Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 8, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1927
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iditu d Newspaper ii Advertisers. THE IOLA Pufc.H«>r t.^ ThH lola:IMlly Bestater. The I>allj- Ilrcord uiid Iola Daily Index lOIA, KAN., THURSDAY E\ ^ENING. iiffETODAY Enieka Maii Says ^abel ^ '.jHinijpo It ; ' . STATE ENDS CASE Dir. C. B. Stephens and J. H. Kinser Important Wltniesses PAT SOMERSET, ACTOR, AND BRIDE ARE HELD FqR DRUNKEN PARTY Lo.s.Afiife]<'.>*. Der. 8. (AP)—Charged by policemen with liavinjf beeii ilriink at a/iwild early morning party in Hollywood which was ^iven to celebrate their weddiiig,,Pat Som- erse|^. the English acton, and Shelby Denson Wbrrall, his bride, have taken separate ways of accounting to the law for Ihe^aileged escapade. , , Somerset and brltle otttained> — PRESIDENT HAS URGID PLAN TO - BiirekaV>Kas.. Betf. Si (AP>-How • lite' TTlfe 'Stroked bis cheeks and .i~ told l )im she loved Tiim a« he killed if . %er,-was t&Id to a cqurt room ' crowded •wltu breathless listeners '--•herej'today by Ivan M. Hart, who . 4ook the ^tand inl his own 'defense in his trial for thej murder of Mable Ali^TOont Hart, his bride of ihrt-e - weeks,-on July-S. , I "SJje craved aeatli." Hart said. "Whpn we were' engaged she made I j * me promise that if she ever becani'J i' f ai^'expectant mother. 1 woulil 'knii . _, j - • her.--:. iArmy Engineer Plan is * ."For days she kepticaliing me a; Presented Rpfnrp \ yellow dog. tpcause I wonWut RO! i ^^'racuicu ociore * throa'gh' with my promise. ; ! LongrCSS •"rti^ carae..the fatiil ilny. I .tn - " last agreed. i I "She; :smiled .iwlien she saw me ^ oT)eu the knife, anh as 1 iilunRed ii \ ' ,Into her tliroat, she wirokpil u>v. 'rWks and'said: ' their release yesterday from tlio city jali wlierejtliey had beeja held on' c^argea of' having become Intoxicated at their wedding prarty.. The aclorV admlKsiou of guilt and phn that he was celebrating his marriage rtsiilted^ln the court sua- .pehding a f3(t fine. Two friends and co-celebrator« paid $20 fines. Mrs.'t. \ Teteased after tiht liad phadPd not gnilty and ber for Deifember trial had hwn *et I*. • The arrest of the couple was the wedding announcczient tor, most of their Hollywood friends, for Somerset used his true name,. Patrick Holm Sumner, |n appljnng for the Ilciinjie prior to the Tuesday wedding and no one associated that name with the English actor. V "Gee. I adore him," said Mr^. .Somerset. ^ TAX CUT SAYS GREEN Chairman in fieport Says All Requests Can Not Be Met The REGISTSB^J^ Hon rf9ord8]opm'^ inspection Mtmtif DEGEMBSIR 8, i?27. The j Weekly Kei The, Iola Dtelly " BJtablishtd-ISSt. Iter. Kstablished 189T. TWELVE-^PAC LARGE FIRES KansLs City Is Ha 'rd Hit Wlith Million Dollar Packing Blaze ! AMUSEMENT TAX CVT KANISAS TOTBE WARM Prize Fight fax, However:Ternreratures Tonight To SENATE STARTS HEATED ORATORY ONVARrSSEAt • . _ —^ 'i Round of Oratory Goes Ahead of. Voting On Question Is Hiked from 10 to 25 Percent. Higher, Bureiu Predicts. Frepziij (:(MlthW pan^'fd ingjiii P! ''Ivan. Move you.' "Then she died.*^ Hart's;dc?^se has been tliat he killed ills wife" at her .own request'. fccc:au.<«e she yas In piortal fear of! chlWbiri;!li. . ^ L i The Hart's pFospoctive home, at: 921',East Third, which the slain' woman Iwlievpd to the properly WasIiiiiRton. Die. s>. (APi- Conpre .-i ^ioiial atitliority, for in^ tfrstate conipatt-s liciwcen tin- states of : Oklalioniii. Kansas, Colorado. .N'ew Mexico. Texas. Arkansas. Louisiana and Mis- slssip^)!, for control of floods and concentration' of flood wa- lers would be provided for in a Irill introduced by .R'epresenta- tivi' jilastinus. Democrat. Ok- liilion 'in. W'asliiiieion. Mec. .S. (.MM— Plac- ^rartTu't ^hicl, ifar, h d never ,1,.. ml. suppor, of his ^'-Unin- h ^O ,.-ts a^.'^^^^^^^^^^^ IjoaghL^lwas' the cftutral point jstraiion behind it. President ("oo- : w-as reading a letter from -Mable'j The proposal deals with the low- lelllng of plans for redecorating j,,. vAlley alone, from Cairo. 111... this bouse when her daughter -Mi^sj T. ^.^j,,,,, ,2!.C.- <-01adv9, entered the house with the.'. h . B'ews fliat Mahle had been k/Iled r /Hart had told -N'ewell Pace, the .; latter .testified, that, when they be- i'bme :«ngaged the H^rt.s agreed that If she ever faced'motherhood be wotilffi kill ber and afterward .-"kill hlm^lf. . :Dr. C. B. Stephens, of Iola. how^ ? e^fpr, who examinetl the body after • it-had be^ri taken to Ida, testified . . that alt^dtigb It would not have -~^>een impossible for Mra.^ Hart to beconie a mother, in his^ opinion, yet in view of. his discoveries, had 3be done so ,it would have been ''roost unusnal;" . HrKinset^ of Iola.' the undertaker i-who^tpokf care of the, body atid who assisted Or.i Sfeph^ns in nUiking the examination, expi-essed the' belief that Mrs. Hart died a virginf • • • state rested.its case at 9:10 j Washington, Dec. 8. (^P)f—The i Sniith-Vare light in the striate bei ca'nie merely ihe Vare fight today j as the .senate beg.nn jts jroiind of < oratory "preceUIng I ' the vote! ,by i uhicli opjwnent.s of Wm. S. Va'rc of Pennsylvania, were determined to deny bim the oath of office, an they denied It yesterday to Frank I U Smith, of Illinois, j These two senators-elect, whose ! campaign e.vpendiitlres caused such a furore during the last session the door from which to listen to debut they tators. Republican cquse of opening of debate to(!ay, lamenting^th'e "Inabllityifor a disinterested trial" for the Pennsylvanian. :^ "For more iluii. foiir eentnries.* Watliing '.on. D .c. S. ^\Pi [liic retMuue bill will call fic a i iial cui 'un taxes of $23:j.73 .i.UtiO in-: tail of 2l;6.n00.0<i0, heretofore e«liuiiited by mcinheis of tUe iiiMse ways and meam,' coniinitiee. i Chairman Green forijially advnsed j eral the house of the esijni'aio toda;' in;th,iii u a rep«irt on the measure. The lew estimate is only *7,:d3."i.00ii alfov< ' the maximum oi Oiiu.iiOO rec- •""•< >ei ouimended by Seerelary .Vlellciii. ; owTled The chairman said that iei |u |t 'st! • Kahsa f sr' re<Hicti<»iis iiKBiVKatin .ic u '>o >r buihlii: than ?;i ..0.00i».0 <i() had b< cn "''"'h*''' .'s 'iin by the .uoiiiiniilee and! liiat il fivat-' |' ' "obvious;.,- impos.^ible'i to luakej all <" of them. i i ed. i A The <-hairmanV that ll^e total reduetion woulij be liiade lip of specilic cul.s ^iijiax i -a ;.es a.s foll.iws: ^ j t 'H (.i>r«fion Cot .Hade, i Itednctiuil ill tlt>- l'!:le on eoriiiTa- tJoii in<:oii'i. ^ II-OTII i" ttv -ilpi -i cent, a loss in revemn- of .<n;4.0.>(i.- 001) whiell. Willi a of $12,0U0.- 0(10 as a i.'-"!!.; ol an increase fjom n'atefi $:;.00i' to i;;;.iiiio jn the e.xeinpion granl (]d cji 'poiatioiir, with iiei in- LINDBERGH INVITED TO MAKE FLIGHT TO MEXICO BY CALLES Washington, Dec. 8. (AP)~The State Department was ad-^ vised today that tl^ embassy in ]^exico City understood that President Galles had extended an invitation to Colonel Charles A.' Lindbergh; to make a non-stop flight from .New' York to Mexico City. Departmeirt officials would not^ dlscibsa the project further than' 43= isCity, Mec. S. fAPl— g teinperamrvs in the |esr a'nd west wore acedip- h.v a "eries of fires, resttlt- fbren deaths, injury to sev^ rsonis and losses of more •half'million {iollai^s. of undetermined origin de- a' fiVe .stor.v warehouse by .^rmour & Company in ' City, I^aiis.. and two other Ks l;isl niRht; Tlie loss was, oil at m')rp than $1,000,000. rt niMi were slightly Injur- bl.ize last October caused a to ^y thsft the Washington government wotild, of course, lend every assistance to Colonel Lindbergh if he desired to make such a flight. ' Under existing border conditions, airplanes are' not permitted to «ro8s the bolder \>y cither government without special permissioir, bat it was made clear that Lindbergh would encounter no difficulties rn.}that respect and that every assistance and cooperation would be given him if he determined to' make the flight. ° :. While details are lacking, it ap^. pears probable that the flight cont templates a trip some time in :Janur ary, which makes it possible tUat the trans-Atlantic flier may extend bis trip south of Mexitio City or possibly to Cuba during the meeting here of the Pan-American congress; report e~tim |ry ?:!ti6.(MW loss to the packing plant uition would be ! ,v„ .L „,i f.nrnier his wife and.sot .Ml i ^Red farmer, his wife and,son to ^lpath near Okmulgee, .vesterilay and last night [iniidijigs ware destroyed in hiiriit r i-kisi.. tiir'.-t a blaz. IlMl^ '1 come bring OltH a total loss of *17fi.ei'0 Inci^ease.i e.veliiptiou rioiii cents ito fl ou; admission tickets, inornlil .loss SS.Ono.OdO. ' ' -would Clui> uiie .4. !a.\ reduce 1 from l"i tc C.U.VHH .^iili I'OHA V t;nii^d tiu'iHOi(ilivVf..-t. at 14 400.01^0 .to IH! expended IK ten years.; It pjLvides for a spillway above 1'"' x"!"!- "H 1>:"< '••'•'n «'>'• >"B'"~ •- ;f Saxon custom to give men a. tria' before disinterested; persons. Wc know c 'V .ery man liere ha« n deep - vThd 'liist night. V i'^^g Brothers Fund Prlend ^1. : Tiie Eeglster $5.00 ."i.oo-- Xew prleans, diversion fioodways in the^Atchafalaya aiid Tensas basins in, I..6ul8iaria, a riVerbank floodway from Carlo to New Madrid, Mo., the jstrengthoning and .raising of exiting levees and the stabilization' p( t! L- river channel. ' Thij ftJileral Koveriiment would bear S(t percent of the cost of the control ^project, estimated at a total of $185;400.000 and all of the $111,- OdO.ouu expunsj for stabilization and mapping of the channel. The valley states would ; assume 20 percent of the flood control cost. The national |;overnment now pays only GO, 2-:{ percent of flood . control costs. I AlthotiRh the lower cOorses of the Mississippi's tributaries! directly connected with its so-caJled Allu- V4il, valley arc included in the'plan, the problcni of control ling tlie floods of: th^se streams-Is jleft fot the future until the armv^^etJKineera complete their survey autj^opzed-by constroc- porsonal political ^interest in the result of the case. Maybe w.e will subordinate that interest to tb< still deeper sense of Justice." "Shall we. th^ senate of the United States, claiming to be the highest court, with power to remove presidents i^nd justices, - hazard our .reputations for honesty, while filled with party zeal,?" he asked. "This senate x-annot endure r series Of political lyitchings, I care not who leads theni." .". p<>r|ceilt. 111.;.-- ?ri.iili.<.inili. I .-\uiOiiiobiii' la.\ ' I educed from ? to V/z] per cent, loss $:{."..i'(l0.i)(ii,i. Cereal beverage tax. iepe;iled loss $185,000. I Tax on the sale of wines, reduced to prq-war level, loss $930,000. - Stat ip ta.x on the sale or trims- r-r oi: capital stock, reduced ijroin 2 to I cent on each $100 of value loss $!s..*i0it.O0ii. , •' St.-iiijp ta.\ oil t'.ie sa)<;jiir i>:.:jlu< on ••.'iciiaiiKe^ .r-lealed. lo.-...i I OHII.I:<I '. Tot .il '!<).;> ill ii'veiiiic *2:r>.r.l.">.- .nnii. . Ii;;!:! Tax Hiked. Iiici;ea.-e -i: revMiue fro:ii tin lowin;!: M>IIII.>.- •> er,- juMviil,-; Wilj lioliiir.); i-f ;a.\ at | tli< source on :::\-{ii'> ii..t ::,.!ii htnM; (non-r(sii!( III ali.-ii.~ and i <'iVi «ii corporaiior.s) *: .i.iiii." it • | Prize'liKiiis. an imria-e linvi li will: il ivork giis I re IVeiow. :asl iiiRht To bring a new iipi.,.%- to Enid, where low l>;ik >-kIi's. Till exP'^ri til GMORHOVES TO STOP ACTION OF LEGISLATORS Ojdahoma Court Action Is Seen as Session Plans Action Oklahoma Cit.v, Dec. .S. (API— HintinR that he ijelieved the federal courts might be brought into the situation. Governor If'enry S. Johnston today told the .As.soclated Press he is "starting action" in connection with a mA-fing of the special jse-ssion of the Oklahoma that threatened .Vew Bos- .v:t.«. .The loss was esti- |al of jrili .OiM). ^ero t«>inperaturOs in jthe .Moiiulain states today fon­ to chill winds tliat swept The mercury stood hove at Oklahoma City this K wiih the prospect; it soon crowd the zero mark. In. Okla.. held th» .'iccrd , !)ipe line crew JTJecessary and not according to law, Several prominent Oklahoma lawyers have been about the governor's office recently. "The governor today declared he will not discharge Mrs. O. C. Ham- moiids. about wliose head a series KENTUCKY ROAD ACTION TAKEN BY COMMISSION Protest Meeting WiU B^ Held January 6, Say Commissioners Action'which probably will leatf to paving of the Kentucky street rc^ad from East street liorth . for approximately three-fourths of a mile was taken yesterday at a joint meeting of the city and countjr commissioners. • At the meeting the countv com-'' " , j,, I whether, lie would acce,. opportunity to making the RAJI G.O.P.Ti HUGH^;i^ Question Is,Whetiiiw^,^ Not He WiB,Accept?V This H^nor. 7 KANSAS CI& PLAN^j City Is Busy Amnffxis^ For Cohventioii-Td ^l"-^ Be June 12 ^ "Washington, Dec. Charles E^ans Hughes is niii considerktion by the national committee for tei chairnian of the party coi to be held in Kansas CHy. ning .Time 12. • The''former secretary oftstat ^Sj who yesterday issued a ita(„ declaring he was not a c^diw»^ for ' the Republican presld«aitiaEf*J nomination, has been 8ttgg«8ted|t^: the arrangements committee was authorized to perfect d« of the convention. The temi ^ chairman will not \» selected fo ^S mediately. *iut Is expected to |SWj; chosen within the next raontli six week.s.- I ' ^ '/^ .Mention of Mr. Hug^s m«t '^'Oif^ nnanimoiis response among:] members of the arrangement^ miftce. the only doubt «xpr^ house of representatves and a sen- i missioners approvtii the project as ate court of impeachment. : outlined by the city commissioner^ •The governor reiterated that the and set Januar>- 6 as the date at session, called by the legislature--which protests from taxpayei* itself, and declared illegal by the j w-dnld be heard. lican keynote address. Oklahonfia supreme court.- was un- \ !)il> : To bi pres^ii^e threatened to cause suffering 1]lie coldest weather of the season ,wa;i recorded at Amarillo. Tex. with 4 reading of .S ab<)ve. Tiie; , ^ . . freeziiTg temperature extended l""""*^"' storms have gathered. i!ir.s ' , "^T opponents, charging she has T.-mUratures well below freez-: l''^'*^ """J;";!} i:...: i .M -vailnilM r .,.h and Idaho. i">-' ^ave her the "Colonel WljUe I 'giK snow fell' at g.nlt!t''e Johnston adminlstra- •i:y }!iK- iiiornihg other fari"""- n po';iii> geiierally had clear' f"' , Kanffas Has Coldest Weather ka. -D':. S. I .\P 'i — |>n.e(l! liie^t weather so s .--cason wlieu the mercury to 2."> per cell- iu ;1:.- lax on ml thif i i''0''"'"g dropi'ed beolw zero mis.sions of $r. and over $7.")0.u<'o. , following ''vest* rday's biizzard. REMUS IS STILL NERVOUSTODAY Foreign built boats, aii increa.-^i j Skies in the annual tax on such boats | state I contracted for after December 1 ; er .bu rXow if about 20 more could—arid wpold—come in with $5.00 apiece, • and about 40 with $2 .M). and aboi^t 100 with $1.0011 w -hv the tliiiiK VtpuXA be done: ideclal -ed in his special communica- ^ -The idea i« tins: Kveryliodyjtipn to conKress. "l>y the necessities :.«..,„«.ji of-the situation and the benefits fbat will result." The-plaii is de- thfe last congress. .The tion of reservoirs is deimed "too costlj'" by the report In iroportion to-tieir value as flood measures. The'large cost^ of the i I manifestly justified." the control roject "isi president ii BbbJ fn! hif^ mortal frame wants j '^^.'^"V, H--. •=t f.l.i , . : 1. fipribed by Mr. Coolidge as "com, PV-felyS'o.ther 'lody lo ha>|' a Rood -prgtenpive, and appeals to me as .y'dfnner on Christmas l)ay. It makes j being idequate in its ehglneering." his bwn'dinner taste much bet- "Tho federal t^easiirTi-. should tfer! Also and parti< ularly every- bear It-s portion of the <-ost of engl- ' . .'... ,inecrinp stnictnri's for; flood con- .bbdyjltfiwhose, breast the milk of ,1 ^0!." continued Mr. Coolidge. "that l»;)unaiiO,MiHlnefis has not ,entirely is justified by the natioiial aspects (li;led iipi wants all little children of the problem and thje national everyw^iere to be happv on Christ- pncflts. In determining the dls- • . , tribution of the costs there must i be consldere<l no( only! thi* people f a job tojof the valley itself who receive the and then 1 m.ijor benefits, but alsb the great mass Jot taxpayers wha suffer lesfj directly from Ihe Mississippi river floods and upon whom jmost of the burden of federal' taxation falls.': things it Iniier andH 1 .mas, d^yi ''-•I -But a gSod deal tj hiuit ^ip needy families 1 w to go pnt {and! buy the I would ta)^«i to make a J . \.find out;Ju»t how many people 1^' • diere are ii i each family, and few i!^;j_i .o^ US are 1 ble.'or willing tp tiike ! • [I 'jllife timiltc do it. \ |i"r!ThaVi Wi?re the Big Brothers 1. ' :r.' c6me--In! /:'h1«t is just what they . :,|«ave'been.jdolng for years at^d " Ipitars and tears,—hunting up the . n^edy- families, finding how many .t^ere .are,r now many iadults- and ..iJi^J'iVny children,^- then going .vToiiit and buying, food for the family :j^-lpclndlng-treat for the children, , •pa/Mng the food and things into ? rl^ukets/anit isending out the bas- j ItetB ';;;^on ^th« •' attembon. 'i>efore j ^ ,.-^rIstmaiB. | iio that on Christmas !Bay ,.t£ere ^honld not. be a faihily . Iol« which would, not be cer-' :;^^Un otfjiusood Christmas dinner. Oiie Hundred Fifty Miiiers Marooned gans. But I|)efendant Is Able To'Go on With His |V!urder Trial Cincinnati, O.. Dec. 8. (AP)— Oeorge Remus .still was ner^-ous and shaky today after his emotional outburst of yesterday, but was fit. for resumption of his- murder trial. Clarence Darrow, famous criminal lawyer of Chicago, and old time friend of Remu's, visited the defendant in! his cell prior to; the time for court to open. Dai'row said he came to testify to Rem'us's good character and not. to appear In' the trial as an attorney. j Michael Igoe, south park doin- missloner of Chicago, also came to testfiy in behalf of Remus,, as did Joseph La Buy, former municipal court jiidge: Harry Pritzker. John T. Murray aud John Hogan, lawyers aind. Mrs. Bertha Seaman, a former employe. ; With them came John. S. Berger, Los Angeles... Calif., promoter and boyhood frJend'iof Remus, who testified several- days ago concerning numerous, blts^ of: information be had passed to Remus and the ob- scrvalion of reactions which made him conclude Remjis wsia Insane when he sTiot and killed his es- traneed wife. Imogene, hero last October fi. •!.-••• Upon the convening of court Remus orose and stated: "Your honor, I want to apologize t II res 1927 $30,000. Total increase in revenue: $2 yc, \av 7S0.00O. -, i Coo .Vet loss in revenue'jJ.IJ,7:!.! O'lU ili.. si "The plan adopt -d in liie billjarnl of .s 1 approved by tlu-i luajority of committee." .Mr. . Gveer.s had cleared over, the entire his morning and ihe'weath- eau preilicted that tempera- toniidit would not be quite "It would be yellow, it would be ; hiding behind, the skirts, of a wom- ; an, apd it would be base and venal jto discharge Mrs. Hammonds nn der fire and on false charges." the (governor said. ' ' While th«* governor contented himself with issuing statements the house of representatives adopted a resolution requesting the senate court of impeachment to enjoin the state board of affairs and other de- partmeiit's from interfering with the self-convened legislative ;session. ilde said, "is believed to di.'t'linitt! ili- il< fjre mairk, Dobgef sas C above. reduction as widely a .-s po^^ apportioning it among the ta.xjpay ers where the need seemed \ the greatest, and at the same time en- deavoringi to make ii reasonably certain that when the law- ven* into fi^Il force and effect If Wiould not ca.use a deficit in the trcaMiry . "In this connection is shoiild li< borne in mind that the full eftects of the law as propo.sed to be nlodi- fied will not be felt until the fiscal year 19.30. This fiscal year, ending June 30. 192S. will show a I'argf surplus, as less than half thi> reductions proposed will apply i ;o it and the treasury is likely to re<~elvc i!!-cnd; in 'he western part of ite. reported the low .mark 11,..:... .1, IT'lew-iero. At Tojuka a new ^oii . ;--;!<iv, til's flat-' was set when Mjix .il 111-, ii)..-i-ciiry went to .'. below. 4 loner than tTie previous set iu 1017. Concordia and City reported 4 below. Kanty 2[below, and Wichita, 3 payment from rail- Ishi eming. Mich.. Dec. 8. (iP)— One h indred and fifty miners were marbcned at tlin blueWrry mine, eight niles from here; cut off from tiieir mme!» hv the s ^now. An ef- ... fort V as being mado to rusli yoii and the jnry for iny nnman- .»uppli »s to them from a store four . ly condnct of ye.sterday. miles Fawav. on skis, and tobog-' T..»~ T,„ rpsnons. some large roads." Hou.*^" leaders hope'to havf measure taken up for consii; tion tomorrow.. An effort will be made to send it to 'the senati> by Saturday, December 17. No More Funds to Send Marines Across Seas? thi era- There was no resjionse from the coiirt and the trial [continued. Jurors Are Selected^for Next Term of District Court Here; :.vj::j^ 1^ cotljse the Big Brothers jjftai^B^. any jiiione^ of th ^lr own. '.^ifHItjRdgeti aays Hall I taiow is <'^t 3iHkA-r read in the papers." So " "et^Blig :Brother8 say, "all the le^' Wfbare is Jnst what peo- U'^l^bere you come 'in; .^^Ui-aiaCYOU! You taniish -^^pqrlpa the Big Brothers Thirty-six Jurors for the January tenh of district court were an- nonnre< today; The January term opens; January IB*, but the jurors are' not ordered to report until Januarv 16. • ' fhe.jtry list follows: Alva Shad,wick.' Carlyle: R. W. Copening. i lola: !P. L, Abbott. Iola: J, S. Reed. Iola; jBrute Armacost. Iola: Wallace JFarr. Moran: Merle BoUing- ef.-Iola: Wm. Ensminger. Moraq; .GlenjTIdd, Idla'City; H. Tholeo. Iola City; John ;Tyler. Morsb; Vnatk. Harris. Hoito; J. Helm, La^ar^; ^J. F. Swoni^r. Iola; - J. K. Leimenstoll. Humboldt City: H. L. Snyder. .Moran; W. B. Hatten, Gas City: E. L. Eckart. Humboldt City: Otho Alexander. Iola City; Jim Dickinson. Bayard: A. A. Gott, Broiison: it A. Lymon, Iola City; Gleti Schaeffer. Iola City; Len Zollars, Iola ditjr: Rnfus Weaver. Ida City: L. H. Steele, Iola aty; R. P. Hartsogf Humboldt City; W. G. 'Graf. Carlrfe; itJ. H. Epper»on..Moran: J. Rj-pobfaa, Geneva.; P. W. Sherwood. loIaCity: Everett Rerns* bierg. loia City; H. 'H. Brancheti Humboldt Cit]!;: T. E. Shamhaii. IpU City; Ralph Lotfam; IbU ((City: Op<^ Jobost^ JUBJurpe. Washington, Dec. ,S. (APil—A move to prevent congress from ap- proprlafing funds to i>ay for sending Amprican marines to .Mcara- gua and China failed today iii the house, when a motion toward that end by Representative Schafer Republican. Wisconsin, prove<l futile. Mid( newest Is Hard Hit by Cold Chldhgo. ; Dee. S. fAi')-^Winter came In eafnerft to the middlewest today, pushed southward by a 50 mi|e dn hoiir gale accompanied by hefvy snow-fall and biting below- zero emperatures, . ; While Mijinesota. Iowa, and WIs- coti.»iij bore, the brunt of the bliz- zai^d and low mercurj- which has pr^v.'ijle/i in the northwest and Canaiik since Monday. Illinois was wind.hnd snow- .•twept as its ther- mome|ers ilide slowly downward. The cold Was ;feli' from Colorado to th| Ohio Valley and soiith to t.h« {; lit of .Mexico. Ten treratures of 20 below zero weJro lot ubcommon in .Minnesota, while train service was Jumbled and t affic-was. almost at a standstill 1(1 many parts. St Paul called it the wor.'^t blizzard in foijir years. .St. Paul and Sioux Falls, S. ; p. were among larger, cities f<irr-e( to close their st^hools, while at i Minneapolis classeis were dis-: missc 1 at (ihe University of Mlnnfe-^ sota ((or the first time in history.' The Last News First Selection ot' tho national Repiiblicali convention city j'elstei'da.v; at Wa.'jhington. was one of the outstanding news .stoi'ie.s of the year for the middlewest—especially for Kansas City anrl the state.*} of Missouri and Kansas; Ye.t. Iola re.siident.'s. picking qp the Kansas City papers last night, discovered that on the eleventh ballot no selection of a convention tity had bpen made. Readers of the Register were inforrhed in their paper, which was placed on the door step before the Kansas City papers. Jhat Kan.'?|is City! wiuld ibe the convention city. if.:- , ; The convention city was selected bcrfore 3 o'clock ye.s- terdia.v afternoon. ^Die! Regrisfer[carried the story, but' the City papers did noti It is to your, advantage to take the Register, both becaiise it islfirst. withi theteU egraph new.«, and becaqse it cah-ies all of .i?he local^neiys^ worth publishing. i > <• Salvation Army Has „ Men Needing Work The Salvation- Army Captain and other charity workers report to the Register that there are a good many men in Iola out of regular wqrfeand therefore out of funds. In one family there-are three children sick with whooping cough and another down with pneumonia, and the father with no source' of income except &uch odd jobs as he can,get now and then. What these men need and want is work. 'They are willing to accept! common laborer's wages and they will do any sort of work. : Now therefore, if there are any firms about town, or if there is any individual, who has work he want!^ done, or can make work for which he can afford to pay a reasonable wage, or who can suggesfc any method by which employment might be afforded, they are asked to get in touch, either with the Salvation Army or with Secretary Dorscy, of the Cliambei^ of Commerce. Thej very best help that caia be given nnyboily in need is to help him to help himself. If the commissioners decide to; Kansas City Already Is Busy act att*-r the prot^est meeting, pre- | Kansas City, Dec. 8 (AP)—KaOT f^' limimirv work will be completed t sas City today assumed the-TOleP«t g and bids Will be asked on the vro^ ject. The project will cost in, the neighborhood of $16,000, it it understood. Twe thousand dollars will, hie paid by the township tow;ard the road. Deducting this from the contracting bid, the city ^ill pay 30 percent of the reipainlcg amount, with the county iiaying a like amount The benefit district will pay 40 percent ' Bids probably will be. asked for graveling of the rpad and-paving withaspbalt or iriacaddm. .According to the! commlsslopers there is no chance pi the road being completed: before next' spring. KIDWELSNS PROOFISSOUGHT Government Attempts To i Show Bribing Plan '"In Oil Case ' Washington; Dec.! 8.4AP)—Seek­ ing to prove that Bums .'cietectives were trying to esitabllsh contact with Edward J.. Kldwell. Fall-Sinclair oil conspiracy trial Juror the government introddced a report iu the eriminal contempt proc-:xedings to show one detecilvie sought icon- tact with a- relative of the "Jurot in whopi we ^re interested.": Kldwell, has'be6n accusal of having said be expected to 'have an automobile '-'ak. long as this block." before the t^ial was ;bver. Frank J. O'Reilly, jassistant niana- ger of Bums's. New- York office, I reported . he engaged Kidweirs ( brother in convers.ation in his^ barber shop. . I . The government; alsb' presented evidence that Shudon Clark,' the Chicago oil man, bad gone tp'the hotel room where reports of $nrhs detectives were made to Henr js Mason Day, Sinclair's: confidenyal as- Monoplane Fails i|i Endurance Mark Try San FranclAco, Dec. 8. (AP)— The Spirit of California, tiii^mo- tored monoplane piloted by Captain Charles Kingsf^rd-Smith and- Lieut. George H. Pond. U. S. N., landed at Mills field at 11:28 a. m..-today, after abandoning a third attempt to break the wbrld|8 endurance rec- brokeh '^gas line was as- stock of hotel, restaurant and; tertainment- facilities . fejf vt- With requests for reserratlpiutv ^g increasing hourly, leading -hofel^-:^^ were busy acknowledging- telegnunk-:^-^ and informing ibosc filannfaigl^to-^.1:^1 come here next June that lSel|;:¥S needs would be promfllly meti-bT; housing and other cominltteeaC^,-^'. Under the present plan lK>JUilf( will furn all requests over-t<fc bousing committee wfilch will" * charge of plying the thoosandlg visitors .jxpected. -ji- Senator Charles Curtis ^f^^Ktt sas. first to'formally,announ^jUtt candidacy for the Republican--pn^<fg: dentir.l nomination,: was one of jQi*^ first to "eek^a suitable headqnari.^:^ ters.' Sevefaf newspapers aake*-!^ suites of from two to six roomi^^ WEATHER and ROj FOR K.4XSAS: XdsOy fabr 'i night and. Friday; not s« eoldi' nlcht, i-fsing- temperatare FxV For Iola and TklBltys Fatr- warmer tonight and Friday.- " Temperatuce—HIghesll yeater 12, at 7 a. m.; lowest last —1 at-7 a. TO.; normal ifot 3i; deficiency yesterday. 30;rti:S cesi since January Ist? 308 i' this date -last year, highest,'' lewe«t>.11.T Precipitation for the 24 ending at 7 a. m..todays ,01;: for this year to date, i>1.6lS:'e since January 1st, 14.93 Inchi Relative humidity at 12 no<m terday, 80 -per cent: 7 ai m. fodtt; 5:02 p. m. Road CondftfoBs; Salina, clear, roads open> hattan, clear,-roads open; viile, clear, roads frozen rough: Topeka; clear, roada iPittsburg, clear, roads-troxeit; kansas City, clear, roads bodge Cify. clear, ' roads Wichita, clear, roads god; Hi jnson^ roads good; Ottawa, sociate> Clark Is one of those nn-| roads frozen: Emporia, clear. der Contempt charges. O'Reilly said he^ niade a verbal i-eiwrt to Ruddy. Charles G, MirnsJ manager; on the Kldyell incidentf^ The testimony was introdu.cedov€r the objection of -defense couni^l. ; . Kfdwell, was- accused by Don K- King, a newspaper iman.^ndjp; Ray Akers, a former street car cbiidnc-; tor with having bragged of -whatl he expected to get' out of tfe toil- .trial. He has d<>ijied the acensa- tlohss. . Other of the mbrning teotiiSiony was designed to if how that { the Burns operatives kept a eUiee watch on-the members of the.-:.'! "J High School Comic Operetta to Be Presented Here Friday Ni good. With the high school orchestra scheduled to play before the opeti- ing of the comic operetta 'Princ'f Tobbytum' tomorrow night at-? o'clock at the seiiior high school persons attending i the • attractior are assured of an unusually attractive evening's* entertainment Eighty persons -'will participate In the.oi>eretta with six^n having (mtstajBdlng parts. ^Tb6 others arc In cbomses. '-^^xa. Miurie: H^der- Bonwiniislc anpervlsor., is directtng tbe ;prckhicttoiii vbteh ' baa as its cast members of the girls and^boys glee clubs. . j . Parts in the operetta, and;<high school students piayihg them| follow: iSylvia, Vinita L6rance;'iBet- ty. Velma Smfth;;! William. %nry Hubbard: De Lac^y. Amos Rcdind; Prince Tpbbytumil Keith Brraten-^ ridge: LdiJy Arali^lla, ;LattraSBen-. son;, Lady AramjBBta, Maneta^jPeti ersbn; Polly. Ajma Lienrance; Molly; Avis Mnllwjix; Dolly.lJMlr- iam Clark; Robiij, Ralford fiSer- enis; Patty. JBreftTr Slack; Sfaiy Mkxine - FTemlng-i- Bdwaird^Carl Menrie; Oeors<:/Gordon Eraott^ ,Ji^. Donald Qita.- .Jf/:'' ARE eONVI Mrs. Lilliendahl and To Be Sentenced Saturday Court House, May's J., Dec. S. 1 (AP)—Mrs. Ullienaahl and .'WUlis Beacb' were found - guilty^ of . TOIOQJ manslaughter In connection:::" the death , of the woman'a husband. The penalty for manslaugl this state is a prisoii te^ twenty years.,. The vepdlct-yjl brought in at 4:44 p. au Thes' had been out for twi iK^rs and nine minutes. Tte' tence was deferred tmCIl morning, ' ' _ - ' ' The maximum penalty for tary manslangbter is ten prisonmenf. or a one thai liar fine, orlbothi The aeni deferred in plea of; -e«unBe|: Mrs. LilliendaU, tbnt new ^ had been diaooyei)^ oivltlw?,' of-w-iUcb' pIea9 .fbrji-ueiM; bef^aade-^ /'Mts.- LOUem

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