The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on April 20, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1894
Page 1
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K. iervlee8 p. m,; 8un- 4uBsV>ol, H:U p. m,; Prayer Maatlog, Tbiinds/ ITOOlDfl, 7*0 p. U. _ _ __ ••'• J- 0- HgNBKioiisoK, Paitor W. B. Ouwr, 8up»rlnUudent, p. •,; mm Juwwig, Tuunoty roning, l ».«. __ BIT. W B. THOMPSON, Vaiur OB. WM. HtiMMnist. flup«rlnuod«nt UMrrollfon-Offlm. • at (lie offloe oloM at folowt: esit : 2:40 and 7:80 o'clock p. m. WMt: ISO |). ui. «od 7*1 o'clock p. n, --~~o open on Sunday (com t to 10 a. •>. and own 8 to i p. in 8imdM . <J«. CarrolHon. WlUsy.-TMSttt; urday, arrlret H a. depart* 1 p. w. O. * N. W.Ttm. o«ra. MSMMttM TK4UM WMt. f», l O»«laiid liwiud. IOKS.IB. m, I Oraabs Xipreit 4 i:0 », «. «•. I BwmUmiM fSSB'eio. 5 f V*.» PSOIBOKW.M .'.TJj'S J:S: •O.M {fcrrolllUpreiM o 10 p. S jh.ii fnimn. a MB. a. rAMWUMH TIU1NI IUM. if. 8 OwrUind limited »«0p. m •* f Obloaio Ripntu 1186V. a. It, BWrlliiit Pauonner. 0 40 a. in. M fMJibt, Went Bid* to Boons,. U 10 a. u. •JOOX CJTI AMU MUHIU.S SHMUMSa. t'25ii. in l«l>, 00 a touuuat i. m 1 U p. n MB 7 -"1 30 p m l 001, n 7 StOp n 7 18*. m J. K. OiiKAmm,-Aguiit, o. M. * wt. P. U'r, VMSW9W TSJmTf AT MtM»U9 niui solus un, .. - i; i .......................... la) i). ui. «Ut .......................... ttiiop. m. Em .......................... i .00 ». m. IK4IM ttOWtt «MI . p. Hi ». ID «o». m Wi50 p. in. iiw •« i:o >, W, KOBTJB, LAWYER. iMMdritt Hoor (lunuan \>wt UullUlug, 'J^fi^ilos let tftAte 4u<l feAleral oourttf. -"- - i»l ttt^Uou «Wou to lor««lQ»ui«)» »ud ATTORNEY A FLAW, OOTEBNOB JACKSON'S OPAUDS DBOVH KBHLBT'B mw INTO xai STOBU AT THE POINT Of THl BATONBT. "So he wbialled in bit own peculiar way" i» the M&g of lh« Berald man when be Mye that "had Governor Jaok- •on delayed ordering oak the militia till •(tor be bid learned tbe situation, he would not hey« retorted to that drastic alep. No blame (• attached to the governor (or taking tuob precautionary •tepa however." It tbie ii not the mot* contemptible epeoimeo of imbeoilit- »ver exhibited it will make «gf"><> eeooud. Tbe idea ot a gorerooi of a state ordering out tbe militi* without taking the precaution to "lean the •ilualioo" u ot iteelt an act that oaonot be too oeverel/ oondemed and BO • one who ngude tbe lights of tbe people would try to justify an executive of a atate iu tbie disgraceful affair. Tbe act waa unwarranted and only oliverly demouatratee tbe little, ueaa of the man who IB trying to fill tbe executive chair of tuiti muto, Jaokeon has mMie an nupurilooable miatakein allowing bimatlf tu be made a tool ot by tbe oorporatioue and every Attempt to justify bisaotioua will tail like tbe one above, for the one who trie* to frame ao esouie for bla oource, can only do so by oompuuDdiug with inooopetenoy •ml euoonrvgiog the waulou abuse of military power in timta of peace. Juok- sou ia but a tool for tbe corporation* uuil ie willing to abate and dugraoe tbe et'ite in tue «ye« ef tbe whole untioa iu order iu carry out the •{•he* of !he#e aouopo- )i«« wbiob ooutrol bin. It Jeoot to be wondered at that or. gaoiised labor la •werting ila rights in eveiy humlet jp oar Jiwd when «uob •ote «• the ixm>u)lveo( eeUie driving tbe hungry and poorly clad follower* of Kelly's army don Ibe open frame ilruoturee on Ibe Obataaqn*groouds where Ibee* men had gone for iheller.oqt into » blinding rain elorm at the poiul of the bayonet, M Jaok»on'« guttdt did littt Tuwday ut Council Bluffs, and thia was done after the governor bad been on tbe grounds Iwo day* and eurely had tiuia to hav« "learned the elkualiou." The Oouuoll Uluffa p«ner« amy: Napoleon Ibe Qreat, at Id* height ot bia power never (elk Ibe awful reapouai- bilily wbiob Qoveruor Jaekaon ba* ocn- eeived to U npoa hto •houtden aarlog the laet three daye. But Jackson as a military commander shows none ot Na- poleon'e ooolneae. He has flopped, floundered and stumbled from one conclusion to another. The people ot this park ot the state have seen enough of their little, narrow shouldered, corporation manipulated governor to last them for some years. Tbe preeenoe of Kelley'e army baa worried the people somewhat, but the presence of Ibe national guard with their tinseled and gaudy trapping*, and their pompon* ways diegnai* tb«m. The useleesueea aod danger of A state standing nrmy was never better illustrated. Here are 400 or 500 men living at tbe expense of tbe stale, marching jo a peaceable community with gnne loaded, standing with fixed bayonets to keep harmless, homeless men from seeking shelter iu a barn like structure during a cold April ruiu and all because a pan- nioky little governor got frightened. There is not a man in Oarroll county who would not have shown more gen. eroslty toward Ibe dumb animals that might have come to bis barn for protection under like circumstances, than waa showu to these unforinnute human beings. And iu tbe light ot all thia the editor of the Herald, tries to justify siiou notions by sajiog (bat Governor Jaokeou ia uot to b)«ui*, To My Friends r»;ou nrf Wull »wiir* Umt I would not r«ooni- mom) tlmt whirl) 1 did not believe to Lie I<KK|, I ditnlro lo »wy to all who »e»il i» good, rullMtito, Ciuullj mwUufin). tlmt I tootUve onu liotto o bi>l|>ltijrl)||b>nHVlJldorouinor«ifoo<l IJuiii auy otliur roiiiDdr I avor ww.-Uey. U^'bua Bouto. r Advertiaed Lettera. Tho follow I u« luttorn rttmalu uitoalled for at tho pontoffioe, April V, IKM. Unlosadollvttrod wlUiln thirty <i«ya from dfttu thuy will bo forwarded to thu (load luttur oflloo M WashliiHtou, 1). 0.: K.W:lilrt<li«rtl Jolm Dauaer Ki nuk Kar»nb»uk «)M M w; Johnnon a. II. Olwrtlu W. U. Ovvuujet AumitUu Olnoii w, W. WUIlu I | fHREE MEN ISNTANTLV KILLED. A FourMb Fatally Injured by n Holler K«- liliwlon In Keokulc. KEOKDK, Ia., April 10.—By the explosion of aboiler Wednesday at the Hutchison electric light plant, three men were instantly killed and one fatally injured. The dead are: JAMES STERIUTT. PATlilCK KKEPB. JOHN ROWAN. CUAttfjES JONES, fatally injured. Tho boiler was an old cue and had been giving trouble prior to tho explosion. Hlom city Hank Utttoori Siie-i. Sioux CITY, April ID.—Suits have been commenced in thu district court by E. C. Tompkins, rocoiver of the Union Stock Yards Statn bunk, n^iinst the old officers of the bank, to collect on promissory notes given by them to tho bank for the money taken out of tho business, to the amount of f 00,000. Murilor unit Sutolita. O$K.UX)OSA, In., April !«,—George Croft, proprietor of a rostnurant, killed his wife with a rovolvor on the court house steps. Croft then shot himself it) the right touiplo, dying instantly. The murder grow out of divorce proceedings. Clutidburiit ami Without. • Sioux CITY, April 10.-Several bad 1 washoubj were caused along tho Chicngo, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha line* in northeast Nubraska by a cloudburst. NATIONAL G^AW CONGRESS. 81 roug lit Tho li»w pruvlUua that OHO emit shall be pnhi for all lettvra advertUod. Whon SKIUO ylosao stale data of ad- l. J*io. L. 1'owKitM, f. u. T. *". Autboijir, Ks-Foatmtiter or i'romuie ciw. lows »uy»: "l boutflil uu« bottle «(<<llnitlo Oun," for Unvuiuatrnui uud two dwoi T of it' did ™ liia J WV gr took SoUl by J, W. lUHon dnuriiUt Carroll «*»k Tw«lu'i Nuw YojtK, April ltf,~8auitivl L. Olouioiw (Murk Twain) and Fruaorloi J. llull, doing busiuosH uudur tho uuiut uf Ciiurlge J. Webster & Co., uud publishora, mude au i tbe.lwue.flt of Oteir t*edjito«. Wvte <i ut Wtoliltu. WICHITA, Iviiu., April M».— Tho ua- tional grain congress adjouruttl \Voiluw- day ovwiiiif U> Jiatit again at Now Or- loans tho second Tuesday iu Juno, Tho uoxt ttunuul mwitiug svill bo hold at Mobile, Alu., next April. Slmug rt«olutions wort) jiassod throw- lug off tho yoko of tho wist and advocating the clowwt cowmorcial rolatlous bo- tweou tho west audl south; favoring tho completion of tho Nicaragua canal uud its absolute control by thu Unltwl States; urging tho linos of railroad from tho wi»t to tho south to computu for tho carrying of fl*) grain of tho wost to southern (wrts, and ])lodgiug tlw supiwrt of both 8octio>w to such corjwrutlous; do- uutiidiiig tho rapid comiilotiou of tho rivur aud harbor inlprovoiueuU now in prugruw and calling t»po» tx«jgr«w to os- tablibh fust mull sorvico botweon the west aud gulf porU tu fauilitato uud ox- pedialo trodo rulnttoun botmxw the two socl ions, demning Professor Qarvin and signed a petition desiring him to resign his position in Butlfer. To Warn tho ScAtera. VICTOUU, B. C., April H».—At the instance of Representatives of the sealing interests, Collector Milne has wired to the marine department at Ottawa, asking that a warship or other vessel bo sent north to warn the 23 sealers now on their way north. It is believed that one vessel can do it. The schooners are be- lived to bo accompanying the migratiu" herds. IlurrUou Duullnod to Talk. SAW LAKE, April lU.~Ex-Presiilont Harrison passed through Ogden, eurouto east. A crowd gathered at the depot for a speech, but the ex-president declined to talk politics, and for his own viewslai tho silver question referred to his letter willing for the Brussels conference, saying his mi ml had uot changed. Six Studtiut* Ks|»olliul. RICHMOND, Intl., April 10.—Six students wero o.viwlltxl from Earthaux college. They violated thu rule prohibiting tho students leaving tho dormitory at uight aud engaging in billiards and pool in tho city. The affair has orculeU something of a sousatiou. "Little, But Ob, Myl" Tliiw r«n ilia refrain to fie old «oriK, and tlie •lima mny u» «Wd ot Hi. 1'teroe'a »>ieH*Hnt I'el- letn. Tlter »r» little, but oh. my! don't tiiuy arlvB awuy tlje l>lui-«. MIK.-I iiintwlal i«i«u!, " lift bllioiKiiM* rroin ttio «riit«ui, euro coiutttuiuioH, «!<•« li«-itduoh«, oleuf th« i-loKKuU l>r«lu HHU GHtuo tio dH^tod «uir,. r t.r to bran, up ,, m | rwHUVtliit ll(« U norm living after nil! Some very good looking people uro deformed on tho iimlile. A lie a mile away is alv.-ays tryluf to prove that it ia tho truth. TJio Superiority or Hooil'd 8»t»«|)iirlll» In duo to the tnnnomil- oiu»muuiilo< bum work mul conitsut i-ure twod In It» jift'j.arailoii. Try otio tiotlla nnd you will'\i« cunvlncud of It* nupuroclty. U |iurlUu« tUo Ulood. vvliloli U Iho soutco ot h*»lUi, ouren ily»|H)|),l«, uwrvoiiws «lok liomtsolioa nuil bllliomuwn. u U JUKI Uio modlctiw lor you, Uooti'n iiiiln uro HID lir«t afmr clliiwr piiin, •MUt iJltfVlllOU, HUM tHl(llt«oUu, f ( y fff For Years,*, Bays CARRIE E. STOCKWEM,. of Cb«it«r. Held. N. li., "I was afflicted with an extremely severe pain In the lower part of Uia clicst. Tiio feeling was as it a ton weight was laid on a spot the str« of my hand. During Uie attacks, ih* perspiration would stand tu drops on ray face, and Itwaf agony lor me to make suOlolaat effort oven to wbls- per. They earn* suddenly, at any hour of ibe day or night, lastlug Iroin thirty minutes to lialf a day, leaving as suddenly; but, lor several tiuyi after, I was qulta pro*. tnted and sore. Huniotltnej tho attack* were almost daily, tlien leas frequent. After about four years nf this suffering,' I was taken down with bilious typhoid ie<fer ( an«l when I began to recover, I had the worst struck of ray olrt trouble I aver eiperieoced. At tho first of the fever, 017 mother gars m«Aj«r'» rills, my doctor recommending them as being bettor than anything ho •ould prepare. 1 continued taking tliesa Pills, aud so great was the benefit d«rW«4 Uiut durlug nearly thirty yean I bava Imtt but one attack of my former troubls, which yielded r«»auy to the sauia remedy." , AVER'S PILLS 0 Vnpu»a by Dr. J. 0. Ay»r k Co., Low.ll, Every Dote Effective J'roroiuiiir On r v I ii ('iuwtxuiDavtu.1!, Iwl., April 11).— Professor (larvin, hoad of tho theological sohool of Uutlor uuivorsity uudouo of tho principal scholar* of thu ChrUtiuuKw Cumpbullltw) church, was bitterly do* nuuuuua by the iudiaua ouuvoutlou now iu scBsioii iu Orawfordnvillo. Hl« teuoh- Ittgs woro duolured falso and heretical. Tho oouvoutioji pusaed resoluUyu* cpu- Platinum is holding its own. Silver soup buskoU foy thobathtubaro pioduued. There aro now diwlgus in toast and luuQlu racks. Oou't Tobacco aptt or bmotaa your Life LV? 1 - !»«'«»«»« * «» ot » mtie book all nboul Nu lo-tiuu tin. wuiidurful RK iu a company that i» able aud willing to pay all jPhildrtnOiyfor F. E. WESTOJV, At the Herald Office. HBAOH A aOYT LAWYERS. is *tsl* via fsd«r«l F. M. DAVENPORT, AT1K«N« ATMW. <UW 9Jto« ovtr |*(r*< JTuNoHut UutU, Currot

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