Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 8, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1927
Page 2
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1 . ••, «easej yo«r beckoning ^,'1' '*iniiot:iJ^turn:" 'i:?<)^ailh my Jfeet will stray , «i^Uu for ivbicik they yearn: P (Bt (i^v>Jlt fall ttie voices ^^liiVeft UBon my ears . J n^^ifr5|miirmur brouglit me happi- j^i|^6i ?p.'fco^ence br&igs mc tenrs. '•ncy.'i^eaae TonV painting il«e'|S;:iar -fleeting May;, thefafiry limuing the twUlgur gray; , a'riatariess! darkjiess ir-JWltp'n^er a-flawn to be. ThanlglitAmers ot-.a lovt'liness for«T«r "lost to! me., . i;J?'Ar everything On earth, alasj ^.•jfThtre-fe pritie to pay;' .?tor'IpTe ihwe isjthe lonely pang— r'D^eigoes, Nind ione must stay. r;£ac||t: llttje strainLof music J ^Tfea saduessrasVit flees; ^yS^e Hftstis— like a hively isle ^That vahfBhcd I'neath the weas.. ~- - ^ '-iSanJuel Minturn Petk. |^::H4t8tM8 10 Bridg:e Ciiib ' }y^T«i^. p. Miltelbaj-h was Jiosless to >t^e:members -^r liei* bridse club •and one guest at' a cue o'clock 13! luncheon' ye.?ter<iay ;:ift^rnooii in I'' "her faoiiie[ at 22t South <"ot(oiiwoo(l •Street' • -The decoratKi'iis were clirysau- [juqiiets .of mixed f-t**' - - • - «• FRBDElilGK'W. LEWIS .' Pfes. GollegA of SmporJa . • • ' • . ; •" •. • . ' r" •. • VoiiibatiTe Courage. "Endure hardness as a good soldier of J^sus Christ."—I Tim^ 2:3. » • • • ; ' "You the^re, impotent. loose-in the knee^, open yonr ' scarf'd chops UU 1 blow grit within you."—Walt Whitman. 2 • ' • • • * , " We tlank Thee for the courageous peponality of Jesus Christ and for all ilie men of oak and iron.and o\\ thewomeii of sustained heroism wlwrn lie has inspired. We tbank Thee that tlie re- .sisiahcej of humanity has not been lOhfinert tb the battlefield. We thank Thee for Sleveii.sons who have fought a K«me fighl with in-'^ aljRnant di.s(>ase. 'for I.incoljjs vf-ho have resisted letters biisterbd with tears in the performance, of .dtjty* for SavonerolUs who have given their lives ploadliig for. rlghteous- iies.s and for .hosts of los.ser men and women who in blitidness have made their living, in sickness have smiled. *iu poverty have eiidured. in dl^<np|>olntment have.-I)een sted- fasi. in nivdiocHty have done their best. Help us. O I..fird. to ilo likewise. .Though we; our children. th6u.«!h, -Wasting diseaiie over- ial£c.« us. tli<ijip:l< fortune. follaps- esi Bive us that .coiiibatiVe' cour- a^i' thai.-carries on''against all 6b- ."tacles. > .May wi- be ".-"faint yet pursuiuK" like the uiiili.icimraKe- lablc apostle of old. In the name K. Harrison rl-- score favor ''u.t.i^f'iii,!,' wVio "set Hi^ face- sled- 5 themams luid *« < ilowers! i^Mrs. E i cet*ed the high.^ 7r liridge; .'jlrs. StdiJley Kirk was a!f;',j;tiy j,, up to .lerusalem.* If i^^ ' ........... lAmen. HUMBOLDT The club men>l>ei-s jn '.v'-eiif were: : A.IMrs, E. K. llariUoii. MrK K. H-!'T^ -R OF HUMBOLl -Hunter. Mrs. Enjer'sou K. I-yun.' ^^'^^r. , w 4.»lr«. J. X? Hair. .Mrs. H. W. Hairy: , (Mi'.« .1 \\. Brothers) irXd Mrs. yenie Norihrui,. • . »)cc. n. I'liillp Andrnss has has the I'Oiickc-ii pox. Mrs. .1. K. .McCJelland was able iMrs. r. I.. Harris called at -llie • <• • I lEntertalns BrJdire (liii* ^ .^Irs. I .* -lae ;Dd>er8 ^v'Srldge cl borne at ilVe^esday afternoon. •FL iMIfiS EHtabeth Apt aii.l . M,S. ; W. I-:. 0«-.-MS home Thiir .-day morn- CToseph^;Pricdmab w <'re mu 'sis and "'K I - Mr?. C. H.^Shields re .vMvi -.t the Iii ):h -'"f Kauffmau and Mr. and ; ''.^coVe favor. ' 'SUt^. Har 'icr called on Mrs. .1. i •: . The club, i members atteiKliiijf .-''i''•* • • . , • •were: .Mrs. H. M. I 'aliu.-.-. Mrs.! M'--^- «:'Ilar.l ami Mr.- Ha hi wm.. • G. E. J?endarvis. :\!rs. C. I.. Hovi. j vi: il-^l Mrs, I- rc<l Huh,^-Tues-j c airs.' Louis Schlaiiser. Mrs. 1-. H. (<'••»• •rf'wiooii . . ; .•'Bhields and Mrs. itex Bowlus. . i r 'r.Ml .noppUe visitc.l t,u :....ay aft-, 1 <• <• •;. ernooUjWith Lyiiu broihi-rs. I 'JTlIlafhian i <;ixe«. J'lji* ' 'CinjeV Davjs and tJrandma I.owe! - ' ' • , of l.aTlarite visiti'il the W.-E. 0>\eiis Oed. 6 —O, Li Olite^ and and Qre <lB Wimmer spent Tjtjabks- glvlD* ai W. if. Wlmmcr's. i aa }en :e Caption. JEois ami Lyle of OkJetomaCity. are visiting at the bomf of -tValter ~" ' other Robertb relatives. Luljl and .ianche Cuppet [called at Jolin Gibson's Sunda^. W. U Wlmmer and faJlly attended cnur^ at lola Suniliy.'Trlr. McFaJi ciiheiliome with thfem for a visit. I I I . I . , Mr^ H. £:.i(^ennell and daingbter Viola.j of eaver. Qkla., came Saturday for a visit at John (!> bson's and otheir-relatives. ' Uavid patipn helpetl Walter Rob^ erls butd^er "niiirsday. ' Mr.:anjil .Mrs. barl While and Huth Hdllingsworth .spent Saturday iigiht antl. Sunday at John Gibson's, j .Mr. 'Bi ^d .Mrs. Harry Hathaway and \7rginia and Elmer White visited Sunday at Jiui. AYhite'sii (iibsoa's Mr. an Verona y i the parci i Charles \i'ere dinner gue.sts 1; [| Mr$, Homer CaliiVi and sited Saturday o.cijing at . , tal Biirgland homiil .Mr. lanjl .Mr .i'. Frank Gib.s^^n and John ISunday. Mr. un:l .^|^s. B I-. Gibson and; chililren aild .Mr. Lang spent llje afternoon • there and Mr. ind -.Mrs. Daviil Cation spent thi eveiiing there. • Arlun. Elsie; ' Anna autl-> Uuth i.ibby vi.-jiled at Waltei^ Roberts Sunday afternoon. Mr. anil .Mrs. Homer Caliou and i Verona v sited at Hubert Wolfs ; Sunday. .Mr. au<l Mrs. Charles Bennett and children and John Cation sper( home of Walter 1 .Mr. anil .Mrs t Sunday at the obertp. SOUTH MAPLE GROVE Tliesc iwo vouug fidks Were chosen as the healthiest girl and hoy ii he liiitcil States in a national contest.of the Bo.vs' and Girls' 4-i'l clubs held in connection with the lut..-rnalioiial Livestock E.xposilion in ChicaKo. The girl is .Marie Aijtrim. 15. of Kinsman. Kan...and thj- hoy is J. Kro.l C^hri-lenseir l^.-of'CollegeSprin>;s. la. ; \ Dec. .">.-j-.Mr. and .silent Friday even Mr.s. F. ol Agnes ; night and Hamilton .Mr. am family' w^re Sund and jli;<. .Mr. and Mr. and Aunt Oidielia. Miss Thelma Uoh^ ,. • ,„ , -I ertfi:i Cousin Sukey. Miss Ailecn' J'.v^- Kj'H f'<-> ken ami Mrs Fted , Pisher: boii.sln Sarah, Doroihv ^'"^ Crescent Valley V Pisheh Cousin Delia, jliss Dorothy ^^''"'^'-y afternoon. Black;;-Cotisin MoIUe. Mis>, ICtina. Llmer .Mailes shipped a cow and p Stoiitgbmery; Cousin Cecelia. Miss ^'^'^ Moijday with the shipinng as- JUtai'Gi-oatiCotisin Samaivtha. Miss • ,• „ . ^. , iUlti* Bruhell; Co.isin Marii.da. V^'^"^ and -Albert Kalm I. "Miss Lavon Fisher: Sis Hopkins. h""" f; 'WlsiftpthiO-NWl; May .IliHiv (col- <'\>',^ ,„ -, K or^ii-.MIsfi Ruth Masden: Topsv- •"''•V r*'" """-"A^' ?rurn<iver (colored). Miss Josephine .S 'ter ">^S ilrj^- Shoemaker JpS' Bfack. called on Mrs. .1. E. .McCieIIan<l ;.- * - - ; Sunday afternoon." ; ~ - -'PlAaoan*' - VnllAi ll'll ""'^ Mrs. Fred Saving Jiud 1-'/ iri«asani> Vauey nill famllv .at^ndcd a mi.scellamjous - -Dec.s 6.—Mr.i. E. Baird l.s im- "-howor for^Mr. and .Mrs. Ritter at •JW ^vetl 80 she does her-iuiuse work 'ihc home of .Mr. and iMrs. Kd fiav- .noWi IShe rojle out Sunday afi:'i-|ing Sunday. • ^ iioon .icd calle d on- .Mrs. iTrmj ' —• ---- -BrooKi,: the first she has h,.4 out WESLEY CHAPEL ; lot >8^Veral weeks. .-! jjec. r..-Waller Young underwen'. I -'>-Mrii. Tom Brooke w.i-i lUkcnjau operalion and is gefjing along i~filck Saturday" and her .1 IUKMCI-. y,.,j- jveij. j Mr£ Wagner and fainllv, lam- j .j" (•. Voniig < aiue down from ,^.Irom' Galesburg and spen: .S'lind-'y 1 Kansas City .Saturday and spent ^ wUh .Cer and Mr. Uiook.-. i;?:lurda\ iilsht with his tnolher ^Mrfl. Mary Slrob spen!' M..n.l:iy famllv., lie visited Mr. and _^-Uh her sister-in-law.. Wis Susie MIV. Charl.'v' Isaac ami famifc>- Suii- xmtts, TN'ho is ill at her: home in. ,jay fin-inoon. • " .' ' ' - • i i'arllon StIcUne.v attended cluirch ^ Mrs. H.-iltic Ellis and .\-ttl.- 0.-!- :,t ,i„. diapel .Sunday. . ' Dom onjoyed .1 visit wfi'i Cuir.,; JIHS IS a and -fifelef-Kva from bda MoVid ismoon.S^ Mr. Brooke, had tiic iiiK J'fl- laitners tue Ims.v. ••: .Mr. and Mrs. Charley ].-<aac le Voiiiig home Sunday, s. ("liff of -Mrfran —. -•- '-rii'n" calb'il at t ..JO lose a nice fat hoi; l;i-t wiimK. \], M The. atteiidan.c aj.. the Vall-y -ivere with ^hem. [^Sunday school' Iit :M Sumiay v .-is l.s" .\ miiul.H-r from, here attended '.. <}nd amdunl .of ;c<>I!e< (ion n .W. ,|„. , i;,v :,i Alflilie<l - Wednesday •V 'They are prepaiitiK for the Clii-i.i- Higiit. - toms ehtei't.ninmen!. a tree aii <l pn. • .Mr.' pifeV little, girl does not get ( «ram. also are said to have prom- :,ii;„j; • ve.rv well.' The whoopitig Jji-lsed KometUini^ <litfeirnt. IUM ,l:ave.j ,.„„o|j i ,y^ j ^.p,, hard on her. Biiotreiiorled the nature of it yet. ^j,,,,, yoim^ visited her aiinf. - The P. W. Club flroui. .No: :: pre- rMrs. Frank Cnrlev and family Sat- t'rsented li very enjoyable eiitcrtain-: ,„.,iay .nioht last Fridaw niehl. K\>yy [ Snvtn:i Isaac expected to go to •Itnmher was highly pl.fasint;. Thi;Citv tocay to vi.sit friends teeii jpf .the f.lub . and members: !)•„,..,,•,,„. ,ia.vs f .r »J club family'wore ah.seiit. A ona Myers"has been sta.ving with nlc« liiiHrh .It th.>..,close of the ^5,.^; t'hirenee Honk, who has been gram was -served 10 more than a ; ..j..^ we are slad to report her , hundred people. ^ 1 better at this time. PHAIRIE DELL I.Mrs, t;. F. Kliuk.) Dee. .•). Tiinrsday. December S, is ;l:e day ol the big home-corn-, tug basket dinner in the new; school building. .-Ml patrons fare! e .xpei -led to be. there to ce .lebratei III.- even! and rejoice' with .the! e;u -!ii 'r and K"I''IS in their iieiv; home. I Evelyn aiwl .Vadiiie Hacklier are' anxioiiHly. coiiiiiiiig the days till the holiday; season arrives, when Iieir inol3ie'r, wlio works in t'it.y- ^ill make them a visit. .Miss Dollie Adams, county super- intendani. wa.s .a visitor in the 'school last Thursday afternoon. .Mrs. Russell McHenry visited Fridav afternoon with Mr.s. Dale .Vicho'ls. .Miss Lillie llu'fiVrd and .^lrs. Clarerite Smith calleti.-at the Geo. K: Hufl 'erd hoine .Monda.v. R. E. Sullivan has .been suffering from a carbuncle back of his ear and has been under the doctor's care for over a week. Dinner giiests of.'.Mr. and Mrsj Geo. K. Ilufferd Thanksgiving ifcjy were: Miss lJuhy Smith. :Mr. anil '.Mrs.Clarence Snjith. .\lr. and .MrsJJ C. .S. Cole and boy.-^. Harold t;e<jr-j I gle and .\'i>:il of-Carlyle. .Mr. .and .Mr .-i. Lester Carver and i-bildVen, | JiiuUir anil Ueem- ot La(larpe. AVt- eriioon callers were, .Mrs. Stella .children, .Mrs. Alice hildi-en. .\li.-(s .Mil.dred Andre and .Miss Vivian .Scrl. all of lola. • . • .Mrs. .1 .\f. Overniiiii and Mr-*. Mabel Rrieker vi-lteil In the J. ('. ; (•veiin.iA home Siindav afternoon. .Mr. aiid .Mrs. T. .M. Dalton. Lewis and-.lai-kie lalleil at the Ilufferd lu)iiie .Monday evenirg. The .M. 1. C. met willh .Mrs. Harry Sheltcm WediieVduy afterntKiii. .After the lesson study and biisliiess .session, a .short program was rendered with .)lrs if. B. LandiS. Chairman. i>r the entertainment ioiiiniiitee in charge. The next meeting will be with..Mrs. A. <;. Speccle. December 21^ . A short Christmas program ii/ being ar­ ranged and the usual grab bag will be the i-rowuing event of the day!. Refreshments were' served to the foliowing nieniber.'>: Mrs. R. hi Sullivan. .Mrs. Dale -Vichols. .MrsL Russel! .Mclleni*-. .'Mrs. Floyd Sherf rtll. .Mrs. Liliie*Valter. Mrs. Frank Harth. ..Mrs. Harry Stimpson. .MrW. .MarVj Rakt r. .Mrs. .A. fi. Speeglt^, -Mrs.. .M. S. .McHenry, Mrs.' Jasoi Sherrill, .Mr.s. Bert j'aphet. .Mrs. G. P.-Klink ;ind .Mr.s. .M. B. Lanqis. The seruices of .Mr. Jones of lola, has been secured to entertain th^ members of Stiir Valley Grange on Frida.v night. A treat;is ii!i store for those who can be there.j iSng with .Mh and day night Sirs. Ciias. Bauer spent Saljurday Ruth 'McMillin. [Mc In tyre Sunday with Helen| in HumlHildt. Mrs. Jiihn Croisanjt and ly guests 4' ^'r. jH. Crois^nt. lark Wllbu .Mr.s. ( iMrs. CbJir Tannar t ^nd -Mrs. Ir4 Bar- ntyre ^TS CITIZENS Ralph Ali»ir«rtJi ami aUss BeoTab keyser Harried SoBdiij ETC- ning. l«TejHette Oreen I • ilome from S. B. A. HAsprftaL '' —'•— 1 (Mrs. Opal Mitchell.) • LAHARPE. .Kans., Dec. 6.— Ralph Ainsworth of Kansas City and, Ml99 Beulab Keyser were ciuietly. married Sunday evening, December 4, by the Rev. Mr. Orton, pastor of the Methodist church at Humboldt. They left today" for Kansas City, but will go to'visit an aurit at St. John's, Kans., until after the holidays before locating permanently. Mr. Ainsworth is a stranger here" but Mrs. .Ainsworth has many friends ovei> the county . 1 -1 53 who! will^ wish them both .jnucte happiness-and-prosiierity. ' • ^ Leyerette Green,: who has been? at.Tbpeka where he nnderweiit a: toiisillectomy operatton at the. S.? B. Al hospital, is|<b6me and report-r ed to be feeling fairly well. - . } •The Royal Xei^^bor lodge; me£; for thfe :)rcgular .'business meeting^l this 'afternoon and election ot of-J] ficerS ,was held. : Edith Johnson;; was elected oracle; Maude BartS ker. vicevoracle; ahd Clo Clark* re-ri| corder. | ' Mr^-Prank Barker -was a visitor.:| in Kansas City last week. -; Mrs. Eastham has gone to Tulsa, Okla., called there by the illness of her daughter. Clarence Godsey has rettirned from Excelsior Springs where he; has-i-heen • for) treatment and aii' operation •for the irem'oval of his; tonsiisi , Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Jack ' and* children from Chanute were overr; niglit guests of the latter's mothf — — — er,- Mrs. Barkeitt.\Mojiday^ ^ Mrs. EJtta O'Connor :<sSlo&^; a guest ot her uncle" alid-^aimli^ and Mrs. C. T. Hamnieli ^'-f Mrs. Wniiatit 'Newinan ,^V 'U&." following relatives as gnesl% t^--- day: Mrs.: Anha Jarro ot-jfeiiiife.; Mrs: Stevens|)n and son Bertram i Stevenson and Wife an* Mtsii 'OHii . Rogers ot Bijonson. y and spent Sunday wjitt .Mr. her in Hi mboldt. .MrJ ami Mrs. George Me were-visiting at the Cal Thoilipson homi> in Humboldt Sunday-lafter- noon Invin a id I Everett Martin {spent Suiiday aitornoon with the Mitten- <Iorf boys Mr. and Mrs. F. O. McMilUnl were Sunday jjuests of .Mr. and i Mrs. Temple. . .Miss L4vcra Croisai.t spent F-ri- and Saturday in Chtnute. Mr. anti Mrs. Will Martin were Sunday afternoon callers at the G "V. SejThour home in Humbdldt. (Mr, and Mrs. F. L. Sweat iiigen spent Thbrsday tevening wit i IMr. and Mrs. George Mclntyre. Smitii and Talc ami CHRISTMAS SPECIALS FOR IfRIDAY AND SATtJRDAY Extra Cpat Values Never before at thi.s titne of year have we shown such values. Silk ""lined long fur shawl collar, values to $40.00, choice $21.00 One lot e.xtra ^gcmd coats, value.s to $25.00. Sijecial $14.95 NEW SPRING DRESSES Now showing for "the New Year's parties. New style, high colors, very smart and stylish, choice' j $16.75 All wintel- dl-esscs . up to SI7.0O,' choice $7.98 SPECIAL m ^T, TViLslmble fancy .Suede Glt^ves 9'te pair.; SPECIAL n-lb. stitched While VMUnt mtt S7c U»H Millinery 39 Hats left Choice $1.69 SILK L>«EBWF.A.{ FOR CHRISTMAS One lanle fuji of .Silk- Bloomers, Teddies Gowns, Vests, ^Hp* aitd Steplns, Choice $L00; each. I • BI.AXKETS ^ «."i.7i» .\ashuii Itliinhets, <5«x80," Saturday <;nIy.»Special ifS-SX "' Friday and OTHER GOOD VALUES >1.2.-. .villi ami Uool Hose 75c Pair. . *l.lHKWhtte Wco! I'nderhose 89c pair, itl.a.'i rnlon>nil> 98c etich. ' !»LCO Childifiir's InionsnKs 85c each. ' r (MC Children's Rliirk Sateen Bloomers 48e'PF.: .Slurking C::'»s 39c and SSe^ 10 I'er tent ;.J>iscounf on all Sweaters, aic Coniiorl t'hal1Iesl(>c jardi i«c Fjisf CclHr Percale. ICc yard. .'Kc Fast I»rlBls 23c yard. 20 Per Cent IHscouht on all Silks. 2r»c Vard-wide Outing 19c yard. Indian Slayer Knocks Out 4« icea* ot his «d- ['-«eed;''Wimam &< McLane, "V '«1 MI fdiBlt »isa 'tlie Rheumatic ^ony In 5 Days 1 CoiiJi's |»ruf.' Store Offers Trial of I Wonder Workihir Cnpsnles on I Wone^ Back Basis. . -Why tneii anjil women will go suffering terrible rheiimatie agony and run the risk of being permanently erippled and helpless Is beyoud all understanding, say dniRuiHts. w!\en,a few' days use of little wonder capsules., Al- loiiHliu Sii. >' will liring glorious relief and qubikly eleai^ up'every twinge and aclie—even .for those who have been victlihs for years. •-To back up Ihis stafenieiit, to pT ()ve to every sufferer of rheumatic torture In this county that the claims for Allcnrhu Number 2' are. not exaggerated In any way Cook'i, JDrug Store and ^very druggist' who \s dispensing this quick ^(^tlng remedy make this offer— I falrj and isauare offer if ever one vas, made:. v f It ktter'usins Allehrha Number ^2 Capsules: as. directed, for 5 days tbecel'Js a' palnVor^iiiciie leh^U jon «1.25, 12..WoramIe .^11 Siik Pongee,, Special 59e Aard. kNATtON'Wbe *'viher€ Mamti^M^are greatest SOUTH SIDE SQUARE PreValKng Styles—Handsotnel^ Furred 9 lOLA, KANSAS At Savings That Are Worth Particular Attention No amount of description can do justice to the clever cdats that await yoii in this" attractive ptice range. Styles for juniors and small wpmeii, coats of charm inregii- lar sizes-^nd matiy in sizes 46 to 54 for larger figures. "!lfou"i"st see them soon- while sizes tire complete and the assortment of styles is varied., Outstanding On the Sunday School lessons is in. Get your' copy now. . • EVANS M Fine Broadcloth^ Soft Suedes, Lustrous Fini$h Bdlhda Fabrics that Fashion approvesr^lustrous, soft, srno9th 9rid cdzVi ^the yjeij^ cird in modish styles—^iwpular colors In rich tones—^ihost desirable coats Wqjuin% Misaes, Jjuhior^

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