Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 11, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1933
Page 5
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IGLA. lU ^SAS' THE lOLA DAILY-REOJSgBR.WEByESDAY-EVENING, JANUARY 11. THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) New/-yprk,; Jan^t 11. (AP)—The .stock market ran into a stone-w^an of Resistance as It appnoached the; upper levels of the November traid- ; ing range today. Gains of fractions to l'-j;;p9ints were lost in'the late trading, ind a number of issues closed ;urichanged to about a point lower. '- The final tonfe was heavy. ; Transaptions approximated 1,550.000! shares.' ^ Inability of the market to get above the level at which it was turned :back in the | rally was:discouraging to bulls, but! the volume of trading slackenpd on, the decline. Business news was per- : haps.mprfe favorablt- than, otherwise.; and the market appeared to reflect chiefly fiUs own internal condition, and the belief in some quartere that it had be^n g.oing ahead too rapidr • ly. Gains oi'--, to V- ppints in j .such iss.ues as American Telcplione, Allied Ghcmical.'Santa Pe. Case, Uhion Pacific. Montgomery Ward. Electric. Power and Light.; American and PorpiKr Power, and others, were ] virtually lost, and American Tele.-.i ' phone ftll inore than, a point under yesterdays final Icve!. U. S. Steel, up £t point' at one time, finished un- changedi ' Case. New York Cehti-al. i and U. S.;.Industrial" Alcohol finally i .showed |lo; of major ' fractions. IJupont.-j iGoodycar: .and General Motors held u|> well, dlo.sing frac- j tionally higher, and Coca Cola was! " • up about a point J Hji;h Low' " ; Cities Senv ... .3 : 3K I ' ; SO of lac! 2r-„ 2l-\ 21 "I . -[ Amn Can' 01 61', • 1 Amn 'IWl' 1 (19 ]fl7'... 107 'i '• :; Amn Tob'B (Kf, (il--. CI". Anaconda. 8-'; 8 .'.j i Atchison- 44', 44-". j Auburn . , .; 53':j 53'i. 1 : Beth Steel 10", IC-', 1G% i Ctuse J I 50 47% 47»^r Chry.slei ,. 17', • 10'., 10'/. Con Ga.-i fi3'. (C .02% Con oir: .'•)•. 5-, 5'% DuPont ' 4 P.. 40 V. 40% 1 - Gen ElQc; ...... IG^s lis 16 ' Gen Motors .:.. 14 N 14'.!; Int Harv, ....... 24 U 24 '^i i Mont Ward 15 14 'L- 14'<! ' Packard . - 2% 2% • Penney J C 271, SiB'i 26 ?4 Phillips Petr ... 6 6- SO of NJ 31".; 3p-'; 30-'. Tex Corp ...... 14 Is 13:';' 13'-. Westlngh E .... 3r', 30'; 30-% ..24c LOCAL PRODUCE. Eggs, fir.sts ..: Eggs, seconds'......1 .: :21c Egg.s. thirds ...' 17c Eggs, ungraded ...... 22c r Hens. No. 1 Hens. No. 2 No. 1 Springs. I'u lbs., up No. 2 Springs ..i .• Caixins over 9 Ib.s ;. Capons, over i' lbs. Capons, over 7 lbs. CapoiiP. iiiidrv 7 ibs. .: siir>R •• Euttcrfat.; lb. . , Stags, lb. I • Cocks ..! Geese, lb; ,. , Guinea.s. racli :'White; Ducks, lb. • Colored,Ducks, Ih Hides, m lb Mixed Com. bu ... Yellow'Corn, b'i .-. Wheat, bib • Kafir Corti ...8c ) ...5c, ...6c| ...4Ci ..lie! 7cj . Cc 4r .....18c ;4c .3c ......3c 10c ......4c 3c IC 15c IGc 28c 140 An ir Kansas City Produce. Kansa.s.City, Jan. 11, cAPi—Efigs 23'.,. Creamcrv'buttr-r 23: butterfat 1110. •<-•.. Other prrjduce unchanged. lercsled sjiectator as' Reds rated in front of the New York city residi.'nce of President- eh.'ct RJoosevell was John Roose- me fiom school for the who appears amu.sed at demons volt. hc| holiday thi' dlsibatch with which the dem- onstrai Kansas City Ha.v .Kansas City, Jan. 11.;' APi—No 1 sialeiof hfiy, r(!cei|ji's too light. ion wa.s quelled. LEGAL ;P|iibiishi'd in The Tola Daily Rr-j).< • Kansas City Grain. City. Jan. M. i.^P)— Wlii-at; 73 cars: unchanged to ', up No. £ dark h:n-d. nom;. 35'..-55: No. .•'.•nom. 45-o4'..: No. 2, hard. 45':.-48: No. 3, •ir)^i-47',; No. 2. red. 40', : NO. 3. 47'., ; Close: May 14; July 44; Sept. W... Corn: 37 cars: unchanged to '1 down. ; No. 2. white, nom. 23-23'-.: No. 3, n'oiii. 22'.-22'i; No. 2, yellow, 23'.-23'•.•; No:'3," 23:'.; No. 2 mixed, no^n. 2.",-22'';; No. 3, nom. 22-22'.v. I : , Close: Mny 24'b; ••Julj'. 25%. Oats: 1' ear: unchanged. No, 2. white 18'-": No. 3 nom. 15'-j-l7. MUo^niflize, nom., 51-56. Kafir, nom.. 41-46'..-. • R.v.e. nom. ;!2-32',. •Jarlev. .nom.. 21'.--24.. ter December 21. 1932.) .SUEKIFES SALE. Allen County. s.s. In Idle District i Court, Thirty- itrict. Sitting in Seveiith Judicial Dl and for Allen Coimty. State of Kan- .as. : I 1^ Case No. |l7220. The Union Central Life Insurance • Comp'any, a corporation. Plaintiff L vs. Francis B. Murdoch, Minnie L. Murdoch, and The Humphrey In- tthe K. c: Livestock dose. I \fstnient Company, a corporation, ! Defendants. ! Bv viitue of an Orck-r of Sale is- :.:ucd by thi; Clerk of the Thirty- .Sevonth Judicial District Court, in and for Allen County. State of Kan- ksiis, in the abfjvc entitled and to nic directed and delivered, I-will on the 2ord day of Januarj-. A. D., 1933. at 10 o'clock A, M. 6f said day, at the ,south front door of the-court house In the City of lola, Allen \ County, State of Kansas, offer for i sale Tand" sell to the highest bidder. (Firsi Published in The lola Daily ^ R/'gistor January 4, 1933.) SHEIUFF'.S SALE State, of Kansas, Allen County, ss. In the District bourt. Thirty- Seventh Judicial District, Sitting -In and Tor Allen County. State of Kfth- sas. • ! • Tlie Union Central Life Insurance Company, a coi-poration, Plaintiff, vs. Geoi-gift E. Hamiltou. Jeiwe A. Hamilton and Gale West, Defendants, By virtue of an Order of Sale Issued by the Clerk of the Tblrty- Seventh Judicial District Court, in and for Allen County, State of Kansas, in the above entitled cause, and to me dliected and delivered, I will on the 6th day of Pbbruaijy, A. D., 1933, at 10 o'clock A. ,M. of said day, at tfte south door of the court house in tlie City of Tola, Allen County, State of Kansas, offer for sale and sell to the highest bidder, for cash in hand, the following described real estate, to^wit: The Southeast Quarter OA) of the Southwest Quarter t'.j) of Section Twentv-two (22), and the West Half Ci) of the North West Quarter i',4) c5 Section Twenty- seven (27); All in .Township Twenty-five (25) South, of Range Twenty-one (21) East of the Sixth. P. M., containuig 120 acres, more or less. Allen County. Kansas. • Said lands and tenements will be sold without appraisement to satisfy said Order of Sale. BUD HURLEY. Sheriff of Alien County, Kao. By Otis Lambeth, Undersheriff. , I Sheriffs Office, ^lola. Kan.s.x5, December 30, 19o3. C. J. Sloop, Attorney for Plaintiff. (1) 4-11-18-25 |i2) 1. < First published in The lola Daily Register December 28. 1932.) NOTICE OF SUIT In the District Court of Allen County. Kansas. New York Life Insurance Company. Plaintiff, ! .vs. Louis S. Mogel. et al.. Defendants. I No. 17231. To the defendant Grant Colby, if he be living, or if he be dead, his unknowTi heirs, executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, or assigns; and I to the defendants Draper Oil and Gas Company, a corporation, and Southern Kansas Gas Company, a corporation. If said" corporations be still, in existence, or. If j they or either of them be dissolved, 't^" unknown officers, successors, It was a hitb-bfet affair at jAlbaiiy when Pi'esldent-elect Franklin D. Roa.'ievolt. left^ relinquished the ofHce of governor of'New York to Herbert'JB. Lehman, right. But that didn't keep Alfred E. Smith from .smoking his cigar as tbls picture of three of JJew York's governois was taken. Farm Bureau ...News... CALENDAR Thursday, January 12-.-Jeddo unit meets with Mrs. Oliver Strub- hart. Thursday, January 12—Central Avenue. Friday, January 13—^Rock Creek .unit will meet at the horiie of Mrs. Doolittle for an all day meetiiig. Friday, January i3—Home demonstration agent goes to Parsons to attend agents' district conference. Saturday. January ,14—Oiffice. Monday, January 16—Office. Tuesday, January 17—Fairlawn will meet with Mrs. Hesseltine at 2.o'clock. Wednesday. January 18—Diamond unit Will meet at the | home of Mrs. A. A. Hurd at 2 o'clock. i Ilelpfnl Thbugfat. Kansas Motto: To the ! through difficulties.' stars *P,AyiVf'^NT.DEFF,RRRI)," jit the lola Tomorrow arid Friday Household Hint. In preparing meats: ; Salt has tendency to draw the 1 juices out of meats therefore better to add salt after meat has cooked awhile.';! Wc.should sear' a roast in order that thcj meat retain more of' the- Juices in cooking. If you wish flavor in meat broth for soup, put the meat on to cook in cold water. Tough cuts of meat should be cooked a much longer period of time than tender cuts, much slower and In moist heat. The great dramatic star. Charles Laushton. and Vcrree Tea.saalc a:; they appear in a sequence of sordid dcbauchei-y which leads to tragedy in the famous stage :, -Payment Deferred."' Tlje lola Theater presents it Tl)ursday and Frid.^y. SAVONBURG Jan. 10—Mrs. Clara |t;ramburg was in lola: Saturday visiting her sister. Mrs. Yocum. who is ill. Robert Yccum, a son. who lives injlola came after his cousin, Lsabel ^Oe, who will look after ihc sick a few^ days. Nick Siebert. Moran, was visiting day evening, Jan. 4.i Miss Madge Cosner won higli scori: for ladies and Ray "^cDaniels won I high score for men. At a late hour refreshments were served to the fpUowing: Mr, and Mrs. A. D. Jordlin, Mr. and Mrs. Clara Hager, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Swanson, Mr.^ and Mrs. Oliver Olson. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Cos- Cattle: -Fed .steers anB yearlings ^i'-''^ ^he following de• ' • - ^ ; .s(-ribed rwil estate, to-wit: steady to-strong: spots,-higher onj light \vcight steers and yearlings'; | top mixed' yearlings $6,50; choice I 1250-lb; steers $6.35; steers, good and choice 550-900 lbs., $5.25:-$7.00; 9001100 lbs.. $4.75-$7.00: llflO-1300 lbs., $445-$6,50; 1300-1500 Ite.. S4.15-S6: common a,nd medium, 550 lbs. up, S3.00-S5.00; heifers good and choice, S4.25-S6.25:.. commbn and $2.50-$4.50; • Hogs; arid sheep unchanged. . Estimated livestock receipts for lomorrpw; Cattle 2.500; hogs 5,000; sheep (5,000. 0 trustees, or assigns of such of said corporations as may be dissolved: You and each of you are herejjy notified that together with other defendants you have been sued In the above entitled court and action by the plaintiff above named, and that you must answer or othenvise plead to the petition and .supplemental ijetition of the plaintiff oil file in the office of the .clerk of said court at lola. Kansas, on or before the 9th day of February', 1933,. or the allegations of said petitions will be taken as true and I judgment will be rendered In favor North Half (',•) of Lot Five i5) I of 'be plaintiff for the sum of thir- and all of Lot Six (6), Block One . j ty-seven hundred twenty-four and Hui'.dred Four (104) of the City ! 60-100 dollars ($3724.60), with inter- of lola. Kansas, as shown by the Original Recorded Plat thereof; Allen County, Kansa.s. Said land.s and tenements will bt> 'l.X^j'™'i sold without appraisement to satisfy •'said Order of Sale. BUD HURLEY, Sheriff of Allen County. Kas. By 'Oils Lambeth. Undersheriff. Kansas City Livestock. Kansas Citv, Jan. 11.; lAP)—(U. S. Dejjt.' Agr.l—Hogs: ; 5.000; 210 direct:', active, 5 to;mostly 10 higher than Tuesda.v's average; top S3.00 on choice- 160-220 lbs.; good and choice,: 140-350 lbs.. ;$2.50r3.00; packing .sows,' 275-550 i lbs.. $1.75-2.35: stock pigs, good and cltoicc. 70-13'J lbs.. $2.50-75. Cattle: '5.000; calves: 500; kiilins classes" opening steady to strong; numerotts': loads good to choiqc light weight steers and yearlings $5.006.25; early to)) 56.40;. stockers and fecdei-s, scarce and steady; steers, good and; choice. ^550-l&OO lbs.. S4- 0.75; cbmbon and medium, 55.0 lbs. lip, $2.7.';-$; heifer.<i, goodiand choice, i 550-900 lbs., S4.25-6; cows, good s2.60 j and $3,00; vealer?. (mi-Jkfed(, me-i dium to choice, S2;50-6; stocker and | irrrrr feeder steers, good'and phoice, $3.75- ; ^y^^^^ You probably [have something ypu want to sell and the best way to let the people know about it is through Resister CIa.ssified Ads. Sheep: ;5.000:, lambs s.trong 10 25! higher; top fcfd;ianibs $5.75; odd lots | sheep steady; Itimbs goo(\ and choice i iX.). 9!); lbs. down. S5.25-75; good and \ choice. i.Xi 90-98 lbs'. $5.00-65: i ewe.s, good and choice,:-90-15b lbs.. $1.25-2:25.; (X)--Quotations basefi on ewes and wethers. , est;thereop at tlie rate of ten per cent. (lO';^) per aimum .from December 1. .1932, and for the further Slim of forty-nine and 5-l(>0 dol- lajs ($49.05). with interest thereon at the rate of ten \)6r cent. (10%) per annum from December 22, 1932, and: for costs of suit. Further judgment will be rendered foreclos- i ing a mortgage held by the plaintiff Sheriffs Office, lola, Kansas, De-; securing said indebtedness as a first (-ember 19. 1932. j lien on the following described real C. J. Sloop. i estate situated in the counties of Attorney for Plaintiff. 1 .^uien and Anderson in the state of .12. 21-28 (1) 4-11-18. I Kansas,_to-wit: "The Nortlieast Quarter of the Northwest ^Quarter iNE NW 'i 1 of Section Twenty-two (22), Township Twenty-three (23) South. Range Nineteen (191 East 6th P. M., In Allen County. ' and The South Half of the South! west Quarter (S 'i SW '.-i) of i Section Fifteen H5). Township Twenty-three (23) South, Rangp Nineteen .,(19) East 6th P, M., in Anderson Coimty; ' an<3 the court will order said property sold to satisfy said inde.bted- [ ness. interest, and costs, and each ! of you and all persons claiming by ; through or imdcr you or ,any of ^•x>u ^ill be forever barred .from anj- ight, t,itle. or, interest in or to said : -eal estate or any part thereof, and inch other and further Judgnfient vill be rendered as .to the court i shall seem just and proper. NPW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, Plaintiff. By HOMER V. .OOOING, Its Attorney. 12)-28-Q)-4-11 NSWERS Entire Wheat Bread. 2 cups scalded milk % cup sugar or h cup molasses 41 cups coarse entire wheat flour 2 teaspoons salt 1 1 yeast cake dissolved .in Vi cup lulsewvm water Add sw^tenlhg and salt .to. milk; cool, and when lukewarm add dissolved yeast .cake ,and flour; beat .weU, cover and iet rise to double its bulk. Again beat and turn into ollccl bread pans one-half full; let. rise and'bake. Entire wheat bread should not quite double its bulk during last rising. This mixture may be baked in geni pans. old friends Wednesday of Uast week. jner. Mr. Ray McDaniels, Mr. and Perrv Minor and family. Maple- Mrs. Carl Tyler and Mr. and Mi-s. ; ton, were visiting in the burg Sun- iHarold Wright, day. I The Savonburg State bank Janu- Lillie Hawkinson was absent from i ary 6th made its first dividend pay- Olson's store Monday. She has aniu-ent of 10 per cunt on deposits. j,o,np ! alter their Interest. MI'S. George John.son, west of! Charley Wilson and wife of lola town, has been real sick witli a re-i^^'ei'e m Savonburg Monday. lajTse of the flu. ' ! Par''ich who lived on the Mrs. Friends iWeet at N. U. Stroud Home' Friday in Honor of Birthday of Clinton Stroud. GAS CITY. Jan. 10 — Mrs. Iva Darling and daughter, Iva Cloise Darling of Chicago, 111.. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Clayton, Mapleton, were visitors last week atr the home of Mrs, Lucv Cornell and Mrs. Elizabeth Odell. '. Mrs. M. E. Miller has returned to her home in Oklahoma after spending the past week with her mother and .sister, Mi's. Louisa Henrichs and Mrs, Mary Jane McGi'ew. A number of friends gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs.- N. H. Stroud Friday night in honor of the birthday anniversary of their son, Clinton Stroud, Tlie evening was spent in playing games. At a ,late hour refreshments were served to the following: Mi.sses Ruth Searcy, Ruth AJumbaugh, Kathryn Thomas, Be.ssie Searcy, Mes.srs. Nelson Baldwin, Cbavles Ivloore, Jim Sproul, Luther. Kinman, Clinton Stroud, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Thomas, Mr. and Mr,s. Roy Boucher. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Tompkins, Mr. and Mi's. Edmon Kidd and little son. Edmon Bradford, Mr. and Ma-s. N.iH. Stroud. Mr. and Mrs. John Boyer returned home Satiuday after spending ! the past two weeks in El Dorado, i Mr. and Mrs. Roy Boucher have 'announced their marriage which occurred December 7. Mrs. Boucher was formerly Miss Jessie Williams of LaHanie. We extend congratulations! ' Mr. and Mrs. Arey Poe, lola, and John W. Thomas were dinner guests Sunday evening at the home of j Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Cain. Mr^. Carrie 'V/est. Nickcrson. Kas.^ is visiting at the home of her son, C. P; West and family. A group of young people chari- varied Mr. and Mrs. Roy Boucher Monday night at the home of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. Boucher. Mrs. C. L. Osborn, Mrs, Bert^ Damitz. Mrs. Dora White and Mrs. jPaiTOer visited Sunday with Grandma Tompkins. The latter who has been quite ill is much improved. Little Richard Douglas Moore, who has -been quite ill, is steadily iriiprovjng in health., Mr. and Mi's.. Joe Brimdage and children, Albei-t Lynn, Junior and LaRuc, and 'Victor Carl Perkins were Sunday visitors at the home of •Mr. and Mrs. Perry Abbott of East Gas. Rev. W. E. Van Patten,, Leslie Beeding, Mrs. Fred Tompkiri.s and Mrs. Carrie Wright were callers Sunday and Monday at the A. T. Cundy hoine. Mrs. Ralph Perkins spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. L«na Petkins. '•• Mr. and Mrs. Ed Potter of Eldorado, Kas.. were dinner guests Sat- COMPARE TIE E cAteS: • •: : and 1 V..- ! Ttm SENSAidONiVJ. NEW PRICES OU BUSINESS COVPEJ .;S619.00 COUPE, Rumble ^eat... .$652.00 SEDAN, indoor.. v i..!... :S670.00 eOUPE, Coiiv«!rtlbjle.|....S690.D0 Ta.\ ddivcifedat your door, complete. ; ROSS i^UCKLH GARAGE CHRYSIiER -PLYMOllTH Salea^Servlce—Parts' AUTOMQTP^E Anfomobiles For Sajle Dodge SALES AND SERVICE Dependable lUsed Cars *ly|nouth and:,Trucks ELLIS MOTICJR GO. Phofle 3Q1 y Cash^Ti3ide-|-Term.'?.; THE CHEVROLET DEALER HAS THE- BEST USED CARS IN TOWN] . y • 1930 Chevrolet CoachL 1931 Chevrolet dual wheel truck, short wheel base - , 1931 Chevrolet Truck, long, wheel base 1 1928 Chevrolet Trufck 1929 Chevrolet Coup<i * 1927 Chrysler Roadster ^ 1929 Dodge Sedan] 1929 Kssex Coupe 1929 Ford Truck 1929 Hudson Sedan 1928 Poutlac Coach 1930 Pontisic CoffiCfa 1931 Pontlac BeHafk 1928 Hupspoupe I Plenty of Otber ^argklna BUD WHITE MOTOR- CO. PONTIAC-^U^K GOOD WILL US^p CARS SHELLY .M07QR QQ. Authorised Buick-^ Pontlac 214 N.: Jefferson -4Pho; SO Bepairiiig—GaptgM - BATTERY Recharging. bOc, Ideal Garage. _ ] ; ; 9 BusLoess ^rvlce j Offered HARNESS OILED-,-75c per set. Heigele's Harness and Auto Shop, _ 201 south gtreet, iQl j._ _ EMPLOYMJENt 16 Situations Wanted— lV |ale MAN AND SISTER—Want! work on farm by the year. R^ubeh Ketch- ani. Chanute, Phonejghanute 17()8. UVEST(^CK; 21 Hones, CiaiUe. y^feiM~ COWS — Just fresh, jandr^ows to freshen soon. J. C: B;utche:-, West Street road.- YOUNG SPOTTED Poland China male hog, ^.00; also six -Shoats. H.; w. Chaney, Gas. I .. . 22 i Poultry andlSi COCKERELS;— Black anrf ' •'White Giants for sale. Phone ?99, La- Harpe. ; I urday a the home of Mr. and Mrs. 24 Articles FprlSalaM E^iiest Bowlby and wife of .rHiim- Mead place east of town, moved on Monday to J. E. Elliott's fai-m. -B' boldt were VLSitlng home folks Sat-; gj^„^j,,,. urday. Pat Pennington of the Olson store who lived there moved to Denver. Mr. and Mrs. Will Hammer and in Chanute was in town on busine-sslMr-s. Jennie IngaUs called at the Monday. j Harry Ingallshome near Leanna, to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wright en-| visit Mrs. Libby Ingalls, who is in Itertained the Bridge club Wednes- poof health at this writing. OUT Om WAY By Williams S&JENJ , AM Ov^ , NAA- OUST KiOW , TO OPEKI -nU v -oocit— AMO X CAMT GO 7 1 OONiT CAWE-l X'N^ NlOT GOl>^C-T TO BE. OvjeR A D(<5>v-V PAM AT AV,L\_ i-XOoO-i,. TVAATS FOR ox-irve-S.'. \ WOU BEAU BRuMMEL-i \ ^rtovjuo THVMH' TO , I PoT OKI A PAM OF ) vA/ATt.p? Fci)R vooRseLveS-/ TOHAX.N- STRAUSS wrote the J BEAUTIFLL BLUE DANUBE waltz. Tho HOMAX NUMERAL is ^1. In or.der of size, the live largest lakes are SUPERIOR, HUK.O.V. MICHIGAN, GREAT BEAK (CANADA) and ERIE. RBrus:Biit .'<sff ?i -'U John Boyer. W. S. Fees went to Topeka Monday on business. Mr. and Mrs. Tony/Stewart were callers ftlohday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Russell. Mr. and Mi-s. Bert Damitz made a business trip to Parsons Monday. C. E. Sattei-white of Ottawa was a visitor Sunday at the home of his father-in-law. Grant Leslie, Mr. and Mrs. Rabert„,Flne, Kansas City, spent the week-end with relatives here. Howard Baldwin spent his vacation with his cousin, Kenneth Trimble, of Bayard. .Mrs. C. A. Trimble. Bayard, visited Simday with her sisters. Mrs. O. C McGrew and Mrs. Lyman Baldwin. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Clay and son, Levi, and Mrs, Henry Potter, Mr. and Mrs, Leford Polk aiid little son Carl of south of Gas spent Sunday evening at- the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Boyer. Ml-, and Miis. E. W. Ellsworth were callers Sunday evening at the home of Dr. and Mrs. D. D. Deneen. Mrs. C. L. Osborn and Mrs. Bert Damitz Visited Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Schumacher, East Gas. ' The M. E. Church prayer [meeting will be held at the Leslie Beeding home at; 7:30 Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Dickerson and little son Jen-j' Don, north of Gas, were Sunday'dinner guests at the hpme of Ml-, and Mis. Sherman Dickerson. Mrs, H. W. Clianey visited -one day last week in lola at the home of.her brother, CO. Peterson and family. Mrs. 'John W. Thomas Is spending a few days at LaHanie helping to care for her parents, Mr. and Mr.s. Ripe, who arc ill of influenza. Have you a house for rent? Or for sale? Want, to buy anylhingi" Usfl thp r!lfi.<wif|pd oolumnR' AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale 1 2G. DODGE 4rdoor; '27 Chevrolet j coach; '25 Ford coach: used parts. ! _ lola Auto Wrecking. Phone 782. ^WOUNCEMENTS Personals ^ OLD MAGAZINES and books ,wanted.^ 'When movlqig or' cleaning house give them to the lola l>ub- Uc Library. Phone 1405 or 382 and we will get them. BATTERIES — GuaSnteei; M .9& Ideial CSarage. ! L ; MOTOR OIL-r50c gal. Ideal Garage. Phohi ^71 .}.. $2.ia 26 Farm and Dalijr Products ALFALFA HAY— $51 ]&nd :$7 ton baled; 1 male hog, 300 Ibsi, Berk- .shire with papers, SlO; j^arsnlps, 50c bu.; sroafl-potatoes, 25c bu. A. L. Townsend. \ I -s FLOUR—Fully guaranteed,.^48 lbs., 65c. Brownie's, cWam, Foultrv and Eggs, ' ' i 28 Honsebold Ghtoda- CLOSE-OUT PRIOE^—Circulators, wood and combiriation heaters. Trade lij old. Curtlsi 10 N. Wash. ONE SLIGHTLY U$ED v 3 -plece parlor suite. Terms. W(< trade. W. a WoocJ Pine Pjimltitre. packed. Heimingerisf FiyS.'sto"^^^^ 20 USED living rqom! 8ultesr$15 up. Hennlnger's. Fumltui-e Store. 29 GANG PLOW—Horse drav^'n, used but in excellent coirdltlorf, $35 00 AUen County Impllenent Co. 1 GOOD USED No. 3 McCormick- Deerlng Pr(mros» .fcteam separator. $^5,^AUen_Coui{to[Irm^ Co. 32 Wanted—To Biijf WANTED^r-Small hoiise to move or wreck; must be cheap. L, F. Hartman. Humboldt. ROOMS FOR ^NT 34 Apartments Flats FURNISHED.3 ... closets, porches, entrance, ctose in. with pantry, <lem,r private Phone: 1234. Real E toe EJoinSi^ 36 Farms ^d Lan^ For Hent 160-ACRE FARM—Inbuire-^at rear of 208 N. Washington Ave., or 419 S. state street. R. ILawiti?ka. 37 Bo|nes For Bent FOR RENT-iHouscs.l, Wood location. SeeG. E. Piees. ' Real Estate ^or Sale 43 To Excbanse— Real Ej^tate TO TRADE^A concrete ga^ge 40x 80 and fiUing sHtionr. 4 .room house clea*-; good I opening tar good mechanic, for bood c>lear im- prov^ 80, H. A, Kfmmerer, Car-

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