The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 5, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1933
Page 8
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• ' ' , i V..I-* *-v . • •+ . f -} to ; r •-. -i SFv-' . t&» , i t&j'^ $*i .. : - -t '*. h •. v :*-• v .'.' ^-^:.^^^A-^!.Er^;-^-:^?v ^v '. l # : :.- ^^^i^^?'^^ «...'. -. - •.. -• :^:^.^.j.v^-"^ ; ;.;<;f;:. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^3 _ _ ^ _j_i_ j u ^i ^._ TJ — j- - - -—t _i _ ^ ^B i * - x* THirRStiAV .-':•• , . -, ' ' , ',. L _ _ .A _ d * _ J _ _-!_!._ _Jfu THE B AKERSFlEfcD C ARDIN OU CURIOUS WOR^D By FERGUSON 4 K 1 AND BIRDS APE IFTHfiRH WERE NO LI«HT BS MADE MORE .CONSPICUOUS All- A BtOW MIGH OVE THAN B<*/£, THB^ V THtS C COMES PR . ALt TENS WHI1- rr I S QlMt.BV NCA StRVtCC, IN »i OUT OUR WAY *i SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK lL\- - H AFT O DU-STPAM? VOO MtRt 'ATWAV. GOS, UMOER MCA SCMV F '. . a ^ ^ AN m ROM RES TRY Vf! THROW COU EA OF SEVENTEEN THAT O OUTt "BAC \FT I W THE CO WlW JACK: H\S 1 1 h'<* f - - s T ". -*' -* '\ .i n A THE GUMPS Welcome By SIDNEY SMITH ^f ~ * ~it •• t KNOUT- i MOST ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^F^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^' NOT MR^E YET ? VHELL^ SI^ON-^feRE ARE YW ^ AT ?SS ftrTS*i«BW ^,_, ,^M^- I WILL MKCT TM5 4:'J A^NO YOU M§CT TRAW TM ON'TH iRT^TM^M Tto'lWE 'WtfTEL AW& ^ALL MC MILLIE ARRIVtS T60AY BUT MICHEL MOTHER LY WD NOT NNMACT STATIOM- WRST DUTIES AftC YD BOY A DOZEN ANO HAMC MEET EVERY Y*A»N UNCLE IM **Wtt LCFT MILLIK .: CMyrlfttt. M« TflbuM. ARE- V^IHATA TREAT HU FOR MAMA* HE WAS ARRANGED FOR THE SUITE IN THE ROVAL ARKX HOTEL- MRS b( UR01S tWE&To AVOIO- VIEIU IN FOR IT AND ONLY A FEW DOLLARS LEFT TO HER WCrHT. WAY- MR*. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Leave It to Boots! By MARTIN "They ain't Interested In art. They're Just vwatchln' to tee if we'll fall off the scaffold." 1 \ THE TINY»|ltES By HAL COGHRAN NCG. U. 6. PAT. Of F. 1»U BY MCA SERVICE. HIC. ?W \Vi N vooot DNV VAORV^NVi -avow 60 0V ^OT CAVu T\\ RCQ. U. S. MT. OFF. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS In Port! ByBLOSSER, NCL.E HARRY'S TWAT WAS SOME BIDS, UNCLE YOUR. YACHT MAS OH, UP THE CHANNEL A PlECE...TWEy WAVE US TUCKEP BACK IN owe -SLIPS / (READ THE STORY. THEN COLOR THE PICTURE) (Pictures by Klni) \'. I - X - * T HE Tinymites enjoyed their meal of fish. "Oh, my, how erood I : feeV eaid Windy. "I mubt Btop. 1 •-•annot eat another bite." The fisherman just smiled and said. "Oh, there Is plenty. Go ahead and eat some more. "Why, lad, you haven't Jiiny appetite." » "Say, you forget that we are small. •It Isn't hard for you at all to eat • much more than we can," Duncy tsald, "you're big and fat." . "I know I've had more than my 'share, and honestly, I wouldn't dare oat one more bite. I'd be so full I'd have to stretch out flat." • * • '.•"All right," the fisherman replied. /'Just alt right down here by my , ;slde and wait until I've finished. Then .I'll pull some fishing tricks. ' "whenever I toss out my net, epme 'dandy fish J always get. The whop- *;pers that swim near the net are In an awful fix." Ho shortly proved that he was right It really was u thrilling sight to watch him haul in fish each tlmo tho net was pulled to shore. At last he said, "Well, I'm tired out. You've seen enough of this, no doubt. Why don't you fly to other spots, whore new sights are In store? • * * "I promise it won't bo in vain, if you ull hop into your plane and Rail directly north until you've traveled just ten mileu. "Thou slowly drift down to tho ground and there a fino man will bo found. Why, when you meet him, lads, your faces will be spread In million." "His name Is Freezy! Say hollo for mo. And now you'd bolter go." And BO the Tlnles Bailed away. In no tlmo they were there. They landed with tin euay glide and shortly Scouty loudly cried, "There'a Freezy, boys! He's waving both hie hands up in tho air." AT SAN PEDRO AMP IS TAXING UP TWE CHANNEL THE •i. j 1WATS THE TARI A BOAT OPIEMT .' .' THERE'S A BIS BOAT** IT FROM THAT'S TWAT SOY NOTWIN BUT ROAM TWE \KIELL i WHO'S VX> TTV LOO HERE H022 OLD LAST HER. ART i THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) A Bad Break! By COWAN f. CM, SUGAP, LISTEN • TO THIS MOT ONE ON POP A COP STOPPED THEM TOP SPEEDING AND POP PLEADED WITH THE COP TO LET HIM OFF. WE SAID HE'D NEVE* BEEN PINCHED,OP EVEN] STOPPED FOP SPEEDING. BEFORE. KEPT RIGHT IN CELLOPHAN I »* , ,t. x . - '• NOW WILL AND THE COP WAS AW STUCK BACK SEAT GUESS POP NOT UTTLE GET SHE PAWKEO AMV GO ABOUT TO HEP MCAD HIM LET ITH PROBABLE THE OUT NO! ISM.T FINE SFfeNKI THAT SAID APPES TED GEE APE. VOU AND FUN AGAIN POP •WVICt *i,-. -i V -' - * ' *. • * - r ' i I. . i I '• '•t • - • ^ • .* i • . L ^*: ' •' •'-• j

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