHUGi Pure Cork— 1-l.b. RoH ____ Ui. nrrr D|I1|CT Branded U.S. Good DCE.I nUHOI Chuck, \Vell Trimmed IJ>. CDVCDC Grade "A" 07|i rniE.nO panRendy .............. Lb. W'V GROUND BEEF ' 3 Jbs 890 Tender, Choice Cuts Anytime! FRESH PRODUCE SWEET POTATOES^ 2 BANANAS •"r.' Lb». 1J>. 150 100 ORANGES^ 1 "" ^ 290 MIXED NUTS CeltoBa8 ,..490 We Still Have Plenty of ruit and Nutt For Your Christmas Fruit Cake MAYS SUPER MARKET 421 S. Hit 1-9910 , this in crescents, logs, etc. Roll in j coconut, sugar, finely chopped nuts, j etc. Then chill. English Toffee (Yield: approximately 2'/4 pounds) Combine: two tablespoons instant B> GAi'XOR MADDOX NKA FfH>d aod Markt-ts ,~iior Among- "do it yourself" Christmas gilts, delicious candies are! tops. We found a semisweet nut; roll and an easy English toffee that, anyone can make at home—and Sembweel Nut Roll , ^ ^^ ^^ ^.^ ^ , u (yield: approximately IV* pounds) degrees F.—medium crack stage. Combine and bring io a boil: f Remove from heat. Fold in quickly: one cup dark brown sugar, firmly! one an d one-half cups blanched, packed; '.4 cup iight corn syrup: • '-4 cup evaporated milk. Boil 2 coffee; '2 tablespoons water; 2 cups dough inti sugar; \\' z cups butter. Cook ovei toasted almonds. Spread thinly on greas ed cookie sheets. Cool. Melt minutes, stirring constantly. Re-j over hot (not boiling) water: one move from heai. Add and beatj 6-ounce package (1 cup) semisweet ULtil smooth: one teaspoon vanilla; | chocolate morsels. Spread over 1 6-ounce package (1 cup i seml-| coo i ed lo f fee . 3pr inkle over semisweet chocolate morsels. Add andi sweet chocolate: one-half cup mix well: one and one-half cups blanched, toasted almonds, finely nuts, coarsely chopped. Shape on waxed paper in two 12-inch rolls. Roll up and chill. Cut in * 2-inch slices. Note: Or you may shape chopped. Let stand until sweef chocolate hardens. Break in irreg. ular pieces. Holiday Gifts from Your Kitchen By CECILY BKOWNSTONE t SWEKTS made in your own kitchen! Associated Press Food Editor i Start with n plain straw-colored A BASKET OP CHRISTMAS j bucket, choosing a square or rec- ond Street, Little Hock. ArUunsa will be received at (he office of P. E. Lucius, Superintendent -it Scliols in Gosnell. Arkansas, until 2:00 p.m. o'clock, December 22, 1955. and then publicly opened anri read aloud. Any bid received after closing time will be returned unopened. '}. Separate proposal shall be filed for the «a> General Consiruciioo (bi Mechanical Work ic» Electrical Work 3. A cashier's check, certified . check, or acceptable bidder's bond cups sifted payable to the Owner in an amount noi less than five percent (5 f! -' f ) of the largest, possible total for the bid submitted, including the con- fectioners' sugar, l egg (separated*, l teaspoon vanilla, I 2 * cup un- sifted flour, l i teaspoon salt, l teaspoon water, I teaspoon confection- sideration of additive alternates, i*rs' sugar, H cup chopped nuts, j must accompany each bid as ft candied cherries. j guarantee that, if awarded the Method: Cream margarine and. contract, the bidder will promptly 1 ! i cups confectioners' sugar. Re- enter into a contract and execute serve l tablespoon egg white; add such bonds as may be required, remaining white and yolk with va-! 4. Attention is called to the fact nilla to creamed mixture. Add flour j that the rates of pay for labor and and salt and mix until dough can mechanics engaged in -ne con- be shaped into a ball with hands. struction of the project will be not Divide ball in half. Place one half j less than the prevailing !ocal wage between two pieces of waxed paper rates for .which have been dusted generously with flour) or on a well floured r similar work as -ieter- y! mined in accordance with Public Law No. 403 of the Seventy-fourth pastry cloth. Roll out in a rectangle about 7VJ by 10 inches. Dip cutting edge of knife in flour and cut j inches. Place bars on greased cookie | sheet. Mix reserved egg white with | water and confectioners' sugar, j Brash tops of bars. Decorate with nuts and candied cherries. Bake in a moderate (350 degrees) oven 12 tojtendent of Schools, and may be 15 minutes. Repeat, using remaining dough. Makes 40 cookies. Sextette Symphony ROANOKE. Vr. (.-Pi—Six children of the James Beckners had their tonsils and adenoids removed here we didn't have but half the same day. "It's cheaper by the dozen, only said Mrs. Ruby Beckner. dozen,'' Read Courier News Classified Ads. Congress, approved August 30, 1935, as amended, and further in full compliance with any state j wage law that may be applicable, j 5.\ The Owner reserves the right '-. to reject any or all bids a'nd to; wa.ive any and all formalities. i 6. Plans and specifications may be examined without charge in the office of F. E. Lucius. Superin- procured from the office of ,Dan, F. Stowers, Architect. 1001 West Second Street, Little Rock, Arkansas, upon deposit of $25.00 per set. Refund on deposit will be made in full to bona fide bidders, on not to exceed one (i) set of document*^ upon return of such documents within five days from re- a ceipt of bids. Additional sets of documents in excess of one (1) set, and documents issued to subcontractors or material suppliers are available by deposit of $25.001 per set with refund at the rate of j $10.00 per set upon which return, of documents within five days from receipt of bids. > HOLIDAY SPECIAL! ALL THIS WEEK! Fried Chicken (Golden Brown) With French Fries and Salad $100 HAMBURGER STEAK (Fresh Pure Ground Beef) With all the Trimmings 75 Serving Home Made Hot Rolls RAZORBACK DRIVE-IN Blytheville's Favorite Eating Place e's 25* SAVE ME»'*•-• ...-~,."" wif vfi rLUUfi ^^ r PurAsnow Flour (t*t Bt« h<rv*»fl »om«on« ho«d you a qwartw. All you do is take rtv; coupcn down to your grocer. Te* him you word to buy a 25 or 50 pound sack of PurAmow Flour. The« hVN give you your sack of PurAsnow Flour for 354 lex Mian you've been paying. What a saving! And who* o ftour . . . wonderful PurAsnow Flour, pi a in or felf-rning for your nice**, Nghtat biscuito. PwrAinow Flour for high, tender, gold«n oniited toove* of bread. If ye* don't know about rVAtnow floor, now't lh« rtm« to get acaviainted, wMe yow tan wve 25f". And if you do know about PurAmow Floor . . . wel, IM yen at your groMr'i, at MM PwrAtnew Flour counter. PurAsnow Flour PLAIN OR SELF-RISING ANOTHII MNI ftODUCT Of O f N I R A L MILLS. INC,

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