Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 18, 1955 · Page 7
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 7

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 1955
Page 7
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Dial (or » JVANT AD Ttker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., < TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1955 SEVEN.;. .-..' .'-Biisef Slafted;;;^; V,; WASHINGTON .W''-.Th6 'Capital _ . .Transit Co, has,agreed to'liaycUee jj] \of •• its buses: equipped. : wilii "turn < ^signals—as. required by a recent , . Washington law—at'a cos^ of about .'. ', $28,000. •;-. .•; >•" •- . •:••••-' j. .Traffic Director;'.'George . E. _ Kcne'ipp disclosed.this today after ^stating'.that 388 buses .had 'been .Improperly • passed by vehicle in'.. .spectiorf"':stations, last month. In 'addition iei.lhose,* Capital. Transit <will-. put- turn • signals on .78'other iib'w . in \ storage. . •. . f- Keneipp f said the-faulty. inspec- ftloiis' 1 apparently resulted from a fmisintcrp'rctation of ...the 'new in- 1 MUSTB660ME- EAT. THE OAD THEN? IT/ NEVER £EE, \TS SURE NICE TO ee 6ITTRUEVOU, YEZZIR-ASAVE UP OAD TO .\ \WRKW ( ISUESS) SPROUTS SftPOIhJ' HAVE,'rOU ) FOR TH 1 \ SO! /AROUND UKE SCIENCE 'VrX^'lOO.DONEi NOSIRH MEAMlVHlE-. COULPBECOTS HAPPINESS IS DOOMED, TO A SHORT LIFE WELCOME BACK,TO : MOO!BACK WITH USASAIN WHWSTHAT KNOCKING Educator .Requests Study To Allow School System Financial Freedom Libraiy Display Fealures Animals •;Spection requirements.'- accidental •stain!, etc. falls ' from ladders, in 1953 were nearly twice as high as death rates frorp primary cancer of the lung. ••' The . Cumberland Free Public Library has. an exhibit of animal pictures .on display along with-a number of books on' the same sub- J ec l' One of the books is "Animal IQ— ,' The Human:' Side: of -Animals. :0lher books .includej-."King "x According to• U. S. Government Solomon's .Ring," "Elep.'ianl Vital Statistics, death'rates from Tramp, Tramp," and "A Field Guide to. Animal Tracks." Among Coca, with her sad urchin's face the pictured animals are kangaroos, foxes, camels, bears, arid the mil. moose. YOU FROM US YOU GET CASH $ 50;iM $100.M $200.000 CAN (SET A LOAN TODAY! PAY MONTHLY ONLY •$ 5;90 $11.81 URGES AMOUNTS CN JIMIIA5 TERMS, AMOUNT OF MONTHLY PAYMENTS INCLUDE INTEREST AND. PRINCIPAL ON TWENTY-fOUR MONTH CONTRACT. "•in FROSTBUKG '•'••'. Phone 1594 -.->•...••. .• " .. 89 E. Main -SI. •• in CUMBERLAND Phone PArkvlew -M200 .... 18 S. Liberty SI. (2nd floor) LOAN SERVICE INCORPORATED |ii me ii I: '•' ' •- : - " • T imogehe,Coca Explains Why She Tore tip $1,000,000 Contract Reports from the'Forest Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture, show that • the timber harvest amounted .to 70 million dollars for ,ho year which ended June 30. («•». y. s. Pot. OH.) p By rimUS 8AJTELLE , NEW YORK, (INS)"— Imogene that can light up brighter than i all Times Square, • has always been the enigma of show business wise- guys. No ham in lier, this itid. No respect for the better things,, like money and parties. "Arid now.V she said today, sitting .hunched and .small in the corner of a midtown rehearsal hall; ''they,: think I'm crazy, lots .of them, and : it- DOESN'T -seem to make such sense. But there are things, a lot of people /don't con- that, .Coca explained " sider . And with quietly and patiently" why .-she .tore up her one-million-dollar contract ith NBC and its comforting 10- year' guarantee of security. '.'Security," she said, "is something I never really, got till! got on television (in 1949) .arid. I have a great .respect for itj: and for money, too* I have. figured out that D my case, well," she screwed up ler eyes in concentration, "the money-: part doesn't mean security. It's what you're doing, and I 'want .0 be doing many things." She .was temporarily without show at NBC, and "with hone "in .irospect. This, she said, frightened ler. So now she is headed for Las Vegas, where she mil open Nov.. 1 NO DOWN PAYMENT WITH AN "LB" CHARGE ACCOUNT I S ENJOY THE RICH, LUXURIOUS ATMOSPHERE OF .... Alexander-Smith "Keepsake" Ru^s You'd-.expSct to pay, least, twice the price for these., textured beauties rich, thick pile woven with an exclusive weave that combines • . . .V..; , velvet-glove luxury and iron-fist durability.''Take the first step to a roomful of new> and lovel .comfort-, with ."Keepsake" ..;•.-.'• . at. Bernstein's now. with her own personally-financed variety show. "You \yoiild probably • think 1 was crazy too, • well rriaybe," Imogene continued, wistfully, "if you knew how. I.had saved. It was an expensive world last year." Within. weeks last spring, have had salt cellars me often." But she Imogene's mother and her husband...of 20 years, Bob' Burton, died. 'Each of them suffered costly illnesses. Their .passing must have influenced her decision to break from her • well-paid ennui and get back to work? ."Well, that's possible." She concentrated her attention, on her clasped hands. "That's 'quite possible. I guess you could say I'm beginning, again, a sort of new life.. There's nothing to keep me always in_New York now." Except,' of course—Coca brightened—'the monstrous French poodle, .VApri,". and. the two .destructive cats, and the red squirrel somebody gave .her. She .will leave them in the aparlment she.rented on Central Park West. while, she investigates her new life on ; the stage. Actually,' it's an old life revived for the comedienne. She began her career on the stage, and has played sophisticated supper clubs'for years, "f tossed at doesn't think that could conceivably happen in Las Vegas. "Out there, they go^ to the clubs to see a show, and 'they concentrate on it, they don't get drunk like at some night spots," she says. "I don't expect -to be interrupting people's emotional spats, which is what leads to the 'throwing of salt cellars.'-' Coca and Company (three dancers, a pianist-conductor, two dressers) will receive $70,000 .for three-weeks stint. "I'm told you're supposed to lie about how much you make at Las Vegas," she says seriously, "but 1 am not making. 5500,000 and that's that." This "that's- thai" attitude of honesty reminded me'of what her late husband, Bob, told me a year ago. "To Coca," he said, "money is wampum. Nice to have, but what docs it buy?" She's proving him right. "Maybe I'm the goon girl of all times," she said, "but I think my days of sleeping on park benches are over, and I. feel I've devoted enough time and effort to whatever it is I do, I'lrgel along all--right." Suddenly she*looked up and jinned. "My Lord, I hope I don't sound like Little' Orphan Annie." Personal bequests from U.S. citizens have given $1,517,423.000 in the past 10 years to privately supported schools and colleges. ROCKVILLE, Md. W-Josopli J: TarallOi outgoing president of the Montgomery C o u n t y ISducatkm Assn.,' wants .the. county's school, system to be financially'independ- ent of the County Council. Writing In the current issue of the: association's publication, Tarallo urges the association to join with other groups "to consider the steps. necessary to make it possible for our board of education to have its own lax rates." . jThe' '3-foot-hljH- prongribri IBtie- lope has eyes nearly as largo iS'i'n elephant's arid can spot a moving coyote at three to. four.miles.! '~\ More, people would amount to something if there were' fewer ways to get out of doing things. No surgery needed,! i Reduce swelling of \ painful piles at home i An amazing new, stainless com. pound has been developed to treat , piles' torture at home. It's stainless Pazo, and It brought instant relict In doctor's tests: Internal and external relief—without surgeryl No other preparation offers such ' proof of results. Many who suffered tor years now enjoy real comfort. Here's why. Pazo combines 6 medically-proved Ingredients, includ- ing wonderful Trlolyte, not taincd in any other leading .'pil« preparation. This amazing sub, stance has remarkable' anesthetic action that stops pain and itching instantly . , . while tha medica-v tlon goes to work reduci.ng7the swelling, promoting healing! •'••'—• Get new stainless Pazo®. Wont stain clothes. Modern suppositoriM or ointment both at drugglsUl ., ' . AdvertUement you? feet feel like AMAZING NEW SOUS! MICROLITE BY CAT'S PAW a miracle of To give you the most comfortable walk of your life.!' The amazing thing about.Microlite is that a sole so light can wear so long\,.lt's slipper-fieiible, waterproof add non-marking, too. So the more you walb, t .the . more you'll want this revolutionary new. miracle 'of comfort and 'economy ... . best: for all the family's shoes! Ask your shoe repairer for the latest and lightest . . . Microlite Boles! C.l'1 Fl» Rubber Co., Inc., B.ltimorc 30, Md. MAKERS OF CAT'S PAW NON-SLIP RUBBER HEELS, famous since 1904 by CAT'S PAW NOW! at your favorite Shoe Repairer's ON NEW SHOES, TOO! BUDGET SAVERS! LADIES' and CHILDREN'S House Slippers FELTS. .:. .with soft soles ' SATINS. ... .with wedgie heels Child's sizes 5 to 3, women's 4 '.to 9. Children's School Shoes STYLES FOR BOYS AND GIRLS! : $|:-69 $2^8 COMBAT BOOTS For Liitle Fallas .STYLES FOR BOYS-. ..... ^TYLES FOR. GIRLS ... ..•smart new'patterns, as,- "' oxfords, loafers and san-• sorted .styles' and. color's-'.- dal' styles, red, brown , .•./sizes SV^'to 3; '• ~ ., sizes 8% toS.j Sizei 8</2 to 3 .98 Heavier Grades 3.98 ; Solft elk'leother uppers' . with' two-strap buckle .( •. • ••'... top. Long wearing composition soles and heels. Sizes 8'/2to3. MEN'S HUNTING BOOTS COMPLETE STOCKS OF RUBBER INSULATED LACE BOOTS . . . INSUUtED RUBBER SOCKS ... FELT PACS AND LEATHER TOP, RUBBEMOTTOM BOOTS /;y FIRST QUALITY AT THE LOWEST PRiCIS i-.'i STOP AND SAVE AT THE CUT RATE SHOE STORES.' • CUMBERLAND FROSTBURG KEYStR

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