The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 5, 1933 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1933
Page 9
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'*• i ; ' " :•** " , . - - ;v S.-t: I .1 i-* - i- - i - -• ' * ,. r 'i f v r ' tf'i Jr - L. 'J .-•! -i T * iV ii> *i i ^ Mr .."T •* , JANUARY 1933 J. J ' - r- . . * 1 -I r - i'. L . < -P •J r-- -i .**- -'T V M V L^ ^1 -,*& 1 r. f- I '. - 1 •w- I '- t ^ -Jo. >.»«^. ^^5 p\. •i-. t-*\ - . ' M j; f. .: •/; "(, !• -s'w* -: j .. ' )- im . • I. - L ir- . : '-i p- t*- d ' Has Unique Yule Gift From Latins f ' • : - - - - . . I, I - ' ;^ It I U ,* 1 i- — ,- .-» Stiielenfs liVill (Jive Friday Saturday r * \ t- * 1 ifiHtAfcTBR,.. Janr; B,—Students of Shafter High School will present on Friday and Saturday evenings at 8 o'clock, an entertainment In which special musical talent will be used. 1Uie purpose of thU production Is to assist as -pnrt of the' football benefit Preceding the regular promotion picture travelogue of the northwest filmed by William Garde and consisting of eight, reels, will be shown * - ' * ' '*' * j v 1 Cecii and. Carl flteel, Tom Hammer, George Thomas, Al/"M«i6*eV Peters an<l, Perry Potter are, the "Fairy Dalhcers." .They have all made outstanding records on Shatter'soham- pfohshlp team this year. ;•>..';• The chorus Is cohiposed of the following; , students: -Margaret Keohn, Emma Schnaldt, Maxlno Barton, Evelyn tfnruh, Elaine Anderson,''Lois Van CfdrkonV Murray Arnold, Harold Van GoV-kom, Richard Arnold, Emll Hetn, ang Paul Enns. . Charley'and* Floyd' Tfeht, W. & ClutTahd John Thomp- sojn will present -numbers oh the gut- tar, mandolin and violin, fiHAPTift, Jan, 5.—M»M Fran- olsoa Sullivan, one of the mem* bers of the high school, faculty, apent atvlhttrettlho holiday v^oa- tion In Oakland with her chum, Dorothy Duke, who had previously •psnt a week here. * One of Miit Sullivan'* Christmas preiente which hie created much InUrm alnee Her return; le an anft-bearv a email animal reeem* bllng an ant-eater. It U only three weeks old and eame from Costa Rica, South America. , Mlee Sullivan spent part of Her vacation with her ulster, Mre. C, C. Qllloeple, jri Sacramento. •^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~^^^ my. TOH w i^BB ^ ' • ' V • V ^^T jv ^ FDEIANO P^P^P^P^PBPB^MP^I^PBMBIMVmVHB^P^^MV^^H F , •** * • - ' -^ L V - .' ' ' K ^ . T fc*P PAGEANT FRUITVALE V Attorney Investigates "Procession of Life 11 to Be HOTEL GUESTS OPEN HOUSE h H WASCO,,. Jan. 6.-^Mr. and Mrs. •"Eddie Welt held open house on New - for, their friends and relatives. House guests were Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. Northrop of Hatiford, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Peters of San Francisco. Mr; and Mrs. David Hunt of Hanford, Mis& Grace SchwartB of Los An gel e^ and her fiancee G, A. Stevenson of Los Angeles, and T. Griffith of'ButtohwIllbw. The- engagement of Miss Schwartz and Mr. Stevenson was announced at • Christmas by Mrs. Northrop mother off £he < bride-elect, at Welt's at a beautiful. party for members of tho falnily and close frlendd. Miss Schwartz Is the graddaughter of Mr. aifd Mrs. Welt t. - ~ • v Election Postponed by Tupman Group '' " ^*^^^^d**tflfftt9 * X t Jan, 6.—The January meeting of the Harmony Circle was held Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Will Reed on the Richfield lease. Mrs. J. S. Brown led the - devotional a and a social hour 'followed. Owing to the s<maU attendance the election of officers was postponed until the February meeting. ; -• j - "",„'_-.. -.•'-*•••. I^lefrenhments ot cake and coffee were served by the hbetes?. Members i^^ A ^L k _ft^A. ^^1^ ^ fe ^^ ^^* j j J ^ W^^'j^B'^ ^V^^ ^^^^^ Jy T. Gulp, 1 ' C. H. Traweek/ J. fe! Brown; and Miss Beatrice Blvins. h Mrs, Janes Hostess at Birthday Fete McFARLAND, Jan. 6.—Entertaining at her home On Lockwood avenue, Mre. K. P. Janes was hostess to a number of young people In celebration of her' daughter,-Evelyn's, birthday anniversary. A dinner was served at a table delightfully appointed with the holiday motif. Epigrams were read by the guests at £he table.. Following dinner games were played; Guests who en- Joyed the dinner party with Mrs. Janes and Evelyn were: Miss Frances Gerrard nf Bakersfleld, Miss, Betty and Jeari Richardson and Eleanor Janes. .L * ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^e^^^.^^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.™ . • _ '^•••^"^^'^^^^pF^'^i^^^^^ Gas at Fruitvale Used for Business . f • ^ . FRTJITVALB, Jan. 5.—Although Frultyale has been tho,center of an active oil field for a number of years, the first installation of natural-gas in - a business building for heating purposes was made recently. Tho Griffin restaurant in the McDermott building: now has natural gas In every room. The gas is piped from one of the wells on the McDermott lease. Welfare League to Give Arvin Party r ARVIN, Jan. 6,—The Welfare Beague will glye a party at tho local schoolhouse on Friday evening, Jan- 'uary 6, at 8 o'clock. The admission price, 50 cents, will Include cards, dancing nnd refreshments. "INSTALLATION MKKTINQ MARICOPA, Jan. B,—Maricopa Re- beltah lodge, with Miss Edna Rush, noble grand, held last meeting of the ye^ar Tuesday night in tho Odd Fellows hall. Plant) wore completed for a joint Installation of officers of the local Odd Kejlowf* and Ueboknh lodges^, to'bo held this evening. The ceremony will be open to the public. Mrs;, Grace Whltener was appointed chairman of the refreshment commlt- "tee. .,.> * YOU WANT A CLEAR, CLEAN SKIN Them, try the) Melfte>l w«y to ftt««l DEMAND McFARLAND, Jan, 6.—Mr. add Mrs. Roy Jumper entertained over the holiday week-end for their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gus- telln of Orange, and their son and daughter-In-law, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Jumper of Azusa,, who arrived here Friday evening and returned fo their southern homes Monday night. Saturday night, Mr. and Mrs. Jumper were hosts at a watch party given In honor of the southern guests. The guests came in costume. At 12 o'clock pandemonium held sway. Later a delightful supper was served by the hostess. Guests who enjoyed the party with Mr. and Mrs. Jumper and their southern guests were: Messrs, and MeS- dnmes Joe Engle, Jack Hare, Max McKtnley, Mrs. A. B. Pox and her son Frank, all of Shafter. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Crandnll and Mi*, and Mrs. (Dutch) Wlttmayer of Shafter also called at the Jumper homa. Claims Connected With Recent Shooting r * (Special to The OaUfornian) DELANO, Jan. 5.—City Attorney Orln, Palmer has been requested to render an opinion to the city council on a delicate point of law which may or may not cost the taxpayers of thta City approximately $340. The question was raised at last Tuesday evening's meeting of the body, when Kenneth Bcott-and : .T*rry Cummings appeared in person and presented In writing, claims/ for $170 each.. Their bills are based oh personal expenses and time lost when they were arrested and placed In Jail on charges connected with* the" accidental shooting of'Patsy Evans on December 10. It is .asserted that tho two men wer charged with ^vagrancy and spent six or seven days In jail. Scott hadra,, hearing before City Judge Pryott?,on December 2,0, and a Jury cleared ) ( hi!^ of the charges. Tho Cummlngs caso is, still 'pending. The shooting Is alleged to have been the result of a scuffle for possession of a revolver, and the. victim suffered bullet wounds In her hand and thigh. - She Is recovering at Delano Emergency Hospital. No action ^as taken by the council, .but the bills were turned over to the city attorney for a report. Presented Sunday Evening Service i - : *-..-• \ < ' t > ' - —: L • , , v ' . • ^^^^^^-^—* ^ _ . MoFARLAND,. Jan. B.—Reverend H. B. Carlson, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church, announces that a New Yeafrfl pageant, "The Prooes* slom of Life," will-be presented next Sunday evening at the church • by members of the -Senior 13 p worth LGagu^, assisted,by him. The pageant begins at 7:80 p. m )( and the community is cordially Invited. The spirit, of religion is presented FRUITVAUD. Jari. B.f Members of the Fruitvale Sunday achool will hold their weekly prayer meeting at tho home of James Reagene, Friday afternoon, January 6. . -• Mr. and Mrs. C'. M. Goodman of Beardsley, parents of Mrs. Clarence Mills, have moved to the Wlble Road, In the Stlne district. Miss Emily Vlnoent of Green Acres attended a party Monday evening, ftt the home of Miss Rose Stockton, .Sak- ersfleld. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lundauist of Weed Patch were recent guesta at the O. L. Lundqulat home. Joe und Dorothy Casterot have returned from Long Beach, where they were visiting their mother, who Is seriously ill. , . s Mr. and Mra. O. L. Lundquiat and family had as guests for Now Years dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Q. Riekor of Wasco, Mr,-Lujidqulst's mother, Mrs. GHWAYS YARD FOR TEH Mountain City's Effort Successful; Site Given by t » . • . t r V Community ETY HOSIESS ROSEDALE •ROSEDALE, Jan. 5.—Doctor and Mrs. Kenneth Roes and son Donald of Las Vegas, Nev., called on Mr. and Mrsi W. T. Allen and Mrs. A. L. Renfro Monday. Doctor Rees was a resident of Rosedale a number of years ago. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bartel have returned from I,os Angeles where they visited relatives. Mr. and.Mrs/Bob Patterson of Taft were recent visitors at tho R.. H. Rockwell home. Mr. and Mrs. II. O. Jones motored to Los Angeles Friday where they visited Miss Anna Thompson. Mr. and {Mrs. Lawson Lowe spent the w.eek-end- in the south. They attended the rose festival and tho football game. • Mr. and Mrs. Jack Shadow of Bak- ersfleld and Mr. and Mrs. Harris of Fresno were visitors at'the John Grauf home Monday. Mr. and Mrs. J. Yoakum and Mrs. Fee Newton .of Vtealla. spent the ' '~ ~ ' Mrs. I. K. .Ed 7 and Al RIcherts were dinner guests'-of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Frneso Sunday. Sunday dinner guests of Mr. ana Mrs. H. Bartel were: Mr. and Mra. Art Smith of Fresno, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Smith and sons Gale and James, Mr. and Mrs. J. H, Bartel. Den Bartel, Albert Smith and Pete Smith of Fresno. Louise Foster, muslo director, of Bakersfleld, called on Mrs. R. H. Rockwell recently. ' Mr. and Mrs, J. L. Protzman were recent callers at the John Grauf home. Mrs. W. T. Allen Is confined to her homo by Illness. Mrs. Al Renfro returned from the Mojave desert Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bennett have returned to their home In Portervllle after spending tho Holidays with their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Phillips, . i Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. Grauf and son Paul wore Chris Andrla and Albert Brown of Panama, George Bange of Stockdale and Herman Hummel of Wnsco. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Demksen nnd children of Bakersfleld spent Tuesday with Mr, and Mrs./1. K. Kroeker. Mrs. Henry Bartel attended the poultry meeting at the high school Tuesday. Mr. Dryden was the speaker. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Moore nnd daughters' Lorraine and Vera nnd Mr. •find Mrs, C. Westover visited friends In Portervllle recently. Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Jones and children visited Mr. and Mr&.G. -Buchner of Pond, Sunday. Mr. and Mra. W. Runc-hey and son Jack of Stockton, visited at tho R. H. Rockwell home recently. Jean Osborne of Bakersfleld was an overnight guest of Emma Eyraud recently. . » Paul Huffman has returned from the south where he visited relatives. WASCO, Jan. C.—Mrs. H. E. Carlson, who was hostess to the Methodist Ladies' Aid, Wednesday afternoon, was pleasantly surprised in an unusual way. Each member as they enterd the door deposited what was supposed to be a pound of groceries, but Reveral of tho gifts were In CO- pound packages. Mrs. A. T, Elms, who presided, announced that the week beginning January 15 would be prayer week, and that Reverend Eddie, of Delano, would preside over the meetings of the week. To get better acquainted with the Reverend Mr. Eddie, a potludc supper will be served in the basement of the church, Monday evening, January 16, at 6 o'clock. After the meeting. Mrs. Bulck gave a review of the second chapter of the book entitled, "Lady Fourth Daughter of China/' This book expresnes very clearly tho condition of the churches and poor people of China. Refreshments were served by Mesdames A. F. Elms, H. A. Glddlngs and S. J. Dement. The members present were Mesdames Edwin Booth, M. M. Bridges, M. R. Charles, Judson Appley, H> E. Carlson, S, J. Dement, .J. Duqiiene, A. J. Elms. H. A.«J3Ul$lngH,.,»J,Iary Grant, Lorln . ^Grarit, J. HpmefeH, Susan Stover,. C. KJme, J. L. 'Little, W. ; J. McComos, A. Macklin, i J: Querlng, Dal nosher, R. Smith, F. Unruh, Mary White, J. Simpson, nnd D. M. Wassen, Mrs. Mnry White, mother of Mrs. H. E. Carlson, recently. arrived here from her home In Cedar Rapids,. Iowa, to spend the winter. A mm** Hf •& * V ( V* ' » VB*^« VBB +*V J*B WW v*« H** • V T «»•* W| . A*AB 1 *•* W f • ^i* ^fl **••>*» •* ' • ••^—•»•"- pj S 5 In this service. The following persona | Arina jLunaqutsi, jiftd Mr^ an^d Mrs. make up the cast: Spirit of Religion, Arthur Peterson; Spirit of Patriotism, Paullta Ltndley) Spirit of Prayer, Bv- erett Holla way; Spirit of Easter. Hlla Mao Hart; Spirit of Mankind, Woodrow Wimberley; Spirit of Nature, Frances Albright; Spirit of Freedom, Myron MoFarland; Spirit of Sereriity, Mrs. Paul Llndley and dttUghter*Mary Lou; Spirit -of Labor, Ansel Ratekln; Spirit of Harvest, Phyllis Hendry; Spirit of Peace, Ethel Hosier; Spirit of Christianity, Olga RaUkln, The following musical numbers accompany the pageant; "All Through tho Night" (Welsh), Owanda Dixon; solo, "O Clod Our-Help. In Ages Past, 11 Reverend H. B. Carlson; a piano number, "The Battle Hymn of tho Republic," Owanda Dixon; .vocal solo, "O Beautiful for Spacious Skies,' 1 Betty Richardson; "Just as I Am," Owanda Dlxon; solo,. ."Sweet Hour of Prayer," Betty Richardson; "Jesus Christ IB Risen," Owanda Dlxonf solo. "I Know That My Redeemer Llveth,' 1 Betty Richardson; duct, "Faco to Face" *(Breck), Betty Richardson and 1 Gladys Peterson; "The Flower Song*' (Qustav Lang), Owanda Dlxon; "For the Beauty of Earth" (Pierpolnt), Betty Richardson; "Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean," Owanda Dixon; solo, "O God of Love," Reverend H. E. Carlson; "Loves Old Sweet Song," Owanada Dixon; solo, "My Felix Lundqulst of weed Patch. Mr. and Mr*; irred Spear and sons, Marvin and Alfred, of Famosa. were New Years guests at the M. n. Cowan >me, , • Mr. and Mra, Bob Roberta and Mrs. Joo Bush of San Diego spent the holidays with Mre. Anna Lundqulst. Mr. and Mrs, Clark Williams ,Rosedale were 'Tuesday guests of Mr. and Mrs, U. N. Booth. • • Lue Ogden is having hie place plowed preparatory to planting spring H. b. I^aa't and family of Shafter were New Years guests at the Andrew Haler homo in Green Acres. ; Mr, and Mrs. John Helnrloh and daughter, Joyce, have moved from tho Ohflso place In Green Acres to Bak- ersfleld. ' " Mrs. J.'M. Blslmlnger of Long Beach Is a^ guest at the home of her daughter. Mi's. Robert-Booth. ' t • Hubblo Lee, who makes hie homo with his gi-andparents, Mr., and Mrs. H. H. Sanders of Green Acres, is spending the holidays with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. George Loo of Whlttier. Mi*, and Mrs. Carl Anderaon of Salinas spent tho holidays at the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Lundquist, returning to their home New Years day. Mrs; Andoraon Is Mr, Limdqulst's elate r. Ed Llesch is Improving his Green Acres home by tho addition of a screened porch. School opened Tuesday after tho holidays. Miss Josephine. Hull,.spent Faith Looks Up to Thee," Arthur I tho vacation In Los Angeles with her — . _ _ . — — _ - — _ _ - I ^ . ^ «*• M ^ • tnM _ _ _ V _» -. - - ^^^ ^ • ~-_-__ ^ KK Peterson; "The Volga Boatman," Owanda Dtxon; eolo, "Work for the Night Cometh," Arthur Peterson; violin solo, "Largo" (Dvorak), Woodrow Wlmberley; mixed quartet, "Come Ye Faithful/ 1 ' Betty Richardson, Wilma Long,-Carl Plaor, and J.'H. Porterfleld; accompanist, Mrs. Carl Plsor; "The Recessional" (DeKoven), Owanda Dlxon; duet, "Sweet Pence, Qlft of God's Love" (Bilhorn-), Betty Richardson and Gladys Peterson; - "Joy to the World," Owanda Dlxon; duct, "Love Divine," Betty Richardson and Gladys Peterson. Plan Installation at Maricopa Lodge • - * • WASCO, Jan. 5.—District Deputy President Murgarite Guerln, accompanied by her .Installing team, will go to Maricopa. this evening to Install officers of the Marlbppa lodge. 'The members of jier staff*' are Past Noblo Grand Lily Fisher, Past Noble Grand Valerie Swlnk, Past Noble Grand Mar- garlte Brown, Amelia Unruh, outgoing )ioblo grand of tho Wasco Rebekah lodge, and Louise Williamson, the newly-elected vice-grand of this lodge. mother and slater; Miss Evelyn Palmer visited her father and Ulster In Kern- vine, while Mrs. Murjorle Stockton, principal, spent the vacation at her Rosedale homo and vlsltlnr friends in Taft Luo Ogden IB seriously 111 with the flu. , , M ^ Mr. and Mrs. Billy Rea and Infant daughter, Evelyn LeVon of Falrhaven were New Years dinner guests at the homo of Mr. Rea's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Card Rea. ... , m M Mr. and Mrn. Gus Llesch and family of Descanso Park and &Ir- and Mrs. H. H. Kwart and family of nixkorsfleld enjoyed dinner recently at the Green Acres home of Mr. and Mrs. Kd Llesch. Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Cowan and Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Booth were part of tho crowd that welcomed tho New Year at tho Fox theater midnight matinee. Ervln Compher la visiting in San Fernando and has prospects of securing regular employment there. ^ r _ •_ WASCO -k. MOUNTAIN VIEW POND I TUPMAN TUPMAN, Jan. 5.—Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Stlne entertained at dinner and with a watch party New Year.s evo. Their guests were W. P. Nlnneman and H. L. 'Nlnneman of San Diego MOUNTAIN VIEW, Jan. B.—The Reverend and Mrs. P. D. Conaway nnd son Frederick Conaway have returned home after spending a few days with friends and relatives in the south. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Klme and family were Sunday guests In the Lree Burgess home. Mrs. M. F. Clark, Miss Leona Clark and Orval Estes motored south for the New Years holiday. Miss Beuluh Heck is spending Sunday and Monday In Long Beach. James Ponton left Sunday for Pasadena, with other members of the K. C. U. H. S. band, to play on New Years day, Egbert "Wnldo had gone earlier with relatives but Joined the boys there. ' Residents of this community extend their sympathy to Miss Ruby Weed In the loss of her mother, Mrs. Mary Weed. ,13. O. Buerkle, who has been 111 in a local hospital for some time, pnsHed through a critical period Saturday, but Is .now believed to be on the road to recovery. Mrs. R. E. Young and sons, Eddlo and Bobble, of Los Angeles, returned home today after vlslitlng in the G. H. Fllkel home. B. J. Huokeba was fortunate Tuesday, in recovering his car. which had boon stolen in Bakersfleld Saturday night. It was found In a vacant lot on Kentucky street, In good shape but with an empty gan tank. Mrs. -Florence Goodall returned to. her Duties at Fairfax School Tuesday after an absence due to Injuries received In an automobile accident. Mre. E. L/. Burgoss entertained the following guests at luncheon Monday: Mrs. Gene Thornton of Taft, Mrs. R. E. Young and sons of Los Angeles,' Mrs. Everett Thornburg and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Anton Hortnan undi and Miss Marie Fllkel. T T (_**!« ^ . M *» r_^_ T-I i^r T_ *_—„- POND," Jan, 5.—Pond School opened January 3 with a full attendance. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hayes have moved from the Russell ranch to a ranch near McFarland. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Toovey motored to Long Beach, to spend New Years with Mr. and Mrs. Billlo Reinhart. They celebrated their forty- fifth wedding, anniversary' New Years day. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Harrlss spent New Years eve with Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Dlxon. • They enjoyed playing cards during .the evening, biez Hur- risa returned to Moutabella Monday to enter high school. ; Mr. and Mrs, Jacobson have moved to the A. J. Russell ranch vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Fcrare. Mr. and Mrs. S. L. McCtirry were In Bakersfleld Saturday. Hoy Hoscoo of Bakersfleld was a week-end guest of 'Arthur Greo£. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cooper und son Billlo spent the week-end with Mr. Cooper's sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Ludd. Wllber Sons came from Mendota to spend New Years with his family. Mr. and Mrs. Wylle Fnncher, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Metier nnd Inez Harrlss attended tho dance New Years eve at the Legion hall In Delano. Ernest Meyer of Morro Bay; spent tho week-end with his parents, Mr. und Mrs. Fred Meyer. • Helen and Marjorle Ludy returned to Fresno Monday where they are attending tho Teachers' State College. They spent 10 days visiting with their parents, Mr. arid Mrs. Kd Ludy, Mr. and Mrs, W. Dokker and their guests Forest Coulter and Martha Winding, attended.a watch party Saturday evening, jrlven at the Woman's Club house In Delano. Mr. and ,Mrs. J. J. Harrlss of PIsmo Beach drove over to spend New Years day und Monday with Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Dlxon. t \ WASCO. Jan. 5.—P. A. Parker and sons, Wilbur, Calvin and Stanley, and his nephew, Donald Parker, are visiting: at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Vogel. Mr. Parker and his family used to live In the colony. . , J( Phillip Vogel, who has been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. Vogel, for the part, two weeks, has returned to GlendnleT where he la a student In the Glendale Medical School. Mrs. W. Vogel returned with her son and will spend several weeks visiting with friend&'and relatives. . Mrs. Samuel Denman recently returned from a visit with her son, Cnarles, of Los Angeles, who returned with his mother to. speud a few days duck hunting. , ..,._», Douglas Little, accompanied by Bernice ,15111s, Herbert Ouering, Roscoo Sweeney and Gordon Mackllng spent four days at the Jfl^nes Little cabin in Frazier Park. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Frasler have returned home after spending a few days In Los Angeles. Mr, and Mrs. John Murdook have returned from San Francisco, where they were called on account of the death of Mrs. Murdock's mother, who passed away shortly after Christmas. Mr. and Mrs. L. Wilbur have returned to their home at Santa Monica after spending the past 10 days at the home of their daughter and son-in- law, Mr. and Mr%. J. L. Fidler. Mrs. Mary Woollscroft and Edward Woollscroft left yesterday for their home at Venice after being in Wasco at the C. W,' Gray bio homo over the holidays. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Peters of San Francisco, who were In Wasco over New Years as guests of Mr, and Mrs. Eddie Welt, left Tuesday for their home. TEHACHAPI, Jan. 5.—A year's untiring effort by tho chamber of commerce and Mayor Kanateln has resulted In bringing to Tehachapi the maintenance yard o{ tho Htatn highway department, A meeting was hold Tuesday aftewioon in tho city hall, with 100 per cent attendance by tho merchants and their co-oporatlon with the chamber of commerce und city has provided a site'for the yard to bo donated to the state. Fourteen lots at tho northwest corner of G and Mill streets, near the packing house, was the site provided. > r Mayor Kantteln l§ being congratulated on the successful culmination of hit effdrtt, at this proj. 'eot will mean much to the city nnd bring many 'new permanent resident* here. The qlty council met Tuesday evening In regular session. Two proposed bills to be Introduced at the Assembly were discussed und u resolution was passed opposing the bill diverting a part of the gasoline tax from the highways department to other state departments. The council also went on record as endorsing tho proposed bill whereby tho state highway department would be mado responsible for tho maintenance of state highways through cities and Incorporated towns. Copies of these resolutions are tq bo sent to Senator Wagy and Assemblyman Turner. ^ Tehachapi Church to Elect Leaders f TEHACHAPI, Jan. B.—Tho Ladles' Aid of tho Community church met Tuesday afternoon at tho home of Rev. T. C. Williams. Plans for activities for tho coming year were discussed. Election of officers will be held'Tuesday, January 17. The following wero appointed on tho nominating committee: Mrs. Cora Horn and Mr,s. Oliver Soper. Tho annual business meeting of members of the church will l?o held Thursday evening, January 11. A potluok dinner will precede tho business meeting. The nominating committee for the church officials Includes Mrs.' H. M. Cowan. H. A. Weforllng. Frank Bamngart, George Burrls and Don Young. •^^^™ Give Dinner Party at Shafter Home McFARLAND, Jan. 5.—Mr. and Mrs. 'J. B. Engle of Shafter entertained delightfully at a dinner Monday at their Shafter home. The holiday motif was used In all appointments at the table and covers were laid for their daughter, Miss Dorothy Engle, who was Hpendlng tho vocation at homo from her college work at Berkeley. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Haro of Shafter, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jumper of McFarlund, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gustelln of Orange, Mr and Mrs, Everett Jumper of Azusa, Iho host and hoKtoss and their son, Joo Ensle. Fruitvale First Born of 1933 Is , Son to Seperas FRUITVALE, Jan. 8.—An 8- pound boy, the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Sepera of Caloway road, bears the honor of being the first arrlva'l of the new year In Fruitvale, The youngiter waa born at the home of Mri. 9e- pera'i mother, Mrs. Plerra, and U the second child In the family, the other being a ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ P^P^PJV^Pl^PW^PV^PP^^vi vmmm***++if • Enjoy Snow Sports x at Frazier Park i ROS&DALE, Jan. 6* *— A group Of young folks motored to Fraaler Mountain Park Sunday, where they enjoyed the day In tho snow. Toboggan riding was greatly enjoyed. In the evening' they mot at the homo of lone Utt, where a game, of cards was enjoyed. Those enjoying the day were;, Messrs. Elmer Richards, Cornle Deurksen, Ar«* nold Voth, Henry Ktnckor, Johnny Deurikson, Misses lone Utt, Jean Osborne, Mnry Isaacs, Josephine Clark, Emma Eynaud, Mr. and Mre. Kermlt Utt, and Mr. and Mrs, Cecil Brown. FRUIME'S SUPPLY 0 STOLEN 1- •V »,-* F A \ < I . L' ' ** Li •/> • - I FRUITVA1.E, Jan, G.—J. C. Comphor and his Bon, Ervln, are rather skeptical about Santa Glaus. The Camphors have been supplying the. people of this community with oak firewood which they gathered on Mount Breckonrldgo. The county was building a road on Breckenrldge and ft largo- number of oak trees were blasted out. These the Comphers secured, sawed into lengths suitable for hauling and placed In a great pile. Before Christmas they hauled down two loads and decided to obtain the' uso of a larger truck to bring down the remainder. Returning the day after Christmas they found that the pile of oak, with the exception of two logs too large to be hauled, had vanished. Tracks of a truck were seen; otherwise tho Com- phers have nothing to show for a considerable amount of labor. SUMMONED AS WITNESS McFARLAND, Jan. fi.-—Constable "W. H. Osborn left Tuesday morning.for San Luis Oblspo where he was called as a witness In the trial of Gilbert A. White, who- Is charged with the murder of his son-in-law. ?** A - H v Cummings Valley t, Specials an PAINTS ors aal. 96o Excellent Guaranteed all colors ,... Asphaltr Roof Coati I. $1 60c *. •i leom colors «ur Free United Iron 1 2810 Delivery Metal este one 1441 .= A L. J. Stlno. Mr. und Mrs. E. B. Daniels and children visited In Fresno over the week-end with Mrs. Daniels' mother, Mrs. K. Iflburg. J. T. (Juli> waa painfully injured Friday when he stepped on u nail which punctured deeply Into his foot. O. C. Black und tson Kenneth of Oceana spent New Years day here nnd wero dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.. J. T. Gulp. Lois and Byron Black who have spent the holiday vacation here, returned home Monday with Mr. Black. The ladles of tho Elk Hills P. T. A. wllPmeet at tho schoolhouso Thursday to resume sewing on quilts for needy families in the district. Wilma BlvitiH, daughter of Mrs. C. II. Traweek, broke both bones in her. lower left arm while at play Saturday. This is the third time the child's arm hau been broken since laat May. Mr.- anil -Mrs. M, L. Koker and children spent the- holidays visiting their daughter In PnHUdena. " • A large crowd attended the New Years dance held at tbe Fred Lavll- lette hall Monday night. • Mrs. Oarth Lay of Oakland IB vlslti- Ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Howell thla week. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Howell entertained with a New Yenra dinner Monday. The occasion also marked tho birthday of their daughter Mrs. Garth Lay. Their guests were Mr. and Mm. Garth Lay and Farrel Shotswoll, On kin nil; Walter HowelJ and Misses Mn'rgarlte Morgan, Bakersfleldi Mr. nnd Mrs. R. L. Barbeau and Everett Howell. • Miss' Mable Muffle of Portland. Ore., returned to her homo Tuesday after spending two weeks here, the guest of her sister, Mrs. »J. T.' Gulp and family. Mr. and AlrH.* A. ,T. Hood, Bakerw- flold,' wore overnight gueHts of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Brown, Tuesday. Mrs. n. W. Jones IH Improving slowly after undergoing a major operation recently at a local -hospital. McFAELAND SHAFTER McFARLAND,'Jan. B.—W. L. Weaver and Fred Gurrett left Monday morning for tho Imperial valley where they expect to find employment. Mrs. J, M. Burnett und her daughter Mrs. Don Rogers and M Hawkos of 'BaUersfleld wero afternoon guests of Mrs. J. L. Ashton and family. Colonel and Mrs. O. S. Grant spent Tuesday morning In Bukerafletd. . Stewart NIH has returned from Oxnard where he nnd hU parents, Mr. and Mrs, S. D. Nlll, and their dnugh- ter-Enlci spent the holiday week-end with friemlB, Mr. and* Mrs. W. W. Dekker pif tlip Pond district entertained ht 'New Years eve, dinner in honor of. Mr. and Mrs. L. JV Flala, Mr. and Mrs. AV. J. Reid and daughter, Nelodone, spent Sunday as dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Wharton at Belrldge. Mr. and. Mrs. Karl Prior and their children spent Monday as guests of relatives at Lemoore. Edgnr fM*d Tod .Qarrett were busl- nesH visitors nt Woody. Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. H, /. Hendry nml daughter PhylllH returned Monday evening from 8911 tn > Barbara where they ipent the holiday week-end with relatives. Blllle and Harry r Hendry remained here with Mr, and Mrs. Will- Jam Sitter. V . Vlo Gulley Ijas returned to-work nt DUon after Hperidinp a week liere the guest of hie mother, Mr«, J. Gully. -'i , ; • v ••;, SHAKT13R, Jan. fi.—Mrs. Glen O. Nay'« mother, Mrs. Kdlth HarrUs, her sister, MI*H. Helen Poland und another bister and brother-in-law, Mr. und Mrs. Jume* Dobbins, all of Lu.s Angeles, spent the holidays at the Nuy no mo on N earn tin road. Miffs Evelyn Hlthe returned Monday evening by train to Clarernont where sho IH attending Poiuonu College. Sho nnjoyed n two weeks' vacation with her parents, Mr. und Mrs. J. E. lllte of tho Experiment Station. . Dr. O. C. Klpponbrock of Sioux City, Iowa, arrived Tuesday to visit his daughter,' Mrs, P. L. Arnold. lie sent Home time in Austin, Texas, and LOH Angela* and after leaving Shafter will Htop in Sun Francisco before return- Ing to Iowa. • Mrs. Ade Btradley of • Shannon, lowu.'lK visiting with her brother, H. A. Ulghtmlre of Shafter. and her HiHter Mrs. J. W. Miller of Wasco. Mrs. Stradley expects to spend the rest of the winter and the Hummer In California visiting friends nnd relatives. American Legion Auxiliary met last evening to make plans for. initiation on January 17. They j>lan to initiate five members,. . , Mrs. C. W, arable of Waseo Is In Shafter In tho Interest of the county welfare work. < Mrs. O. T. Olson is recovering from a severe attack of fever. Jack Hare made a business trip to Modern, Tuesday. He' out of town for at least a week. Tho Wednesday Afternoon Club mefc nt the homo of Mrs. Mlm«r J. Peery. Twenty-one members wore present and enjoyed an Interesting CUMMXNQS VALLEY, Jan. B.—Miss Lucy Glruudo of Fresno spent tbe holidays with her father at tho Glraudo /ranch. The Cummlngs Valley School ro- ppened this weeK to servo a hot lunch to the children. The children will be supplied with oranges dally and -one hot dish containing milk or hot chocolate. The children will take turns preparing the lunch, set the table and wash the dishes. Alice Horndon and Roberta Melcher have charge of the kitchen this week. During the holidays Mrs* Joo Sasla entertained delightfully on two ocnn- slons. On Christmas day tho following persons enjoyed her lovoly dinner: Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Hanning of San Emldlo, Mian Consollne .Sasla of Balc- ersfleld, Tony Inntah of Tehachapi. John Hurbnro nnd Bornard Simla of iCummtnffH valley and the hosteBS, Mrs. I Jon SuHlu. On New 'Years night a Jolly crowd of young folks gathered ut tho Haslu home. Among them wero Miss Con- sollrio Sasln, Miss Margaret £olu, Mike Sola, Lawrence Errecurt, Clara Mason, Vine Nfnlemnn, .Martin Luclch And Albert Capdevllle and Bernard Santa. Dumkes Entertain at Mountain Home McFARLAND, Jan. 5.—Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Dumke entertained at their mountain*homo at Greenhorn, Sunday, wl,th a New Years dinner for a group of' friends. The after-dinner hours were spent playing snow games und tobogganing. Places wero marked at the dinner for Mr. und Mrs. Roy Jumper of McFarland, Mr. nnd Mrs. Everett Jumper of Azusa, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gusteltn of Orange and tho hosts and their daughter, Miss Loo- nore Dumke of McFarland, .who spent the holidays as their guest. Wasco P. T. A. Will Hear Mrs. Jahant • WASCO, Jan. 5.— Wnsco Elementary P. T. A. will hear an address on the "Children's White House Charter and Health Conference," by Mrs. W. II. Jnhnnt, a member of tho Kern county committee, who attended a session in Sun Francisco recently. The talk Is to bo given Friday afternoon ut the P. T. A. meeting which begins at 2:30 with a program by the students. 4 CELEBRATES BIRTHDAY TEHACHAPI, Jan. 5.— Littlo Blllle Woods cclebruted his seventh birthday Saturday afternoon with a parly. After a Jolly afternoon a big cake and light refreshments were served, und gifts presented the honoree. Lltllo friends present, wero; Austin and Tu- trlola Erlcksqn of Sun Bernardino, June "Cowan, Leal Kunstein, Shirley Hununond, Sonny Martinson and Blllio and Jucklo Woods. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ McFAKLAND, Jan. 5.— Overnight quests of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hunu- walt, Jr., were Mr. llunnwaU'B undo, Samuel lluijuwnll of Pomona, his c-ousln, Mrs. Irons Poole of Akron, Ohio, und hl« sister. Miss Margaret Hunuwult of Bukortjflcld. Sunday thu purty, urcom'punled by Richard William Hnnawalt, enjoyed dinner ut Mio home of Mr. Hanawult'K paivntH, and Mrs. W. C. Hanuwult, Sr. Bukcrsflold. . Mr. In MARICOPA MAtUCOPA, Jan. 6.—Mrs. Alice Permenter returned to her home In Maricopa after having spent tho ChrlHtmaa holidays in Pocatello, Idaho, with her aon Dale, who is attending college there. -, • • C, L. Helms ami family have returned frofn LOB Angela. They were accompanied south by Mian Shirley Colemani.who remained in Los Antre- Ips, where she Is attending an art school, • Gordon Holmes, son of Mr, and Mrs. Fred #olm<j8, underwent an operation fpr appendicitis at a Bakervfleld hospital Wednesday, Mrs. Muble Bund und MTH. Lilly ][all wero,Bakersfleld visitors Wednesday. * ^ i ^ * - _ * j SEWING CLUB MEETS WASCO, Jan. C.— Tho W. M. B. Club members wore luncheon guests of Mrs. John Morgan at Buttonwillow today. The members uro Mesdumos Jeunotlo Stoner, William Scott, Edith Colvor Bell, Arthur Miller and J. S. Sebastian, After a short business meeting the time was spent In sowing, which In the main feature of this club. ^^^•MHi^^M^^^^^HM^^^^HM^^BM^MM^^H ^^^^^^^ •" ™" ^ ^^^^^^^^^^v^^^^^^^^v^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Most Coughs Demand Creomulsion Don't let them get a, strangle hold. Fight gennt quickly. Creomumon con*bines the 7 boat helps known to modern science/Powerful but haiml«M, Pleasant touke. No narcotics. Your druggist will refund your money if any bough or cold no matter hovr long standing is not re* Herod by Creomuliioa, < (adr.) • J tores CLOVERBLOOM CHALLENGE 26c t- IONA \ PEACHES SLICED OR HALVED ctn» QUICK OR REGULAR QUAKER OATS COLD STREAM PINK SALMON ' - . ' ', ' » NALLEY'S SALAD TIME DRESSING " *• - . * h ENCORE SPAGHETTI | r UNEEDABAKER^ SNOWFLAKES small cans n quart » 6-oz. n I - - 1 WORLD'S LAROiST SILLINC COFFII • i Finest Quality Meats PORK ROAST Loin ans) L«f End Cut PLATE B RABBITS Braising and Stowiftf Froth Frying Siio 25 c VEAL ROULETTE Roast VEAL LOAF Fr.ih V..I, Perk, B..f LAMB ROULETTE Bonolote Roast PORK STEAK F..H H. m * POT ROAST Firet Cut Chuck CINTER CUT CHUCK Finest Grain F«J E ROASTING CHICKENS Fy OYST Sfft ••*•, Dry PicU»J, Fr«iH Dr«»«4 N«w York CounU d«. 25 c Fresh Fruits and Vegetables ^b^^HA^^^H^^^HB^^^ ^^M ^m I •• i • — . u • • •• • • • i ^^4^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ FRESH RIPE BANANAS ROME BEAUTY APPLES PRICES EFFICTIVC JANUARY Th« Gr«at Atlantic O 9 Pacific Tea Co. I r 1 I ••»' L .;>* •J ..,

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